FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e06 Episode Script


1 Her parents are turning the backyard into a movie theater, and everyone's getting their own personal snack bar.
All our friends are gonna be there.
- Can we go? Please? - Please? Absolutely not.
No sleepovers until you get your grades up.
Mom, why? That's so unfair.
No, it's not.
Besides, you know how I feel about Cindy and her weird parents.
They're not weird.
They're cool.
The answer is no.
Come on.
Hello there, ladies.
It's dad! Burn, baby, burn A disco ball! This is so cool! Ah-ah-ah-ah.
Come on.
Off my couch.
Off my couch.
Cecil, what is all this? It's a disco party.
- Wh-why? - Why not? I thought this family could use a little fun right now.
Check it out, girls.
Oh, my God.
Is that a karaoke machine? - Is this bike for me? - Yep.
And you've got two other presents there.
You can open them now.
And I've got one other big surprise.
It's in the other room.
Cecil, we can't afford all this.
Hold that thought, Mrs.
Next dance is for you.
Oh, it's the unicorn hoodie I've been telling you about! No way.
Is this what I think it is? Yes! I got a mini tablet! Those are some awesome presents.
Okay, Karlie, Amanda, sit on the couch.
Close your eyes.
Here comes the big surprise.
The heat was on Ready? - Yeah.
- Yep.
Are your eyes closed really tight? Yup.
That is when my spark got hot I heard somebody say Disco inferno Why are you doing this? Burn that mother down Burn, baby, burn Disco inferno Burn, baby, burn Burn that mother down Burn, baby, burn Burn, baby, burn Have you seen my phone? I can't find it anywhere, and I don't want to be late for court.
Between the headboard or maybe the nightstand? - Looked there already.
- Well, babe, I don't know.
I'm late for work too, and I can't find Anais' spelling worksheet anywhere.
Never mind.
Found it.
Mommy, I had an accident.
Anais, you're soaking wet.
Go run and get a new shirt.
Of all the days for Renee to call in sick.
It's the third time she's bailed this month.
- What nanny does that? - I am so over it.
We need to have a serious talk with her.
Hello, hello.
Help is here.
- Mom, thank you for coming.
- You're a life saver.
Not a problem.
How are you, Charlotte? Good.
Running a little late.
Hang on a sec.
Come here.
Let me see.
Like I said, boy.
You're hanging low.
- Mama B.
- Oh, look at my angel.
Why are you wet? I spilled milk.
You let her go to school like that? No, she's supposed to be changing.
Anais, clean shirt.
Hurry up.
I really need to go.
Thanks again, Susan.
Wait, no, no.
Mom, that can wait.
Anais is late.
No, it cannot.
I never start my day with a dirty kitchen, and neither should you.
I got this.
All right.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
No way.
I got a mini tablet! Those are some pretty awesome presents.
Okay, Karlie, Amanda, sit on the couch.
Close your eyes.
Here comes the big surprise.
Ready? - Yeah.
- Yep.
Are your eye closed really tight? - Yeah.
- Yep.
Why are you doing this? Okay, 6:00 a.
this morning, Fairfield, Connecticut.
Next door neighbor goes to the house of Ellen Walsh to go for their daily walk, knocks on the door, and there's no answer.
She peeks through the window, and she finds the bodies of Ellen and her two daughters, Amanda and Karlie.
All three were killed by Cecil Walsh.
He's the husband of Ellen.
They were married three years ago.
The daughters are from a previous relationship.
Our fugitive is a family annihilator with one DUI and no history of violence.
The room was set up like a disco.
Mirror balls.
The whole nine yards.
And he's in costume.
Torn wrapping paper on the floor.
The girls opening gifts.
Maybe this was his weird way of giving them one last happy moment.
Or a way to distract them before he attacks.
This is classic psychopathic behavior.
He's calm and detached as he executes his family, showing no hesitation or remorse.
- What activated him? - Money could be the motive.
Meaning the lack of it.
He was deep in debt.
Unpaid credit card bills, house in foreclosure, and both cars on the verge of being repoed.
And it looks like he was recently let go from his engineering job at a firm in Hartford, Connecticut.
His last paycheck was a month ago.
He was the sole breadwinner.
Ellen has no employment history.
Okay, so maybe his ego, and male pride got the better of him.
Didn't want his family to think less of him for not being able to provide financially.
So he killed them before they could learn the truth.
Why don't you head to Cecil's last job.
See why he was fired.
Barnes, dig into the victims.
The rest of us are gonna head to the crime scene.
We'll check the room with the bodies.
You check the rest of the house.
Cecil really went all out.
He planned this meticulously.
How old were the girls? 11 and 12.
Take a look at these pictures.
Cecil isn't in any of 'em.
- Weird.
- Mm-hmm.
It's almost like it's not even a part of this family.
When did his financial problems start? About a year ago.
They were married in 2018.
Based on the age of the girls, I'm assuming these photos were taken in the last few years.
Are you saying Cecil was alienating himself? From his family and before his financial troubles.
Hey, guys, I have something to show you.
Cecil's man-cave? I don't think so.
It looks like they were having marital issues, and there's no sign of them sharing the master bedroom.
All his clothes and his belongings are in this room.
I mean, there was There was this.
I found this box locked under the bed.
Pine cones? They were preserved with some sort of a laminate.
And they're all numbered.
Total of 35.
How bizarre.
Why is he hoarding pine cones? Could have some kind of sentimental value.
That's why he's keeping them in a case under his bed.
I remember making bird feeders with these in elementary school.
Could be some kind of childhood trauma.
Could be.
Could be some kind of weird fetish.
Let's go talk to the neighbor.
Cecil had been with the firm about 10 years.
I can't believe he would do something so awful.
Those poor girls.
Had you noticed a change in his behavior recently? About a month ago, he started acting distant, kind of strange.
Strange how? Like his mind was elsewhere.
Suddenly it was a struggle for him to finish projects, and when he finally did, they were riddled with mistakes.
It was out of character.
And did he mention what was bothering him? Problems at home? His family? No, he just apologized and corrected the mistakes.
The revisions were always pitch perfect just like his work had been before.
And did he have a history of volatility on the job? Not at all.
He was a friendly, mild-mannered guy.
A real team player and a very hard worker.
Essentially, he was the perfect employee and an asset to the firm.
So why did you fire him? I didn't.
I actually offered him a promotion with a very substantial raise about a month ago, but he turned it all down, and he resigned.
Cecil was heavily in debt.
It doesn't make sense that he'd walk away from the answers to all his financial troubles.
Well, the only explanation he gave me was, "Money can't fix the pain.
Nothing can.
" I feel terrible.
Ellen and I power-walked around the neighborhood every morning, 6:00 a.
on the dot.
When I didn't see her outside, I got a sinking feeling in my stomach.
It's just so shocking.
Did you notice anything off between Cecil and his family? Nothing between him and the little girls, but Cecil and Ellen's marriage was on its last leg.
How so? I don't think he ever really loved her.
I mean, he just seemed to be going through the motions of being a husband.
And what about Ellen? She was ga-ga about him, but she told me he'd become increasingly distant.
Started giving her the cold shoulder.
I mean, they were barely speaking.
And did they ever mention anything about divorce? Poor Ellen was still trying to make the marriage work.
And then last week, Cecil started leaving the house at odd hours, and Ellen got suspicious.
She started following him in her car.
- And that's her car there? - Yeah.
Only saved entries are home and Cecil's office.
She doesn't know her way to either one? Well, I do the same thing.
Store the entries of the places I go to the most so I can check traffic.
Let's look at the most recent destinations.
There's half a dozen entries there.
They're in chronological order, so this one at the top is the most recent.
That's also the only address not in Connecticut.
Hold on.
Hold on.
What is that? 780 Wilson Way.
Yeah, in Brooklyn.
It's St.
Bertrand's Catholic Church.
There are plenty of Catholic churches around here.
Why is Cecil going all the way to Brooklyn? I don't know, but it's all we got.
Want us to check it out? Sounds good.
I'll finish up here.
Tell me, what is weighing on your heart, my son? What sins would you like to confess? Father, why should I even bother? It won't make any difference.
Well, the Bible tells us if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Some souls are too rotten to be cleansed.
God is merciful.
He doesn't sit in judgment of those who seek his grace.
It isn't his judgment we should be worried about.
At least not here on Earth.
Well, whatever is troubling you, we can fix it.
All it takes is faith and forgiveness.
Not for me.
We've got one victim, Father Adam Jones.
Church secretary found him about an hour ago.
At first she thought it was a heart attack until she saw ligature marks around his neck.
Looks like it could have been some sort of a belt or a strap.
We sure this is Cecil? No one saw him, but we did find his fingerprints in the confessional booth, which matched his DUI file.
Using a belt instead of his hands, that would create more pain.
For some reason, Cecil wanted the priest to suffer.
Pretty brazen doing it in broad daylight.
Not really.
Cecil's been here before, so he probably knew this place would be empty during the day.
So what does a disco theme have to do with a religious murder? That's a good question.
The disco theme is an odd one.
And how does his family play into all of this? Cecil doesn't fit the profile.
A family annihilator is a narcissist.
They kill their family because they think they can't survive without 'em.
Cecil is a narcissist, but for whatever reason he's chosen not to kill himself yet.
There's something else he needs to do first.
Cecil's boss said he was in pain, which is why he didn't take the promotion at work.
So maybe killing a priest is his way of lashing out at God.
The secretary says that Father Jones only worked here for two years.
He spent his entire career in DC.
I looked him up, and he was assigned to three different churches, but he mostly just worked at various charities.
- Any connections to Cecil? - No.
But speaking of Cecil, I did find this.
Nine parking tickets to his car, all issued on expired meters outside a wine shop in Queens, all issued within the last month.
Maybe he's trying to drink his problems away? Or maybe Father Jones wasn't the only person Cecil's been stalking.
All right, you three check out the neighborhood for witnesses and security cams.
Kris and I will check out the wine shop.
See if it means anything.
That guy? Yeah, he was, uh, here a lot.
Always badgering one of my employees.
- Which one? - Nora Bryant.
Any idea what sparked the harassment? No clue She said they were friends, but she didn't want to talk about it, so I didn't push.
His name is Cecil Walsh.
When's the last time you saw him? Last time Nora worked.
- When was that? - Last week.
She quit after the guy showed up again.
This guy really killed four people? - So far, yeah.
- The world's messed up.
I just thought he was an old flame, or maybe Nora owed him money or something.
We're gonna need the address where Nora's working now.
And a photo of Nora, if you have one.
Of course.
Any luck with the neighborhood canvas? Negative.
No cameras.
And nobody saw Cecil arriving at the church or leaving, either.
We've got a lead.
I think a Nora Bryant is Cecil's next target.
We've been trying to reach her, but there's no answer on her cell or her landline.
What's the connection between Nora and Cecil? They were friends.
They had a falling out.
- What was that about? - I'm not sure.
But whatever it was was bad enough that Nora's been trying to avoid him.
We're heading to Nora's house in Queens.
You guys head to her new job.
It's a mini-storage in Brooklyn.
I just sent you the address and Nora's photo.
Three bubble wrap.
We got that.
14 of these vacuum bags.
We should double check those.
That's enough, right? It's just your winter wardrobe.
Nora? Cecil, what are you doing here? How did you even find me? I I just wanna talk.
No, no.
There's nothing to talk about.
Please just go.
- Is there a problem? - Mind your business.
I've seen your face.
You're on the news.
- He's lying.
- No, I saw him.
They say he killed his whole family.
- What? - I'm telling you that's him.
Put the phone down.
- No.
- I said put it down! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Please, please, please.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Please don't hurt me, Cecil.
Please just let me go.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I just want to talk.
Just not here, okay? No, I don't want to go anywhere.
That's Cecil's Lexus.
Heads up.
- I don't wanna go with you.
- No, no.
We're leaving right now.
It's the girl from the photo.
Gun! Go, go! Run, Nora.
He's heading out the back.
I'll go 'round.
FBI! Man down! - What happened? - He had a gun.
He yanked me out of my car, and he hit me.
- He's not inside.
- Did he have a woman with him? Yes He forced her into my car, and he took my car.
He took my car.
Okay, ma'am, I need you to calm down.
We're going to find your car.
Anybody home? Hello? I don't see anybody.
Ortiz, we're at Nora Bryant's house.
Pretty sure she's not here.
Cecil has her.
He showed up at her new job.
He shot the manager, then he carjacked a lady to get away.
PD's on the hunt.
So he kidnapped Nora.
We're going through security footage now.
I'm sending it to your tablet.
Cecil shoots the manager without hesitating, but the way he handles Nora is different.
He's gentle, comforting.
His hand even shakes when he holds the gun at her.
The manager said that Cecil told Nora that he just wanted to talk.
But he still grabbed her at gunpoint, shaking or not.
So what's going on here? I'm not sure, but if he has her, then they can have that talk.
If Nora's smart, she'll play along.
I gotta go.
Excuse me, sir.
- You live here? - Yes.
Do you know Nora Bryant? Yeah, she's my fiancée.
Why, what's going on? From the moment I met Cecil, I knew something was off about him.
And why is that? He just He gave off bad vibes.
He seemed like a phony.
I told Nora to stop hanging out with him, but she didn't listen.
Why do you think she didn't take your advice? Nora sympathizes with people.
Her parents died when she was young, and she doesn't have any siblings, so she tends to overcompensate with kindness and acceptance.
It's one of the reasons I love her so much.
She tries to only see the best in people.
And how did she and Cecil meet? He came into her store about a month ago.
Said he was a wine lover.
I guess they hit it off.
The very next day, he texted her wanting to grab coffee.
Then they they started going out for drinks, dinners here and there, meeting up for museum visits.
So they were friends at one point? Yes.
Yeah, I even went wine tasting with them once.
She thought he was just lonely and looking for people to hang out with.
She was actually protective of him in this weird way.
And what caused the friendship to sour? Our engagement.
I popped the question a couple weeks ago.
Nora told Cecil, and he flipped out.
He tried to convince her that I wasn't good enough for her.
And he pushed hard for our engagement to be called off.
I'm sure that didn't sit well.
- Cecil doesn't even know me.
- He barely knows Nora.
I was livid.
I called him and I told him to stop meddling in our lives and to stay the hell away.
And that's when the stalking and the harassment started? Yeah.
What if that's what set Cecil off? What if this is my fault? This is not your fault, Daniel.
You have to find Nora.
I can't lose her.
- Help! Somebody help me! - Nora! Nora! Please! Calm down.
It's enough.
- Help! - It's gonna be okay.
I just wanna go home.
Please, I won't say anything to anybody.
Please just let me go home.
You are home.
This is ours now.
It's gonna be okay.
I promise.
- No.
- Oh, my God.
I have so much planned for us, - but you need to eat first.
- I'm not hungry.
Just try.
I'll be back soon.
Wait, where Where are you going? Cecil, let me out of here! Come on.
Let me go.
These are from Nora's home computer.
She and Cecil having dinner at the museum.
Even singing karaoke together.
They look happy.
Yeah, they were until Nora told Cecil she was engaged to Daniel.
Well, why would he be upset? They weren't dating.
They were just friends.
In Nora's mind, maybe.
I think Cecil was in love with her.
Could be why he started distancing himself from his family.
And the source of their marital problems.
When Cecil finds out Nora's engaged, he goes into a jealous rage, so he kills his family, Kidnaps Nora to have her all to himself.
Not the best dating strategy.
- The problem is the priest.
- I don't see where he fits in.
Also the timeline.
Cecil found out about the engagement, what, two weeks ago? So why'd he wait to make his move? Well, maybe there was another trigger.
Maybe, but if Cecil's plan is to remove all obstacles to him and Nora, that puts Daniel in danger, right? We have agents at their house? Yeah, and PD.
All right.
Any other targets we can think of? None that I can think of.
What about tip line, BOLOs? All quiet.
Hi, Eli.
Who the hell are you? Meg sent me.
What what are you You should have loved her.
Why didn't you love her? You should have loved her.
You Should have loved her! Hey, hey! What the hell's going on? I'm calling the cops.
Yeah, you better run! Fingerprints found at your home match to this man.
Cecil Walsh.
Is he the person who attacked you? - Yeah, that's the bastard.
- You know him? Never seen him before last night.
You were very fortunate.
He's killed four people in the last two days.
I wasn't scared of that punk.
He also kidnapped a young woman by the name of Nora Bryant.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
He took Nora? You know her? Technically, she's my niece.
My sister and her husband adopted her when she was a baby.
Nine years later, they they both died in a car accident, so I was stuck with her.
- What do you mean stuck? - I never wanted kids.
What was I going to do? Let the kid go into the system? So I took her in.
Not that she ever appreciated it.
- You two weren't close? - We butted heads a lot.
Never really got along.
When she graduated high school, she left.
I haven't seen her since.
Why didn't you get along? Mr.
Bryant, what happened between the two of you? Were you abusing her? - Hell, no.
It wasn't that.
- No? What was it? Well, I drank too much.
I never once touched her.
I know I wasn't exactly the best father.
I just, uh, I didn't know how.
I didn't want to to begin with You know what, screw this! Shouldn't you guys be out there focused on tracking down the maniac that put me in this damn hospital? All right, why don't you help us out with that? Did Cecil mention anything about your niece, where he's holding her, or anything like that? No, he just rambled on about me not loving her, which, you know, didn't make any sense at the time.
I guess he was talking about Nora.
Anything else? Yeah, he said somebody named Meg sent him to my house.
And who's Meg? Some crackpot named Megan Taylor's been emailing me for six weeks now claiming to be Nora's birth mother.
And me and Nora's relationship being what it is, I just deleted 'em and didn't give 'em another thought.
And you still have those emails? Yeah, they should be in my my trash folder.
I'm about to send you some emails.
I need you and Barnes to track the IP address from the sender, Megan Taylor.
She might be able to help us find Nora and Cecil.
Well, the emails were sent from an IP address at this location to an Eli Bryant.
Yeah, the residents are allowed to use the desktops in the common room.
So the woman that sent them does live here, Megan Taylor? She did for six months, but not anymore.
Meg struggled with addiction most of her life but managed to get clean.
Then she relapsed last week.
Missed curfew.
Came back high on meth.
I was forced to kick her out.
Any idea where she landed? Yeah, the county morgue.
One of my other residents told me she OD'd a few days ago.
You ever seen Meg with this guy? His name's Cecil Walsh.
Yeah, they were friends.
He's visited her a few times.
The last one right before I had to kick Meg out.
These are the desktops they use.
Did Meg mention anything to Cecil about trying to contact a daughter she might've put up for adoption? I'm sure she did.
Meg constantly talked about wanting to reunite with her baby girl to anyone who would listen.
Well, what did she say about the baby? I don't know if she was telling the truth or the drugs talking, but she said that some Catholic school in DC called St.
Mary's Academy had stole her kid, and she was gonna get her back.
How was she gonna do that? Well, she had already located the adoptive parents with the help of a nonprofit.
That's probably how she found this Eli Bryant guy too, whoever he is.
Thank you, Melissa.
These are all Meg's things.
No one's come to claim them, and I don't have any contact info for the next of kin.
So feel free to take it.
I need to go check on a resident.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Not much in here.
Meg and Cecil.
They must be 15, 16 here.
Meg and Cecil forever.
They weren't just friends.
They were in love.
Cecil and Meg went to the same school in Upstate New York.
Cecil graduated from there, but Meg didn't.
Meg graduated from St.
Mary's in DC.
We spoke to them.
Turns out it used to be a school for unwed mothers.
They confirm Meg went there in 1986 when she was six months pregnant.
Was Cecil the father? Yes, but nobody contacted him after Meg gave birth.
Instead they just put baby Nora up for adoption.
So Cecil does love Nora, but it's not romantic.
It's because she's his daughter.
There's more.
Our priest, Father Jones, he was on the board of St.
Mary's in the '80s.
He was head of family placements.
He supervised Nora's adoption.
I'm confused.
Help me try to break this down.
Six weeks ago, Meg was clean and sober.
She decides she finally wants to meet her daughter.
She has her name and she locates Eli Bryant through the nonprofit.
Right, but Eli won't talk to anyone.
She finds Cecil.
We don't know how yet.
And suddenly Cecil quits his job and starts trying to befriend Nora.
All goes well until two weeks ago when Cecil finds out that Nora is engaged.
- Nora starts avoiding him.
- Cecil starts stalking her.
And meanwhile, Meg relapses and dies of an overdose.
- And when was that? - Three days ago, right before Cecil murdered his family.
That's the trigger Maybe Cecil's plan all along was to get rid of the family that he never loved and replace them with one that he always wanted.
But Meg's death ruined that and sent him into a rage.
And he kills the priest because he blames him for giving his daughter away.
And attacks Eli for being given the chance to raise and love Nora, but drove her away instead.
When was Nora born? September 21, 1986.
First day of fall.
Those pine cones that Cecil kept, - how many were there? - Um, 35.
One for each year of Nora's life.
Cecil was honoring the birth of a daughter that he never knew but desperately wanted to connect with.
- Well, now he has.
- Right.
The question is, where is this father-daughter reunion taking place? What was Ellen Walsh's maiden name? Cecil's wife? Yeah, I just realized we never ran her through the property records.
You know what, I saw their marriage license in the file here, hang on.
Ellen Marie Cole.
Here we go.
Okay, Ellen inherited a house from her parents when they died.
She's the only name on the deed, but Cecil paid the property taxes.
Where is that? In Baldwin on Long Island.
It's probably where he's holding Nora.
Let's go.
That's your mother, Megan.
But everybody called her Meg.
- She's pretty.
- Yeah.
And the day I saw her, I was head over heels in love, and she felt the same about me.
I'd never met anyone as smart and funny and kind.
She had the biggest heart, just like someone else I know.
When she told me she was pregnant with you I was scared.
But also excited, and so was your mom.
We were young, but we didn't care.
We were going to be a family.
And then they sent her away.
Who did? Who sent her away? Her parents.
Did they tell you when I was born? No, no.
I knew your mom was due in September.
So I knew there was a baby out there that was mine.
I didn't know if you were a boy or girl.
I didn't even know where your mother was.
Then a a couple of weeks ago out of the blue, she found me on Facebook.
And I found you.
I never knew anything about my birth parents.
Why didn't you just tell me when we first met? I didn't want to scare you.
I I wanted you to know me first.
For 35 years, I have prayed that I would find you, and it finally happened.
And I have made sure that no one will stand in our way.
Not my wife and step-kids.
Not your uncle.
No one's ever gonna stop us from being a family ever again.
I promise.
I love you, Nora.
Can I give you a hug? Ow! No! Nora! Are you all right? Are you okay? W wait! Nora, wait! I was walking in the woods, and I I heard a gunshot.
Um, came from that house right there.
Uh, a woman ran out, and a man was chasing her.
- Where'd they go? - Through the backyard there.
All right.
Well, thank you for your help.
You guys take the path.
We'll cut through the yard.
One of them must be shot.
We got blood.
Nora! Nora! We need to work this out so we can be a family! That's all I ever wanted! Nora, stop.
Th this is my fault.
Please, Nora! We need to work this out! Can we do that please, Nora? Nora? We got footprints and blood.
No, wait.
- No! - Wait.
Talk to me.
- Cecil - Please wait.
No, I don't want this! I don't want you in my life.
Okay, okay, okay.
Maybe we weren't meant to be a family here on Earth.
Maybe maybe the only way the three of us You, me, and Mom could truly be together is in heaven.
No, no.
No, no.
I love you.
No, no.
- I I love you so much! - No! Shots fired.
Suspect is down.
We need an ambulance at 68 Hazel Way, Baldwin on Long Island.
Nora, deep breaths in, okay? In and out.
In and out.
Can I see the wound? Okay, an ambulance is coming.
It's going to be all right, okay? - Okay.
- Just keep breathing.
In and out.
Well done.
Ambulance is coming.
Just keep breathing.
Hey, honey.
Dinner will be ready in a few.
I am starving.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
Hi, baby.
I love you.
- You okay? - Not really.
I got another text from Renee.
She say why she quit? Some nonsense about wanting to go on tour with her boyfriend.
Her timing really sucks.
Don't worry about it.
We'll find someone else.
Sheryll, I'm in the middle of my first trial with a huge client.
I don't have the time or the energy to start looking for someone new right now.
You don't need to find a new nanny.
You got me right here.
I'm more than happy to keep helping.
Not a good idea.
Baby girl, let's, uh, go to the market.
I think we need some more flour for our cookies.
They're about to argue, right? Ahh.
Come on.
Why are you so against my mom helping? She cooks, she does the laundry.
She drives me crazy.
Everything I do is wrong.
I coddle Anais too much.
I don't use the right comb for her hair.
I don't buy the right hand soap.
And even dinner.
Do you know what she's making? That smells like pot roast.
I told her that I can't eat red meat right now because it makes me nauseous.
And her response? "Oh, that'll pass.
Drink ginger ale.
" She shouldn't have said that, but There's no but.
Sheryll, are you forgetting that two years after our wedding, your mother still referred to me as your special friend? Okay, I get it.
But she's competent and she loves Anais.
And she also happens to be free.
So we can save extra money and Well, this is only temporary.
Temporary until when? Until the baby comes, then you can take the reins.
Wait a minute.
Do you think I'm taking maternity leave and staying home after I deliver? Yes.
That's what you promised when we decided to conceive again.
Wait, what's going on here? Why are you acting like this wasn't the plan all along? That was before I had a full-time job.
Yeah, and before you decided on a whim to go back to work.
You said you wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.
So what? You're not taking your leave? Why does it have to be me to have to give up working? What about you? Can't you make a sacrifice for our family and take time off? Babe, that wasn't the plan.
Well, we need a new one then, 'cause this isn't working.

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