FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e01 Episode Script


1 Your parents are already on the plane.
They'll be here when you wake up.
- How long is the surgery? - Shouldn't take long.
They just need to check your belly and see what it went through, okay? You're in good hands.
- Where's Hana? - Babe, remember? She went home to be with her mother.
Her cancer is back.
Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm just not thinking straight.
And Crosby, we got the guy who did this.
You're gonna be okay.
Be strong, okay? You'll be back on that motorcycle before you know it.
Thanks, boss.
Hey, Jess.
The surgery's a go? Yeah.
He's gonna be out for a while.
Listen, I know this isn't great timing, but Nathan Tate was just murdered.
- The millionaire? - Billionaire.
Maggie and OA were on their way to arrest him on a warrant for child sexual assault when he fell from the balcony of his high-rise.
Looked like a suicide until they saw the bullet hole in the back of his head.
Tate's the guy who hired the hitman.
- The one who shot Crosby.
- Exactly.
This manhunt is top priority, and I want you guys on it.
Any sign of the shooter? No, no, it actually just happened.
Address is only five blocks away.
Uh, do you mind if I talk to Jess for a second? I just talked to OPR.
You and Crosby have officially been cleared in the killing of Hugh Holt at your house.
It was self-defense, Isobel.
He was gonna shoot Tali and Sarah.
I know that.
How are they doing? They're okay.
We're gonna get through it.
Thanks for asking.
So the front door was jimmied.
No shell casings, and the only sign of a struggle is this.
I believe that Tate was sitting there.
The shooter snuck in, pushed him over to the railing, put one in his head, and over he went.
You know about Julia, right? The hitman Curt Williams' third target.
- She still missing? - She's dead, Jess.
She was abducted and murdered this afternoon.
And we believe that Fiona Grand is responsible.
Who? Fiona Grand is the woman that hosted the yacht party that Julia went to last night.
After she was abducted, we questioned her, and she said that she didn't know Julia, but when we left, she made a phone call that pinged to a warehouse at the Navy Yard.
When we got there, we found Julia shot and bleeding out.
She didn't make it, but before she died, she asked me to find her friend named Sunny.
- Who's Sunny? - We don't know.
We have been running names and checking missing persons, but we've been coming up empty-handed.
This Fiona Grand, she's, uh, she's the one who wanted Julia dead.
Yes, and possibly Nathan Tate as well if our shooter is the same person that shot Julia.
But right now, we don't know that because Fiona's in the wind, and we can't find her anywhere.
Maggie got the system to reboot downstairs.
Security footage is up.
How's Crosby? Uh, we don't know anything just yet.
Hey, boss, visitors log.
He's conscious and talking but headed into surgery.
We'll know more soon.
- Is this current? - Yeah.
We had 18 people in the last hour.
Everyone signs in, asks me what unit, and I alert the owner.
So what's this that's left blank here? D.
Smith, was here about 25 minutes ago.
He's an elevator inspector.
He said he was from the city.
Jess, D.
Smith was on Tate's floor 23 minutes ago.
He was right here.
And then a minute and 14 seconds later, came back out but in different clothes.
Is that who kidnapped Julia? I don't know.
Didn't get a good look.
But we also have him in the lobby too.
Blow that up.
Get it on the wire.
All agencies ASAP.
And run a facial recognition.
Traffic cams, too.
Of course.
He's got 20 minutes on us.
Let's get going.
- Uh, Maggie, I'm - Go ahead.
Jess! I know I'm not in the Fugitive Task Force, but that girl did die in my arms, so I want to come with you.
You clear it with Jubal, it's fine with me.
Okay, thank you.
Looks like the word is out.
Did you see a cab pull up after he fell? No, no, I was too busy calling 911.
But we all thought it was a suicide.
Jess, shooter took a left when he exited the lobby.
Go back in and grab OA.
You guys head downtown.
Ortiz and I will head up.
Come on, come on.
I don't see him on the Uptown platform.
Wait a second, what's that? That's the F train express to Kings Highway.
Where is it now? Um, center track between Church and Ditmas.
- Should we try to stop it? - No, it might spook him.
But delay it until I give you the okay, all right? Make sure it's in a tunnel so he can't get out.
Alert NYPD for backup.
I'll get on to OA and Barnes.
We'll beat this guy to Kings Highway.
Attention, all riders.
Attention, all riders.
There will be a minor delay due to track maintenance.
Please remain in your seats.
We'll have an update shortly.
- Radio check for OA.
- I'm on your comms.
I'm here.
I got him.
Backpack with a hat.
Third car down.
FBI! Put your gun down! FBI! Stop running! [INTENSE MUSIC.]
Help, help! [GUNSHOTS.]
Drop it! Drop the gun! [GUNFIRE.]
Anybody see who dropped that bad guy? Coming from the northwest corner! Looks like a single shooter! - Drop your weapon! - FBI! Don't shoot! - Drop your weapon! - I'm FBI.
Put your weapon down nice and slow.
Now get your hands back in the air.
Get 'em up! Kristin Gaines, Miami Division.
Officer down.
We need an EMT.
Right back pocket.
What are you doing in New York? Working drugs.
Tailing that guy.
David Arguello, Boca Raton, Florida.
That's a fake.
His real name's Efraim Amit.
Efraim Amit, age 43.
After his service in the Israeli Defense Forces, he was recruited by Mossad, missions in Africa and Eastern Europe.
Rumor is he's the one who assassinated Tamir Kumar.
- The arms dealer? - Yeah.
After that, he disappeared for a few years before quite literally landing on our radar.
The FAA flagged flights he was piloting between Miami and the Caribbean.
He claimed he was a flight instructor, but they didn't look like teaching flights.
- What'd they look like? - Running something.
Drugs or guns.
Killing an arms dealer means connections in the weapons world.
He had flights in the middle of the night, discrepancies in fuel and mileage.
Whatever he was carrying, he didn't want anyone to see it.
How long have you been investigating? Couple of months.
He flew here last night, so I followed this morning.
I was on my way to the office when your picture came out, and I changed course, followed the radio chatter.
- Barnes.
- Excuse me.
Listen, I'd like to stay on the case, temporary duty, if SACs concur, continue my investigation.
This isn't an investigation.
It's a manhunt.
There's a difference.
Yeah, I understand that, but those guys in that car could be ex-Mossad.
I can help you.
And the mosquitos in Miami are murder right now.
We'll make that happen, get you up to speed.
Speaking of which, where are we on Fiona Grand? Agents are on her place.
Cell phone and credit cards haven't been used, but everyone has her picture.
The NYPD officer who was shot, Mateo Paz, he died a few minutes ago.
He died? Oh, damn it.
Jess, we got a hit on the BOLO on the shooter's car.
NYPD found it abandoned a few miles away from the subway station.
You and Ortiz go check it out.
A former Mossad agent murders a billionaire and possibly a 15-year-old girl.
This is bigger than a one-off rape and extortion attempt.
We need to go back to the beginning and figure out what the hell is going on.
You want to make yourself useful? Deep dive on Fiona Grand.
We're gonna go see Julia's mom.
You're driving.
Was Julia interested in modeling? If she was, she never mentioned it.
I mean, when she got all dressed up, people would stare, but to me, she was just a kid who carried her Oreo and stuffed duck everywhere with her till second grade.
What's NYRMC mean? New York Regional Math Competition.
She won second place last year.
That Julia, I knew.
The one partying with billionaires and running off to Florida, I don't know her.
Did she ever mention a friend named Sunny? No, why? Well, she asked me to find her, and we have reason to believe that she may be in trouble.
I don't know that name, and I knew most of her friends.
At least, I thought I did.
Do you recognize this phone? I've never seen that before.
Why would she have another cell phone? Uh, what about these numbers? Do these numbers mean anything to you? No, the numbers don't make sense, the secret phone doesn't make sense, none of this makes sense.
She was she was 15 years old! Somebody murdered her.
You have to find who did this to my baby.
We will, ma'am.
I promise.
I gotta get some air.
Okay, it is too short to be a phone number.
Maybe a address with an apartment number? Hana usually does this kind of stuff.
I could give it a shot, get it to CART or CASE, see if they can get into the phone.
Maggie's a good agent, and she feels really bad about what happened.
Oh, I know.
You've known her for a long time.
I have, which is why she should have come to me.
Crosby's tough.
He's gonna make it.
Let's hope so.
Start a canvas? Four on foot, two checking stores for cameras.
Did your guys walk through here? No, that print's not ours.
Could we have someone post up here until ERT arrives? You got it.
You know, if they were on foot, we might get a camera hit.
Even one-in-a-million chances happen once in a million.
I got something! [CAR HORN HONKS.]
We dumped the car, and we're heading uptown.
No, you're not.
Go back, get rid of them.
What? All of them? Yep.
Could be tricky.
Figure it out.
Fiona's single, no criminal record.
She makes 125,000 a year as a marketing director of Kent Capital.
Only address is the house she hasn't been seen at in 24 hours.
There's that.
She's also on the board of a charity called Bond Empowerment, Incorporated.
Yeah, OA mentioned it.
What do they do? They help underrepresented women start their own businesses.
So we need to figure out how a former Mossad agent connected with this woman.
That's right.
It's not clear yet, but those aren't her only jobs.
She doesn't draw a salary, but she's listed as secretary of companies in New York and Miami, Bermuda, Hong Kong.
Are they connected to the charity? Nope.
They're shell corporations.
They don't do anything other than own property Restaurants, a modeling agency, some apartment buildings.
What's the modeling agency? It is BDT Talent and Models.
Why, what are you thinking? Julia had their business card in her bedroom.
Maybe she did try modeling, and it didn't work out.
Or even worse She figured out should could make more money having sex with rich men and extorting them? Exactly.
Anything on the car? We got a cast of a shoeprint, but it won't be helpful unless we have something to match it to.
Any fingerprints? Car was wiped clean, but ERT IDed diesel fuel and sodium chloride on the driver's floormat.
Maybe they walked around a truck stop.
Could have been eating and spilled salt.
Is there any iodine in it? - No.
- Okay, thanks.
My wife had an iodine deficiency when she was pregnant.
She switched from sea salt to table salt because it's fortified with iodine.
So they spilled sea salt? Diesel used by 18-wheelers is the same kind used in boats.
Wait a minute one of Fiona's shell corporations owns a slip at Three Mile Harbor.
The sodium chloride could be dried salt water.
Well, if Amit was running drugs, a boat's a perfect way to move them.
Hello? Hello? Anybody on board, come out, please.
FBI, anybody here? Agent LaCroix, down here.
Nicole, Julia, now four more girls are dead, and this Sunny girl's still missing.
Lives mean nothing to these people.
I don't like the way this one's breaking.
I got a 15-year-old daughter.
Yeah, mine just turned 16.
Not going home till we end this.
All those bunk rooms down there, I'd say the girls were living here.
Is it better chilled than room temperature? No, it protects it from the humidity.
I see it a lot in Miami.
That's new, though.
Molly in a candy dispenser.
Girls are perfect drug mules.
If they were muling, we'd be finding kilos.
Not if the killer took them.
- Hey, boss! - This isn't about drugs.
This is sex trafficking.
All that stuff right there, that's party favors.
Yeah! All the fingerprints belong to the girls, and there's no shell casings.
- Killers must have took them.
- Killers, plural.
And the footprint by the dock, I'll bet you anything it matches the footprint by the getaway car.
So these are the same guys who were trying to pick up Amit.
That safe right there, that ain't a built-in.
You want me to get tech squad up here? No, not just yet.
It's Julia's passport.
And then we have one, two, three, four other passports, probably the girls from the state room.
So one American, two Croatian, and one French.
They all say they're 18.
Julia's what, 15? I'd say these are fakes, and they're all underage.
Yeah, you were right.
They were trafficking these girls, probably Sunny too.
Question is, where are the passports from the two empty slots? Harbormaster said the girls have been living here about a week.
Witness saw them sunbathing earlier, but nobody heard or saw anything after that.
Owner of the yacht is Anita Hoffman, 76-year-old widow of Ira Hoffman.
- She live nearby? - New Vernon in Jersey.
All right, Barnes, you jump onto that.
The rest of us will dig into the victims, see what else we can get from ERT.
We need to prioritize finding Fiona's boss, Colin Kent.
From what this Anita Hoffman says, he was the one using her boat.
- Get his home address? - Yeah, I just sent it.
Meet me there? No, send the others.
You and I cover his office.
More likely he's there right now.
Copy that.
Any word on Crosby? Not yet.
I'm worried.
It's taking so long.
I know.
Me too.
And I'm also thinking about those girls on the yacht.
They were so young.
I know.
You know, at that age, when I met a man, I was on alert.
Fiona's the reason they let their guard down.
They felt safe with her.
And they never saw him coming.
- Clear! - Clear! Doesn't look like this guy spends much time here.
Doesn't look like anybody spends any time here.
- There's nothing personal.
- Feels like a hotel.
Hey, yo, it's Jess.
Hey, boss.
- Get any luck? - Gone, if he ever was here.
This place is spotless.
He's not at work, either, but OA's guys got onto Julia's second phone, and there were dozens of texts between her and this missing girl Sunny.
We pinged the number, and the phone's on.
I'll send you the address.
Yes, sir.
- Zdravo.
- Yeah, hey.
It's me.
It's raining.
You need an umbrella? Yeah.
Come to Zagreb.
We have the good wines from Plesivica now.
Yeah, I have a gift for you, too, from America.
It's your favorite.
Safe travels.
FBI, open the door! Put your hands in the air! Are you Sunny? No, I-I'm Jamie.
Sunny's my roommate.
We tracked her phone here.
Where is she? I don't know.
I got home, like, two hours ago.
She was gone.
Stop right there! Stop right there! Don't move! Fiona.
Jess! Is this Sunny? Her name's Madison, but yes, that's what the girls call her.
Why would she leave without taking her phone? She wouldn't.
So you're sheep's clothing for the wolf.
The girls trusted Kent 'cause they trusted you, another woman.
I'm just his employee.
Uh, is it typical for an employee to front a shell corporation for their boss? If someone paid you just to put your name on a document, would you ask questions? I would.
Yeah, I don't think you and I have a lot in common.
Since when is it a crime to not know everything that your boss is doing? Uh, um.
- You knew about the parties.
- Right.
But what happens behind closed doors, not my business.
So you knew something was happening behind closed doors.
Not knew, but I maybe wondered.
Do you hear yourself? My ex can lie better, and that's saying something.
It's the truth.
I didn't know about the girls, and I don't know where Colin is.
Do you think it's somewhat coincidental that two passports were missing from the yacht, and you and Jamie had two passports? Yours is a fake, which is another charge, by the way.
We were leaving.
Why run if you're innocent? We weren't running from you.
We were running from Colin.
He's going to kill us.
Colin Kent, he's the one that introduced me to Vitamin K.
Ketamine? It made it easier.
Made what easier? Sex.
I wanted to pay him back because he'd been so nice.
And then he asked me If one of his friends could come in.
And it kind of went from there.
And when it hurt, he told me to take my vitamin.
After a few years, they said they wanted to grow the family.
Nicole came in, and we found more girls, including Julia.
Then a few months ago, I found Sunny.
She was a runaway like me, so.
Everybody loved her, especially Julia.
And you don't know where Sunny is now? Isn't it obvious? Colin took her.
How old were you when you met Fiona? She's claiming she's not involved in any of this.
Is that true? She's lying.
I can prove it.
How? I'm gonna need my cell phone back.
That's Colin Kent, that's you, and that's a 15-year-old runaway named Sunny having sex.
So you want to tell us again how you were just an employee? That video's enough to put you in federal prison for the rest of your life as a convicted sex offender.
Won't that be fun? I want a deal.
You're gonna have to give us something.
We're already looking for Colin Kent.
You think we're the only guilty ones here? Takes two to tango.
You're gonna need a bigger piece of paper.
Politicians, businessmen, dot-com millionaires, they were all having sex with underage girls? That's what Fiona said.
This guy right here, Pierre Nagy, he's the one that Tate's hitman took out in Budapest, because he introduced Tate to Kent, so Tate wanted him dead to erase the connection.
Guys, there are people on this list from all over the world.
According to Fiona, Kent kept the girls in two pods and rotated them between cities to keep the product fresh.
New York, Budapest, Paris, some island in the Biminis.
That's where Efraim Amit was flying, except his cargo wasn't guns or drugs.
It was girls.
So what does Kent get out of all this? Money.
He ropes these guys in.
As soon as they had sex, they get a call, "Invest in my special fund, or your secret gets out.
" Isobel, my guess is that Tate didn't want to pay, so he took out his own hit on the girls to cover his exposure.
Kent got word of that, of course, and took out his own hit on Tate, in case he wanted to sing to the feds.
You think Kent knew that you and Maggie were about to arrest Tate.
Yeah, I mean, a guy like this, I wouldn't put anything past him.
These people are scum.
They're the lowest of the low.
If Kent has Sunny, she probably wishes she were dead like the other girls.
I have never wanted to find somebody this bad my whole career.
So what's the play? We're gonna bring in each of these guys off the list, start asking questions? We need to be strategic.
First one we talk to is either gonna lawyer up or talk to the others, maybe both.
I want to start with Richard Cox.
The hedge fund guy.
Well, he's already in trouble with the SEC.
Maybe we could leverage that.
Ortiz, get us an address.
Rest of us are gonna start digging through Kent's financials.
I want the name of every single investor on that fund.
Somebody's gonna know where this guy is! [SUNNY SOBBING.]
You're not listening to me.
Stop crying.
Yes, I am.
Look, this isn't a request.
I said stop crying! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Colin, I'm in the middle of a job.
I don't care.
You're on my payroll.
So when I need something, nothing else matters.
What you're asking for, it's big.
It's gonna take some time.
Then I suggest you stop arguing and get off your ass unless you want me to call your wife and tell her about that girl.
What, how old was she? 15, 16, Gareth, huh? Gonna have to pull out the pictures to remember.
How much do you want? All of it, from the beginning.
Go now, don't let anybody see you, and I'll arrange the pickup.
And Gareth, leave your cell phone on.
I don't have anything to hide.
Were you having a relationship with an underage girl? It wasn't a relationship.
It was sex one time.
- And she was 21.
- What, you checked her ID? Colin told me, and so did she.
- What was her name? - I don't remember.
If I did, I'd probably try and call her again.
Why don't you ask Colin? I don't know where that guy is.
You don't call him.
He calls you.
After this night with the girl, did he ask you to invest in one of his funds? - Yeah, and I jumped at it.
- Why? 'Cause the guy is a genius with money.
I felt honored to be asked.
And how much did you give him? I didn't give him anything.
I invested 10 million cash.
Hold on.
So you give him $10 million, and you don't where he's at, and you don't talk to him? It's no different from your 401(K).
I trusted him.
Look, I think somebody is jerking your chain here.
Everyone in finance knew about Colin's parties Celebrities, big hitters, gorgeous girls.
Where were the parties? Sometimes on his yacht, usually at his house.
You mean his apartment on the Upper East Side? No, I'm talking about his place on 77th near Central Park West.
It's not an apartment.
We call it the mansion.
Kent has a mansion on the West Side? I assume it was his.
FBI, anybody here? Hello! [UNSETTLING MUSIC.]
Oh, my God.
He's got the whole place wired.
Bedrooms, massage rooms, master bath.
Not surprising.
He's got the system hardwired, probably to a local network.
There's got to be a rack around here somewhere.
And here we go.
We got baluns for each camera, backup power, LAN ports.
A lot of these systems use Wi-Fi, but not this one.
There isn't even a cloud server.
Yeah, I'm not really a tech guy.
Well, neither am I, but two years ago, we busted a dealer in South Beach.
He had a similar system for security, so I had to learn about it before testifying in court.
I don't think Kent is using this for security.
Nope, that's why he wouldn't risk Wi-Fi.
Whatever these cameras recorded, someone could potentially hack in.
All clear.
This is a whole new level of creep.
Hey, guys, somebody was just here.
Come check this out.
Wires are cut.
Yep, deck was ripped from the rack.
No reason to do that unless you're in a hurry.
By deck, you mean recording server.
Yeah, so whatever video was caught on those cameras would be stored on it.
God knows what that could be.
Pressure's down.
- Keep giving him blood.
- Still dropping.
More lap pads.
I think we're losing him.
Hole in the iliac artery.
Just keep giving him blood.
That Zadie? Yeah, apparently there's been a complication with Crosby.
- What kind of complication? - They won't tell her.
All they're saying is it's taking longer than usual, and they'll update her when they know something.
She sounded pretty upset.
It's the best hospital in the city, and Kenny's a fighter.
I know this is hard, but we have to trust in his doctors and focus on what we can control.
- We okay with that? - Yes, thank you, I'll hold.
- Yes, sir.
- Yeah.
We got a hit on a surveillance cam.
- Is it Colin Kent? - It's unclear.
Didn't get anyone coming or going from the mansion, but it did catch this.
A helicopter.
Taking off from the roof of a nearby building five minutes before we got there.
Tail number traces to a company co-owned by Kent.
So we did just miss him.
I assume the FAA's tracking.
She's on with him right now.
Nothing so far, which means they're probably flying under 1,000 feet.
It could take some time.
Anything on those other surveillance cams? There's only one, and nothing.
It's a quiet neighborhood.
We got him.
Tail number just landed two minutes ago in Montauk.
- Where in Montauk? - 1722 Windcrest.
It is a private residence on the ocean owned by 35th & Topp, Limited, one of Kent's shell companies.
Alert SWAT and PD, and grab OA from upstairs.
I'm gonna get us our own chopper.
He's in the study.
This way.
- Where is he? - Study.
- Did you get it? - Yeah.
What took you so long? Told you, it's a big download, a lot of files, a lot of encryption.
- Is that it? - Yeah.
- Going all the way back? - Yeah.
Show me.
Look, man, I did what you asked, all right? There are a lot of files on this thing, and I'm really nervous just being here, so if we could just get things going Gareth.
Sit down and show me.
- Is PD here? - Not sure; We just rolled up.
- Shots fired! Stay low! Bravo team, with me! All right, everybody with SWAT.
We split up and surround.
OA, you good? - Yep.
- Kristin, you're with me.
- Copy.
- Let's go.
Bravo team, on me.
Alpha, split.
- Eyes high.
- Left, left, left.
Officer's down.
Second officer down.
Front entrance.
Officers down.
I repeat, officers down.
1722 Windcrest.
Send ambulances ASAP.
Okay, go.
Get EMT out here right away.
Their ETA is five minutes.
What is that noise? Can you take over for me? - Is it a plane? - Oh, my God.
It's a plane.
Come on! Jess, he's got a plane! Twin-engine jets.
Plane's already in the air.
- He shot me! - It's okay.
We're the FBI.
Who are you? He freaking shot me.
Who did, Colin Kent? - Do you work for him? - I hate that guy.
He's the devil.
- Clear! - Clear.
Sir, we're gonna get you some help, but I need you to answer me.
Was that Colin Kent on that plane? [GROANS.]
I don't know.
Did he have a young girl with him? Yeah, I saw her.
She was hurt, so scared.
- Where were they going? - I don't know.
All he said was to bring the videos.
What videos? And I did, and I put them on the laptop, and I gave it to him, and he shot me.
All right, listen to me.
I never should have trusted him.
I have a wife.
Listen to me.
I need to know what's on those videos.
What's on the laptop? Everything.

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