FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s02e15 Episode Script


Top of the morning, gentlemen.
God! What are you doing, dummy? Run.
That spray'll take a bear out at 20 feet.
I don't blame you for yelping.
What I do blame you for Is a much longer conversation.
Get up.
Nice gun.
Let's see.
That was three for Jason, right? That means three more left.
I figured you might have missed once in all the excitement.
Evan, what are you doing? Spending a little quality time with your brother and his friend here.
Oh, my God.
Where is Jason? What do you think, Ray-Ray? She probably would have tried to run, right? Sorry for your loss, by the way.
Always liked your daddy.
Come here.
Grab this.
Good boy.
Come here.
Let's go.
All right, whoa, now.
Come on, get.
Watch your head.
Oh, my God.
These are amazing.
Oh, wow.
I remember those.
Can I try them on? Yeah.
Go for it.
Dad, check this out.
I don't even know why I still have those.
So what's next? - Over there? - Um Eh, I don't know.
Maybe do bathroom stuff.
All right.
Are you sure you're still okay with this? - The bathroom stuff? - Mm, moving in.
Yeah, I invited you.
It was my idea.
I know.
Just, you know, maybe I said yes too fast.
You know, it feels a little impulsive.
Sarah, we talked about this for two hours.
Decision-treed all available possibilities.
Oh, I am well aware.
I just want to make sure that it makes sense, you know, emotionally.
It's a huge step.
It is a big step, but it's one that I wanna take.
I haven't been this happy in years, and it's all because of you.
Me too.
Then no cold feet.
- Okay.
- All right.
Oh, wow.
- Those look awesome.
- Yeah, they look great.
Uh, Dad, you left your phone on the kitchen counter.
You have three missed calls from Isobel.
Mm? Oh.
And she just texted.
"Call me ASAP.
Moses is here, and he is on the warpath.
" Who's Moses? This is Special Agent Reed from the Office of the Inspector General.
He's the direct report for a DEA task force down in Tennessee.
He's the reason we're here.
Where's Barnes? She's taking a week to be with family.
We'll be working this case without her.
Moses, the floor is all yours.
Two hours ago in Chattanooga, Ray Kite shoots one man dead in a garage and then executes a female victim outside.
Except his real name is not Ray Kite; It's Clayton Smith, DEA agent.
Wait, so now we're hunting one of our own? It's not pleasant.
Last fall, local DEA makes a bust in Queens.
Fentanyl, coke and meth, street value over a million.
They traced the source to Tennessee and got nowhere fast.
So they formed a task force, I signed off, and they sent Smith down there to go undercover.
That was three months ago.
DEA took point.
Backstopped him with papers and a fake job plus cash to buy product and intel.
They think the drugs come from Florida up into Tennessee.
That's what Smith was working on, and everything was fine until six days ago when he went dark, failed to check in.
That wasn't a red flag? It should have been.
DEA assumed he went quiet for safety.
Instead, he does this.
His truck's missing, his phone's off, his house is empty.
And his prints are all over a spent clip from a 9-mil short round at the scene.
DEA confirms that was his undercover weapon.
He left prints behind? He could've panicked, got sloppy.
He could've been using.
Dipping into the product, not thinking straight.
What do we know about the victims? Dead guy in the garage is Smith's informant, Jason Shalet.
Worked at a local car dealer we think could be part of the ring.
Smith murdered his own CI? And his sister, Elise, too.
That's her in the driveway.
So he went rogue.
DOJ is not interested in putting a federal agent on the Most Wanted list, so you gotta find this guy under the radar, without exposing who he is or compromising the ongoing investigation.
Well, any more good news? Just remember where you're going.
This used to be moonshine country, and these people have gone from stills to pills.
They're clannish and violent, and they'll lie to your face and smile while doing it.
Also, the only thing they hate more than the government is outsiders.
- So don't mention we're from New York.
- Yeah.
Don't try to order a latte from Cracker Barrel.
I learned that the hard way.
I assume we have the G-5? Gassed and ready.
Isobel's orders.
All right.
When we get to Chattanooga, you two hit the crime scene.
Hana and I will start with the car dealer where Jason Shalet worked.
Moses, you stay here and look pretty.
Always do.
Yo, Ortiz.
So this is kind of weird.
Found this on the ground in the garage.
- What is that, bear spray? - Yeah.
No prints on it, but ERT said someone definitely fired a blast.
There's residue all over the table in there.
Any luck inside the house? Somebody was sitting shiva.
The mirrors were covered.
There's a memorial candle on the table next to a photo.
PD says it's the victims' father.
- So the Shalets are Jewish? - Yeah.
Shiva usually only lasts for seven days, so he must have died recently.
I'll look into it.
All right, so let's figure Elise was inside.
She heard a commotion in the garage.
She comes down to check it out.
And Smith appears.
She turns to run.
Gets shot in the back.
Smith goes back to the truck, which would've been parked over here.
Tire tracks.
Looks like it's from a motorcycle.
I'm sure lots of kids ride dirt bikes around here.
Or Smith wasn't acting alone.
He might have a partner.
Oh, good.
Mommy's home.
Hey, baby.
- We good? - Yep.
Someone's been drinking.
I like that.
Hey, Ray.
This is my girl, Maggie.
That's not her real name, but then again, Ray isn't yours, is it? It is my name.
He's lying.
Yeah, I was.
Won't matter.
You won't tell.
Let me ask you.
When you signed up for this job, did the government say you may find yourself in a situation such as this? Compromised and discovered? Facing an untimely death? I bet yes.
Good news is, we got bigger plans than you.
So tell us what we need to know And get yourself out of this predicament.
What do you think? Hm? You ready to talk? I'll take that as a yes.
Oh, I can't believe this.
Jason started as a salesman, uh, seven years ago.
Worked his butt off.
Got along well with everybody.
What was his most recent job? Finance manager.
Do we know who did this? We think it's a robbery.
The suspect fled and crossed state lines, which is why we're involved.
His name is Ray Kite.
Works as a bartender and security guard.
I don't know about bartender, but I recognize him.
Jason said he was his, uh, bookie.
- Did you ever meet him? - No.
But he'd come around the lot sometimes.
And him and Jason would be having conversations, money exchanging hands.
I assumed they were settling bets.
Any idea where he'd go? No.
Friends, associates, girlfriends? I'm sorry.
I really wish I could help.
All right.
Um, thank you.
We'll be in touch.
Um, maybe Maybe this was over a gambling debt? Maybe.
We'll look into it.
I'll repeat.
We know there's a shipment today.
Just tell us where and when.
I told you.
I don't know.
Come on now, Ray, Not-Ray.
You've been undercover snitching and sneaking around God knows how long.
You expect me to believe you don't know? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Tippy-toes now, buddy.
Why are you making this so hard? Just say where and when.
Red Bank.
2:00 p.
Red Bank.
Where in particular? Denny's Auto Salvage.
Usually a tow truck Car on back.
That's all I know, I swear.
Reckon we could work with that.
Tracks from the crime scene were definitely from a motorcycle.
Probably an Enduro type.
Still working on it.
Any motorcycles registered to Buck Allen? No.
No criminal record either.
Are you thinking Allen's the partner? Maybe, maybe not.
But Jason Shalet worked for him and was Smith's CI.
Shalet had info about something going on there.
Did you get a vibe from Allen? Like he was lying to our face and smiling while he did it? Exactly.
He was trying too hard.
We need to keep eyes on him.
Why don't you and Crosby set up surveillance over at the dealership? You got it.
- Stay on comms.
- Mm-hmm.
What do we got here? Gerald Shalet, Jason's father.
63 years old, died six days ago from a heart attack.
He was retired, but he owned Ralston Textiles Carpet Mill in Dalton, Georgia.
Sold it two years ago.
You think that he's part of the ring? Well, Dalton is 31 miles south of here, right off I75.
Pretty direct route if you wanna smuggle drugs from Florida to Tennessee.
They'd also have delivery trucks as a means for distribution.
Clayton Smith's phone just turned on.
Is he on the move? Signal is stationary.
12 miles away in Cleveland, Tennessee.
Have local PD set up a perimeter.
Highway patrol too.
Let's get going.
That Smith's truck? Let's go.
I'll cover the back.
We got tire tracks in the back.
Is that him? Yep.
You think he turned his phone on so we'd find him? Somebody did.
Keys, wallet, 9-mil, short round.
Could be his undercover gun.
Check this out.
The tire tracks out back have the same pattern impression.
It's gotta be the motorcycle.
Edema and hemorrhaging consistent with strangulation, but these blotches look different.
Why are they down there? What about bear spray? We found a can in Shalet's garage.
And he's obviously not gonna spray himself.
Agent LaCroix? Yeah.
What's going on? We found Clayton Smith.
You bringing him in? Actually, he's dead.
Someone hung him up and made it look like a suicide.
What does that mean? It means that he might not have gone rogue.
He could have blown his cover and paid for it with his life.
- Any idea who did it? - Nope.
I can't tell if they're pros or amateurs.
All right.
Did you notify the DEA? - Not yet.
- I'll handle that.
You and your team stay focused on finding our shooter.
I assume he wore a wire and kept recordings? Yes.
Can you send those to me? There's definitely something else going on here.
It's a badass bike.
You saw it in the barn at the wedding, right? Yeah.
Well, Jess doesn't drive it anymore.
I'm gonna see if he'll sell it to me.
What do you think about that? There's a reason they call 'em "donorcycles.
" Do you wanna be road pizza? Oh, come on.
They're fun.
You sure you don't want one of these? No, I'll pass.
And don't worry.
I won't tell Zadie.
I gotta sneak 'em in while I can.
Crosby, look.
- That's Buck Allen, right? - Yeah.
Who's he talking to? I don't know.
You see that? What was that? Was that a phone? What should we do? Should we stay with Buck? No.
Let's tail this guy.
Something's up.
I'll call for backup.
Not too close.
I got it.
He's slowing down.
I see it.
Just relax.
He's approaching Denny's Auto Salvage.
Aren't you tired of doing Buck's dirty work? Who's this guy? Oh, that's Ronnie.
Yeah, dangerous work towing around that SUV all full of drugs.
I don't know nothing about that.
Allen, he just told me to come here and and just just pick up SUV that need fixing.
What were you supposed to do with your car? Just leave it? Don't seem Christian.
Give me the drop phone.
The the what? I've been watching you guys.
I know how this works.
Give me the damn phone.
They know each other? It's hard to tell.
- Damn.
- Move! Shots fired, Denny's Auto Salvage in Red Bank.
Freeze! Get to the car! Go! I'll cover.
Stay on comms! Two subjects on a motorcycle.
They've got a weapon.
Oh, damn.
God! They're in the woods! Go back! Go around! Crosby, what's happening? They got away.
Highway Patrol's in pursuit.
Car's in a ditch all wrecked to hell.
What? Are you okay? Yeah.
Hope you got the damage waiver.
Highway Patrol has choppers working but no luck so far.
ERT just sent these over.
Both victims worked at Allen Motors.
They're notifying next of kin.
Okay, that was Crosby.
He's at the dealership.
Buck Allen's in the wind.
He left an hour ago in his Cadillac.
The BOLO's out.
He's probably worried about the SUV.
What SUV? It turns out it was full of coke and fentanyl.
It's probably worth a fortune.
Then why didn't our fugitives take it? He probably planned to until you and Crosby showed up.
Or that's not what they're after.
In these photos, it looks like our subject took the victim's phone.
Whatever's on that might be more valuable.
How are we coming on the facial recognition? Still searching.
What do we got on the SUV? Bought at an auction in Jacksonville, Florida.
Delivered to Allen Motors.
Well, it fits the pattern of the Florida pipeline.
Here we go.
Just got a match.
Evan Greeter, age 32.
Single, unemployed, released from state prison in Pikeville six months ago after doing three years on an assault charge.
His last known address is in Signal Hills.
That's one down.
Now we gotta ID the guy working with him.
I think it's a woman.
That's what it looked like to me.
All right.
Could be.
Dig into Mr.
Greeter and see if you can find a girlfriend.
Also, call Kenny and have him check out the carpet mill Jason's father owned.
Copy that.
Ortiz and I will cover Evan Greeter's last known.
We have kicked the hornet's nest.
Buck Allen is on the move.
You find the car? I'm in it now.
This is bad, okay? Jason is dead.
And now so is Elwood.
I want a board meeting.
The FBI was at my dealership this morning.
And I just lost a shipment.
Did the FBI ask you about Ray Kite? You workin' with Ray? No, I just He was friends with Jason, that's all.
I don't need any loose ends.
Listen we're gonna find who's doing this, and we're gonna do it together.
You just have to trust me.
Come see me.
The address is under the seat.
Evan don't live here no more.
I haven't seen him since he got out of prison.
He still lists this as his home address.
That's 'cause he's lazy.
I'm his mama.
I should know.
What's going on? It's the FBI.
They're looking for Evan.
Are you his father? No, he passed.
That's Earl.
We was just doing our nature, if you care to know.
Go in and see for yourself.
I told you Evan ain't here.
Do you mind? So what's that boy done now? He's wanted for the murder of five people.
I haven't seen anything on the TV.
You have any idea where he might be? No.
Does he have a girlfriend? No idea.
He's not in there.
What about running buddies or people he works with? Mister, I told you, that boy's a bad seed, and I keep my distance.
If he ever had a job, I didn't know about it.
Only place that boy ever kept regular was the state prison.
Which is where he belongs.
They never should have let him out.
Looking for this? Who the hell are you? Damn, Buck.
That hurt.
What, you forgot my daddy that fast? You're Driscoll's boy.
I thought you were in Pikeville.
Yeah, I was.
Three years.
Got out early, good behavior.
Ironic, huh? We can make a deal.
Oh, you wanna make a deal now, do you? Yeah.
What, extended warranty? Free undercoating? You know what I mean.
We made a deal three years ago, Buck.
- And you broke it.
- No.
What, you think I'm stupid enough to trust you a second time? - Hey, that wasn't me.
- That that was the others.
I can't control the board.
Come on now, son.
Be smart.
You can't just shoot me.
You're right.
Too noisy.
I'm Maggie.
It's nice to meet you.
Look at him go.
Look at him go! That's what it feels like getting stabbed in the back.
Ralston Carpet Mill was a complete bust.
No one knew anything.
They even let me search the place.
If Jason Shalet's father was ever in the ring, he sure did scrub any connection to it.
What's all this? We stayed late going through everything that Moses sent over; Do you want the highlights? Uh, yeah.
At first, Smith was focused mostly on finding the source of the drugs.
His CI, Jason, never gave him a name, but he suspected Florida.
Now he knew about shipments being muled on car carriers by Buck Allen, but there was never any mention of Evan Greeter.
Which is weird because clearly, there's other players involved.
Yeah, and on the tapes, Jason keeps talking about "the board wanting this," "the board wanting to do that" like there's some kind of management team.
There was also this.
It's one of the last conversations between Smith and Jason.
The shipment's Friday.
I'm gonna find out where, but listen, Ray, I gotta get paid.
- I'm taking a huge risk here.
- You will.
As soon as I get back from Louisville.
- Louisville? - Yeah.
4 1/2 hours of tapes, and that's the only time it's ever mentioned.
So this extends into Kentucky.
That's what we're thinking.
We have one other possibility too.
Hana hacked in to Allen Motors' server last night.
We found a year's worth of large cash payments going into their fleet sales account, almost monthly.
Kleinman's is a grocery chain.
Headquarters are downtown.
Okay, so we've got a car dealer, a carpet mill, and now a grocery chain.
Throw in Kentucky, and that gives us four potential players in the ring.
Right? This thing just keeps getting bigger.
- Mm-hmm.
- But we're still missing the connect to Greeter and the partner.
Chattanooga PD just found Buck Allen's Cadillac outside an apartment complex.
Hana, you're with me.
You two run down the Kleinman lead, head downtown.
My partner did a knock and check, found it open.
He's in the bedroom.
You sure it's Buck Allen? I've watched his commercials for 20 years.
It's him.
Stab wound in the back.
Rigor's already set in.
You got anything? Well, I assume he was looking for something in here, probably got caught in the process.
Apartment belongs to a Ron Greer.
Never heard of him.
Yeah, you have.
That's Clayton Smith.
This is his place.
Manager said he pays his rent in cash.
So the DEA backstopped him with a fake identity of Ray Kite.
He created another one.
I doubt they knew about it.
Or this apartment.
Or this.
Drug money? Probably.
Well, that would mean that Smith did go rogue.
And he was stealing from the ring.
Run the serial numbers.
I wanna know for sure before we call Moses.
I don't see where there's a problem.
Could you tell us what those payments are for? Delivery vans.
Our business actually boomed during the pandemic.
People were ordering so much online, we had to increase our fleet size just to keep up with demand.
That is a lot of vans.
We have a lot of customers.
Where'd you get the capital? My great-grandfather founded this company over 100 years ago.
Most of the banks in town got their start because of him.
I can walk into any one of them and get a line of credit just by saying hello.
Which is exactly what I did.
You're Jewish, Miss Kleinman, yes? Yes.
Is that a crime now too? Did you know Jason Shalet? Yes.
I do know Jason.
But only because I've seen him once or twice at the dealership.
Most of my dealings are with Buck, so maybe if you think there's some sort of drug ring going on here, you should talk to him.
We did.
We also found out he was murdered last night.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know that.
We're gonna need to take a look at your financial records and inspect these vans you're talking about.
Do you have a warrant? Why, are you hiding something? I told you I don't know this Ray Kite, and I don't know anything about this fantasy drug ring you're investigating.
And frankly, I resent the allegations.
I don't know about New York, but down here, your reputation counts for something.
And I won't have you disparage mine.
Do you have any stores in Louisville? Mr.
Ortiz, if you want to continue this conversation, fine.
We'll go across the street to my lawyer's office where I'm sure they'll be very interested in the FBI harassing one of their biggest clients.
Get out of the van! Now! Get out! Hey, hurry up! Oh, get in there, baby.
Talk to me, baby.
What do we got? Ha! Our future, baby! Bank confirmed Susan Kleinman's line of credit.
She really was buying delivery vans.
Do they have any stores in Louisville? No, just Tennessee and north Georgia.
How are we doing on those, uh, dollar bills? They're still working, but I have something.
First is Evan Greeter's father.
- I thought he was dead.
- He is.
It was a car accident three years ago right around when Evan was in prison.
But he was a poultry farmer.
Small operation, never did more than 40K a year.
But according to state ag records, his biggest customer was Kleinman CPF.
Evan's father knew Susan Kleinman.
I would assume yes.
Poultry farmer making 40K a year.
That seems kind of small-time for this ring.
Or it was the perfect cover.
You could have made ten times that amount running drugs with these people.
This other lead might explain Louisville.
I'm just not sure how yet.
I recovered historical GPS on Clayton Smith's phone, and he was there twice in the last month.
Here's where it pings.
Blue-Met Supply Company.
It's a metal refinery.
They make supplies for the construction industry.
Maybe he's looking to expand north.
Mule his product on a whole different kind of truck.
Got it.
Boss, we got shots fired and two dead at a Kleinman's store in Missionary Ridge.
Forklift operator said they saw a man and a woman.
They jacked a delivery van and left behind a motorcycle.
Evan and his partner.
Mixed up with the Kleinmans.
I knew she was lying to us.
You're right.
The assistant said that she went to go meet up with her lawyers after we left.
I called them.
They haven't seen her.
So there's our ring.
The Kleinmans, the Shalets, and the Greeters.
You think it's some kind of scam they're pulling together? Nah, it feels more like a power play.
Greeter is trying to take control.
Which means that Susan Kleinman is a target.
Not an accomplice.
Not an accomplice.
- Hana? - I got it right here.
Susan Kleinman, 86 Poplar Street, Lookout Mountain.
I'm alerting SWAT now.
All right.
Let's go.
Rules of the syndicate, Susan.
Father dies, son takes over.
But that didn't happen, did it? You went to prison.
Yes, I did.
And that was very unfortunate.
But the board promised No You promised that you'd take care of me and my mama till I got out.
And that didn't happen either now, did it? You should have come to see me.
My family's had a part in this ring since your daddy and my grandpa ran shine together.
So here I am, Miss Susan, officially reclaiming my seat back on the board! All in favor say aye! Aye.
Motions carries two to one.
What do you think about that? I think you could use some breath mints.
That's the first honest thing I ever heard you say.
In position.
You see, your problem is you underestimate people, Susan.
Now, Buck and those other dumb sons of bitches, they didn't know what you were up to.
But I do.
I followed you for six months.
That's how I know about Ray.
Your daddy'd be pissed.
Working with government snitches, that's not the way we do.
It's called diversification.
If you knew how to run a business, you'd understand that.
I figured when old man Shalet died, you took your chance.
Consolidate power, take out the board, start doing the laundry by yourself.
With Ray's help, right? And Buck had no idea? I'm right, right? I got your van out there.
I know what's in it.
And I know what happens if you don't deliver it.
Mexico, Susan.
And it ain't gonna be for vacation.
She's just being dramatic.
We still need you for Louisville.
I look forward to meeting your contacts.
Evan Greeter, this is the FBI.
Back off! - Crosby.
- I got eyes.
Good to go.
We have you surrounded.
Drop your weapons and let Miss Kleinman go! I said back off! Maggie! Move up! She's gone.
Shot by a freaking G-man.
Ain't that a bitch? Put your hands behind your back.
Hands behind your back.
I need a doctor.
And I need answers.
We can chat while we wait.
Let's go, tough guy.
Get up.
Hey, Moses.
This is Jess.
It's over.
What happened? Our fugitives are Evan Greeter, and his girlfriend, Maggie.
They met in prison when she was visiting her dad.
She's dead.
He's on his way to the ER.
I don't remember seeing those names.
Are they part of the drug ring? Yeah.
Hey, Moses.
I'm gonna put you on speaker.
This wasn't just about drugs.
These people were laundering money for the Mexican cartel.
You're gonna have to figure out which one, but Greeter was definitely trying to muscle his way in.
Laundering money? How? By smuggling illegal gold and cleaning it at a refinery in Louisville.
You gotta be kidding me.
Have you ever seen a slab of gold? Only in the movies.
It is definitely impressive.
People have been killing each other over it for centuries.
It certainly got to Clayton Smith.
So he was in on it after all.
Indeed, he was, but that wasn't his only angle.
He had a third identity and a secret apartment.
Found cash there that traced back to his stake money the DEA gave him.
He was keeping money he was supposed to give to his informant.
I think there was at least 100K, last I saw.
Well, it's gone now.
Greeter knows where it is, but he's not telling us.
You think they gonna put him back in Pikeville? Probably.
Damn shame it came to all this.
Evan's a good boy.
He said he'd take care of me, and he did.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached international waters.
The casino is now open.
10,000 in chips, please.
That's a lot of money.
That windshield's aftermarket.
So is the gas tank.
The original 2005s, they had a tear drop tank.
Also the chain drive is outdated.
They use belts now.
And if you haven't ridden her in five years, I'll have to take her to my guy, make sure all the plugs work.
Kenny, you want the bike or not? Yeah.
I mean, I'm I'm interested.
Then make me an offer.
About that.
Um Would you consider a payment plan? They're doing junior barrels in June at Woodstown.
- Is that far? - Mm-mm.
That's not bad.
Do you guys have a strainer? Uh, pantry cabinet.
Entry fee is $86, but it says no buddying.
What does that mean? Oh, my God.
He got the bail bond.
What? Tali, get in the bathroom and lock the door right now.
- Why? - It's Hugh.
Just go.
This is so cool.
Zadie is gonna be so pumped.
Kenny, call 911.
What? We've got a white male with a gun.
Two females inside, roll code three.
Get here now.
Sarah! I told you to get in the bathroom.
- Tali, no.
- Just take it.
Come on.
Sarah! Come on.
Hugh, please.
I told you to drop the charges.
She's just a kid.
You did this, Sarah! To me and to you! - Jess! - Dad!
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