FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s02e03 Episode Script


1 It had to be her.
And who would you rather I be sleeping with? [GRUNTS.]
Not some community college straggler working on her word processing skills! Her word processing skills are sublime.
Your secretary is 11 years old.
She knows all her vowels A, E, I, O, U.
Any idiot can read a picture book! You know what? I take back everything I said.
I would be more offended if you were sleeping with someone who actually knew "Moby Dick" was about a whale because then your cheating really would be about me and not the "blink and you miss it" party in your pants! I'm getting out of here.
Ugh! You're gonna need to double bag your stuff because you didn't buy two-ply! I bought what you tell me to buy! Oh, you give up now? [TENSE MUSIC.]
- Take whatever you want.
- Money.
I've got about 200 in my wallet.
The money.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- Come on.
- I don't.
Well No safe on the walls.
And there's no safe in the closet.
You want me to Marco Polo this? Well, am I getting warm? Huh.
Who would've thunk it? What's the combination? 15, 4, 36.
She's full of surprises, isn't she? [SCREAMS.]
Len, no, no, no, no, honey! Please.
There we go.
I missed you, too, baby.
It'll be smaller than your wedding with Angelyne.
- Second marriages usually are.
- Third.
It was over in two weeks A real Hollywood type of thing.
Marie did my makeup.
- I can see that.
- Beautiful.
Just a few pointers.
Tali's new school doesn't allow them to wear makeup.
It doesn't matter.
We're all on Zoom.
Yeah, yeah, I'm on my way.
I want you to take it off.
I will.
Just wait.
Here, pick a card.
She's a real natural.
- Dad.
- Go on, pick a card.
- Here, I'll pick a card.
- No, no, no.
I've seen this trick 100 times before.
Nobody's picking any cards.
Dad, come on.
I'm sorry.
We worked really hard on this trick.
Um, let me pick a card.
Forget it.
You ruined it.
Oh, come on, Tali.
I'm sorry.
Just show me the deck, and I'll pick a card.
I have school.
You know, with the makeup, we were just having girl fun.
Angelyne never wore any makeup, so it's just different.
Well, that's the thing about fatherhood Something new to lasso every day.
I got to get to work.
You guys are good with the Wi-Fi? - The remote works? - Yeah, we're good.
Go catch your bad guy.
We've got a UFAP warrant for a John Doe wanted for murder, robbery, and kidnapping last night in Maplewood, New Jersey.
His Toyota Camry was found a few hours ago - in a lot in lower Manhattan.
- Making this case ours.
The kidnapped woman is Avery Garnier, married to the murder victim Len, a mortgage broker.
We're looking for any connection between the Garniers and our John Doe so that we can ID him.
She grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, went to KU, moved here about eight years ago when she got married.
She volunteered at the local theater company.
Parents are deceased, both teachers.
No trust fund, no lotto winnings.
If it's a kidnap, then why kill the husband? Who's gonna pay for the ransom? Our John Doe took her for another reason.
Ten dollar reason? Her social media's all about wine, but she's not a "rosé all day" drinker.
Her latest post was about scoring a 2001 Bordeaux.
I prefer the '95.
All her wine's from the same shop.
Vino Village, my kind of place.
What about the husband? He's been with the same company his entire career.
Pulled down 225k.
There's nothing shiny about these two.
They look like an ordinary couple.
Avery Garnier.
What is it? I don't know.
The sooner we ID John Doe, the better our chances of finding Avery alive.
Clinton and Crosby, see what you can find at Garnier's office.
Barnes and I will go to the crime scene.
Hana, run the serial number on that Hamilton in the safe.
No note.
Nobody wanted this safe found, that's for sure.
Or used The carpet over it's worn.
Whatever our John Doe got out of the safe, it had been in there for years.
It isn't counterfeit, so why would he leave a $10 bill for us? Well, maybe there's something in the number ten.
We all have ten fingers, ten toes.
- There's ten commandments.
- And the tenth one is? - Thou shalt not covet.
- Thou shalt not covet.
Did our John Doe covet Avery? Could explain why he didn't kill her.
The end of one chapter, and then the beginning of the next.
We need to find out when Avery got this tattoo.
Here are Len's accounts from the past year or so.
No external transfers? Could we get a printout of this? Sure.
Did you handle his cash deposits? The only time cash was on the table was when Champagne Girls in Hackensack tried to pay down a point before closing.
Len wouldn't take the bribe.
He was a real ethical guy.
Tell us more about him.
On Tuesday, he told me he loved me.
So he's an ethical guy cheating on his wife? He said they were more like roommates.
Roommates who hated each other.
Thanks for your time.
Avery said theater was her refuge.
She worked on every production here.
I guess things were sort of rotten in the Denmark of her marriage.
Her husband was having an affair.
I didn't know that.
She's very private.
- Her tattoo? - The semicolon.
Cool, isn't it? Do you know when Avery got it? Mm, I always assumed it was around the time she moved here from Florida.
Florida? I thought she grew up in Kansas.
That's not what she told me.
Her real name is Elyse Sidchuck.
I'm gonna screen share with you.
She was placed in witness protection in 2003.
The Marshalls gave her new ID and enough cash to start over in Kansas.
Was she a witness, an informant? She was a - What's the problem here? - Must be on DC's end.
Our uptime's great.
She was a hostage during a bank heist in 2002.
She was the best case the prosecutors had against the perpetrator.
They must have wanted this guy badly.
He shot and killed an off-duty police officer as he fled the bank.
He's still at large.
Name's Maurice Hewitt.
Avery's the hostage from the Banar Bank heist? She was Well, that's her.
She looks different now, but that's her.
How do you know so much about a bank robbery in 2002? I was there.
It was a Tuesday just after lunch when Hewitt entered the bank.
Avery was waiting in line for a cashier's check when he grabbed her.
Her purse falls to the floor.
He orders everyone to the ground, calls for the manager to open the vault, gives Avery a plastic bag, and keeps his gun on her as she follows the manager into the vault.
She returns with $114,000.
Hewitt grabs the money, drags her to the entrance, and he stops when he sees someone When he sees me.
He hauls her to the back.
We come in the front.
That's David Werner, my training agent.
We assess the situation inside.
Outside, an off-duty officer is coming up the staircase.
Hewitt shoots her three times.
Officer Salina was six months pregnant.
She was expecting a baby boy.
What happened to Avery? She escaped a few hours later.
We recovered her in Bethel.
Hewitt went on the Most Wanted list.
I looked for him for years, tracked down every rumor I heard.
Heard he was on the West Coast, so I went to Pasadena, Carpinteria, Ashland.
I got close in San Francisco, but About that $10 bill left in the safe.
Serial numbers say it's from the Banar heist.
What's that? That $10 bill, it's from the Banar heist.
Maybe it's Hewitt throwing us a breadcrumb.
Maybe it's his way of saying "game on.
" Maybe, but the money came from inside the safe.
It was Avery's.
Avery had money from the bank robbery? Yeah, but how? Unless Unless Avery wasn't a hostage.
Is that what we're saying? Unless Avery was an accomplice.
Maybe the money was her take.
Hana, can you run it again? There's no tells.
There's no signs between them.
I've watched this 1,000 times backwards, forwards.
How did I not see this? The money is what connected her.
You couldn't have known that then.
Hewitt wanted you to know the truth about Avery.
Then this isn't about Avery.
This is about you.
He's trying to see if he can beat me again.
What do you say? Challenge accepted? Shall we go get him? [OMINOUS MUSIC.]
I never stopped thinking about this face.
- Oh! [GROANS.]
Ah, you haven't changed.
If we up the reward money to 250 grand, tip lines are gonna be flooded.
Good, let 'em all come out of the woodwork.
I know what this means to you.
It's my fault that officer died and her baby.
She had a husband, and a two-year-old daughter at home.
Jess, you got to stop beating yourself up.
I was three weeks out of Quantico.
My training agent and I were having lunch down the corner when we saw Hewitt walking into the Banar bank, slipping on gloves.
Didn't sit well with us, so we went to check it out.
Once we got close, you could see what was happening inside.
I wanted to go around back, but my training agent insisted that I stay with him.
We have been through this before.
If you'd gone around back, you could've gotten shot.
It wouldn't have mattered.
I didn't have anybody in my life back then except for my sister and my parents.
Did I tell you that my father's visiting? - Mm.
- Yeah.
He's been here for a week One very long week.
Tali loves having them around.
Them? Yes, he brought his fiancée who's maybe two years older than me, maybe.
But that's not what's bugging you.
It's Tali.
He's putting on a show for her, reeling her in.
I've seen this movie before.
I know how it ends.
Here's the thing, Jess.
Your dad is gonna die someday, probably sooner rather than later, so make your peace to him now while you still can.
Thank you.
You know, this case changed everything for me.
It's the reason I moved over to the Fugitive Task Force.
Where your focus is on the killers, - not the victims.
Hewitt knows it was me there that day, and he's making me part of this case.
Then to catch him, you'll have to profile yourself.
Getting Hewitt's the last chance I have at bringing justice to Officer Salina's family.
And also forgiving yourself, right? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I'm not sure if I can forgive you.
You know, maybe it wasy mistake for giving you the 30k and the car, but then wait, I didn't give it to you.
You took it from me, and then you took off while I was in the men's room of that tacky diner, but then I'm the idiot who thought you were gonna show up in Afton.
That was the plan.
Wasn't that the plan, Elyse, or am I missing something? - [MUFFLED SPEECH.]
Wait, let me just I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Ugh, feels a little late for that.
Shooting that woman, that police officer, freaked me out.
I she was pregnant.
You didn't have to do that.
Yeah, actually, I did.
She was drawing her gun.
She was gonna shoot you.
I didn't want you to be hurt.
I was saving your life.
Seems like you've been having a pretty good one, huh, Avery Garnier? Mm.
How'd you find me? Your favorite play.
"When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?" Every time it shows up in the community theater, I look at the photos to see if you're there.
You were always too pretty to play Angel.
Look where we are.
We're on the 18th floor.
We got king crab's legs.
Could've lived our whole life like this! We still can.
I love you.
I I never stopped loving you.
See, that's the thing about community theater You don't have to be a good actor.
Castille got HQ to approve the 250k.
Hopefully, that'll tilt the case our way.
The Marshalls gave us what they have on Avery.
Elyse Sidchuck, grew up in Florida, went to FSU.
She moved to Brooklyn, waited on tables with her eye toward Broadway.
She wanted to be an actor.
Hewitt was in Brooklyn at the same time.
He bounced from odd job to odd job.
He got fired a lot.
It's hard to find a bank robber who does well with authority.
What do you know about his family? Seemingly normal, happy, no history of abuse, no robust criminal career.
Only some priors for weapon possessions.
It's tame.
He's arrogant, confident.
Which can be sexy as hell.
Avery's parents died in a car wreck when she was in Brooklyn.
She was alone, vulnerable And in comes Hewitt.
A tip came in from the front desk clerk at the Whitmer Hotel by the convention center.
A guy rode in a few hours ago, paid cash, ordered a ton of room service.
The name he checked in under? Elyse Sidchuck.
If you're on the run, then why check in under a name we can trace? Because Hewitt is having some fun with us.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Hey, we missed him.
Stay alert.
He might be coming your way.
Jess, look.
It's you.
Ten years ago, I got a tip he might be in San Francisco.
I headed over there, found his apartment, sat on it for three days, never saw him.
He saw you.
They look like law enforcement.
She doesn't.
FBI, hands up! U.
Marshalls, get your hands in the air! [SCREAMS.]
Behind the car! Put it down, Hewitt! Let her go.
Drop it! [SCREAMS.]
FBI, FBI, stop! Do not engage! Get back, get back! Everyone stop.
- Lower your weapons now.
- Drop your weapon! Where are they? At 4:10, they came back through here, went through the kitchen, and headed towards the convention center.
Where we didn't have a perimeter established.
We were on him until you showed up.
Hey, I had him until you got in my way! - We tracked him here.
- So did we.
- They were ours.
- They were ours.
- Ours.
- Mine.
Why don't you deconflict? We had the warrant.
- Did you even check with NCIC? - Our witness disappeared.
And you decided to show up now? You're Marshalls.
You weren't even identifiable! Hey, hey, hey, let's make it clear.
We're taking this case from here, understood? Bye.
Understood? You guys can do whatever you want.
I'm bringing Hewitt in.
Jackie, there's no room in this case for a bounty hunter.
You created room when you offered 250 grand for his arrest.
See? Oh, come on, Jess.
I've been doing this just as long as you have except without the pension and the fancy uniforms.
Bail reform's gonna put me out of business, and I don't exactly qualify for PPP, so I need that reward money to stay afloat.
Hewitt's mine.
Just stay out of our way.
She's a big pain in the ass, huh? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
- Put a tracker on her Lexus.
- On it.
Found something.
To a Jack Bartlett.
Filled in Maplewood, New Jersey.
That's where Avery lived.
Capecitabine is a drug used for treating stomach, or pancreatic cancer.
It's a last hope drug for when chemo and radiation aren't on the table.
- Hewitt's dying.
- The last waltz.
Which makes him the most dangerous kind of fugitive.
He's got nothing to lose.
You're a monster.
Yeah, we'll see what kind of monster I am.
Don't do this! Stop it! Don't do this! Please, please! [DOORBELL RINGS.]
Are you Officer Salina's daughter? Yeah.
Um Who are you? Pharmacist confirms Hewitt was filling his prescriptions under the alias Jack Bartlett.
How long had he been getting his prescriptions filled there? He transferred it from California about a month ago.
Pharmacist said he's in good shape for stage four.
Yeah, we've noticed.
They also prescribed him a boatload of painkillers, so he's got a high tolerance.
Fearless and under the influence.
Chaos without consequence.
Tell me about Hewitt.
Well, tips that have come in include buying an orange Slurpee at 7-Eleven, riding around in a lime green Mercedes, and a psychic called in to say that Hewitt is a reincarnation Hold on a minute.
That's Avery's wine shop.
Skip the Slurpee stuff and see if there's anything on the Mercedes tip.
So the wine shop is just down the street from where Hewitt was getting his prescriptions filled.
That means Hewitt's been watching Avery, for at least a month, plenty of time to know her comings and goings.
We're with the FBI.
Here, take it.
I never should have.
This is everything that woman paid me.
What woman? Well, her necklace said Jackie, but I doubt those are real diamonds.
She was here about an hour ago.
If Jackie gave you that, you must have given her something.
What was it? She was asking about Avery Garnier, what she bought, when she shopped.
And? I told her that, every Tuesday while her husband was at golf, Avery would come in here and pick out a seasonal.
- She put that on her card? - No, no, no, no.
Avery always charged it to the same account, but it wasn't her account.
Whose account was it? A local attorney's in town, Conor Fulford.
Likes his reds, does picayune real estate transactions.
Conor Fulford.
Sending it to Hana.
I'll have her pull the address.
Marital problems and a weekly meetup with the same guy.
Sounds like Avery's having an affair.
Where's Jackie now? She's been going back and forth between Manhattan and Staten Island.
- For how long? - Past four hours.
She slapped the tracker on a ferry.
I like this woman.
Jackie's got game.
Meet us at Fulford's address.
- You okay? - Yep.
Hewitt's gone, but he's seen better days.
Uh, hello? A little help? Oh, my buddy! [GRUNTS.]
How's your backside? - Better than your front side.
- Touché.
Hewitt's swinging a wrecking ball through all parts of Avery's life Her husband, her lover, her money.
But he hasn't killed her.
He's punishing her for betraying him.
What got you to the wine shop? - Avery's Instagram.
- Respect.
Any idiot with two thumbs can look at Instagram.
She does like to drink Almost as much as I do, but I prefer a little escabeche mezcal over wine any day.
Should've left the tracker on your car.
We would've been here sooner, kept you from getting slapped around.
I work alone.
Always have.
When it's my time to go, I'll go, but this isn't it.
Hewitt kept me alive for a reason.
- He's got a message for you.
- Tell me.
He said, "Sorry about your wife.
I wish I had a cigarette.
Nicotine helps ease the pain, but we are out of money.
What pain? Pain of being with you.
You want one? Yes.
Tell me what I have to do to get out of this.
Kill me.
I don't care.
Kill you? No, that's too quick.
Click, the lights go out.
It's like "The Sopranos" at the end.
Remember? [CHUCKLES.]
See, now that is some good acting right there.
You're getting off on this.
You're getting what you wanted.
We searched the car, found a empty bottle of iced tea, a half-eaten bag of chips, and a Statue of Liberty foam crown.
Sounds like a date I had in 1987.
And then I checked the trunk.
Read the card.
Pepperoncino's, it's the restaurant my training agent and I ate at that day.
Hewitt's gonna rob the Banar Bank again.
Hear ye, hear ye! This is a bank robbery! I want everyone to gather round, get down on the ground, put your palms on the floor.
Anybody that doesn't do exactly what I tell them to do will be dead by their next breath! [TIRES SQUEALING.]
- Are you the manager? - Yeah.
I wonder if he's gonna cry.
Give me the bag.
And the key.
- All right.
- No! Hey! Oh, you are gonna look good in prison.
Where'd he go? Out the back.
He took the keys.
Put your hands through the bars.
- Where's the car? - I don't know.
Where is the car? It's somewhere in the park.
Let's set a perimeter around the park, but nobody moves in unless I say so.
Let me guess.
You want to tell me the reason I became a bank robber is because my parents didn't love me.
You gonna talk to me here or what? You know what's weird? It's that you're a single dad because you got a dead wife, and that officer you made me shoot's husband's a single dad.
And you both have daughters.
Sometimes the world is so full of synchronicity.
Give us a minute.
We'll meet you at the bank.
Alone time, ooh.
You gonna kill me, say it was self-defense? I mean, why wouldn't you? I know.
I'm not gonna shoot you.
Too much paperwork? You got cancer.
You're gonna die in prison.
What do you wish you did differently? I wish I'd stayed in touch with my son.
- You have a son? - You didn't know? You're the reason I left him.
Time in San Francisco over ten years ago when you got real close? I had to take off.
You've always had your priorities.
You've committed plenty of crimes too.
Only difference is you get paid to do it.
Although, in the grand karmic Skee-Ball of life Maybe that's why you got a dead wife, yeah? Even things up.
You're doing me a favor if you shot me.
I could reach out to your son if you want.
- Give him a message.
- Yeah, sure.
Tell him it wasn't his fault, my leaving, the cancer, none of it.
Tell him it was your fault.
I'm not gonna tell him that.
Why? It's the truth.
You're the one who made me shoot that officer.
You shot her of your own free will.
It was self-defense.
Whilst you were committing a felony.
Actions have consequences.
You need to own up to your own guilty conscience.
I will if you will.
I don't think I have anything to feel guilty about.
That is the second worst lie I've heard this week.
Where is he? He's about 200 feet out.
Jess has him.
That means I led to the direct apprehension of the fugitive.
The fugitive that zip-tied you to the staircase? And then you apprehended him.
It's a little more complicated than that.
It's $250,000.
- It's not your money.
- How'd you even find us here? Oh.
Maybe in the future, it'd be better if we worked in concert rather than have you T-bone our investigations.
What was the first concert you ever saw? Goo Goo Dolls, I think.
Why? Figures.
I prefer Goo Goo Clusters, and the only doll that matters is Dolly Parton, so if you're not praying at her alter, we got no future.
I'm on my knees to her every morning.
There may be hope for you yet.
All right, turn around.
- Where are they? - Who? What? You don't get the easy way out.
Come on.
Let's go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up.
- Hold up.
- What? No, what? [GRUMBLES.]
How do you feel? I don't know what to say.
You've spent a lot of mental energy on Hewitt.
That's a lot of free time on your hands now.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So how's Tali? Wearing a lot of makeup.
Some aisles of the drug store are cheaper than others.
Good to know.
Well, I hope you'll still come see me on the anniversary.
- Have I ever missed a year? - [CHUCKLES.]
You know, Hewitt feels bad about what he did.
How do you know? - Because he was here.
- What? Because he gave me this.
Why didn't you tell me? Well can I keep it? [GRUNTS.]
- One, two, cha-cha-cha! - Cha-cha-cha.
Cha-cha-cha, cha-cha-cha.
One, two, cha-cha-cha.
One, two, cha-cha-cha.
Whoo! - Hey! - Hey! [CHUCKLES.]
The prodigal son returns.
I'm a lot of things.
Prodigal isn't one of them.
- Where'd you get the dress? - It's for their wedding.
Yeah, we picked it up in town today.
We thought we'd, you know, make up for any lines crossed earlier.
You like it? Yeah, I like it.
It's nice, very nice.
- It's just a dress.
- It's not just a dress! Someone who misses you, who wants to get to know you, that's an easy mark.
I that is not I'm getting to know my granddaughter, and you've been fighting me the whole way.
You have a problem with me and Marie getting married? No, love is a beautiful thing.
You should give it another whirl.
How long do you think you and Marie are gonna last? Probably till I'm dead, at least that's the idea.
Then, I guess it always is.
Hey, I'm trying here.
You could try a little too.
You gotta let this go, Jesse-B, whatever this is between you and me.
Is it about your mom? Because whatever went south between us had nothing to do with you and your sister Louise.
Or is it about the vacation we didn't You didn't come to Angelyne's funeral! Because I was in jail.
Jail? What for? Nothing important.
How long? 15 miserable months.
Well, why didn't you tell me? I could have helped you.
You're my son.
I was embarrassed.
You had enough on your plate dealing with your grief.
But I'm here now, unlike you.
I've been here over a week, I barely seen you.
I have to go to work, Dad.
Well, how is work more important than your family? Nothing's more important to me than Tali.
What, really? Because all she's ever gonna know about you is the back of your head while you're walking out the door.
Well, it's more than she should know about you.
I think Marie and I'd be more comfortable staying at Louise's.
I think we all would.

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