FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e11 Episode Script


Hey, hey, buddy.
My battery died, man.
You think you can give me a jump? - I don't have any cables.
- Oh, I do.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Thank you.
Thank you, man.
If you just wanna pop your hood.
I'll grab my cables.
Ah! Ow, ah! Nighty night.
Where where am I? - What's going on? - Shh, shh, shh.
Hey, hey, hey.
Now, we don't want anybody to hear, right? I mean, this is our little secret.
Who are you? Ah, you'll have plenty of time to remember while we play our game.
Highway 66 is a mile south.
I'm gonna give you a three-minute head start.
Today is the day.
You're not the predator anymore.
You're the prey.
That's 2 minutes, 56 seconds.
You're wasting time.
Help! Anyone! Someone help! Just getting your attention.
- Please don't kill me! - I'll do whatever you want! - Well, I want you to run.
- I want you to be scared.
I want you to know there's no escape.
Hey! Did you just shoot my Jeep? Oh, God.
Under, nice.
Finish strong, come on.
Come on, finish strong.
Come on, come on! Ah! - How you feel? - Amazing.
I am tired, like, really tired.
If I sat down, I don't think I'd be able to stand back up, but amazing.
- You know what? - You got good technique though.
Oh, thanks.
You're just being nice.
I can't believe you get the train down here from Washington Heights every morning.
I like this gym.
It reminds me of the one I used to train at in LA.
I must have walked past here, like, 100 times, and I never noticed it.
The old Hana walked past here, not the New Hana.
You know, I was thinking pasta tonight.
Puttanesca sauce, a side of Caesar.
- You're cooking again? - Is that a bad thing? Oh, hell no.
I mean, Crosby was my roommate for a year, and he cooked maybe once.
I'm glad you moved in.
Me too.
You know what? Let's stop by the store and get some fresh bread on the way home.
Oh, groceries gonna have to wait.
Found the bodies two hours ago.
Didn't want to move 'em till you got here.
Victim in the tree line is Jamie Scott, local hunter, owner of this Jeep.
Shot once in the back.
The victim over here is a different story.
Hope you've had your coffee already.
- Have you found the head? - Not yet.
Wallet was still on the body.
The name is John Clemons.
Address here is in Pittsburgh.
Any shell casings? Uh, four in total off of a .
The Jeep was hit twice.
Jamie was hit once.
Not sure where the fourth one went.
I hate to say it, but it could be in this guy's missing head.
One-shot through the trees at a moving target.
Our unsub's a marksman.
Yeah, but Clemons was the intended target.
He took the time to cut off his head and take it with him, maybe as some kind of trophy.
Hunter had the bad luck of walking up on it.
Wrong place.
Wrong time.
It's a damn shame.
Jamie was a good man.
He didn't deserve this.
The hunter had a GoPro attached to the brim of his hat.
The batteries are dead, but I'll be able to pull footage and maybe see what happened.
Okay, good.
Okay, I got something.
John Clemons is a registered sex offender.
Ten years ago, he was convicted of molesting a 12-year-old boy named Chris Preston.
He went to prison and got out six months ago and went home to Pittsburgh.
Chris Preston's last known and current address are also in Pittsburgh.
Sounds like a hell of a motive.
All right, Hana and Barnes, head to the MCC and start digging in.
The rest of us will go see Chris Preston.
How did you meet John? He was transferred to our troop when I was 11 to become scoutmaster.
Troop 88212.
He seemed nice at first, helped me build a compass, and, um then on a camping trip once Look, he was a sick pervert, okay? And he got what he deserved.
Considering the nature of the crime and what he did to you You think that I killed him? I think whoever did had a deeply personal reason to.
Did you know John had gotten out of prison? Yeah, I knew.
I'm not gonna lie to you, okay? I thought about it a lot.
But I didn't do it.
Besides, I was working here last night till closing.
My boss can confirm it.
We'll talk to her.
Two days ago, I, uh I got this letter from a lawyer.
It's about the class-action lawsuit against the Boy Scouts.
"Law Offices of Nedra Lewis.
" Skip to the last paragraph.
She says with a special case like mine that I could get up to $15,000.
What, for everything that happened to you? Look, you tell me what's worse, okay, being told that your trauma doesn't matter, or that it's only worth 15K? Do you know of any other kids who might have been abused by John? It wasn't a secret.
The older kids in the troop, they used to call his tent the bear cave.
Like, somewhere it wasn't safe to be.
Everyone knew.
Everyone except me, I guess.
Hey, boss.
Hana has the footage ready from the hunter's GoPro camera.
Hey! Did you just shoot my Jeep? Oh, God.
Ah! Freeze it there.
Yeah, I see it.
He has some kind of scarring on his hand.
Okay, I'll do a screen grab and add it to the description of our unsub.
- Anything new on Clemons? - Yeah.
I found out he was a troop leader in the Boy Scouts.
Scoutmaster for Troop 88212, which Chris Preston was in.
Okay, not just that one.
He was in charge of two others before that.
That's a lot of other kids he'd have been in contact with.
Keep digging.
Oh, there's a lawyer suing the Boy Scouts.
We're gonna see what she knows.
Tuesday's no good.
No, I have the Sanctuary Choir event that night.
Oh, that could work.
I'll have to check with Dan.
I got to go.
I'll see you at devotional in the morning It seems to be a pattern.
That's what's so depressing.
The men targeting these boys were often reassigned when claims of abuse were made against them.
So what, they just shuffled abusers around like the Catholic Church? Yeah, that's the allegation we're making.
And did the church here know about Clemons? Oh, according to the evidence I've seen, absolutely.
There's no telling how many more kids he would have had access to if not for Chris Preston's bravery in going to the police with his story.
Have any more of Clemons' victims come forward? A few.
We sent a mailer to all the former members we could find he had interactions with.
Hopefully, more will join in.
So so they come forward, and they expose their trauma to the world, and they get $15,000 or less in return? I can see why they might not take you up on that.
Is the amount anywhere close to appropriate? Of course not.
It doesn't begin to represent the pain these kids have been through, but it is an acknowledgment that what happened to them was real, and it wasn't their fault.
Hopefully, that is a step in the direction of healing.
Well, I'd like to see that mailing list please.
Oh, fair warning, there are over 450 names on here and a lot of John Does.
It's going to take a while to print out.
Now, you're getting a five-minute head start.
That's generous.
And it's gonna be dark in 20.
Come on, even I can't hit a moving target in the pitch black.
So, Courtney, here's the important part.
If you can stay ahead of me for 20 minutes, you survive.
It's scary, isn't it? Being alone in the woods with a predator? Being helpless to fight back? Why are you doing this? Who are you? You know, fact that you don't know says everything.
But you You knew who John Clemons was, though, didn't you? You best get running.
You're burning daylight.
The ranch foreman was walking the fence line - this morning and found her.
- What kind of ranch is that? Canned hunting for deer.
The fence keeps them in so they're easier to find.
Their property butts right up against the national forest - all through here.
- There's blood on the fence.
She could have been trying to climb over when she got shot, dragged over here.
Any shell casings? Haven't found any, or the head.
It's not from a gunshot.
What's that? It doesn't look like a gunshot.
Oh, you're right.
A rifle would have caused a larger exit wound.
- We have an ID yet? - Yeah.
Prints are a match to Courtney Parker.
Her husband, Dan, reported her missing early this morning.
Any chance she's a registered sex offender? Not at all.
She was director of youth ministries at her church, nothing but upstanding on paper.
Hey, boss, I found an arrow with blood on it.
Our killer's changed his MO.
Tailoring it to each of his victims? Maybe.
When was the last time Courtney was seen alive? She was at her church until 3:00.
So that's It's two hours from Pittsburgh.
Gets dark around about 5:30.
It's awful hard to make a shot with a bow and arrow when you're losing that light.
That makes the hunt more difficult.
He's challenging himself.
The question is, "Why this victim?" Why don't you grab Hana, canvass local archery stores, see if we can find out where that arrow comes from? Kristin and I will go see this poor woman's husband.
- Courtney's so dedicated.
- She was always busy.
Always working late.
It's not unusual for me to go to sleep before she gets home.
When I woke up this morning and she wasn't here, I realized something was wrong.
How long was your wife involved with the church? Over 25 years.
She did community outreach, prayer groups, oversaw the youth choir, church sponsorships.
It wasn't a job to her.
It was her heart.
And what what kind of sponsorships? Food pantries, clothing drives, even local scout troops.
Troop 88212? Yeah, I think that was one of them.
There were several over the years.
Did she know John Clemons? No.
Not personally.
- But she did know him? - And what he did? Not at the time.
These lies that she was aware of what that man did or that she that she helped cover it up, they're absurd.
She didn't know about him.
There's a lawsuit that claims otherwise.
Well, that lawsuit is a cash grab.
They have people coming forward who never even met John Clemons.
Courtney was a victim too.
Her name was dragged through the mud.
Her reputation was almost ruined.
I understand, but clearly someone believed that she was involved in covering up Clemons' abuse.
Someone murdered my wife, killed her like an animal in the woods, and you are supposed to be finding the monster that did this, not persecuting my dead wife over slander.
Get out.
I need your help with something.
Please, please, please, just let me go.
No, stop crying.
It's not gonna change anything, all right? You know, my dad used to tell me that.
Whatever you want.
Pick one.
Thank you.
A mean son of a bitch fired this thing.
What makes you say that? This arrowhead's heavily modified.
The edge has been barbed and serrated.
It's meant to take chunks out of whatever organ it hits.
Maximum damage.
Maximum suffering.
These are highly illegal in Pennsylvania 'cause they're inhumane.
Do you know where somebody could get an arrowhead like that? These are pretty standard professional grade, but the fletching here let me see.
These are real turkey feathers.
They're custom and handmade.
There it is.
- That's Wally's mark.
- Who's Wally? Wally Turner, he's a guide at the ranch down the road.
- Great hunter.
- The Bradshaw Ranch? Yeah.
Wally fletches his own arrows.
I contract him time to time to do some for the shop.
He always marks his work with the number 9.
That's the points of his first state record kill.
Does he have scarring on his right arm? Yeah, some accident when he was a kid.
Do you know where he lives? Just down the road in a cabin.
It's right outside the ranch.
Clear in here.
We got a deer rifle over here.
We got a bow, some arrows.
Could be our murder weapons.
Somebody's been using this sleeping bag.
Fresh blood.
We just missed him.
- You need to come outside.
- We found something.
Oh, God.
- Clemons and Courtney.
- What's left of 'em.
I've seen this before at hunt camp.
It's nature's most efficient way.
The insects will clean the skulls naturally, and then you've got your trophies.
It's still disgusting.
Our fugitive isn't hunting animals anymore.
He's hunting human beings, and judging by the blood in the sleeping bag back there he's already found his next victim.
Our fugitive is Walter "Wally" Turner.
Age 28, no criminal history, and no family outside of his parents in Kittanning.
And I spoke to his manager at Bradshaw Ranch, says Wally is the best guide he has.
His schedule usually stays full, but he hasn't booked a trip in weeks.
They haven't seen him.
Is he close with any of his co-workers? No, manager says he's quiet and a loner mostly.
He just loves to hunt.
No friends, no family, no one to pay attention to his comings and goings.
We have a make and model on a truck registered to him.
- The BOLO's already out.
- Okay, I just found this.
Wally Turner, member of Boy Scout Troop 88212 from 2001 to 2003.
John Clemons was his scoutmaster.
All right, so Turner was abused by Clemons, and he blamed Courtney for allowing Clemons to stay on as scoutmaster despite allegations against him.
And then he killed them both for what they did to him.
Now he can go after anyone else he blames for his abuse.
We have PD protecting the local council, right? Yes, but Wally's already taken another victim.
It's possible his rage might not be limited to the council, so we need to figure out who else he might target.
Call Kristin.
Let's start with Turner's parents.
Sorry, we only have dairy creamer.
Oh, that's fine.
Thank you.
Have either of you seen Wally recently? He came by a few weeks ago to pick up his mail.
It still comes to the house here.
May I ask about Wally's scars on his right hand? How'd he get those? He got lost during a Boy Scout camping trip when he was ten.
His scoutmaster - John Clemons.
- Yes.
Clemons said that Wally just ran off from camp in the middle of the night.
How long was he alone in the woods? Almost two days.
While he was out missing, he ran up against this plant.
What's it called, Colton? Hogweed.
The sap is poisonous.
He got it on his hand and arm somehow.
The doctor said it was the equivalent of third-degree burns.
How much longer did he stay in the troop? Oh, he never went back after that.
They lost him in the woods.
What good were they? They didn't lose him.
He run off.
Did Wally ever talk about why he might have run off that night, or whether Clemons was inappropriate with him? Inappropriate? That Clemons abused him sexually? No.
Wally ain't no sissy.
He wouldn't do anything like that.
With all due respect, he was ten years old.
He wouldn't have had much choice.
No, we heard about those allegations of Clemons - being a fruit, but Wally isn't.
- They weren't allegations.
Clemons was convicted of molesting one of the boys.
Those kinds of kids that that stuff happens to, they send out signals.
I read an article on the internet, and our son didn't put out any signals.
Are you trying to tell us Did you ever take Wally to speak to a professional about his experience? The detective who worked Wally's case suggested we take him to speak to a doctor.
He gave us a card.
Colton didn't think it was necessary.
Wally ain't a nutcase.
Going to a shrink is like going to a mechanic.
You tell him you think something's wrong, and they're happy to prove you right, charge you an arm and a leg in the process.
You said Wally still gets his mail here.
Did he receive a letter recently regarding a lawsuit? Yes, he did.
He got really angry about it.
What was it that made him angry? He said it was disgusting that they'd try to lump him in - with all these other kids.
- And he was right to be angry.
It's a bunch of greedy people looking for free money.
Things happen.
You can't just put your hand out and expect the world to give you anything for it.
It's just the way things are.
Can you believe those people? I mean, even if Wally had told them about his abuse, they would have done nothing.
How could you do that to your own son? - Excuse me.
- I just remembered something.
I did take Wally to see a psychiatrist a couple of times.
Wally was different after being lost.
It was like a light had gone out in him.
Here's the doctor's card.
I saved it.
- Thank you.
- I'll call it into Jess.
I remember Wally.
He was ten, I believe, at the time.
He was at a campsite and ran off into the woods shirtless in the middle of the night.
We believe that he was sexually abused by his scoutmaster, John Clemons.
I do too.
He exhibited all the signs.
He was quiet, emotionally withdrawn, anxious in closed spaces.
Even being here alone in this office was too much for him.
We had to conduct the sessions across the street in the park.
And did he ever admit that he was abused? No, he talked about the forest, about how bad the sap hurt his arm, but he would never talk about what happened at that campsite.
And did you tell his mother what you suspected? Well, I tried, but she wouldn't hear it.
She said the Boy Scouts wouldn't put kids in danger like that.
If he never opened up to you about his abuse, he probably never opened up to anybody.
No, I doubt it.
He repressed the memory and all the emotions attached to it, but the right trigger could bring them all to the surface.
Something like a letter saying that your trauma is worth $15,000? Yeah, that could absolutely do it.
Now, Wally's not my patient anymore.
I've haven't seen him in years, but I can imagine all the repressed emotion hitting him all at once would be overwhelming.
Did he ever mention anyone besides Clemons to you? Someone else he might blame? No, but in my experience most victims fall into cycles of trauma.
Wally's cycle might not be perpetuating sexual abuse but rather the feelings that the abuse caused in him.
He's the predator exerting dominance and control over the victims.
In my opinion, Wally's trying to find closure in his own way.
He made his abuser feel powerless and scared.
Excuse me a second.
Hey, Kristin.
I get what you're saying, but he didn't stop there.
Correct, whatever closure looks like to Wally, he's not stopping until he gets it.
Forensics just ID'd some blood from Wally's trailer.
It belongs to a Cameron Early, another registered sex offender.
You have any idea who he might be? No, but I doubt it's a coincidence that he's a convicted sex offender.
You picked well, Cameron.
You know, most people don't consider statutory rape a crime, especially if both people are young.
You you were 19, right? - It was consensual.
- Her parents ratted us out.
Now, molesting a 12-year-old, yeah, I think everyone can agree that's a despicable thing to do.
It's lies, man.
It's all lies.
No, it wasn't.
See, I read all about you.
I don't know who you are, but if you don't let me go, I will seriously mess you up.
I like your confidence.
You know what? It's only fair for you to pick this time, okay? So pick a hand.
I'm not gonna play whatever screwed-up game this is.
You heard me.
Come on, pick one.
That's a good choice.
And for you okay, now, the rules are simple.
The first one of you to make it to the foreman's office wins, is free to go.
And the loser yeah, well, the loser gets exactly what they deserve.
I'm gonna give you a minute head start.
Oh, yeah, and, uh, look out for an Easter egg.
Sorry, man.
Nothing personal.
Ah-ah! Ah! Ahh! No! No! No! No! I win.
First victim here is Cameron Early.
It's our man from the sleeping bag.
Based on the rigor, I'd say he's been here all night.
Shot first in the leg, then again to the chest.
Shell casing is from a .
38 revolver.
That's new.
Our fugitive hasn't used a handgun yet.
- I don't think it was him.
- Second victim's this way.
There's another one? Yeah.
We found two sets of cut zip-ties near the front of the mill.
Based on the footsteps, it looks like they started there and then came this way.
This is one Matthew Pitts.
His prints were in the system and also on that gun.
I figure he shot Early on the catwalk and then ran in here.
So Pitts killed Early, and then Turner killed him? Well, that's what it looks like.
Any connection between Turner and these two? They're both registered sex offenders, but I'm not seeing a connection to the Boy Scout camp.
And I doubt you'll find one.
The Clemons and Courtney kills were personal.
He wanted them to feel the terror that he felt, helpless and lost in the woods.
This this is a game.
He's escalated in every way.
Two victims, not one.
A steel mill instead of the woods.
He even gave them a gun to fight back with.
You mean to fight over.
You've only found the one gun, right? - Yes, sir.
- It's like the old joke.
If you and a friend are running from a bear in the woods, you don't have to be faster than the bear, just faster than your friend.
So why these two? His personal targets may be done, but he certainly is not.
The hunts gave him a sense of power, and he likes it.
These two were probably picked at random.
He didn't take their heads as trophies.
He hunted them like animals, and he enjoyed killing them.
He'll keep going until we stop him.
- Take a look at this.
- What is that? It's every registered sex offenders in Allegheny County.
He's got quarry for days.
Are you Watkins Farr? - Wrong guy.
- Nah, I don't think so.
Oral copulation by fear or force of a nine-year-old boy, right? Is that what you did? - What's your problem, man? - You.
You're my problem, Watkins.
Oh! Oh! Turner already struck again? In broad daylight half an hour ago.
And he made no attempt to hide the abduction.
- No.
- You know who the victim is? Watkins Farr.
Store manager knows him as a regular.
Let me guess, another convicted sex offender? Served 12 years in prison for molesting a nine-year-old boy.
State police got a hit on Turner's truck outside of a diner in Blairsville.
This is more escalation.
He's abducting his victims in public now.
And making no attempt to hide his truck.
Either he's sloppy or more brazen.
That makes him more dangerous.
Scramble state police.
Have 'em meet us at the diner.
Check the diner.
I'll clear the truck.
The truck is clear.
- Stop that car! - Stop that vehicle now! - Stop it! - He's running! - Hold the line! - FBI! Get out of the vehicle.
Put your hands in the air.
Nice and slow.
I just came to check my patient.
He said he needed me.
Turner is a fugitive who's killed four people, and how is he a patient of yours if you haven't seen him in over two decades? A year ago, I was invited to go hunting at the Bradshaw Ranch.
- Wally was our guide.
- So you reconnected.
Yes, and he was struggling.
It didn't take a professional to see that he was in deep pain.
I worked with him, and just as it seemed we were getting somewhere, he stopped coming.
Until last week.
He came to see you after he killed Clemons, didn't he? Yes.
Did he tell you he killed Clemons? - He didn't have to.
- I could see it in him.
He was free in a way I'd never seen a patient.
You know, by doing this, you've impeded an FBI investigation.
Not true.
I'm only obligated to disclose if he talks about committing a future crime, which he did not.
You knew he wasn't gonna stop, though, didn't you? Why did he ask you to meet him here? Did he ask you to bring him something? A hunting rifle and ammo.
He knows you're after him, and he says he's not scared.
- Did you gave it to him? - Yes.
Yes, because Wally's right.
These pedophiles, they're not people anymore.
They can't be reformed.
I've spent 30 years trying to heal the devastation they leave behind, and I'm sick of it.
Secondary trauma can have the same effects as PTSS.
I think you're suffering from it.
Maybe I am.
All these years, all these innocent children left broken.
I don't care anymore.
What Wally's doing feels like justice for these victims! It's not Wally's justice to serve.
Yes, it is! I'm at peace with it.
Where did he go, Doctor? He's in the woods behind the diner.
He he's got a man with him.
You're under arrest for aiding and abetting a felon.
And I hope you're at peace with that.
No tracks.
No movement.
He's in here somewhere.
- Shot fired! - Man down! The shot came from the south.
- He's toying with us.
- He's trying to drawing us in.
Let's keep moving.
All right, move forward! Shots fired! Two down! Help me! Let's form a perimeter.
Somebody help me, please! Kristin, you're with me.
I hear you.
Are you there? I hear you.
Help me, please! Help me! Help me.
Help me, please! Help me.
That was a warning shot.
Take heed.
- You got us out here, Wally.
- What do you want us to do? You ought to be thanking me.
I'm doing your job for you.
Making the world a safer place.
I want you to see how real justice is served.
I can understand what you're saying, Wally, but I think you know this isn't gonna bring you any closure.
Closure is a myth.
You don't just get past what happened to me.
No, a piece of me was stolen.
It's not coming back.
I believe you can get through this.
I believe you can heal the pain.
No, I found something better.
I found a way to make the predators and the ones like you that protect them understand.
Watkins understands, don't you? Please, I don't want to die.
Nobody else needs to get hurt, Wally.
You can end this cycle right now.
The choice is yours.
There's only one way to deal with scum like this.
No jail, no rehab, no second chances.
They deserve to be put down like the animals they are.
I can't just let you shoot him, Wally.
I swore an oath.
To protect child molesters and rapists? I swore an oath to protect the citizens of this country And that includes Farr.
It includes you too, Wally.
Please please help me.
No one's gonna help you, Watkins.
Just like no one was there to help that nine-year-old boy.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for what I did.
I swear to Shut up! Your bleating, and your apologies aren't gonna save you now.
I don't wanna die.
Just like a true hunter, always upwind from his prey.
- Now.
- Pop smoke! Pop smoke! Shots fired! Suspect down.
Got suspect down! Suspect down! No vitals.
Suspect is down.
That smells amazing.
The whole apartment smells amazing.
The secret is in the anchovies.
You got to add 'em early so they release the flavor.
How long did it take you to make all this? Not long.
Now, my mother, she used to make the pasta from scratch.
Me, I bought it from the store, 'cause it's been a crazy day.
Ugh, tell me about it.
So your mother taught you how to cook? - Yeah, she's old-school.
- She was raised in Mexico City.
She moved to California when she was 14.
She is the best chef I ever met.
So your Mexican mother taught you - how to make Italian food? - She did.
She's like a chef without borders.
My dad, my brother, and I would have dinner with her every Sunday night before she passed.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
- When did that happen? Five years ago.
I was more worried about my dad, but he's all good.
He spends most of his time with his retired cop buddies trading war stories.
What about your mom? How is she? Mm, good.
Cancer is in remission.
Unless you mean my birth mother, in which case, I don't know.
- Wait, you're adopted? - Mm-hmm.
- I didn't know that.
- Have you ever met her? No, I don't know anything about her.
Just this email.
You've had that email this whole time, and haven't reached out? I wrote an email.
I asked her a bunch of questions.
I said everything I wanted to say.
And? And it's been sitting in my drafts folder for the past two years.
Mm, what's stopping you from sending it? I don't know.
Fear? I mean, what if the answer is worse than not knowing? That sounds like the old Hana.
The new, seize the day Hana, she would have sent that email.
You're right.
- What if I just sent it? - What if you did? You really think I should? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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