FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s02e06 Episode Script


I always knew she was out there.
Right woman for me.
Knew we'd start a family.
Knew I'd love my kids more than myself.
Never thought I'd get a second chance to try.
Guys like you and me, we aren't meant to have families.
We don't get second chances.
What? Did I hurt your feelings? Let's just get this over with.
No turning back now.
What a life.
To hell with life.
I want their cash.
You sure it's in there? I'm sure.
We grab it and go.
And no witnesses, remember? Oh, my God.
- Gracie! - Hey! What are you doing? You sold $1/2 million worth of grain at Hudson Mill last week.
We want the money.
I don't have it.
Scale ticket says you took home 50% in cash.
So I'll ask you again.
Where is it? - What the hell's going on? - Eric, let me handle this.
You want to help your father out? Tell me where his office is.
It's upstairs, but I'm telling you, there is nothing up there.
Show me.
- Daddy! - Come on.
- You too, hero boy.
- Daddy! Let's go! Come on! See? No cash.
Where is it? I told you, I don't have it.
No! See what happens when you lie to me? Where is he hiding it? I-I don't know! I-I swear! Stop! Make her stop crying, okay? It's okay.
- You promised me cash.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
I was told there was money here.
Where is it, bitch? I don't know! I don't know! Jack handled all of that.
Too bad for you, then.
Hey! Come on, she's just a kid.
I don't care! You know the rules.
Please! Please.
I know the password to the farm's business account.
There's at least $1/2 million in there.
I can make a transfer on my laptop and and get it from the bank in the morning.
It it's right there! Not here.
Get the laptop.
You're coming with us.
Come on! No! Good news: My landlord promises to fix the leak in my apartment in one week.
Bad news: In New York real estate time, that's a month minimum.
But thanks for letting me crash here, Hana.
No worries.
Where's all your stuff? Right here.
You have a washer and dryer, right? Seriously? You brought your laundry? Yeah.
And I brought this.
Celebratory shot? Maybe after work.
Who are you? Zadie, meet Crosby, our new roommate.
Did I miss a house meeting? We're supposed to discuss these things.
It's only temporary.
I have a plumbing issue in my apartment.
Don't touch my juice shelf.
6:00 a.
this morning, foreman arrives at Rushing Meadow Farm in Somerset, Pennsylvania, and finds the front door of the owner's house broken into.
He goes inside to find this.
Victims are Jack Cartwright, very successful proprietor of the farm, and his 17-year-old son, Eric.
That desk has been ransacked.
Could be someone was looking for money.
And murdered them both to get it.
There's more.
Eric is Jack's son from his first marriage.
Eight years ago, Jack then remarried Amelia, a schoolteacher from New Hampshire.
She adopted Eric, and then they had a six-year-old daughter named Gracie.
Both the mom and the daughter are missing.
So it's a home invasion turned double murder turned double kidnapping? Correct.
And this is who we're looking for: Samuel Rutledge, 38 years old, recently paroled after serving nine years on an aggravated assault charge at the State Prison for Men in Concord.
Somerset PD found his ankle bracelet with the strap cut in two five miles from the Cartwrights' driveway.
Then about an hour ago, surveillance cam at a gas station in Nashua caught this.
That's Sam in the passenger seat.
Who's his partner? That's the owner of that van, another ex-con on parole named Peter Timmons.
He did five years at Greensboro Correctional in Manchester on a drug charge.
Wait, they weren't in prison together? No.
All we know is, they were in New Hampshire, they drove 492 miles through five states to commit these crimes, and now they're on their way back.
So why target this family? Why kill the two men, take the mom and daughter? Maybe they didn't get what they wanted.
Amelia and Gracie could be collateral.
They could also be human shields.
Amber alert go out? Yes, and a BOLO on the van.
Okay, I found their connection.
The monitor on that ankle bracelet traces to a parole officer named Barry Sands.
According to the New Hampshire DOC, he was supervising the both of them.
Where is Sands' location? Concord, same as Peter's last known.
I'm not seeing anything for Sam.
Okay, let's split up.
Barnes and I will talk to the parole officer.
Crosby, check out Peter's apartment.
Hana, follow up with Forensics.
Make sure they're processing the scene, for touch DNA.
Amelia and Gracie are only useful to these two until they're not.
Soon as that happens, they're both dead.
Tampering with a GPS monitor is a felony in this state.
Sam's looking at another three years in lockup.
Well, I'm guessing that's the least of his worries, given the murders and the double abduction.
You sure Peter was with him? Yes.
Didn't know they were pals.
Were their appointments at the same time each week? Yeah, every Tuesday.
Sam at 4:00, Peter at 4:30.
Our fugitives met in your waiting room.
Sam is what we call an NH, "not human.
" If the system writes you off as a monster, why bother acting like anything else? And Peter? Never violent, not even when his wife served him divorce papers in prison.
He has an ex-wife? Linda Carroll.
Remarried some wealthy real estate guy.
But Peter found religion in prison.
He forgave her.
Wanted to start a new family, a new life on the up-and-up.
So if Peter wanted a second chance, why would he risk everything to help Sam? Love, sex, money, or sport.
We don't have an address for Sam.
He's only been out six weeks.
Been staying at the Bravo Motel off of 393.
Popular place for my clientele.
Just spoke to the manager.
Sam paid for a week in the room on Monday, and she hasn't seen him since.
There's toiletries in the bathroom and shirts hanging in the closet.
My guess is, he's planning on coming back.
What do we got here? Designer bag.
Three-carat princess cut.
About 800 bucks of Italian leather on her feet.
This woman is not hurting for cash.
These aren't candid photos.
Another rich lady and her kid.
Send them to Hana.
Have her run face recognition.
I'm gonna check in with Crosby.
- Yo.
- Hey.
What'd you find at Peter's apartment? Nothing here says this guy knew the victims or why he was targeting them.
You got anything? Yeah, we found some photos in Sam's motel room, surveillance pictures.
Whoever this woman is, they're definitely stalking her.
Let me see.
Check this out.
That's her.
That's definitely the same woman.
Sure looks like it.
Who is she? Linda Carroll, Peter's ex-wife.
That's why they're coming back to Concord.
She's their next target.
What's he doing? Shh.
It's gonna be okay.
You make the transfer? Yes, but it's gonna take a couple of hours to go through.
- Not acceptable! - Please! You never said it would take two hours.
It's not my fault.
Hey, Sam, it's just a minor delay.
Hey, listen, listen.
We hit Linda's place like we planned, take care of this after.
It's a lot of money.
It's worth the wait.
Get in the truck.
Where are you taking us? Just shut your damn mouth and get in the truck.
Get in! Move.
Where'd you steal the truck? Doesn't matter.
Just hurry up.
There must be some mistake.
Peter's never been violent.
Well, people do change in prison.
So you're saying that he murdered a teenage boy and his father too? Uh Right now, our priority is to find the woman and the child that he abducted before it's too late.
Are you aware that anybody might've been following you recently? No.
Why? Well, we think that you and your family might be Peter and Sam's next target.
Oh, my God.
I'll post officers outside your house to protect you, okay? Have you seen Peter since he got out of prison? No, but we kept in regular correspondence after our divorce.
Yeah, his parole officer said he forgave you? He did.
He wanted me to move on.
He wrote me and my husband a lovely poem on our wedding day and one for Henry at his birth.
If you don't mind, I'd like to see those.
You know, whatever it is, you can tell me.
I testified at Peter's parole hearing.
I told the parole board that Peter would never hurt anyone, and and now This is my fault.
This isn't your fault.
This is the fault of two violent men, one that convinced you they'd been reformed.
It's not a bad thing to see the good in people.
Some people call this neighborhood the American Dream.
I call it the American Lie.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Hold it! But I really have to go.
Shh, honey.
It'll be okay.
I don't like having baggage.
We just stick to the plan, okay? We're almost there.
- Get on the floor.
- What for? Just do it! Stop.
Well, Pete, this here is what we call strike two.
I don't understand.
How did they It doesn't matter.
Just back up and turn around nice and slow before they see us.
I'm beginning to think you're just like them: More of a liability than you are an asset.
And you know what I do with liabilities.
Nobody called us about any ransom for Amelia or Gracie, and if they did We'd have found a way to pay it.
Did Jack or Amelia mention seeing anyone or anything out of the ordinary these last few days? You don't talk to your daughter much? Amelia was a challenging child.
I used to call her my little porcupine.
- She was a beautiful girl.
- Yes.
People were constantly telling her that.
Then at a certain age, the boys came swarming.
Amelia could've had them wrapped around her finger if she wasn't so wrapped up in her books.
She's a smart girl.
She was only six years old, and she said to me, "Mommy, I'm perfectly capable of making my own dinner.
" So I let her.
Self-sufficient for a first grader.
But a common trait in the children of alcoholics.
How long has it been since you put down the bottle? I-I can't count how many times I drove my daughter to school drunk or dislocated her shoulder or twisted her arm.
I'm not proud of that.
You were sick, honey.
Amelia asked me to quit drinking the summer she turned 16.
Said if I loved her, I'd do it.
But you didn't.
I couldn't do it, even for my own little girl.
Not that summer, anyway.
We had rented a house on Lake Eden in Vermont.
And then there was the accident.
What accident? Amelia's friend, the Collins boy, he was horsing around on a bridge, took a bad fall.
She saw the whole thing.
Amelia was never the same after that.
She suffered from depression.
Even after she married Jack and adopted Eric, never got any better until they had Gracie.
Motherhood changed her? Amelia became joy personified.
She said to me, "Mama, I've got a second chance.
I feel like I've been reborn.
" But then Amelia being Amelia What happened? They moved to Pennsylvania after Gracie was born.
We haven't seen her for five years Or our granddaughter.
His name is David Collins.
He dived off a bridge, hit the water wrong, broke both his shoulders.
It must've been awful.
And Amelia saw the whole thing? Yes, that, coupled with her alcoholic father, sent her into a spiral.
She hasn't spoken to her family for years, even after she got married and Gracie was born.
Well, the granddaughter was a chance at reconciliation, yet she still chose to stay away from her parents.
You think they're involved somehow? They don't seem right for that.
Nothing is right about this case.
Peter Timmons is a nonviolent pacifist who murdered two people, then targeted his ex-wife after an amicable divorce.
There's no connection to Amelia, so the only motive I can think of is money.
I just got off the phone with the DNA unit at Quantico.
They ran touch DNA on Amelia's dead husband and Gracie's blankie they found at the house.
Not a match.
So Jack isn't the biological father? - No.
- Then who is? If I upload Gracie's DNA profile, we can start with CODIS.
I mean, it's a long shot, but it's a start.
You get a match? Yeah.
He's in the system because we know him.
Gracie's father is Peter Timmons.
This isn't a kidnapping.
This is a family on the run.
Peter Timmons was one of my only inmates not to engage in physical or verbal conflict.
You have mostly violent criminals here? Yes.
Even the drug offenders, ones like Peter, usually have to turn violent to survive.
But he stayed above the fray? Focused on his future.
We'd like to see a log of Peter's visitors during his time here.
Anyone in particular? Amelia Cartwright? You know her? Yeah, Amelia wasn't a visitor.
She was our creative writing teacher, and Peter was in her class Twice a week for three years.
That's a lot of time to spend together without supervision.
Yeah, well, Peter wasn't violent.
And if he wanted to be a lover and not a fighter, fine by me.
He fathered Amelia's child during his time here, the same child they took on the run with a violent criminal.
I just thought he liked poetry.
Was there a specific computer that Peter used when he was in Amelia's writing class? Yeah, in the lab.
This way.
Which one did Peter use? Second one in the back, always.
Listen up, everyone.
Save your work, and let's clear out.
My grandmother had this computer in, like, 1986.
Here, the warden gave us Peter's prison email and password.
Long-winded op-eds to local papers, flowery messages to his ex-wife.
"I once thought you and I were joined "like the roots of an ancient oak.
"I know what we had was fleeting.
We were two leaves on a single branch.
" That's the same poetic tone as the letters Linda Carroll gave us.
But nothing to or from Amelia.
Unless they were never sent.
What do you mean? It's a trick terrorists abandoned circa 2010.
You write an email in the drafts folder.
You give someone your username and log-in.
They log in, read and respond, but the email never gets sent.
And prison staff can't monitor their correspondence.
But we can.
Peter, Amelia.
Amelia, Peter.
How long's this going for? Years.
- Sam.
- What are you doing? - Hey.
- Mom! - Where are you taking me? - No! Sam, wait! Mama! Where are they taking Mommy? Did you make the transfer? I'm trying.
I'm trying.
It's trying now.
It's okay, Gracie.
I won't let anything happen to your mom or you.
It's it's it's Please, please, please, please, please.
- Sam! - Please don't.
Please don't.
Gracie, stay here.
- Please, please don't.
- Wait! Wait! - Please.
- Hey.
Stay out of it.
She said she made the transfer, but it didn't go through.
No, it says it's still pending.
Look, it is a lot of money.
It takes time for it to go through.
Which you knew.
It's too late now.
First thing this morning would've worked, but now you're a missing person with your face plastered all over New England.
You walk into that bank, it puts us both into jail.
You can't just shoot her.
Her kid's watching.
And she'll be next.
Sam, this is a mistake.
What is it with you and these ladies, huh? You got a thing for bitches like her? Or is it kids that are your thing? There's a little girl in there.
She's pure, untouched, nice looks like her mama.
I can fix this.
I don't have to be the one to go into the bank.
My father will.
Your father.
He lives in Concord.
Take me to his house.
I'll transfer him the money, and he'll go in and pick it up.
And bring the cops back with him.
No, he won't.
He won't, not if I tell him not to.
It is enough for any new beginning you want, and I will give you every penny if you just let me and my daughter go.
Please, I'm begging you.
From Peter to Amelia: "Before I met you, "I could not fathom sharing my soul.
"Now I know I must, for your soul is its mate, and they must become one.
" I hope she gave him a D on that.
From Amelia back to Peter: "The only thing that gets me through the week "is knowing I'll see you.
You are my everything.
I love you.
" That actually sounds sincere.
It is sincere.
Amelia was vulnerable and depressed, and Peter was taking advantage.
Writing her letters, reeling her in.
Have you seen my lens cleaner? But Peter is the one in prison.
How does that give him the upper hand? Well, it could be hybristophilia.
Finding stimulation in your partner's crimes? Amelia was attracted to Peter because he was in prison.
Bad-boy syndrome.
It's why a lot of serial killers get married in prison.
Problem is, Peter's never been violent.
Neither have you.
I'm just saying, there's plenty of ways to control people if you're smart.
Maybe that's what Peter was doing.
He knew Amelia was unhappy in her marriage.
Then they got pregnant.
When he gets out, he can use that as leverage to go after her husband's money.
By getting rid of him? But Peter's not a killer.
Maybe that's where Sam comes in.
He's the muscle, in it for the money.
I might have an answer on that.
What you got? Six months ago, Peter told Amelia about some cash he had hidden away from his drug-dealing days.
She asked where, and he said that he would tell her if she'd come up with some of her own.
Nest egg for Gracie? Doesn't say, but Amelia replied that Jack probably wouldn't notice if she skimmed some money off the accounts.
Two weeks later, Peter replied with this.
What are these, bank accounts? I don't think so.
They look more like GPS coordinates.
Could be a traditional geocache, no fancy word problems or riddles attached.
That's the waypoint.
It's a forest in upstate New Hampshire.
Where they could be headed with Gracie.
You and Kenny go check it out.
You think Sam knows about this? I have no idea.
He may not even know Peter is Gracie's father, but once he finds out, this whole thing might get a lot worse.
No one's home.
They're in there.
You know, probably watching TV in the basement.
Come on, sweetie.
No! She stays here.
But my dad will want to see her.
Not an option.
And if you try to run I would never leave my daughter.
Then we won't have a problem.
It's okay.
Go with her.
They try to call the cops, you know what to do.
Use the back door, not the front.
What the hell? Amelia, you're bringing your parents into this? Don't be an idiot.
This isn't their house.
Then what are we doing here? You just promised Sam $500,000 in cash! Which he's never gonna get.
The plan's changed, Peter.
It started when we didn't get Linda's money.
Yeah, I didn't know the cops were gonna be there.
And I didn't know Sam was such a loose cannon.
So we keep improvising.
And now we don't have to pay him his share.
O-okay, great, yeah.
So let's not give Sam his money, but let's leave him in the car with our daughter? Who doesn't even know I'm her father.
We're gonna tell her.
When? When I say so.
That's when.
You just need to trust me.
Right now, we've got a bigger problem.
What are you talking about? You know.
I've never killed anyone before.
And you've never loved anyone like me before.
So if you really love me I do.
Prove it.
Where is she? I want my mommy! Hey! Shut up and sit down! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Liabilities and assets.
You said it yourself.
Neighbor heard the gunshot, and ran to her window, managed to get a photo of a Ford pickup fleeing the scene.
You run the plates on that? Yeah, belongs to a family in Webster.
They said it's their kid's car.
He's off at college.
They didn't even know it was missing.
Let's update the BOLO.
DOA's over here.
Let's make a hole, people.
Prints on the ax handle matched to Peter Timmons, hence our phone call.
NO wallet or ID on the victim, but I'm guessing you know him.
Your other fugitive, right? Yeah, Sam Rutledge.
Gutted with an ax and then shot in the chest.
I guess we underestimated Peter.
Did the witness say they saw a woman and a child? Your missing persons? I hadn't gotten there yet.
I was still interviewing her when you rolled up.
I'll go talk to her.
Hana, what's up? We followed those GPS coordinates to the nest egg.
It's some kind of steamer trunk.
It was already dug up when we got here.
- Anything in it? - Empty.
But there's tire tracks everywhere.
Crosby's off checking them out.
Somebody beat us here.
Jess? Probably Peter and Amelia.
They killed Sam, ditched the van, and took off in a stolen Ford pickup.
Can't have gotten far.
We should get ERT down here.
They can see if these tracks match that Ford.
They can also test this trunk.
It was buried pretty deep, but it's probably full of DNA.
Run it and see.
Tech said he's done with the steamer trunk.
- Did he send the report? - Yep.
Got it.
"Trace elements consistent with U.
" So there was cash in there.
Who got to it first, Peter or Amelia? Neither.
DNA found belongs to David Collins.
Amelia's friend, the one from the accident on the bridge? That's weird.
Does he have a record? He's a coach at a private school that requires DNA and prints.
Why would Amelia give him the coordinates to the nest egg she shared with Peter? She could have gotten it anytime by herself.
Can you pass me the letters that Peter sent to his ex-wife? Thank you.
"My days here are filled with noise.
"Bars clanging.
Slop hitting trays.
"Men's fists on flesh.
"But all I hear is the deafening silence of having disappointed you.
" That's a far cry from the prison poetry he sent Amelia.
Peter didn't write these.
Amelia did.
She was setting up the ex-wife, making her think Peter had forgiven her.
That way, she's an easier target.
You're saying Peter's not leading this? He might've killed Sam, but Amelia's calling the shots.
This was never about the money.
This is about Amelia's need to control the men in her life.
We have an address for David? Residence in Tilton owned by Mary Collins.
Looks like he lives with his sister.
Mary Collins? I'm Agent LaCroix of the FBI.
Did you find my brother? David? We thought he lived here.
He does, but he's disappeared.
He went to work this morning, but the school said he never showed.
I've been calling his cell for an hour, and he's not answering.
What's going on? We're looking for a woman who's been abducted.
We think your brother might be involved.
Amelia Cartwright? That Amelia? No way.
David would never hurt her.
He's been in love with her his whole life, even after what she did to him.
The accident on the bridge? It was no accident.
We were at our house out on Lake Eden for the summer.
I was there.
And what happened? Amelia was egging him on.
She told David if he loved her, he'd prove it and jump.
- She push him? - She didn't have to.
My brother was so obsessed with impressing her, he decided to dive.
Ripped both his shoulders apart and ruined his football career, all because of Amelia.
Maybe he's finally looking for payback.
You don't understand.
Amelia has this power over men.
It's like, the worse she treats them, the more they like her.
I'm sorry she's missing, but David wouldn't take her.
He's probably out looking for her himself.
All right.
Well, thank you.
Oh, whatever happened to your family house on the lake? We still own it.
Why? Just curious.
To fresh starts.
How do we start fresh without money? Don't worry.
I got this covered.
Hey, Mom, come and check this out.
Oh, what is it? What you got? I'm making a house for the animals.
How fun.
Yeah? Little campfire? So good.
- Having fun, right? - Mm-hmm.
There's something your mother and I wanna tell you.
Not now.
Take Gracie inside.
I'll take care of this.
Relax, Papa Bear.
Everything we need to start a new life is in that car.
Who is he? An old friend.
This is his place.
Hi! 49 Meadow Lane, Eden, Vermont.
On our way now.
All right.
Why would Amelia go back to the scene of the accident? Her brand of psychopathy requires reinvention to survive, and reinvention requires cutting all ties to the past.
Isn't going back to the lake house the opposite of that? Not if she's returning to cleanse her original sin.
First she took care of the husband and the stepson.
And Sam, but she didn't know him.
What about Peter? Mm, depends if he's still useful or not.
The perpetrator becomes the victim.
Wonder if the same holds true for David Collins.
With Amelia, anything's possible.
Three passports, as requested.
Plane tickets? No extradition.
Think you're forgetting something.
For you? No way.
75K from the trunk under the tree.
Which was a pain to dig up, by the way.
How does he know about the nest egg? If we'd gone to dig up that trunk, we'd both be in orange jumpsuits by now.
I prefer green.
Your cut.
Ten grand.
Deal was 20.
Ten before, ten after.
After what? I'm thirsty.
Go on.
Take her.
Come on, Gracie.
You ready to do this? If you really want me to.
All part of the plan.
Then we stop by the bank on the way to the airport.
You go in and pick up that 500 grand.
And I'm a wanted woman.
- Yes, you are.
- Mm.
Hey, Mom, come and check this out.
One minute, sweetie.
I'll be right there.
Grab Gracie.
Take her to safety.
Around the car on both sides.
- FBI! Hands in the air! - FBI! - Hands in the air! - Stop right there.
- Nobody move! - Mommy! - Nobody move! - Don't move! Don't move! Hands up! Stay right there.
Don't move! Don't move! Boss, see two weapons.
Let Amelia go.
It's me you want.
You sure about that? From where I stand, it doesn't look like a captor and his hostage.
Looks like a guy who's been played.
Amelia doesn't love you, Peter.
He's lying.
Don't listen to him.
Telling the truth.
Collins over there, he's the one who sacrificed himself for her.
Right, David? When she said, "If you really love me, you'll jump"? That's what you said to me before you made me kill Sam.
Peter, I would never betray you.
And I bet your son and husband thought that before they were shot dead in their own home.
Don't do it, Peter.
You don't want this to end the wrong way.
Let me guess, Amelia, you got three passports over there: One for you, one for Gracie, and one for David.
Peter was never part of the end plan.
David insisted.
If I wanted his help, he had to come along.
And to bring his gun so you could take care of Peter before you left.
You said you wanted me.
How could you do this? Gracie's our daughter.
The only man you ever really needed was your father.
And he was never there for you.
You just used those two.
You were gonna take the money and your daughter and run.
Am I right? Put your hands behind your back.
Hands behind your back! Behind your back! - Drop the weapon! - No! Drop the weapon! - Get off me! - Hands behind your back! Stop moving.
Gonna be okay.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Take some deep breaths, okay? Take a deep breath.
Barnes? Get EMT out here as fast as they can.
- Copy that.
- All right, stay with me.
I'm gonna put some pressure on it, all right? You're gonna be fine, okay? Stay with me.
Stay with me.
- All good? - Yeah.
Let's get this pillow.
You should elevate that bad boy.
I brought breakfast.
And I got your pills.
Pick whatever flavor you want.
Ah, must've left them at the store.
It's okay.
I'll go back.
I heard you're a musician.
You heard right.
Well, I'm looking forward to hearing you play sometime.
Hana usually puts in her headphones.
I am so sorry I left your pills.
You okay? Not really.
I just keep replaying what happened over and over.
Hana, you can't go there.
We learn how to deal with this stuff all the time in weapons retention class.
And what do they say? People sometimes go crazy when they're about to get arrested.
But you handled it.
And you probably prevented the boss from taking a bullet in the process.
So you gotta stop beating yourself up and tell me what I can do to help.
You hungry? You don't have to play nurse.
But I want to.
Come on.
I make a killer bologna omelet or warm up lasagne.
Cheese crisp? Save your cooking prowess for Zadie.
You said she was on a juice fast.
Let's be real.
I'm gonna be off my feet for three weeks.
You've got a full-time job.
Zadie's great, but she's unreliable.
I'm gonna go home to Darien, to my mom and dad.
You sure? Yeah.
I'm sure.
Don't act like you're not gonna enjoy having the whole place to yourself with Zadie.
Ah, you know I'm gonna hate every minute of it.
Can you give me a ride to Darien later? You got it.

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