FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s02e02 Episode Script


"The USS 'Constitution' was launched in 1797 "and is the world's oldest three-masted naval vessel still afloat.
" Mom, I've been on the website.
I could totally write this report without seeing the ship.
I think it's exciting.
We've lived here 20 years, and we've never been, right? Hudson, cut it out.
- I like that song.
- It's boring.
Just put it back.
I was thinking after, maybe we could grab some food and picnic by the harbor.
Sounds good to me.
Hudson, I said cut it out.
Wasn't me.
Look out! - What are you doing? - There's something wrong.
Dad! Oh, my God! It's not me.
It won't stop.
- What's going on? - It won't stop! Dad! - Ben, what are you doing? - It won't stop! - Dad! - Ben, oh, my God! Hey.
So who are we chasing today? This morning in Melrose, Massachusetts, an unknown subject hacked the electrical system of the Lewis family car and crashed it.
The daughter, Kelly, was left at home, but the crash killed Ben, Maureen, and Hudson.
Local PD thought it was an accident, but a few minutes after the crash, the car's manufacturer, Faybien Motors, got this.
"Oops, looks like your car has a security flaw.
"Unless you want more cars to crash, send 1 million in Bitcoin to this address.
" What's interesting is "unless you want more cars to crash," not "unless you want more people to die.
" Yeah, focused on machines, not lives.
It might be a linguistic quirk.
They want money from the company, not the family.
Faybien Motors.
Aren't they new? Yeah, they're about four years old out of Quincy.
They make hybrids and high-end SUVs.
Their selling point is a state of the art technology.
- Might want to rethink that.
- Yeah.
They're working to patch the software, and their lawyers are discussing the ransom.
But in the meantime, we have murder, cybercrime, and extortion, not to mention an ongoing threat to the public.
How big of a threat? How many people drive this type of car? In Massachusetts - 2,000, give or take.
- Jeez.
- That's a lot.
Now, why the Lewis family? And who would have the chops to do this? In the Route 128 area, practically anybody.
It's a huge tech center.
I need to pull code from that car.
All right, as soon as we get to Boston, you and Kenny hit the impound yard.
The rest of us will go see the daughter, see if she has any idea why her family was targeted.
Copy that.
We've been roommates for three years.
He's been working remotely, so he was like, "I'm gonna go live with my parents for free, screw it.
" Me and Zadie were like, "Seriously?" I mean, we've still got a whole year left on our lease.
If I had a chance to live rent-free, I'd take it.
It just sucks.
I mean, now I'm gonna have to sublet to some random person? I could see if any of my friends are looking.
- How much for rent? - 2 grand a month.
What? I pay that for a studio in Cobble Hill that gets natural light for about eight minutes a day.
The first chip was a bust, but the backup downloaded.
We're good.
They must've known they were gonna crash.
And been helpless to stop it.
Then then the car catches on fire.
It's awful.
Whoever did this, they're a monster.
We're very sorry we have to do this, Kelly.
We realize you're in pain.
Can we ask you a few questions? Do you know anyone who would wanna hurt your family? No.
You mean this wasn't some random attack? We're exploring everything.
Kelly was supposed to be with them, but she had a migraine.
Is she in danger? We're not sure yet.
You'll come stay with me and Uncle Judd.
We'll take care of you.
Were your parents having any problems at work? No.
My dad restored antique clocks and played in a Matchbox Twenty cover band.
My mom stayed home and sewed COVID masks for nurses.
I mean, who would wanna hurt them? Hey, guys.
- Your brother was a gamer? - Yeah.
I'd hear him in here all the time yelling at the screen.
It was practically all he did besides play baseball.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
You think she's a target? Let's post someone at the aunt and uncle's house until we know what's going on.
A lot of overlap between gamers and people good with computers.
And online disputes can have offline consequences.
You know, a few months ago, a gamer my brother knows was arguing with another player.
He put in a fake 911 call.
Sent SWAT to his house.
Almost got him killed.
You're thinking the Lewis kid pissed off another gamer? It's possible.
Let them know we're taking that.
We heard from Faybien.
Their lawyers told them not to pay the ransom.
Can't blame them.
That'd only lead to more demands.
- Thanks, Clinton.
- Hey, check this out.
Hudson Lewis played a lot of "Rubicon's Crossing.
" Are those texts? Uh, no.
These are direct messages.
Gamers send them to each other when they play.
Now, Hudson is a big instigator.
What do you mean? Well, for example, this one guy, he posted a hack that supposedly made your character immortal.
Now, Hudson tried it and it didn't work, so he started flaming the guy, and all these other people joined in.
Wrote, "Poser.
" "You suck.
" "Loser.
" "Wannabe.
" "Go kill yourself.
" I mean, everything.
Like a bully on the schoolyard.
Yup, and this gamer was his target.
"4-U-6" It's A-U-G-H-T.
Gamers substitute numbers for letters.
Okay, you run it through SENTINEL? Yeah.
Ought means should.
Fits the profile that they like to control things.
Also means anything.
They could look at themselves as having access to or capable of anything.
So is the hacker going after Faybien, or other players who bullied him? If it's Faybien, they should warn their customers.
We should tell them it's a platypus.
- A what? - Platypus.
It's tech slang for malware when you get a bunch of different codes all hacked together.
Like the animal.
This guy's good.
He built it and used it to infiltrate Faybien's electronic control unit.
From there, he could control steering, braking, anything connected to the computer.
Can we trace where we got the code? I'm running it through an algorithm trying to get a fingerprint.
You can identify someone based on how they put their platypus together? Yeah, everyone writes code differently.
It's kind of like how you can tell the difference between a van Gogh and a Picasso.
- Huh, this is interesting.
- What? One of these pieces is similar to a code that was used to decrypt credit cards a couple years ago.
- Code was posted by an X2.
- Run it and see.
All right, we got a Lucas Earley, AKA X2.
Arrested 2/27/15 for credit card fraud.
From stolen credit cards, to hacking a car, to killing three people, and a million-dollar extortion over a video game? That's a hell of an escalation.
Getting caught didn't teach him to behave.
It taught him how to hide his tracks.
Last known address is in Rockland? Yeah, it looks like he still lives with his parents.
Okay, you guys stay on Faybien, work the software patch and that customer list.
Let's go see if this is our hacker.
Dude, I got him.
I got Hudson.
Who? The kid who flamed me on "Rubicon's.
" - I killed him.
- You didn't kill anybody.
- You're mental.
- I'll show you.
You didn't kill him.
They crashed.
Yeah, because I hacked the car.
Fine, you hacked the car.
And the car company's gonna pay me a million in Bitcoin.
Buy yourself something nice.
Now move! Do you know how hard it is to hack a car? Yeah, that's why you didn't do it.
Even your parents think you're an idiot.
No, they don't.
They're just traditional.
They just want me to get a regular job.
- What's your problem? - I thought we were friends.
You don't know my family.
You're sitting here playing video games in the middle of the day in your underwear, so don't act like you're some genius, you We're not friends.
I defended you one time online because you're so pathetic.
All you do is lie.
That's right grab your crap and get out of my house.
You freaking loser! - Lloyd.
- He's okay.
He wants you to give him a treat.
In the bed.
All due respect, you guys got this wrong.
You know about the credit card thing, right? Does that sound like a master criminal to you? The only thing Lucas is a master at is slacking.
There's no cell phone registered to Lucas.
Does he have one? I told him last year, "You wanna keep your phone? You have two choices: Get a job, or go to college.
" Instead, he just sat in front of his computer all day doing nothing.
So we drew the line.
Get a job, or you're out.
He left a month ago.
We haven't spoken.
The last thing he said was that we must hate him, but we only did the hard thing because we love him.
It wasn't just for him.
For 30 years, I've gotten up at 4:00 a.
to build my construction business.
Cynthia's worked for 20 as a nurse.
Now instead of downsizing, and spending half the year cruising Europe, we're stuck here paying a mortgage so that Lucas had a place to live.
- So he never had a job? - No.
Claimed he got hired once to test this company's system or something, but he never left the house and I never saw a paycheck.
The kid's been lying to us his whole life.
Anyway Do you mind if we see his room? Lucas's room is downstairs.
- What hung here? - Some kind of picture, maybe? What kind of books did he read? I don't really know.
He didn't like us coming in here.
Look, I tried.
My dad was in the air force, and I wanted to be a pilot too.
It didn't work out, but I tried to pass that onto Lucas.
I bought him a remote control plane, and he didn't wanna fly it.
Even when I asked him to come work a few hours on a job site, get some vitamin D, he just wasn't interested.
I picked up a second signal on the dog treat dispenser.
Clinton and Crosby are trying to backtrace it.
I know enough about computers to know that people that are good with them make a nice living.
They don't live with their parents.
It's like he was totally incapable.
You don't know anything, you stupid son of a bitch.
We even sent him to computer camp, which was double the price of the one his cousins went to.
They all came home with bows and arrows they made themselves.
Lucas came home pale.
You're gonna regret every single word.
And he never mentioned anyone bullying him online? I mean, that must've been hard for him.
I didn't even know he played that game.
I guess that tells you how well I know my son.
Well, thank you.
Appreciate your time.
Clinton and Crosby got a loc on the backtrace.
It's 15 miles north of here, and the signal's still active.
Tell them to meet us there.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Looks like he left in a hurry.
Could've seen me tracking his signal.
He got away with his laptop.
He couldn't take this, though.
Maybe he left us a parting gift.
A depressing way to live.
Well played, Lucas.
- He didn't just wipe the files.
- It's a USB stick.
I recovered one, and it's locked.
He hacked together his own encryption software.
It sounds like you finally met your match.
- Please.
- This place is an Airbnb.
The owner rented it to an Al Turing for two months.
- Paid for with a credit card.
- Probably stolen.
Alan Turing, the computer scientist.
The memory on this thing is maxed out.
Whatever he's got planned left, his laptop's not gonna be enough.
He's gonna need more power.
Look, this was accessed a couple hours ago.
Is that a map? It's the Eastern Seaboard.
Directions to other bullies' houses? Maybe.
He was attacking another firewall.
I'm trying to get through it.
Maybe it's not about more online revenge.
Maybe the map's about more car hacking - if the site's Faybien Motors.
- Making good on his threat.
Crash more cars.
Make the company pay.
I can't figure out if the site he was attacking is because this was maxed out and he needed more storage, or if it was a target.
If it was for storage, it'd need to be secure.
Some place people wouldn't notice him taking up space.
The site he was attacking is registered to a company that starts with an S-T.
There's gotta be thousands.
Boston's his comfort zone.
He hacked the car in Melrose.
Grew up on Rockland.
- Rented in Dorchester.
- Okay.
Secure sites in the Boston area starting with S-T, we got State Bank, Saint Mary's Hospital, Staff Payroll Services Wait, wait, wait, wait.
The Saint Mary's Hospital? That's where his mother works.
I saw the logo on her scrubs.
That's it.
The firewall matches.
Robinson? I'm Agent LaCroix.
- We spoke on the phone.
- My tech people are here.
- What's going on? - We're not sure yet.
Could you give my agent access to your computer network? Do you recognize this? Those are for patient records.
But there shouldn't be an executable file there.
We think someone might've uploaded ransomware to your network.
What? Wait, these aren't patient records.
- What is this? - That's control software.
With COVID, we moved some of our equipment online so we could adjust it remotely.
Adjust what exactly? Heart monitors, MRIs, ventilators.
- Hana.
- I'm trying.
He's gonna try to shut them down.
You need to move everything offline.
What's happening? Oh, God.
Code blue, everybody.
Go! Go! - We have fatalities.
- How many? We lost two.
Everything happened at the same time and we couldn't save everyone.
We're shut down.
Surgeries are postponed and we can't do med distribution.
Is all your equipment offline? - Yes.
- I've isolated the malware.
I'm just trying to assess the damage.
100,000 in Bitcoin unlocks it all.
This firewall is top of the line.
If I could figure out how he breached it, I might be able to pull something useful.
You can't break their firewall? No, I meant I'm saying I can't figure out how Lucas broke through.
Maybe he used his mom's login.
I've tried that.
It hasn't been accessed.
And what if he couldn't break it? - He sent the virus in an email? - Not the way this is set up.
If he didn't breach the firewall, the way the program ran, he could've manually uploaded it.
Meaning what? Meaning he would've had to physically plug into the system.
Meaning he accessed it from inside the hospital? I want you to lock down the hospital.
Nobody leaves.
All right.
Let's work our way down from the top.
- Where's your server room? - He was definitely here.
He broke into the admin control and somehow hacked the system.
Can you tell when? An hour delay before the worm started.
That's a pretty decent head start, damn it.
Hey, Boss, employee tunnel leads to a parking garage and transit hub.
A little over an hour ago, 4U6GHT72 bought a ticket over Bluetooth at the north station.
Trying to throw us off? Maybe, but we have another problem.
From here, he can take the commuter rail or buy himself a Charlie Pass.
He could be anywhere now.
Kenny, you and Clinton hit the Metro Transit.
Check the cameras, see if there's any signs of Lucas.
Roger that.
He wanted a million bucks in Bitcoin from the car company and 100 grand from the hospital.
Maybe because Faybien didn't pay, he lowered his price.
It doesn't make sense.
Escalate to killing dozens of people, but lower the ransom? Oh, I don't think it's about money.
His parents never understood his talent as a hacker.
I think he wants to show them exactly what he does.
Well, shutting down his mom's work sends a pretty clear message.
- You think his dad's next? - Doubtful.
Joe said that his business is old school and everything's offline.
The only job he had was a house remodel in Brockton.
I can't see how you can hack that.
His parents insisted he wasn't a bad kid.
How's that fit with someone who goes after sick people he never even met? When your whole world is a computer screen right in front of you, everything turns into ones and zeroes.
People turn into data points.
I don't think he even looks at them as human.
I got something.
It's the same brand as the empty package I found at his Airbnb.
It's a rubber ducky.
Hackers use this to upload programs.
This is how he got into their system.
So why would he leave it here? He probably wiped it.
I'm gonna need my laptop to find out.
Excuse me.
Your macchiato.
Thank you.
Still no word on Lucas from Metro Transit.
And Faybien Motors says they still can't figure out how to patch the software hold he used either.
I'm not surprised.
He's really smart.
He wiped this entire rubber ducky, and I got nothing.
How can someone with that much talent go unnoticed? It seems like he should be building the next Tesla.
Lucas is brilliant, but his whole world was his childhood bedroom.
I know a lot of people like that.
My friend, Brett, can do your taxes in his head, but he has to order his groceries online because shopping's too overwhelming.
Well, I understand why Lucas is mad.
He knew he could do something great, but nobody believed him.
And the people who were supposed to understand and accept him were his family, and they didn't.
I worked overtime in college to afford a leather jacket.
I was so proud of that stupid thing.
Wore it out to dinner with my dad, and the first thing he said was, "Let me know when you wanna dress nice.
I'll help you.
" Even when parents have good intentions, disapproval slips in a thousand ways.
Yeah, the girl I dated in high school.
The girl I didn't date in high school.
Lucas feels invisible, misunderstood.
He never really fit in anywhere.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I just didn't like the way Lucas's parents talked about him.
It reminded me of the way my parents talked about me.
My sister was all sunshine and puppies, and I was Saint Augustine in coding.
Hey, I got something.
Maybe Lucas wasn't lying about having a job.
I checked tech companies along Route 128.
No one employed a Lucas Earley, but three years ago, Hillbilly Software hired a hacker to test their system.
That hacker's name 4U6GHT72.
Posted his software online for free, and then they fired him.
Three years? That's a long time to hold a grudge.
Not if you're Lucas.
Your whole world is 10 feet by 12 feet.
No friends, no job.
You live a life like that, small things cast big shadows.
Where's Hillbilly Software? 552 Boylston Street.
That's a half block from the Green Line C train.
That's where Lucas went after he left the hospital.
Don't you guys need a warrant? We're not searching your office.
Look, man, there was no system breach.
Lucas Whatever can't even get into the building.
You need a key card, and none have been stolen.
Are we done here? You have a nice setup here.
Can I ask why you named your company Hillbilly Software? My freshman roommate was this elitist jackass from New Hampshire.
I was from Kentucky, so that must mean I was a hillbilly.
I built Hillbilly Software around defying expectations.
Lucas was just a blip along the way.
A mistake.
Look, I haven't seen him, and this place is secure, so if you guys don't mind It might be secure inside, but if you're like them and you wear your ID badge outside, I mean, all Lucas would need is a radio frequency ID detector.
He could capture the signal and clone a key card.
That's our streaming division.
No way.
He passed it.
He plugged into our LAN.
I can see what time he was here based on what he accessed.
Our software's proprietary.
He downloaded Spider.
It's our foundational API software.
We tailor it to the clients, spinning it like a web.
- What could he use it for? - Tons of things.
It's used in smart refrigerators, home scales, the fuel readers at gas stations.
I I gotta run a diagnostic report, make sure he didn't do anything else.
If Lucas hacks into gas stations, he could have bombs on every corner.
And he wants his parents to see it, so whatever it is, it's big.
The car, his mom and the hospital, his dad, but not the construction company? The road map from his computer? They're not roads.
They're flight paths.
He's gonna bring down an airplane.
Hey, I got the target airlines.
Airlines, plural? Hillbilly Software runs on board entertainment systems for three regional carriers.
How many planes are we looking at? 35.
He's on with the FAA.
What are we supposed to do? Ground every flight? On 9/11, you did.
And it took us two and a half hours.
We've narrowed the threat to 35 planes on the east coast.
That doesn't help.
About half of all flights touch the Eastern Seaboard.
It'll affect 44,000 other flights.
Passengers on their way to medical treatment, funerals, weddings you want me to stop all of them? If you don't, you're putting people's lives at risk.
You give me the flight number, and I'll ground that plane.
Hillbilly's aviation expert doesn't think Lucas can hack the planes without a certain piece of software.
Which one? Part of the autopilot steering.
What if Lucas had another reason, for hacking the Faybien car? To get the steering software? It could work.
Spider gets him into the entertainment system.
From there, he can use the car steering software to take control of the plane.
Has there been a ransom or a demand? I don't think that's gonna happen.
It wasn't ever about the money, and now, he doesn't have to pretend like it was.
His dad dreamt of being a pilot.
It didn't work out, so he pushed his dream onto his kid, who felt like his own dreams were being ignored.
Lucas bringing down a plane is the ultimate "look at me.
" Yeah, and for someone who feels unseen, a plane crash is about as visible as it gets.
Can he hack the plane from his laptop? - No.
- Okay.
We found his Airbnb, so where is he gonna work from? Somewhere with a lot of computer power.
What are you doing here Don't do that.
Oh, my God.
If you help me, I promise your son won't get hurt.
Lucas, please.
This this isn't you.
I've killed five people in the last 48 hours.
If you call the cops, the guy I have watching your son will make him number six.
What do you want? - Where's your server setup? - What? At computer camp, you said you were gonna start a gambling site.
I didn't think you would because it's illegal and you seemed like such a rule follower, but I ran domain name registrations.
You have it classified as entertainment, which is technically true, but it's really for online betting, which means you have servers and a good computer.
Let me use it and I'll leave.
Are you gonna hurt more people? All you need to worry about is whether we hurt your son.
No, no.
These were all important enough to take when he left almost everything else behind.
Camp picture's the only one where he looks happy.
Babbage Computer Camp.
That camp was in Milton, Massachusetts.
It closed down a few years ago.
Probably the only time he felt like he fit in.
Instead of being surrounded by people who deal in the concrete, he's with people like him who live in the intangible.
City records say property's under construction, the power's shut off.
Well, if he need a computer, that's not where he'll be.
Maybe it's not the place.
It's a person.
A friend he met there? Family said he didn't have any friends.
What about a camp counselor? They'd be older.
The parent he wished he had? Someone who taught at a camp like that could have the hardware he needs.
Tax records say the camp employed seven counselors.
One still lives in Massachusetts: Virginia Barr.
She runs some kind of website out of Medford.
Her cell's going straight to voicemail.
Should we call Medford PD? No, that address is only 15 minutes away.
I don't wanna spook him.
You know, I asked my parents for this monitor, but they wouldn't buy it.
They think I'm an idiot, that I don't do anything, but you told me that my code was alternately lazy and brilliant.
Lazy, I don't agree.
I'd say efficient.
But you said that I had the most talent of any student you'd ever seen.
I'm sorry.
I don't remember.
We were in the cafeteria.
They were serving hamburgers You were very talented.
No, you said that I had the most talent of any student you'd ever seen! And now I'm gonna do something that no one's ever done! Okay.
Kevin's having an issue with the entertainment system.
- Did you change our heading? - No, why? We're five miles off course.
Better let Center know.
Washington Center, this is Optimum Flight 322.
We're a few miles off course, but we are correcting.
You're talented.
Is hurting people what you want to do with your ability? I thought you would understand.
If you did, you'd see that people have looked down on me my whole life.
So I don't owe anyone anything.
There's no movement on the first floor.
The lights are on in the basement.
There's casement windows.
I might have a line of sight.
What if we cut the power? Virginia's running an illegal gambling site.
There's no way she'd risk a power outage.
There's probably a generator, but this site deals with money.
There's firewalls and encryptions.
Hacking into it's gonna take more time than we have.
Is there another way to cut his connection? I could plug directly into the local network like Lucas did at Hillbilly.
It'd be a lot faster.
Clinton, cover that window.
Let's go.
Something's wrong.
It won't adjust.
Washington Center, this is Optimum Flight 322.
Do you read? Clear.
Autopilot won't disengage.
- Gotta be in the basement.
- We can work from up here.
Lucas, put your hands up.
Lucas, hands up! Put your hands up, Lucas.
Seat belts, everybody.
Fasten your seat belts, please.
If I take my finger off this key, 74 people fall out of the sky.
Keep your finger on that key, Lucas.
- Just talk to us.
- Stay back! Or I'll let go of this key! Washington Center, we have an emergency.
Uncontrolled descent.
Come on.
Come on! How many planes have 74 passengers? Two flights have 74 passengers.
One has 75, but that includes an employee flying deadhead back.
- Oh, my God.
- What? We just lost contact with Flight 322 out of Medford Regional.
- Hana - I heard him! I'm almost there.
Just give me some space.
Repeat! We can't control the aircraft.
We're in uncontrolled descent.
Lucas, why don't you just let the people in that plane land? Those people are who I am to my parents.
They don't matter.
I've met people who don't care about other people, and that's not you.
You're hurt and you want other people to hurt, but you're not a psychopath.
You made your point, Lucas.
You showed your parents how good you are with computers.
- No.
- They see you No, no, almost taking a plane down doesn't prove anything! Okay.
Don't let go.
Do you really wanna be responsible for the deaths of all those people? Did you ever meet Hudson? The kid you killed in the car? Hudson couldn't get my hack to work because he did it wrong.
He ripped on me for weeks! Made everyone hate me! Well, that sounds painful and I'm sorry that he did that.
When I first heard your handle, 4U6HT, I thought it was because you could do anything, but aught also means zero.
It means nothing, and that's the way that you look at yourself because that's the way your parents looked at you.
But they were wrong.
Why don't you do for the people in that plane what has never been done for you? See them.
- You cut the connection? - He's not in control anymore.
Autopilot's off.
I've got it.
We're back to manual.
Your connection's been cut.
- You're lying.
- It's not my style.
- It's over, Lucas.
- No, stay back! I swear I'll do it! Lucas, no! He's got a gun on the hostage.
You really don't wanna do that.
Just put the gun down.
Walk him towards the generator.
Lucas, you don't wanna hurt her.
She's your friend Shut up! You think you're all so smart Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
All clear.
Subject's down.
We didn't have a choice.
He forced our hand.
To Hana.
Without her, a lot of people wouldn't be going home to their families tonight.
- Cheers.
- To Hana.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Are you okay? All day, you've been kind of, I don't know, off.
I just keep thinking about Lucas.
Growing up, I lived on my computer.
My family didn't get me either.
A different role of the dice, and that could've been me in the basement living out my revenge fantasies.
Hana, Lucas crashes planes.
You save people's lives.
- There's no comparison.
- I feel like a platypus.
Put together from all different parts.
Yeah, your parents might not understand what you do, but I've met them.
They're proud of you.
The people you met aren't my biological parents.
I'm adopted.
30 years ago, they flew to Seattle.
They were in the delivery room, cut the cord, and everything.
They took me home to Texas, and a year later, it was official.
I mean, that's the story that they've told me over and over.
- So it wasn't a secret? - No.
And they left it up to me whether to get in contact with my biological family.
You ever think about finding them? My birth father is dead.
And I've had this sticky with my birth mother's email address on it for seven years.
I guess I just wonder if she'd understand me.
Or if I'd see some piece of me in her, that I'd finally fit in some place.
Maybe it's time to reach out.
What? When did you turn 30? Did you have a party? - Yes - No.
Oh it was a chick thing.
I mean, you wouldn't have liked it.
Chick thing? Were you guys invited? - No, sir.
- I had no idea.
Okay, here we go.
We've got the lobster fried rice, some kung pao chicken, a dozen spicy spring rolls on the house.
And who ordered the cheeseburger? - That'd be me.
- A wise guy.
I like you.
All right.
Enjoy, everybody.
Thank you.
Hey, Zadie.
Yeah, you just gotta jiggle the arm on the ice maker.
Yeah, yeah, and don't get too loud.
I don't want another note from Mrs.
A goodbye party for my roommate.
- Hmm.
- You need to head home? No.
They're just roommates.
This is family.
Should we dig in? - Yes, let's eat.
- Let's go.
- Mmm.
- All right.
- Get one.
- Mmm, they look good.
These are very good spring rolls.
- Mm-hmm, mmm! - Yeah.
You want a spring roll to go with that burger?
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