FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e14 Episode Script


Hey, baby.
Hey, how was it? Well, the next time the hospital hosts a fundraiser, we are writing a check.
And how was your night? Good.
Pretty intense studying to make you sweat that much.
I'm sure you didn't sneak out to Alex's house party, right? Been here all night, and now I need another book for studying.
You havin' a drink? It's almost 11:00.
Well, I had to drive, honey, this is my first one.
- I think I earned it.
- Well, I'll join you then.
There's some pinot left in the oh, my God.
- Mom! - How you doing, doc? Remember me? - Darian? - No talking! You two, on the couch.
And you stay right where you are.
I don't keep drugs in the house.
Liar! Alcohol is a drug, ain't it? Move your ass over there.
Please, take whatever you want - I said no talking! - Just don't hurt us.
This doesn't concern you, bitch! Would you mind your business and let the men sort it out? Now, you, who was that man from last night, at the hospital? - What man? - The guy with the sweater! He looked like an accountant, he came in the room right after I left.
I don't know who you're talking about.
Wrong answer.
Oh, God! - I need a name, doc.
- Oh, God, help him! I need a name and I need to know where to find him.
Now, you either play ball with me, or she is next.
Hon? Yep.
Oh, wow, how's it going? You know, I've never done this before.
It's actually really relaxing.
Yeah, I mean, you are You are doing it wrong.
You're supposed to do the trim first, then the ceiling, then the walls.
That way you only have to tape once.
- Is that right? - Mm-hmm.
You see that, the horizontal stripes? You're actually supposed to start in the middle, work your way out.
You know, you can grab a roller and one of those things if you wanna start giving me tips.
Oh, I'm good.
You're dripping.
So I think I found some place super nice for us.
It's called the Edgewood Resort and Spa on Sanibel Island.
Oh, Sanibel's fine.
What, you don't like Florida? No, I love Florida.
I go there all the time.
No, you don't You haven't taken a single vacation since I met you.
Well, for work, and last time I stayed for an extra day and went deep-sea fishing with my brother in law.
Okay, all right, mystery man, then dream your dream.
As long as it's warm and tropical, where do you want to go? Bali.
- You want to go to Bali? - Mm-hmm.
You do realize that's, like, a 23-hour flight? We'd blow our entire budget on airfare.
You said dream your dream.
- That's true.
- Mm-hmm.
All right, let the rest of the team know.
Thank you.
What is it that we're doing here again, hmm? Oh, free-birding? Yeah, right, so it doesn't matter where we go, what we're doing, as long as we do it together, the two of us, right? Bali's too expensive, we won't do that.
How about the Bahamas? You're okay with the Bahamas? I'm about to head out to New Jersey.
The Bahamas is a definite yes.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna go clean up.
You're leaving your paint? It's gonna dry out.
Well, you can put it away from me.
I could.
I'll finish up when I get home, thank you.
Okay, you're welcome.
That's Dr.
Johnson on the floor, his wife Jade, and 15-year-old son Kelvin on the couch.
Neighbor got suspicious when she saw a white guy leave in the doctor's Alfa Romeo at 7:30 this morning.
Half hour later, toll cams caught the Alfa Romeo crossing state lines into New York.
That's when I called you.
Grateful, to be honest.
I hate the dead kid ones.
- Jess.
- Yeah? We just got a facial rec hit on the toll cam photo.
Our fugitive is Harley Ross.
Sheet full of drug offenses, currently on parole for possession of meth.
A meth-head? Figures.
I just sent it to Kristin, Ortiz, and Hana.
We have a time of death on these three? Coroner says about 11:00 last night.
So if he killed them last night and the neighbors saw him leaving at 7:30 this morning What was he doing for eight hours? I think he stuck around.
Somebody slept in the bed in the master, and we got prints all over the place.
Murder a family then take a nap? It takes a real specific kind of person to do that.
Anything stolen? Victim's wallets are emptied, but he didn't take that iPad or the jewelry.
That's at least a few grand.
Well, maybe he didn't want to risk pawning it? Or he's back on meth.
Whatever he wanted from the Johnsons, he was willing to kill 'em to get it.
Do we have his last known on that sheet? Yeah, house in Haledon.
We should head there, see what this guy's about.
Thanks for your help, detective.
Who'd wanna kill Dr.
Johnson? And I know people say stuff like that when someone dies, but he was different.
He made house calls for my uninsured mom.
Who does that? It sounds like a real loss for the community.
Between this practice, ED, and his family, he was always rushing, but he made sure his patients felt heard.
Which EDs? He moonlighted emergency departments at St.
Luke and Jersey General.
They were always short on doctors.
Do you know this guy? No.
Is he the one who did it? We think so; we need to find out if he was one of Dr.
Johnson's patients, and there's a HIPAA exception.
For law enforcement, sure, whatever you need.
And do the patient files include the hospitals? Everything's together, yeah.
Harley Ross wasn't a patient.
Not here and not in the hospitals.
Did Dr.
Johnson deal in pain management? Yeah, a lot of our patients work in construction.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you.
Our fugitive is a drug user.
We need to find out if Dr.
Johnson's prescription pads have been filled in the last few hours.
Three lives for a for a pad and a paper.
And a lot of pills.
Okay, thank you.
Neighbor says Harley lives alone.
His mom ran off when he was little, and he inherited the place when his dad died.
And how old was he when that happened? Easy for someone like that to fall through the cracks.
So he inherits the house, but instead of maintaining it, he spent his money on things that would improve his life in the short term.
Fancy TV, liquor, meth Looks like he's all about instant gratification and numbing.
And literally covered up problems instead of dealing with them.
Well, it's not as bad in here as I thought it might be.
See, I never understood the whole empty bottle as a decoration motif.
You know, he could have brought in a roommate to help pay the bills.
Maybe no one else could put up with this crap or him.
Or he was controlling his environment.
Sharing space makes you vulnerable.
His mom ran off when he was little.
He could have issues with intimacy.
Think you might be on to something.
There's blood.
These clothes, this makeup A woman must have been living here.
So who is she? And is she still alive? Let's get ERT in here and dust for prints.
Hopefully Hana can get something off of this computer.
All of Dr.
Johnson's prescription pads are accounted for.
I don't think this is about stealing pills.
How's it coming? Not good.
This thing's a wreck.
Where are we on the fingerprints at Harley's house? Fingerprints from Harley's bedroom belong to a Lucy Carver, born May 3rd, 1997.
Looks like her parents did one of those fingerprint kits when she was little.
Other than that, there's no driver's license, no social media, no cell phone, no tax history, no credit cards.
No social I get, but no cell, really? Maybe she doesn't want to be found.
What if Lucy was an accomplice, could she have been at the Johnsons? It doesn't add up.
No prints and the neighbor said Harley was alone when he left.
Maybe the connection is not between Harley and the Johnsons, it's between them and Lucy? So how do you deep dive a ghost? Well, her parents cared enough to get her fingerprinted and photographed.
They're a good place to start.
Except her parents died in a car accident.
But her brother is local.
He works at a market in Union.
Your sister is missing, and we think she's in danger.
You have any idea where she might be? Well, we're not close.
I mean, there's a 13-year age gap, and I moved out of the house right when she started high school.
And did you ever go back to visit? Not often, and when Lucy started dating Harley, I went from seeing her twice a year to never.
They were in a relationship? I guess you could say that.
Lucy left home shortly after she graduated 'cause it wasn't a happy place, you know? My dad Shouldn't have been a dad.
Was he abusive? Not physically, more controlling like, you know, always hollering what to do.
When was the last time you saw Lucy? Oh, years ago at our parents' funeral.
We're sorry about the accident.
You mean the murder of my mom by my dad.
My guess is they had one of their fights.
He always had to have the last word.
He drove 'em off that cliff, not that it matters anymore anyway.
Can I go now? I gotta get back to work.
Yeah, sure, thanks for your time.
Well, the father definitely seems overbearing.
I don't think Lucy's trying to stay off the radar, I think she's repeating a childhood pattern.
Replacing one controlling man, her dad, with another, Harley.
Question is, what is Harley doing with that control? What do you think about the theory that their dad killed their mom? Hopefully history isn't repeating itself with their daughter.
The bottom one is cinnamon raisin.
Gill begs me to make it, then he complains it doesn't taste like his mother's.
I think her extra ingredient was spite.
So nice of you to share, thank you.
I figure even if Al is still on his diet, it's more for you.
Love you, sweetie.
I'll see you guys on Sunday.
Now, I don't know why I thought you were an accountant, man.
Probably the sweater.
I mean, think about it, why would a doctor call an accountant into my girl's room? I mean, that just doesn't make sense.
We'll give you whatever you want.
What I want is for you to shut the hell up! You weren't there.
Johnson said that you two are do-gooders who want to help people.
And I know that your wife wanted to help you because she gave one hell of a performance out there.
So now it's your turn, Allen.
Shh, shh, shh.
Now, are you gonna help her? - Mm-hmm! - What was that? I can't hear you You got a little something in your mouth.
Oh, lucky! Except I think our odds went from one out of six to one out of five.
Please You know what I want.
Tell me what you told her.
And tell me how you did it.
Wait wait, I'll tell you.
There's a website.
What is it? All right, prints confirm that Harley was here.
He stole their Audi BOLO's out.
Got Hope and Allen Larson.
Both shot at close range, just like the Johnsons.
Any connection between them and Harley? Facial rec's scanning social media, and I'm starting the deep dive.
Looks like one of them was shopping for jewelry when they were ambushed.
Some website called Blue Bamboo? Were there any prints here that don't belong to Harley or the Larsons? You mean like Lucy? No.
Maybe we're looking for a connection when there isn't one.
Is he just getting high on killing people? I don't think so I think these murders are a means to an end.
Just not clear what that end is yet.
This might help bring things into focus.
Allen Larson was a patient care coordinator at St.
That's one of the hospitals Dr.
Johnson worked at.
I'll let Jess and Sheryll know.
You guys do what you can to track the stolen car.
I can't believe Dr.
Johnson and Allen are dead.
I know this is difficult, but would you mind if I showed you a photo, see if you could recognize somebody? Yeah, he was here a few days ago.
Was he a patient? No, he was with a woman who was hurt.
Was that Lucy Carver? I don't remember her name, but I remember his because it was Harley.
Loud and obnoxious like the motorcycle.
He was yelling at Dr.
Why was he yelling at the doctor? Well, the woman he was with was hurt pretty bad.
Johnson suspected abuse, so he pulled her aside and asked.
Did she deny it? She said she had fallen down stairs.
Harley told the same story.
So what did you do? When Dr.
Johnson asked Harley to step out for some paperwork, then he called Allen in.
So instead of calling the police, he called in the patient care coordinator.
Do you know how long it takes for cops to respond to non-emergency calls? She would have been long gone.
Allen, he could get through to abuse victims.
And did he? No.
Harley started yelling, and Allen left.
We treated and released her, and she left with Harley.
We'll need a copy of Lucy Carver's file.
There goes your last two brain cells.
You stupid prick.
The cops are looking for this Audi.
I'm not going back to prison.
No one is here, go.
Just let me use your laptop And then I'm gone.
I'm gonna find 'em, no matter what.
Hey, Crystal, get your cell phone and come here.
Hey! I need you to do something for me.
Lucy had a cracked tooth, fractured ulna, bruised hip, contusions on her neck and arms.
Harley sent her to the ER six times in seven years, and that's not counting the other hospitals that Barnes is checking.
That's disgusting, and doing it to a person you claim to love.
It's not love, it's control.
I saw the same thing with Sarah's ex, Hugh.
He made Sarah's world smaller and smaller till one day there's nothing left but him.
How's that laptop coming? I'm finally in, think I got something, give me a second.
What's strange is why Lucy wouldn't leave while Harley was in prison.
It's like when I was growing up.
My neighbors had this German Shepherd, Frankie.
They kept him on a chain in the backyard, and he pulled on that thing and pulled on it for months.
And finally, he stopped.
They unchained him, but it didn't matter.
He'd given up.
Check this out.
Now, the laptop was obviously Harley's; the browsing history had been deleted.
But when I recovered it, the last website that was visited at 12:34 a.
on Wednesday was Blue Bamboo Jewelry, and that's an hour after Lucy was discharged from the hospital.
That's the same website that we saw on the computer at the Larsons' house.
So what's Harley doing shopping for jewelry? It wasn't Harley, it was Lucy.
I thought the only email account on here was Harley's, but then I found another account belonging to Lucy.
When I restored it, this popped up.
It's a receipt.
At 12:46 a.
, she ordered a nine-inch bracelet, one ring, and one necklace.
Now, look in the bottom right hand, can you see that? It says "ready for immediate pickup at 22 Fir Street.
" Immediate pickup in the middle of the night? It's also not an automated response.
Someone wrote this.
I mean, if this is a message, she might be there.
And Harley too.
I don't think he saw this.
She was covering her tracks.
Guys, 22 Fir Street is a church less than a mile from Harley's house.
There's a street cam nearby.
Can you rewind the feed to the night that Lucy got that email? - Not sure.
- They don't make it easy.
Thursday, Wednesday, 2:00 a.
, 1:00 a.
Wait, stop it there and play.
That must be Lucy.
Yeah, but who's in the car? No license plate.
That's too blurry for facial rec, but that's not a man behind the wheel, that's a woman.
Harley doesn't have Lucy.
He's actually hunting her.
Maybe it's an angel shot.
A what? Well, like at a bar, if a woman's feeling unsafe, she can order an angel shot, and the bartender knows that she needs help or to call the police.
This could be the online version for victims of domestic abuse.
- Meaning? - Lucy was looking for help.
Someone told her about the Blue Bamboo website, - probably Allen Larson.
- When she was at the hospital.
Well done, Hana.
Let's get that IP address.
We need to talk to whoever's running that website.
And call Ortiz, get him to check on that church.
That was Ortiz.
No one at the church has seen Lucy or Harley.
I'm not surprised they had no reason to go inside.
Hi, can I help you? FBI.
We'd like to talk to you about the Blue Bamboo Jewelry site.
You found me.
That's not good.
How did you end up running a domestic violence help site? Courtney, my best friend in law school, was murdered by her boyfriend.
He was beating her, and she never told anyone.
I'm sorry.
Some classmates and I made the website to help women like Courtney, but none of us knew there'd be so much need.
What are we talking? Before COVID, the national hotline got 20,000 calls a day.
It's now 60,000.
Would you mind showing us how your website works? Sure.
A victim who needs help clicks Buy and enters their shipping address, then orders a nine-inch bracelet One ring, and one necklace 911.
You got it.
Then they click Submit.
Whoever's on call gets the order and arranges for the pickup.
A woman named Lucy Carver placed an order for help the other day.
We're looking for her.
Oh, God, I'm sorry, I don't know where she is.
Why not? Well, it's the way we designed the system.
Lucy places her order, and based on her zip code, she's assigned a particular transporter.
The transporter replies with a pickup address and then picks her up and takes her to the host.
So there's no communication between the victim and the host where they'll be staying? Correct That way, if an abuser traces the email, there's no link to the host.
The only exception is if there's an emergency.
If a woman in crisis has her own transportation, she can contact the transporter directly and get to them on her own, but only if it's been verified with a phone call first.
So you know who picked up Lucy, but just not where she went? Right, but if you know the zip code where she ordered, I can see which transporter was assigned.
Yeah, she was in Haledon, New Jersey, 07538.
That's Alicia Dutton, she lives in Clifton.
Okay, I'll call Kristin and Ortiz.
Thank you for your time, and thank you for the work that you do.
It's very much appreciated.
The compartmentalization is smart.
I mean, even if Harley gets to someone, the most he could get is two people.
He won't blow up the whole network.
Except he'll kill them one by one until he gets to Lucy.
The website that was up at the Larson's? I already checked, no emails were sent from there.
Doesn't mean Harley doesn't know about it.
Okay, great.
So Kristin and Ortiz are only a few minutes from Alicia's.
Where are we on her phone number? I'm in her cell records now.
I got it.
Hi, I'm Kim, the poor abused woman that called you earlier.
Oh, my God.
One move and you die.
Get down get down.
Come on.
Where's Lucy? Let go of me! Where is she? None of your business.
Don't mess with me, bitch! Where's Lucy? Tell me! My ex-husband did worse than this, so You willing to die for her? Body in the water.
Get her get on her.
Slowly, slowly, slowly.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Can you hear us? She's got a pulse.
Go, go, go, I got her! Come on.
Kristin, I lost him.
Damn it.
Hey, any word? Apparently, Harley found his way into a storm drain.
He got out just about here, carjacked a minivan.
The BOLO just went out.
Sorry, that guy's a freakin' rabbit.
- What's in the bag? - Alicia's cell phone.
We found it in the water at the bottom of her spa.
It's ruined.
So there's no way to track where she took Lucy? We did find her laptop, though.
Figured Girl Genius could hack it.
Give me.
And how's Alicia? She's still unconscious.
Kristin's with her at the hospital, but it was definitely her that picked up Lucy the other night.
We found the car from the traffic cam footage in the driveway; the plates she removed were in the backseat.
Okay, but we still don't know where she took Lucy.
Or how Harley found her today.
Well, let's logic this out.
Harley goes to the Larson house last night looking for Lucy.
We know the Blue Bamboo website was up on their desktop.
Assume Larson told him about it before Harley killed him and his wife.
Remember when Kate told us that in an emergency, you could contact a transporter directly? Mm-hmm.
Larson must have told Harley about it.
At 11:50 a.
this morning, Alicia responded to an email from an alleged "Kim" claiming to be in crisis.
She responded with her home address, "Come, be safe.
" It's the only email in her outbox connected to Blue Bamboo It had to have been Harley.
Can you tell where the Kim email came from? An auto body shop in New Jersey owned by an ex-con, Arson Gallegos.
He was a former cell mate with our fugitive, Harley Ross.
Harley could be at the body shop.
- FBI, don't move, freeze! - Don't move don't move.
Don't move! - Stop right there! - Hey! Hey! Drop the weapon! Don't move! What you got me on, pig? A gun? I'll be out in two weeks.
Choppin' up murder victims' stolen cars will get you an extra year.
Get up! Maybe tack on some drug charges, child endangerment, aiding and abetting.
How hard the hammer falls depends on how you answer this: where's Harley? Up your ass.
You help us, maybe you'll get a chance to see your daughter again without glass between you for the next few years.
Look, I don't know anything.
Harley was here, but he left, that's it.
Harley emailed a woman named Alicia pretending to be abused.
Alicia asked for proof that she was talking to a victim.
Harley couldn't call, but you could.
So was it you? Were you posing as this Kim? Hey, where is he? I don't know.
Harley just said he was gonna get them no matter what.
Who's them? That's all he said, I swear to God.
All right, where's your phone? After I called, he took it to keep texting her.
Type your cell number here.
Looks like Harley's in Brooklyn.
Okay, alert NYPD.
I'll let Jess and Ortiz know.
I got eyes on the stolen minivan.
There's dozens of units here.
Kristin, you and Barnes start in the back, Hana and I'll take the front.
Clear, van is empty.
Hey, help! Hey hey! Hey, hey, it's okay, I got it.
FBI, what's going on? Some guy was dragging a woman with her arm in a sling out of my neighbor's apartment.
- She was screaming.
- Where'd they go? I don't know, it was a couple minutes ago.
I was too afraid to follow him, so I called 911.
It's okay, you did good.
Did you see what apartment the man came out of? All right, thank you.
Hey, guys, there's an elderly couple DOA in unit 427, might be the hosts Lucy was staying with.
Wait a minute Looks like there might be a set of car keys missing.
Hey, Hana, is there a vehicle registered to this address? 1997 Buick LeSabre, need a BOLO on it? Yeah, right away.
I think Harley might have took it.
If this was just about hurting Lucy, I think he would have killed her already.
Is he taking her somewhere? Maybe he went some place symbolic to do it.
I don't know, I'm not sure he has the patience for that.
When he said that he wanted to get them, we assumed he was talking about the people who helped Lucy.
Maybe it's somebody else.
Like who? The only person in Lucy's life is Harley.
Barnes, you got any word on that BOLO? No, but we were waiting here with PD and Kristin, and I noticed something from Lucy's medical file.
I just sent it to Hana.
Lucy's hip X-rays? Yes One is from the other night, one is from seven years ago.
If you compare them, her bones have shifted from seven years ago.
Well, I think that can happen with age.
Or, like with a lot of women, happens when you have a baby.
You think Lucy and Harley have a child? I don't know if it's Harley's, but looking at this, I'd say she definitely gave birth sometime in the last seven years.
- How long was he in prison? - Six years ago.
Six years ago, so maybe she had a baby and didn't tell him about it.
He found out that she was lying to him? That would definitely set him off.
All hands on deck at the MCC, we find this kid, we find our fugitive.
If Harley was in prison when the kid was born, that would mean they would be five or six right now.
Yeah, I understand, but there's no birth certificates, and I'm not finding any admission to area hospitals.
Me either.
What about adoption agencies? Well, Kristin and Ortiz are on it, and you need birth certificates so What about this guy here, David Ross? He was born in 2006.
Lucy would have been in fourth grade.
- Yeah, but what if he - Jess, you're hovering.
It's not helping.
All right, I'm sorry, I just really wanna get this son of a bitch.
I'm 0 for 3 with the adoption people, are we sure this kid is real? What about this, Lucy has a baby, Harley gets jealous because the baby's getting too much attention, and he kills the baby.
I wouldn't put it past this guy.
Please, no, I don't think I can hate this guy more than I already do.
Hey, guys, I've got it.
One second.
Okay, thank you very much.
Her name's Mia.
She was put up for adoption at Larkview in Trenton six years ago.
A few days ago, one of their caseworkers bypassed the no-contact request and went to see Lucy because Mia has leukemia, and without a genetic bone marrow transplant, she won't make it.
Caseworker said that Harley came home in the middle of the meeting and seemed surprised to hear about Mia.
So you were right, Jess, it's exactly what triggered Harley.
He learned he had a daughter and beat up Lucy for lying to him.
He's so mad because he wants to have a relationship with his daughter? To Harley, Mia wasn't a person, she's property, and he wants his property back.
Where's Mia now? Parbridge Hospital in Williamsburg.
That's a couple miles away.
Notify the hospital and call NYPD.
Let's go.
Where's my daughter! Look what you made me do.
Look, I'm just trying to help her, all right? She deserves her dad! Hey, Luce Hey, hey, it's okay.
Come here.
Just tell me.
We can be a family.
I'd rather die than let you see her.
Where were you and those old geezers coming back from? Where! The market.
Then where are your bags? No! Parbridge Hospital? Is my daughter sick? You bitch! I'll be back.
Stay there! - Mia! - Sir, do you need some help? - Mia, where are you? - Sir, you can't be in here.
Mia Mia! I'm looking for my daughter.
Six-year-old, she's been kidnapped! - Sir, I need you to - Where is she! Mia! Mia.
I'm your dad.
- FBI! - FBI, freeze! Stay where you are, Harley.
Put your hands in the air.
He's running, heading outside.
Go back! I'm out in the parking lot in the back of the ER.
No sign of Harley, and no sign of Lucy.
Help me, please.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
Lucy, come on.
Come with me.
You're gonna be okay.
Okay, Lucy, look at me.
Where's Harley? I don't know, please.
Okay, okay, okay, it's okay.
Oh, my God! Harley, no! - Shots fired! - Agent down! Jess! Jess! Oh! Go get help.
You're okay.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Jess! Stay with me, Jess! Come on, stay with me.
- Jess, come on.
- Make space, make space! - Okay.
- Come on.
Jess, we're here with you.
Put some pressure on that.
I've got pressure.
- Stay with me.
- We're here with you.
Stay with me, Jess.
Come on.
Hi! What's going on? Can we come in? Where's Jess? - No.
- Sarah.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, God.
Is he dead? I'm so sorry.
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, no Okay.
They're, um, non-refundable.
What is? I, uh, I bought two tickets to Bali.
Jess had never been, and I was gonna surprise him, and now I can't get my money back.
Don't worry about the tickets, we'll He was supposed to come home! He was supposed to come home and finish this stupid paint job, and then we were gonna go on vacation! - Sarah - Don't! Don't tell me it's gonna be okay, because it's not.
Sarah, it's time to go.
Right, um Yeah, I'm just gonna go pack a bag.
We already put some stuff together for you.
How did you get a flight? I didn't see anything out of JFK until the morning.
You're not going to JFK.
The bureau is sending us a jet.
We're not gonna let you do this alone, honey.
- Okay? - Thank you.
Are you ready? No.

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