FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s02e12 Episode Script

Criminal Justice

What's going on? I heard something outside.
Stay here.
Hey! Get away from my car! Brian, are you okay? Oh, my God! No, no! I thought he was gonna kill me.
No, baby, no.
No, no, no.
No, no.
No Negative? Four months in a row.
We knew this could take some time.
I didn't have this problem with Anais.
Maybe I'm just too old for this now.
You know that's not true.
I think it's time to move on from this sperm donor.
We still got the book? It's in the living room.
Let's go break it out.
Come on, it's gonna be fun.
Maybe later.
Oh, God.
I'll be fine.
I'm sorry.
Sector Two Nine, traffic stop at Diamond and Mavis.
New York Tags.
Delta Romeo Alpha Three Nine Nine Zero.
- Why are you pulling me over? - Get back in your car, sir.
I stopped at that stop sign.
Get back in your car now! Daddy, please.
And why do you have your gun out, man? - I didn't do anything! - Just chill out, bro! I'm not your bro.
Call Mommy and just tell her No, no! Dad! That was six weeks ago in Buffalo.
The deceased's name was Nasir Mills.
The girl in the car was his daughter.
Yeah, I remember seeing that on the news.
Maybe the cop thought he was reaching for a weapon.
I don't know.
Not a lot of de-escalation going on before that.
Yesterday, the Special Prosecutor they brought in from another county announced he's not bringing charges against that officer.
His name is Brian Granger.
He's the reason we're here.
Last night, Granger was killed outside his house by James Johnson.
Age 39, single, no record, and no family in the area.
His fingerprints were found on a can of spray paint he used to tag Granger's car.
Now, Granger's wife said they'd been getting death threats.
They heard a noise in the driveway and her husband grabbed a gun, went out to investigate.
She heard two shots, and by the time she got outside, Granger was dying.
Wait, the cop was killed with his own gun? Yes.
Both shell casings at the scene are from his personal weapon.
One in the driveway, one by the front door.
Granger fired first.
Maybe trying to scare Johnson away.
Check this out.
It's already blowing up.
I am sure that James Johnson will prevail at trial.
Mark Duval, he's a big-time criminal lawyer.
He'll be all over a case like this.
How are they calling him a vigilante? They don't even know what happened yet.
Well, a dead cop.
That's how.
Killed in his own driveway.
But Johnson doesn't seem like the aggressor here.
Well, he was on Granger's property.
Vandalized his car in the middle of the night.
So he deserves to get shot over a can of spray paint? Well, he didn't get shot.
He's not the one lying in the grass dead.
Yeah, but it could've been self-defense.
Then why'd he take the gun and run? As opposed to what? Him waiting around for Buffalo PD to show up and try to explain himself? - You don't get it, man.
- No, man, you don't get it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Let's dial it down.
We don't know what happened.
What we do know, we have a man with a grudge who's armed and on the run.
They brought us in to find him, so let's focus on our job.
- All right? - Yes, sir.
Okay, Barnes and Ortiz, see what intel you can get from the Special Prosecutor.
The rest of us will go check out Johnson's residence.
Look, man, I know what you're thinking.
But you're wrong.
No, you don't know what I'm thinking.
Super said Johnson rented here for seven years.
He was quiet, a nice guy.
Would even help him shovel out his car any time there was a big snowstorm.
Utility bill payment ready to be mailed.
Paycheck from Buffalo Beverage Barn.
Johnson was planning on coming home last night.
Looks like he was an amateur photographer.
Tons of landscapes, except for this one.
His glory days in junior college.
Could be.
His laptop's still here.
Anything in the emails? He didn't tell anyone what he planned to do, but his browsing history tells another story.
We got a half a dozen views of the Nasir Mills body cam footage.
We have YouTube hits on Eric Garner, George Floyd, Michael Brown.
And plenty of it.
Hey, look at this.
Yesterday, Johnson visited an activist message board.
Somebody doxxed Officer Granger, put out his home address.
So Johnson knew exactly where to find him.
Why don't you run that down? That doxxer might be mixed up in all of this.
Nasir Mills sealed his fate when he jumped out of his car and wouldn't obey commands.
Hardly a reason for Officer Granger to shoot him four times.
I interviewed Brian personally.
He said he saw Mills reach for something metallic in his pocket.
His body cam backs him up.
Pretty clear he was handing his cell phone to his daughter.
He had every reason to believe it was a gun and his life was in danger.
You're federal agents, you know that.
Yeah, but they brought you in as Special Prosecutor 'cause it was a sensitive case.
You don't wanna at least present to the grand jury and let them decide? Present what? In my judgement, no jury would convict based on the evidence we had.
Are you aware of any relationship between Officer Granger and our fugitive? No.
From what I heard, it was just some random attack.
Brian had every right to protect his family and his property.
We also have a duty to retreat I'm not gonna litigate this case with you.
And we're not asking you to.
We just need any leads you get on Johnson's whereabouts.
That's up to Buffalo PD.
Can you ask them to cooperate? Don't worry.
They're highly invested in bringing that man to justice.
That's what I'm afraid of.
I paid 10 bucks and found Granger's address online.
Is that illegal? No, but given the circumstances, you put an officer's life in jeopardy.
How about these circumstances? The last time I went downtown, the cops pulled me over.
By myself, 2:30 in the morning.
Good thing my father gave me and my sisters "the talk" about driving while Black.
Did you ever get "the talk"? When you were 13 years old, Mr.
White Policeman? There was this overzealous cop in the neighborhood where I grew up.
We learned to keep our distance too.
Were you afraid he was gonna kill you? I'm not gonna lose sleep because I doxxed Granger.
I feel sorry for his wife, but he was the one who shot Nasir Mills four times in front of his daughter.
So all cops are bad.
Until you need one, right? That's not what I said.
It's the system that's racist.
All over this country, cops have one job: To keep people like me away from people like you.
Then they use our Black neighborhoods as profit centers.
Write up a bunch of lame-ass citations, jack up fines with interest and penalties.
When you don't show up for a court date you don't even know about, there's an arrest warrant out.
That harmless little traffic ticket turns into you losing your job.
And don't even get me started on mortgage redlining.
So better we find James Johnson than the Buffalo PD.
I don't know where he is, and I wouldn't tell you even if I did.
I think that guy did something righteous.
By the way, the reason why I got pulled over in the middle of the night? My license plate was too dirty.
I have to go.
I have class.
Hey, boss.
What's up? We've got a hit on Johnson's BOLO.
His blue Camry is in a shopping mall parking lot in Batavia.
42 miles east of Buffalo.
All right.
We're on it.
Guys, that's him.
Hey! James Johnson? FBI! Damn it.
Oh! Hey.
Need a ride somewhere? Uh, yeah.
You you sure it's no trouble? No problem.
Get in.
Don't worry.
We know who you are.
There's a half dozen exits here.
He could've gone any direction.
And PD's still canvassing for witnesses.
Hey, boss.
Found this in the stairwell.
Johnson must've ditched it.
Standard issue for a disguise.
Probably the best he could do.
We have him on video.
Underground car park, southwest corner.
He highjacked a car from a couple of kids in a Mazda.
- Yeah, that's him.
- I don't see a gun.
The car is registered to a Gillian Barwell, aged 18.
She lives here in Batavia.
I'll get a BOLO out.
Johnson wasn't expecting to be on the run, which means he has no plan and no resources.
That makes him desperate.
Well, the public's not much help either.
The tip lines are dead silent.
Well, add this to the mix.
The Networks have a Johnson count-up clock now.
Their legal eagles have already found him not guilty of murder.
Well, what about carjacking, gun possession and kidnapping? Okay.
Crosby and Ortiz, you guys stay mobile in case we get a hit on that BOLO.
The rest of us will go see Gillian's parents.
She's not picking up.
It's going right to voicemail.
Gillian went to the mall with her boyfriend, Zack.
I should really call his mom and dad.
Is this guy asking for ransom? We're not expecting that, but we'll post someone here just in case.
Oh, God.
We know this is upsetting for you both.
We'll do everything in our power to get them back safely.
And the good news is Johnson hasn't purposely harmed anyone.
I just remembered the tracker.
We hid a GPS in the tissue box in her car, just to keep tabs on her.
She has a hard time with the word "curfew.
" Can you show us how to log in? Yeah, yeah.
It's over here.
Kenny, you and Ortiz stand by.
We're about to get a 20 on Gillian's car.
- You guys sure about this? - Totally.
Our friends aren't gonna believe this.
Twitter is like "That cop got what he deserved.
" - I'm on Twitter? - Trending, dude.
Number one.
They're calling you a hero.
They're headed east on Route 20.
About 9 miles west of Seneca Falls.
We have to swing south.
They're doing 55, give or take.
Our ETA to intercept is nine minutes.
I saw the Nasir Mills video online.
- Mm.
- That was cold.
With his daughter right there in the car! I think what happened to that cop was karma.
Yeah, well, not everybody looks at it that way.
Yeah, my dad says you're a cop killer.
- Sorry.
- Oh, my God.
My dad has one of those GPS tracker things in here.
He thinks I don't know.
It's in the tissue thing.
Hold on.
They stopped.
They pulled over on Route 20.
I'm sending you coordinates now.
Hey, boss.
They ditched the tracker.
Yeah, we lost 'em.
All right.
There's no way Johnson found that tracker on his own.
Well, Gillian must've known her father was spying on her and told Johnson about it.
She and her boyfriend just went from hostages to aiders and abettors.
It looks like they're financing him now, too.
The boyfriend used his ATM card an hour ago at a gas station on State Road 13.
A $200 withdrawal.
There's nobody else in sight.
Definitely doesn't look like he's under duress.
Those structures across the road.
- What is that? - Looks like a motel.
It is.
Berkshire Motor Lodge.
Maybe that's why they needed the extra cash.
They hunkered down there for the night.
Nobody was in the room the kids checked into.
No sign of their Mazda anywhere.
- FBI, freeze! - Oh, God! - Zack and Gillian? - Yes.
- Yeah.
- Where's Johnson? He's not here.
We hung out in the hotel room for a while.
He was watching the news on TV.
- Where'd he go? - He didn't say.
He just took my car and left.
Took, or you gave it to him? It's not JJ's fault the system's screwed up.
He's a nice guy, so, yeah, we helped him a little.
Put your hands behind your back.
- Oh, you're arresting us? - You helped a fugitive escape.
You two are in serious trouble.
Everyone's saying he didn't do anything wrong! That's not for you to decide! Get 'em out of here.
You can call your parents in the car.
Things just got a lot harder.
He's gonna get help along the way.
That's the Special Prosecutor's car.
Yep, torched in his driveway at 3:00 a.
last night.
So we got copycats now? Thinking Johnson's a hero? This reminds me of O.
My pops took me to a bridge over the 405 to watch the chase.
Hundreds of people out there.
When that white Bronco showed up, people started cheering like he was breaking tackles at USC.
Well, Johnson may be a hero in some quarters, but he's still a fugitive.
Our job is to bring him in and let the system do its work.
The same system that exonerated Granger? If Johnson turns himself in, he might have a shot - at minimal jail time.
- I'm with Sheryll.
Why should he think he can get a fair shake in Buffalo? All right, let's stay on point.
There's no doubt that Johnson is feeling his power.
He set out to make a statement the night that he killed Granger.
Now he has an audience and he has a spotlight.
Which makes him more likely to up the ante.
Eh not necessarily.
If I'm Johnson, I'm thinking this whole thing's getting worse.
I'm tired of running.
Maybe we should throw him a lifeline.
We're doing everything in our power to bring this to a peaceful resolution, and we're asking for the public's assistance in doing that.
How do you expect that to happen when Johnson's become a folk hero? I don't agree with that characterization.
But isn't it true that you have suspects in custody that helped him evade capture? Two teenagers who got in way over their heads.
But I would like to make an appeal directly to James Johnson.
Johnson, I do not condone your actions, but there's a long history of officer-involved shootings in this country.
Let me be blunt here.
Homicides perpetrated by a handful of police officers against people of color.
That is unacceptable to the Bureau, and it has to stop.
I urge you to surrender.
Get an attorney and assert your defense in a court of law.
I saw you on television.
I know you're in New Orleans, and I don't have a lot of money.
Do you want me to be your attorney? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I need help.
Then listen carefully.
One, do not tell me where you are.
Two, you need to turn yourself in.
If you keep running, this only gets worse.
Now, I am gonna negotiate your surrender, and I will contact local counsel in New York who are experts at justification and self-defense.
We're gonna fight this tooth and nail.
Sound like a plan? Mr.
Johnson? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh I just need to do something first.
Isobel nailed the appeal to Johnson.
You could tell it wasn't just persuasion.
She means what she says.
The guy's on the move.
How do we even know he watched? Let's just give it some time.
Crosby, pad thai and spring rolls.
Thank you.
Johnson went to Faulk Junior College, but he didn't play football.
How do you know that? Well, two years after he graduated, the team got a sponsorship deal from Nike.
Upgraded all of the uniforms, just like the one in the photo.
So who's the player making that catch? Well, that's a good question.
And why did Johnson have it front and center? Hey, Charlotte.
No, it's okay.
What's up? When did this happen? No, I'm not fine with it.
Let me call you right back.
Everything all right? Not really.
James Johnson has a legal team now, and Charlotte's on it.
How did you expect me to react? Duval reached out to me.
I thought you'd be thrilled that I have this opportunity.
Really, Charlotte? Your client is who I'm trying to arrest! He's entitled to be represented by a lawyer.
Anybody but you.
I've been teaching Constitutional criminal procedure for seven years.
I wrote the seminal law review article on the justification defense in New York.
This is a chance to be on the front line.
You were always happy being a teacher.
A scholar.
This is an overreaction.
Overreaction? To what? A cop getting away with killing a Black man? You took this on because we're not conceiving and you're frustrated.
I'm the one that's not conceiving.
That's a cheap shot.
I'm sorry.
This is important to me, Sheryll.
The cause is important to both of us.
Someday is now.
Isn't that what we say? That's what we say.
Johnson's football picture wasn't him.
Turns out it was his half brother, Charles Young.
And Charles went to Faulk Junior College on a football scholarship.
He's in jail now on a drug conviction.
Johnson wrote five emails to the Governor's office over the years, claiming his brother was framed.
What happened? No one ever got back to him.
Hana, turn on the news.
I'm making this in case something happens to me.
First off, I didn't mean to hurt that officer.
I I was just trying to send a message, tag his car, and then the man comes out shooting, and I defended myself.
They say I'm a "fugitive from justice.
" I guess that's true.
The same justice that got George Floyd tortured to death by a cop while three other officers stood around and did nothing.
Same justice that hunted Walter Scott down and shot him in the back! There's so many names, I can't even remember! Then I saw Nasir Mills, eight blocks from where I live.
And when the law did nothing? I knew it was time to wake up.
Time to do something.
To let all this rage out.
I needed to let Nasir's family know that we will never forget what they did to him.
Am I sorry for how it went down? I'll let you know when I'm done.
And there you have it.
James Johnson They're saying Johnson's legal team sent it to all the major news outlets.
He must've asked his lawyers to release it.
- How would you feel about - No.
I am not reaching out to Charlotte.
It is not her job to help us.
It's her job to help him.
If she really wants to help him, she should have him turn himself in.
And I'm sure they're working on it.
Obviously, we can't discuss it with each other.
I don't know about this.
I don't want all this in my head if I have to put this guy down.
You say it like he's an animal.
Uh, my bad, Barnes.
I it was a poor choice of words.
And I'm sorry.
Can we talk? We're all a little on edge about this.
Charlotte's her own person.
She made a choice.
A choice I support.
Everyone's gonna have to deal with it.
This makes a difficult case more complicated.
I get that.
I can't have the team fracture over it.
Well, then we just need to focus on what we do.
Can you? Me? If I were in your shoes, I know I'd feel conflicted.
I'm a professional.
I took an oath.
And there's a job to do here.
You're also human.
Those videos on Johnson's laptop must take their toll.
Honestly my emotions are all over the place.
Police have been brutalizing my people for 400 years.
One of the reasons I do this is to change the dynamic.
Maybe that's naive.
I don't think so.
The good news is I think they released Johnson's statement 'cause he's ready to surrender.
I hope you're right.
But he says he's not done yet.
I worry all this notoriety might have gone to his head.
Yo, I saw you get on back in Syracuse.
You that guy from Buffalo? No, it's cool, man.
You taking this all the way to New York? I'm not who you think I am.
Yo, Port Authority will be crawling with cops.
Look, man, you don't want to get caught up in this.
All right? I don't want to.
I have to.
Yo, and I cried when I saw Nasir Mills dying in front of his kid.
Something like that happened to my grandma.
It's a long story.
Hey, I'm sorry.
What's your name? Wallace.
Look, I'm down to help you until this whole thing plays out.
Be smart.
All right? I got a target on my back.
You will too.
I'm not worried.
So we replayed the Johnson video looking for any geographical tells.
Nothing popped.
Then we amped up the audio, and I heard something.
Am I sorry for how it went down? I'll let you know when I'm done.
You hear that? That's the sound of a commercial bus driver engaging his air brakes.
- You sure? - Oh, yeah.
See, my father, he worked in the oil fields in Oklahoma City.
Seven days on, three days off.
I loved going with my mom to pick him up at the bus station.
The Greyhound pulling in, that's the sound of my dad coming home.
The nearest bus station is in Syracuse.
The only recent departures were to Montreal and New York City.
We would've heard from Border Patrol by now if he went north.
Find out where that New York bus is and stop it.
Coordinate a rally point with Highway Patrol.
The rest, you're with me.
- Where are we going? - Syracuse.
Their field office is about to lend us one of their choppers.
Checked IDs.
Everybody's off - except for a guy in the back.
- What's he look like? Driver says he's a Black male, medium build, wears a hoodie.
My partner's bringing him right out.
What the hell is going on? Can you remove your hood, please? - It's not him.
- Is there a problem? We're looking for this man.
Have you seen him? Yeah.
He was on the bus, in the back.
He got off in Scranton with his friend.
His friend? Black kid.
Maybe 18, 19? - Are you sure? - Yeah.
They were sitting next to each other.
Chatting each other up.
They say where they were going? - Not to me.
- Thank you.
Hana, we just missed him.
I just spoke to a Bronx ADA about Johnson's half brother, Charles.
The only evidence at his trial was the testimony of an undercover officer.
No witnesses, no prints on the package.
But here's the kicker.
When the undercover testified, he wasn't identified by name because he was still on the street.
I've been there, you just give your U.
number on the stand.
Last summer, NYPD released a database of their internal misconduct records as a nod to police reform.
Johnson logged into it and was finally able to put a name to the U.
number he heard in court: Detective Jerry Solano.
Solano still on the force? He eventually washed out.
The department said he was a "bad apple.
" But he still lives in Queens.
Johnson claimed his brother was framed.
Sounds like there's something to it.
That's what he alluded to in his video statement.
He's headed to Queens.
To confront Solano.
- Yeah? - Jerry Solano.
Who wants to know? I do.
You know who I am? No idea.
You remember now? You're that cop killer from Buffalo.
- I'm Charles Young's brother.
- Who? Get inside.
I need you to stand back! - Anything? - All quiet since we got here.
Who the hell is this guy? Probably the friend from the bus.
Stop and identify yourself! Never mind who I am.
James Johnson's got Solano in there.
If any cops approach the house, he'll kill him! - What does Johnson want? - He wanna see his brother! He didn't look too worried about going back inside.
No, he didn't.
Seven years ago in the Bronx, my brother was accused of selling coke to an undercover cop.
To you.
- Get the number to the Bronx DA.
- Copy.
You're gonna call 'em, and you're gonna say what really happened that day.
Untie me, and I'll say whatever you want.
I want the truth! How am I supposed to remember seven years ago? Let me refresh your memory.
It was a Friday night.
East Gun Hill Road.
You radioed that you just made a drug buy from a male Black, blue puffer coat.
20 minutes later, your backup stops my brother.
Gray puffer coat.
They drive you around for a show up, and you ID him as the seller.
He wasn't a dealer.
He didn't have any drugs on him, he didn't have any money on him.
He was just walking home from his girlfriend's apartment.
You want me to say maybe I made a mistake? Fine.
It was no mistake.
You set him up! Why would I set somebody up I didn't even know? That's what dirty cops do! You you jack up the arrest stats so you can make Second Grade.
It doesn't matter if it's righteous or not.
My brother was just a number to you.
Make the call.
You're gonna tell 'em exactly how many innocent men you put behind bars so you could make your promotions.
Get your nice house.
Screw that.
I could just shoot you.
Because I'm going to jail one way or another.
James Johnson, this is Agent LaCroix with the FBI.
I'm gonna call you on Solano's cell phone.
Pick up and we can talk.
Behind me.
It's okay, it's okay.
- Let her through.
- She's fine? All right.
- You're through.
- Thank you.
Mark's stuck in New Orleans.
Is James communicating with you? No, nothing so far.
He's in there with another man.
- Any idea who that might be? - No.
I'm gonna put you over the P.
, see if we can get him to talk to us.
Just ask, "Is everybody okay?" "Do they need anything?" JJ! JJ! Johnson's getting pissed! He told you, he wants to see his brother! We can work on that.
But I need to know that Solano's okay.
All right, I'm gonna take out my phone now.
You cool? Go ahead.
All right, we got it.
What does Johnson want with Solano? Justice for his brother! Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Hell, yeah! Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Do you know where your client's brother's being held? Fishkill Correctional.
Why? What are you thinking? Have them bring him here on emergency furlough.
Stay with me.
Maybe he can talk Johnson off of this ledge.
I'm not the one who's gonna get through to this man.
Justice! Justice! Yo.
Move away from the window.
Yo, there's 100 people out there now, J.
100 cops too.
SWAT, snipers.
You two are dead men walking.
Tape his mouth shut.
Move him in front of the window.
That's Johnson's brother.
Charlotte, come with me.
Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Mr.
I'm Agent LaCroix.
This is Charlotte Gaines, one of your brother's lawyers.
- James is in there? - With a hostage.
The officer who testified against you.
We brought you here because your brother needs to find a way out of this.
Are you prepared to help us? For James, anything you need.
I'll take him from here.
Hopefully you'll get him to talk.
Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Stand down.
Justice! Justice! Everybody stand down.
You always were kind of crazy.
Oh, it's good to hold you, little brother.
And don't worry.
I'm not letting you die in this corrupt son of a bitch's house today.
Solano's gotta make it right with you, then.
You gotta let that go.
I I've come too far for that.
He's just a worker ant, JJ.
The whole system's rigged against us.
You can't fight a monster like that and win.
- I'm already winning! - There's an army out there! No angel's coming down from the sky to take you out of here.
It's them.
One of your lawyers is out there.
You should hear what she has to say.
Hello, Mr.
Johnson? Hello? So you're my lawyer? I'm Charlotte Gaines.
I work with Mark Duval.
I'm here to protect you before things get out of hand.
How are you gonna do that? First thing, the most important thing, we need you safe.
You need to come out and turn yourself in.
So they can gun me down like they did Nasir Mills? That's not going to happen.
I'm putting on Agent Barnes from the FBI.
I'm sorry we have to meet like this, Mr.
Let's try to work together now and find a way out of this for you.
What happened to Nasir Mills was terrible.
- It was murder.
- Maybe it was.
And your heart is in the right place.
But you've taken things too far now.
I promise you, if you walk out unarmed, the FBI will guarantee your safety.
The FBI? You tried to destroy Martin Luther King with lies and blackmail.
You targeted Black Panthers for assassination.
You're right.
What Hoover did in the '60s was despicable.
But we're trying to understand the mistakes of the past and make amends.
The Feds are trying to protect civil rights now.
We can demand that they investigate the Nasir Mills shooting.
And you have a strong justification defense.
When Granger saw you painting his car, he should've walked back into the house and called the police.
What about my brother? Doing ten years on a lie.
I'll personally take on Charles's case and file for post-conviction relief.
With the things you brought up about Detective Solano, we have a chance to get him out.
Uh I'll call you back.
You good with all these promises? It's more than you came in here with.
Whatever happens, I'll be there for you like you were for me.
They're gonna arrest you too.
Brother, I knew that the minute I sat down next to you on the bus.
Put the gun down, JJ.
I love you, Charles.
I love you too, James.
Front door! Gun! Come down to the grass! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! Now stop right there.
JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! Turn around.
Turn around slow.
Justice, justice, justice, justice! This one wasn't in the playbook.
Definitely not.
Well, you've finally met my boss.
Jess LaCroix.
Thanks for your help.
I take it you'll be spending time in Buffalo then.
Working on the case.
My mom says she'll pinch-hit here.
She's thrilled about it, actually.
It will be nice for Anais to spend some time with Grammie.
This was a roller-coaster for you.
You okay? Yeah.
I feel like my team had my back.
I'm just glad things will be getting back to normal now.
What? Mark Duval offered me a partnership in their criminal defense practice.
I haven't said yes yet, but The fact that you didn't tell me until now means you want it.
I just got the offer this morning.
- Mm.
- But you're right.
It's a chance to be back in a courtroom.
To do something in the real world.
How do we go from having another baby to you working full time? Can we do both? You saw what Johnson did for his brother today.
I want Anais to have a sibling who loves her that much.
Don't you? You're going for the book? Yes, I am.
Pick a number between one and 50.
Don't need to.
He's on 36.
For real? You've been doing homework? Damn.
Damn! Hello, Baby Daddy.

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