FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e10 Episode Script


1 - Got your phone charger? - Yeah.
- You got your phone? - Yep.
I've been livegramming my trip since we left the house.
Okay, so you'll text me as soon as you get there, right? Yes.
That's after you call your grandma and your grandpa.
To make sure that they've arrived.
Dad, don't worry.
And then, you text me every day and you FaceTime me every other day.
I promise.
You're gonna have an amazing time.
Can't wait for you to come back and show me everything you learned.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Thanks for letting me go.
We ready? You have your passport and your boarding pass? Yeah.
This way, sweetie.
You you okay? I will be.
If I retire, who's gonna take care of you here? Didn't your youngest just have another baby? Which is exactly why I'm never retiring.
It's more fun babysitting you all than my grandkids.
At least you stay put where I tell you to.
You let that guy have my seat.
He's a paying customer just like you are, honey.
Well, at least he's a fish.
I've been drawing dead all day.
You want to play now, or wait for blinds? [SCREAMING.]
Table six.
We got a fire.
And there's a bomber on the main floor.
Run! Everybody out! Drop it! [GLASS SHATTERS.]
Hands up! Put down the backpack! [GUNSHOTS.]
Three hours ago, New York resident Binh Dao crossed state lines to attack Mapleton Casino in Connecticut, killing one security guard and leaving behind two burn victims: Lauren Williams, poker dealer, and another guard who tried to stop him.
But he didn't try to conceal his face, so we were able to get a quick ID.
Okay, thank you.
So I checked with TEDAC.
So far, Dao's bombing MO seems unique.
They haven't flagged any similar signatures.
What type of bomb did he use? It was a homemade device, like a Molotov cocktail, containing a crude version of napalm.
That's what burned the dealer and the guard.
It's nasty stuff.
They call it liquid fire.
You put water on it, it just spreads.
You need to smother it to put it out.
We used napalm against civilians in the Vietnam War.
The fugitive is Vietnamese.
It could be some sort of terrorist angle at play.
Except he's Vietnamese-American.
He immigrated here in 1988, when he was two, with his single mom.
A few years later, she married his stepdad, Ken Weldon.
Our fugitive grew up here.
He's never been back to Vietnam.
He joined the marines after college and did two tours in Afghanistan.
Left the marines a year ago, moved back in with his parents in Medford.
Personnel file shows he left the marines under a general discharge, not the usual honorable discharge.
Well, it's a general discharge under honorable conditions, so that could really mean anything.
Could mean even something as innocuous as being too overweight for duty, so Between his stint in the marines and the fact that he immigrated from Vietnam, the choice of napalm feels intentional, maybe even political.
But why choose a casino as a target? Well, that's a good question.
I just ran Binh's email address and scraped through his social media accounts.
Up until four months ago, he was posting couple-y pictures with this woman, Linda Pham.
She runs a Vietnamese restaurant in Edison.
Well, four months ago? I mean, Linda sounds like an ex who might know where he is.
Ortiz, Barnes, head to Jersey and talk to the ex.
Kristin and I will pay Binh's mom and stepdad a visit.
Somehow I doubt it was a weight problem that got this guy discharged from the marines.
That from Tali? Uh, yeah.
- She arrive safely? - Yeah.
She's with her grandparents now.
They're heading to her dorm to see her room, so she seems happy.
She's gonna be fine, Jess.
Actually, she'll be better than fine.
She's gonna thrive.
His room is right in here.
He went to work this morning all normal.
I'm so worried.
Is my son safe? Well, at the moment, our priority is keeping the public safe from him, actually.
Did he take his own car to work this morning? Yes.
We're gonna need the make, model, and color.
Those are some pretty tight corners.
He learn that in the military? No, I make his bed every day.
I like to keep things neat for him.
That's Thuy and Binh, right when they came here in 1988.
- You guys were close? - Very.
My son is a good boy.
He's been living with us while he get back on his feet.
Does Binh have a computer? We looked at it right after you guys called, just to see if there was anything.
- Can we see it, please? - Sure.
Do you know where your stepson might be headed? He's my son.
I helped raise him from when he was six years old.
- You all right? - Ah.
But no.
He's not at work and he's not answering his phone.
Any idea why he would attack Mapleton Casino? No.
We went there two, maybe three times when he was a young boy.
You two enjoy gambling? Mapleton is also a hotel.
Back then, it was a little vacation we could afford.
We're not gamblers.
We're a family of marines.
You were in the service as well? Yeah.
Discipline is a virtue.
So people with addictions get weeded out quickly, you know? You mind telling us why Binh left under general discharge? - What happened? - Nothing happened.
We taught Binh to do the best he can.
That's what he did.
I'm proud of him.
Right, honey? I'm proud of her too.
She works very, very hard for every cent that she earns.
I'm a house cleaner.
I don't mind the work.
But after 25 years, I need back surgery.
The surgery was supposed to be today, but The hospital postponed it.
They said they were backlogged from COVID, that they had to prioritize more urgent procedures.
Do you recognize this woman? She's a dealer at Mapleton.
Surveillance cams have Binh heading straight towards her table.
Never seen her before.
Seem off to you? [SIGHS.]
It's hard to tell.
Though it is strange that Binh didn't have any marine paraphernalia in his room if they're so proud of their service.
Well, it could be self-hate, Binh serving in the same military that fought a war against his country.
He's ashamed, so he's lashing out.
Except he wasn't even alive when that happened.
And why the casino? Symbol of American excess? I'll have Hana check his computer, see if we can find some answers.
How long did you and Binh date? About seven months.
We met on eHarmony.
I have a little boy.
I don't have time to mess around on Tinder, and neither did he.
Binh's a very serious person.
Is that why the two of you hit it off? He gets it.
He was raised by a single mom too, back in Vietnam, then here.
His mom didn't get married until after they had been in the States for a few years.
Why did you and Binh break up? We realized it was more of a partnership than romance.
So have you kept in touch with him since? Definitely.
Binh's a good guy.
He babysits for me when it gets busy here.
You trust Binh with your son? He's the only male role model my son's got.
Binh's a hero.
He had a good friend in the marines.
The guy died in his arms.
Shot in the chest.
He tried to save him, but Is that why Binh left the marines? No.
That's what I mean.
Other guys wouldn't be able to handle something like that.
Binh? Binh didn't let it mess him up.
He kept it all bottled up inside? And you say that like it's a bad thing.
It's how we're raised.
We keep our head down.
We do what we have to do to survive.
And look at where we are now.
I trust Binh with my son.
With my life.
You guys must have ID'd the wrong guy.
Not all Asians look alike, you know.
Excuse me.
Let me help you with that.
Oh, oh, oh.
Binh, you are always so sweet.
Thank you.
- Whew! - Here.
Let me.
I I I thought you had today off, to take your mom to the doctor.
Nice of you to remember.
Get in.
Aw! Thank you.
My God.
My feet are killing me.
Susie was supervising today.
Oh, my God, that woman has no idea what she's doing.
Had me all over that store.
I didn't know you were a smoker.
You know, it's very bad for you.
And you always know what's right for other people, don't you? Excuse me? [COUGHS.]
What's that smell? Huh? Binh.
Binh, what are you doing? Stop.
You always seem so eager to offer your advice - and help, huh? - I can't breathe.
Well, I made you a little something to help you for all you've done for us.
Can't breathe.
The prints on the napalm device match Binh's.
He must have waited for her to finish her shift, and then ambushed her.
So he used napalm again, but no explosions, no fire.
It was contained to the back seat? Napalm needs oxygen to burn, and then, in return, it puts out carbon monoxide.
Once all the oxygen was sucked out The napalm burned itself out.
So Elyse was suffocated.
Slowly and painfully.
Harm your mother.
Don't know.
Is that one of our witnesses? Yes.
Our victim's son, Aaron Tooms.
There were no other witnesses, and the cameras don't cover this far back in the parking lot.
If Binh worked here, he would have known that.
Let's see what this guy knows.
- I have nothing to tell you - Mr.
I'm Agent LaCroix.
This is Agent Gaines.
We're sorry for your loss.
Detectives told me you already know who did this? Was it really Binh? We'll take it from here.
Thank you.
You know him? Not anymore.
Not since third grade.
Did your mother know him? Yeah.
I live in D.
Mom called me up about a year ago.
She said Binh had moved back to town, needed a job.
She put in a good word for him with her supervisor here.
If she went out on a limb for him, that would suggest that you two were good friends.
Back in grade school.
I was the only kid who didn't tease him for talking funny.
My mom would even let me invite him to sleepovers, birthday parties.
Let you? Did she have a problem with you two being friends? No way.
We were nice to him.
To him and his mom.
Their first few years in the U.
? Yeah.
They barely spoke any English, but Mom would still invite Mrs.
Dao to St.
Michael's every Sunday.
Mom's the one who told Mrs.
Dao she needed to get a job.
She even recommended her to our church buddies, just like she recommended Binh for this job.
Binh was lucky to know us.
Why would he do this to my mom? Binh's laptop is clean.
Nothing to suggest that he's fighting for any cause.
Unless his parents deleted it.
I don't know.
I don't think it's political.
Binh had a grudge against this woman.
He knows her well, and he wants her to suffer.
According to his ex, Binh's a kind and loving man, a strong father figure.
She describes him as a war hero in Afghanistan.
And now, that hero is pushing carts at a big box store in No Town, Suburbia.
It's a long fall.
And he's working that job thanks to his latest victim, Elyse Tooms.
What I would love to know is if Binh kept in touch with any of his marine buddies.
I put together a list of all the guys that were on tour with him.
Now, they're spread all over, but this guy, Jared Johns, he works security at a parking garage in Newark.
All right, Hana, let's go check it out.
Rest of you, keep digging into those other names.
I barely knew Binh, all right? He wasn't my kind of guy.
He was a mama's boy.
- How so? - Some guys get snacks or porn in their care packages, but Binh's mom sent him books and puzzles and underwear.
A grown man wearing boxers his mama picked out It was embarrassing.
Anybody else feel the same way? Hell yeah.
It wasn't just me.
And I know what you thinking, but we never bullied him or pulled a code red.
This wasn't "A Few Good Men.
" Binh made an easy target of himself.
He had a chip on his shoulder.
Why is that? I don't know.
Maybe it's 'cause he was this short, shrimpy dude always trying to prove himself.
Sounds like bullying to me.
Playing into the stereotype that Asian men are weak and effeminate? I can't control what people think.
The guy just never fit in.
At least one of the men in your unit was close to Binh.
His ex-girlfriend told us a friend of his died by his side in Afghanistan.
You mean Elkot? He didn't get killed while we were being deployed.
He didn't even see any action.
He died on a base in California.
What happened? Training accident.
We were doing a dry fire exercise, and Elkot didn't have his vest on.
He got hit in the chest with a live round.
Binh was there, but it was too late.
Died on the spot.
Was Binh upset by that? We all were.
But but the rest of us dealt with it.
The reality is, if Elkot had been wearing his vest like he was supposed to, he wouldn't have died.
If I charge, follow me.
If I retreat, kill me.
If I die, avenge me.
Without honor, we are nothing.
The marine who died at Binh's side, his name's Elkot Thompson.
And he wasn't shot in Kabul.
He died stateside at Camp Pendleton.
In training, not a combat casualty.
Okay, hang on, I'm pulling up a few news articles.
So this happened in August 2020.
That's four months before Binh was discharged.
Johns said Binh and this guy weren't close friends.
They were just two junior officers who decided to bunk together.
Why would he lie to his girlfriend and make it sound like his best friend died in combat? To make himself seem heroic? He grows up here, scrawny kid, still learning English.
Maybe his stepdad pushes him to enlist in the marines.
And he gets there, only to be bullied again.
And when he gets out, an elderly woman's charity gets him a job he hates.
After a lifetime of feeling small, Binh's had enough.
He's showing everybody how big he can be.
Why'd you do it? Son.
How did you get in? Did you think I wouldn't find out? Binh, put the gun down.
Your mother's in the house.
How could you do this to your own family? How could you do this to her? You know that I love your mother more - than anyone else in the world.
- No, I don't believe you! Not anymore! Huh? Why? Binh? Binh, what are you doing? Mom, go upstairs.
Let me handle this.
Where have you been? They say you killed two people.
It can't be.
I had to stick up for our family.
- Somebody has to! - What are you talking about? - Nothing.
It's nothing.
- It's not nothing! Binh, stop! Why do you want to hurt your father? - He loves you.
- No, he doesn't.
- Yes, I do, Binh.
No, you don't! Listen to me.
You have to turn yourself in.
- No.
- Get your hands off of her! Binh, please.
I'm calling the FBI.
- I'll be right there with you.
- Don't do that.
She doesn't get it.
You lost the right to tell us what to do.
She doesn't understand.
You have to leave.
- Stop it.
- You've gotta leave! Binh, don't go! No! Please! - Binh, please don't go! - Give me the phone.
- Binh! - Thuy.
You called us as soon as he left.
Yes, right away.
Did he tell you where he was going? No.
He's not in his right mind.
He snuck in through the basement door.
Local PD's set up a perimeter and they're looking for his car.
What did you do to him? He tried to shoot Ken.
You must have done something to hurt him.
Tell me.
He's my son! He's our son.
And I wouldn't do anything to hurt him.
And I wouldn't do anything to hurt you either, honey.
I love you.
Would you please come with me, Mrs.
Dao? If you don't mind.
Concealing information about your son is not gonna help him, especially if you want us to bring him in alive.
I understand.
What I'm about to share with you, you have to promise me you'll never tell my wife.
It'll destroy her if she knew.
Were you having an affair with Lauren Williams? Is that why he went after her and came here to confront you? You mean the poker dealer you showed me? That's not it at all.
You both know about Elkot Thompson, right? Yes.
Your son was there when he died in a training accident.
It was no accident.
Binh killed him.
Are you saying that the NCIS investigation was wrong, or it was a cover-up? I'm saying there was no investigation.
It looked like an accident from the beginning, so that's how it went down in the official record.
When Binh came home, he told me the truth.
He said it weighed on his conscience.
Well, if Binh killed a fellow officer, it was your duty to turn him in.
Once a marine, always a marine, right? "Semper fi" means "always faithful," and I am always faithful First to my wife, and then to my son.
Did Binh tell you why he killed Thompson? The guy had it coming.
He used to bunk with Binh.
He saw a family photo.
He used to always say, "Hey, is your mom a Vietnamese prostitute?" Thinking that I picked her up in the war.
Always making jokes about my Thuy, you know, because she married a guy like me.
And then, one day, Binh had us on speakerphone, and you could hear this guy spouting out his BS.
"Oh, I ruv you rong time.
" My poor Thuy was so embarrassed.
It was disgusting! I wanted to break his neck.
If the shoe were on the other foot and it was me, I don't know what I would have done to shut him the hell up, so I don't blame my son.
I don't blame him one bit for losing his cool on that mouthy, racist SOB.
Not one bit.
Binh went me armed with a SIG M18, intending to kill Ken, - but not napalm this time.
- Which tracks.
- Igniting napalm indoors - [CELL PHONE TRILLING.]
Could have killed himself and his mom.
So he wanted to go after his stepdad without hurting his mother.
But he backed out, because he knew killing Ken was gonna be the thing that hurt his mother the most.
I mean, I've talked to Thuy.
She's torn up about this.
- She loves them both.
- Maybe he didn't.
Maybe Binh didn't like his mom being with Ken.
Have y'all heard of the MRA? Stands for Men's Rights Asians.
It's a subreddit group of Asian men who feel like they've been wronged by society.
Yeah, I read that article.
They're especially pissed that Asian women are valued and sexualized in a way that Asian men aren't.
Because the stereotype is that they're nerdy and emasculated? Exactly.
I mean, I've read articles that show that Asian men and Black women have the hardest time when it comes to online dating.
How do you have so much time to read with two kids at home? You're up late, you get bored.
These guys hate on interracial relationships between Asian women and white men.
But Thuy and Ken have been together since Binh was a young boy.
He could have turned on them more recently, especially if he was triggered.
Yeah, like finding out his stepdad was cheating on his mom.
I get the feeling that Ken is still hiding something.
That was the burn center in Norwich.
Lauren, the casino dealer, is awake.
Ortiz, you're with me.
Thanks for meeting with us.
We'll keep it short so you can rest.
I'm fine.
The officer you spoke to earlier said that you knew the attacker when he came up to your table? Yes, I did.
- How do you know Binh? - I don't.
He's the son of one of my guys.
One of your guys.
What do you mean by that? One of my regulars, Ken.
He's so proud of that boy.
He takes every chance he can to talk about him and show off his pictures.
He's got a bunch of 'em on his phone.
So you recognized Binh from a photograph.
You gotta be sharp and have sharp eyes to do what I do.
I pay attention to everything, all the time.
The second before he threw that bomb, I knew it was him.
Am I wrong? Nope, nope.
Actually, you're very right.
Can you confirm that this is the man you're talking about? Yeah.
That's Ken.
Any chance you had a more intimate relationship with Ken? Lord, no.
There has never been anything between us but that velvet table.
Ken's been rated at Mapleton for the last two years, and stupid enough to think it's a good thing.
What it means is, sucker on the floor.
My husband a gambler? He never said anything.
Are you sure this is true? Your husband gambled away your entire family savings at Mapleton Your retirement fund, your savings account, your checking account, everything.
And Binh knew about it.
Toll booth cameras flagged him following your husband into Mapleton on Sunday.
You and Binh are very close.
It's hard for me to believe that he sat on this information for just under a week and he didn't tell you about it.
No one told me anything.
Not Binh, not my husband.
I should have noticed something was wrong, but I was so selfish, so worried about my back surgery.
It's not your fault.
Your surgery wasn't pushed because of the pandemic.
Your husband canceled it because he gambled away the money to pay for it.
All of it.
If there's no money, what will happen to Binh? Unfortunately, at this point in time, Binh has a lot more to worry about.
And so do you.
You need that back surgery.
I don't care what happens to me.
I only care what happen to my son.
All yours, Mr.
See you tomorrow? Let me get that for you.
- Come on! - [CAR HORN HONKS.]
Learn how to drive! Oh, here we go.
What the hell's your problem? You.
Do I know you? It figures you gotta ask.
Is the man that ambushed the SUV? That looks like him, yeah.
To be honest, it all happened super fast.
Someone got the fire extinguisher, but it didn't work like we thought it would, so Jamie he's the manager on shift He tried to pull Mr.
Mirica out of the car, but then he burned his own hands.
Started screaming.
All of us, we got too scared to touch him.
The car was definitely hit with a napalm bomb.
A dry chemical extinguisher might've been able to put that out, but if there's any oxygen in the atmosphere, that thing is burning.
Hey, you did the best you could.
Good thing you didn't touch him, or you'd be suffering from serious burns too.
Anything else you can tell us about the victim, Mr.
Mirica? Do you know Tenuto Capital, the hedge fund? He was the founder.
He retired a couple years ago, but ever since, he's been coming here almost every day to play tennis.
All right.
Thanks again for your help.
Thank you.
Victim's wife told the coroner to send the remains in a closed casket to St.
Michael's Church in preparation for services.
- St.
Michael's in Medford? - You know it? According to the son of our second victim, that's the church Elyse Tooms used to attend, the one she invited Thuy to join.
That's Mr.
Mirica, my old boss.
I worked for him and his family for almost 20 years.
And you were connected to him through Elyse Tooms, right? The mother of Binh's childhood friend? Yes, they knew each other from church.
When did you quit working for Mr.
Mirica? I did not quit.
I asked for time off for my surgery and recovery.
At first, Mr.
Mirica said okay.
But then, Tuesday, when I went to his house, he said I shouldn't come back at all.
So you were fired for taking time off, for a medical procedure? He said his family couldn't go so long without help.
He had to replace me.
Did you tell Binh what happened? No.
I was ashamed.
I didn't want him to worry about me.
But he has no reason to attack your old boss unless he knew that you were fired.
You say he's done these terrible things, but Binh is my sweet boy.
Binh wants me to work less.
He's the one who sent me to the doctor and told me to get the surgery.
It hurts him to see you in pain.
Binh always hated that I clean houses.
He always thought someone like me should have a better job.
Someone like you? What do you mean by that? In Vietnam, I was a chemical engineer.
I have a PhD in chemistry.
You're a U.
citizen, so you didn't need to work a cash gig.
Why didn't you get a job in your field? I tried many places.
But back then, my English was not so good.
The closest I came was at Brookhaven.
Brookhaven, the nuclear lab in Upton? Yes.
That's a top-flight facility.
I had four, five rounds of interviews.
And why do you think they didn't hire you? I was born in North Vietnam.
They were still suspicious about the communists.
They refused to give me the security clearance I needed to work at a U.
national lab.
And that's when you became a house cleaner.
I spent so much time chasing that job.
We needed money.
Around that time, Mrs.
Tooms, she taught me an expression in English.
"Get real.
" She said it would be easier for me to find a job like cleaning houses, something where I did not have to speak good English.
She has a degree in engineering? Not just a degree.
A PhD.
She could have literally been a rocket scientist.
Instead, she spent her whole life cleaning houses.
That's so sad.
Yeah, I mean just give me a second.
You know, my wife had a similar problem.
She had a degree in statistics and spoke three languages, and still, it took her four tries to get into Army Intel.
All they saw was a Native American woman with dual citizenship.
It's not the same.
I know what you mean.
Thuy loses her job.
Her husband gambles away all their money.
She can't get the surgery she needs.
Most people would be bitter.
I'm bitter.
She just cares about her son.
And you think Binh knew all about this? I think so.
Maybe that's his trigger.
Binh isn't going after people who bullied him when he was a kid.
He's killing people that wronged his mother.
Tooms, right, who told her to get real and give up on her career as a scientist.
Even worse, she introduced Thuy to Bill Mirica, who ends up discarding her like she's replaceable.
Binh didn't snap.
This has been a long time coming.
Well, it's kind of like Thuy's back giving in It wasn't one, single incident that set Binh off or caused her injury.
He just got tired of seeing his mom enduring a life of pain Microaggressions, racists slights.
Brookhaven was a turning point.
Binh blames the lab for derailing Thuy's career and indirectly causing her health problems.
It's also the reason she never got a job with retirement benefits, so she had to rely on Ken for that safety net.
Only he lost it all gambling.
So it all goes back to Brookhaven.
The last target isn't a person.
It's a place.
Okay, all the national labs have pretty tight security, so what do you think he's planning? Well, we know he has napalm bombs.
Brookhaven stores nuclear material, right? Not an ideal situation.
Kristin, call Brookhaven.
Get them under lockdown right away.
- We need to get moving.
- Well, we should bring Thuy.
If she's the reason that set him off, she might be the only person that can get through to him.
That's a good idea.
Go get her.
Lunch hour's over.
Time to head back to the lab.
- Who the hell are you? - Don't worry about it.
Just drive.
I said, drive.
- Officer Bergmann.
- Special Agent Gaines.
We went into lockdown as soon as you called.
No one's been in or out.
We are prepared to provide backup, but if it comes down to it, our priority is protecting the lab, and most importantly, what's stored here.
I know the car.
Boris Paulsen.
Mechanical engineer, building 3A.
He's probably on his way back from lunch.
There's somebody else in the car.
Could be Binh.
- Drive! - [TIRES SCREECH.]
- Boss, Boss! - Hana, cover Thuy.
- Open the gate! - Let him through! Drive.
Keep going! I got him.
Keep driving! Faster! - You're gonna have to pit him.
- Yeah.
Hang on.
- Ready? - Yeah.
FBI! Freeze! Freeze! Stop right there! Don't move! You stay in the car.
Binh, listen to me.
It's over, okay? I don't want to see anybody else get hurt.
You have explosives in that bag, right? Here's what I'm gonna ask you to do.
I want you to put the backpack down, slowly, on the ground, okay? Then I want you to put your hands above your head.
- No! - Binh, we have your mother.
I have her right here.
- You're lying.
- I'm not lying.
She's in the car.
You want to talk to her? [CAR DOOR OPENS.]
- Don't hurt him! - Okay, stay back.
Stay back.
- He won't hurt me.
- It's not safe.
He's my son.
He would never hurt me.
Binh, why are you doing this? - For you, Mom! - I never wanted this.
I only wanted you to be happy and healthy.
What about you? All my life, I've watched people treat you like trash.
And you never stick up for yourself, Mom.
What are you talking about? We have a good life.
I love you, and I love your dad.
It's my fault if I made you feel otherwise.
It's not your fault, Mom! Why are you always trying to protect me, huh? - Hey, hey, hey! - Don't shoot him! Binh, do what they say.
For me.
For me and Dad.
Screw Dad! He lost all our money! It's only money.
We'll find a way.
We have each other.
We have our family.
No, that's not enough! You can't you can't clean houses forever, Mom.
How are you gonna get the surgery to fix your back, huh? We'll find a way to make it work.
We always do, no matter how hard it is.
Listen to your mother, Binh.
She'd do anything for you.
It's not a hardship.
That's that's just being a good parent.
A good parent.
Model minority.
Where has that gotten her? A lifetime stooping over in a box people put her in because they didn't see who she really is.
That's what broke her back.
You see who she is.
And she raised you to be a better man than this.
Binh, don't! You're all I have left.
You and me, we always found a way to survive, the two of us.
But if you do this, I won't survive.
I can't.
Binh Dao, you're under arrest.
Binh, Binh.
Hello? Hi.
Hey, sis.
What's going on here? Surprise movie night.
Just like you used to spring on Tali when she had a tough day.
You guys really didn't need to do this.
No, no, no.
This is not optional.
Sit your butt down.
Let's go, big brother.
You got "The Gold Rush" on DVD.
Even better.
I got it on streaming.
- Oh, okay.
- Very impressive.
And I've planned it so the pizza gets here halfway through.
And best of all - Thank you.
- No curfew.
- Mm-hmm.
This okay? Yeah.
This is good.
You two can enjoy your newfound privacy after I leave.
- You want some of this? - No.
Did anybody get the remote? Fine.
I'll get it.
Thank you, Louise.
It's gonna be okay.
We ready? - Mm-hmm.
- Yep.

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