FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s02e04 Episode Script


1 First time? Is it that obvious? I'm Faiza, group leader.
Don't be nervous.
Recovery is all about surrender.
But the end result is power.
You ready to reclaim your life story? That's why I'm here.
Let's go.
Next week, I'll be three years clean.
That's 1,095 days.
They haven't been easy, but they've been.
And that's what matters.
We have a newcomer today.
Would you like to share? I'm sorry.
- No, wait! Wait! - Stop, stop! - No! - Run, run! - [SCREAMS.]
Come on.
Come on.
No, wait! Wait, wait! [SCREAMS, CRYING.]
Whatever it is, whatever's gotten you to this point, you don't have to do this.
Please! We can help you! [SOBS.]
No one can help me.
What's your emergency? Hello? What's your emergency? Do you want any more, sweetie? - No, I'm full.
- Okay, Well, let's get all the sticky stuff off your hands.
- Whoo, yeah! - [GIGGLES.]
There you go.
You can go play.
- I want another baby.
- What? She needs a sibling, Sheryll.
Didn't you say we'd talk about this? Yes.
And didn't you say you wanted a big family? I know what I said.
Can we save the cross-examination till this kicks in? Do you not wanna do it? No, it's Now? Really? You're teaching.
I'm gone all the time.
It's already a lot of work with just one.
I'm the one that does the work.
- Excuse me? - And I'm not complaining Well, it sounds like you are.
I'm saying I love it.
And I want more.
We've got this down, Sher.
Anais is a great kid.
- And we're good mothers.
- Then why change things up? It's not about us.
It's about her.
Don't you want her to be happy? She is happy.
Am I missing something? - You're not listening.
- No, I am listening.
I just don't understand what you're saying.
Your work.
Have a good day.
To be continued, okay? Hey! Ready for scooter time? - Barnes.
- Yes? All right.
Thanks for the heads-up.
That was the director.
Clinton's been tapped for a temporary duty assignment.
- Where? - They can't say.
Something to do with public corruption.
They need agents who have law degrees.
How long is he gonna be gone for? I don't know.
At least a few weeks.
You can never tell with these kind of things.
Anyway, let's focus and get back to our job.
Hana, what do we got? This ray of sunshine is Eva Martin.
31 years old.
She walked into a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Stanford last night with a 9-millimeter Beretta.
Opened fire, killing three.
I'm guessing she didn't stick around for coffee and donuts.
She left her prints on both exit doors.
Security footage has her fleeing the scene in a gray sedan.
Plates belong to her father, a James Martin in Newark.
- Was she in the system? - Yeah.
Priors for possession.
Opioids, five years ago.
- We've got an APB out.
- What's our motive? Drug deal gone sideways, maybe? Or a crime of passion.
Half the people at these meetings are usually sleeping together.
The group leader told local PD that this was Eva's first meeting at that location.
- Nobody knew her.
- What about the victims? Well, the guy on the floor is Stanley Keel.
Three years sober.
No family.
Worked part-time as a security guard.
The couple in the corner is Sal and Lucy Little.
Married, no kids.
They've been in recovery for over 15 years.
Pillars of the NA community.
Look at the blood splatter.
Our security guard tried to play hero.
Got between Eva and the Littles.
She dropped him, and she tracked his blood all the way to the back and shot them both.
So the Littles were the target.
She shot 'em point-blank.
She wasn't messing around.
- Anything on next of kin? - Nothing.
The only family they had are their employees at the mom-and-pop pastry shop they opened.
Little Bakes and Treats in Westport.
Okay, Barnes and I'll cover Eva's family in Jersey.
You two hit the bakery.
Sweet! Croissant o' clock! Is this the only computer Eva had? Yeah.
You can take it.
It's fine.
Your daughter's quite an achiever.
Yeah, she was.
President of her senior class.
Straight-A student.
Graduated college cum laude.
She got into every law school she applied to.
Was that her dream? To become a lawyer? No.
It was his dream.
And I don't apologize for that! Eva could've been great.
She should've been great.
We didn't see a record of a law license.
Well, she never graduated.
Third year, she just burned out.
That's when the drugs started.
She was under a lot of pressure.
Pressure is a privilege.
Eva had brains, talent, and drive.
I was tough on her because I knew what she was capable of.
I thought she'd snap out of it when she had Stephen, but the partying never stopped.
We had to go to court to get custody of him.
Gator chomp! New level! How did his father feel about that? Never in the picture.
All that lowlife cared about was getting his next fix.
Stephen, go to your room and play.
- Okay? - Do I have to? - Yes.
- Listen to your grandmother! Go ahead, boy.
Go on.
She'd been having a good patch.
She moved back in recently, she was spending time with Stephen, and then, last week, something changed.
It was like she was back to her old ways.
Withdrawn, snappy, locking herself in her bedroom.
Was she using again? I had my suspicions.
I told her to go to NA, but she said no.
And then, last night, she left to go meet a friend, and Do you own a Beretta 9-millimeter? I have a right to protect my family.
I keep it in a lockbox because of Stephen.
Can we see it, please? [SIGHS.]
Did you do this? No.
Mind if I take a picture? Eva put that up a few weeks ago.
She had gotten into calligraphy lately.
I don't understand.
I never told her the combination.
Talk about an overbearing father.
The whole living room was a shrine to the perfect daughter.
It is not a crime to have high expectations for your kid.
As long as you're there for them when they fall.
So now he's the one who has the blood of three people on his hands? Eva's responsible for her own actions, I agree with you.
But you can't deny the ripple effect.
She spent the first half of her life raising her father's expectations, and the second half beating herself up 'cause she couldn't meet 'em.
And it's Stephen who's gonna suffer.
Poor kid.
He's the same age as Anais.
NA was clearly a sticking point.
Eva was in denial.
Her father knew that.
So she steals his gun, then uses his car to drive to the crime scene? Maybe she's lashing out at him for his helicopter parenting.
And goes after strangers in Connecticut? I don't think this is about her dad.
Eva killed the Littles for her own reasons.
Let's hope this laptop can tell us why.
Everybody loved Lucy and Sal.
They were like second parents to us.
Did you notice anything different about them recently? You mean, had they relapsed? Hell no.
They went to meetings damn near every day.
Everyone in here done time? I would've started selling again if they hadn't taken me in.
Now I got an apartment and a baby on the way with my girl.
Lucy and Sal saved our lives.
Is that why they started Little Bakes and Treats? They always said once they get on the straight and narrow, that they would wanna help addicts and ex-cons do the same.
Did they ever help her out? Dara.
Check it.
This the customer from last week? No, that crazy Karen was white.
Wait, Lucy and Sal, they got in a fight with a customer? No, it was after-hours.
They weren't even here.
This this chick came in here screaming, asking where we get the kids from.
"Ukraine? Peru?" Okay? - Did she ever show up again? - Nah.
But a couple days after that, some dude called trying to place a order of popovers.
I told him we don't make popovers, but he kept pushing, saying that he wanted a really fresh, sweet one.
And then he said he's willing to pay double for a girl.
You got a name and address for that order? Man, I hung up on his crazy ass.
- No shoes, no sense, no service.
- Word.
People think the bakery's a front for a baby-selling ring? Yeah, supposedly your order indicates what you want.
For example, "vanilla ice fresh from the oven" meant Caucasian newborn and "caramel cruller" meant Hispanic and I did not ask what "pig in a blanket" meant.
Did the Littles ever report this? No, they just assumed it was a bunch of whack heads that would eventually go away.
We went through the books, looking for any suspicious payments, but we couldn't find anything.
Okay, say I'm Eva.
I got resentment toward my father, disillusionment with academia and the concept of recovery.
- Where do I go? - The internet.
It's an echo chamber for the misunderstood.
Check this out.
Eva had encryption on her laptop.
She's been into the dark web for a while.
This whole site is a cup of crazy.
"Everyone, No One: Z-ALL.
" Can you put that up on my computer? "Everyone, No One: Z-ALL.
" - Eva was on this? - It's hard to tell.
These boards are their own secret societies.
People use avatars, false handles.
Everything's non-traceable.
But when you type in the Little Bakes' address, it takes you to this sub-board, and this comes up.
Well, I think we found our Little Bakes' harassers.
Hana, can you scroll down for me? I wanna see some of these posts.
Wait, what's that? Right there.
The SheepNoMore? - What is that? - It looks like a geotag.
They uploaded the floor plan of the bakery's kitchen and basement.
TruthisSTRONGERthanfiction posted names and addresses of every employee.
Click on the ScalesOfJustice reply.
"Secrecy being an instrument of conspiracy ought never to be the system of a regular government.
" - Jeremy Bentham.
- The philosopher.
He argued that justice could only be served when trials were made public or accessible by the media.
Well, that's ironic.
Posting that on the dark web.
This was hanging on the wall at Eva's house.
See who said it.
"Stretching his hands up to reach the stars" "Too often, man forgets the flowers at his feet.
" "100 Essential Jeremy Bentham Quotes.
" That's her.
ScalesOfJustice is Eva.
Wait, what's that other one there? "The butcher will meet the bakers, "and the rest is yet to come.
"There's no sleep for the unjust.
Z One, Z-All.
" When was that posted? - Two days ago.
- Two days ago This wasn't a one-off.
Eva was radicalized and she's just getting started, which means more targets.
My partner says you wrote the book on conspiracy groups.
- Literally.
- Yup.
It's kind of my thing.
We have a fugitive who's gone down the Z-All rabbit hole.
She's killed three people already.
There may be more.
What do you know about them? Well, they were founded on the Z Theory, which says that a shadowy, deep state of powerful figures is in control of America from behind closed doors.
Their mission is to expose those in the highest echelons of power.
- Expose them for what? - Human sacrifices.
Child trafficking.
The thing is, people underestimate them.
The media, FBI.
No offense.
Everyone just labels them as disorganized nutjobs, but they're not.
So what are they? Relatively new.
Dealing with growing pains.
The members are more utilitarian than egoist.
You know, Bentham said, "It's the greatest good "for the greatest number of people that's the measure of right and wrong.
" The philosopher.
They seem to like him.
They genuinely believe they're fighting the good fight.
As a group, they're united.
As individuals, they tend to be vulnerable.
Sounds like Eva.
They do their damage online, looking for patterns in leaked government documents or membership lists of powerful clubs.
What kind of clubs? Well [CLEARS THROAT.]
The D.
Cigar Club.
Sea Island Seminars.
Sun Valley Sessions.
Arcadia Oaks.
Arcadia Oaks.
I've heard of that one.
That's a secret men's club, right? - Location unknown? - Yeah.
It's a who's who of rich white dudes.
A lot of peeing on pine trees and passing out on single malt.
Our counterintelligence departments don't have any open investigations on Z-All.
Because up until now, they've been all bark and no bite.
But I've always said that it's the ideology that's the danger.
And eventually, someone's gonna act on it.
And it only takes one match to start a fire.
And Eva just struck it.
- [GASPS.]
- Oh, sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's like chum in the water.
Invent a conspiracy, throw it on the boards, the next thing you know, it's gospel.
If the target was the bakery, then why kill the Littles at an NA meeting? Maybe Eva's addiction? She's angry at her inability to recover? Well, could be, but I'm more concerned about what's next.
How many posts are on those boards? - Thousands.
- Thousands? According to Smit, any one of them could be taken as the next hit.
All right, thanks.
Newark Division got a tip about a woman being spotted that looks just like Eva in Mill Hill Park in Trenton about 30 minutes ago.
Mill Hill, that's Trenton's historical district known for the Second Battle of Trenton.
And the host of many a stump speech.
Any political events happening? Peter Hunter for city council.
A re-election rally at the Mill Hill Park Pavilion.
Running on an agenda of new development and increasing the tax base.
- AKA screwing the homeless.
- In an affluent district.
Exactly the kind of politician Z-All hates.
Boss, this rally starts in 45 minutes.
Let's go.
It's about community, commitment, and courage.
All right! Working together, we can truly make Trenton great again.
Thank you.
Now, I'm happy to answer any questions.
Councilman, I'm just curious.
- How do you sleep at night? - Excuse me? Satanic rituals? Human sacrifices? Trafficking innocent children all in the name of this corrupt agenda? Z-One, Z-All! - FBI, drop the gun! - FBI, everybody back! - Everybody back! - Get down! Hey, get back! Get back! Get inside! [TENSE MUSIC.]
There's no sign of her.
Where is she? Where's Eva? You tell me.
- Get up! - [GRUNTS.]
Eva, what are you doing here? I thought it was time to catch up.
Nice place.
What's the going rate, for betraying your best friend these days? - Eva, you need to leave.
- And you need to listen! You were there that night.
When you didn't speak up about it, I tried to understand.
I told myself you were afraid like me.
So I tried to forget it ever happened.
And it worked.
Till I saw the news last week.
That's when I stopped asking why and started asking how.
So I did some digging.
East Windsor.
A cute, little house.
And suddenly, your silence made sense.
It wasn't that simple.
I had student debt, my dad's medical bills I was your best friend! All you had to do was tell the truth, have my back! I know it was horrible, and I'm sorry that it happened, but it's over now.
Can't you just move on? I tried, Bethany.
I even have a son now.
But there's no moving on.
Not from something like this.
I'm sorry.
Let's just talk about it.
You had your chance to talk.
- Now, it's my turn.
- Eva.
I'm sorry, my dudes.
I'm gonna have to, uh, take my fifth amendment right to ignore y'all.
Well, I suggest you speak up, Dennis, before we classify Z-All as domestic terrorists and drop you off at the nearest supermax.
What did Z-All want with the councilman? I don't care.
I just saw an open assignment.
- And I took it.
- You decided to kill a man because the internet told you to? You know, Z is the 26th letter of the alphabet? Do you know how powerful that number is? 26, it's the number of black and red cards in a deck.
It's the atomic number for iron.
There are 26 bones in the human foot.
26 is the number of space-time dimensions.
I see you spent some time in Bellevue last year.
Yeah, you don't get to pity me.
It's you guys I feel sorry for.
Just living in the dark, working for the man.
Propagating the same evil you claim to be policing.
Compliance is a distraction.
- Distraction from what? - From the truth.
Z taught me that a couple of years ago.
And I've just been, you know, lurking in the subs ever since, just climbing that ladder of information.
What do you mean "climbing the ladder"? I mean all the good stuff is classified.
And to make it to the inner circle, you have to earn it.
Is that what Eva's doing? Proving herself? ScalesOfJustice? Hell yeah.
I mean, when she took those guys out at that narcotics meeting, that blew my mind.
And then I couldn't believe it.
Like, she asked me to help her out on the next hit and now, I'm you know, I'm, like, um, you know, a fan.
I'm a fan.
Eva reached out to you? Mm-hmm.
We were supposed to take out the councilman together, but then, she didn't show up, so I had to I had to, um I had to improvise.
So double-crossed by a woman, and then arrested by the FBI.
Are you sure they're gonna be impressed with your skills? You know, I can build a bomb.
How about that? I'm not lying.
I found the directions online.
And I told Eva all about it and where to pick it up.
- You gave Eva the bomb? - Mm-hmm.
And then you took the fall? That doesn't sound like much of a plan.
If I have to be sacrificed for the greater good, I can live with that.
'Cause I know wherever Eva's taking that bomb, it is going to be epic.
Prove it.
Show us where you have the directions.
New deal, people.
Our fugitive has a bomb.
- Seriously? - Yup.
Z-All didn't tell Eva to kill the Littles.
She did it on her own to get their attention like an audition.
She made it look like her next step was to blow up that meeting yesterday, but she never planned on killing the councilman.
She just wanted Z-All to think she would.
Why? According to Dennis, they parcel out their top secret documents on a quid pro quo basis.
- She needs them to trust her.
That way, she gets into the inner circle.
Getting Dennis' attention, enabling her access to his bomb.
The question now is, where is she going with it? Has ScalesOfJustice posted anything yet? No, she's gone back and actually erased old ones.
- All right, thanks.
That was Jersey police.
Homicide in East Windsor.
Prints at the scene are a match to Eva.
Who's the victim? White female, early 30s.
That's all they said.
Barnes and I'll take it.
All right, 30-mile radius from East Windsor.
Public venues, high value targets, any kind of political events.
And Crosby, send those bomb specs over to TEDAC in Huntsville.
I wanna see what kind of damage that bomb can do.
Copy that.
Bethany Bilson, 30 years old.
Public defender.
She missed court, wasn't answering her cell, so a coworker drove here to check on her.
Coroner said the body's well into rigor, so your girl probably did this last night.
" Stabbed in the back and left with a scarlet note.
The sedan outside matches our BOLO.
It does belong to Eva's father.
- Does Bethany have a car? - Blue BMW.
Keys are missing, and it's not in the garage.
State police are checking bridge and toll cams now.
Let's find out how far she can travel on a full tank.
We'll put a unit at every exit on the turnpike if we have to.
One victim killed with a knife doesn't really add up with the bomb scenario.
It's gotta be something personal.
How old did she say she was? Detective said she's 30.
Why? "Bergen Hall School of Law.
" Her and Eva were classmates.
Top of her class, Inns of Court, made "Law Review" as a second year, and then withdrew before graduating.
- Does it say why? - Not that I can see.
- Oh.
- What? Um, spring semester 2012, she filed a report of sexual assault by a classmate to the ad board.
Was there a hearing? Um, yes.
No evidence of impropriety was found, and the case was dismissed.
Can I see that report? [SOLEMN MUSIC.]
And what's this all about? It was before my time.
I assume it means those items are confidential.
- To protect who? - I have no idea.
Maybe she recanted.
That's a pretty serious claim to just redact it later.
That doesn't seem odd to you? Here's what I can tell you.
We have a very thorough and very fair procedure here for handling these types of cases.
If there'd been any merit to those allegations, I'm sure the school would have taken action.
Someone's hiding something.
All the data says less than 5% of rape allegations turn out to be false.
You think Eva was assaulted, and the school covered it up? Why else would she drop out a semester shy of graduating? It was either that, or have to sit in class every day next to her rapist.
She's this law school standout.
Hard worker.
Great future ahead of her.
And then boom.
Her life derails.
Her dad knew life isn't always fair for a woman of color.
He did what he could to prepare his daughter for the world.
But ultimately, he was powerless to protect her.
Something else on your mind? Charlotte wants another baby.
And you don't? I don't know what I want.
- Two kids, a lot to handle.
- That's what I told her.
But it's more than that.
I worry about Anais every day.
You and I see it all the time.
There's so much evil in this world.
So much hate.
And I can plan for every possible contingency, and still, I have zero guarantee my kid's gonna be okay.
- You're catastrophizing.
- Oh.
- You don't worry about Tali? - Constantly.
And you're right.
There's no guarantee.
That's why we just do the best we can.
You, me, Eva's dad.
The only way to combat evil in this world is to bring more good into it.
Talk to me.
What'd you find? So Bethany, she's a public defendant making 60k a year, but her banks records show a trail of deposits.
50k every six months going back eight years.
That explains the BMW and the nice house.
Where does the deposit come from? Well, the checks were issued from a shell company created by a law firm in Manhattan.
Archibald, Caine and Warren.
Any of them Bergen Hall alums? No, but name partner Grayson Warren is on their Board of Trustees.
I checked the annual giving report, and he's listed as P'12.
A parent of the class of 2012.
Same as Eva.
- What's his name? - Yates Warren.
I'm sending him now.
Send it to Barnes' phone.
- Brioni suit, smug smile.
Met a few of these in my day.
What's the date on that first deposit? We have April 5th, 2012.
About one month after that ad board hearing.
That's a lie of omission.
Bethany knew about the assault and Yates' dad paid her off to keep her from talking.
Okay, but why would Eva wait until now to go after Bethany? - Unless she didn't know - This might explain it.
It's an article from the Garden State Law Journal.
- You ready? - Yup.
"Chief Judge Webber Bell announced the appointment "of Yates Warren as Federal Magistrate "in the Southern District on Tuesday.
"At age 30, he is the youngest magistrate judge in the court's history.
" What's the date on the article? Last week.
That's it.
That's what triggered her.
Eva's life was in shambles and Yates was skyrocketing to success.
Eva's going after her rapist.
Let's go.
Is this really necessary? The whole neighborhood's gonna be talking.
It's for your safety.
And theirs.
We believe Eva has a bomb.
Why would she be coming after me? She's under the impression that your father disappeared a rape allegation against you in law school.
- Any truth to that? - Of course not.
I broke up with her.
She couldn't deal with it, so she trumped up a false allegation to get back at me.
A woman scorned.
You know how it goes.
How goes it? Look, she was crazy in law school.
Clearly, it wasn't just a phase.
Did you talk to your father about her? No.
Why would I? Officers.
I know you're just doing your jobs, but nothing happened.
The whole story's made up, and everyone who's looked at this concluded the same thing.
We'd like to keep a couple uniforms outside just in case.
It's a waste of time.
I'm headed to the Bahamas for the weekend.
Legal conference? Fishing trip with old friends.
We're done here.
Point of information, we're special agents, not officers.
An FBI thing.
You'll get there, I'm sure.
I've got pain Going through my voice Vodka soda.
Light on the soda.
Busy tonight.
COVID sucks.
But read more books in the last six months than probably all of college.
Boy troubles? Something like that.
Can't live with them That's the end of that quote, as far as I'm concerned.
You're too pretty to drink alone.
Tell myself another lie [TENSE MUSIC.]
I'm Liz.
Uh-huh? They got a hit on Bethany's hot plate.
Yeah, go on.
Got it.
Her BMW is backed into a lot and abandoned.
Sheriff deputy spotted it, got suspicious, ran the plates, and it popped.
- Where? - Centreville, Maryland.
At a bar called The Duck's Back.
You sure? We get a lot of brunettes in here.
- I haven't seen her.
- Were you working last night? In the office doing payroll.
Liz Washburne had the bar.
And did she leave with anybody? I don't know.
I left before closing.
- Although, uh - What? She has the day shift today, and she's usually here by now.
- You think something's wrong? - We're gonna need her address.
I'll let Jess know.
Washburne, it's the FBI.
We'd like to talk to you.
We'll go around.
Clear! You okay? [WHIMPERS.]
I think so.
You're okay.
Come on.
Oh, thank God.
- What happened? - I don't know.
We were just fooling around, and then, everything went black.
I I woke up, and she was gone.
Does it look like anything's been taken? I don't think so.
Wait, my wallet.
Can you check my purse? My car keys.
My parents are gonna kill me.
Where do you work? The Duck's Back in Centreville.
You wanna try that again? What's this for? I'm not supposed to talk about it.
Flying goose? We saw that on Matthew Smit's computer.
It's called Arcadia Oaks.
I'm a sweetheart server.
I've been coming here an awful long time, and this drink is my favorite.
Thank you, sweetheart.
My pleasure.
You were right.
Yates isn't on any flights to the Bahamas tonight.
What's the closest airport to Arcadia Oaks? Aberdeen Airfield.
It's private.
20 miles away.
A King Air C90 landed there an hour ago.
Six passengers on board.
- Two of them were Warrens.
- Two of them? Yes.
Yates and his father.
- Where is everybody? - Inside the Oak Room.
What the hell's going on? - [GUNSHOT.]
- Dad! - Gun, gun, gun! Shots fired! FBI! Everybody, out! Move, move, move, move! Everybody, out! Go, go, go, go! [PEOPLE SHOUTING.]
She's got Yates.
And there's the backpack.
She's got a detonator.
Back off, or I'll blow this place apart! Eva, I want you to listen to me.
We know what happened to you.
We know Yates was responsible, and that his father covered it up.
I believe you.
He took everything from me! My son, my future! [CHOKES.]
Somebody has to stop him, or he'll just keep taking! I know it feels like the only way to make things right is to cause him the same pain he caused you, but there is another option, Eva.
Just because you couldn't get justice for your own rape doesn't mean you can't get it for others.
'Cause with guys like him, there's always others.
I wanna hear you say it.
- Tell them what you did to me.
- I don't We can work this out! Please! - Tell them! - [CRYING.]
About me! About all the other women whose lives you destroyed! Name them! There were others! I'm sorry.
I can't remember their names.
Eva! Eva! Please don't do this.
My life's already over.
What's the point? Justice is Yates living the rest of his life with his reputation ruined.
Dying lets him off too easy.
It means he never does this again.
You need to show your son there's still good in the world.
Even when all you see is bad, he'll know his mother did the right thing.
For him.
Please don't do this.
Don't move! Don't move! Don't move.
Just stay right where you are.
Let's get the Bomb Squad in here.
You did good.
And now, today, there's a little more good in the world.
Thanks to you.
And that matters.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How was your day? - Fine.
- You get your bad guy? - Girl, actually.
A very sad, confused, angry girl who hurt good people because she was hurt by someone else.
I wanna do it.
Let's have another baby.
Are you sure? Not at all.
I'm scared and anxious and worried about 1,000 stupid things.
But we can't control any of that.
All we can do is give it the best we've got.
And I'm ready.
Plus, you're doing all the work.
For damn sure, I'm not carrying that thing.
It must've been some case you were working on.
It was.

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