FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e02 Episode Script


1 One popular day trip is to start at the Lincoln Memorial, then head east along the Reflection Pools to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
We were looking for something more upbeat.
Are the Nationals playing today? Ah.
They're on the road.
Well, how about a visit to the Smithsonian? There is a lovely dim sum restaurant nearby in Chinatown that all of our guests rave about.
Have you ever had xiao long bao? - They got a tiki bar? - Let me check.
I told you we should have just gone to Vegas.
I mean, is Chinatown even safe? [GUESTS SCREAMING.]
Hey, we've got a hunter-jumper coming in today from Kentucky.
Look at this beauty.
Tali? I have a geometry test today.
Are the answers on your phone? Oh, somebody missed the bus.
Dad, nobody rides the bus to high school.
Daniel's driving me.
Daniel, the skateboard kid? Yeah, he got his junior license last week.
- I told her I'd drop her.
- Dad, it's fine.
- That's him.
You didn't even eat your breakfast.
Cereal's a calorie bomb.
Bunch of carbs and sugars and GMOs.
I gotta go.
She's been eating the same breakfast since she was three years old.
She's growing up, Jess.
Get ready for hormones 'cause here they come.
Ah, it can't be that bad.
That's what my parents thought.
What's with the rug? I got it for the dining room.
We never had a rug in the dining room.
I know.
Triple homicide in Washington.
Okay, first order of business, a quick update.
Hana's sister is moving to Connecticut to be with their mother, so we should have her back in the next few weeks.
Crosby is home with his family, and his doctors are optimistic, but he's got a long road ahead of him.
I'm sure he'd like hearing from you if you get a chance.
I sent him flowers yesterday.
And I sent him a whole brisket from Texas.
That should last him a day.
Sounds good.
Meanwhile, Isobel expedited my request, so Kristin is officially on the team.
You find a place to stay? Yeah, an Airbnb on Houston my daughter found.
- It's How-ston.
- Oh.
It's a weird New York pronunciation thing.
Any questions or concerns, just ask me or them.
We work as a team here.
- I appreciate it.
- Okay.
So what do we got? This was 8:30 this morning at the Potomac House Hotel in D.
The woman is Callie Martin, age 23, the hotel concierge.
Guy in the suit is Phillip Harris, off-duty park policeman working hotel security.
The third victim was a hotel guest caught in the crossfire.
Park policeman is a federal officer.
That's why they called us.
Shooter's a white male in his 30s, 6'0", 180, give or take.
Callie was clearly the target.
He made a beeline directly for the concierge desk.
- Like he'd been there before.
- Cool, calm, and collected.
Very professional.
Maybe a gun for hire? I asked Metro PD to pull traffic cams and street video.
Maybe we'll get lucky, catch some plates.
Somebody wanted this young woman dead.
I'm guessing it was somebody she knew.
When we get to D.
, Ortiz and I will check out the hotel.
You and Barnes can cover Callie's family.
That sounds good.
Hana's with her mom, and Crosby's at home.
Starting to feel like the party where you don't know anybody.
Miss Miami takes point on her first day? Boss didn't even flinch.
Different vibe for sure.
Callie came to work for us two years ago after she graduated from Maryland.
She grew up in D.
, so she was the perfect fit for the concierge desk.
Phillip has been moonlighting here for five years.
He has a wife, two kids.
I'm sorry.
This is just so awful.
It's all right.
It's okay.
Were there any issues with Callie and your other staff, a former employee maybe? No, she had a good word for everybody.
If it was your birthday, she'd bring doughnuts.
Run-ins or complaints from any hotel guests recently? No, not really.
Callie was bright and pretty.
I know there were hotel guests who hit on her from time to time, but she would pass it off with a smile.
This man targeted her, okay? What does your gut say? I can't make sense of it.
All I can tell you is that the last week or so, she didn't seem like her normal, cheerful self.
Something wasn't right with her.
We're very sorry for your loss, Mr.
Who would do this to her? It's too early to say.
Yeah, I know the drill.
I'm 18 years on the job.
Metro Police.
At least I was till this.
Was that a line of duty injury? - January 6th.
- The Capitol Insurrection.
Tore my ACL during the attack.
Needed surgery.
That's when Callie moved in here, helped me out.
Thanks for your service.
That was a rough day.
It was.
I'm on medical leave now.
Hopefully I can get back to patrol.
Well, it seems as if your daughter may have been targeted.
She have any romantic issues or money problems? She had a good job, no rent since she moved in here.
Boys, we didn't talk about.
Concierge from the hotel? One problem solved.
Yo, you think Chester gonna green light that Richmond deal now? I don't see why not.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, no.
Where the hell he come from? How fast were you going, moron? Not a click over 50, man.
- Stash the beers.
- Okay, okay.
Easy movements, brother.
Nice and chill.
You ain't been drinking.
Relax, Travis.
Truck's clean.
Unless he sees what I tossed out the window.
- How's it going, boys? - Damn, Eddie.
You freaked the living crap out of us, man.
Cole Baker's got the only black F150 in the county rocking stars and bars tag frame.
Thought I'd say howdy.
- How you doing, man? - How you doing, Travis? All good, man.
Hey, I heard you're a daddy again.
- July the 4th.
- Is that right? Her name is Jamie.
You want to see a picture? Uh, actually, man, we're kind of in a hurry.
Congrats, Eddie.
Sound our regards to Caroline.
- I will, I will.
- Okay.
Hey, Travis, you take care of that court thing? Working on it.
- All right.
- All right.
I'll get it done.
Any news from Metro Homicide? We found a fingerprint at the hotel that may or may not be the shooter.
It's not in the system.
They do a trash canvass for the gun? All the receptacles on his way into the subway - came up empty.
Okay, just got the data points from the Transit Authority.
There were 43 Smart Trip passes used right after our shooter entered the station.
26 purchased with credit cards, 17 in cash.
Well, shooter's familiar with the hotel lobby.
If he stayed there, maybe he used the same credit card.
One Visa pops on both lists.
Jolene Baker of Capon Bridge, West Virginia.
She booked a room for three nights, arriving January 4th this year.
I was in D.
in January to shop at the boutiques.
Choices in this neck of the woods are flannel, denim, or camo.
How about yesterday? Uh, yesterday I never left the house.
Hey, Brady, turn the racket down.
Yes, ma'am.
The reason we're asking is someone used a Smart Trip Pass charged to your credit card.
At the Anacostia Metro station.
I've never heard of it.
Is that your husband? That's my Cole.
Minus a few pounds.
- Where was he yesterday? - At work.
I just realized, when I stayed at the Potomac House in January, I left my Smart Pass on the night stand as a tip for the maid.
I mean, it could be anywhere by now.
All right.
Thanks, Mrs.
Good luck.
Jolene Baker's husband doesn't fit the physical profile of our shooter.
We got into Callie's phone.
Texts, emails, search history.
Check this out.
She spent a ton of time on the FBI website, the Capitol Violence tab in particular.
January 6th, the day her father was injured.
What was she looking at specifically? Fugitive pages.
Unsubs wanted for assaults on police officers.
It's easy to forget what we all witnessed that day.
Or what we pretend never happened.
That's weird.
Most of Callie's activity on that site came during work hours at the hotel.
We need to go see that hotel manager again.
You're right.
All those searches were done while she was out front at the concierge desk.
She was sorting through our security scans.
When a guest checks in, we require a scan of a driver's license or a passport.
The ID scans she was sorting through, were those guests here on January 6th? January 4th through the 7th.
Seems to me like she was trying to match the wanted photos on her cell phone to the hotel guests on the server, right? Yeah.
Were there any phone calls from her extension to the FBI tip line? Three.
Think she was playing detective? Seeing if she could find who hurt her father? That would explain why she was going through the photos on the FBI website.
She probably realized one of the fugitives stayed at her hotel.
One of them realized what she was doing.
And they murdered her for it.
Callie never used her name on the tip line.
But we can unmask the calls if we need to.
- Why'd you unmask her call? - Her first tip was a home run.
That's an informant we need to put a name to.
And who else would know her identity? The bureau and Justice.
Unless there was a leak on her end of things.
Thank you.
Was there any prior connection between Callie and the three men she ID'd? None that I could see.
Bill Kominsky, an electrician from Erie, Pennsylvania.
Rank and file Proud Boy.
Evan Graham, Proud Boys-adjacent, also from Erie.
The big fish was Milton Krabbe, highly influential in the Three Percenters militia group.
We have him here in custody.
A lot of these guys are ex-military.
Krabbe served in Afghanistan and the Ohio National Guard.
We trust these guys to keep us safe.
Now they want to start a civil war and overthrow our government.
Trained to kill and hiding in plain sight.
And doing what all insurgents do after a setback Reconstitute, recruit, re-arm.
If one of those three put a hit out on Callie, Krabbe's the top of my list.
Jess LaCroix, Fugitive Task Force.
Well, Special Agent LaCroix, clearly you're not here because I'm a fugitive.
You were until three weeks ago.
Well, that was the result of a misunderstanding, which I'm assured by counsel will be cleared up in short order.
State's case here is a pile of malarkey.
There's video of Mr.
Krabbe attacking a Capitol police officer.
Who was trying to violate my First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly.
You've now been implicated in a murder.
At the Capitol? One of your fellow Three Percenters shot the woman who identified you.
And who might that fellow be? Well, we're not gonna jeopardize his or her family.
- Ah.
- Why'd they kill her? To avenge your arrest or to protect somebody else? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
Get out in front of this, and we'll pass it on to Justice.
Snitch on my brothers? No way.
Worst-case scenario, my client gets pardoned once the current illegitimate administration is ousted from power.
Y'all should get on the right side of history.
We're in a battle for the soul of our republic.
When you gonna wake up, start defending your God-given Constitutional rights? Krabbe stonewalled us.
He's under the delusion that he and his fellow Three Percenters are heroes.
Apparently, his attorney is a true believer too.
Jed Ferguson.
I wasn't impressed.
He called it the State's case, but Krabbe's facing federal charges.
So it's the government's case.
Well, that's what you'd say if you knew your way around a federal courthouse.
Jed Ferguson.
Jed Ferguson.
Solo practitioner in Winchester, Virginia.
Mm, Krabbe's from Ohio.
What's he doing fighting serious federal charges with a small-town Virginia lawyer? Checking to see if Ferguson has any other clients with open criminal matters.
Okay, he filed a Notice of Appearance for a man named Travis Baker in an assault case.
Baker? As in Jolene Baker? Travis is Jolene's brother-in-law.
She's married to his brother Cole.
Travis lives in Frederick County, Virginia, across the state line.
6'1", 190.
He could definitely be our shooter.
He's Marines, Second Battalion, 2004 to 2008.
That's the same company as Milton Krabbe.
Did Travis stay at the Potomac House in January? Yep, he and his brother Cole checked in to the room Jolene booked.
Travis Baker is our shooter.
Let's rendezvous in Virginia, and let's coordinate a raid with Frederick County PD.
Morning, Chester.
How's it hanging? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Nice work, Jolene, very nice.
Kept a couple for the big day.
When do we hit that damn traitor? Soon.
We got three teams chomping at the bit to go Richmond.
But like the man said, stand back and stand by.
There was a motel at the last exit.
We need to get back.
Call Cole and say Chester was late.
I think he knows what's going on with us.
No way.
My brother's clueless.
What's in it for me? We'll figure something out.
Get in.
Town's been talking.
We don't get the FBI here much.
Baker bought this land in '09, 20 acres up hard against a rocky outcrop we call Fossil Hill.
Only access is from State Road 617.
So there's no other way to bring backup in? Vehicles, no.
You can bring manpower on foot by the woods.
Any family in the house? No, he's there by himself.
Baker has an open assault case here? What's that about? Neighbor completing about loud explosions near their property line.
Travis punched him in the face.
Sounds like he might be testing some kind of IED.
Yeah, wouldn't surprise me.
One thing I know for sure is, Baker has got a very short fuse.
Travis, feds in town.
Get your ass up.
Travis! [GUNSHOT.]
Deputies were supposed to be posted up on the road.
Officer down.
Get the EMTs up here.
That was meant for us.
Travis left in a hurry right after he smashed his cell phone.
Just enough time to rig a spring gun.
With a printer.
He must have grabbed his laptop on the way out.
Cole and Jolene Baker skipped out too.
Their RV's gone; Someone must have tipped them off.
High-end machine like this has to have memory.
Let's take a look at the last few print jobs.
Callie Martin's DMV photo.
There's a phone number and extension scribbled at the bottom.
Potomac House, concierge desk.
- How can I help you? - Sorry, wrong number.
Somebody outed Callie to Travis.
Can we trace the source of the file from the memory in the printer? It's digital.
I don't see why not.
Yeah, I'll work on it.
Where's the safety? - Here.
- Good, yeah.
Safety on.
Safety off.
It's always on unless you need to shoot.
- Where's the mag release? - [MAGAZINE RELEASE CLICKS.]
It is happening or what? - Damn right it's happening.
- When? Could be next week.
Could be next month.
We don't got till next month.
That bitch sold us out.
We need go to Richmond, we gotta grab her up from Capitol Square and put her on trial.
She stole the damn election.
That's treason.
The longer we wait, the harder it's gonna be to make this thing right.
Now that Krabbe's wrapped up, it's up to Chester.
So we, uh, just sit here in the woods and wait? That's on you.
You got photo'd in D.
with that flag.
And I had to go clean up your mess.
Oh, okay.
At least I did something beside running my mouth.
- Hey, where's Dad going? - Daddy needs a timeout.
So we're staying here for a month? I don't know, kiddo.
But you're probably gonna miss school for a while.
That's okay.
They don't teach us anything real.
Check this out.
It's the data from Travis' printer.
I can pinpoint where the file with Callie's info originated.
It was transmitted by our NTOC in Clarksburg three days before she was murdered.
Somebody in the bureau got her killed.
Yep, one of us.
There's a fox in the henhouse.
I got this.
Take Barnes.
She's good in a room.
There must be some mistake.
All I do is answer calls and emails on the tip line.
Well, that's not all you do, Specialist Kelly.
First, you sent this to Travis Baker.
And then Travis Baker did this.
Now, you have a choice.
Lawyer up, and I promise I'll bring the full weight of the Justice Department down on you.
Or you could tell us how this happened, get our recommendation for leniency, maybe you don't spend the next ten years in Hazelton.
I was working the 800 tip line last week, and a call came in.
The woman gave the reference number to one of the Capitol videos on our website and said that it was Cole Baker from Capon Bridge, West Virginia, on the video.
So I got his wife on the phone, Jolene.
Why? Those people were supporting our president.
By assaulting cops and destroying federal property? Jolene said, "Yeah, her husband was "in Washington that day, and it would be a shame if he got arrested just for being there," so I I told her I wouldn't log in the tip.
That wasn't the end of it, was it? Jolene rang me back that night.
She asked if I could find out who made the call.
She said her husband was with some important people, and this woman was gonna land them all in jail.
They wanted to ask her to stop.
So you unmasked the call for them.
I emailed her DMV photo to Cole's brother.
I thought these people were patriotic Americans.
I swear, I had no idea they could do something like this.
- Nice work.
- Yeah, you too.
Look, Sheryll, I'm not here to replace anybody.
Jess has a great team.
I just want to do my part.
Thanks for saying that.
It's gonna be torture with Cole around 24/7 now.
And watching you load mags makes it even harder.
I see what you mean.
What the hell? I told you to stay with Brady in the camper.
So you can put the moves on my wife? Relax, Cole, it was nothing.
Is that right, Travis? Nothing? Get back to the camper before you get hurt, little brother.
I'm so tired of you telling me what to do.
Bro, you don't want to do that.
Travis, no! Jolene! [PANICKED GRUNTING.]
Oh, no.
No! Travis Trav Trav Who's it gonna be, Jolene? Finish what you started.
God, no! [CHOKING.]
Ah! Mind your kid in the camper while I get rid of the body.
Cole was right about one thing.
We're not waiting for an invitation to Richmond.
It's time to get the ball rolling right here.
I love you.
Agents are scouring every campground and state park within a 100-mile radius.
No one's laid eyes on the Bakers' RV.
Or nobody's saying.
It's not just law enforcement we can't trust.
This part of the country's blood red.
Red, blue, it shouldn't matter.
Four murders goes beyond politics.
Bureau wiretaps on the Three Percenters are picking up a lot of nasty chatter about the Virginia attorney general.
The one who certified the state's election results? Make sure they alert her office in Virginia.
Good chances she's the Bakers' next target.
Like the kidnapping plot against the Michigan governor.
What - What the? - What? - Everybody down! Get down! - [GUNFIRE.]
Get down! Get down now! Get down! It's LaCroix.
We need help.
Backup's on the way.
Coms in, everybody.
Seems like just one shooter.
Assault rifle rounds.
This place is not meant to withstand an ambush.
I'm going out there.
I'm not sure that's a good idea.
We're sitting ducks.
- Get down! Get down! Everybody, down! Stop right there! Stop! [YELLS.]
It's Jolene, but I lost her.
She's in a tan Toyota on the road parallel to the back side of the ridge.
- Which direction? - Headed south.
Let's go.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go! Stop the car.
Chain's cut.
Not a bad spot to hole up in.
Okay, Hawksbill Gravel went out of business in 2013.
Company went into bankruptcy.
Check it out ourselves or wait for reinforcements? I don't want to waste time and manpower.
Let's go in and take a look.
- It's an ambush.
- Back out.
Muzzle flashes on both sides.
They lured us right into their kill zone.
Travis learned his lessons.
This is straight out of the Fallujah playbook.
Time to call for backup.
We're gonna be here for a while.
Could be four people in those buildings, Travis, Cole, Jolene Baker, and their son, Brady.
If there's a kid in there, it limits our options.
Last thing we need here is another Waco.
You're right.
Smaller building looks like it was a business office.
Larger structure could be some kind of storage facility.
Kristin, take a small team and secure that flank.
But keep your distance.
I think I can sneak in close enough to throw them a drop phone.
We're done with heroics for the moment.
They're not going anywhere.
Let's wait them out.
See what their next move is.
They got a position on us.
About 200 yards away.
- How y'all doing in here? - Good for now.
Hey, where's my dad? Daddy's guarding the repair shed.
Yeah, well, I got some bad news.
The feds shot Cole out there.
He's dead.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, honey.
It's okay.
You're the man of the house now.
- Agent Gaines.
- Dig him out.
What do you got? Just found Cole Baker dead in a pile of gravel.
Abrasions on his neck.
He was strangled.
- Copy that.
- Dissention in the ranks? Looks like Travis might have killed his brother.
Let's get a helo with a NightSun up.
I want to keep the pressure on after dark.
What's the plan? Call Chester for help.
You think he's gonna put his ass on the line for us now? Hell, yeah, he's got tons of guys aching for a fight.
You had 2,000 men and couldn't take the Capitol.
Because they had the guns that day.
This is what Three Percent is all about.
We're the spark that sets off the revolution.
This is it, Jolene, right here.
This is our Lexington and Concord.
Brady, come over here, son.
We need you to be a brave little soldier now for your dad.
You think you can do that? Come on, man up.
Let's go, buddy.
Let's go.
- Helo is wheels up, ETA in 20.
- Thanks.
Jess, kid's got a gun.
Kristin, talk to us.
What's going on? Easy, Brady, easy.
My name's Kristin.
I need you to lay that gun on the ground for me, okay? - Ortiz, you got eyes on this? - You're in the FBI.
- That's right.
- I don't see her, boss.
You're the one who shot my father? No, I didn't.
None of us did.
- Liar.
- No.
I think Travis killed him.
No, he He wouldn't do that.
Do you want to see for yourself? I'm not putting my gun down.
Okay, okay.
Can we lower them together? Good.
Now, walk with me.
They won't hurt you, I promise.
Stand down.
Dad I'm sorry about your dad, Brady.
Nobody shot him, see? There's no blood.
Look at the marks on his neck, though.
Somebody choked your father, somebody strong.
Why'd they send you out here? So I could grab the burner phone, to call for help.
Nobody can help you now but me, Brady.
You need to help your mom now.
How? You're gonna put the gun down, and we're gonna walk out of here together.
And I promise, when your mom sees that, she's gonna come out and come with us 'cause I know how much she loves you.
What about Uncle Travis? We're gonna put him in jail for what he did.
Ready? Are you seeing this? I can smoke her, no problem.
Brady will come running back here! Then what? Chester's not gonna leave us hanging out here dry.
I'm going with my son.
No, you're not.
Brady! Brady! Brady! Brady! Brady! [SOLEMN MUSIC.]
Whatever happened to keep your distance? Had to change the play at the line of scrimmage.
You can't do that without telling the team.
I was just following my gut.
Your gut is fine.
As long as it doesn't get the rest of us killed.
That was a nice shot.
Thank you for that.
Of course.
What if we just don't tell him? You know I can't do that.
Can we at least wait until after the weekend? Good evening, ladies.
What's going on? I got sent home from school today.
What? Why? I got caught vaping outside the gym.
Vaping? You mean smoking pot? No, Dad, I'm not an idiot.
Still, do you know how bad that is for you? It's not like I do it all the time.
Some kids go out there after lunch.
They asked me to come over, and I took a few dabs.
Well, you don't have to do something just because everybody else is joining.
So basically, I can't have fun? That's not what I'm saying.
I just have to follow every single stupid little rule 'cause my dad's in the FBI.
- Tali.
- This is so dumb.
Vaping's not even illegal! Actually, it is if you're a minor Nobody asked you! Go to your room.
I'm sorry you had to deal with this.
It's okay.
You gonna punish her? Oh, I just did.
By sending her to her room? It's not a big deal.
She'll learn her lesson.
She's testing you, Jess.
If you don't set limits now, it's only gonna get worse later on.
She's a good kid.
She's been going through a lot lately.
We all have.
You mean Hugh.
She saw a man get shot in the dining room.
You can put a rug in there if you want to, but it's not gonna change what she's going through.
I'm just trying to cut her some slack.
Look, um, I've told you that I'm sorry for ever bringing Hugh into your lives, and, um I know! I know! I'm not blaming you.
I'm just saying What? I don't know what I'm saying.
Just don't be mad, please.
- No, I'm not mad.
- Yes, you are.
I'm not.
But I am gonna go for a run.

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