FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

Tough Love

Stand up now, because I'm about to tell you what's gonna happen to you.
You think you can just do whatever you want and get away with it? You can't.
And I hear you're looking for probation.
Community service.
A slap on the wrist.
Well, think again.
This is a zero tolerance courtroom.
When you break the law, you pay the price.
You're a criminal, and actions have consequences.
It's time you took responsibility for your actions.
Who the hell are you? You don't know me.
You're in big trouble.
Do you have any idea who I am? Oh, you think you can do whatever you want? No, you can't.
You need to take responsibility for your actions.
You're not getting away.
You're here to be judged.
I'm sentencing you.
I sentence you to death.
Plus injury.
Ah! Aah oh! Criminal! - Killer! - Ah! Pay the price.
- Zero tolerance! - Ohh - Take responsibility! - Ah! - Degenerate! - Aah Child killer! - Ahh! - Aah Hello.
- Hey, Dad, we're here.
- Come on up.
Hey! Hey, sorry for the short notice.
Boss called a half hour ago.
Oh, it's not a problem.
Come on in.
Hello, hello.
I cannot believe how tall you are.
Mom, you said that three days go.
I know.
And it's still true.
Let me take some of that.
I packed in kind of a hurry.
Ah, we'll get better at this as we go.
I think you should keep some stuff here.
I'm down with that.
Hey, Jack, why don't you show your sister where she's sleeping while Mom's away? Come on.
It's not big, but the Wi-Fi's fast.
Feels a little weird.
Doesn't it? - Yeah, a little.
- Yeah.
Well, I'm glad you're here for the kids.
I couldn't have taken the job if I hadn't known you could help with Ingrid, so.
Well, it's not help.
She's my daughter.
I'm glad to have them both here with me.
- I should - Yeah, go.
Be careful.
Yeah, you know, it's not like the old days, right? We're not married, and I'm not being deployed.
Just be careful.
Where's Barnes? I just texted her.
She's running late.
Let's get started.
Stuart Weaver.
Juvenile court judge in Lancaster, Ohio.
He was run off the road on his way home from court last night.
His body was found dumped across state lines in rural West Virginia early this morning.
Why would he take him all the way there? That's a good question.
It might have some significance.
Looks like he was executed.
Cause of death was one shot to the back of the head.
He was whipped, beaten, and tortured before the kill shot.
The torture likely happened in a wooded area near where he was run off the road.
They found blood and duct tape out there.
He was also wearing a handwritten sign around his neck that said "criminal.
" Did we get anything off of that? Forensics has it.
Everything that was done to him This was personal.
And extremely rare.
Threats against the judiciary up 400% in the last five years, but no sitting judge has ever been murdered in Ohio.
Until now.
DOJ and the state bar are furious.
They consider this an attack on the system.
Well, judges are never short on enemies, so.
Which is why we're gonna have to deep dive Weaver.
Ortiz, meet up with Barnes.
Talk to Weaver's clerk.
Kristin and I'll check out the courthouse surveillance, see if we can put a name and a face to our unsub.
Every defendant, every defendant's family They all hated Weaver.
There's even a few defense attorneys - I'd put on the list.
- That's a big suspect pool.
He was controversial.
How so? Weaver had a very specific idea of justice.
Called this a zero tolerance courtroom.
If you were found guilty, you did time.
- Even first time offenders? - First time offenders, low-level offenders All of them.
He thought it would scare the kids straight.
Sounds like a great guy.
He was an arrogant prick.
Even to me.
- He have a family? - Divorced.
Wife and adult daughter live in Seattle.
As far as I know, they're not in touch.
Hey, you know what? Could we get access to his case load? Yeah.
Of course.
Thank you.
We can start with the defendants he's sentenced in the last few years, see if anything pops.
All right, this is from Weaver's courtroom yesterday.
Mostly family of the defendants, and then a few attorneys waiting for their cases to be called.
- You recognize him? - No.
Can you zoom in, please? Doesn't look like he has any connection to the defendant.
Hangs back, leaves before the hearing's over.
He's watching Weaver.
Maybe a former defendant.
Do you upload juvenile arrest photos to the facial recognition database? I know the technology has problems with false matches for young faces.
We used to, but there were a lot of lawsuits.
Ohio hasn't done that for juveniles in over a decade.
You're not the only ones.
You have any footage from outside? We should.
Can you show me 6:30? There's Judge Weaver getting into his car.
He waited for him.
That's our guy.
We might not have a name, but we have a West Virginia license plate.
Okay, so Jess has a potential suspect from the surveillance video.
He says start with African American males who were sentenced in the last few years who might be in their early 20s now.
I just saw the text.
I've been separating them into this pile.
Says a lot about our system, huh? 15-year-old boy charged with minor in possession of alcohol.
Weaver gave him 18 months.
18 months? I know people with manslaughter convictions that got less time than that.
Well, at least he's out now.
I'll put him in the possibles pile.
Okay, so here's something.
Dylan Norris, 17 years old.
Trespassing charge.
Weaver gave him six months.
That's lenient by comparison.
That's not what his mother thought.
What's his mother's photo doing in his file? Think she was pretty upset with the judge.
You threatened to kill Judge Weaver in open court When he sentenced your son.
What, you think I killed him? - Did you? - No! I'm glad someone did.
Son of a bitch ruined my kid's life.
Dylan was a good kid.
A good student.
An athlete.
He was gonna go to college.
Make something of himself.
How'd he end up in front of Judge Weaver? It was a stupid prank.
He was a senior in high school, and just before the homecoming game, he broke into the school and tagged a few walls.
It was just a prank! He got arrested.
The school didn't have to get the cops involved.
Trespassing and vandalism.
That's what they got him convicted of.
Weaver sent him away for six months.
Six months for graffiti and trespass.
Zero tolerance.
You do the crime, you do the time.
Dylan, he missed the whole rest of his senior year.
He missed college applications.
When he got out, he was lost.
He started using, Oxy, Fentanyl.
Where's Dylan at now? He didn't kill Weaver either if that's what you're thinking.
He's doing five years for armed robbery.
One stupid prank.
That shouldn't ruin a kid's life.
If there's any justice in this world, Weaver's rotting in hell.
Any word on Barnes? She had trouble finding a nanny, so she had to pick up Anais from school and drop her off at her mom's.
She'll be here in a bit.
What have we got? West Virginia plate traced back to a stolen vehicle.
The car was found abandoned in a shopping mall parking lot twenty miles from where the body was dumped.
Security cameras catch anything? Nothing.
They were busted.
What about forensics? Weaver's DNA was found all over the trunk.
As for the rest of the car, it's a different story.
It was wiped clean, along with the sign around his neck.
No usable prints.
Our guy is covering his tracks.
Kris What have we got here? Judge Weaver's side hustle.
What do you mean? I think Weaver's zero tolerance policy was more than a judicial philosophy.
I think he was making money off it.
He was on the take? I'm connecting some dots here, but there are unexplained, routine deposits into his account over the course of seven years totaling over $2 million.
- From who? - Can't be certain.
I've turned all this over to the Public Corruption Squad.
And? I have a theory.
Which is? Weaver turned into a zero tolerance judge around the same time the deposits started.
So his judicial philosophy was based on kickbacks.
Maybe, but when the deposits started, When the deposits started, two things changed.
First, he started sentencing every kid to a period of incarceration.
He didn't do that before? No he was always a hanging judge, but not like this.
And the second thing that changed? Instead of sending kids to the, you know, the county-run juvenile detention center, he started sending them to these for-profit, "therapeutic boarding schools" with contracts from the state.
Some of them as far away as North Carolina.
Weaver was trading kids for cash.
Yeah, that's what it looks like.
That's why somebody wanted him dead.
Let's get something clear.
I'm not like your parents.
I'm not gonna put up with your whiny, manipulative crap.
The fact that you can be shamed, that you can cry, that's a good thing.
That means you're not a hopeless psychopath.
And hopefully, you'll think about what we talked about so we can really get down to business in our next session.
Come on, time's up.
Let's go! Your time is up.
What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here.
You should still be at Beech Mountain Academy.
Stop being such a whiny, manipulative bitch.
What do you Molly Kendall, child psychologist from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Whipped and tortured in a wooded area near her home before being shot once in the back of the head.
That sounds familiar.
Her naked body was found dumped in West Virginia, not far from Judge Weaver's.
She had a handwritten sign reading "Soul Crusher" around her neck.
What's the nexus between her and Judge Weaver? Therapeutic boarding school in rural West Virginia called Beech Mountain Academy.
So Weaver sent a bunch of kids - to do time there.
- He did.
- Did Kendall work there? - Yeah.
She ran group therapy sessions there for nearly five years.
Relocated to Pittsburg three months ago.
Now, Beech Mountain bills itself as a tough love, last stop for troubled adolescents.
Tough love, we know where that can lead.
Why don't you guys head to the school? See if they know who had it out for Molly Kendall.
Look, I really can't discuss any of the students.
We're talking about minors and their privacy issues.
So you're saying he was here.
I'm not saying that.
We need your help, Mr.
This young man is a fugitive, and he's committed two murders.
If you want to continue this conversation, you're gonna have to go through the Academy's attorneys.
You see that kid with the sign around his neck? Our guy definitely did time here.
Yeah, and somebody here knows his name.
Saunders is full of it.
He doesn't give two hoots about those kids or their privacy.
He's wetting himself 'cause he lost one of them.
Lost, what do you mean? AWOL? - Mm-hmm.
- Is that him? Luke Hadley.
Broke out about a week ago.
How'd he do it? This place is in the middle of nowhere.
They even lock the kids in at night.
I figure he had help from someone on the outside.
See, right before he made it out, I caught him with a phone.
That's contraband.
You'd think Saunders would have kept a closer eye on him after that.
He would have, if he'd known about it.
You didn't turn him in? I know some of these kids need discipline, and if Luke really killed two people, maybe I should have, but Saunders.
He goes too far in my book.
Treat them like animals, you can't be surprised when they act like animals.
What do you mean? The things he does to them.
Doesn't feed them for a couple of days, and then makes them fight each other for table scraps.
Solitary confinement for a month at a time.
Tying them up until they soil themselves.
Goes too far.
I couldn't turn the kid in.
You still have that phone? Yeah.
I know you have a job, I get that, it's just You're all I've got now.
I couldn't have made it without you.
You know that, right? So when can we meet up? Gonna need you again for what comes next.
Okay, wait.
Say it again.
Yeah, I got it.
I'll see you soon.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Finally tracked down Luke Hadley's parents.
And? And they are vacationing in Georgia.
Have they heard from him? Not in two years, and they don't expect to.
They've written him off.
Any luck on that phone? Well, I'm in.
Luke was in contact with this young woman named Sarah Hayes.
Tons of texts.
Looks like they were in a relationship.
She was at Beech Mountain Academy for three years after an assault conviction for a girl fight at school.
She was released three months ago.
Is she the one that helped Luke escape? No, she committed suicide about a month ago.
Well, that's what triggered him.
Yeah, looks like it.
He was really in love with her, and she was sentenced by Judge Weaver.
And treated at Beech Mountain Academy by Molly Kendall, so.
Well, that explains the why.
Now we need to figure out who helped him get out.
Well, I think I can answer that one too.
So Sarah wasn't the only person that Luke was in contact with.
He found this online group of Beech Academy grads.
They call themselves survivors.
And he registered himself as an alum of the program.
Traded all these DMs with someone by the username of Phoenix.
I can access the public forum, but not the private messages, and there were nearly 200 of them between Luke and Phoenix.
Phoenix might have realized Luke was a current inmate.
And agreed to help him.
Think you could put a real name to the username? Yeah, already did.
Her name's Emily Wilton.
That's her.
She lives in Akron, and she works for the Public Works Administration.
According to her supervisor, she's there all day today.
- That's the address.
- All right.
Not bad for a newbie.
What, are you passing the torch? Got get 'em, champ.
That online group is the only thing that keeps me sane.
How long were you at Beech Mountain? Four years.
It was torture.
They literally tortured us.
I know.
We heard about their methods.
I'm sorry that happened to you.
Every day was something horrible.
I need that group.
Other survivors are the only other ones who understand.
Emily, do you know Luke Hadley? No.
On the message boards, his username is BadBoy.
We know you DM'd with him.
He'd a Beech Mountain survivor, just like everyone else on the site.
Except he wasn't a survivor, he was still there, being tortured and abused.
We believe that you figured that out.
And we think that you helped him go AWOL.
We think you're still helping him.
You know, he's killed two people since he got out.
I don't no.
I have to get back to work.
- She's lying.
- Yup.
And if we keep our eyes on her, she'll take us right to him.
Oh, that's my daughter.
Hey, kiddo, what's up? First of all, nobody's hurt.
Okay, good to know.
Second of all, we lost our Airbnb.
Wha we had it booked for two more weeks.
Not anymore.
The co-op board found out and busted the owner.
Apparently it's not allowed in the building.
But, uh, don't worry because she's being cool and giving us our money back.
And Dad, and Jack, and me, we got all our stuff out.
Okay, well, these things happen.
It'll be fine.
The broker's got a bunch of places lined up for when I get back, so We'll be signing a lease in no time.
So you're not stressed? You kidding? We got this.
Call you later, okay? Love you, bye.
Everything okay? Besides being homeless? Yeah.
I think I was a little optimistic about how soon we'd be signing a lease.
I mean, I've heard stories about how hard it is to get a place in Manhattan, but to be honest, I thought it was, you know, exaggerated.
You could always try looking outside the city.
Yeah, I was hoping to not have to do that.
Part of the reason for the move was so my daughter could be closer to her dad and her brother, and so, you know, he could cover for me when I gotta hit the road.
I get it.
I have a five year-old daughter at home, and it's always - on your mind.
- Yeah.
Husband look after her? My wife.
My pregnant wife.
- Congratulations! - Thank you.
I remember when my kids were that little.
So hard to leave when I was deployed.
It's not easy.
What's up? Emily Wilton's on the move.
Ortiz and I are tailing her now.
If she leads us to Hadley, you'll be the first to know.
Farmers market.
Emily didn't strike me as a farm to table hipster.
Public place, lots of civilians.
- It's a good spot to meet up.
- Mm-hmm.
You head right, I'll head left.
Get your comms in.
Hey, those are the two FBI agents - I told you about.
- What? I got eyes on Hadley.
Let's box him in.
I don't want anybody getting hurt.
I can't do this.
Just come on.
No, I didn't Gun! Gun! - Gun, down.
- You gotta get down.
- Get down! - Gun! FBI, everybody get down! Get down! Gun, down! Down! Down! Luke Hadley! Damn it.
Emily's car was found abandoned three miles from the market.
Nothing's been reported stolen in the area, but based in his MO, he's already stolen another vehicle.
Looks to me like she's in on it.
Barnes and I have been reading through her posts on the survivors group, and it's pretty clear, her loyalties lie with the victims of the methods used at Beech Mountain.
It's hard to blame her.
If even half of what happened to her is true, it's criminal.
Legally speaking, we know they employ confrontational therapy.
It's controversial, it's not criminal.
No, this goes way beyond that.
Harry Toler, the janitor who gave us Hadley's phone, he confirmed it with his stories.
What are we talking about? She had an STD from an assault A family member From before she even got to Beech Mountain, and when the administration found out about it, they had her wear a sign around her neck that said "I'm a whore.
Treat me like one.
" Other students were encouraged to grab her breasts, call her names, spit on her, slap her, and worse.
That's abuse, not discipline.
Ortiz, you tell me, but she seemed genuinely surprised when we told her Luke had killed two people.
Yeah, she didn't know.
So no matter where her sympathies lie, if she's not all in with Hadley, then she's in danger.
So far Hadley's been targeting people he blames for his girlfriend's suicide.
Do we know anything about the parents? No pops in the picture, but her mom's name is Jennifer Hayes, and she lives in Cincinnati.
You want me and Ortiz to search Emily's apartment? Yeah, that sounds good.
Let's see what she knows about his plans.
You and I, let's head to Cincinnati, talk to Sarah's mom.
Not much to search.
I wonder if that's a holdover from the years she spent at Beech Mountain.
Could be.
They weren't allowed many personal items.
And I'm all for juveniles being held responsible for their criminal conduct, but reading that survivors message board, it was heartbreaking.
I can only imagine what Emily went through.
The degree of substance abuse, recidivism, and suicide for those kids is through the roof.
Beech Mountain does a serious number on them.
You think they were like that before they got there? Some of them, probably.
But a lot of them were just good kids who made stupid mistakes.
Sent there by a judge who might have been getting money from locking them up.
And we know group therapy at Beech Mountain consists of one kid being singled out to stand in front of the group and get screamed at for 50 minutes.
This sounds sadistic.
No kidding.
I don't think there's anything here.
Barnes, check this out.
Letter from Luke Hadley.
Snail mail, that's old school.
They're written in sort of a cipher.
But this one mentions "a journey starting with the help of an angel.
" And references a date that coincides with when he went AWOL from Beech Mountain.
This one's the same.
"The eye of the hurricane, is the greatest target.
" Sounds like Hadley's endgame, but who or what is the eye of the hurricane? There's also a date.
That's tomorrow.
I'm Luke Hadley.
Oh, Luke.
I'm so glad you came.
Sarah talked about you all the time.
Wrote to me about you while she was in there.
She did? She lost so much of her childhood.
And it's all my fault.
What do you mean? I believed that judge.
I believed he wanted her to straighten out her life.
Weaver was full of crap.
He was murdered.
Did you know that? I heard.
I know it's wrong, but I was happy when I saw it in the papers.
I never thought he would sentence her the way he did.
If I'd known, I'd have gotten her a lawyer.
I did get one, afterward.
Not an expensive one.
I couldn't afford that.
You tried to get her out of Beech Mountain? By then it was too late.
The lawyer couldn't help.
The things they did to her there.
And you I'm just glad you had each other.
I wish she'd been able to wait for you.
What happened wasn't her fault.
If I'd known how to contact you, I'd have told you myself.
I wanted you to hear about Sarah from me.
You called ahead, right? She's expecting us.
Hayes? FBI Agent Gaines, we spoke on the phone? Can you open the door, please? Clear! Jess.
In here.
It's all right.
You're safe.
Jennifer? Who did this to you? It was Luke Hadley, wasn't it? He didn't hurt me, he just He wanted my car.
But I need it to get to work.
I didn't want to give him my keys.
I told him I'd call the cops.
He stole your car? You know how long ago? I don't know.
Half hour? Let's get a BOLO out.
Hey, Jennifer, are you okay? You sure? Did he tell you where he was going? No.
He just said he was taking care of everyone who hurt Sarah.
He can't have gotten too far.
Just wish we knew what his endgame is.
How many people does he think he can take out before he gets caught? Just got a hit on that BOLO.
Local PD are in pursuit, they got a dashcam on him.
He's heading east on Highway 35.
Looks like there's two people inside.
Hadley and Emily were close.
Think we can cut them off or at least join the chase? Mm-hmm.
All right, let's go everybody.
That's him.
He's gonna get someone killed.
I can't lose them.
You have to help.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can! Shoot at them.
Go! I'm sorry.
Call for an ambulance.
FBI Agent Gaines, I need an ambulance.
Highway 35, eastbound.
Mile marker 77.
You go, you go.
You stay with him, all right? Hang on, it's okay.
We're here.
Emily, listen to me.
We need your help.
Where's Luke headed? What's the eye of the hurricane? No, no, no, no.
Hadley's in the wind.
We couldn't get a bird in the air fast enough, and the local troopers lost him.
That was vicious.
Emily helped him break out of Beech Mountain, goes all-in with him, and he's still willing to sacrifice her to get away.
He's decompensating.
The way he was driving, the way he murdered Emily in full view of law enforcement.
It's all an act of desperation.
With his past murders, he was a revenge killer.
Yeah, you're right, but something has shifted.
He's on a mission now, and he's willing to die to complete it.
If it was just about avenging Sarah, he could have stopped after Weaver and Kendall.
Well, it's possible he sees himself as some kind of moral enforcer.
On a mission to stop those who hurt people like Sarah and Emily.
And even himself.
I mean, to Hadley, Emily's just another one of their victims.
Well, maybe he wants to destroy the whole system.
But who does he think the whole system is? Well, this might help.
Just got a hit on Emily's credit card.
He's back in, uh, West Virginia already.
Bought firearms, rope, duct tape, and fire accelerant.
Kendall and Weaver were both outside the school.
Beech Mountain, that's the true scene of the crimes in his mind.
Are we saying he's heading to the school to burn it to the ground? Saunders and all the administrators live at the school.
They lock the kids in.
They wouldn't be able to get out in a fire.
No, you cannot enter the premises.
This is ridiculous.
Who even sent you over here? Far as we can tell, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
You sure you got this one right? Nope, but we need to make sure.
May not be a fire, but Public Corruption came through with the warrant for Saunders.
What the hell is this all about? Calm down, Mr.
We know Luke Hadley went AWOL over a week ago.
We need to see his room.
- Well, you can't just - Yes, we can.
Also, you're under arrest.
For bribery of a state judge.
I want my lawyer.
Get him out of here.
Thank you.
Can't remember the last time I issued a non-fugitive arrest warrant.
- Felt good, didn't it? - Actually, it did.
Letters from Sarah to Luke after she got out.
She wrote to him almost every day right up until she killed herself.
Young love, you remember that? Must have broken that kid's heart.
Letters are sweet.
She was still just a kid.
Look, she dots her I's with hearts.
She was 14 when she was sent here, 17 when she got out.
That's a big chunk of her childhood.
And who knows, if the judge wasn't getting kickbacks from Saunders, maybe she would have just gotten away with probation.
She got in one fight with a girl at school, and that wrecked the rest of her life.
It should wreck the rest of Saunders' life too.
Hey, Barnes.
Check this out.
The eye of the hurricane.
Who's Luke standing with? Let's go ask him.
Come on.
Who's that in the photo with Luke Hadley? Not without my lawyer.
I'm asking you to help with an ongoing investigation.
We have reason to believe he's in imminent danger.
- What's in it for me? - Let me put it like this.
You don't help us now? I will make sure your sentencing judge hears about it.
It's Eddie Groff.
Old money guy, owns the school.
Built it.
Designed the program.
- Where's he at now? - I don't know.
He only comes to the school a few times a year.
Where does he live? Not far from here.
He owns the old Silverwood Plantation.
It's south of here, just off Route 62.
You got him? Hey, hey! Jess and Kristin are headed back that way.
I'm gonna let them know.
I'll give you anything you want.
Please! Please.
I'll give you I'll give you Shut up! I have what I want.
I made something extra special for you.
Took a while to get it right.
Emily helped.
Remember her? We made this together.
Just for you.
It's ready now.
No, please don't Don't do this.
Please don't do this.
Hold still now.
Please, no! No! No, no, no, no.
No, no! No, don't! The house is clear.
He's been here.
That's the car he stole.
Something's going on down there.
You guys see that smoke? Yeah, could be a fire.
If Hadley's sticking to his MO, he's torturing him first.
You built the school.
You taught them how to torture us.
It was you! You started everything.
You killed Sarah.
She loved me, and you killed her.
She didn't deserve what you did to her.
No, no don't! No! Don't! Luke Hadley, FBI.
Get your hands in the air.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Don't come any closer.
Luke, please don't do this.
Sarah wouldn't want this.
Don't you talk about her! You don't know.
But I do, Luke, I do.
I know she was a good person.
And I know she loved you.
- I loved her.
- I know.
I know, I saw the letters that she wrote you.
She wanted to spend the rest of her life with you.
She couldn't wait.
She I know, I know.
But it wasn't her fault.
It wasn't her fault.
What happened to her at Beech Mountain was wrong.
It wasn't fair.
It shouldn't have happened.
She didn't deserve it, and neither did you.
But I want to help you, Luke.
I want to help you, okay? Let me help you.
Put the gun down.
- It's too late.
- No, it's not.
It is not.
You have your whole life ahead of you, Luke.
Please, let me help you.
Let me help you.
It's too late.
Don't! No! Luke, oh, God.
Oh, God.
Pending an ongoing investigation, the Beech Mountain Academy was abruptly shut down earlier this evening, when it's head of school, Keith Saunders, was arrested.
We'll continue to update you on air Thank you.
You did good.
Getting that place shut down.
Hey, thanks for getting our stuff out of the Airbnb.
It's no problem.
Ingrid can stay here.
I'll take the couch.
No, it's not a good idea.
Up to you At least stay the night.
It's late and you're tired.
Listen, I hear you've been having a hard time finding a place.
Oh, yeah? Who told you that? Ingrid? Ingrid thinks you're signing a lease this week.
So who? Journalists never reveal their sources.
There's something I want you to see.
- What, now? - Mm-hmm.
- Where are we going? - Up.
Guy who used to rent here is a lawyer.
He moved out to his house in the Berkshires during the pandemic.
Now his firm isn't making people go back to the office, and he doesn't want to come back to the city.
It's two bedrooms, reasonable rent.
No broker fee.
I already talked to the super.
It won't be listed until noon tomorrow.
It's yours if you want it.
But it's in your building.
- That's a good thing.
- Is it, though? You're always going to be leaving on no notice.
What could be easier for Ingrid then just taking the elevator four floors down to Dad's place? Yeah, but it's in your building.
I mean, it's one thing for us to be living in the same city, but Last time we lived this close to each other, we got divorced.
So? Now that we've got that out of the way, what could possibly go wrong? Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

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