FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s02e11 Episode Script


1 Thanks for squeezing me in.
Always happy to have a new client.
Whatever you're doing today, your hair will look perfect.
Not just today.
As long as it takes to make things right.
Sorry, just big changes in my life right now, um - a new beginning.
- Hmm.
You running from someone, sweetie? Don't you worry.
You're safe here.
That's just my boyfriend, Danny.
He's here to pick me up.
He's got resting redneck face.
Hey, babe.
This is my new client, Claudia.
It's nice to meet you.
Feels like I know you already.
Mm, I don't think so.
I'll just pay and get out of your hair.
I haven't even mixed your color.
Don't worry about him.
He can wait.
Whoa, what the hell? There there's cash in the desk drawer.
I don't want your money.
The spirits brought me here for a reason.
You tie him to the chair.
Down there.
What for? 'Cause I said so.
Your turn.
Come here.
Turn around.
Where I was sitting.
What do you want from us? The truth.
'Cause when you tell a lie, it eats you from the inside.
I don't understand.
Sure, you do, sweetie.
No, no, no, no! Stop! Stop! Stop it! [GROWLS.]
Jane! Stop! Help! Jane! Stop it! [WHIMPERING.]
On your knees.
I'll do anything.
I'll do whatever you want.
Just please don't hurt me.
I'm not here to hurt you, Danny.
Turn around.
See? It was too quick to hurt.
- Jess.
- Mm-hmm? It doesn't have to be perfect.
Yeah, it does, otherwise it will drive you crazy.
Come on.
Can I make you some breakfast? Sure.
Feeding you is really the least I can do.
Omelet okay? Sounds good.
Proposed settlement agreement.
My divorce lawyer sent it to me yesterday.
I wasn't snooping.
It's okay.
Hey, I can save a bunch of money in legal fees if I can get Hugh to agree to everything.
How's that going? He's being a jerk.
Keeps calling and asking why I'm doing this to him.
I told him he did it to himself when he What was it my lawyer called it Laid hands on me, put me in the hospital.
He hit you? Yeah.
I mean, he was drunk.
We got in an argument.
He lost his temper.
I moved out as soon as I could.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
It's okay.
I'm fine.
I just want it to be over with so I can move on.
- Work? - Yeah.
I have to go.
Can I take a rain check on the omelet? Yeah.
Maybe we could have dinner this week, or Yeah, that sounds good.
- You sure you're okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Go to work.
I'll see you soon.
Hey, thank you for the help with the TV.
10:00 last night in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania.
Security guard doing his rounds finds our victims dead on the floor of a beauty salon.
The female is Jane Armstrong, a stylist at the salon.
And the male is Danny Rhodes, her boyfriend of two years.
Mm, cause of death? Manual strangulation for Jane.
Danny was shot in the back of the head execution-style.
They were both found zip-tied to salon chairs, but there was no money missing from the salon's register.
This took planning.
They were obviously targeted.
We know who we're chasing? Our fugitive is Claudia D'Ambrose.
Married for 15 years.
No kids.
She's a music teacher at the high school in Shrewsbury.
Damn, I had a piano teacher in third grade who was mean, but this is next-level.
She have a criminal record? No, she made the hair appointment under her real name, and security cams across the street caught her plates as she was leaving.
She was driving her own car.
She signaled right out of the lot.
2018 Volvo.
We got her on toll cams crossing into Maryland around midnight.
BOLO's been out since then.
Shrewsbury PD found spent casings from a 9-millimeter at the scene.
Matches a handgun Claudia bought from a Pennsylvania retailer two weeks ago.
Hmm, Claudia either wants us to know who she is, or she doesn't care if we do.
She did have the forethought to turn off her cell phone and buy three burner phones at a gas station near the border in Maryland.
Her methods are personal.
She probably knew the victims.
Classic Hallmark card of a love triangle gone wrong? All right.
Let's get over to Shrewsbury.
Hana and I will go cover the husband.
Rest of you, cover the high school.
Make sure you see the principal.
I haven't seen them.
I don't know how Claudia would know them either.
I'm sorry.
This is all so surreal.
The woman I married is not a murderer.
Does she have any friends or relatives in Maryland? No, I don't know why she would have gone there.
Were you and Claudia having any problems in your marriage? You mean like infidelity? No.
That wasn't the issue.
What was? We've been trying to get pregnant for a long time.
Last year, it worked.
Then she had a miscarriage.
I'm sorry for your loss.
How did that affect Claudia? She was depressed.
We both were.
And on top of that, one of her favorite students died six months ago, Anissa Gomez.
She was a first chair violinist in the school orchestra.
Two traumas in a short span of time.
That can That can change a person.
Does Claudia have any history of mental illness in her family? Her grandmother suffered from bipolar disorder.
Was she on any medications? Not prescription.
What do you mean? Sometimes at night, I'd smell pot coming from the garage.
When I asked her about it, she said she was writing music and that, uh, it helped her focus.
But then three days ago, um What happened three days ago? I came home at lunch to get some files I'd forgotten.
I smelled the pot again.
And I found her in the garage with her hands around her neck, trying to squeeze the life out of herself.
She said that the principal had given her the day off and that she was trying to commune with a higher power.
I begged her to see a doctor or therapist, get help.
And she agreed.
I thought that's where she went until this.
Uh, did your wife use this computer? Yes.
We both did.
Claudia didn't get the day off three days ago.
She was fired.
So we talked to the principal, and he said he caught Claudia smoking pot in the orchestra pit, and that was the last straw.
She's been having trouble ever since.
One of her star students died six months ago.
Anissa Gomez.
Murder really got to her.
She was murdered? Along with her boyfriend, Derek Krohl.
They'd gone hiking at Rock State Park across state lines in Sunnyvale, Maryland.
Bodies were found in the woods the next day.
The case is still unsolved.
Also, the principal said all Claudia talked about was justice for Anissa.
- Apparently, she blamed herself.
- Why? Well, the day of the murders, Claudia canceled orchestra practice to go see her fertility specialist, so Anissa left school early to go meet Derek.
She was murdered when she should've been playing first chair.
Look at this.
Claudia wasn't just smoking pot.
She was ingesting it.
I pulled her purchase history from the family computer.
She started ordering THC pills six weeks ago, eight an order, 25 milligrams a pop.
That's a lot, especially for someone her size.
This isn't good.
A history of bipolar disorder coupled with high doses of THC, that can cause a psychotic break.
Delusions, paranoia, fixed false beliefs.
She's not living in reality.
Not ours, at least.
People with mental illnesses are rarely violent, but at this dosage and with all of this trauma, Claudia might be the exception.
So she's operating on a separate plane? One where she doesn't know the difference between right or wrong.
Where did she have the pills shipped? Her home address in Shrewsbury until last month.
The recent ones all went to an address in Sunnyvale, Maryland.
That's where Anissa was murdered.
Claudia had a secret life.
Not much fun to be had in this bachelorette pad.
Doomsday poetry.
Is this a vacation rental or a survivalist bunker? Cotton and cable knit.
Looks like a Chico's and a Target exploded in here.
Fridge is empty.
Looks like our music teacher likes to hike.
Guys? The headline's in here.
Looks like we found the special project Claudia's been so focused on.
I'd say somebody's obsessed.
Anissa was the star student that was killed.
That must be her boyfriend.
We got more stuff on the case.
Bed doesn't look slept in either.
Symptoms of mania with psychotic features.
You see this? Official police sketch of the murder suspect.
Danny Rhodes.
Shot dead in the salon.
Looks just like him.
Half the men I know look like that.
People see what they want to see.
Or they ignore what's right in front of them.
Claudia isn't just suffering a psychotic break.
She thinks she's serving a higher power.
Targeting suspects in Anissa's case? We need to talk to Sunnyvale sheriffs.
I've been here from the beginning, baby girl.
But we all have an end.
I found the man who was yours.
I made him pay.
I've done what you needed, Anissa, my spirit guide.
Send me a sign.
Ma'am? Not allowed to have open flame out here.
Hey, did you hear me? It's a park rule.
Ma'am? Ma'am.
Please, no! No! Please! Hey.
I won't let you put out her light.
- Please don't! - [GUNSHOT.]
We think our fugitive is right here in Sunnyvale acting as a vigilante, hunting down whoever killed Derek and Anissa.
If you're looking to locate someone in Sunnyvale proper, don't worry.
We're small.
Population around 4,000.
Yeah, state park's a different story, though.
Thousands of acres, uninhabited.
Millions of places to hide.
That's where we found the bodies.
How did Derek and Anissa die? Killer tied them up.
Raped Anissa.
Forced Derek to watch.
Then he strangled her with his bare hands and shot Derek in the back of the head.
That's the same way Danny and Jane were killed.
Maybe Claudia wants them to suffer like Derek and Anissa? I don't think so.
Causes of death have never been released to the public.
Neither has the video.
There's a video? Anissa's cell phone.
She caught the killer's voice but not his face.
Male, medium build.
Bulky sweatshirt.
Could it have been Danny Rhodes? No, Danny was innocent.
How do you know? 'Cause we have the killer's DNA.
I've already run it through CODIS, compared it to any man who's ever so much as taken a leak in public.
DNA's no use unless you have a suspect to compare it to.
So you're saying that Claudia killed two innocent people and she doesn't even know? Look, I've been mayor here for 20 years.
We've never had a double murder.
Everyone pressured us and we finally decided to release the sketch.
Within 20 minutes of it going out, people went nuts, pointing fingers, speculating, accusing their neighbors.
They think we have a killer in our midst.
People see who they want to see.
It could be a local that knows the park.
It could also be an outsider.
Either way, I already have two false confessions from guys in jail, and I don't want any more.
I also need to hold back any details that only the killer would know.
We'll need a complete copy of the case file, including the DNA profile of your offender.
No problem.
I'm happy to have the FBI's help.
We're not here to solve your case, Sheriff.
We're here to find our fugitive.
I've never seen her.
Is she the one who executed my brother? Yes.
We think she might be having a psychotic break.
Am I supposed to feel sorry for her? This whole town is full of psychos.
I told Danny, it's terrible what happened to those kids, but he was a victim too.
How so? As soon as the police sketch came out, his home address was published on the Internet.
Not long after that, the death threats started and calls to his boss to have him fired.
And then they started harassing me too.
You know what they call me now? The kiddie killer's sister.
Did your brother report the threats to the police? [GLASS SHATTERS.]
Hey, get back here! FBI! Hey! Hey! FBI! FBI! Stop right there! IDs, both of you.
Hurry up.
Hurry up.
Come on.
Eli Jacobs? Bryan Castro? You guys go to Sunnyvale High School? Yeah, we were friends with Anissa and Derek.
We just wanted to send that pedophile's sister a message.
Yeah, well, I'd never do something like that to honor a fallen friend.
And I have a lot of fallen friends.
Bryan? What the hell's going on? Why aren't you in school? I was I don't Why don't you rip the Band-Aid off, kid? Eli and I skipped.
To throw a brick through a window.
I'll handle this.
You're gonna go back there, apologize to Cheryl, and clean up the mess.
Then this weekend, both of your asses are mine.
You're gonna work Saturday and Sunday to pay for the damages, understood? I'm supposed to see Tessa this weekend.
Not anymore.
Let's go.
You guys with Agent LaCroix and Agent Barnes? - Yeah.
- They just left my office.
That's the mayor's kid.
He's usually a good egg.
This town is falling apart.
We believe Danny Rhodes to be the victim of vigilante justice.
That vigilante got the wrong man.
Danny Rhodes did not kill Anissa Gomez or Derek Krohl.
I'll say again: Danny Rhodes did not kill Anissa Gomez and Derek Krohl.
Anissa, my spirit girl, I failed you.
Please forgive me.
Please send me a sign.
A sign, anything.
Thank you, baby girl.
- Got the crime scene photos.
- Autopsy report.
Witness statements from anyone who saw Derek and Anissa on their last day alive.
Here we go.
The flash drive's working.
What are we looking at? Video taken from Anissa's cell right before the murders.
Local law enforcement pulled it from the cloud.
Say cheese! For you, I'd say anything cheesy.
Get out of here! Shut up! I remember talking like that.
Yeah, thinking young love would last.
I wish someone had talked to me like that.
Poor kids, they didn't even know they were in danger.
Derek, who's that? - [STATIC CRACKLES.]
- You two.
Take the steps to the right.
Play it again.
Derek, who's that? - [STATIC CRACKLES.]
- You two.
Take the steps to the right.
Anissa knew she was in danger, yet she had the presence of mind to record the voice of her killer.
Did anyone else hear the hiccup right before the killer's voice? - Mm-mm.
- No.
Ugh, I've been on this Subreddit message board for Anissa and Derek's murders too long.
These people are obsessed.
Conspiracy theories everywhere.
The forums blew up as soon as Claudia murdered Danny and Jane.
How does the online community view Claudia? She's a hero.
A person seeking justice when the sheriff's office can't.
She killed two innocent people.
Not according to Gauntlet29.
He's the ringleader but also controversial.
He's been posting a lot lately, and every time he does, they're tagged and removed.
But they're sometimes up long enough for people to see them.
Did Gauntlet post anything in the hours before Danny and Jane's murder? Yeah, Reddit took it down, but I was able to figure out what it was.
"His girlfriend's covering for him.
" This must be why she killed them.
They're clamoring for a new suspect.
See if you can reconstitute Gauntlet29's most recent posts.
They might lead us to Claudia's next target.
Sheriff says Anissa's parents and Derek's dad want to meet with us at their memorial park.
We haven't seen Claudia, but she's been sending those letters for the past few weeks.
Addressed to my dead daughter.
"To my dearest Anissa, I won't forget you.
"I'll never stop.
I will avenge you, my baby girl.
" I can't believe I ever trusted that woman.
Even in death, she's trying to take my baby away from me like like she's the one who lost a child, not me.
We think Claudia's suffering a psychotic break, experiencing fixed false beliefs, one being she thinks that Anissa is her own daughter.
Did you show those letters to the sheriff? He has copies.
Not that it'll matter.
He's botched this whole thing from the start.
Two days after the murders, he brought me and Phil in.
My son and his daughter weren't even buried yet, and they basically accused us of killing them.
I understand your frustration.
I'm sorry.
If you hear from Claudia, please let us know.
- Hello! - Anyone here? [FOOTSTEPS TAPPING.]
Welcome to your forever home.
Original hardwood in all the living areas.
Hmm isn't this kitchen amazing? Deluxe range, granite countertops.
I scrubbed the tiles myself.
Oh, and there's a storage closet for all your camping equipment.
You two like to camp.
Don't you? Oh, my God.
What the hell is going on? - Jerome, let's go.
- Stop.
You're not going anywhere.
The fingerprints on the counter match your suspect.
That's Jerome Powell.
Shot in the back of the head.
That's his girlfriend, Sydney.
Strangled like Jane.
Single shot to the back of the head.
Could be a carbon copy of the first murders.
The house is for sale.
How did Claudia get access? She bound and gagged the real estate agent.
We think she took her clothes and gave the couple a tour.
Where's the agent now? Alive and in the hospital.
She has no idea where Claudia went.
Why would Claudia leave Sunnyvale and drive 40 minutes to Ellicott City just to target these two? I'm willing to bet Gauntlet29 had something to do with Claudia being here.
You're right.
A few hours ago, a camping log from Jerome and Sydney's overnight trip to Rock State Park was posted by Gauntlet29.
They were in the woods on the day of the murders.
He also posted their social media page.
If he keeps posting, people will keep dying.
Let's find him.
We traced an IP address to a user named Gauntlet29.
Is that you? I-I, uh Hey! Stop right there! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Hey! [GROWLS.]
Get back here! Freeze! FBI! [PANTING.]
Greg Krohl? Or do you prefer Gauntlet29? Doxing suspects on Reddit is a strange way to grieve your son's murder.
I lost my son.
It's been six months of agony.
I haven't slept.
I can't eat.
I failed Derek.
How have you failed him, Greg? The monster who murdered him is running around free, and I have to wait for someone else to catch him.
But you didn't wait.
When I saw that police sketch three days ago, it looked just like Danny Rhodes.
And you could drive a truck through his girlfriend's alibi.
Why not share your concerns with the sheriff? I did.
He told me he'd take it into consideration.
Then nothing.
What made you point the finger at Jerome and his girlfriend, Sydney? They were camping in the woods near the crime scene on the day of the murder.
Never had a good reason why they couldn't have done it.
Yeah, well, your posts have given Claudia her targets.
I put the information out there.
If she decides to act on it, that's on her.
Yeah, but you knew you were putting these people in danger.
Law enforcement's done nothing, so if there's an avenging angel out there fighting for justice on Derek's behalf, I'm all for it.
An avenging angel murdering innocent people can't get justice for your son, but we can.
If you tell us where you sent Claudia, I promise we will do everything in our power to find your son's killer.
I didn't send her anywhere.
I was posting the killer's voice.
Anissa recorded it on her phone.
The sheriff never released that recording to the public.
How'd you get it? The sheriff gave me a copy when he brought me in right after the murders to see if I recognized the voice.
So you released it anonymously.
You wanted everyone to hear the voice of the man that killed your son.
I listen to it every morning.
Every morning, I tell that man he will pay.
Jess, what's up? We'll be right there.
We have to get to the state park.
The ranger working the shift after him arrived at the station.
Couldn't find his colleague, so he went looking.
He was dead when you found him? Yeah.
He's got a wife.
New baby.
His personal car is also missing.
Silver Tundra.
I can get you the plates.
We'll put a BOLO out.
Different cause of death from Derek and Anissa.
Yeah, maybe he surprised her.
Anissa Gomez and Derek Krohl? The kids who were murdered here last year? Hey, boss.
The voice on the tape said, "Take those steps to the right.
" This is the exact spot Derek and Anissa were murdered? That explains the shrine.
Tracks with the profile that Claudia's been communing with a higher power.
How would Claudia know where to find the original scene? That's another detail the sheriff didn't release.
You have the original crime scene photos? [CLEARS THROAT.]
You recognize those? Crime report said the whole town showed up to search for the kids.
There were civilian shoes in the earliest crime scene photos.
Those are Claudia's hiking boots.
That's how Claudia knew Derek and Anissa's cause of death.
And where to build the shrine.
Claudia must have driven in from Shrewsbury.
So she was part of the group that found the bodies? Hana, what do you got on Gauntlet29's post of the killer's voice recording? It was only up for three minutes before Reddit pulled it, but Claudia definitely saw it.
And heard it too.
Was there any speculation in the comments as to who it might be? 37 in the first three minutes.
All different suspects from all over the state.
So we have no idea where Claudia might be heading next.
Sorry, hon, can you tell me how to get to Escanso Drive? Sure.
That's where I live.
Oh, I know, Tessa.
In the car.
Tessa! Finish your homework? I'd like to report an abduction.
Don't don't hurt my daughter.
That's up to you.
You two.
Take the steps to the right.
I record my students' music auditions and then check them to make sure there's no editing because that would be cheating.
And you know what? This audio's been edited.
I don't know what that means.
It means that's not the voice of Anissa and Derek's killer.
But you already knew that, didn't you? Tell me the truth, and I'll let Tessa go.
Dad, please.
Just give her what she wants.
The killer's voice was edited.
So passive, he's not taking any responsibility.
No, no, but I didn't do it! The mayor did! And he made me cover it up.
You know his name, don't you? The real killer? Promise me you won't hurt Tessa.
Tell me his name now.
You two.
Take the steps to the right.
You two.
Take the steps to the right.
The waveforms aren't matching.
You two.
Take the steps to the right.
It's been edited.
Someone must have pitch-shifted and changed the EQ of the audio to alter the killer's voice.
Can you restore it? [PITCH FLUCTUATING.]
You two.
Take the steps to the right.
You two.
Take the steps to the Take the steps to the right.
You two.
Take the You two.
Take the steps to the right.
You two.
Take the steps to the right.
It's him.
That's the real killer.
Sounds like it could be a teenager.
If this is a cover-up, the sheriff could be involved.
Call Kenny and Ortiz.
Tell them what's going on.
Get them over to the sheriff's house.
We'll head over to his office.
Let's go.
In here! - Help! - Anyone else here? No.
No! No no.
- Where's Claudia? - She was here.
She took my daughter.
- Where'd she take her? - I don't know.
She told me she wouldn't hurt her if I promised to tell the truth.
Truth about what? The cover-up? We know the audio was doctored, Sheriff.
- Did you do that? - No! No.
It was all the mayor.
But you do know whose voice it is, don't you? Did you tell Claudia his name? - [SIGHS.]
- Listen to me.
You want to get your daughter back, you need to tell us whose voice that is.
Bryan Castro.
The mayor's son.
Does your daughter know Bryan? She goes to school with him.
She has nothing to do with this, I swear.
- Is this your phone? - Uh-huh.
You and your daughter share the same plan? Uh-huh.
I'm in.
There she is.
I got her.
That woman's crazy.
Please, just get my daughter back.
I got here as fast as I could.
What's going on? Did you kill Anissa and Derek? What? I would never do that.
Give it up, Bryan.
Tessa knows it was you.
Her daddy told her so.
Wait, Tessa, I swear it wasn't me! No more lying! Time to pay up for what you did.
This way.
Come on.
Come on.
Ranger's truck is here.
And the Camaro is registered to Bryan Castro.
With the windows covered like that, we can't get a clear sight.
A reminder: Claudia's inside with them.
She's armed, and she's not thinking straight.
Jess! She's broadcasting live.
Should we cut the feed? Not when it's our only view inside.
You were Derek's friend.
Weren't you, Bryan? But you liked Anissa first.
When you saw her there at that very table, she was with friends that day, just getting some ice cream.
She told me about meeting you.
She always used to tell me things like that.
We were very close.
She said you seemed nice.
But then she saw Derek.
She wanted him, not you.
That day in the woods, Derek had plans with you.
Derek canceled plans with you to be with her, and I'm just spinning the most likely story here You couldn't take it.
It's true, isn't it? You couldn't take it.
Maybe you thought you could scare my sweet Anissa into loving you, but that never works.
So you killed them both in a jealous rage.
Such a familiar story.
Do you know what that makes you, Bryan? The most typical monster.
Say it! Say what you did.
I didn't do it! Bryan, please.
You want to know what else Anissa said about you, Bryan? She said you were a friend and you'd never be anything else.
Hana, next time Claudia puts down that gun, - you let me know.
- Copy.
Did you feel strong when you were strangling Anissa? Because you're just a little boy, and I'm not afraid of you.
Her spirit is protecting me now.
The one part of her you couldn't destroy.
Say it, Bryan.
Tell everybody what you did.
- I didn't do it! - God! Did you hear me? Tell me now.
Tell everyone now.
Tell the truth! [FIRMLY.]
Tell the truth! I did it.
I killed Anissa and Derek.
Go! FBI! Freeze! - Stop.
- No! I won't let you take me! [GROANING.]
Claudia D'Ambrose, you're under arrest.
That tiramisu was Was to die for? "Was to die for?" - Yes.
- Yes.
I'm glad you liked it.
I loved it.
Where's Tali? She's with her grandparents.
They're not expecting me home till later, so What the hell? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
You the homeowner? - Yeah.
- She is.
I'm Agent LaCroix.
What happened? The neighbors heard suspicious noises.
Called in a burglary in progress.
Oh, my God.
Any witnesses? Description of who did this? No.
We got a crime unit on the way.
Jess, I have Ring on my back door.
Is that who I think it might be? Yeah.
Send me his number.
Jess, I don't need you to fight my battles for me.
Just text me his cell phone number.
His name is Hugh Holt.
I'd like your partner to stay with her.
You're coming with me.
You know where this guy is? We're about to find out.
Hey, Jackie.
It's Jess LaCroix.
I have a situation; I need you to track a cell phone number for me.
Make you feel like a man? Hmm? Beating your wife? Breaking into her house? Well, look at you.
What are you gonna do, big man? Gonna shoot me? Right here in the bar? You're dating her, aren't you? Trying to steal my wife.
Go ahead.
Shoot me.
I know you want to.
I didn't think so.
That's him.
Put your hands behind your back.
You're under arrest for breaking and entering.

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