FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e17 Episode Script


1 First I saw the name and I thought it was a coincidence.
Then I saw the order and I knew it was you.
How you doing, Remy? Good, Sal.
You in town on business? Yeah, pretty much.
Well, don't be a stranger.
We missed you around here.
That'll be $26.
- Keep the change.
- And you're my girl Maybe get yourself a haircut.
And there he is, the man himself! How you doing, Georgie? Oh, come on.
You went to Napoli's? Pastrami sandwich for you.
Cannolis for the wife.
You remembered.
Thank you.
Hey, you got any more bags in the car? Nah, I had everything shipped.
Hey, listen.
Is Joey still doing his car wash thing in the garage? Yeah, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
- Have him do it for me, would you? - Mm-hmm.
I just got it out of storage after four years and it could use some love.
You got it.
Hey, Remy.
Welcome back.
It's good to be home, Georgie.
It's good to be home.
- You're shaking.
- I can't help it.
I'm so scared.
I'm not sure if Lillie, we talked about this.
I already did my part.
It's the only way.
This is for us.
I love you.
Go wait in the car.
New York City field office.
Worked with Violent Crimes out of Philly for six years.
His last job was the Vegas Fugitive Task Force.
Yeah, I called him and they said he's a straight shooter - and knows his stuff.
- Hm.
He's been with the bureau for looks like 23 years.
Graduated top of his class.
Morning, everyone.
How you doing? I'm Remy Scott, your new boss.
And I want you to know I'm never usually this late.
Today is the exception.
How you doing? I'm Ivan.
Ortiz, heard you were a badass.
- Hana.
- Gibson.
The brains of the operation.
Kristin Gaines.
Yeah, from the Miami field office.
Delgado says good things.
Did Agent Barnes take her maternity leave? She did.
Well, I look forward to meeting her too.
So here's the thing.
I had big plans for us this morning.
Break bread, get to know each other over some of the best bagels in the city, but it looks like we're diving right in.
I heard Scarsdale? Correct.
It's a double homicide home invasion.
The victims are Matt Jones, a big-time hedge fund manager and his wife, Kay, a corporate attorney.
Well, I get that they're high-profile, but why isn't homicide on this? Their daughter's missing.
They think she was kidnapped.
Kidnapped? Can I see that? Her name's Lillie.
17-year-old junior at a private school in Rye.
- Any ransom demand? - No.
Amber Alert went out 40 minutes ago.
All right, then let's roll.
- Isobel said two Tahoes, right? - That's right.
You two go together.
I'll ride with Hana.
And this time of day, take the Hutch.
Post road will be a nightmare.
I'll drive.
- You okay? - Mm.
Yeah, just kind of a late night.
- Mm.
- Mm.
Always hated that picture.
Dad never knew what hit him.
Her wounds are defensive, though.
Probably tried to run.
Didn't make it.
She must have been terrified.
Sound asleep in her own bed and then Cover them up, please.
I can't let you upstairs right now.
- I need to see her.
- I understand.
- Please, she's my sister.
- I'm so sorry.
Is it her? Are they dead? This is Martha.
This is Mrs.
Jones' sister.
- I have to see her.
- I wanna see my Kay.
Martha, I'm Special Agent Remy Scott and this is Agent Gibson.
I don't think that's a good idea right now.
What did he do to her? Where did he take Lillie? Who? Jeremy Hamm.
He's the one who did this.
I know you're upset, but I need you to take a deep breath.
Can you do that for me? That's it.
Just breathe.
Here, why don't you sit down? Can I get you a glass of water or anything? No.
Tell me all about Jeremy.
He's a loser and a freak.
Okay? He was trying to date Lillie and Matt and Kay didn't approve.
And I don't blame them.
Did he know Lillie from school? I don't know.
My sister and Matt are very private.
They don't like talking about their problems.
Um, all Kay told me is this boy is trouble.
Lillie thinks she's in love with him, and, um, and they're putting a stop to it right away.
They told her that she couldn't see him anymore.
Is this him? Yes.
Yes, that's the little bastard.
Oh, my God, I can't believe this is happening.
It's okay.
Thank you so much.
You've been very helpful.
Martha, let's get you some water, okay? Does he have a record? Two charges as a juvenile, then six months in county for drug possession at 19.
His father's deceased.
His mother's in Secaucus, which is also his last known.
Secaucus is a long way from Scarsdale.
Literally and figuratively.
I don't think we're dealing with a kidnapping here.
Why is that? No forced entry on the windows and doors and someone took the batteries out of the Ring cameras.
- You check Lillie's bedroom? - I did.
Bed's made and toiletries gone from the bathroom.
If she fought him, it wasn't in there.
You think she went willingly? Either that or she helped.
Kill her own parents? Two kids in love caught in a bad romance, parents cut off the relationship? It's happened before.
Not at my high school.
- Jeremy have a car registration? - Yeah.
1994 Camry.
BOLO that and let's split up.
Lillie's school and Jeremy's mom.
Let's roll.
Hamm? FBI, we need to talk! Hello? TV's on inside.
No movement.
my favorite, the Angel Love double halo ring.
- Oh! - Is that gorgeous or what? Oh, it is just beautiful.
I wear it all the time.
We have a body in the kitchen.
Between the stench and the rigor, she's been dead at least 24 hours.
Jeremy probably snuck up on her from behind.
He kills her first and then he goes over to Lillie's and takes care of her parents.
Yeah, assuming she didn't approve of their relationship either.
At least maybe they're done killing for now.
But we still don't know where they are.
Call local homicide and offer up our ERT.
I'm pulling Jersey State Police into this search.
You okay? I think so.
You? The worst part is over.
And I don't wanna think about anything now except us.
Want me to put this on? Now you're the one who's shaking.
Are you nervous? - No.
- Good.
Because I wouldn't want my first time to be with anyone else.
Go hide in the bathroom.
Port Authority has the bridges and tunnels.
MTA are on the trains.
But if they're not headed back to New York, I want this highways covered tight as a gnat's ass.
Let's move.
- We're on it.
- All right.
Anything from Lillie's school? They don't know Jeremy.
Got an earful on Lillie though.
She's been going there since the seventh grade.
Straight A student until six months ago.
Her grades started dropping, she started losing weight, and then missing days at school.
- They kick her out? - No.
Her parents called it a "family emergency.
" Her father was on the board.
A huge donor.
So they looked the other way.
It's good to be the king.
The "family emergency" was probably Jeremy.
They didn't want people to know that their daughter was hanging out with a 22-year-old ex-con with a history of drug abuse.
BOLO got a hit on Jeremy's Camry outside a motel in Yonkers.
We knocked and no one answered.
Busted the door and found this.
- Any ID? - No.
Wallet and phone are missing.
He's still warm.
It just happened.
Camry's outside.
So how'd they get away? Anything on the radio? Not so far, but all units are looking.
I got the security cam footage from the manager's office.
It's not the best quality, but the angle's good.
Our young lovers are definitely working together.
Forget young lovers.
These two are on a killing spree.
We got four dead bodies in less than 24 hours.
And our unidentified DOA in there isn't one of their parents, so what the hell's going on here? Well, if that is the victim's car, he won't be unidentified for long.
Gimme a second.
The car belongs to David Ryan.
83 99th Street in Tarrytown.
Dave "the Rhino" Ryan.
He's a private investigator.
And it looks like he has a partner.
Get his partner down here.
Yeah, that's her.
That's Lillie.
I remember her from a photo her parents brought in two weeks ago.
The Joneses hired your PI firm? Yeah.
It was Dave's case.
But I was there for the intake interview.
They said Lillie had addiction issues and they'd sent her to this rehab clinic in Brooklyn.
Intentions, it was called.
They were convinced something bad was going on and they wanted us to take a look at it.
What did they mean by "something bad"? It wasn't specific.
It was just She wasn't getting better and they couldn't get a straight answer out of anyone.
And then one night Lillie comes home and she's all disoriented and drugged out, and that was that.
They yanked her out and gave us a call.
You know this man? Jeremy Hamm? No.
Who's he? Lillie's boyfriend.
We think he killed the Joneses, his own mother, and now possibly your partner with Lillie helping.
No, Dave was trying to help Lillie.
Why would she wanna hurt him? Do you have Dave's case file? - Yeah, back at the office.
- We'll need a copy.
You two head down to Intentions Rehab.
See what you can dig up.
You know, I don't get it.
Most of the time we deal with what, deadbeat dads and cheating spouses, but now this? Dave has two kids.
What am I supposed to tell them? Tell 'em we're gonna find who did this.
And we're gonna make 'em pay.
Yes, Lillie was a patient here.
- Why? - She's missing.
We think she might be in danger.
Oh, my God.
Lillie? What happened? Her parents recently hired a private investigator.
They were concerned that something bad had happened to her here.
Do you know anything about that? Something bad did happen here.
Hamm? He was a patient here? Originally.
He came here for treatment three years ago after he got out of prison, but he did so well in the program that we made him an orderly after he got sober.
You hired an ex-con with addiction issues to work in your clinic? Oh, we don't judge people here.
We help them.
And Jeremy was a model employee at first.
- But, uh - Then? Jeremy started to cross the line with Lillie, so we fired him.
Did Lillie's parents know about this? Oh, absolutely.
We told them what was going on and we asked them for help with Lillie.
And they said it wasn't Lillie's fault, it was ours.
Then they pulled her from the program, which we said was a mistake.
We need to see Lillie's patient file.
Of course.
What an impressive campus you have here.
We have some of the best specialists in the field.
Plus we're discreet.
People pay a premium for that.
So how did Jeremy afford to come here? He was a scholarship patient.
His fees were covered by Covenant Church as part of their addiction-outreach ministry.
We provide the physical healing.
They provide the spiritual.
We need to get back to simpler times.
To biblical times.
We've been given the map to salvation, but our woke culture offends God and insults the very notion of family.
My brethren, we've lost our way.
But we mustn't lose our will.
I'm here to lead you back, to lead all of us back, to the glory of the righteous man and his godly wife.
Paster Bob is ready for you.
He's asked his wife, Pat, to join.
I don't know the young woman, but Jeremy? I'm just shocked and saddened.
He was one of our first success stories.
How so? Oh, he came to us from prison, strung out and hurting.
We sent him over to the good folks at Intentions.
He got sober, found Jesus, and started walking the path of the righteous man.
Ken and Barb were so impressed they employed him at their clinic.
Did you know that he was recently fired from that job? No.
What for? An inappropriate relationship with Lillie.
She was 17 and a patient there.
That is most unfortunate.
Was Jeremy a member here? Technically, yes, but What she means is all of our children are part of God's flock.
Even the sinner with a lustful heart.
We haven't seen Jeremy in quite some time.
Now I think I know why.
So you don't know where he is? Or where he might be going? Physically, no.
But spiritually I get it.
He's gonna have a hard time at the pearly gates.
But to be honest, Bob I probably will too.
- Praise the Lord ♪ I apologize, gentlemen, but our men's group starts at 4:30.
I'm sorry I wasn't able to be more helpful.
But if there's anything else you need from me or my ministry, just let me know.
Pat will show you out.
I don't like this, Jeremy.
I-I-I don't like this.
I think that we should get going.
I think that staying here is just a bad idea that Hey, Lillie.
Calm down, okay? We're safe here.
Safe? You killed that man.
Who was he? He's just someone who could hurt us, okay? It had to be done.
I don't like this.
We should go.
Pastor Bob? What is he? Shh, no talking.
- Jeremy? - She's pure.
What the hell is going on? Well done.
Faithful servant.
You truly are the anointed one.
I'm getting outta here.
I'm afraid that's not going to be happening.
What? Get her ready.
Ready for what? Jeremy? I'm sorry.
- So nothing on the BOLO? - Uh-uh.
Did you get the PI's file? Yep, a copy's on the way.
He's old school.
Okay, what about the church? - How'd that go? - It was a bust.
Bob Mitchell and his wife didn't even know Jeremy was fired from Intentions Rehab.
No clue where he is now.
Never heard of Lillie either.
But who told you that? Paster Bob did.
Why? Lillie's patient file said her treatment included spiritual counseling.
Once a week, led by Bob Mitchell.
So he lied about not knowing Lillie.
So much for not bearing false witness.
Right? We going back? Yeah, but let's switch it up a little bit.
Kristin and I will go.
I'll be interested in your take on this guy.
Wives, submit yourself to your husbands.
For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church.
As the church submits to Christ, so also should Wives submit to their husbands in everything.
Ladies, let's take a break.
Shall we? Agent Scott, what's going on? You are aware that lying to the FBI is a crime, correct? What do you mean, lying? It's a verb, meaning "to deceive.
" Also a sin, for what it's worth.
This is Agent Gaines.
I don't understand.
Lillie Jones? The girl your husband claimed not to know? He counseled her when she was a patient at Intentions.
He what? No.
There's been a misunderstanding.
I'll go get him.
Your receptionist says he's not here.
He's supposed to be leading the men's group.
I'll call him.
Hi, this is Pastor Bob.
Please leave a message.
Have a blessed day.
He in the habit of turning off his phone in the middle of the day? No, that's That's very strange.
Very strange.
You should give us a call when you hear from him.
She seemed genuinely spooked.
She should be.
Her husband lied to her.
Probably not the first time.
The guy's hiding something.
Our friend from before.
Which agency? Excuse me? I'm guessing IRS, given your undercover chops.
I could see your wire.
Mel Montridge, IRS Criminal Investigative.
What's Treasury want with a church? We're looking at Covenant for tax fraud.
We'll show you ours if you show us yours.
C'mon, two federal agents and an SSA walk into a women's bible study? Gotta be a joke in their somewhere.
I got four body drops in the last 48 hours.
I need your help.
Weird to be out of this dress and Spanx.
Forgot how good it feels to take a deep breath.
How long you been undercover? Uh, on and off for a year, ever since my team started investigating Bob Mitchell.
What prompted the investigation? A report was filed to the IRS alleging Covenant violated its 501 status.
- I got you.
- Oh.
Violated how? By stockpiling millions of dollars in donations that were supposed to go to philanthropic causes.
At Covenant, we're blessed to be able to serve the community by spreading the gospel.
From homeless shelters to horse ranches to Haiti, the world is our mission field.
How much of that is real? The horse ranch exists, minus the horses.
It's an empty stone building in the Jersey woods.
Do they do mission trips? To beauty salons in the tristate area maybe.
The only money leaving Covenant's accounts is spent on the leadership.
Bob's running a for-profit church.
Wish I thought of that.
Yeah, well, some members are tithing at least 50% of their income.
Why though? The more you give, the closer you get to Bob.
Do you have a list of those donors? Yeah.
These donors are in the highest tier, the Chosen Circle.
Can you stop there? Number four.
Ken and Barb Clymer.
The owners of Intentions are in the Chosen Circle at Covenant.
Funny how they left that part out.
It's not the only thing they left out.
Most clinics drug test their patients, but Lillie's file didn't have any results.
What, they weren't testing her? Or they didn't give us the whole file, which led me to thinking that maybe Jeremy was not the bad thing that Dave was investigating at Intentions.
And then I found this.
"Toxic Therapy: When Healing Is Hell.
" It's a blog written by a woman named Aurora Beam.
I found it when I cross-referenced the list of patients from Intentions with Dave's case file.
Her blog's about Intentions? It's about her being abused there.
The blog was my therapist's suggestion.
The more I write, the smaller it gets.
Like I can wrap my arms around it.
Do you mind telling us what happened to you at Intentions? My parents sent me there five years ago as a minor.
Part of my treatment included electroconvulsive therapy.
Shock therapy? Like in "Cuckoo's Nest?" Same idea, but a little less barbaric.
Nowadays, they put you under anesthesia.
Did something happen to you while you were sedated? I was raped.
One day, about a month into treatment, I woke up to a man on top of me.
I tried fighting back, but I was so groggy I couldn't stop him.
Next time, he didn't bother sedating me.
He knew I was powerless.
Said I belonged to him.
Do you know who that man was? Bob Mitchell.
The pastor of the Covenant Church? Oh, please.
That place isn't a church.
It's a cult.
The women are completely submissive to their husbands.
Like they're brainwashed.
Do you know this man? Jeremy.
We were inpatients together.
Did he ever get ECT? Probably.
Most patients did.
We should check Lillie's file.
I told my parents.
But Bob denied it and so did Intentions.
They took their word over mine.
Addicts lie, right? Who would believe me? I believe you.
Thank you.
Lillie's patient file said she had ECT twice at Intentions One two months ago, another two weeks ago.
We've been looking at Lillie as an accomplice.
Maybe she's just a pawn in all this.
Where's Bob now? Kristin said he's not at the church.
His phone's still turned off.
Get her and Ortiz out to his house.
Tell them we're right behind.
Kristin? Ortiz? We're in the kitchen.
Shooting's a new MO for Jeremy.
Why waste time stabbing his victims if he already had a gun? Neighbor wasn't much help.
Heard yelling, didn't see anyone suspicious.
We get protection on Pat? PD can't find her at the church.
She's not answering her cell, and her car is gone.
Found these in the bedroom safe.
9 millimeter.
Bob was shot with his own gun.
Definitely not a suicide.
Anyone tamper with the safe? No.
Whoever opened it knew the code.
Had to be Pastor Pat.
Yeah, but why? Maybe she found out about the rapes.
Decided to get revenge on Bob herself.
- Not very Christlike.
- Or practical.
She knew that we were suspicious of him, so why didn't she just turn him in to us? Have to be because she had something to gain.
You think Pat's been the woman behind the curtain this whole time? I think if she is, she picked the perfect spot.
Where is that? In a cult of submissive women.
Hiding in plain sight.
Right, Bob? This might be chilly.
Who are you? Where's Jeremy? Don't waste another thought on him, dear.
Be still.
They're all the same, these men of ours.
They know nothing of sacrifice, pain, of creating life where there was none.
But you do.
I don't I can't be pregnant.
I've been monitoring your blood draws at Intentions weekly.
I just had to be sure.
Now we have proof.
But it's not possible.
I've never Jeremy and I He wanted to wait.
I You seriously never questioned why a pastor was there during your ECT? You can tell me.
Deep down, you wanted my husband, didn't you? Show some gratitude.
Not everyone is given such a blessing.
Some of us have to take it for ourselves.
What'd you find on Pat Mitchell? That her name's not Pat Mitchell.
She assumed a new identity when she moved from Texas to New York 15 years ago.
Her real name's Vivian Daniels.
Vivian the vitamin lady? Ex-girlfriend of yours? My aunt was a VitaJuvenate consultant in the '90s.
She worked her way up to Trainer's Tier.
Was that English just now? VitaJuvenate is a wellness company founded by Pat as Vivian.
Officially, they sold supplements.
Yeah, Hana's right.
It was supplements, but they built their business on recruitment.
So it was a pyramid scheme? Yeah, according to these lawsuits I found.
Well, it's pretty hard to make a lawsuit work when your defendant disappears.
And then when the company crumbled, my aunt was left with a warehouse full of useless inventory.
Meanwhile, Pat fled with millions.
To start a cult? Well, she didn't start it.
Bob founded Covenant in the '90s.
But it wasn't until he met Pat that it financially started taking off.
Pat recognized the value in making Bob's message palatable to women.
"Wives, submit to your husbands" sounds of hell of a lot less misogynistic coming out of a woman's mouth than a man's.
So she became a wolf in sheep's clothing and started the grift all over again.
Only instead of vitamins, now she's selling "the good ol' days.
" Hm.
It's the financial part that's genius.
The scam is baked into the cult's ideology.
The donors make the money, which then they tithe to Covenant.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
Brooklyn PD just got a call.
Shooting at Intentions Rehab.
Kristin, with me.
He was aiming for my heart.
Who was? Ken.
He said it was time, that Bob called the Journey.
What journey? To where it ends.
The world? It's only for the Chosen Circle.
The chance to discard our bodily shells to achieve salvation.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Slow down, slow down.
If Ken booked a ticket to the end of the world, why didn't you go with him? 'Cause this morning I found this.
It's the missing blood test from Lillie's file.
She's pregnant.
The Prophecy requires the marriage of a virgin to the anointed one.
When Ken said it was time, that it was Lillie, I knew it couldn't be true.
I tried to convince Ken.
I showed him Lillie's pregnancy results, but he wouldn't believe me.
Okay, Barb.
I need you to calm down and tell me where did Ken go? To the marriage supper of the lamb.
Revelation says, "For the wedding of the lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.
" The pill dispenser's been cleaned out.
The system says 100,000 milligrams of phenobarbital's missing.
A marriage between a virginal bride, and an anointed lamb.
It's Lillie and Jeremy's wedding.
A Phenobarbital feast.
Bob's followers are planning a mass suicide.
Toll cams caught Ken going south on I-95.
Which is where we're headed.
We're gonna need specifics.
The Covenant owns a ton of property.
I'm trying to narrow it down.
Pat had everyone under her thumb, parishioners, Jeremy, Bob, just like with VitaJuvenate.
But the walls were closing in, so Pat has Jeremy kill everyone who could expose her.
Including convincing her followers to kill themselves.
Mm, the power of brainwashing.
To them, it's not death.
It's the promise of eternal life.
But she learned from her past mistakes.
This time, there'll be no witnesses to her grift.
No one left alive to sue her.
What verse did Barb cite for Pat's prophecy? Something from Revelation.
- I got it.
- What? The horse ranch in Jersey, the one Mel told us about? It's owned by a shell corp called Rev197.
Call Ortiz and Jersey State Police.
Tell them to hurry.
As the Prophecy foretold, our Journey from this earthly plane begins with this sacred marriage covenant.
Faithful ones, our time has come to ascend to eternal life.
The preparation of the blood and the wedding of the chosen.
The preparation of the blood and the wedding of the chosen.
FBI! Hands in the air! Right now.
Where is she? - Where's Pat? - She's with Bob.
He called the Prophecy and the journey has begun.
I don't think so, pal.
Bob's dead.
Don't listen to him.
Bob warned us of a false prophet.
Nobody's drinking any wine cooler today.
Back away from the table.
I said back up! Listen, I know what it's like to believe in something, to need it so bad.
I felt the same way when my brother died.
But I'm telling you right now, this isn't it.
Bob is dead because Pat killed him.
And your chosen one is an ex-con currently wanted for four murders.
And the bride who's supposed to kick this whole highway-to-heaven off? Well, how can I put this without ruffling your feathers? Your virgin's knocked up.
So where's Pat? Bob and Pat are with the bride and the anointed one now in the Chamber.
You mean the storage room? The Chamber! No Pat, no Lillie.
Jeremy's in there dead on the floor.
Shot in the head.
He's lying.
The Prophecy is real! - The - Ken.
I'm gonna ask you once last time.
Where's Pat? And where did she take Lillie? I don't know.
We thought they were in there.
FBI! Stop right there! Hello, Vivian.
I'll take that.
Get your hands off me.
FBI! It's okay, it's okay.
Is anybody else here? I got her.
Clear! Lillie.
Where are they taking her? Where are they taking my baby? Your baby? That's a good one, Viv.
You know, I'm curious.
The gospel according to, well, you, says a woman's sole job is to bear her husband's child.
So why didn't you ever have kids? It's because you can't, right? That's sad.
I'll give you that.
But you can't blame yourself.
It's not your fault.
But you know what is your fault? Everything else.
You could tolerate Bob pretending to run the church you built, you could even stomach all of the other horrible things he was doing, but when he gave another woman a baby? Oh, that's when you lost your mind.
But you know what I can't figure out? What was the plan in all of this? Hide out with Lillie till she gave birth? Then kill her and start a new con as a doting mother? I was saving them.
Oh, please.
You were saving yourself.
You just couldn't leave without the money.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You forced Bob to wire the church's money to a Sally Sullivan.
Then you used that same name to rent a car, which was really dumb.
You should've gone with a clunker.
These SUVs, they all have GPS now.
Led us right to you.
Sally Sullivan.
I bet it was expensive to look this cheap.
Good luck in prison.
Plenty of souls to save there.
Right, Pastor? - Yes! Take that.
- All right.
Hana's on fire, okay.
But it ain't over until it's over.
Check this out, people.
Oh! Oh.
I told you.
- More drinks? - Sure.
As far as buy-ins go, this is great.
Weapons and alcohol.
What could possibly go wrong? Oh, another round here, please.
- Thanks.
- You got it.
All right, question for you.
Your brother.
What about him? Can I ask? Oh, I just assumed when you guys were vetting me the other day, somebody told you.
No, but if it's not something you wanna No, I don't mind.
I, uh I like talking about him.
His name was Mikey.
And he was the baby of the family.
Smart, funny, the shining star.
Senior year of high school, he's 18 years old and headed to Syracuse on a baseball scholarship.
He goes down to Florida on spring break with his buddies.
They go to a bar.
His buddies lose track of him and he doesn't go back to the hotel that night.
So eventually, I call the cops.
My parents are freaking out.
They hop the first flight to Miami.
And 3:00 that afternoon, Fort Lauderdale PD bring in a guy for questioning.
Larry Michael Davis.
Transient, criminal record.
He had been seen hassling Mikey outside the bar that night.
Mm, did they arrest him? No.
Detectives let him go.
Said they didn't have enough to hold him.
Couple hours later, PD find Mikey dead in Davis' tent.
Stabbed three times.
His wallet and watch were missing.
They tried to tell us that he had been dead since the night before, but I never bought it.
They screwed up.
Mikey was still alive when they let Davis go.
And he went back And he killed my little brother.
I'm sorry.
It changed my life, you know.
After Mikey I just I just got real.
Three months later, I was at Quantico, and I've been with the bureau ever since.
That's why you do what you do.
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
Every bad guy I catch I do it for him.
Well, that is some excellent timing.
Here you go.
Enough with the sad stories.
Let's get back to business.
- Who's up? - You and Kristin.
All right, let's do this.
Come on, champ.

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