FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e08 Episode Script

Sport of Kings

How long you been working for Clyde Fogerty? About ten months now.
He treating you all right? Runs a clean barn, at least.
The guy that I started with was giving him milkshakes.
He was doping? Yup.
Rich people.
Think they can get away with anything.
See, that's why I stay away from the betting windows.
Sure you don't wanna sit up here? It's a lot more comfortable.
Nah, I'm good.
He likes it when I'm close.
Don't ya, buddy? Looks like it's up this road a ways.
You been to this farm before? Never.
It's okay, buddy, just a couple bumps.
There's a truck blocking the way up here.
It looks like they got a flat.
I'll go check it out.
Hey! Easy, pal.
We just want the horse.
Do what I say, we're all good.
Let's make this quick.
Open up the back of the rental.
Let's go! All right.
Come on.
Walk him out and nobody gets hurt.
Willy? You know her? She works in Fogerty's barn.
Great, just great! I didn't know she was gonna be here.
I don't care! This messes up everything! Willy, what is this? Who is he? Shut your mouth! All right, you two get the horse in the rental.
Uh, I don't know if he's gonna go.
Get in there! Now! Move your ass! We're taking them with us? Well, she knows your name, dumb-ass.
What are we gonna do with them? This is what we're gonna do.
You're gonna take this van out in the woods.
Out of sight.
Bring me back the keys.
Hey, we got this.
Maria will be gone till after Christmas? She always wanted to see the Holy Land.
So when her church group decided it was safe to travel again, she got on board.
We'll miss her, but we appreciate you helping out while Sarah's visiting her mom in New Mexico.
It gives me a chance to spend some quality time with Tali.
And we're gonna do Christmas right this year.
Grandpa said he'd buy us a tree.
A tree, you know we have one in the basement? Dad, it's plastic.
Not just a tree.
The biggest Douglas fir I can find.
And mistletoe and lights to hang on the house and maybe even a Nativity set for the yard.
Wow, you know, it used to be just stockings and presents.
I've always regretted that we didn't have the budget to make a bigger deal out of Christmas when you were a kid.
It's about time we made things more festive around here.
Dad, this could be a start to a whole new tradition for us.
I like it.
Knock yourselves out.
What's that? That's Tali's ride to school.
His name's Daniel.
Love you.
- Bye.
- See ya.
Daniel, huh? He's just a friend.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Tali had on something flowery.
It's called shampoo, Dad.
You don't notice because you see her every day, but the last time I was here, she was a kid.
And now she is a young woman.
Might wanna keep an eye on this Daniel.
What's your read? Breaks to the right? Yup.
One ball outside the cup.
Take a practice stroke.
Visualize it going in.
That's all right.
Let's try it again.
Soften your grip.
Bend your knees.
Let it be fluid.
You're tensing up.
Now knock it in the hole.
No worries, we'll put you down for a double.
It's my husband.
He wants me to meet him at the 19th hole for lunch.
Can't quit on 15.
We're trying to get your handicap official.
True, and I'd rather keep playing with you anyway.
That's weird.
Maybe they're lost.
I think there's a wedding in the Oak Room tonight.
Hey! Scuse me! You can't park that thing here.
Oh, my God! Mike! No! Please! Please, what do you want? I I have money.
Two hours ago at Blue Valley Country Club in Lockport, Kentucky, Samantha Buell was taking a lesson from golf pro Mike Udell when they were both shot dead in broad daylight near where they put those flag things.
Putting green.
Yeah, that.
According to local PD, Mike's cell phone is missing, and, according to his boss, so is the very expensive wristwatch he always wore.
Robbery homicide in Kentucky.
How does that make it our case? That's a good question.
Because I'm not finished.
I tracked Mike's cell phone and got into his iCloud.
He had auto-upload turned on his photos, where I found this taken ten minutes before the bodies were found.
Rental truck on a golf course.
What's wrong with this picture? I ran the number on the side of the truck with USDOT.
It was rented in Cincinnati to a Solomon Pensky.
- He have a sheet? - Sort of.
He did time in Ohio in the '90s for passing bad checks.
Other than that, has a gazillion unpaid parking tickets.
There's no recent record of employment.
Any ballistics on the victims? Both were shot with a .
So this deadbeat rents a truck in Ohio drives to Kentucky, where he kills two people.
Chances are, he might be driving back.
- Very good chance.
- Okay, so his last known address is also in Cincinnati.
Looks like some kind of boardinghouse.
You run a BOLO on the rental truck? Yeah, half hour ago.
That's good work, Hana.
Barnes, Kristin, Ortiz, head to casa Pensky.
Hana and I will get a download from Cincinnati PD.
Copy that.
Sol's been renting this room from me for nine years.
But I haven't seen him in a couple of days.
Racing forms.
He's a gambler? The ponies, lotto, you name it.
I'm sure he'd bet on a cockroach race if he thought he had an angle.
Well, I'm sure there've been a few of them in here.
I'm old, young lady, but I'm not deaf.
So Sol travels to the Caribbean? In his dreams.
He said when he hit it big, he was gonna move to some island down there, buy a yacht, and party like a one-percenter.
No toothbrush, no personal items.
It doesn't look like he's coming back.
He's three months behind on his rent.
I should've known not to let him slide.
Did he owe money to anyone besides you? Wouldn't surprise me.
So what did Sol do, stick up a bank with that gun he thinks I don't know about? Seen it when I was cleaning the place.
Call us if you hear from him.
Thank you.
Check out this exquisite timepiece.
That's 20K right here on my wrist.
- It's a fake.
- What do you know? A fugazi.
50 maybe.
What's wrong with you? You kill a guy and then you brag about a watch you ripped off his dead body? It's called redistribution of wealth.
What do you think we're doing out here? I get it.
This status symbol could feed the both of us for a year.
Nobody was supposed to get hurt.
And whose fault's that? Hmm? Yeah.
Let's make the video and get things moving.
Sol Pensky dropped everything, left his car on the street, and skipped town.
There's nothing on social media.
I can't find a single connection between Mike Udell and Samantha Buell.
Pensky needed the cash, right? Maybe he's a gun for hire.
A loud gun and a big truck on a sunny afternoon That would make him the world's worst hit man.
Let's head to that country club.
Deep dive on the victims.
Maybe that's our way in.
Okay, copy that.
Mike was a fixture on the PGA Tour in his 20s.
But he didn't play well enough to stick in the top events.
He bounced around from club to club and landed here two years ago.
Bounced around.
Was he running from some kind of trouble? Well, there were rumors.
What kind of rumors? Let's just say they didn't call him "Smooth" Mike Udell because of the way he ripped a five iron.
He was smooth with the ladies? Look, I don't wanna speak ill of the dead.
All I know is, he was a charmer, especially with the wives here.
Could Samantha Buell's husband be responsible for this? Any of your other members? No way.
This club is highly selective.
Our members could never do something like this.
Hey, boss! We got a hand in the water.
Let's get it out of there.
Bullet to the back of the head.
Seems like there's problem at your fancy country club.
Buddy Woodson was a driver for Midwest Equine Transport.
It's trucking fleet that transported horses all over the country.
By all reports, he was a stellar employee with a wife and two kids.
Three bodies on a golf course, that can't be a coincidence.
It's not.
All three of them were shot with a .
Coroner have times of death? Woodson was first in the morning, then Mike and Samantha that afternoon.
So could Woodson be the link we're missing between our victims and Sol Pensky? I'm not seeing it.
Seems to me like they stumbled upon Pensky trying to dump his first victim in the water hazard.
That's what got them killed.
Mike's sexual exploits at the club weren't the problem.
Divers checked the pond just in case.
All they came up with were dozens of golf balls and a few broken clubs.
Par for the course.
Dad jokes, really? Couldn't help myself.
You two check out Woodson's workplace.
See what they know.
Buddy started working here right after high school.
Was one of my best drivers for 22 years.
Was Buddy on the job yesterday? I dispatched him to van a horse from Belterra Park to a farm in Kentucky.
It's just over 100 miles from here.
He should've been back that afternoon, but I had no idea what happened to him till I got your call.
What happened to the van he was driving? Still missing.
Buddy called in to confirm that he picked up the horse, and that was the last we heard from him.
Okay, we're gonna need to see details on that pickup.
Okay, follow me.
Well, the horse we vanned out that day is named Caliban.
- From "The Tempest.
" - Right.
He's a four-year-old multiple stakes winner.
Won the Buckeye Derby last weekend.
His owner asked me to ship him home for a turnout and a well-deserved rest.
- And who's his owner? - Grace Roland.
She owns Bottom Land Farm in Kentucky.
That van never made it to her farm.
So where's the horse? We don't know.
That colt's won $3 million in purse money.
He's likely worth three or four times that as a stallion.
Well, the van is missing, the horse is missing, and the driver was murdered.
Well, what happened to Tessa? Who's Tessa? Tessa Sanders, my assistant groom.
I sent her with the van because the colt was acting skittish at the load-in.
She was supposed to stay in Lexington for a few days after the drop-off.
Hold on.
Ah, it's going straight to voice mail.
I'd like to get her number if you don't mind.
If she calls you, can you please let me know? How's he doing? Think he hit his head on that tiny little truck you rented.
Sol rented.
How'd you hook up with a loser like him? Sol used to hang out at this bar we'd go to after the races, looking for betting tips.
He'd buy us drinks talk about how the suits in the owners' boxes were getting rich off our hard work.
You bought into that? You wouldn't understand.
The trainer you ride for won't put you in a race? He would.
I can't make weight.
I'm sorry, that sucks.
Willy, this is crazy.
You gotta stop this while you still can.
I'm not going back to that grind on the backstretch.
Living in a filthy dorm.
Starving myself.
Thinking I actually got a shot.
I'll take a horse over a human any day.
Especially a man.
What, some guy burned you? Kinda.
My stepdad.
So where's Buddy? My driver.
Sol killed him, didn't he? That's what he's gonna do to me.
Am I interrupting something? Go put the ransom video on their truck at the farm supply.
I thought you were gonna handle it.
Too many people around.
It should be quieter there now.
Time to get off your ass and make a contribution.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You think my daughter's been kidnapped? Have you heard from her? No.
But I doubt she would call even if she was in trouble.
She left two years ago when she was 17.
We haven't seen her since.
She's been working as an assistant groom at a racetrack, Belterra Park.
This is what happens when you drop out of school.
You wind up working in a barn shoveling manure.
Tessa was always good with animals.
Why would someone take her? - It was a sex thing? - Chuck.
Well, don't pretend like she was some angel.
Tess was never a problem until you moved in with us.
Your daughter was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
But the individual involved might try to reach out to you.
I'd like to tap your phone and post an agent here.
We're not paying a ransom.
I mean, we don't have the resources for that.
It could still help us get her back safely.
Whatever you need.
Tessa's parents haven't heard anything.
There wasn't a single photo of her in that house.
We just ripped open an old wound.
Something happened between Tessa and her stepfather.
That's why she ran away.
Poor kid, from the frying pan into the fire.
Pensky wasn't after her.
He was after the horse.
Tessa and Buddy Woodson were complications.
And we know what he did to Buddy.
Well, Kentucky State Police found the horse van in the woods off Highway 11.
Tessa's cell phone was still in the back, and they lifted two unique sets of prints.
Running them as we speak.
So Pensky might have an accomplice.
That would make sense.
He doesn't profile as someone who could pull this off on his own.
The question is, how's he gonna monetize what he's got? In this world, that animal is worth more than us.
Well, if this was an extortion attempt, we should've heard from Caliban's owner by now.
That's why we're heading back to Kentucky.
It's okay, buddy, I'm gonna keep you looking sharp.
You and me, we're gonna get out of this.
Come over here.
I need to talk to you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
You're afraid of this? Come on.
Come to Daddy.
I see you're a shy one.
You know I'm about to become a very wealthy man.
And if you're a smart girl, you'll be extra nice to me.
I think we're gonna get along very well.
Yeah, and after the score head to Florida on our way to a warm and sandy isla You little You're gonna regret that.
- Excuse me.
- Yes? - Grace Roland, please? - There.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Heads up.
I'm Special Agent Jess LaCroix.
- Grace Roland? - Yes.
We understand that one of your racehorses is unaccounted for.
I'm sorry? Caliban.
That's Caliban with my foreman.
Good boy, good boy.
Can you excuse me for a sec? Hey, Jess, what's up? What's that noise? I brought home a Christmas tree and I'm vacuuming up some of the needles on the floor.
All right.
Hey, quick question, is there any way to verify the identity of a racehorse? Why? Just tell me, Dad.
Do you know? Yeah, they have a serial number tattooed on the inside of their lip.
And they register that with the Jockey Club, and that way, they can't enter any ringers in a race.
Okay, thanks.
I gotta go.
Good boy.
Could you have your foreman bring Caliban over, please? I'd like to take a photo of the tattoo on his lip.
Forgive me, that's Caliban's brother.
It's hard to tell them apart.
So where's Caliban? He's Well, I'm in the process of retrieving him.
Because you received a ransom demand? I don't want the FBI involved in this.
It's too late for that.
Extortion is a crime.
I'm quite capable of resolving this situation without government interference.
Trust me, you're not.
Then we'll have to agree to disagree.
Whoever took Caliban has murdered three people.
And the girl that was vanning with him, she's missing.
Tessa Sanders.
Do you know her? I'm sorry to hear that.
Yes, we met a few times at the track with my trainer.
But I just want my horse back.
So she's just gonna stonewall us and there's nothing we can do about it? Oh, she did more than stonewall.
- She lied.
- Extortion is problematic when the victim isn't cooperating.
It could be weeks of back-and-forth between Pensky and Grace Roland before this is over.
So Pensky murdered three people and our hands are tied because of a horse? We don't even know if Tessa's still alive.
We have to assume she is.
We make one wrong move, her life's in jeopardy.
I just got a hit about the second set of prints in the van.
A Willy Burke.
He's an exercise trainer at Belterra Park.
I'm guessing he had info on Caliban's pickup and shared it with Pensky.
So we have two bottom-feeders from the racing world trying to stick it to the man.
Upstairs, downstairs.
It's a whole different world behind the mint juleps and the fancy hats.
Well, they're obviously frustrated with the system.
Maybe they're out for payback.
And then the bodies started piling up.
Should I put a BOLO out on Burke's black Camaro? Not yet.
Kristin has a point.
We have to proceed as if there's a human hostage, and we don't want an overzealous county deputy making a bad decision.
Okay, so how about we put a wiretap on Grace's phone, see if we can put a finger on the pulse? Yeah, I'm on it.
And post a few agents near the farm.
Monitor the comings and goings.
But be discreet about it.
Got it.
Nobody followed you? I drove around to make sure.
Give me the keys.
I gotta go find a place for the drop.
What happened to your nose? I tripped.
And one more thing.
"National Velvet" in there we both know what has to be done.
Come on, Sol.
The longer she's around, the harder it'll be.
I'll talk to her.
She'll keep her mouth shut.
It's not worth the risk.
You wanna do life for three felony murders? I can't, man.
She won't expect it from you.
You wanna split the pot with me? Damn right I do.
That's what we agreed.
Then if we're in this together, you gotta get some blood on your hands too.
Put on your big-boy pants and take care of it.
There's something on Grace Roland's wire.
I heard her talking to her accountant.
She just liquidated her investment account.
- Ransom money.
- Which means she's in contact with Pensky and Burke.
You know how much? All she told her broker was to cash out her positions and wire the proceeds to Lexington Savings and Loan.
Okay, there's one brick-and-mortar branch in the area.
Grace will have to go there in person to pick up the cash.
Lunch is gonna have to wait.
That's Grace's black 4Runner parked next to the bank.
Barnes and I'll take point.
She may go directly to the money drop.
Don't interfere, and wait for my instructions.
She's coming out with the money.
I'm seeing two males in the 4Runner.
Pensky and Burke? It's hard to tell.
Let's go.
What the hell? You must be Agent LaCroix.
And who are you? Steven Bishop, attorney for Ms.
Has my client broken any laws? Obstruction is a possibility.
Mm, till you have probable cause on that, I'd respectfully insist you stay clear.
You know I can't do that.
Your intervention is putting the asset in jeopardy.
Asset? There's a human being in jeopardy too.
If the lowlife who has Caliban gets one whiff of the FBI, this is not gonna end well for anybody.
We'll handle this our way.
You can stop following us now.
Steven Bishop is a lawyer from Chicago who runs a risk-management firm.
Has he ever dealt with anything like this before? Operators like Bishop don't reveal who their clients are.
Secrecy's the name of the game.
He's already working his magic.
Grace Roland's phone has gone cold.
Maybe she's communicating with the kidnappers by burner phone.
We know she withdrew cash.
Sooner or later, they're gonna tell her what to do with it.
Should we put another tail on her? That's just gonna harden her resistance.
You know the hardest fugitive to catch? It's not the violent or the dangerous or the really smart ones.
It's the rich ones, the ones with the money and the resources.
Grace Roland isn't a fugitive.
That's not what it feels like.
You and Grace didn't really hit it off.
You think Barnes and I should take a run at her? That sounds good.
Where's your partner? Finding a place for the money drop.
Good luck with that.
What happened to his ankle wraps? Let me see.
Sol's planning on ripping you off.
He's taking me to Florida after he picks up the money.
You're not invited.
He said that? You don't know anything about anything, do you? Sol's got it all figured out.
We're splitting $2 million in cash.
Cut him out and cut me in.
I'm serious, Willy.
You can't trust him.
He's a sleaze and half a moron.
Whatever plan that he's got, you and me, we can do better.
And by the way, there's nothing wrong with his ankle wraps.
If it wasn't clear before, we don't want or need your assistance.
I asked you to leave us alone.
We know you've received a ransom demand.
At the very least, let us help you parse that.
We have intel on these guys.
There are minefields you may not even know about.
If it was my horse and my money, I'd trust the professionals who know how to deal with this kind of crisis.
Well, that's what I'm here for.
As far as I can tell, you're a corporate lawyer Ms.
Roland found on the internet.
Roland, be smart here.
You wouldn't trust amateurs when it comes to bloodlines or confirmation, would you? I promise you, it'll just be our team.
Small and discreet.
We know what we're doing.
What's the harm in showing them? Someone left this under the wiper blade of the farm pickup when my foreman was in the supply store.
The only thing on it is a video.
$2 million in unmarked bills, or I blow his brains out.
Same if you go to the cops.
Get the money by tomorrow, and I'll be in touch.
We're gonna need that phone.
Get a warrant.
Believe me, we will.
Please don't do that.
This farm has been in my family for five generations.
We have struggled to hold on to it.
Caliban has finally put us in the big leagues.
And we wanna see you get him back.
There's a syndication deal in the works.
They're offering me $10 million to stand him at one of the top stud farms in England.
If this situation gets out, I will lose that deal.
It's worth what these men are asking to handle this privately.
It's drop instruction for the money.
They want it today at 4:00 p.
at a state park.
I'll send Carlos with it.
And who's to say they don't take off with the money, leave Caliban to starve somewhere? They're gonna kill Tessa Sanders - if they haven't already.
- They just want the money.
Well, they've already killed three people to get it.
Roland, listen to me.
This girl wakes up at 5:00 in the morning every day to care for your champion horse, rain or shine.
And she does it all for minimum wage and a pat on the back.
That's her job.
Of course it is, but she's also a human being with hopes and dreams and plans, just like you.
Just because I have some money doesn't mean I am a monster.
I know you're not, but now's your chance to prove it.
Step up.
Let us help.
You can possibly save this girl's life.
We can send one of our agents to the money drop in his place.
It's the best chance we have at keeping everyone safe.
I don't know, Grace.
I'm good with that.
Ready to get rich quick? Where is she? I got rid of her like you told me.
Well, look at you.
4:00, we grab the cash and head to the Keys.
I have the new plates for the car.
Oh! To make you comfy, Daddy.
Drop is at 4:00 at the fountain in Millersburg State Park.
Let me see that.
I've got a better idea.
Let's go.
Is the button cam transmitting? Yup, all good.
The transponders are operative.
I sewed them into the straps the best I could, but be gentle.
Kristin and Barnes will back you up.
There's one road in and one road out of the park.
Post up out of sight and keep your distance.
And no heroics, all right? Yes, sir.
Time to go.
Drop the money at the fountain, drive away, and stand by.
Copy that.
Four minutes.
Hope all that cash isn't talking to you, Ortiz.
Believe me, I've thought about it.
Ortiz, stand by.
It's a text with a video.
New deal.
Go to lot six at Cave Run Lake.
Leave the money in the garbage by the rental shack.
Be there in ten minutes and drive away, or else she's dead.
Do what he says.
Tessa's alive.
They've changed the dead drop.
Cave Run Lake.
Okay, three miles from the park.
I'll send you directions.
Copy that.
I'm on the way.
That wasn't Pensky's voice like the first video.
It must be Burke.
He's upping the ante by threatening Tessa.
Stay with Ortiz.
Things are fluid.
We're on it.
You guys with Ortiz? Just made the drop.
He's headed back to the pickup.
Keep the motor on.
I'll get the money.
Hurry up! Burke just arrived on a boat.
He's with Tessa.
Where's Pensky? I don't see him.
Is Tessa under restraint? Negative.
She's piloting the boat.
Move in.
Go get them.
Hey! Tessa! FBI! Stop! Drop the bag and get on the ground.
I don't believe this.
Yeah, bad beat, huh? This lake must be ten miles long.
Tessa has a head start.
There are dozens of places she could beach, make a run for it.
It's a good thing our transponder's in that bag.
Okay, from what I'm seeing on the tracking monitor, there's one duffel bag with you and one 200 yards out on the lake.
They're both stationary.
I see it.
It's floating on the water.
Didn't sink to the bottom.
Means it's empty.
Well, she must've taken the money out.
Smart girl.
Where's Pensky? Did you kill him too? I didn't kill anybody.
That was Sol.
Then you have one last chance to help yourself out right now and tell us where he is.
He looks fine, Grace.
Hooves are clean.
Coat's brushed out.
Weight looks good.
Oh, baby.
And someone braided his mane.
He could definitely use some fresh air and a long walk.
Oh! Thank you.
I know we didn't see eye to eye, but I'm grateful for your help.
I'm glad you got him back.
But we still have a fugitive on the run with half of your money.
That girl who worked for Clyde? I'm sure she's the one who took such good care of my horse.
I'm damn well not gonna testify against her.
As far as I'm concerned, she earned that money.
Call it a reward if you want, a gift.
And I hope she takes it, makes a good life for herself somewhere.
Right, baby? It's beautiful.
Where'd you get it? Well, I cannot tell a lie.
I chopped it down with my little hatchet.
Dad, this is so fun.
We're decorating our first real tree.
I know.
It's cool, isn't it? So, Tali, let's talk.
What do you want for Christmas? Oh, Dad already knows.
It's not really something you can get me.
Well, I don't know.
Try me.
Well, Sarah helped me fill out an application for a boarding school in Canada.
It's called Beersheba Springs.
Your Aunt Louise went to a boarding school.
Yeah, I know, and she always talks about how great it was.
And this one's really cool because it's a full-time equestrian academy.
And it's right by where my other grandparents live.
We sent the admissions office a tape from my last barrel race.
It went pretty great.
It's a long shot.
The school is highly competitive.
Half of the Canadian equestrian team trained there.
And most of the students trained in dressage and have been on the youth circuit for years.
Well, Sarah says I'm good enough to switch.
And it's all about how I handle my horse.
And they don't just do dressage.
- They do eventing - I know, I know, I know.
I just don't want you to get your hopes up.
Sarah also said that the admission process is as tough to get into as Juilliard.
But if I get in, I can go, right? Honey, Canada is a long, long way away.
- Not really.
- Yeah, really.
I'd never get to see you.
Dad Look, why don't we talk about this if and when it happens? Okay? Okay, fine.
Come on, Tali.
You do the honors.
What honors? Well, we gotta have an angel for the top of the tree, don't you think? Sure, we do.
Thank you.
I gotta say it's pretty great.
Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

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