FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e021 Episode Script


1 Take this moment to finish our session with one long, deep breath.
And inhale.
Emma, we're gonna be late.
Let's go.
You guys rocked this today.
You are amazing.
Oh, my God, that was so much fun.
Emma, now.
I have golf in 20 minutes.
- [SIGHS.]
- Come on.
Do you need a ride, Cassandra? Oh, no, I've got my car.
Thank you.
Oh, how's your knee? I noticed you made a modification for it today.
Steve wants me to have surgery.
That's a big decision.
You should try Feldenkrais.
What's that? Another modality.
Super helpful with pain.
I was gonna offer it in my studio when it opened.
What do you mean was? Was there a problem? The space I was looking at I came up with the down payment, but then the city inspector found some issues.
It's small stuff.
I just don't have the cash, so I'm not gonna go through with the deal.
You have to.
- Take out a loan.
- Oh, I can't.
I'm descended from very frugal Dutch people.
We don't do debt.
Plus, my credit isn't exactly the best.
Maybe I can help.
No, Molly, I can't ask you to do that.
Why not? As women, we have to help each other rise up.
We're all so excited for you, and to be honest, I would much rather do class in your studio than my backyard.
Will Steve be okay with it? Oh, please, Steve doesn't control what I do.
I insist.
How much do you need? [HEARTWARMING MUSIC.]
Hi, guys.
What a nice surprise.
Please come on in.
I was just having some wine.
Look at this place.
You're broke, huh? I never said I was broke.
I have a friend in the building department.
That space you're buying was inspected a week ago.
- They didn't find any problems.
- That's not what he told me.
You said you moved here from Rhode Island, right? Yes.
You rented a room and a house there while you were at Brown? Oh, what does this have to do with anything? Guys, what's going on? My wife gave you money today, and I am here to take it back.
She didn't give me anything.
It was a loan.
I already cashed the check.
I'll make this very simple.
Return the money now, or I am going to the police.
Of course.
My checkbook's right over here.
There's no reason to be so mean.
I am done with her, Molly.
Take it out on me.
It's not her fault.
We're gonna talk about this at home.
We're gonna get the money, and we're gonna go.
Here you go.
Problem solved.
Why did you ask me about Rhode Island? Why did you lie about it? I checked.
You never graduated from Brown.
What? Why are you checking up on her? - The woman is a liar, Molly.
- Oh, my God.
I think I will go to the police.
You don't need to do that.
Oh, my God! Cassandra! ♪ [WHISTLE TRILLS.]
- One, two, three.
ALL: Family.
Whoo! Appreciate it.
You were phenomenal out there, man.
You were great.
I'm impressed you guys get up this early to do this.
- Don't be.
Most of us don't have jobs.
Some of are going to O'Brien's for some beers.
- You coming? - No, I'm good.
- Oh, come on.
- No, I'm good, man.
- Thank you, though.
- It's rugby tradition.
Gotta deal with this.
Hold on.
You need to relax, man.
I am telling you.
I just need a few more hours.
Hey, George, you all right? [SIGHS.]
Just some guy I did some DJ'ing for.
He stiffed me, and he never paid, so - Need me to go talk to him? - No, no, no.
It's good.
I'm used to guys like that.
Kind of sketchy, so [PHONE BUZZES.]
Hey, I gotta get to work.
You gonna be all right? Yeah.
Hey, great hit on Todzo.
That guy's always been a loudmouth, and you rattled his bones, bro.
Steve and Molly Forde shot to death in the Hamptons last night by Molly's personal trainer, Cassandra Mason.
They leave behind their 17-year-old daughter, Emma.
The story made all the papers today.
- Were the Fordes famous? - No, just rich.
Murdered in the Hamptons is a big story.
Murdered in the Hamptons by your personal trainer gets you the cover.
This is Cassandra Mason.
35, single, no family in the area, works mostly at her clients' homes, but recently made an offer on a building in Sag Harbor to open her own studio.
And what were the Fordes doing in her apartment? Unclear.
Both their cell phones were taken, along with Steve's wallet and Molly's purse.
PD said it looks like Cassandra packed a few things and ran.
BOLO's out on her Honda Civic.
I can try tracking the cell phones.
Already tried.
Both are turned off, maybe even destroyed by now.
Why did this get kicked up to us? Because of this.
She left her passport behind, and it's a fake.
Can you see what gives it away? Nothing because it's a world-class forgery.
The kind cartel kingpins pay 50 grand for.
Who figured out it was fake? CID ran the social and got it flagged.
No credit history or birth certificates, either.
50 grand and she left it behind? It's worthless to her now.
Cassandra Mason's wanted for a double murder.
It's time for a new identity.
Exactly, and whoever this is, she's not just an imposter.
She's also a killer.
Ortiz, you and Hana take the crime scene.
Kristin and I will go talk to the daughter.
Let's roll.
So how long were you her landlady? A little over a year.
Cassandra really was the sweetest, nicest person.
Are you sure she was the one who did this? Yeah, unless she has a roommate.
No, it was just her.
Did you ever have problems with her? Not at all.
She was quiet.
She kept the place nice.
Although she was a few months behind on rent.
Well, it sure looks like she has plenty of money.
Did she say why? Her parents are sick.
They live one town over, and they don't have health insurance.
And she was stretched so thin, I just felt really bad for her.
Do you have a name or address for her parents? No, I never met them.
Why? Just we don't have any record of family in the area.
Do you think she was lying to me? - Could be.
- Ivan, you should see this.
Excuse me.
What's all this? Shopaholic is a word that comes to mind.
- Yeah.
- Amazon, Chanel, Prada.
A pair of these Jimmy Choos goes for at least 1,000 bucks.
Damn, I should've been a yoga instructor.
Where'd she get all this money? Most of it's ordered online, so she either has a really high credit limit or Or she stole someone's credit cards.
I'll start digging and freeze her accounts.
- Is that a checkbook? - Yeah.
Looks like the last check Cassandra wrote was for 25,000 to Steve Forde dated yesterday.
What's that about? ♪ They were arguing about money.
Your mom and dad.
When was this? Last night.
Mom came to Dad and told him that she gave Cassandra a loan to start her new studio, and Dad wasn't yelling at first.
He was just like, "You should've told me.
" And Mom was just like, "I don't have to tell you.
It's my money, too, and it's just a loan.
" And Cassandra was gonna pay it back.
And that's when Dad went ballistic 'cause he just didn't believe that.
He never liked Cassandra.
When's the last time you saw Cassandra? Yesterday.
She taught a class with mom and her friends in the backyard.
What friends? Kathleen and Sophie.
They've been here all morning.
Do I have to stay? My aunt's coming, and I just really, really want to go to my room.
No, that's okay.
You go ahead.
That's Hana.
She says Cassandra wrote Steve Forde a check for 25 grand yesterday.
Think she was trying to pay back the loan.
Then maybe took it back after she killed him.
Bring those two in.
I'll be right there.
Emma, I forgot to ask.
Your mom and dad's cell phones were taken.
What about their computers? My dad has a laptop, but I looked everywhere for it this morning and I couldn't find it.
Listen, I'm so sorry for you loss.
My brother was also killed, so if you ever need to talk Thank you.
- This is so unreal.
- This is so tragic.
I don't know why Cassandra would do this.
Right now we think this is about money.
This is Agent Scott.
Looks like Molly loaned Cassandra 25,000 to fix up her studio and Steve didn't approve.
Wait, 25,000 for the studio? I gave her the same thing.
- Yeah, me too.
- For electric.
She said it was for the rowing machines.
- She was very clear.
- She said the wire was Why would she ask if either Slow down for a minute.
How long have you known Cassandra? Two years.
Ever since she moved here.
Okay, has she ever mention her background? Talked about her family at all? She doesn't have a family.
She ran away when she was teenager because her parents put her in this weird boarding school in Taconic where they made them do hallucinogenic drugs.
That is not what she told me.
She said her family is in Ohio and she put herself through college because her dad is in a wheelchair.
The school is real, Kath.
I Googled it.
It's called Treetops.
Obviously, we're dealing with a con artist here, but that's a problem for another day.
Right now, we just need to find her.
Is there anyone else she's close to? Anyone she'd go to for help? - Oh, my God, my mother.
- Margery? She adores Cassandra, and she lives in a bubble.
Never watches the news.
Probably has no oh, no, it's voicemail.
- She's not answering.
- Where does she live? Babylon.
Like, 30 miles from here.
Alert PD.
We'll meet them there.
I'm coming with you.
♪ All clear upstairs! - Clear.
- Main floor clear.
- Get Sophie in here.
- Right.
Your mom's not here.
Her purse is gone.
She always keeps it right here with her car keys.
Maybe she went on an errand.
Cassandra's Honda's in the garage.
Does your mother own a car? Yes, a green Buick Park Avenue.
- She switched them out.
- Damn it.
Get a BOLO out.
They couldn't have gone too far.
What do you think, Margery? You look prettier in the dress and heels.
- And I don't understand the wig.
- I'm just playing around.
Sometimes it fun to pretend to be someone else, don't you think? You know, I think you're right.
The dress is better, but with the pumps not the heels.
Would you mind getting that for me? Ooh, I like those pumps.
Better color.
♪ Ma'am, hey, come back here! Stop right there! - Stop that woman! - Wait, hey, hey, stop.
Get out of the way! Whoa.
Okay, I'm cool.
We're cool.
- Mom! - How is she? She's good.
A little confused.
They came down here to do some shopping.
Cassandra stole her purse and a wig and took off out of the back emergency exit.
Employees recognized her from the most wanted photo and called mall security.
We're this close and we got "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" on the case.
You know that movie? I know every Kevin James movie.
- He's my favorite.
- Yeah, it is a great movie.
BOLO just got a hit on Margery's Buick parked at a Rockville train station.
Cassandra used Margery's credit card ten minutes ago.
She got a ticket from Penn Station.
- From there she can go anywhere.
- Get down there and make sure MTA and transit police have her photo.
Remember the school that Sophie told us about Cassandra said she went to? Yeah, the treehouse or something.
Treetops, exactly.
Well, it actually existed.
Oh, so she was actually being honest this time.
That's the thing about a con artist's lies, right? There's always a grain of truth to them.
Like yesterday when you asked me about your shirt.
You said you loved my shirt.
Well, yeah, I wanted you to buy me lunch.
Oh, that's downright criminal.
All right, look, opened in 1989 by a guy called Adam Gates.
Closed 21 years later in 2010.
It's hard to tell what it is now, but I think it's worth checking out.
Steve Forde's office.
They found his laptop in his desk drawer.
I want to head to that school first.
I can't believe you didn't like my shirt.
What about your beret? [IN FRENCH ACCENT.]
Oui, I'm French.
I smoke cigarettes and eat baguettes.
- Bon.
- Bon.
- You love my beret.
- Actually, I kind of do.
Reminds me of Marie Chevallier.
I'm Angie Gates.
Can I help you? I'm Agent Scott and this is Agent Gaines.
We'd like to ask you a few questions.
Why don't we go down here? Everything all right? Yes, I just prefer to not let the real world interfere with the guest experience.
What's this about? This used to be a school called Treetops, correct? A long time ago.
Are you related to Adam Gates? He was my father.
Why? We're looking for someone.
They may have been a student here about 20 years ago.
I don't have an old photo, but this is what she looks like now.
What's her name? We don't know, actually.
We're hoping to see the school records to find out.
Records? These people were hippies.
If there ever were any, I don't know where they went.
I'm not even sure the school was accredited.
Is it true that the students used to use hallucinogenic drugs? Look, my father's mission was progressive education, sustainable living, no grades, every kid had a vegetable garden.
Maybe it was a little freewheeling, but people are always afraid of anything different.
None of those stories are true.
Then why did the school close down? Because my father died of prostate cancer when he was only 54.
Sorry to hear that.
Who is Jenny? Excuse me? "This is Jenny's bench.
Sit for a spell and hold her in your heart.
" It's for a student who passed away.
2004, about the same time our unsub could've been here.
- How'd she die? - It was an accident.
She drowned in the school lake.
I remember my father being very upset about it.
It didn't feel right to remove the bench when we remodeled, so I just left it.
If you could have your staff look into those records for us, - I'd appreciate it.
- They won't find anything.
Then maybe I'll get a volcanic mud scrub, coffee enema, or bird poop facial.
I'd recommend that.
It helps with stress and cures bad manners.
Okay, I see you.
♪ [SIGHS.]
We're up to an hour ago.
- Nothing.
All right, keep going.
I'm gonna take this.
- Ortiz.
- Ivan, it's George.
I'm at work right now, man.
What's up? You know that guy that I said owed me some money? I kind of lied.
I actually owe him.
Like, $1,200.
For what? Just some business stuff.
Look, I don't have it right now and my mates are all tapped out, so I was wondering if you could spot me a loan.
So why don't you ask your sister? - I can't.
- Why not? I sold some drugs, okay? - You did what? - Nothing hard.
- What are you thinking, man? - No big deal.
Just a few uppers for some shows, all right? This guy really wants his money, dude.
I'm totally screwed here, man.
Can you help me out, please? All right, let me think about it.
Is there any way you don't tell my sister? I said I'll think about it.
What was that about? That was just my dad.
He lost his keys.
Anything else here? All right, let's check the ticket machines.
- All of them? - Yeah, all of them.
♪ I need the keys to that red BMW.
My husband left my sunglasses in the car.
I can get them for you.
I was told this problem would be addressed.
There's no shade on that patio.
And my food is coming and I'm not going to wait.
Just give me the keys and I'll get them myself.
I'm not supposed to do that.
Do you know who my husband is? Because he can call your manager and we can talk to your boss.
No, that's okay.
Hey, where's she going in my car? Your wife said she needed her sunglasses.
I don't have a wife.
Hey! Steve Forde's laptop.
They found it at his office.
Tell me we're making some progress.
Penn Station was a bust, but Hana's on to something.
Okay, the Jenny you called me about, her full name was Jenny Betz.
She was a 17-year-old senior at Treetops.
The same age as Cassandra back then, so they were probably classmates.
Jenny's death was ruled an accident.
She was drinking and smoking weed and decided to take a boat out.
The cops figured that she fell overboard and drowned.
And how does this connect to Cassandra? Because when you Google Jenny Betz, you get this.
It's a crowdsourced website called "Finding Jenny" run by two guys trying to solve a cold case murder in Providence, Rhode Island.
"Jenny Betz is wanted for questioning in the 13-year-old "murder and dismemberment of her landlady, Lisa Fanelli.
"The Providence police have determined that "Jenny Betz was not her real name.
- So who is she really?" - And the answer is Cassandra or whatever her real name is.
13-year-old photo, but that's definitely her.
Yeah, next to her landlady, Lisa Fanelli.
I'm thinking that she stole Jenny's identity, moved to Providence, killed her landlady, moved to Long Island, and became Cassandra Mason.
- Hello? - What I want to know is why a 17 year old needs a new identity in the first place.
What's a kid that age need to hide from? The stories about Treetops could be true, right? Maybe she was afraid and ran.
Guys, half an hour ago in New Haven, a white female calls a valet and steals a car out of the restaurant parking lot.
- Is that our girl? - Yeah, look.
Could be one of the wigs she stole from that department store.
Whoever she is, whatever she's running from, she's clearly got a big bag of tricks.
Hang on.
The guys who run Finding Jenny, they're in Providence? Yeah.
Forget where she's running from.
It's where she's running to.
New Haven is on the way to Providence.
If these website guys are on a mission to reveal her true identity, she's not gonna let that happen.
You think she knows about the website.
I'd say yes.
I'm gonna call Isobel for a helicopter.
We're going to Rhode Island.
No way! I can't believe you guys are here.
- This is our war room.
- Come on up.
Clues that come in go here, marked either dead or alive depending on where we are.
Yeah, and here are the people that are helping us.
The good ones are up top.
And the jag offs and the wing nuts are at the bottom.
- Do you guys have jobs? - This is our job.
Hey, do you really think that Jenny's coming after us? Because you could use us as bait.
Yeah, we don't do that with civilians, but thank you.
Well, we're not scared.
You know, if it'll help us solve our case, we'll do whatever.
Guys, tap the brakes.
We're not here to solve your case.
We're hunting our fugitive.
So if you want to help, give us the backstory nice and succinct.
- Sure, no problem.
- Okay.
- So Lisa Fanelli - Yes.
Was this 50-year-old alcoholic lady who had a house with a bunch of rooms.
13 years ago, she rented one to Jenny Betz, who said she was a student at Brown.
Yeah, they used to party together, hang out, then one day, Lisa disappears.
The cops question everybody, including Jenny.
No one knows where she went.
Lisa was also kind of a mess, so the cops weren't too bothered about it.
Everyone basically forgets about her till six months ago.
And what happened six months ago? Rich guy in Newport having his pool taken out and boom.
Workers find a bag of bones, and it's Lisa.
So the cops are like, "Uh, oops.
Um, this is a homicide.
" And they want to interview the people that Lisa was hanging with last time they saw her.
So they look for Jenny and figure out that's not her real name.
Yeah, they try to pull her transcript at Brown, and there was none.
She was never enrolled there, but she was going to classes.
- How psycho is that? - It's wish fulfillment.
If you're going to create a new identity, might as well be the one you wish you had.
We also found the real Jenny's birth certificate.
She grew up in Boston to an Erin and Adrian Betz.
There is an Erin Betz in her 60s living in Worcester.
We think it's her mom, but, you know, she's not gonna talk to us.
Did you have an address? Yeah, but she's probably not gonna talk to you either.
We're the FBI.
She'll talk to us.
Can we tell Andrew? I feel like we should.
- And Andrew is? - Lisa Fanelli's son.
He's more obsessed with this than we are and he lives in Boston now too.
Hana, you and Ortiz take the son.
Kristin and I will go talk to Jenny's mother.
You guys are leaving? We'll stick some plainclothes cops outside overnight.
- You'll be safe.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Can we at least grab a selfie? BOTH: No.
Yeah, I've seen the website.
Those two jerks are confusing my Jenny with someone else.
So please, just go.
Betz, we understand, and you're absolutely right, this is not about your Jenny.
13 years ago, someone stole her identity.
That person's now wanted in at least three murders.
What? This woman's on the run, and we're looking for her.
Please, we really need your help.
I knew Jenny was shady.
Paid her rent in cash, partied with my mom.
How many college students you know party with 50-year-old women? Well, maybe they do it if the woman's paying for things.
Exactly, and it was bad.
I checked my mom's bank statements.
Huge cash withdrawals late at night.
I told my mom to confront Jenny about it and she did.
Next day, she disappeared.
Jenny said she didn't know where she'd gone, and the cops believed her.
One day, I snuck in to Jenny's apartment.
I found that original photo tucked away in a drawer.
I took a picture of it with my phone.
That's Jenny, and that's her little sister.
Now, look at the writing on the back.
"To the world's best sister.
Love, Rose.
" And you think that's important, why? It was another one of her lies.
Jenny said she didn't have any siblings.
Betz, do you recognize any of these people? Oh, my God, that's Delia Holby.
How do you know her? She was a classmate of Jenny's at Treetops, and I hated her.
Always in trouble for drugs or drinking.
She made terrible grades.
Rumor was she was sleeping with one of the teachers.
Did Jenny tell you that? Yes, and I warned her to stay away from Delia, but she wouldn't listen.
She should've 'cause I was right.
About what? What do you mean? Jenny was afraid of boats.
She never would've gotten on one alone, much less at night.
I think Delia was with her, and I think she pushed my Jenny overboard.
What makes you think that? The school said they were together a lot, and there'd even been some arguments.
The weekend before Jenny died, they got caught sneaking off campus together.
My gut told me something wasn't right.
Did you tell the police that? Over and over, but they said there wasn't any evidence.
And of course, Delia denied it.
I got so angry.
I sued the school.
They took my deposition, and the minute I brought up Delia and the teacher, they changed their tune.
Offered me $300,000 if I'd settle and sign a confidentiality agreement.
I took it.
It was my pound of flesh.
What about Delia's parents? Ever meet them? The father was never around, but I knew the mother.
Sylvia Holby, low-class dirtbag.
When I told her what I thought her daughter had done, she told me to go to hell right in front of her girls.
Did you say girls, plural? Yes, Delia had a little sister at the primary school.
I don't remember her name, but I do remember feeling sorry for her.
With a family like that.
Well, at least we know who we're looking for now.
Hana? All I have on Delia Holby is a tax form from when she worked at a cleaning service in Taconic during high school.
After that, Delia ceases to exist.
That's when she stole Jenny Betz's identity and fled to Providence.
And then eventually Long Island, where she became Cassandra Mason.
- What about the sister, Rose? - Still looking.
I think she's disassociating.
Whatever happened to her at Treetops was so traumatic that she never wants to be Delia Holby again.
Could it be as simple as she murdered Jenny Betz, and that's what she's running from? Maybe, but this feels deeper than that.
All the lies.
All the cons.
It's like she wants to be anyone but Delia.
And she only kills when someone threatens to expose her past.
What I can't figure out is that photo.
She kept it as a souvenir after she became Jenny Betz.
But if it's a reminder of her past, why hold onto it? Maybe the sister has meaning for her.
Okay, here we go.
I got a hit on the sister.
Rose Holby, 27 years old, single.
Last known address in Peabody.
Delia? It's been so long, I wasn't oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Rose Holby, FBI.
Door's locked.
Want me to kick it? Platinum card.
Gets you into airline lounges too.
Rose, FBI.
Anybody home? [TENSE MUSIC.]
♪ Bedroom's clear.
Kitchen too.
- Look at this.
- Delia was here.
Maybe Rose too.
Let's just hope it was a happy reunion and not a kidnapping.
Hey, you talk to the sister yet? The car Delia stole from the valet stand's out back.
Find out if Rose has a vehicle and put a BOLO on it.
- We just missed them.
- Will do.
We got some info on the Holby family too.
So Delia's father, Lloyd, he died in a car accident when she was around ten.
As for the mom, well, around the same time that she stole Jenny Betz's identity, Sylvia moved into a very nice house with Rose in Greenwich.
Which is strange because the family struggled financially during their Treetops days, but somehow Sylvia received a large infusion of cash.
- But there's no paper trail.
- Where's Sylvia now? That's a good question.
House in Greenwich sold for 4.
5 million two years ago, and Sylvia dropped off the radar.
I found this on the refrigerator.
Same last name as the guy who owns Treetops.
Hana, check out an attorney in Beacon Hill named David Gates.
See if he's related to Adam Gates.
David Gates.
He lives in Medford.
Yeah, they're brothers.
Why? I don't think it's a coincidence.
I smell a big, fat rat.
♪ - I'm so sorry I left, Rose.
- Mm.
Did Mom ever tell you why? She said that you had addiction issues.
And we were worried that you might be homeless.
Yeah, yeah, it was bad.
It was pills at first and then booze.
And then it got to needles.
I stayed away because I was so ashamed.
I didn't want you and Mom to see me like that.
I hope you understand.
So what about now? You better? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Yeah, I did Narcotics Anonymous, and on the third try, it worked.
After 18 years, I am finally clean and sober.
And realized that my biggest problem is Tyler.
He's an enabler among other things.
What do you mean? Did he hurt you? All the time.
But not anymore.
I am done with him.
Like, headed to California done.
That's why I need the money.
Are you sure you don't mind? No.
No, no, of course not.
You're my sister.
I love you.
I will always help you.
Oh, my sweet, little Rosebud.
I knew I could count on you.
Want to come with? Oh, no, you go ahead.
It'll be faster that way.
♪ I represented Treetops back in the day.
Rose remembered me and called a few weeks ago asking for help with a lease.
Look, I don't know her well.
What about her sister, Delia? You remember her, right? We know about the lawsuit Jenny Betz's mother filed against Treetops.
A case based entirely on circumstantial evidence.
You could've easily fought and won.
So why'd you settle? That's attorney-client privilege.
Was it because Delia Holby was having sex with one of the teachers? That's not a fact.
That's an allegation.
Potayto, potahto.
Tomayto, tomahto.
And if Erin Betz told you that, she's in violation of her confidentiality agreement.
Frankly, I don't think she gives a damn, and neither do I.
So just answer the question.
It wasn't a teacher.
It was Adam, wasn't it? You settled the case to protect your brother, right? Headmaster of the school preying on an underage, female student.
Am I right? I don't have time for this.
Listen, Mr.
Gates, Delia's murdered three people so far to protect her past.
Being that you're privy to her secrets, it's highly possible that you're her next target, so I suggest you sit down and answer our questions.
She's good, right? ♪ Thank you.
500? This isn't enough.
It's all I have.
Sorry, I'm not swimming in cash like mom.
What are you talking about? You know, the inheritance money.
We grew up dirt poor and so did all of our relatives.
No way Mom inherited a dime.
No, no, no, she did.
I swear.
She got this check in the mail, we bought a house.
Right after you left me at Treetops? What? We didn't leave you.
Mom said that you begged to stay back and finish your senior year, and then the drugs started That's not true! That Mom lied to you about everything.
About the so-called inheritance, about me staying at school, and you believed her? You're such a dumb, little bitch.
Maybe I can pawn some things.
Forget the money.
I'm not going anywhere.
What if Tyler finds you? Delia Don't call me that.
Do you understand? Close the door.
- Oh, my oh! - Close the door.
Take out your phone now.
Adam told me he was in love with her.
He swore it wasn't anything sexual, but I knew better.
I mean, Delia was only 17.
Did anyone else know besides you? Delia definitely told her mother.
When Sylvia found out, she went up to Adam's door and threatened to call the police.
That's when he came to me begging for help.
He's my brother.
What was I supposed to do? So your answer was to cover it up.
You paid Sylvia off, didn't you? We know she bought a house in Greenwich she could never afford.
- How much? - 2 million.
My brother sold everything he had to cover it.
Did Delia know about the payment? I don't know.
She was gone by then.
I assumed her mother picked her up from the school, which was fine by me.
The whole thing was a nightmare.
We need to talk to Sylvia, but we haven't been able to locate her.
Can you help? Oh, she's not a Holby anymore.
She got remarried two years ago.
Bernie Fulton.
They live in Brookline.
♪ I'm Special Agent Remy Scott.
We need to speak to your wife, Sylvia.
- What's this about? - She here? No, her daughter, Rose, called and asked her to come and meet her at our beach cottage in Plymouth.
- Is Delia with her? - Who? Delia.
Rose's sister.
Rose doesn't have a sister.
What the hell's going on? - Move it! - It's not what you think.
No, no, don't pretend you didn't know, Mom.
I told you.
I begged you.
- You told her what? - You said you were in love.
Because he told me to! I was only 17 years old.
I didn't know what I was doing.
I was trapped and I was helpless.
And you knew and you didn't do anything.
- Trapped by who? - Will you shut up? Just sit there and be stupid like you always have been.
Honey, please, leave your sister out of this.
- She didn't know.
- Because you lied to her too.
There was no inheritance, Rose.
It was blood money that she took from the school for what they did to me.
Just tell me what you want.
I want my money.
I want my life back.
I want everything you took from me.
♪ Ortiz, find a position.
Hana, front door.
Kristin, with me.
I never wanted to hurt you, I swear.
Liar! You abandoned me.
You never cared about me! It was only about Rose.
I want to make it right.
Ivan, talk to me.
She's got a gun and two hostages.
They're moving too much.
I don't have a shot.
- FBI, drop your weapon.
- Get up.
Get back! Sit down or I'll shoot Mom! Now.
- Delia, listen - I'm not Delia.
I'm not Then who are you? Delia was the girl who got raped by Adam Gates in the boathouse on Halloween.
Delia was the one who had to go to the motel with him on weekends and have sex with him when he was drunk.
- Oh, my God.
- I told you.
I told you, but you didn't care.
Nobody cared and nobody listened except for one person, and she's been dead for as long as Delia has.
Jenny Betz.
- Yes.
- She was your friend and you confided in her.
You didn't push her off the boat that night.
Did you? It was Adam.
He said I shouldn't have told her.
He sa he said it was our secret and if I told anyone else, he would kill me just like her.
That's why you ran.
That's why you wanted to become someone else.
Keep all that pain in the past.
I get it.
You don't want to be Delia.
She's done a lot of bad stuff, but she's also a survivor who loves her sister.
That's why you took Rose's picture with you to Providence, right? You don't want to hurt anybody anymore.
You don't want anything except all the lies and pretending to be over.
You just want someone to love you and understand.
So here's what we're going to do.
- [YELPS.]
- [GASPS.]
- Clear the weapon.
I'm sorry.
♪ Mom.
That was one hell of a shot.
Stable target, safe background, clear visibility, I took the risk.
- What if you'd miss? - I don't miss.
That's gonna be a fun ride home.
- Rose, please.
- Leave me alone.
Rose! And I thought I had mommy issues.
- Nice shot.
- Thanks, man.
Ivan, you coming? Yeah.
Sorry I'm late.
I didn't, uh, I didn't know this part of town very well.
- What's this? - That's Robbie Tuck.
21-year-old exchange student from England.
He got popped selling molly last week at a club in SoHo.
Took him to jail on Saturday and they found him like that on Sunday morning.
Hey, look, man, there's only two things that's gonna happen if you get caught selling drugs here.
They're gonna deport you.
They're gonna send you back home with a felony referral or you're gonna end up like him.
- Ivan, it was just a mistake.
- Look at me.
Be a man.
You're smart.
You have a good personality.
There's legit ways to make money.
Yeah, I know.
Like I said, it was just a stupid mistake.
I'm just gonna pay this guy and never have to see him again.
And I swear, I'll pay you back.
You're not gonna tell Hana? You don't got to worry about that.
I won't tell her because you're gonna tell her.
She's your half sister, but she's your family, and there's no secrets in family.
It'll only come between you.
Appreciate this.
Thank you, man.
You're saving my life.
- Good looking out.
- I'm not done.
You said you're gonna pay me back, right? Yeah, of course.
And I believe you.
Come on.
What's this? This is my boxing gym.
The guy who runs it, his name is Leon.
Pays 17 bucks an hour.
He's expecting you.
♪ What am I supposed to do? Whatever he tells you to do.
Welcome, George.

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