FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s02e13 Episode Script


1 You're lucky me and the boys didn't throw you out! - Yeah! - Nerve of that guy - Saying that I cheated.
- You did.
I saw you change the score on the chalkboard.
I don't have to cheat at darts.
Show me your hand.
If there's chalk on it, it'll prove it.
I don't gotta show you anything.
Ah, no.
I've listened to 22 episodes of your damn Civil War podcast.
It's my turn.
Not when I'm driving.
My shift, my pick.
Do I get a say? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Unhook your tracking monitor.
Nice and slow.
Looking for this? Start driving.
Wait, Grandma and Grandpa haven't taken a vacation in, like, four years.
Well, Marilou wouldn't leave you.
That's sweet.
Well, it's way past time for this grandparent to step up, so I'm afraid you're stuck with us, kid, for at least two weeks.
I can't wait for you guys to meet my horse.
Yeah, Sarah was telling us you're becoming quite the little cowgirl.
You're Tali's riding instructor? Yeah.
Is that how you met my brother? Yep, two months ago at the Ferrin Valley Stables.
Wow, I love that place.
The Currys are some of our biggest supporters.
Wow, what do you do? I'm Executive Director for a nonprofit.
- I love that.
- It's a breast cancer charity.
They give money to women in need when they get sick, and the mission is care, not cure.
Well done, Tali.
Maybe I should have you punch up our website.
Louise is also a survivor.
Two times.
I didn't know that.
I'm sorry.
Well, don't be.
I call her my little cucaracha.
Nothing can destroy this girl.
You're probably confusing me with Keith Richards, but thank you, I think.
So who wants dessert? I brought a rum cake all the way from New Orleans.
Actually, I think I need to go.
What? No.
Yeah, no, I want to stay.
I have an early lesson in the morning with Jace and Josh.
They are actually twins from hell.
But it was so nice meeting you.
I just need to rest up for battle.
I'll walk you out.
You okay? Oh, yeah.
Your sister's great.
And your dad and Marie too.
Thanks for inviting me.
Sarah, I meant about going home on your own.
It's fine.
Hugh can't do anything to me from jail.
Besides, I wouldn't want to give him the satisfaction, you know? Not stay there because of him.
- You sure? - Yes.
Be with your family.
I'll call you tomorrow.
- Get outta here.
- Kay.
She's great, son.
I'm happy for you.
Have you done your thing yet? My thing? What thing is that? Come on.
You remember your M.
before Angelyne.
Every woman you dated, you'd spend a whole month trying to find something wrong with her, so you could lace up your track shoes and run.
Well, he ain't gonna run this time.
If he tries to, I will catch him myself.
Sure you will, Dad.
Sure you will.
All right, let's go.
Get out.
Come on.
There's no seal on the container, okay? You take whatever you want.
I'm sure we can make a deal.
This isn't a negotiation, Teddy.
Need me to repeat that? You never were very good at listenig.
Hey, hey.
- [YELPS.]
Teddy and Janice Burdette.
Married truckers, found dead in the cab of their semi last night in a field off I-90 in northeastern Ohio.
Their trailer was broken into and cargo was stolen Murder and theft from an interstate shipment makes this a federal case.
And that's why the DOT called us.
Looks like they were killed outside of the truck, and then their bodies were moved back inside.
Janice was sprawled on a bed behind the seats.
We're running a rape kit on her now, but she was found fully clothed.
Teddy was posed in the driver's seat with his hands duct-taped to the steering wheel.
What's that on the dashboard? His ears.
So Janice was shot.
Teddy was stabbed.
No shell casing was recovered, so the killer must've taken them with.
What was the truck carrying? Electronics, but it's cargo from different distributors.
We've reached out to the trucking company to try to find out what's missing.
Oh, and we also have shoe prints inside the trailer.
We're analyzing those.
No fingerprints.
This doesn't feel like highway robbery.
For that you shoot them dead, and leave them where they drop.
Yep, they made someone angry.
Teddy's not a small man.
I don't buy that one person could've got him back in the driver's seat.
You're right.
It's more than just a robbery and more than one assailant.
And it's contradictory.
Heated rage with the stabbings, but they're coolheaded enough to take their shell casings.
My brother's in trucking.
Whole lot of corruption in that industry.
Could be mob related or a problem in the union.
I mean, the ears have to be a message.
The Burdettes should've listened more, maybe? [SOFT SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
The truck should have a tracking monitor, yeah? That'll tell us what his last moves were.
Uh, it was turned off at a parking lot 20 miles from the scene, but if your brother's in trucking, maybe you have some insight.
Only the obvious.
You don't want your boss to know where you are.
All right, let's get to work.
Crosby and Ortiz, head to the trucking company.
Barnsey, you're with me.
I'm sorry of what happened, but I really didn't know them.
Teddy and Janice were independent operators.
Come here.
They were the lowest bid on that route for the last six months, so I kept hiring them.
In this business, you pick one: Cheap or fast.
I go with cheap.
Union can't be happy about that.
We ain't union here.
Not many carriers left that are.
But you do have company drivers.
How'd they feel about Teddy and Janice taking their hauls? They bitched and moaned as per usual.
You think any of them could've done this? Doubt it.
That would require brains, balls, and physical activity Not our employees' strong set.
All right, Teddy and Janice, they're hauling electronics, right? Yeah, headed to some big box retailors in Chicago.
We got cargo insurance.
I ain't worried about it.
All right, we're gonna need a copy of the manifest that breaks down exactly what they were carrying.
And list of the company drivers.
Yes, sir, I'll get right on that, 'cause I got enough today already.
Anne Byrne! In my office! Only reason I remember them is 'cause she got into a stupid argument over darts.
Guy said she cheated.
Playing darts? What kind of argument? Looked to me like a drunk guy who didn't like losing to a woman.
You talking about last night with Ribs and Elmer? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
That's them.
How'd they get those names? Ribs because he makes good ones, and no one's seen his since the '70s.
Officially, she's Elmer after the cartoon.
Unofficially, it came from Elmer's Glue.
- Sticky fingers.
- She steals? Steals, cheats.
You the police? FBI.
Those two were murdered last night.
What? How? I just saw them.
So Janice is a rule breaker, and what about Teddy? They ran illegal.
They trafficked illegal goods? That I don't know.
They broke rules right and left though.
Slept too little, carried too heavy.
Okay, so Crosby says the Burdettes' missing cargo - was a bunch of laptops.
- Makes sense.
Easy to carry, high resale value.
Except they left behind cell phones, TVs, and hard drives.
- What? - That scale.
I wonder if the Burdettes weighed in over there.
Well, it'd be one less stop they'd have to make on the highway.
Well, if they did use it, we could compare that number to the weight listed in the manifest.
And see if they were carrying anything extra - the company didn't know about? - Exactly.
Now the Burdettes' truck weighed in 185 pounds heavier than they weighed on their cargo manifest.
Do we know where they took on the extra weight? Well, it'd have to be at that parking lot.
The last weigh-in before that, calculating for fuel, their weight was in line with the manifest.
185 pounds could be a person.
The footage from the parking lot's security camera's horrible, but I did get the license plate number of a truck parked near the Burdettes, and it looks like they have a dash cam.
You ready for a weird update? I don't know, but give it to me.
Cargo stolen on the Burdettes' truck was located.
Youngstown Police got a call from the principal of a local elementary.
Someone left 8 boxes of brand new laptops on their doorstep.
That's about 200 computers.
Anything special about the school? It's poor One of the highest in the state for people living in poverty.
Well, it's been a major injustice of the pandemic.
Children in poverty being shut out of online schools because they don't have access to computers.
You think our killers took time out to play Robin Hood to poor kids? But Robin Hood didn't cut your ears off and leave them on the dashboard.
You had a big breakfast, so don't look at me like you want a snack.
Mailman right on schedule.
Oh, my God.
Greg? No.
Remember when you told me to keep my mouth shut? - No.
- Because I sure do.
Mailman saw blood through the window, and called 911.
Looks an awful lot like what happened to that trucker and his wife.
That's why we called you.
Because she's taped to the chair? And the teacup.
They cut her tongue out.
What do you know about this woman? Not much.
Mailman says she's always home.
Anything stolen? Not that we can find.
I reached out to her son.
He said it's unlikely she had a lot of cash in the house.
Hey, guys.
What's up? Mary Strong is a retired human resources consultant.
She's a widow and a grandmother.
Her son is a dentist in D.
, and she's active in church.
That's interesting.
She's had her tongue cut out.
Anything to indicate she's been involved with mafia-controlled trucking? Those tactics though.
Cut out tongue means don't talk.
Hey, we just hit gold with that dashcam video from the parking lot.
Hana, sending your way.
From the truck parked near the Burdettes, right? Yeah.
Running facial recognition now.
Looks like we have Wyatt Hammond.
645 Sherman Ave, Elm Springs, Ohio.
His residence is owned by a Greg Hammond, who is Wyatt's brother.
Looks like Greg has a wife and a daughter who live there as well.
I'm sending you the address now.
We'll meet you there.
FBI, open the door! [KNOCKING AT DOOR.]
We're looking for Wyatt Hammond.
He's my brother-in-law.
There's no one here but me.
- Clear! - Clear.
- Your Greg Hammond's wife? - Mm-hmm.
Where is he? I don't know.
They went camping.
They take your daughter with them? No.
My daughter's dead.
My God, Greg's never even been in a bar fight.
Wyatt's a sweetheart.
You're telling me they murdered people? Yes.
Did they give you any indication they were angry, or out to settle a score? [SIGHS.]
Our daughter, Rose, died three months ago.
I'm sorry.
We were involved in a big lawsuit over Rose's cancer, so, yes, Greg's been angry, talking about getting justice, but we were doing it the right way, in the courts.
What kind of lawsuit? We have a power plant here, and the owner, Griffin, was dumping coal ash illegally for years.
Half the town got cancer Our daughter, Greg's parents.
Greg drove trucks for Griffin Coal and Power, and he blew the whistle.
A group of us sued.
Three years in the courts.
We lost our final appeal last week.
So you thought he was going away to grieve? I hoped.
He's been so focused on the lawsuit.
Greg loves Thoreau, that book, "Walden," and he says when the civilized world is a nightmare, go to the woods.
Did Greg's brother, Wyatt, work for Griffin Coal and Power as well? No, mm-mm, he worked at Baron's.
It's a farm supply store.
Do you recognize these two? It's Teddy and Janice.
Teddy was Greg's boss at Griffin.
What about this woman? I don't know her name.
She baked pies at the company barbecue.
Mary Strong worked in human resources at Griffin Coal and Power before she retired.
Okay, if we think about the chain of command for a workplace complaint, you go to your immediate boss In this case, Teddy And if that doesn't work out, then you go higher.
Human resources.
Teddy didn't listen, hence the ears.
Maybe Mary told Greg to keep his mouth shut.
Three weeks ago, Wyatt bought a conversion kit for his semi-automatic.
It came with a stabilizing brace and an extra clip holder.
Also the ERT found some interesting chemicals in the footprints the guys left in the back of Burdette's truck trailer.
Sodium chlorate and nitrobenzene.
Pretty good recipe for a bomb.
Sodium chlorate kills weeds.
Wyatt works at a farm supply store.
Let's see if he confided in anybody there.
And who's top dog at Griffin Coal and Power? Larry Griffin, but he got out of the coal industry two years ago.
Bomb and power plant in the same sentence scares me.
I don't think these guys are interested in wiping out their coworkers or their neighbors just to make a statement.
This feels more like targeted revenge.
Let's review the duties of the town manager.
What are they exactly? Let my wife go.
This has nothing to do with her.
My brother asked you a question.
Look, okay.
I oversee planning and operation.
So a power plant in your town is dumping toxins in your town that are killing people in your town.
Does any of that fall under the rubric of town manager? I swear he took your concerns seriously.
- [CRIES.]
- Really? Because I have a dead daughter that would suggest otherwise.
And I watched both my parents die from cancer while you looked the other way.
Where are your car keys? They're on a hook by the door.
What is that? You want the Mercedes or the Mazda? Mazda.
We don't need flashy.
You take it from here.
Funny how your whole life that string pulls you back.
"Don't do it.
The guilt will get you.
" Hey, you starting to feel bad? Brother, I I don't feel anything.
"A thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one striking at the root.
" Thoreau knew what he was talking about.
You stick with the plan.
I'll see you later.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
Come on.
No, no.
Time to strike at the root.
Oh, no.
Oh, no! No, no, please! - In the future - Please stop, please stop.
You won't have to look the other way when you don't wanna see something.
No, no, no! No, no! No, no, no! [SCREAMING.]
Stop! Did Wyatt have access to the chemicals you sell? Yes.
What, you really think he's building a bomb? We know your town's been through hell because of Griffin Coal and Power.
You think Wyatt came and talked about wanting revenge for that? Not to me.
I mean, he lost his niece and his parents.
I knew he was angry about that, but this whole town is angry.
And it was coal ash they were dumping, right? - And it got in the water? - Yeah.
Stuff goes airborne too.
We breathe it in.
My dad had a farm.
Livestock all died.
He hung up his hat and was dead six months later.
In Elm Springs, this is where you hang up your hat when you lose your business.
Each hat represents a life destroyed by Griffin Coal and Power.
Well, how does Griffin get away with it with everyone getting sick here? We're poor.
They got experts to testify that poor people smoke and eat bad food, and so it's natural that their cancer rates are higher.
I smoked a couple cigarettes in high school.
Their lawyer, Andy Witherspoon, blamed my cancer on it.
Griffin got out of the business to avoid lawsuits.
No, that's about being cheap and not wanting to get up to code.
Also coal is on its way out.
So the big wigs at Griffin Coal and Power, what do you think, they're retired on a beach somewhere? Larry Griffin isn't retired.
He opened a new business and put it in his girlfriend's name - so we can't sue him.
- What kind of business? You ready for this? He sells green cleaning products, like shampoo made from tree sap and soap with no suds.
It's called Elm Blossom.
I don't remember any Greg Hammond.
He was one of your drivers.
One the plaintiffs in the lawsuit with his wife.
They lost their daughter to cancer.
That lawsuit was a shakedown.
They never proved we dumped illegally.
Please sit.
We won at trial and again on appeal.
Which made a lot of people very unhappy.
Well then, they should take it up with the jury or the judges in Cleveland.
Hammond and his brother have killed three people already.
We think they might have materials for a bomb, and we're concerned that you might be a target.
This is, uh, rural Ohio, Mr.
You think I haven't been threatened - by these people before? - Have you? Y Look, they cut off their own noses to spite their face.
For 50 years, my plant was the only thing that kept this town afloat.
Lawsuit forced me to shut it down.
Now they wanna say that's my fault too? It isn't the coal ash that made them sick.
Our experts said there is a direct correlation between cancer and lifestyle.
But that's not to blame anybody.
If you haven't been educated about proper nutrition, you don't know any better.
You been to a restaurant in this town? Mac and cheese is considered a vegetable.
These people would deep fry their toothpaste if they could.
Larry, be kind.
One of my agents says to ask you about Elm Blossom.
- What's that? - Elm Blossom is my company.
Larry helped me start it after the plant closed down.
- And where is it located? - It's close.
Near St.
Andrew's Park.
How many employees do you have? 15 maybe.
It's a warehouse.
We don't have a storefront.
That's north on the 11 from Mary's house.
Could be where they're heading.
Who? Our fugitives with their bomb.
Call your company.
Tell them to evacuate the building right away.
What do we got? All clear.
There's nobody in there.
There's no bomb.
Agent LaCroix.
Hey, Agent LaCroix! My daughter.
They they have my daughter.
They just texted me.
- What do I do? - Any ransom? No.
But I'll give them anything.
Larry, I know this isn't easy, but I need you to stay calm, all right? We're gonna find your daughter.
You two stick with him.
Wonder why they're keeping her alive.
And if the bomb isn't here, then where is it? These guys are butchering people, building bombs, and now kidnapping? They're all over the place.
Rage shuts down frontal lobe functions.
They can't feel empathy.
They're being indiscriminately punitive.
Well, it seems like it would've been easier to just grab Larry and kill him.
Maybe, but a punishment worse than death is watching someone you love die.
The picture was sent from a burner phone.
The metadata's been stripped, but I'll keep digging.
Julia's phone's off.
Well, what do they want? They want money, right? 'Cause I can get whatever they're asking for.
- Larry, slow down.
- Are they gonna hurt her? We need you to focus.
Is there any way your daughter [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
Oh, God.
Is that them? Uh, that's my girlfriend.
Answer it.
Joy, did Julia call you? No, but I'm at her house.
Her car's gone, and she's not here.
What are you doing at her house? I'm not just gonna sit around, Larry.
I'm here with the FBI.
And I'm looking at her calendar.
It says she has Pilates today from 3:00 to 4:00 at the studio in Walnut Hill.
Joy, this is Agent LaCroix.
We need that address.
It's on Ridgecrest.
I'm looking the number up now.
Julia? She was here earlier.
How long ago did you see her? Uh, the advanced class got out about an hour ago.
Was she talking to anyone? I don't know.
Maybe the other women.
Video cameras, do they record? I think so.
- Do you mind? - Sure.
She usually parks in back 'cause her SUV doesn't fit in the front spaces.
She drives a Range Rover, right? Yes.
That's her.
And that's Greg Hammond.
Hey, Boss, it's Greg who took Julia.
We got the license plate on a Mazda.
It belongs to a Brad Smith.
The address is near the park.
I'm sending it now.
Thank you.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Clear.
You're okay.
Help me.
I can't see anything.
Did they use anything other than bleach? I don't think so.
Do something, please.
Okay, okay.
Try to slow your breathing.
I'm gonna pour water over your face now, okay? [PANTING.]
That's it.
Keep breathing.
Keep breathing.
That's it, that's it.
- They took they took my wife.
- Your wife? The guy with Greg Hammond, he took her.
Do you know where they were going? I don't know.
He took my car.
He took my wife.
You gotta find her.
Do you remember anything about where they were going or what they were doing? You know, they smelled.
They smelled, um, strange, like, um, uh animal.
- Like an animal.
- A barn.
That's great.
You hang in there, all right? Mm-hmm.
There's hundreds of farms around here.
How we gonna narrow it down? [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
And now we have two hostages.
All right, that's 911.
Paramedics are gonna be here any minute.
Okay, let's get you up.
Where are we? Griffin's art gallery.
Just one of the pieces in there could've paid a hundred hospital bills.
- Please don't do this to me.
- Relax.
It's not about you.
It's about Larry Griffin.
All you gotta do is walk in there and make him think this is real.
I'll call with instructions.
You do what I say You'll be home for dinner with your husband.
I don't wanna do this.
You do something stupid, and instead of having dinner with your husband, you'll spend tonight scraping chunks of him off your living room ceiling.
What am I looking at? Is that supposed to be a dog? I mean, if they wanted to paint a dog, why not just paint a dog? I think it's more interesting.
Are you okay? [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
Hey, I just went to pick up Tali from her lesson, and Sarah confided in me.
Why didn't you ever tell me about her ex? He's not her ex yet.
Look, she's a strong woman, she's pressing charges, and she's looking into a restraining order.
She wants to handle this on her own.
You've got a big place.
You know, maybe she could stay here for a while.
Let me think about it.
I gotta go.
- That bad? - Four dead.
The victim in the explosive vest is likely Linda Smith, Brad's wife.
So they killed Linda to get to Brad.
Now they're killing innocent people.
I'd say they're escalating.
It could be a message.
According to the lawsuit, employees say they weren't being paid sick leave, and the Griffins were buying art instead.
They would get big tax breaks for opening the gallery.
They valued paintings over people.
And Greg and Wyatt destroyed it.
ERT found this.
Looks like a cell phone.
It was connected to the vest.
Could be the detonator.
If it was, there'll be a record of it.
What do we have on the nearest cell tower? Okay, there was an outgoing call from a prepaid phone - right before the bomb went off.
- We've dealt with this before.
They turned Julia's phone off and stripped the metadata.
The phone used to trigger the bomb is still on.
- Why would they do that? - It's a burner.
They don't think we have the number.
I can track the phone.
I'm sorry for whatever you think my dad did, but I swear he's a good man.
Good man? Sounds to me like you don't really know him.
If you're mad at him, why are you doing this to me? You ever hear of "an eye for an eye"? See, this This was my best friend, Stephanie's barn, and she is the nicest person on Earth.
And her family, they never had a lot, but somehow, always had enough to share.
My brother and I, we spent a lot of time here while our parents were sick, and it felt safe and warm.
Felt like heaven.
But then your dad, the good man? Well, he turned it into this, and their family lost everything.
You know what's funny? When you're a kid, the world makes sense, and the good guys win, bad guys lose.
But then when you grow up And you find you got it all backwards.
Now this isn't, you know, strictly speaking, lex talionis, - because it's hard to measure - Please.
Exactly how much damage his illegal dumping did.
So let's simplify it.
How much do you think my eight-year-old daughter's life was worth? They're on Maple heading into town.
More potential victims.
We gotta narrow it down where they're going.
Well, the next block has a dry cleaners, a restaurant, a law firm, McKenzie, Witherspoon, and Childs Wait.
Witherspoon? That's Griffin's lawyer.
Wyatt's gonna shoot the place up.
Get everybody out of there.
Those lawyers are just doing their job.
That's, like, someone going after Charlotte.
To the brothers, they're just as guilty as Griffin.
Ortiz, get those kids.
It's okay.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Let's go, this way, this way.
Good job, come on.
Got him! Okay, we need EMT over here now.
- Don't move.
Where's your brother? [WHEEZING.]
Come on.
Stay with us.
I got him, I got him, I got him.
I got it, I got it.
I got it.
He's fading.
Julia's innocent, Wyatt, just like your niece was.
You know what it's like to lose family.
Don't let them kill Julia.
Tell us where she is.
Tell us where she is.
Can we narrow it down if the V is connected to a person or a place? Negative, no places connected to the lawsuit start with a V.
Okay, so two families in the class action have V last names, but one's dead and one's in Pennsylvania.
Could be a relative.
Dig into the Pennsylvania one.
All right, I got seven former Griffin employees all with a last name starting with a V.
I'm digging through them.
If it's land connected to Griffin, we're talking hundreds of thousands of acres.
- This was the only flag.
- The quit-claim deed? Well, Larry gifted Julia 300 acres about five years ago.
Looks like they got permits for a planned community.
Well then, they stopped for no reason.
What's on the land now? I don't see a barn.
That guy said that Greg and Wyatt - smelled like a barn, right? - Mm-hmm.
My uncle's farm is Quail Notch.
The brand is a "Q," but it looks like an "O.
" Well, I can pull ranch logos from the state.
Hacket Brothers Farms, the cow brand kinda looks like a V.
I've seen that somewhere.
That was on one of those hats at that farm supply store.
Yeah, the woman that works there, that's her family's farm, and she's good friends with Greg and Wyatt.
Okay, Hacket Brothers Farm is only a few minutes away.
- All right.
Hang on.
It's Joy, Larry's girlfriend.
I'm so sorry.
I was just trying to help.
What happened? A man called my phone asking for Larry.
They talked, and then Larry dropped the phone and ran out.
I don't know where he went.
You stay right where you are, Joy.
Let's get to that farm.
You're gonna kill my daughter to punish me? Please, just stop.
What? You want me to show mercy like you did to the thousands of people around here who got cancer? What are you doing to her? What are you doing? Come on.
You must think it's safe.
You'd have been more careful about dumping it, right? - Dad.
- I don't understand.
- Oh, it's just coal ash.
- No! Please, I swear.
I never dumped illegally.
I'll pay you.
Can't buy your way out of this one.
Please take it out.
He would never hurt anyone.
Tell your daughter who you really are.
See, she'll go through hell, but it'll be worse for you because you'll have a front row seat.
Just like me with my daughter.
Crippling nausea Passing out from the pain because In the end, painkillers can't touch it.
Boy, when that pain hits She starts screaming, and you'll think it's an animal caught in a trap.
Give it to me instead.
And then she'll lose weight.
Ten pounds.
And then she'll just be a skeleton that you sleep next to Because her voice is so weak, but you don't want to miss a single word.
And you'll barely hear her whisper.
"Daddy, help me.
" I never dumped illegally.
I drove your trucks, and we all knew.
Not everyone went to the same place.
No one found any illegal dumping.
Stop all the lying! Is that what you were doing? - Tell her.
FBI, don't move! - Drop your weapon! - Drop your weapon! [SHOUTS, GRUNTS.]
Don't move! Don't move! - Hands behind your back.
Stay put.
You're gonna be okay.
We've swept the field.
Looks like there's an acre You gave me the property, but when I said I wanted to live there, you said no.
We'll talk about this privately.
No, let's talk about it now.
You said the land was too marshy to build on, but it never made sense.
Did you bury coal ash there? Is that what happened? I'd like to hear the answer to that one.
This doesn't involve you.
It will when the EPA finds out.
They'll want to search that land.
My lawyers will be all over this.
It's not up to you, Dad, or your lawyers.
I still own the land.
The search began about an hour ago when the land owner gave permission to the EPA.
So far, officials say they've pulled several barrels of what appears to be coal ash dumped here illegally by Griffin Coal and Power over the last three decades.
As word has gotten out, local residents have been arriving with candles and pictures of loved ones who they say died as a result of the illegal dumping.
Attorneys for Griffin are refusing to comment, but as you can see, it's a really emotional scene out here right now.
Back to you in the studio, Ken.
Well, I wouldn't wanna be Larry Griffin right now.
He's going to prison.
He deserves it.
And those people might get a new trial.
Good on Julia.
Yes, Zadie's making her famous vegan lasagne - for us tonight.
- Oh, joy.
Uh, she asked us to pick up a bottle of wine on the way home.
Let's make that two and Chinese takeout.
It's like living with two puppies.
Hey, you got plans tonight? Might hit the gym, or I might stay home and order some pizza.
Well, Charlotte and I have a sitter if you wanna join.
Well, I wouldn't wanna be a third wheel.
Not at all.
We'd enjoy the company.
You know what? Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
What were you thinking, Dad? I think it's important she has a safe place to stay.
This is so like you.
Always overstep.
What do you care? You don't live here.
Neither do you.
What's going on? Your father's what's going on.
He invited Sarah to move in.
No, I invited her to stay here temporarily.
Temporary's hard to understand when you're 12.
What about Tali? Do you remember Marlene? Pancake Marlene? - [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, God.
- Dad's girlfriend? Made us breakfast, walked me to school, taught me how to French braid my hair, and then one morning, she's gone.
Do you know what that does to a kid? How hard it is to trust somebody after that? Tali's not you.
It's too fast.
You didn't even ask Jess.
You should've seen her.
She puts on a brave face, but I was at her house, and I could tell she was scared.
Jess, she may be separated, but she's still someone's wife.
This may blow up, and Tali's in the blast zone.
Why do you all of a sudden care so much about Tali? Because she's my niece.
Tali loves Sarah.
Everybody loves Sarah.
She's in the kitchen? - Yeah.
- Yes.
- Hey, kiddo.
- Hey, Dad.
I hope you're hungry.
Got some good stuff going here.
Hey, sorry.
You know, the last thing I wanted was to be a burden, but your dad insisted, and to be honest, I really did need to get out of the house.
You're not a burden.
I'm glad you're here.
Thank you.
Spare towels are in the hallway closet, and you have jiggle the handle in the back toilet because this little lady right here, she flushed a plastic Twinkie down that thing.
It was a Minion, and I was five.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, I'm sure, Dad.
- Hey, Dad? - Yes? Can we get Louise a glass of wine, please? It's 5:00 on a weeknight.
- Hey.
- Okay.
- Stop it.
Right? [WARM MUSIC.]

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