FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e07 Episode Script


1 Thanks for coming.
All right, birthday girl.
One more drink.
I actually need to go home, Becca.
- My kids - Are at a sleepover.
And Sonny's game is still going at the Garden.
I know if I leave now, I'll be able to catch the last few minutes on TV.
That's why God created "SportsCenter" for, babe.
Come on.
Morty's is, like, half a block away.
I'm really not in the mood.
Did you forget to read your own "Vogue" cover? 35 is the new 25.
I know.
Yeah, apparently.
Home, Mrs.
Langer? Can you hold your horses? One drink.
It's never one drink with you.
We had Bellinis at the house then had two bottles of red at dinner.
So now it is time for espresso martinis.
What're you gonna do, go home to that big, empty house all alone? - You're relentless.
- Yes.
I knew you'd come around.
Morty's, Ernie.
Lasagna's awesome, mom.
It's nice to finally have a home-cooked meal.
What are you talking about? I cook all the time.
Dad, spaghetti, burgers, and hot dogs isn't cooking.
Sure it is.
All the major food groups.
You know what? Let's say a blessing.
- We don't do that anymore.
- Why? I know, maybe we should, you know.
For old time's sake.
Good idea.
Come on, come on.
Let's do it.
God is great.
God is good.
ALL: Let us thank him for this food.
Oh, hang on.
I have a PS.
Dad, you can't PS a blessing Come on.
Just humor me.
Thank you also for this family and for this time to be together.
- Amen.
- Amen.
So you think God can give me notes on my college essay? It's due next week.
- There we go.
- Oh, my It's going to be great, and I can't wait to read it.
Seriously, though, I need help.
- You don't need help.
I know you don't need help.
Here's good.
You need help getting inside? Mrs.
Langer? I'm a pro in heels.
Have a good night.
Good night.
Is someone there? Hello? Hello? Mrs.
Esme? I'm here.
Our victim is Sonny Langer's wife.
She's a successful businesswoman who made "Fortune's" "40 Under 40" last year, but Sonny Langer's wife.
Her name's Esme Langer.
Supermodel turned lifestyle guru, murdered last night after dinner with friends to celebrate her 35th birthday.
So media pressure makes this our case? PD asked for all hands on.
So did Isobel.
Murder of a celebrity is front-page news.
When that celebrity's married to a basketball star? It's a national event.
Looks like the scuffle started in the bedroom.
And ended up behind the couch, where she was stabbed multiple times through the neck.
- That's, uh - Yeah.
- She was decapitated.
- Nearly.
The housekeeper found the body this morning and accidentally finished the job.
Detective Lee, Greenwich PD.
We appreciate the help.
Any prints? Only partials.
No murder weapon either.
Seems odd for a crime scene this messy.
A bit.
But also consistent with a possible robbery.
Woman catches a robber mid-theft, the guy freaks out, kills her, wipes his prints, and then runs.
What'd they steal? According to the housekeeper, most of Sonny's career.
Framed jerseys, game balls, trophies, his MVP rings.
These memorabilia must be worth a fortune.
And must be insured.
Let's check with the homeowners' carrier, see if they have photographs of anything that was taken.
- Anything else missing? - Not that we can tell.
Looks like our killer tampered with the bedroom safe but couldn't get it open.
What you thinking? Just a sequined party dress and $800 heels? Esme was a fashion icon.
Why wasn't she wearing any jewelry? Killer could have taken that too.
Might need to ask the husband.
Apparently, he stayed in the city last night in his suite at the Ritz.
Kids were at a sleepover while Mom went out.
- Sonny has an alibi.
- Who? Me and 20,000 other Knicks fans.
He had a game at the Garden last night.
- You were there? - No, I watched it on TV.
I've been following Sonny since he got drafted by the Clippers out of Hudson.
Three years in LA, six years with the Knicks before he retired four years ago.
He decided he wanted to play again.
Last night was his third game back.
If the kids were at a sleepover, that means the last person to see Esme alive was the limo driver.
Let's check into him.
Let's see if we can tap into Esme's cell phone.
If Sonny's guilty, he's gonna lawyer up.
That's why you and I are heading to the hotel before the circus comes to town.
So you and your agent, Mr.
Styles here Call me Bronson, please.
Went straight to dinner right after the game.
Can anyone confirm that? 100 cameras at Cipriani, probably.
And you drove back here to the hotel? I, uh [CLEARS THROAT.]
I don't drive on game nights.
We took the team bus to dinner, and I walked back here with Bronson.
And you never left the hotel after returning to your suite? The fire alarm went off in the middle of the night.
I went downstairs for that, then back to bed.
On a Tuesday, Sonny can't walk down the street without getting recognized.
But during this comeback? If he'd left the hotel, "TMZ" would've followed.
Langer, did you make any phone calls last night? I, uh, I called Bronson a little before midnight.
Anyone else? [SOMBER MUSIC.]
I, uh, called Esme to say goodnight, but she was already, uh What, y'all think I did this? You think I took my children's mother away from them? My family is my world.
I would never hurt them.
I need to ask if your wife wore any jewelry.
Her wedding ring.
She never took it off, not even for Pilates.
- Why? - It seems to be missing.
Along with a few other items.
I don't care about any of that.
Just please find her ring.
I got a 10-year-old daughter.
She gonna want it someday.
A piece of her mom.
- Daddy! - Daddy! Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Oh, this side, this side.
My arm.
How you guys doing? You all right? Look at me.
Everybody's gonna be okay, all right? All right, keep your head up, buddy.
- Okay.
- We got this.
Did you have a prior working relationship with Mrs.
Langer? Had I driven her before? No.
But you know how every couple gets a celebrity hall pass? - Esme was yours? - She was my wife's.
Sorry about that.
How can I help you? We need to confirm a drop off from last night.
Esme Langer? Looks like she was dropped off at her home address in Greenwich at 12:14 a.
Did you notice anything strange about Esme last night? She was cool.
Her friend was a freak.
How so? She was obsessed with Esme or something.
Kept pressuring her to keep partying, wouldn't take no for an answer.
Langer was pretty drunk when I dropped her off.
Wasn't my business to comment but, you know, just something I noticed.
Sure, I can be a little extra sometimes, but I just I wanted to cheer Esme up, help her let loose a little.
Oh, my God.
Crying on your birthday really is bad luck.
Were she and Sonny having problems? No way.
They were having this, like, second honeymoon phase.
When we got to her house, it looked like a frickin' florist's.
And she wasn't upset not to have him there? She knew better than anybody that birthdays happen every year, but Sonny's big comeback? That's once in a lifetime.
Why wasn't she at his game? Oh, she stopped going to his games before he retired.
It's that stupid Kate Upton curse.
So you're saying fans were blaming Esme for Sonny's slump? For his slump, for his retirement, every time he missed a layup.
Sonny felt terrible about it, but Esme, she was such a sport.
She said that the seats in their home theater were comfier than courtside anyway.
And what upset her last night? She'd gotten into this confrontation in the carpool line yesterday morning.
This creep was taking pictures of her.
Doesn't paparazzi kinda come with the territory? Yeah, but this was different.
It wasn't the first time this guy had harassed her.
And then he showed up at her kid's school, and she was so freaked.
Esme has a stalker.
She confronted him yesterday morning.
Her friend says that she filmed it.
Hana's looking into it.
Ortiz? Cipriani maître d' and hotel cameras both confirm what Sonny's agent told you.
Sonny finished dinner at 11:21 p.
and took the elevator up to his room seven minutes later, where he stayed until 2:02 a.
when the fire alarm went off.
To the delight of every hotel guest with an iPhone.
He and Esme own six cars.
All of which were accounted for at their Greenwich home.
His statements are clean.
No Ubers, no drivers.
The only calls he made were to his agent and Esme, just like he said.
And the ME put Esme's time of death between 12:30 and 1:00.
So we're ruling Sonny out? At least for now.
- All right.
- Okay.
The whole point of stealing a sports star's memorabilia is to sell it, right? Well, with all the coverage the case is getting, the window to do that is closing fast.
All right.
Let's look into pawn shops.
I found this on Esme's iCloud.
It was timestamped from the morning of the murder.
How does it feel to be hunted? Huh? Do you like it? Show up at my kids' school again, and I'm calling the police.
This goes on for another 30 seconds, give or take a few F-bombs.
Can you isolate his face? Well, he never turned around, but I did get this It's a frontal shot, at least.
His camera's in the way.
Won't work for facial rec.
Isobel, the kids are doing just fine.
I am not here to babysit.
Just checking in.
There's a lot of eyes on this manhunt.
We're getting pressure to do this right, and speed has also been emphasized.
A presser would help with that.
Well, OPCA is not going to approve a reward.
I'm not sure we'd need one.
Esme has 8.
3 million social media followers who want to help bring her killer to justice for free.
We just need to ID that face.
Or partial face.
No other suspects? He's the closest thing we have.
And without facial rec, public interest is our only hope of IDing him.
So this stalker isn't a formal suspect? Nope.
But whoever killed Esme knew when she'd be home last night.
And that she'd be alone.
You sure you want to go public with a person of interest? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
I'm sure.
A person of interest wanted for questioning in the murder of Esme Langer.
This subject is a white male, approximately 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, wearing dark pants and a denim jacket.
He has been seen more than once in the vicinity of Saint Michael's Day School in Greenwich.
Mike Short.
He's taller, though.
Maybe 6'3"? I'm telling you, it's him This individual is a person of interest who we believe may have pertinent information to a crime.
Our investigation is running around the clock and we will cont What are you doing? It's you, isn't it? You only own one ugly-ass jacket.
Hang up the phone.
Hey, Mike.
Hey, what the no! No! [GRUNTING.]
Why did you that? Why? [ROARS.]
Hey, Barnes.
I think I got something on the tip line.
It's you, isn't it? You only own one ugly-ass jacket.
- Hang up the phone.
- What the no! No! Caller ID's himself as Aaron Roe.
Says Esme's stalker is his roommate, Mike Short.
Yeah, he's got a criminal record.
An arrest and conviction for possession of child pornography.
He's a registered sex offender on parole.
Roe? Mr.
Short? This is the FBI.
We got a body on the floor in here.
Kitchen's clear.
That's a suicide.
It's him.
That's Esme's stalker.
When he caught Aaron turning him in, he knew he'd go down for being too close to an elementary school.
The only thing worse than death for a pedophile is the prospect of prison.
Hence the murder-suicide.
It's not your fault, Jess.
No jerseys or trophies, but I got this.
Wedding ring.
Man came in this morning, wanted 25 grand for it.
A cut like this is worth more like a 100,000.
Tiffany's is across town.
Best I could do was 10k.
I can describe the guy.
That's great, but we'll need a photo.
Surveillance cameras are bad for business.
I'm not required to have any.
No, but you are required to submit sworn transaction statements to the licensing authority in Connecticut.
You're doing that, though, right? Every week.
Then you wouldn't mind showing us those statements, right? - You got a warrant? - We could get one.
I mean, let's just run this serial number through NCIC.
I mean, I'm sure a law-abiding citizen like Mr.
Troglio here wouldn't be purchasing stolen property.
Well, would you look at that? You want talk about it? No.
How's your daughter? Ingrid, right? - You really want to know? - Yeah.
It's better than thinking about what we just saw.
She's she's really good, actually.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
She's happy to be around her brother and her dad again.
So it's nice feeling like a family again.
But? You know, I always thought my ex and I were better apart, but I got to admit, it's nice having him to talk to again.
Just don't want to get the kids' hopes up, you know? So it's complicated.
Families always are.
Hey, Hana.
What's up? Our North American pawn tour was a success.
Esme's wedding ring was sold.
We ran facial rec on the seller, and his name's Douglas Jones.
Sending you his photo and his last known now.
Douglas Jones.
He lives in Darien.
You want PD dispatched? Yeah, request units, but tell 'em to sit a block over.
With the attention this case has gotten, he's going to be on high alert.
Uniforms might spook him.
Stop! I'm heading out the back.
He's heading east.
- That's him.
- What I do? You're gonna have a life sentence to figure it out in prison.
A life sentence for what? What do you think? - I didn't kill that lady.
- You severed her head.
I didn't.
Last night, okay? I get a call to take a knife and a bunch of basketball stuff out of this big house in Greenwich.
Told me to wipe down the door handles and take the diamond ring off the woman's finger as payment.
I didn't kill anybody.
I'm just a cleaner a fixer.
A fixer for who? Look, man, you can give us a name in the next two seconds, or you can go away for grand theft and murder.
And not in that order.
I want a lawyer.
We have got a murder suspect in possession of a murder weapon.
Doug had no idea we tracked him down through Esme's ring.
Invoking that puts him at the scene of the crime.
The only people who do that are the innocent.
Or the stupid.
In 20 years, I have never worked a case with this much public interest.
We've gotta get the press off our backs before this thing spins out of control.
They know we've got a guy in custody, and OPCA is ready to release a name.
We can't.
Not until we're sure.
Is this about Aaron Roe and Mike Short? Jess, you made the best call you could with the information you had.
That's the job.
Their deaths aren't on you.
Just give me and my team a few more days.
I know murderers.
Something's telling me that Doug isn't one.
24 hours.
And then I'm holding a press conference announcing Doug Jones as the FBI's primary suspect.
Let's say Doug's telling the truth.
That someone paid him to clean up the scene of Esme's murder? Yes it'd have to be someone with connections, someone in the know enough to have a fixer.
Is there anything in the phone record? He didn't make or receive any calls on the night of the murder except for this one, at 12:32 a.
It's unlisted, but I traced it to a T2 Enterprises.
It's a shell company, so the trail goes cold.
You know, anybody who doubted his comeback, he proved 'em wrong.
Scored 28 points in the final quarter.
So Sonny played till the buzzer sounded on an injured shoulder? Well, his body had been on ice for four years.
But during the game, Sonny didn't hurt his shoulder? No.
Then how'd he get injured? You able to find Esme's sister yet? Yeah, she's in White Plains.
Her name's Mindy.
Let's see if she knows anything.
Just watch the movie, guys, and I'll be right out here.
Let me know if you need anything.
Sonny asked me to keep the kids here until the press dies down.
They don't like letting me out of their sight.
We understand.
Can you tell us about Esme and Sonny? Their marriage had its ups and downs.
More downs than ups, especially after Sonny retired.
That's right when your sister's career really kicked off.
Was Sonny ever jealous? I don't know.
He'd gone inward the last few years, spending less time at home, more nights in the city.
Esme said when she'd pressed him about it, he lashed out.
Physically? He never hit her, but he developed a temper.
So this was new? They have this saying in pro ball, "Every athlete dies twice.
"Once when he takes his last breath, and once when he retires.
" So was Esme hopeful their marriage would improve when he returned to basketball? It already did.
The day he started training for his comeback last summer? Esme christened it their new anniversary date.
- So Sonny was a new man? - Completely.
Every day was a new bouquet of roses or piece of jewelry.
Esme didn't wear any of it, of course, but still What do you mean? She stopped wearing jewelry years ago.
- Even her wedding ring? - Especially that.
Kim Kardashian was a friend.
Her Paris robbery gave Esme a wake-up call.
She started keeping all her jewelry in her bedroom safe.
Hana just spoke with Becca.
She confirmed that Esme was not wearing her wedding ring the night of her birthday.
Then how did Doug steal the wedding ring off her finger a few hours later? Someone put it there for him to find.
Just because Sonny has access to the safe doesn't mean he killed Esme.
When we spoke, Sonny said Esme wore her ring every day.
Why would he lie about that? Why force us to track down a ring that he knew Esme never wore? Maybe he was framing Doug.
Okay, so he kills her, calls Doug to clean the scene making it look like a robbery.
Tells him to take the ring as payment knowing that he'd pawn it and we would track it down.
Is that what you're saying? I reviewed the security footage myself.
Sonny didn't leave the hotel after 11:28 that night.
Hang on a second.
Ritz-Carlton, how may I help you? Yes, hello.
I'm calling on behalf of Alixe Al Swaidi.
She's a frequent guest of your Imperial Suite in Paris.
She'll be stateside shortly, and her security detail needs to confirm that you have a Streisand entrance at your location for privacy.
Yes, of course.
And there are no cameras at that exit.
Is that correct? Well, I'm really not supposed to say.
Can I take that as a yes? Discretion for our VIPs is paramount.
Thank you.
I'll let Ms.
Al Swaidi know.
Streisand entrance? Yeah, you live in Miami long enough, you pick up the lingo.
The point is Sonny could've come and gone through that exit any time of the night, undetected.
That's right.
But does the timeline work? Well, he would've had to break some traffic laws, but feasibly, yeah.
He could've gone to Connecticut to kill Esme and then gotten back to his hotel by 2:00 a.
, which is when the fire alarm went off.
The fire alarm wasn't a fluke.
Sonny pulled it.
He's building an alibi.
Jess, are we sure? What if we're wrong? Truffle fries, your favorite.
Try one.
Nah, man.
I can't.
You need to keep your strength up.
Hey, man, stop.
Can you stop managing me for one minute? Are you my agent or are you my friend? I'm both.
Look at me.
Do you understand? I'm just trying to help you.
"Help" me? Help me? You trying to help me? You made that promise already.
- But you lied.
- I can't breathe.
- You lied.
- Sonny, please Remember? You said you would help me? - Esme dead.
She gone.
Copy that, sir.
What happened? Room service came to pick up a tray a half-hour ago.
Found him strangled to death.
And Sonny Langer? There's no sign of him in here or on surveillance.
Thank you, Detective.
This doesn't make sense.
Sonny didn't know we were onto him.
If he thought he got away with killing Esme Then why kill Bronson and flee? [PHONE BUZZES.]
Jess wants us back.
Kristin found something.
Street camera a block from the Ritz picked up Sonny leaving in Bronson's G-Wagon 45 minutes ago.
Plates are logged and PD's ready to go, but we need to know which direction to point them.
Kristin, you want to show them? Yeah, so last week, Sonny filmed an exclusive interview with Meryl Marks.
It was set to air straight after his first game back, but it was preempted by the hurricane coverage.
You know, you shocked a lot of people when you retired with no explanation.
Do you feel like you owe your fans one now? Meryl, I'm an athlete.
And people sometimes think you're invincible.
But I'm human.
Humans suffer.
And I know I did when I was retired.
Headaches, memory loss, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, you name it.
- Are you talking about CTE? - Yes.
I got my first concussion in high school.
Three in college and who knows how many in the pros.
They compound.
If your brain hasn't healed before that next hit That's me a month before I retired.
You know, the public has never heard of any of this.
That's because I thought bravery meant hiding your weaknesses.
Now I know that if you ask for help, that's the bravest thing a person can do.
So, are you talking therapy? Medication? Yes, and something called CHEVAL.
It's a rotating chair that's designed to forge new neural pathways in your brain, and it works.
So you're saying, this new medical device actually improved your symptoms? The old Sonny, he loved playing basketball.
He loved life.
He loved his family.
For the first time that I can remember, I feel like him again.
CTE can't be diagnosed for sure without an autopsy, but if he really has it, this changes everything.
What are you, an expert? I used to be a boxer.
You have to educate yourself on traumatic brain injury when you're getting hit in the head every weekend.
My point is, with post-concussive syndrome, Sonny might not have control of his own brain.
He may have killed Esme in a fit of rage, not some premeditated plan.
That would explain his genuine show of grief when we spoke to him.
Looks like CHEVAL is patented by a medical manufacturer called Essedarius.
The machine works by activating the vestibular system with peripheral stimulus.
Other people say there's no proof that it works at all.
It's not FDA approved.
Guess who sat on Essedarius' board? Bronson Styles Sonny's agent.
So Bronson convinced Sonny that Essedarius could cure him of CTE.
He probably talked him into making his comeback too.
Bronson didn't seem to care.
As Sonny's agent and as a board member, he stood to make millions.
So knowing Sonny's mental deficits, Bronson tells Sonny he's cured.
And Sonny believes him.
Thinks it's safe to finally return to his family without the risk of harming them.
And it's only when he kills Esme that he realizes Bronson duped him.
He kills him for it.
Who else is on Essedarius' board? Its founder is Nash Toledo, the billionaire entrepreneur from Brooklyn.
A billionaire with a few shell companies? T2 Enterprises.
The shell corp that called Doug Jones the night of Esme's murder.
Any calls from Bronson to Nash the night of the murder? Yep three minutes before Nash called Doug.
Nash and Bronson covered up Esme's murder to protect their company.
Bronson is dead.
That would suggest that Nash could be next.
Yeah, logically, it tracks, but Sonny's brain isn't operating logically.
It's the people closest to him that are flipping him into a rage.
Right? It's his wife.
It's Bronson.
My gut says his next move involves his kids.
Then let's trust your gut.
I'll go with you.
I want everyone else to Nash's place, bases covered.
Let's move.
My technology saved Sonny.
He should be sending me flowers.
Have you talked to Sonny recently? I don't liaise with talent.
How about his agent, Bronson Styles? He sits on the board for Essedarius.
I can barely keep track of my business partners, much less every board member.
There's only so many hours in the day.
It's extraordinarily difficult to manage Yeah, I don't know how you summon up the willpower to just keep on going.
Ballpark it.
Bronson and I talk about every month or so.
It's been at least that long since we spoke.
As I said, busy Aside from the call that Bronson made to you at 12:29 a.
on the night of Esme Langer's murder, right? And how about the call you made to Doug Jones three minutes later? Not ideal for business when your star spokesman goes on a killing spree 24 hours before your product is set to launch, is it? Sonny is sick.
Your so-called technology didn't help him.
You just used him to line your pockets.
And you helped cover up the crime.
That's accessory after the fact to murder.
Take your hands off me.
Put your hands behind your back.
I can't imagine billionaires fare well in prison, but do keep us posted.
Let's go.
Agent LaCroix.
What's going on? We believe Sonny murdered your sister.
What? We need to get you and the kids to a safe place.
He killed his agent tonight, and we think he's coming here next.
- He already did.
- When? 15 minutes ago.
He seemed normal.
Everything seemed fine.
Mindy, where are the kids? He took them with him.
He's not at Nash's.
He's not at the hotel or the Greenwich house.
If he was gonna hurt the kids, I doubt he'd bring 'em back here.
Oh, my God.
You think he'd do that? We need you to focus.
Did he say why he was taking Haley and Frankie? He said they were going to have some fun.
To get their minds off of things.
You gotta think.
All he said was, "We're going to the city to have some fun.
" Could you get me your phone, please? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
I took you here once.
Remember? - With Mommy? - That's right.
With Mommy.
Why are we even going this way? Oh, it's bigtime now, baby girl.
This is the superstar entrance.
Wait, y'all hear that? I don't hear anything.
That's right.
No press, no fans.
Just you.
Mindy, this isn't a good time Sonny, this is Jess LaCroix with the FBI.
Leave me alone.
Sonny, wait, please hear us out.
It's about your kids.
You guys go up ahead, okay? I'll be right there.
What do you want? My name's Kristin.
We met at the Ritz.
Do you remember me? I think so.
I don't, um I don't The edges are all fuzzy.
That's all right, Sonny.
That's okay.
We just want to help you.
You can't.
I know a lot of people have tried, and I know a lot of people have let you down.
I don't want to be one of those people.
Sonny, I want you to help me help you.
How? By coming up with a game plan, together.
- What what game plan? - I don't know, you tell me.
What do you want? Where do you want to go? What do you want, Sonny? I want Esme back.
I loved her so much.
I want my kids to know that I loved her.
I want them to know that I'm sorry.
How sorry I am.
I want to be happy again.
We understand, Sonny.
Your career robbed you of a life You're wrong.
Basketball gave me my life.
At the beginning, it was the only place that I ever felt happy.
Do it! Take the shot! [LAUGHS.]
Go for it! It gave me everything.
He's not going to the Garden he's going back to the last place he loved playing the game.
His college court at Hudson.
Where's that? Check a left at the next light.
The FDR'll be faster.
Conference championship, 22 seconds left, down by two.
I think that's it.
Right? I'm out of options.
But what does Daddy always say? Pressure is a privilege.
That's right.
Now, Donny and I trained for this every day in practice, so he knows exactly where I'ma be.
So he passes.
And that's when I get my shot.
What's wrong? - Sonny - Come on.
Come here.
Can we talk to you? Stand down.
Everybody, stand down.
Stand down.
- Daddy, I'm scared.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- Why do you have a gun? - It's okay.
It's okay.
Everything's okay.
Sonny, why don't we try to make this easy? Why don't we let the kids go? No.
It's okay, it's okay.
I gotta protect them.
I gotta protect them.
No one's gonna protect them.
No one protected me.
We know you want to keep Haley and Frankie safe, Sonny.
We know.
The only way to do that is to let them go.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
You can.
You did once before, right? You knew you were sick, you were afraid you'd hurt them.
So you protected them, right? Protect them from pain.
Come on, they don't know that.
They ain't gonna believe me.
They will.
And if you let them go, we'll make sure they do.
I promise.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
- It's okay.
Come here.
- No.
Come on, don't do that.
Come here.
You gotta let go.
You gotta let go.
- Daddy, no.
- I want to stay with you.
You'll always gonna be with me.
Right here.
You got that? You got that? Always.
Now look, y'all see that nice young lady over there? You gonna run to her, okay? I know y'all like to run with me in the backyard when I'm practicing, right? Just pretend like you're running with me in the backyard, okay? I need you to remember that Daddy loves you.
Daddy loves you so much.
Daddy's always gonna love you.
Okay? Come on.
All right, let's go.
Yes, sweetie, okay.
I got 'em.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, Sonny, don't you dare.
You don't want to do that, just like you didn't want to hurt Esme, right? But I did.
But I did.
I hurt her.
I hurt her.
I hurt her.
I went home to surprise her.
I went home to surprise her.
She loved surprises.
But when I got home, she wasn't there.
So I thought I thought My my head hurt My head hurt from the game, and I, um My mind was so mixed up.
I knew she'd been celebrating her birthday.
I know she I knew she'd been celebrating.
And and and she had a knife, I guess I forgot.
'Cause she says, "Sonny, what are you doing here?" So I figured maybe she has someone else.
I figured she had someone else.
She had a knife.
So I grabbed the knife.
She tried to take it from me.
My shoulder twisted, and it hurt.
And it hurt.
And it hurt.
And it hurt so bad.
And I got angry and I got so angry, and I don't know why.
I don't know why.
Why did I do that? Why did I get so mad? Why did I get so angry? You weren't in your right mind, Sonny.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, Esme.
I'm sorry.
She knows.
I promise she knows.
She knows you're sorry.
Bronson and Nash, they took advantage of your sickness.
Of you.
My team just arrested Nash.
It's not justice for what he did to you, not even close, but Nash and Bronson will never be able to put another athlete through the agony they've put you through.
Tell them to check my brain.
- Sonny, no! - Shots fired! - No! Oh, my God! [SOMBER MUSIC.]
Anything? No.
It's okay.
It's going to be okay.
Ingrid? I'm home.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, kiddo.
- Uh, hey, Kristin.
- Hey.
Um, this is my friend, Meredith.
- How are you? - Nice to meet you.
So, uh, what are you doing? - Oh, I was just - Oh, crap.
I forgot.
I asked you to read my essay tonight.
Yeah, but if it's not a good time No, it is let me get it, and I'll meet you upstairs.
- Sorry, Mom.
My bad.
- No, it's okay, kiddo.
It's nice to meet you.
And I'll see you later.

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