FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e16 Episode Script


It's just, I don't understand why they didn't do it.
I don't know what's the matter with these people.
You know what, I don't understand why they can't just call us and tell us the chef has COVID before we drive all the way out there.
Okay, honey, relax.
Waste of our entire night.
Okay, well, we still have plenty of time to turn it around.
Okay? You don't have to be so stressed all the time.
What's that? Is someone outside? Stay here.
- Will - Stay here.
Lupe? Victor? Is that my money bag? What are you doing with our money bag? Are you trying to rob us? No, you do not get out of the car.
Take that bag out.
Get that bag out of the car.
Get out of the car, Victor! Get out of the car! - Victor, drive! - Are you kidding me? Get out of that car! I need that money, Victor! - It's Lupe and Victor.
- What? It's Lupe and Victor, they're trying to rob us.
- They got our money, go, go.
- Right.
- Why? - Trying to steal our money.
- All of it? - I don't know.
They had the bag, they put it in the van.
I just saw them coming out of the barn.
Faster, faster, faster.
Get on them, come on, stay on them.
- Don't let them get away - Okay! - Go faster.
- I'm trying.
They're still after us - They're turning.
- I can see that.
It's the cutoff to the freeway, he's headed to Canada.
We go straight, we can cut them off.
- We did it.
- We have to get out of here.
There they are.
Victor, is that him? - I see him.
Victor that's them! - No, no.
Victor, yes it Yes it is, Victor! What are you doing? Slow down.
- Slow down, slow down! - That's them, Vic, go, go! Help! You tried to screw us, Victor.
Will, we needed to get back to our children.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Will! It's ruined.
It's all gone.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Mr.
No, no! I'm sorry.
We just we just wanted out, please.
We can make this right Mr.
Will, I'm sorry Mr no! Oh, my God.
I had to do it.
They betrayed us, and they stole from us I know, okay, just What was that? - Who are they? - I don't know.
Okay, we gotta get out of here.
How? Our car's totaled.
We can't just leave her.
We have to go back for Rachel.
It's too risky.
No, we don't have a choice! Look, we said we wanted out, and now is our chance.
Okay, we'll take the trail through the park, grab the truck from the barn, get Rachel, and go.
It's the only way.
What are you doing? I'm finishing the job.
No, no.
I don't know how many times Anais's school has asked me for her walking field trip waiver Charlotte was supposed to take care of it.
I'll talk to her.
Looks like Theo's enjoying his breakfast.
What do you and Charlotte want? I don't even know if Charlotte eats breakfast anymore.
What is going on? Every day, when I get up, she's gone.
When I get home, she's sleeping.
It's like we're two sleep-deprived ships passing in the night.
You're both under so much stress at work.
How's the team doing now that Jess is gone? It's so hard I can't even tell how hard it is.
But we're taking it day by day.
No one wants to fill his shoes, but we still have a job to do.
And still no word from Isobel on his replacement.
Ah, the unknown variable.
Whole soup pot boiling away until that final ingredient lands to infuse.
Now I'm getting hungry.
Want my advice? Stick with what you know.
And you know a lot more than you think.
- Work.
- Ah.
Come on.
Oh, look at my baby.
My little baby burrito.
This is my favorite time of the day.
Where I get to talk to you and tell you that I am gonna keep you safe.
- I love you.
- Love you.
We're gonna have a good time today.
We've got two suspected fugitives.
State Police say the sedan up there belongs to a Will and Marianne Conway.
That explains the two sets of prints from the car to the van then off into the woods.
It's a state park back there.
We already have three dog teams looking.
So what do we know about the Conways? Married eleven years, no kids, no criminal record.
Will sells commercial real estate, Marianne's a homemaker.
They live 8 miles from here.
So why'd they kill six people? Could it be road rage gone wrong? But does that warrant killing six people point-blank? Well, does it warrant us? No, but suspected human trafficking would.
Four of the victims are undocumented immigrants.
The only two U.
Citizens were the driver, Victor Ruiz, and his wife Lupe.
Last known in New Mexico, where Victor worked as a ranch foreman before they both disappeared off the grid last year.
Well, between that and this barbecued bag of cash, the Ruizes might be coyotes, smuggling people across the Canadian border.
So how do we know the Conways were involved in human trafficking? Right now, we don't.
Park Police got a stolen vehicle report.
A couple of kids went camping last night.
When they got back to their parking lot in Sycamore Falls, their car was gone.
Witness saw a man and a woman prowling around the lot early this morning.
Was it the Conways? Could be.
I'll check it out.
Could you send me those pictures? Yeah, I'll send them.
Agent Gibson.
Yeah, thanks.
County got a 911 call.
The Conways never came home last night.
- From who? - Their nanny.
How does that work? I thought they didn't have kids? Dan and Marianne go on date nights all the time, but they always come home so they can see Rachel first thing in the morning.
But I called the police, not the FBI, so why would you Wha-what's going on? There was an accident last night.
Oh, no.
And we don't know exactly what happened, but we know that they're missing.
Do you know where they could be? No, last I talked to them they were leaving for the restaurant.
Where are my mama and papa? - Rachel, sweetie - No, it's okay.
Hi, Rachel.
I'm Sheryll.
I have a daughter, and she has exactly the same bunny as you.
You squeeze it, and it sniffs.
I know, I know.
I'm sure your mama and papa are fine.
We're looking for them too.
Do you have any idea where they could be? Friends' house or an ice cream store? Maybe the farm.
I never heard them talk about any farm.
Where's this farm? My mama used to say "Don't worry, bunny cat, we'll be right under your nose.
" Where is she? Guess I've lost my touch.
No, you were great with her.
Ortiz says the car the Conways stole was a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
The BOLO's already out.
Well, if this isn't human trafficking, how do we know no one's coming for the nanny or for Rachel? Exactly I'll get state police here and wait till they escort them somewhere safe.
Why don't you two see if you can find this farm? Sounds like it could be close.
I mean, if it's even real.
She's just a child.
There she is.
My baby girl.
The FBI already knows about her.
They'll be able to protect her.
She needs her mother, Will.
And she'll have her.
If we let the FBI keep her safe from them.
You said it yourself, we want to get away, and now we've got our chance.
Let's get across the border to Canada, lay low for a little while, and we'll come back for her when the heat dies down.
I'll give it a week.
And then we either come back for Rachel together, or I come back alone.
I'm not leaving her.
No matter what.
Let's go.
First we need our insurance policy.
You sure? Come on.
Going to be a big girl, yeah? Wanna go to my house? Okay.
Hey, has Sheryll seemed a little off to you lately? Yeah, it's the maternity leave thing.
She didn't talk to you? She's worried about watching Theo grow up, and her wife wants her to stay home, but I don't know, she doesn't want to abandon the team.
Well, it's not abandoning us, it's taking care of her family.
That's what I said to her.
When I had my son, I was back at work a week later.
I had my ex at home, but still, I wish I'd taken the Taken the time.
You should tell her that.
I know she wanted to talk to you.
She's nervous to tell Isobel too.
Well, Isobel will understand.
I think she'll respect her all the more for it.
Is that a cellar door? It looks like a root cellar.
Looks like two people have been living here.
Victor and Lupe, maybe? Well, for what? Some kind of human smuggling operation? Or not human smuggling.
The Conways were exploiting them to run a grow operation Probably selling too.
Six people killed, a little girl abandoned, all for some small grow farm in a legal state? Yeah, it doesn't make much sense.
- Why-why's the door open? - Doesn't matter.
We got to get to that safe.
FBI, freeze! Go, go, go! Go, go, go, go.
Come on, I'll cover you.
Go, go, go! Go, go, go, go! Go! Don't breathe so hard, just cover your face.
Cover your face.
Hurry up, get out! Quickly.
I heard the gunfire.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Well, I appreciate it.
Thank you.
You guys sure you're okay? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Anything on our fugitives? Yeah, tire tracks at the edge of the field match the Cherokee they stole from the state park.
PD lost the trail, but the BOLO's still out.
Will and Marianne must have known the FBI was on the scene, and they risked coming back here anyway, why? Marianne's a mother.
Maybe she came back for Rachel but changed course when she saw her with you? Or maybe this.
So that's what they came back for.
Before Will opened fire to protect it.
Or to protect this.
And that must have been what she was grabbing.
They blew off their daughter, shot at two FBI agents, and let their marijuana crop go up in smoke over a packet of seeds.
Well, whatever it is, it's obviously valuable.
I'm going to get it sent to the DEA lab in Manhattan, see if they can tell us what's up.
The FBI's on our ass.
Why aren't we in the carpool lane to Canada? We need money, Will.
- We have the seeds.
- I mean fast cash.
We can't use our credit cards, can't write a check.
But we can use them.
You nailed it.
Two ex-cons now benefitting from what is no longer a crime.
Hey, thought you'd appreciate that one.
I am so sorry to have to tell you this, gentlemen, but the system is still rigged.
Open that door.
Now! Last year, the Conways submitted an expedited application for a license to legally sell pot in Vermont.
Why the sudden rush? Pot was already legal here.
Yeah, to grow and to use, but not to distribute, so when the state finally did legalize sales, there was a rush to be the first retail operator.
The Conways paid hefty application fees, funded environmental studies.
They even signed an affidavit promising not to use harmful pesticides on their crop, but their application was still denied.
So now they've spent all their money on a rejected application, yet they're still running a grow operation in the cellar.
Question is, where did they get the seed money? Well, I've been going through their financials.
Every day, they get a bunch of payments through cash apps.
Marianne for dance school, bake sales, guys paying Will back for poker night.
Okay, and you think these were payments for pot grown and sold illegally? Or an innovative way to launder drug cash.
There's another party involved? I'm not sure yet.
But once the money never stays in the Conways' account long.
It gets transferred to an offshore account named "Marguerite Corp.
" Belonging to Will and Marianne.
I don't think so, but whoever it is is making a cut of the profits.
Maybe a cartel.
Lab just sent over the analysis for those seeds you got out of the Conways' safe.
They produce a highly valuable and rare strain of Sativa, usually only grown in Colombia.
Yeah, but that crop didn't look all that impressive, even before Will fire to it.
Either way, they're worth dying for.
Or killing for, if you're a pessimist.
Oh, another thing.
I went through vital records.
Marianne's maiden name was Mercer.
She has a sister named Laura Mercer in Middlebury.
Okay, let's go talk to Laura, see if she's heard from Will and Marianne.
LPR just picked up the stolen Cherokee outside of a dispensary in downtown Montpelier called Take You Higher.
Local PD is on the scene.
I'll drive.
There must be some mistake.
I know this is difficult, but has Marianne tried to contact you? No, she wouldn't.
I work so much.
You're a professor? Yes, of Germanic and Slavic languages and literature at Middlebury.
I tend to lose myself in my work.
Which is why it pains me to say that I haven't seen Marianne for years.
Maybe if I'd seen her, I could have noticed that she was going down a bad path, but I never kept a good eye on her the way a big sister should.
I knew that my father adored her, they were close, and I guess that let me escape into my books.
We're doing everything we can to try to find your sister, and in the meantime, rest assured your niece is safe.
Oh, thank God.
The poor girl.
Rachel is safe with her nanny for now, but you are your sister's next of kin.
If you want to get custody of Rachel, we're happy to put you in contact with people who can help.
I never had any children.
When we were little, Marianne set fire to the stove when I was supposed to be watching her.
I was reading a book, oblivious.
You were a child yourself.
The truth is, I haven't seen Marianne, for so long that I've never met Rachel.
And the poor girl, she must be so frightened.
Don't you think it would be better for her to stay with her nanny? Just to give her some consistency while this disaster is resolved? I understand.
We've laid a lot on you.
If Marianne does try to get in contact with you, please let me know.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Detective, Agent Gaines.
- This is Agent Ortiz.
- Glad you're here.
Saw our fugitives' stolen Cherokee outside.
That's not all they left behind.
These are the shop owners? Yeah, Raymont Griffiths and his brother Rodney.
Both served time for marijuana possession before Vermont legalized pot.
Governor commuted their sentences, and the state ended up granting them the license for the first retail dispensary in Vermont.
They turned their lives around and never got to see opening day.
Will and Marianne applied for the same license these two were granted.
You thinking this is a revenge killing? Actually, we're thinking robbery.
Why's that? Looks like Will and Marianne stole their supply.
Take You Higher had two vans registered to the business.
ERT found two sets of tire tracks.
They took both vans.
BOLO's gone out.
I'll check on it now.
Thank you.
They fill each van up with wares, and they split up, why? Well, more wares equals more cash.
And two vans are harder to find than one.
Only question is, where do you offload two van-loads of pot, and quick? I read a DEA bulletin last month about legal growers that make tons of cash on motel sales in states where recreational pot is still illegal.
So what are the closest state lines where recreational pot's illegal? New York and New Hampshire.
And there you go.
One of the Take You Higher Vans just crossed state line into New Hampshire.
We gotta find the closest motel on I-89.
Let's figure it out on the way.
We would have made it better if Vermont had given us the license.
We have something much more valuable.
Our insurance policy.
An insurance policy means nothing without Rachel.
Will and Marianne Conway! FBI! Open the door! Don't move! Get on your knees! - Don't shoot! - Get on your knees! Hands behind your head! - Don't shoot! - Hands behind your head! Don't shoot, please! Please, please, please don't shoot! - Where's Will and Marianne? - I don't know.
Why's their van parked outside? I I Put your hands back on your head.
Hey, drop the phone! Put the phone down! Hey, drop the gun, I don't want to No! No! I can't believe my wife is gone.
Why would she kill herself, Michael? Because the only thing she was more afraid of than them was prison.
They took everything I care about.
Will and Marianne? Why were you driving their stolen dispensary van? Because Julie and I worked for them, and they told us to meet them there.
And what happened when you got to the dispensary? They told us the plan was to rob the place, split up, and sell the product.
Then how did two people end up murdered? I swear, Julie and I didn't know they were gonna kill anyone.
But they did, and you stayed.
Why? Because they told us that if we did this one last job, sold the product, they'd let us out.
Out of what? Our obligation.
They financed our first illegal grow interest free.
So we're talking multi-level marijuana marketing? Yeah, if not hitting your sales quota every month means scary dudes showing up and beating the crap out of your wife while they make you watch.
They did that to you? I-I let it happen.
To Julie.
I was too scared to fight.
We wanted out but couldn't figure out a way.
Until She knew I couldn't save her.
We believe you.
Where are they now? I don't know.
All they said was, meet them in Newport near the Canadian border.
And then we'd never have to work for them again.
I got access Julie's phone.
It's a burner.
You said she was texting someone right before she killed herself? Yeah, it's right here.
She was warning Will and Marianne.
Julie's text must have gone through to Will and Marianne.
They never went to Newport or the border.
They carjacked a man at a motel near the New York/Vermont state line.
Here's the security cam footage.
Ram pickup.
Was there a GPS onboard? I'm not sure, but I put a BOLO out.
Hana, were you up all night again? Yes.
I mean, one connection just led to another, and I couldn't stop.
I started with Will and Marianne.
Weirdly, their daughter Rachel doesn't have a birth certificate or school records or medical records.
It's like they don't want the world to know she exists.
Which then led me to realize that it's like the middle ages here in Vermont.
A lot of their vital records haven't been digitized pre-2010, so there's not much on Will and Marianne either.
- So what does that mean? - It's analog.
A lot of it's stored in some musty courthouse basement.
I did have better luck with the Marguerite Corporation, though.
Okay, what did you find? Well, it's a vast web of smaller shell corporations like we suspected.
These shell corporations make up this illegal pot empire that runs a large swath of New England.
And did you find out who Will and Marianne are working for? No, but I found out where the money's coming from.
The seed money originated in this bank in The Hague.
It's been on the Financial Action Task Force's watchlist for years.
So they suspect the bank that provides the seed money for Marguerite Corporation is involved in international money laundering? I called them early this morning, and they confirmed that the funding for the Marguerite Corporation is coming from the Russian mafia.
The Russian mafia is behind all this? Mm-hmm.
We need the name of the boss.
I know.
I'm still looking.
Will and Marianne are running scared.
They know we're after them.
This boss is gonna be looking for them too.
We gotta make sure we find them first.
Rachel, come here.
Why? Hey! Stop and identify Rachel, Rachel, come here! Oh, my God, Rachel! You are coming with me.
We are going for a ride.
- Let me go! - Shut up.
- I want my mama! - Get in.
Mommy! I want my mommy! Shut up.
I can't believe I let this happen.
This is not your fault.
You did everything right.
Those men are the only ones to blame, okay? Rachel was crying for her mama.
Natalie, if you can remember anything about the men that took her.
They were driving a long black car.
They had really nice suits.
Their shoes were polished.
And their accents.
Russian? How did you know? I promise you, we are going to do everything we can to find Rachel.
You know who took her? - Oh, my God.
- What? - Oh, my God, no, no, no.
- What is it? - Turn around right now.
Turn around! - - Is this some kind of joke? - He doesn't joke.
He's got our baby, Will, and now he knows we lied to protect her.
We have to go back or he'll kill her.
All we ever wanted was to get away from this life.
The robbery forced us to improvise, but we can get away now.
Without our daughter? When I swore to get her out of this life so they couldn't get their hands on her, I meant it.
If we go back there, he'll kill us.
My life doesn't matter without Rachel.
Turn around.
Right now.
Will, turn around.
What's the matter, Ortiz, you afraid of a courthouse basement? I'm afraid of small town bureaucracies that refuse to digitize.
I think it's exciting.
I never get to go analog.
Connelly, Constantine, Conway.
You take Will, I'll take Marianne.
All right, I got Will's DMV file.
Parking tickets.
Voter registration, Independent.
I don't think you can be Independent if the Russian Mafia have got their claws into you.
This goes back three decades.
Same with Marianne.
I've even got her marriage license here.
They got married right in this courthouse.
- What's that? - What's what? Can you hold that up to the light? See that writing? Oh, my God, this is from the '80s.
It's a petition for a name change.
Before Marianne Mercer was Marianne Conway, she was born Marianne Matrushok.
Her father initiated the Americanization of her name because Marianne was born here, she's an American citizen.
What about her father? First generation Russian immigrant Vasily Matrushok.
I think we just found our Russian mob boss.
And the resident pelmeni king.
I'm home.
I know you understand me, Olga.
Da? Marina is here.
Your father will see you now.
Please forgive me.
I should have told you you had a granddaughter, but I was frightened.
I have great pride in our business, but it's so dangerous.
I am ashamed to say that I had hoped and wished to raise Rachel away from it.
Away from her family.
But that doesn't mean I ever stopped loving you.
Please, Papa.
Please just give me my daughter back.
Oh, Solnyshko.
You stop this.
Stop this.
There's so much you don't know.
I don't need to know.
I just want my daughter back.
I don't have her, dear girl.
But-but But you ordered me to come back.
This isn't me.
I've been too ashamed to tell you.
I don't give the orders anymore.
Then who does? All these toys for you.
But I'm not a baby.
Then why do you cry like one? Hello, Rachel.
I'm your Aunt Laura.
Welcome to your new home.
Vasily Matrushok, Russian mafia boss.
He launders Russian money through cash businesses.
Everything from waxing centers to off-track ponies to his various marijuana operatives.
Vasily must have set Marianne and Will up with seed money for their grow operation, and I'm assuming it turned a profit pretty fast.
Profit they keep off the IRS grid like their true identities.
Well, how's that possible when you have a child like Will and Marianne do? Could be as easy as bribing a clerk to delete her daughter's birth certificate from vital records, keep Rachel safe from Vasily.
And it worked up until the Conways murdered Victor, Lupe, and their other four employees that tried to rob them.
All right, this is Vasily's place.
We breach, we find Rachel.
Just remember, he's not going down without a fight.
All right, let's go.
FBI, don't move! Don't move, don't move! We got one in the corner.
Stand up.
- Get your hands up now! - Hands up! - Show me your hands! - Higher! All right, sit down.
Sit down.
Marianne was here.
She is gone now, and as far as my granddaughter, I don't know.
Wrong you're the one who ordered your thugs to kidnap her, all to punish your daughter.
Where is she? I would never punish Marianne.
She is my favorite.
You got a funny way of showing it.
I was thrilled to learn that Marianne had given me a granddaughter.
I have yet to meet little Rachel, but I am hopeful that one day, she and I will be close like Marianne and I were.
You say you love your granddaughter.
If you don't have her, someone else does, and that person might not have a reason to keep her alive.
Yes, she will kill her, most truly.
Who's "she"? Marianne is a good mother, I'm sure of it.
She was always devoted, loving.
But her sister, Laura Laura, the professor? Laura, who forced me out of my own pelmeni kingdom.
Laura, who gives the orders now.
I told Marianne as much before she left.
Did she say where she was going? No.
You're lying.
Young lady, you're asking me to choose between my daughter and the truth.
Do I look like a fool? Stand up.
Get up.
Hands behind your back.
You're under arrest for aiding and abetting.
Let's go.
I know you have my daughter.
I'm coming for her now.
How nice of you to warn me.
That wasn't a warning.
It was a threat.
Mommy? Is that you? Hi, bunny cat.
Yeah, it's Mama.
I'm coming for you now.
We'll be waiting for you.
Tell me where and what you want.
Ask Will, he'll know.
What is she talking about? All I ever wanted was to help this family.
To give us an insurance policy.
The seeds are our insurance policy.
Will, tell me what she's talking about right now.
Okay, the Vermont State Police say no one's home at Laura Mercer's house.
You talk to Middlebury? They had no idea who she really is.
The BOLO just popped on Laura's car.
She got a parking ticket in downtown Montpelier.
It's outside a commercial building owned by Will Mercer.
The tenant is Cox Press, but I called the Vermont Secretary of State's office.
Cox Press filed for bankruptcy five years ago.
Well, if it's no longer a printing company, what's Will using it for? No idea, but it's our best bet where our fugitives will be.
I used the seeds to grow these.
And I hired the extra four workers to tend the plants.
It's a real insurance policy.
I knew you wanted to get away from your family, but I also knew if I told you, when you found out about it you would be afraid of the repercussions.
My father would never hurt me because I would never betray him, unlike you.
You were always Papa's favorite.
You set the bar low.
He forgave too easy.
He grew soft in his old age.
I had no choice but to take over for the good of our family.
The family you're now ruining.
The family I'm protecting.
You've been keeping secrets.
As soon as I learned about Rachel, I knew that there was more you must be hiding.
Because to betray the family, to shut us out, there had to be a pattern.
And a secret grow operation worth more than the family business twice over? A business that should belong to me.
I didn't know about this place until I set foot in here two minutes ago.
You want this whole grow operation, take it.
The seeds? You can have them, That's what you really want, right? - Honey, please - Shut up, you stupid son of a bitch and let the women talk.
Mm, there's my Marianne.
We have a deal.
- Rachel? - Mommy! Mama's here.
The seeds.
And the rest? You'll get them.
Mommy, help me! You're coming with me Actually, I've taken a shine to the girl.
You gave me your word.
I guess we're both liars.
- FBI, don't move! - Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon.
Let the girl go.
Nyet! - I want my mommy.
- Come here.
Come here.
Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon.
You saved her life.
Thank you.
I'm a mother too.
I know what it's like to be willing to do anything, for your child.
Hands behind your back.
You're still going to prison.
Come here, Rachel.
- Mommy.
- It'll be okay.
And I realize I don't have the physical need for maternity leave, but I never took it with Anais.
And Charlotte's working now, and I feel like it's my turn.
You don't need to justify wanting to spend time with your baby.
The bureau has a clear policy on maternity leave.
You're entitled to take it.
Have you told the team yet? They were all very understanding.
But I didn't tell them the real reason I wanted to take this time.
Jess's death.
It scared me.
And I don't want to look back in twenty years' time and regret choosing work over family, even if just for a couple of months.
Life's short.
You never know how long you have.
Listen, I understand that completely.
What you just told me, Sheryll, that is not weakness.
That is strength.
It's part of why you are such a good agent and an even better person.
I'll submit that paperwork tomorrow.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Ooh, what timing is this.
What is? I just got an email from CID; it's official.
The new SSA has been selected to run the task force.
Who is it?
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