FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e15 Episode Script


1 - Oh, my God.
- Harley, no.
Letting her go to boarding school was the right thing.
You haven't taken a single vacation - since I met you.
- How 'bout the Bahamas? Is he dead? I'm so sorry.
How's that? Perfect.
You look beautiful.
Also nervous, but I came prepared for that.
Tequila shots? Take the edge off? Oh, yeah.
Wrong room.
Groom and best men are down the hall.
I'm here for Eden.
It's me.
It's Erik.
Erik? What happened to your face? Do you like it? It's definitely different.
Is this guy a wedding guest? I'm here for you.
For us.
Look, I know it's last-minute, but I just got a surgery, and it's only just healed.
That's why I look different.
But I'm here now.
Marry me instead.
Did Susan put you up to this? And seriously, what's going on with your face? Is that some kind of weird makeup? Oh, oh, my gosh.
I'm sorry.
- Look, I'm flattered - Stop.
And I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.
Just shut up! It's not funny! I didn't realize you were such a bitch.
Okay, I think it's time for you to go.
You're just a lying, manipulative slut, like all the rest of them.
Wow, didn't have that on my bingo card.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Should we call the cops? No, he's always been weird and obsessed with me.
But he's harmless.
Presenting Mr.
and Mrs.
Reid Dalry.
Drop it! Erik! No! - Let's go.
- No! No! - Erik, no! - You're coming with me! - Let go! - No, no.
Let me Let go.
I know that this is hard, and we all miss him.
But the bureau has a grief counselor on call if anybody needs to talk.
Only if you want to.
Although I will say, I spent an hour with her this weekend, and I did feel better.
Are you bringing in someone new to run the team? We know that no one can replace Jess, but yes.
CID is looking at people.
You guys are the elite fugitive squad, with a great reputation.
They already had a dozen résumés before they even put out the specialty transfer notice.
So when's that happening? As soon as we can get everybody vetted.
So you gonna tell us what's in that file? Case just came in.
Unidentified white male shot up a wedding party in Rhode Island, killing three people, and then he kidnapped the bride.
I know this only happened a week ago, so I need you guys to tell me if this is too soon.
I can hand it off to the marshals.
- We're good.
- If you get out there and you are preoccupied or tentative Like Kristin said, we're good.
Please tell Jubal and the team thanks for being at the service.
It meant a lot.
Brief in the car? Save time that way.
I can drive.
Let's go.
So he forced his way in the room with Eden before the ceremony? I wouldn't say forced.
He just came in.
And the next thing I knew, he's on a knee, proposing to Eden.
She never told you about him before? No, she just said that he was a guy who was obsessed with her.
God, if I'd just called the cops like I wanted to It's okay.
You couldn't have known.
Sounds like Eden didn't even know.
Thank you, Callie.
Providence PD put out a missing persons alert for Eden Cunningham.
Fugitive is driving a silver Toyota Camry.
It's the most popular car in America.
He could be hiding in plain sight.
What about her cell phone? It was still in the church.
Victims are groom, best man, and father of the bride.
Anyone recognize the attacker? - No.
- Eden and Reid lived in Astoria, and they worked at a CrossFit gym together.
Yeah, this was a destination wedding.
Suspect could've known her from Astoria, then crossed state lines to follow her here.
What about security cameras on the church, nearby houses? No, but the videographer caught this.
I ran it through facial rec.
I didn't get any hits.
Drop it! No, Erik, no! - You're coming with me! - Let go! Well, we got a first name at least.
He shot the groom first, and he shot him three times.
Yeah, but the rest of the shots seem wild, random.
Erik wanted Reid dead.
Seems like everyone else was collateral damage.
Eden said Erik was obsessed with her.
Think we're looking at a stalker? Maybe.
She didn't tell anyone about him.
He might go to Eden's gym.
- You wanna check it out? - Good idea.
Could be where it all started.
Thank you.
It was a small wedding.
She's one of my best friends, and I didn't even get an invite.
They wanted to keep it pandemic-safe.
Is it possible Eden was seeing someone else? Like on the side? Hell, no.
She was mad in love with Reid.
Do you recognize this guy? No, sorry.
His name's Erik.
Eden ever mention anyone by that name? Wait, yes.
He does kind of look like Erik.
What's up with his face? But yeah, Eden was his trainer.
He used to come here obsessively, sometimes twice a day.
He paused his membership a few months ago, though.
Haven't seen him around in a while.
Do you have a file on him? Uh, registration paperwork, anything like that? Yeah.
And you're sure they weren't having a thing? Look, Eden was nice to him.
He was a good client.
So she flattered him, just like we all did, to keep him coming back.
But she definitely didn't have anything romantic with him.
Erik Perwin.
Lives in Long Island.
Okay, why don't you send that address to Kristin and Hana? I wanna see if anybody else here knows this guy.
- All right.
- Thank you.
E Erik wouldn't have attacked anyone.
He he's always been a quiet boy and kept to himself.
I mean, he's never been violent.
Quiet how? Was he shy? A loner? All he did was study.
Great grades.
He didn't have any friends, though.
We tried sports, clubs, anything to get him to socialize.
Yeah, nothing stuck.
And when he went to NYU, it was the same thing.
Good grades because all he did was study.
What about girlfriends? Did Erik mention a woman named Eden? Erik never had a girlfriend, at least not one he mentioned to us.
But maybe it's something new.
We haven't seen him in three months.
Is that unusual for him? Yeah, he would usually come home to do his laundry.
But lately, he's been saying how busy he is.
Okay, this is, of course, Erik, and this is Eden.
She was his personal trainer.
He never mentioned her? Not even as a friend? No, I'm sorry, and are you saying that that's Erik? Mm-hmm.
This this is our son.
This is Erik.
He doesn't look anything like that guy.
How long ago was the photo taken? That was our Fourth of July barbeque, last summer.
Do you think his parents are covering for him? Maybe.
But he did look different in that photo.
Well, they confirmed that he paused his membership three months ago the same amount of time he hasn't seen his parents.
So what happened three months ago? Let's run down his credit card charges and insurance records for the last three months.
Right, he may have had some kind of plastic surgery without telling his parents.
We figure out why he did that and kept it a secret.
We might get a motive on where he's going next.
I thought you'd like it here.
Come on.
You're shaking.
Are you cold? Here.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
And this is where the kids in high school used to come to you know.
Take it off.
- Your jacket? - The ring.
His ring.
Take it off! Put it on.
It doesn't fit.
Try harder.
It doesn't fit, Erik.
Why don't you take me to get it resized? I know a jeweler Listen, listen to me.
You are mine.
So put it on.
- Help! - Eden! Help me! All you had to do was put it on.
I tried.
Do I disgust you? - Is that it? - No.
Stop lying! Why do you bitches constantly lie to me? Get up.
- Erik, please.
- I said get up! Erik, no! Three shots to the chest.
Her dress is torn, and her underwear are on the floorboard.
Can we get a rape kit, please? He really wanted to punish her.
There's bruising all around her knuckles like he tried to force the ring on her finger.
I ran the registration.
It is Erik's car.
His phone was inside, too, but it was turned off.
That's why we couldn't track it.
The question is, what's he gonna do next? He eliminated his object of affection.
He got his target.
You think he might be finished? I don't know.
What if Eden wasn't the only woman he was obsessed with? You guys checked his credit card statements, right? Yeah.
He had a charge three months ago to a plastic surgeon, a Dr.
Joseph Grossman.
Kristin's on her way to see him now.
Here we go.
Erik Perwin.
Thank you.
What procedure did you perform on him? None.
He came in for a consult, said he wanted surgery to fix his face.
He asked about a nose job, face-lift, jaw reconstruction, cheekbone fillers.
That seems like quite a lot of work.
It is, so I had him do a psych eval.
It was clear he was struggling with body dysmorphic disorder.
So this was about him not liking the way he looked.
It's a little more complicated than that.
The DSM-5 classifies it as a mental illness involving an obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance.
Sometimes the flaw's minor.
Sometimes it's not even there.
But people who have it can spend most of their waking hours trying to fix it.
Even to the extent of plastic surgery.
I told Erik he had some issues to work out and that I wouldn't perform surgery on him until he got treatment for his condition.
He got angry, which isn't too surprising for an incel.
Incel as in "involuntary celibate"? Yes.
You're familiar? Yeah, I've heard the term, but what made you think that? He used all the slang.
In the incel world, "Chads" are the ideal men, and "Staceys" are the ideal women.
Erik called himself a "beta male," and said, if I could make him look like a Chad, he might be able to date a Stacey.
It's delusional thinking.
Are these the guys that choose to be celibate? No, they're the guys who blame women for the fact that they're celibate.
Okay, so incels call themselves "beta males" because they feel ugly and genetically inferior compared to Chads.
They hate feminism, woke culture, anything that threatens their status in the world.
And when the accept that they're incels, they call it "taking the red pill.
" - Like "The Matrix.
" - Yes.
Okay, betastud.
com, incelmax.
net, ragefem.
This is the "manosphere" where incels thrive.
Traffic has been high on these sites in the past year.
And who uses these? Anywhere from your run-of-the-mill lonely guys to the guys into plastic surgery.
Now, what's scary is how many of these guys have violent fantasies towards women.
Well, yeah, they see them as trophies, not people, right? So they're objects they can destroy when the women don't do what they want.
It seems like Erik's lack of social skills and mental illness started feeding on itself when he failed to form relationships with women.
Okay, Erik didn't rape Eden.
Her test came back negative.
Really? From what I saw, it seemed pretty likely.
Maybe he tried, couldn't do it, gets embarrassed or frustrated, and he shoots her in a fit of rage.
Hey, do we know where he got his gun? He bought it six weeks ago in Jersey, but he didn't get it until after a 30-day waiting period.
And then, two weeks later, he uses it at Eden's wedding.
So maybe he always planned on killing her if she rejected his proposal.
Okay, so the wedding was a trigger.
He was in love with her.
She didn't reciprocate, even after he got in great shape, so he must've thought his face was a problem.
So he went to go and get plastic surgery - to fix that too.
- At this point, any woman who's rejected him is a potential target.
So can we find Erik on these boards, see if he's talked about any others? I mean, I can try.
In the meantime, Dr.
Rueben Palomino, plastic surgeon.
The incels consider him a god.
They say that he's their savior.
And Palomino's website very clearly says that he accepts cash payments.
Think we should go see this guy? - It's worth a shot.
- Ortiz and I will stay here and start digging into the "manosphere" to try and find Erik.
Sounds like fun.
- What's going on? - Got a 911 call.
Patient threatened the staff with a gun.
Oh, great, more cops.
We're FBI actually.
I'm Agent Gaines.
This is Agent Barnes.
A patient attacked Magda and me.
He didn't actually hurt us.
He just waved his gun around and yelled.
- Was this Erik Perwin? - Yes.
How long ago? I don't know.
Uh, maybe 15 minutes? Okay.
Call the precinct and alert your squad.
This is who we're looking for.
Okay? - Did Erik say what he wanted? - A refund.
He said he paid for a new face and it didn't work, whatever that means.
I told him no refunds.
You're not happy, pay for more work.
That's when he freaked out, and Magda called 911.
And then he stole some instruments from my cabinet and ran.
- What'd he take? - Two scalpels, hammer, saw bayonet, and a harvest needle.
You know how much those cost? Look, you're lucky he didn't hurt you, okay? He's a fugitive wanted for four murders.
Erik Perwin? That's right.
That's gotta be a joke.
No, it's not.
You know what an incel is? Yes, they're some of my best-paying customers.
Well, we think he's one.
You do a psych eval on him before you treated him? Well, that's not really my concern.
So you had a patient suffering from an untreated mental illness, and you you didn't see that as a concern? My patients come to me for help.
It's not my job to pass judgment.
How many other incels have you performed surgery on without evaluating them? I mean, is is that helping, or you just like a good-paying customer? Oh, please.
Lemme show you something.
This was Erik before.
He was bothered by his chin, cheekbones, shape of his nose.
These features made him unhappy.
You think we can't see that you cut and color once a month? Is that any different? You should wear sunscreen, by the way.
This is Erik's ideal for himself.
He was inspired by Chance Robbins, a male model, popular with the incel crowd because he looks like a Michelangelo.
My mission is to help people find self-love.
Everyone deserves that.
Don't you think? I think, if you wanna feel better about yourself that's fine.
It's the hurting other people I've got a problem with.
There's no way you're gonna get it in.
Boom, Kyra again! - This game is so stupid.
- Drink, drink! Drink, drink, drink, drink.
Oh! - Whoo.
- Oh, nice job.
- Nice job.
- Come on.
Excuse me.
Who are you? Delivery guy.
I got us some more beer.
Oh, my God.
You and your buddy, phones on the table and get in the closet.
Whatever this is Son of a bitch.
I'm not your bro.
Get in the closet! All right.
Come on, let's go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's it.
Come on, hurry up.
Thank you.
Tape the door shut.
Both of you.
Looks like a pretty fun party.
Guess you didn't have class today? Please, please.
Please don't kill us.
"Please don't kill us.
" Your voice sounds ridiculous.
Over here.
In these chairs.
Why? Do you really wanna argue with me? What do you want with us? You got a date with me now.
We could hear him through the doorway.
He was wrapping them up in duct tape.
They were begging for their life.
And then he started cutting them.
And the screaming It just It felt like it was gonna go on forever.
Can you tell me, was this him? Yeah, that's him.
Does he go to school here? He used to.
So you've never seen him before? No.
None of us knew him.
Thank you, J.
I know how hard this is.
You remember anything else, though, you give us a call.
Thank you.
He used the tools he stole from Dr.
Palomino on them.
Can't imagine.
Well, he wanted to make them look the way he feels.
Just why he chose them in particular, I don't know.
So I spoke to the dean.
He gave me Erik's records.
He made the dean's list and no disciplinary issues.
He was seeing the school psychologist a few times in his senior year.
She's on her way into the office.
You two wanna go? We got cameras on the street.
Might be able to tell which way he went.
Hana and I can do the canvasses.
Well, actually, you can do it.
I think my time would be better served going through this list.
I wasn't trying to give you an order.
I'm not saying you were, but I'm allowed to express an opinion, though, right? - Hana - Ivan, it's okay.
She's having a tough time with Jess gone.
She's not the only one.
"Incel massacres.
" "Which one of you did NYU?" "Erik Perwin.
" "New leader.
" Fellow incels, your new leader here.
Join the uprising.
Take the black pill.
Overthrow the bitch-ass Staceys.
Excuse me? Um, do you mind watching my stuff? I gotta run to the bathroom.
No problem.
That sorority is mostly wealthy girls from Westchester County and Connecticut.
They were definitely on Erik's radar.
- How so? - He worked part-time as a math tutor at the student services building across the street.
Was he tutoring the girls? He wished, but no.
He said that they wouldn't give him the time of day.
So he felt ignored.
I encouraged him to go over there and strike up a conversation, make some friends.
So he went to one of their parties, uninvited, and they wouldn't let him in.
Do you think this is revenge? I don't know.
Did he ever express a desire to hurt these women or any women? I mean, it was clear that he was frustrated.
But I never anticipated something like this could happen.
I feel terrible, like maybe I should've seen the signs.
Well, we are concerned about other women he may have come in contact with.
Do you know if student services keeps a record of the students he may have tutored? Technically, I'm part of student services, so let's see.
How's it goin'? Finally got a minute.
Oh, I hear you.
All this stuff about the variant shutting down businesses is crap.
We're booked solid all day.
Lucky us.
The hell was that? Call 911! No, we have to run.
Help me block the door! He's coming our way! Hey, you get anything from the school psychologist? Erik was obsessed with the sorority.
He tried to meet some girls there, and all they did was mock him.
So rejected.
Just like Eden.
Except he didn't kill these girls like he did Eden.
The disfigurement's obviously an escalation.
And I got a list of students Erik tutored while he was at NYU.
Lot of them women.
It's gonna be a slog.
Well, you might wanna see this first.
I think I found Erik on the message boards.
His avatar is Chance Robbins.
The male model he wanted to look like.
Yeah, and there's a recent post.
"Fellow incels, your new leader here.
"Join the uprising.
Take the black pill.
Overthrow the bitch-ass Staceys of the world.
" Taking the black pill is a bad thing.
Not only have you accepted that you're an incel, but now it's everybody else's fault, and you seek revenge.
And the uprising is kind of like an incel call to arms, activating the sleeper cell.
They all form together to fight against a society that has let them down.
They talk about it a lot.
We know where this came from? A public library in Hoboken.
I sent Ortiz, but nobody had seen Erik.
Speaking of - Ivan, you're on speaker.
- You guys hear the scanner? Shots fired at a massage parlor in Jersey City.
Lone gunman, white male, fled on foot.
- Is this Erik? - Not sure, but highly likely.
It's only a few miles from here, and the word "Staceys" was smeared in blood on the wall.
Why don't you send the address to Kristin and Hana? I'm gonna get started on this list.
I'm assuming they give more than massages here.
The owner says no, but you do the math.
PD pulled security cam footage.
Erik went from room to room, shooting the therapists, but none of the customers.
We have five dead, two critical.
Were all the therapists female? Yeah, he didn't target the men, just like at the sorority house.
That's weird, though.
Incels don't usually target sex workers.
Apparently, they're the only women who don't judge them.
Unless they kicked him out like the girls at the sorority.
Take a look at this video.
That's odd.
He didn't bother hiding his face before.
Can you go back to when he came in? Do me a favor.
Go stand in that doorway - for a sec.
- Yeah.
How tall are you? Six feet.
Yeah, and Erik's height? The same.
This guy's too short.
This isn't Erik.
We've got a copycat on our hands.
Erik Perwin is a visionary.
I did the massage parlor for him, for us.
His name's Jericho Brown.
He posted this on the incel boards at 4:00 this morning.
Dress and compel us to sin.
We have to rid the world of their temptation.
The uprising has begun.
He doesn't sound much like an incel, complaining about women's clothes, temptation, sin.
I think you're right.
He's a freshman at Sweeney College.
He took a semester off in the spring.
His parents booked him into a rehab in Brooklyn.
Drugs and alcohol? Sex addiction.
Some kind of evangelical therapy.
His parents are Judith and Glenn Brown.
- They live in Newark.
- Well, what's he doing on these boards if he's not an incel? This is the "manosphere.
" It's the home for everyone who hates women.
We need to shut this website down.
- No.
- Are you not seeing this? If we don't, he's just gonna inspire more copycats.
And if we do, we lose the only lead we have to our fugitives.
Hana, that's irresponsible.
We need to call the owner of the site.
We need to shut this down.
I already did.
They're removing the video, but they're not shutting it down.
They're not giving me access to the private chat accounts either.
Okay, well, then we need to get a court order.
Where do you think Ortiz is? He went to go see Judge Garcia an hour ago while you were sleeping.
While I was sleeping? Yeah, and I was on night watch monitoring these boards.
Hana, there's no such thing as a night watch.
It's called doing your job.
Which as the same as yours.
So why do I always get stuck here and you get to go home? Is it because I'm the only one who doesn't have kids? No, of course not.
And nobody said you had to be here every night.
Hey, guys, why don't we do this? You keep monitoring the boards and working with Ortiz.
Sheryll and I'll split up.
You can cover the rehab clinic.
I'll cover Jericho's parents.
- Hana - I said it's fine.
Just go.
I'll be here, doing my job.
So Jericho Brown is your roommate? We call it accountability partners.
What do you keep each other accountable over? We help each other in times of challenge and temptation.
Whenever I struggle to keep off websites, I I talk to him.
And he guides me to tranquility.
Was it pornography you were addicted to? I struggle with lust.
We all do here.
Did Jericho ever express any issues with his addiction lately? Jericho killed several people.
We're just trying to understand why.
Okay? Okay.
Did he ever mention a massage parlor in Jersey called Garden City Spa? Jericho's thing was always massage parlors.
He checked in because he relapsed recently and went back to that place.
Last night, we were in the common area, and we saw a story of the guy who attacked the sorority house in the news.
Jericho got really excited and took off, and I didn't see him again until he was in the news this morning.
Do you know where he got his gun? No.
The only thing Jericho talked about more than sex was guns.
He was obsessed with them.
Do you have any idea where he could be right now? No, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
We haven't heard from Jericho since we dropped him off at the rehab clinic.
He was very unhappy we sent him there.
Well, if you really think he needs help, the best way for him to get that right now is to tell me where he is or where he might go.
We have no idea.
And there's no help for him anymore.
Matthew 26:52.
"All who take the sword shall perish by the sword.
" He deserves what's coming.
God's will.
Is that why you checked him into that facility? You believed he deserved punishment? Yes.
And they failed him.
Jericho lacked control over his impulses.
Lust is a deadly sin, the punishment for which is eternity in hell.
Jericho's soul was lost long ago.
In its place is a sinful heart and depraved mind.
That's why he killed those women.
and Mrs.
Brown, God doesn't dole out punishments.
The federal government does.
So I'm gonna need his cell phone number and his car registration.
He doesn't have a car.
And his cell phone's right here.
They're not allowed to have it in rehab.
Let me ask you, do you, uh, know the name Erik Perwin? - Who? - He was a student at NYU.
Worked part-time as a math tutor.
Oh, that Erik.
He helped Jericho with his SAT prep.
Such a nice boy.
"All hail leader Erik Perwin.
" "Leader Erik, take out this Stacey for me.
" "Did you see my work?" "Five dead in shooting at Jersey City Spa.
" "I joined the uprising because of you.
Let's get some Staceys.
" Nice try, FBI.
Not falling for that.
"No, seriously.
It's me, Jericho Brown.
You know me.
" Prove it.
"What's a math tutor's "favorite kind of tree? Geometry.
" If you're serious, meet me reflecting pool Madison Square Park.
I have a mission.
So Jericho wasn't a copycat.
He and Erik actually knew each other? - Right.
- I didn't see him on the list of kids Erik tutored.
No, 'cause he wasn't a student at NYU.
They met when Jericho was still in high school.
Maybe that's why he was inspired by Erik.
Even though he's not an incel, he probably looked up to him.
Well, at a fundamental level, they're the same.
This hatred of women.
So Erik hates women because they don't give him the attention he wants, and Jericho hates them because he was raised to believe that they're the cause of his sin.
Two entitled men feel threatened, so they kill for it.
Question is, are they communicating? We've got his cell phone.
There's nothing on it.
So where are we with the court order? Judge signed it an hour ago, but we're still waiting.
Not anymore.
I just got it.
All communications to Erik's private chat in the last 72 hours.
It looks like he only responded to one message.
- Oh, man.
- What? This is from an hour ago.
Jericho Brown reached out.
"I joined the uprising because of you.
Let's get some Staceys.
Can we meet?" Erik wasn't sure it was Jericho.
Until he proved it.
See that down at the bottom? "Meet me at reflecting pool Madison Square Park.
I have a mission.
" I'll notify NYPD.
Make sure they have Jericho and Erik's photos.
All right, here you go, Sam.
Hey, you guys lost? You can't be back here.
Yeah, give us your badges.
Radios and cell phones too.
- What the hell? - Just do what he says! Get in the truck.
- What? - Just do it! Hurry up! You've not seen this guy, no? - All right, thank you.
- All right.
Thank you.
Me either.
- Anything on street cams? - Nope.
It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
Hey, guys.
It's Fashion Week.
- What's that? - Supermodels in skimpy clothes - all over the city.
- Yeah, well, if they're looking for Staceys, that's a target-rich environment.
- Hey, Hana? - Yeah, I know.
Okay, March 6th through 17th.
All the events today are taking place at Breen Design Center.
That's two blocks from here.
Let's go.
There's half a dozen shows happening right now.
I've got press and designers coming in - from all over the world.
- I don't care.
You have a vague hunch that something might happen.
Would you cancel the Super Bowl on a hunch? Because, frankly, canceling Fashion Week is like canceling the Super Bowl.
Listen, you need to postpone all of today's events Darling, we don't postpone fashion.
Then we're gonna do it for you.
In the next 15 minutes, we'll have federal agents clearing every catwalk in this building.
How 'bout that? I got something.
That's Chance Robbins.
Of course it is.
The model Erik wanted to look like? Yeah, he's walking in a show right now.
- It's live.
- This isn't about the Staceys.
Erik's going after his number-one Chad.
Who's Chad? Where is the show? Upstairs.
Chantilly Studio.
Second floor.
Thank you.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Like that, like that.
There he is.
He's coming.
Like we talked about.
Cover the room.
Hi, Chance.
Why is crew talking to me when I'm working? Oh, we're gonna do a lot more than talk.
What are you talking? Oh, my God! Get back! Everybody, back off! All you fake-ass bitches, back against the wall! FBI, drop the weapon! Everyone, get down! - Let him go, Erik.
- Stay back! Let him go and drop the blade! I said stay back! Put it down, Erik.
Stay back.
Someone shoot this guy.
I said stay back! Any closer and I cut him! Just like I did those girls.
Freaking psycho, I'll kill you, man.
Chance, get back! Huh.
It's over, Erik.
No, it's not.
The uprising has just begun.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Why don't you think about your friend backstage there? You wanna end up dead like him? Stop! Stop, or I'll end this right here! I don't want you to do that.
What do you care? You're just like the Staceys, always telling me what to do.
There's no such thing as a Stacey, Erik.
I'm a human being.
Okay? And I'm trying to help you.
Get back.
You need help.
All right? And I can get you that help, but you're gonna have to meet me halfway, so put the blade down.
Come on.
No one can help me.
Get off me! Drop the knife! Hands behind your back.
Hands behind your back.
Don't move.
Uh, I'm sorry I lashed out at you this morning.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not.
I really miss Jess, and I'm having a hard time dealing with it.
I miss him too.
You know, every time we're in that muster room, I kept expecting to see him in there with the honey bear.
Making his tea.
Scratching the back of his neck.
Barking orders and profiling our fugitive.
He would've had a field day with this one, huh? Ooh.
Checking on your kids? No, uh, Sarah, actually.
I feel so bad for her, all alone in that big empty house.
Oh, my God.
Byron still here? Yeah, but, you know, I just worry about her.
Me too.
Ortiz and I were talking about it last night.
We had this idea if you and Kristin are up for it.
Oh, my goodness.
You guys, you did not have to do this.
It's really sweet.
- Does it look that bad? - No, it looks great.
But it's time for a break.
Come on.
Dinner's ready.
This looks amazing.
Where did you learn how to make this? YouTube.
Byron is such a good sport.
He let me do a low country boil on shrimp instead of crawfish.
Didn't say a word the whole time.
Nah, you gotta work with what you got.
Nice thing about this operation is no dishes.
You just roll up the paper and straight in the trash.
Food porn.
You should definitely post that.
Yeah, no, it's, uh It's for Tali.
She would love something like this.
How's she doing? Uh, she's better, I think.
She's staying with her grandparents, and Louise is there.
I go back up tomorrow.
Okay, here we go.
Uh Jess used to always get mad at me 'cause I told him it was bad luck to toast with water, but, uh But he's not here now, so Um, thank you for the food.
Thank you for the company.
My son was a very lucky man.
He had a family at home that loved him very much And one at work that did too.
And for that, I will be forever grateful.
We miss you, kid.
To Jess.
To Jess.
Thank you, guys.

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