FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e04 Episode Script


Quick, ask me a question about ad content on Zoom.
Do you have any child protection filters? Or a way to screen out ad content for, like, hair removal and capri pants? - Yes and yes.
- Now this was a work dinner.
- [GASPS.]
Does your expense account have a limit? I don't know.
It's only been two weeks, but let's find out.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Thanks for eating early, ladies.
My schedule's been so weird lately.
- Mm.
- Tell Mark I said hello.
- Will do, tell Stephen hello.
- Will do.
I'll tell my wine bottle hello.
Merlot beats Richard any day.
I want to believe you're right.
Richard feeds his cat on the kitchen table.
- The kitchen table! - Okay, the cat I miss.
Okay, you guys.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Uber will be here in, like, five minutes.
Get back! - Take it easy.
- All you people, get out.
Go back to your own country! [GRUNTS.]
It's time for cup number three.
Nectar of the gods.
Thank you.
- Muah.
- She ready to go? No, we finished a little late, even though her last time was two seconds faster than her first.
- That's great.
- It's amazing.
You smell that? Smells like it.
Tali! What are you doing? - Nothing.
- Give that to me.
- And the rest of it.
- I don't have any.
What is going on? Hey! That's mine! - I'm sorry.
- First you get sent home from school for vaping, now you're vaping pot? [TENSE MUSIC.]
There's nothing else in there.
Where'd you get the pot from? Is it Daniel? Is it? Tali, it's not even 8:00 in the morning.
You need to go to school.
- Stay out of this! - Hey, hey, hey.
Don't talk to her like that.
You know, just because you stay in our house does not mean you can tell me what I can and can't do.
A little bit.
A little bit, it does.
I'm heading over now.
- Now? - Now? Can you take her to school? - I guess so.
- Good.
We'll finish this conversation when I get back home.
Dad, it's just pot.
Great, then it'll be a short conversation.
You're grounded.
- What? - You heard me.
- I have to go.
- Yeah.
God, I can't stand you.
Yesterday, in West Windsor, New Jersey, Carrie Chen was leaving an early dinner with friends when she was abducted outside a restaurant and taken in a cargo van.
Her friend and a man who tried to help her were both shot dead.
The assailant was a white male and all the victims were Asian American.
According to witnesses, her abductor yelled, "All you people, go back to your own country," or words to that effect.
Well, it sounds like a hate crime.
Carrie's husband is a well-known professor and researcher at Princeton, making this a high-profile case.
The Jersey Field Office has asked for our assist.
Cameras turn anything up on the van? Witnesses place it traveling south, and our unsub appears to be working alone.
Carrie and her husband have been married a little over three years.
He's on his way back from an academic conference in Boston.
Officers are meeting him at the airport and they will notify us as soon as he lands.
We can't rule him out.
Neither have criminal histories.
They both have regular salaries.
No ransom demands yet.
- And no body.
- Yet.
So you think this attack was random? Mm, it's a possibility.
One of the victims had no connection to Carrie or her friends.
Just a Good Samaritan walking down the street.
But our unsub was willing to kill to grab Carrie, so he could have been following her.
- Maybe a fixation on her.
- I don't know.
Hate crimes can escalate pretty fast.
A perceived side-eye can erupt into a lynching mob.
First fight I had started with someone calling me a name that my father had to explain to me.
- I didn't even know the guy.
- Point taken.
You and I will head up to Hate Crimes Division.
Barnes, Kristin, take Carrie's workplace.
We are looking for the connect, if there is any, between Carrie and her abductor.
I almost didn't hire Carrie.
We upload premium content for children, and her online presence is inconsistent with our mission.
What do you mean? She writes mostly about restaurant openings and what she ate there.
Ah, that's because we scrubbed her most recent history, everything that denigrated China's overhauling of Hong Kong.
Overhauling? I've heard it called a takeover.
That's one of the words Carrie used.
She was born in Hong Kong.
The shutdown of the protests spun her into overdrive.
The changes in their school curriculum, the firing of civil servants - And she posted about it all? - Yes.
She was very passionate.
And we can't have that here.
Our company partners with China.
Well, how can you be sure she's still not posting? Maybe under an alias.
I can manage my employees.
So you monitor their emails, right, their personal emails? So if her posts were inflammatory, were there any death threats made against her? She did receive a fair amount of hate mail.
Much of it in Mandarin.
She had a lot of enemies, then? A whole country.
How often do victims of hate crimes know their attackers? The pattern we're seeing in anti-Asian incidents is that the more violent the crime, the more likely the victim doesn't know the offender.
Just this week, a 94-year-old woman was stabbed outside an H Mart by some rando in the street blaming her for the "China virus.
" I've heard it called a lot of things.
Since COVID, we've seen a big increase in crimes against Asian Americans.
And we only catch the violent cases.
We have no way of documenting the countless microaggressions, the drive-by "ching chong" and nail salon jokes.
These are all the informants, known actors, and parolees connected to or suspected of anti-Asian hate crimes in this area.
Any abductions prior to Carrie's? - Completely honest here - [PHONE BUZZING.]
Carrie Chen's kidnapping is one of the worst-case scenarios we thought could happen and hoped like hell it wouldn't.
Go through these with Barnes.
Carrie's husband just landed.
Thank you, Arya.
My, uh, first flight was canceled because the The crew never showed up.
Try to calm down if you can, Mr.
We all want to find your wife.
I can't believe this is happening.
Anything unusual happen over the last few weeks? Aggression towards you or your wife? Yeah, yeah, sure, but that's not unusual.
Look, I'm a white man in a white neighborhood married to an Asian woman, I mean Even before the pandemic well, I'll leave it to your imagination what we were called.
And what about Carrie? Yeah, she's been spit on, she's been locked out of stores, but I don't I don't know those people.
You were at a conference, is that correct? Uh, a meeting.
I was I was at a meeting.
And the meeting, what was it about, who was it with? Uh, Brice Lonner.
Uh, he runs R&D at ParGen.
You're meeting at their headquarters? ParGen's one of the biggest pharmaceuticals out there.
Well, they have a small office in the city.
I didn't want to go to Boston.
My brother lives there, so I was spending the night with him.
And the meeting, what was it about? What does this have to do with my wife missing? Please! We have to get as much information as we can.
Uh Look, they they underwrite some of the studies in my labs, so I was just up there looking at some equipment.
And you left yesterday morning? Yeah, it was a four-day stay.
That was the plan.
I can't be away from my clinical trials for longer than four days.
Is there a chance you were looking forward to some time away? I wanted her to come, she She just started a new job.
You're a busy couple.
Our work schedule's really normal for us.
But maybe she was unhappy.
Maybe she was having an affair, and that's and that's why she was abducted.
Is that what you're trying to get at? Do you suspect she may have been having an affair? - No, I don't.
- Were you? A, no, B, no time, even if I wanted to, which I didn't.
And C, I was merely just playing out a plausible scenario for you guys.
Look, I need an explanation for this For all of this! We're looking for one.
They want 50,000 for her.
It's Mercer County.
That's not too far from here.
Yeah, and that's, uh, 45 minutes from now.
All right, let me try calling this number back, though I'm sure it's a burner phone.
I'll see if we can get approval on the money.
Uh, I I have it.
The cash, I I have it right here.
- Why? - The pandemic.
Look, my wife was worried So was I, that the You know, the banks would close.
It's it's just a variable we planned for.
We can't use your cash.
FBI bills are marked.
And we have a GPS tag in the bag Wait, how long will that take? Castille's office, please.
We have an emergency reserve.
Where That's New York! That's, like, 40 minutes from here.
- I'll have it brought here.
- No, no, none of the rules you guys use can apply right now.
My wife is missing, and I have the cash right here! Listen, we do this, we may never find the money.
But I will have my wife back.
I'm willing to take that chance.
But you need to do exactly as I tell you.
Take that out.
There's that side.
You gotta take it back.
- Bring it.
- Come on, you pass.
- Come on, now.
- Come on, man.
Get the water bottle too.
Take that, take that, take that, take that! Come on! [PARTYGOERS CHATTERING.]
He's in the park.
I see him.
I may have something.
That guy matches the description of our suspect.
Got a black car pulling into the lot right now.
Got two Asian males in black suits heading in the direction of Stephen.
They've got a gun.
I got the party covered.
Barnes? I got your back.
Get down, get down.
Ortiz, cover those bad guys.
I got 'em, I got 'em.
Walk very quietly and calmly that way.
Clear back this way, please.
FBI, I need you to go to the back table.
Stay behind it, all right? - FBI, drop your weapon! - Drop your weapon! [GRUNTS.]
They're down.
Ortiz, stay with our suspect.
I got him.
Stop the car! Stop the car! Stop! [TIRES SQUEAL.]
He's in a light blue Crown Vic, license plate starts with C9L.
I'm telling you.
I'm sure.
I've never seen these guys before.
Stephen, you'll be escorted back home.
We'll have officers posted at your house.
Here's your backpack.
Let's say the man you were on was Carrie's abductor.
PD lost him in traffic.
He seemed to be operating independently from the two shooters.
Then why'd they converge on the ransom money? That's what we need to find out.
Thank you.
It's been almost 19 hours since Carrie was taken.
If most kidnapping victims are murdered in the first 24 hours That means we have five hours left to find her alive.
What we need to do is ID these two men.
Yao Li Hao and Huang Zan entered the country on two diplomatic passports.
They said they were a chef and a chauffeur for the Chinese Consulate.
What do two Chinese nationals have to do with Stephen's missing wife and the death of one of her friends? - And the Good Samaritan.
- Right.
Well, Stephen's been to China a handful of times since he and Carrie have been married.
Last time was in June.
He was granted a work visa for a conference in Shanghai.
- A chemistry conference? - Biochem.
Thalassemia and gene editing.
He presented a paper there.
Thalassemia is a blood disease, inherited, usually fatal.
Must be the clinical trial that he's running.
Doesn't seem like any of this has anything to do with Carrie.
Why don't you two see if you can find out what a chauffeur and a chef have to do with a chemistry professor? Kristin, let's head to Princeton.
That's not my chauffeur.
And our chef is Wong Thai Ping.
He has been for many years.
You're sayin' you don't know these men? I don't.
I'm sorry.
Well, they entered the country on two diplomatic passports.
Hundreds of those are issued every year.
Only our government knows to whom.
Well, there must be record of them on file if these documents are legit.
I'll send these passport numbers over immediately.
But if there is no record of them, if these are forged documents, then these are invisible men.
They're not invisible men.
They're two bodies unclaimed in the morgue.
Candidly, our resources are roughly the same as yours right now.
In essence, dealing with our state departments.
Despite our best efforts, people enter the country on fake passports all the time.
These are really good fakes.
One can make anything in China.
Stephen's like the kid who won the cakewalk.
Everyone wants a piece of what he's got.
We only won him with the golden lasso of tenure.
Can you help us understand what it is that he does? The short answer is that he can cure blindness.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
As long as it's congenital and not environmental, though we're working on that too.
This is a CRISPR lab.
And CRISPR fixes typos in the genetic code, - is that right? - Yeah, yeah, that's right.
It allows us to go in and write over so-called mistakes.
So the example I always like to use is, if you're typing "hello" and you spell it H-E-T-L-O, we can go in and change the T to an I.
In fact, that's what that machine right there is doing.
And and which typo is Stephen trying to fix? A blood disease, thalassemia.
It reduces the amount of oxygen in the body.
It presents as anemia at first, but it can be fatal.
Prevalent in the Asian community.
He presented the first results of his clinical trial in Shanghai this past year.
You have the dates he was there? Yeah.
So Stephen's Shanghai conference was four days.
Barnes just confirmed his visa was for ten.
That's a long time to go sightseeing on a business trip.
- Yeah.
- So Stephen's got unaccounted for days in China, two unidentified Chinese men tailing him Armed Chinese men, and 50 grand in cash.
You know, I've got an old friend in the CIA who might be able to help with this.
We think Stephen could be a spy.
Think he could be working for the Chinese Communist Party.
We don't know for sure, but he's been on our radar for the last two years.
That's about when he started his current clinical trial.
Telling that he presented the results in Shanghai, ain't it? Chinese have been working their own CRISPR magic.
Almost in tandem.
So it's a race.
The work that Stephen does eighty-sixes the development of congenital diseases.
Okay, so his lab explained to us how that works, how blood is taken from an individual, CRISPR-ized in Stephen's lab, reintroduced back into the patient where it replicates, repairing the body.
But what if you could bypass all that? Make it so the person never got sick in the first place.
CRISPR becomes God technology.
Yeah, but we're already doing that.
One of my new colleagues has an IVF baby, another one on the way.
Well, I mean, we're allowed to create embryos.
We're just not allowed to tinker with 'em here.
And no such law exists in China.
Nominally, sure it does.
But there's already been two babies born who are HIV immune and they're thriving, and there could be more.
This is an expression of my genetic code.
My preternatural disposition toward spirits.
Now, you CRISPR-ize me way back when, and you turn this alcohol into ammunition.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
They're building an army? We don't have any proof, but these would be super soldiers Enhanced eyesight, increased muscularity, rapid response time.
Stephen's research could let the PLA engineer people who have higher oxygen content in their blood.
Lance Armstrong without the doping.
Except this would be a generation of soldiers.
All these modifications all get passed down.
Here you go.
Guessing our DOD's all over this? No idea about that.
- If Stephen is an asset - Potential asset.
Carrie could have been abducted to coerce him.
Also could explain the welcome committee at the park.
We need to talk to him again.
Local PD has him at his house.
I got two officers down.
Damn it! That front door's open.
Barnes, you're with me.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Stephen's gone.
Only sign of a struggle's in here.
Looks like his backpack's missing.
With the ransom money in it? Let's get ERT here now.
- Stephen! - Sweetheart.
Are you all right? You see what you made me do? Who are you? Yes, good.
I have your attention now.
It's been roughly 38 hours since Carrie's abduction.
13 since Stephen's.
No more ransom demands, but I doubt we'll get one if Stephen's working for the Chinese government.
I'm stuck on something though.
Why lure Stephen to the park? When he was abducted from his home anyway.
I'm with you.
It doesn't add up.
Okay, so we've been to his home.
We've been to his lab.
We haven't talked to whoever he had his meeting with the day his wife was taken.
His name's Brice Lonner.
ParGen has deep pockets, endless resources.
They'd have to want Stephen's technology bad enough to kidnap him.
Someone obviously does.
ERT got an ID on Stephen's abductor.
Trace amounts of blood were left on the broken lamp.
He must've fought back.
Rodney Harlock, 29.
Height, weight, fits the description of the guy who took Carrie.
This could be our unsub.
No history of employment.
He's been in and out of jail for theft and carjacking.
Lucky he's in the system at all.
Kristin, you're on ParGen.
Think a pharmaceutical company's gonna come clean about a double kidnapping involving a potential asset? You never know.
You're a very charming person.
Barnes, Ortiz, hit up Rodney's last known address.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- This looks like my place.
- Does it smell like this? [LAUGHS.]
I keep my workouts in the gym.
Well, maybe Rodney doesn't have that luxury.
I'll get this sent over to CART.
I don't think we'll find a digital trail that leads us back to the Chinese.
Maybe he's a gun for hire.
All right, we got cargo shorts, T-shirt with a stain on it, and a back brace.
- Work clothes? - Thought he wasn't working.
Well, maybe he gets paid in cash.
- Either way - Doesn't look like the kind of person China would hire to kidnap a scientist.
Not at all.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
It's awful what's going on.
I'm sorry for Stephen And his wife too.
He said he was meeting with you about a lab grant.
That was part of it, sure.
It's how we got him on a plane to Boston, but we've been courting him for lots of reasons.
Such as his CRISPR research? Is that what you're after? Stephen turned us down, along with every other Big Pharma.
He thinks it's a conflict of interest and we should stay out of academia.
Said his brain isn't for sale, neither is his work.
So you'll move on to someone else? No, no, there's no one like Stephen.
We were hoping to mass market his cure for thalassemia.
But his research depends on a patient's blood being scrubbed and put back into their bodies, so how do you mass market that? Well, we believe it can be used for other purposes, blood thinners, for example.
But his clinical trial is for a congenital disease.
Our goal is to eradicate that disease.
And how far are you willing to go for that? - Do you have kids, Ms.
Gaines? - Two.
And I'm sure you'd do everything possible to keep them safe and healthy? So what if you could start at the beginning, before they're even born, and eliminate the chance of certain diseases? Well, embryonic gene splicing is illegal in this country.
It is now, but laws change all the time.
Yeah, especially when you have powerful lobbyists on your side.
This research is currently happening in mice and rats.
What we do there will help keep our children safe and healthy.
That's all ParGen wants to do.
That and make billions of dollars in the process.
This is America.
ParGen could easily be behind Stephen's abduction.
I don't buy it.
It sounds too Hollywood.
Rodney Harlock is a good person to hire as a middleman.
It's hard to connect the dots between the two.
Same is true if Stephen's a spy, right? CCP could have hired Harlock to abduct both Stephen and Carrie.
Well, who's to say ParGen isn't working with or for the Chinese? So what are we missing here? Do we have this backwards? Is Carrie the intended target after all? She did speak up against the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong.
On Instagram, not in "The New York Times.
" We looked into her family, came up with nothing.
'Scuse me.
Is now a good time? - Now's as good a time as any.
- How are you? Your case has been on the news nonstop.
If I stop to think how tired I am, it just makes me more tired.
I wish there was something I could do from here.
How's things with you and Tali? Is it still Arctic between the two of you? Well, she made me a peace offering plate of eggs and toast before she left this morning.
Well, that's nice, right? No, Jess, it's because she wants something.
She says there's this study group at Daniel's today after school and she won't be home till after dinner.
- I don't think she should go.
- Why? Well, because she's grounded and I feel like she might be lying.
I don't think so.
If she says she's gonna study, I think it's fine to go.
Even with everything that's going on? I have to trust what she says.
- What's up? - Just got a call from the lab.
Stephen Beck broke in last night.
I got to go.
Hopefully I'll be home sometime soon.
- Sure.
- See you.
This was 4:38 a.
This footage can't leave the lab for security reasons, but a protocol was completed at Stephen's station.
He's nervous.
No one's with him.
He doesn't seem to be under duress.
Well, maybe he wasn't kidnapped after all.
You suggesting he killed those cops and ran? 50K and the backpack weren't at the house.
Maybe he took it with him.
Could we see it again? [KEYBOARD CLACKING.]
Doesn't seem natural, does it? Oh, he knows where that camera is.
He's turning the monitor deliberately.
Sam Zhao.
Could that be a patient in his thalassemia trial? No, there are only eight participants and I know them all by heart.
He clearly wants the blood.
The question is why, and where is he taking it? Are you sure you want to do this? There are no more options.
I've tried them all.
Blood transfusion, bone marrow, chemo Chemo is why we couldn't admit him into my study and We were told my son My son Fell outside the parameters of inclusion because of his age.
That too.
I never look at the individual patients.
Just the datapoints for entry.
Can I confide in you? Yeah.
I'm afraid.
I'm as afraid as you are right now.
I see how exhausted you are, how hard you've already fought, but right now, we're both afraid of the same thing How this will go, where it may lead.
Right now, Sam is stable, but this could trigger seizures that That will be far more painful than what he's feeling right now, and it might not even work.
There's a chance that it could.
That's all I'm asking you to do.
Just give us that chance.
Do it.
Dad? Hey.
This man is here to help you.
I'm tired.
What does Dave Grohl never miss? An encore.
Does he need to be awake? Or can he keep sleeping? We had a long night.
We all did.
I got something.
I'm tapped into the campus external video feeds.
Here's a cargo van entering and exiting the lot early this morning.
- Let's see.
- Stephen must've logged everyone who applied for his study.
I can access that for you.
It's possible that Sam Zhao didn't make the cut.
Okay, the van belongs to a moving company, Essex Quality Move.
- Uh, company owner, Frank Zhao.
- That's Sam's father.
Let's get the family's address and let's move.
I want an ambulance there when we land.
Thank you.
What do you want to do with them? [SIGHS.]
Who? What do you mean, who? Those two.
What did you think was gonna happen? You're gonna walk away after all this is over? Well, no one was supposed to get killed.
We can't let them go.
They'll go straight to the cops.
I know, and I'm prepared for that.
Because my son will be alive and that's all that matters to me.
Yeah? Not to me.
I shot two cops.
I'll die in prison.
Then you handle it, whatever you want to do.
- I want money.
- You have the 50K.
- Like I promised.
- More money.
Situation has changed, Frank.
Well, I don't have it, Rodney.
Well, get it! You're not being reasonable.
- Hey! - Get off me! Hey! Hey! Hey! I told you.
I want more money! [TENSE MUSIC.]
It's Rodney.
You gave him something fake.
- Some kind of placebo! - I promise you, I didn't.
His body's reacting, doesn't recognize his own blood.
We're with the FBI.
Lower your gun.
Frank, put your weapon down.
We have an ambulance on the way.
We may have to intubate.
You're here just to keep our son alive! Frank.
Lower your weapon.
You're a good dad, Frank.
You'll do whatever it takes to keep your son alive.
Right now we need to get Sam to a hospital, okay? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
But you'll take him away from me.
I'm gonna put my weapon down, okay? All right? I want to talk to you father to father.
Sometimes it seems like the worst thing you can do is love your kid.
It'd be so much easier if you didn't feel that That pull, that That makes us do things we'd never do.
But that's love, I guess.
Love for your child that makes us the craziest of all.
Desperate when we can't protect them.
- He's not breathing.
- [SOBS.]
Sam's illness isn't your fault.
But he got it from me.
Yeah, but did you know you had it? [MONITOR FLATLINING.]
So would you have had him if you did know that? [CHOKING UP.]
Can you forgive yourself? [SOFTLY.]
I don't know.
- He's back.
- But he's still not stable.
You decide how this one ends, Frank.
Frank, enough.
Dad? Come on.
It's okay.
That's it, give me the gun.
Come on.
- In here! - I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Listen to me.
Whatever happens next, you're a father who loves his son.
- That's all that matters.
My wife.
- Baby.
- Baby, we're safe, we're safe.
Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Oh, I'm so glad.
I'm so glad you're okay.
I was so scared.
I didn't think I'd ever get out of here.
I thought I'd never see you again.
It's okay.
We're safe now.
You see that ring she's wearing? Are you talking about the wedding ring or the jade ring? The jade ring.
Stephen had it made for her in China.
That's what he was doing there those extra few days in June.
It was a birthday present, supposed to be a surprise.
Supposed to be? Well, he told her the minute he got back.
You know, I don't think that guy's much of a spy.
No, my friend in the CIA didn't have the whole picture, but he did reiterate that he wants a piece of Stephen's brain, Stephen's very valuable brain.
That explains the guys in the park.
Yeah, they were watching him for months, saw an opportunity.
You know, I understand what Frank did for his son.
I mean, not the way that he did it, but if it were Tali [SIGHS.]
You know, when Tali was little, she would have tantrums.
I'm talking really little.
And she would kick and scream and kick and scream.
The harder she kicked and the louder she screamed, the tighter I would hold her and [CHUCKLING.]
The storm would pass.
Harder now, isn't it? It's different now.
But yeah.
You are ruining my life! - I cannot believe you! - Please stop yelling.
You don't even know what you did! - I know exactly what I did.
- No, you don't.
I do.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
What the hell's going on? She dragged me out of Daniel's house in front of all my friends.
- I didn't drag you.
- Yes, you did.
And now they're all gonna think that I'm the huge baby.
- We were just studying.
- Tali, don't lie.
There were six kids there.
The parents were not home.
I saw some of the boys with beers.
- You are not my mother! - Tali! When will you understand that? Hey, where do you think you're going? Outside.
Anywhere away from her.
It's going great.
You were right.
- Yeah, I was.
- I'm sorry.
I should've listened to you and talked to her myself.
You'd have to be home to do that.
That came out wrong.
I love Tali.
I do, I just wish that you were here more.
I understand.
You don't feel like a priority.
I mean, I'm not.
Tali's my daughter.
I'm sorry, but Nothing comes before her.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I did not mean that.
I mean, she's your priority.
She should always be your priority.
And I know that I've never been a parent, and I know I've never had kids, but if this is gonna work, if I'm gonna stay here and be responsible for her, then but I need you to help me out.
Maybe just trust me as much as you trust her.
- I do trust you.
- Do you? Yes, a hell of a lot more than I trust her.
I don't I don't need that.
Come here.
It's hard.
Thank you for everything that you do.
You're doing a great job.
I'm probably doing a terrible job.
- According to Tali.
- No, no, no.
According to Tali, you're doing too good a job.
You're not afraid of the newness.
You're running right towards it.
I'm trying.
I love that about you That you're fearless.
What else do you love about me? Hm? Hm? I love the way you are in the ring - Uh-huh.
- With the students.
- Your confidence.
- Okay.
But? But what? [SCOFFS LIGHTLY.]
Do you love me? Yeah.
I do.

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