FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

The Line

- What are you doing? - No bridge tonight.
Why? We've got our IDs.
- Yeah, but we also got these.
Joel, I don't want to get in trouble.
Screw Border Patrol.
We don't need their permission to cross.
No need for lying [LAUGHTER.]
Oh, my gosh.
I'll race you to the bottom.
Are you ready? - You don't scare me.
- Hey.
- Stephen! - Hey, cut it out! Oh, sorry.
Am I bothering you? Stephen, stop.
- Cut it out! - [LAUGHTER.]
- Do you hear that? - What? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
There's somebody out there.
- Hey! - [GUNS CLICK.]
Who's shooting guns off out here? It's just fireworks.
You American? Who's asking? Let me see your passports.
This is Mohawk territory.
Why don't you show us yours? - [CHUCKLES.]
- You looking for trouble? On your knees.
All of you! Hey! Get your ass back here.
Screw you.
I'm calling the police.
- Stephen, Stephen! - Oh, my God! Run, run! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Uncle Paul! Stop! Uncle Paul! Stop shooting! Come on, let's go! We gotta go! I really like horses.
I wanna take riding lessons.
Why are you filming me? So I have you on record when you say yes.
- Ha! - Dad, please? I already checked.
There are a bunch of places around here.
- I'll think about it.
- Sweet! Thank you.
You need to help me stack this wood.
- Grandpa! - Tali.
Tali, you need to help me stack the wood.
There she is! [CHUCKLING.]
You know, a log splitter would make that a hell of a lot easier.
I know.
I like the hard work.
- Son.
- What? Can you stop for a minute? I want to talk to you.
What do you need? [STUTTERS.]
I don't need anything, but, uh Marie and I are going home in a few days and I want to clear the air between us.
It's okay.
We're good.
Come on, Jessie.
We're anything but good.
Last time I saw you, you were kicking me out of the barn.
You're the one who said you wanted to leave, not me.
Well, you seemed pretty excited about [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Let's not do this again.
Just hear me out, okay? I'm sorry for everything I did, for everything I didn't do.
I'm not perfect and I know that, but I need you to forgive me.
You're my son.
Tali's my granddaughter.
I want to be part of your life.
I I don't know what else to say.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
So you're coming to the wedding? [PHONE BUZZING.]
That's work, Dad.
I gotta go, sorry.
We'll talk later.
We'll be working with Agent Fitts at Indian Crimes.
The attacks happened on reservation territory.
Tribal police found the bodies this morning and contacted U.
Border Patrol.
- In Akwesasne? - Yes.
The victims are all Mohawk.
Four dead.
One female survivor.
She's in surgery at Oxwell Hospital in Syracuse.
We know who we're looking for? Well, touch DNA on shell casings matched to a Paul Flanks and his nephew, Rob Wahl.
They're self-stylized leaders of the New Patriots.
- Never heard of 'em.
- It's a fringe militia group.
Pro-America, anti-immigration.
They patrol the woods up north trying to protect the border.
By killing a bunch of kids? Well, three of the victims are Canadian.
Border Patrol says they may have crossed illegally to meet their cousins on the American side.
The Mohawk were there before there ever was a border.
A lot of them would say it's not illegal to be on their own land.
We've just got a lot of moving parts here.
Canadian victims, American fugitives.
Our legate already deconflicted with Canadian Mounted and the tribal police.
We'll be taking the lead on this, working with you.
What do we know about Flanks and Wahl? Priors for trespassing and breaking and entering.
Neither one has a job.
Only family is Flanks' sister who is also Rob Wahl's mom.
She lives in Watertown.
All right.
Kenny and I'll cover that.
Barnes, you head to Bleecher Falls with Fitts.
Get a debrief from Border Patrol and these so-called "patriots.
" - And Hana - Yeah, I got it.
They do have a website.
I'm digging in now.
But it looks like amateur hour.
Let's go get these guys.
We've had run-ins with Flanks and Wahl before.
We see them out in the woods armed to the teeth riding around with their buddies on ATVs supposedly looking for drug smugglers.
Have they ever been violent? No, but they harass these kids a lot.
They said they didn't like illegals sneaking across the border to party and do drugs and trash up their woods.
We were constantly playing referee.
This is more than just harassment.
Something obviously happened.
You saw the tattoo, right? On one of the victims? The P-63? Yeah, I think I have a photo.
Yeah, I've seen it before.
The P is for Chief Pontiac, 63 is 1763, the year of his uprising.
Well, the New Patriots claim that it's a gang that runs drugs out of Montreal.
Well, they're wrong.
The Mohawk worked with Customs Protection to get rid of that problem years ago.
I know.
I'm just trying to think of anything that could've triggered them.
Were they ever on any watch list? There was no reason to be.
I mean, they were a pain in our ass, but they never hurt anybody.
That's why I'm so shocked.
I honestly don't know how it came to this.
My brother's his own man.
I ain't responsible for what he does.
When was the last time you saw him? Last week when he dropped me off at church 'cause this one won't go with me no more.
Turn that off.
Damn fake news slandering my boy like that.
Look, the only way Robby would ever shoot anyone is in self-defense, I guarantee you that.
Then why is he running? Because the media needs their sacrifice, and the goons are coming.
Today, it's my boy.
Tomorrow, it's someone else's.
What do you know about the New Patriots? Well, I like their philosophy.
What philosophy? You just don't like him 'cause he's a patriot.
He's a wannabe, is what he is.
Barely graduated high school, flunked out of basic training twice 'cause of his asthma.
Hell, even the Postal Service wouldn't hire him.
So all he does is wrap himself in the flag and go riding around in the woods with a bunch of other morons playing pretend-soldier.
- You watch your mouth.
- Robby didn't do this.
He's just a kid.
And for whatever reason, he idolizes his uncle and he drank the Kool-Aid.
Robby is a good boy.
I know he is and I want him back! - They go hunting together? - Yeah.
They go all the time.
That's how they bonded.
Look, we're just trying to find him before anyone else gets hurt.
Including your son.
So do you have any idea where he is? No.
You mind if I take a picture? Whatever.
I'll be damned if I'm gonna withhold from the FBI to protect your brother.
Robby told me about a place they go for training exercises.
They camp out.
They're gone for days.
Where? Viera Woods.
- Where's Agent Fitts? - Oxwell Hospital.
The female victim's coming out of surgery.
He wants to be there when she wakes up.
You get anything out of Border Patrol? They don't know what happened, but this feels like a hate crime.
Those kids were murdered and ambushed in cold blood.
The New Patriots are trying to start a race war.
Well, hate crimes is definitely an angle.
You want to loop 'em in? I won't help because they're not on any watch list.
What's going on here? This place is huge.
Wahl's father said our fugitives might be hanging out in Viera Woods, but he doesn't know where.
Even with manpower and dogs, a grid search will take days.
Yeah, they're right here.
I'll put you on speaker.
Hey, so I'm down here at Environmental Conservation and they have no records of any hunting licenses for Flanks or Wahl, but they told me New York has a law that you don't need one if you're on your own property.
And guess who failed to mention she has an ex-husband? - Mary Wahl? - Yup.
He owns land on the Raquette River that goes through the middle of Viera Woods.
Show him, Hana.
I pulled up the legal description, and this is what came up.
Still a wide search area, but it's a start.
Hang on right there.
Can you zoom in here? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
- Radio tower.
- A what now? A radio tower.
Similar to the one in that hunting photo of Flanks and Wahl.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember.
That's gotta be it.
Yeah, and I'll send him the address, so he can meet us there.
Alert Franklin County Sherriff's Office.
I want a two-mile perimeter.
Nobody in or out.
Let's go.
Robby, help me with the damn ammo! I don't like just sitting here! We're not just sitting.
We're setting up a defensive position so that we dictate the terms of engagement.
This is stupid.
We should be on the move.
Where are we gonna go? [GASPS SARCASTICALLY.]
Run home to Mommy and Daddy? Do your job.
Grab the rest of the ammo! Hurry up! Hurry up.
Two people.
It's just them.
Bring it down, Hana.
Kenny, you're on the Remington.
- Should we call SWAT? - I don't wanna wait.
Right now, we have the element of surprise.
We can use the trees, that little shed over there for cover.
Let's spread out, move in fast and quiet.
See if we can flush 'em out.
Everybody on comms and everybody on point.
- We good? - Yeah, all good.
- All good.
- Let's go.
Paul Flanks, Rob Wahl, this is the FBI! We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands in the air! There's movement in the window.
I repeat, come out with your hands in the air! One at a time! Hell yeah, I'm coming out! - [AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE.]
- Whoo! There's too much smoke.
I can't get the shot.
Too much smoke.
I don't got a shot.
Don't shoot! Get down now! - Please don't shoot me! - On your knees! - Get down now! - I'm unarmed! - On your knees! - I'm unarmed! I'm unarmed! Please don't shoot me! - Hands behind your back! - [WHIMPERING.]
Uncle Uncle Paul! Is he dead? Uncle Paul! It was dark.
I can't remember their faces.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You've been through a lot.
It wasn't just two.
There was somebody else.
- What do you mean? - In the trees.
He killed Stephen.
There was a third shooter.
How'd it go with Wahl? [SIGHS.]
He said shooting the kids was his uncle's idea.
He never took a shot and ran off into the woods to hide.
It's convenient.
Blaming everything on the dead guy.
What about the third shooter? According to him, there wasn't one.
I mean, he could be protecting someone.
That's what it feels like.
Let's get ERT back to the crime scene, widen the search.
If there was a third shooter, we might find more casings.
How'd we go on the cabin? An arsenal of weapons.
We're running them through NIBIN, but other than that, nothing.
No writings, no computers.
Place didn't even have electricity.
Well, Flanks was posting from somewhere.
Here, take a look at this.
They started posting on New Patriots' website a year ago.
"I seen the border crossed by 30 illegals.
It ain't right.
" Then a couple months later, "Our America, our jobs.
Who's with me?" Then about three months ago with these.
"The purity of our white nation is being stained by sewage seeping through unguarded borders.
" "To ensure our heritage remains untainted, "we must be resolute in our duty of eradication.
It's time.
" Sounds like Nazi propaganda.
It also sounds like somebody with a college education.
Flanks barely graduated high school.
Well, maybe he took a writing class.
Or someone was posting from his account.
The voice shifts from passive to active.
He went from wanting to strengthen border protection to outright racism and xenophobia.
Okay, here it is.
Paul Flanks flunked out of basic training, couldn't hold a job, no friends, no wife.
New Patriots probably gave him a sense of identity.
And erased feelings of social exclusion.
He was angry, but not driven enough to change anything.
So he's a player, not the coach.
So who's the coach? Well, my bet's on this mystery poster guy.
The third shooter started everything when he killed Stephen.
This could be him.
He's smart, he's violent.
Didn't just wander into those woods by chance.
He's been there before.
"Many will be purified and made white and tried.
"And the wicked will do wickedly "and only the wise will understand, for only the wise" "Who cleanse the wicked of impurity.
" Yes.
You look beautiful, baby.
Are you ready, Whitney? Let me see it.
In the name of our patriots and our country, I purify myself.
That's my girl.
Are you ready for later? Will you be at your post? I'll see you there.
I thought you caught the guys that did this last night.
We think there's a third shooter.
We don't have an ID on him.
Ellie, Joel, Stephen I knew these kids.
Joel and my son went to school together.
Ellie? I held her when she was born.
Look, you're the chief.
People have to be talking to you about these shootings.
They are, but it's mostly been about the funerals.
- What did Tommy say? - Who? Tommy Bigtree.
He was there.
He ran when the shootings started.
We weren't aware of that.
Did he speak to the authorities? I assumed he already did.
Any idea why he wouldn't want to come forward? Greg, you can trust us.
It's not that, it's just [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I hate even saying this.
Tommy's had some substance abuse issues.
He's estranged from his family.
Doesn't run with the best crowd, but he's not a bad kid.
He saw his friends get murdered.
He's probably all alone.
Might even be scared that he's still in danger.
Where can we find him? He left the reservation about six months ago.
I don't know where he went, but I can make some calls, find you an address.
Thank you.
- Tommy, I need you to focus.
- I'm trying! You said there was a third shooter.
- Because there was! - Then tell us about him.
Was he big, small? What color was his hair? You think I went up and introduced myself? I hate those guys.
They never leave us alone.
- So you've seen him before? - I don't know.
They're always just white guys with guns and, like, uniforms.
Hey, don't touch that.
That's not fair! - Tommy - I didn't invite you here! Why are you people always hassling us? Tommy, nobody's hassling you! I'd like to talk to you man-to-man.
- Can you do that? - Yes.
- Are you capable of that? - Yes.
My wife is Mohawk.
So is her brother.
He's part of my team.
I see that tattoo on your wrist.
I know what that means to the New Patriots.
I'm gonna ask you this once.
Are you dealing drugs across the border? What? No.
- Be straight with me.
- I am.
I know I had a problem, but I never dealt once in my life, I swear.
All I'm doing is trying to numb the pain.
You know? Get a pen and a piece of paper.
- You gonna arrest me? - No, we're gonna help you.
Have you got anybody in your life who can stay with you right now? No.
My family won't talk to me and my friends are all gone.
We're gonna get somebody to stay with you.
We're gonna get you cleaned up, get you some proper food, and you're gonna get your act together.
Sit down.
I want you to write down everything you remember from that night.
Write it down and sign your name.
- Why? - Because your word counts.
You count.
Help us get justice for your friends.
We have two witnesses now who say there was a third shooter.
He already gave you a statement.
We also found bump stocks and extend clips on your rifles.
Those have been illegal since Mandalay Bay.
Those aren't mine.
So somebody just gave them to you? Don't answer that.
We're gonna find his partner and when we do, he's gonna tell us about your client.
He's looking at aiding and abetting, accessory after the fact, possible federal weapons charges which brings us to seven to ten years under the guidelines.
Seven to ten years.
I really don't want to go to prison.
So tell me what you know.
Who is this guy and what's he planning? Sure.
He scared me.
I don't know where he is or what he's doing, - but he's crazy.
- I understand.
And I really don't want him coming after me.
We can protect you.
Just tell me his name.
Anthony Noel.
Passport, please.
Sorry, thought it was right here.
- Where you headed today? - Montreal.
Gonna see some friends.
- How long you staying? - Just a night.
Coming back tomorrow.
Where is my damn passport? Open your trunk, please.
Sir, I need you to open your trunk.
Yeah, I'm trying.
The button's not working.
Sir, step out of the vehicle, please.
Hands where I can see 'em.
Anthony Noel, 38 years old.
Grew up in Rochester.
Graduated from Syracuse on an ROTC scholarship.
I'm not seeing any priors.
That car's registered to his mother.
She lives in Massena, but PD just rolled up and no one's there.
Yeah, Kenny.
What's up? Hey, boss, I'm here with Border Patrol.
They just showed me that security footage.
Yeah, we've got it here, too.
So I think I know what's in the back of that trunk.
Check out the photo I sent to Barnes.
He was Army EOD in Afghanistan.
You see that tattoo on his neck? It's a crab badge, a bomb specialist's point of pride.
You think he's got explosives in there? Gotta be.
I knew some of those guys.
They don't mess around.
If he's driving around with a bunch of C4 in his trunk, we got a big problem.
Yeah, we do.
Let me know if you get anything else.
Copy that.
ERT on that second sweep of the crime scene came back.
One casing from a Bushmaster 15.
No prints or DNA, but it traces to a shop in Hogansburg called Evan's Ammo.
Ironic, huh? A guy so hell-bent on keeping people out the country trying to get into another.
Well, Anthony wants war.
He fired on those kids to start something.
It makes sense he would head across the border to attack at the source.
You think he was heading for the reservation? Yeah, I do.
Let's notify RCMP and tribal police.
Chief Curotte, too.
I found Anthony's employer.
He works at a mechanic in Red Bank, but when I called to speak to the manager, he said he'd left early for the day to attend some kind of unofficial funeral in the woods.
- RIP Paul Flanks? - Yeah.
You and Mike cover the gun shop.
Rest of us will go "pay our respects.
Afternoon, gentlemen.
I'm Agent LaCroix with the FBI.
This is private property.
You're trespassing.
We're conducting a manhunt.
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
I don't care what you like.
Get off our land.
Hey, keep your hands on the table! - You don't want to do that.
- Keep your hands on the table.
Which one of you owns the auto parts store? It's a mechanic's shop.
Why, you got car trouble? [MEN CHUCKLING.]
We're looking for Anthony Noel.
I haven't seen him.
He quit coming to work a month ago.
Any of you with him Friday night? - Hell, no! - Anthony's not like us.
We're patriots.
We love this country.
- He never cared about that.
- What did he care about? Killing people.
He'd tell these stories from his Army days.
Paul ate it up.
It was a copycat thing.
Like he wanted to be just like him.
Before Anthony, the most badass thing Paul ever did was dump water and food left for the illegals.
Anthony, he wanted to wipe 'em out.
It wasn't for us.
Why keep him around? If Anthony decides he wants to be somewhere, you got no choice.
Any idea where he'd go in a situation like this? No.
I assume he gave you those guns.
Had to meet him somewhere.
You never know where Anthony is.
We just showed up one day and they were here.
I don't know where he got 'em.
I'm Agent Fitts.
This is Agent Gibson.
Is Anthony Noel a customer of yours? I can't answer that.
I'm obligated to protect the privacy of my clientele.
Not from the government.
Especially the government.
You're a licensed dealer in this state? In compliance with all your reporting requirements? - Yeah, as far as I know.
- Yeah? Well, here's what they told us.
In July, you sold Mr.
Noel scopes, night vision goggles, and two pistols.
In August, two boxes of armor-piercing ammo.
Then starting in September, seven assault rifles over the course of two months.
Under federal law, you're supposed to report all suspicious purchase patterns.
You're also supposed to report the customer's address.
Guys, he only came in here once.
After that, it was all over the phone.
He wanted everything shipped to him.
Yeah, well, that's not helping.
See, in New York, all ammo sales have to be in person.
All it's gonna take is one phone call and you lose your dealer's license.
That shipping address write it down.
This wasn't part of the plan, Whitney.
You knew the operation and now it's FUBAR, so you better have a damn good reason for not being there.
Where are you? Why aren't you answering me! - [SHOUTS.]
I want to set a perimeter.
Mike, you spot right.
Hana, you spot left.
Two SWAT with each of you.
Rest of you, up front with me.
Bravo, two on me.
Go, go.
We've got a garage back here.
Door's open.
- All clear.
- Garage is clear.
- Backside clear.
- Charlie side clear.
Tire tracks.
Looks like an ATV.
- I think he's in the woods.
- Alpha flanking left.
Bravo one go.
Barnes, Barnes! Stop! Jess, Jess! - IEDs.
- [GASPS.]
- Oh.
- Everyone freeze.
- We got IEDs! - Yellow six, IEDs! Secondary team specialists! [DISTANT EXPLOSIONS.]
That was the last one.
All clear.
We're good to go.
You two start with the house.
I'm gonna check out the garage.
That's an all clear.
Fall back to PCP.
- Easy.
What do you see, Striker? Track, Striker, track.
Where is he, Striker? Come on.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
Track, Striker.
Engine's still warm.
Good boy.
Come on.
Look at this.
Tire tracks from a car.
He backs up for a three-point turn, he's in a hurry, hits the tree, guns it and goes with a trunk full of explosives, damn it.
Dog lost his scent when he hit the pavement.
Air support's on it.
A foot search is useless now.
I'm heading back.
House is empty.
Owner died in August and kids have been arguing about whether to sell it ever since.
Anthony could've been squatting here for months.
Also found this on the side porch.
It was addressed to "Occupant.
" It's from the gun store we went to this morning.
What a country, huh? Order a pizza, order a gun.
Pipe bombs, IEDs.
These are even used car parts.
Enough C4 it could blow up the whole county.
Like you said, he wants war.
He's already had two trips to Iraq, an honorable discharge.
Most people would be counting their blessings.
There's something else that's driving him.
Straight-up racism isn't enough? Racism comes out of insecurity and fear.
This is more concentrated.
And it's like he's fighting something that we don't even know.
Agent LaCroix, your partner's asking for you.
Yeah, I understand.
Thank you.
That was Border Patrol in Bleecher Falls.
They're concerned about Whitney Anderson.
Who? One of their agents I interviewed yesterday.
She was scheduled to work the border crossing last night, went home early, said she was sick.
Didn't you say she was pregnant? My first thought, too, but she no-showed again today and they've been calling her for two hours.
She's not answering.
Anthony killed her partner last night, right? Yeah.
He was covering her shift.
So either Whitney and Anthony are working together, or Or she's his next target.
- [GASPS.]
- Is he inside? - Who? - Anthony.
Is he here? You going somewhere? I actually thought I loved him.
But then we got pregnant and I brought up marriage and he went ballistic.
- Did he hurt you? - Not physically.
I just felt trapped.
I knew he was trying to brainwash me.
How so? Anthony's mother is half-Persian and she's ashamed of it.
She actually uses these bleaching creams to make herself more white.
He internalized all that.
So when he talks about purification and cleansing, he's talking about himself? Yeah.
I found out that he has another child with a woman even whiter than me.
He would talk about diluting his seed, cleansing his stain, all kinds of ridiculous things.
You were supposed to go to work last night, but you called in sick.
What was the plan? You let him across the border, he carries out the attacks, and you let him back in? Yeah.
But I couldn't do it.
All that hate, all that killing, it just it kept building up and I couldn't take it anymore.
And then he kills Dan? I felt so guilty.
I just wanted to run.
I'd like you to call him for me, please.
I can't.
I can't talk to him.
Unlock your phone.
We'll do it for you.
- Where is he going, Whitney? - I don't know.
What's his problem with the Mohawk? He's crazy.
All he ever talks about is tribes.
Us versus them.
He grew up here and he didn't like the Mohawk constantly crossing the border.
He says they're impure.
He calls them invaders.
Kinda the other way around, don't you think? Anthony's smart, but he's not rational.
He thinks that if you're not 100% Caucasian, then you don't deserve to be in this country.
And the New Patriots, they fed into that and they made it worse.
He's not answering.
Was that the plan? For him to circle back to them? Got it.
Good work.
Hey, state police got a BOLO on Anthony's car.
Southbound on I-87 ten miles from Plattsburgh.
Plattsburgh? - Oh, God.
- What? That's where Essex is.
That's our immigrant detention center.
He calls it "the rat's nest.
In position.
He's not responding.
No movement and no demands.
Get your men out from behind those cars.
He's got explosives in the trunk.
What's he packing? Everything.
Clear the area.
I want everybody back, now.
Abandon your vehicles! Clear the area! Car's hot! All teams on foot! Let's go! Drop it! Vehicles, keep them where they are.
Anthony, please don't do this.
You betrayed me.
We have a baby.
He needs a father.
There is no "we" anymore.
But the stain will be purified.
You were just a vessel.
- I can't - It's okay.
Anthony, I'm Agent LaCroix of the FBI.
We don't want you to get hurt.
All those guns pointed at me say otherwise.
I'd like you to turn off the ignition, please.
Anthony, I think we can work this out.
Yeah, I've worked things out before.
Talk to me.
Tikrit village.
New Year's Eve.
First man in hit the trip wire and his head landed on a roof.
We burned 'em to the ground.
Anthony, you do know you're not at war anymore.
It's all tribal.
I understand how they felt now.
- How who felt? - The insurgents in Iraq.
Suicide bombers.
We invaded.
They shed blood for their country.
And I will not be invaded! I will shed blood! - Crosby.
- Got him covered.
Subject down.
You're okay? Yeah.
Just never realized what it was like for Clinton behind the Remington until today.
And I got a newfound respect for that man.
How so? Well, it's one thing to be out in the field and running and gunning and chasing down bad guys in the middle of a firefight, but when you're on that scope, you got a man's head in your crosshairs, it's personal, you know? It's it's it's intentional.
Can I be honest with you? I didn't feel bad taking that guy out today, and that that right there, that that That scares me.
Well, that's a good thing.
That means you're human.
But that's the thing with our job, right? We gotta keep our defenses up, gotta compartmentalize, 'cause that's the only way we're gonna survive.
I don't want to be that guy, you know, the one who's just numb, closed off, no one wants to be around you.
Does that make any sense? Actually, it does.
Hey, um do you have any plans tonight? Yeah, we're at the fairgrounds.
I hadn't hit a winner all day.
Jesse comes up to me and he says, "Take Bold Villain in the seventh.
" I figured he just liked the name.
I did like that name.
Yeah, yeah, but he says, "No, it's a maiden claimer, workouts look good, she's just coming off a 30-day layoff.
" So I bet the horse.
Don't tell me you won.
Hell, yeah.
I wheeled it against the whole field.
12-to-one odds.
That's when I knew how smart he was.
Eight years old, he could already read a racing form.
Eight years old? Why weren't you in school? Uh, I released him on his own recognizance.
What did we used to call that? Sabbatical day.
That's right.
I think you came up with that one.
Oh, here we go.
Reposado gold.
It's the best we have behind the bar.
- Ah, okay.
- Thanks, Justin.
Why'd you order so many? Because those two are for them.
I'm getting married, ladies.
I've been jail already.
How much worse could it be? [CHUCKLING.]
- Salud.
- Salud.
You know, this has gotta be one of the lamest bachelor parties I ever been to.
But I wouldn't change a thing.
Thank you, son.
Here's to you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Mm.
- Oh.
Where'd everybody go? Bobby took a cab and Kenny's waiting in the car.
We're gonna drive him home tonight.
Oh, good man.
I can't hold my liquor the way I used to.
- Hey, Dad.
- Yeah, what? What's wrong? Uh, I'm really happy for you.
Of course we'll come to the wedding.
Tali's really excited.
Let's go.
I'm gonna have to pee again in ten minutes.

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