FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e18 Episode Script


Hey, honey.
Did you check the top drawer? Actually, you know what? I might've left it by the barbeque.
Okay, great.
Yeah, leaving the office in about 30.
Love you.
Are you JohnDoe12? And you're the famous Art Weller.
Famous is kind of an overstatement.
No, no, no.
To me, you're very, very famous.
Okay, well How I usually do this is just jump right in.
Are you ready? Of course.
I also like to get right to it.
You always walk to work? I live in Brooklyn, so that would be a hike.
I take the subway.
You? My car's in the shop, so I figured I'd hoof it today for the exercise.
Nice running into you though.
Maybe we could make this a thing.
- Yeah.
- Agent Gibson.
My name is Anthony Esposito.
I'm a PI doing some work for a lawyer.
As they keep reminding me, "barrister.
" Relax, it's just this.
Instructions were to hand deliver it.
Apparently, the New Zealand lawyer couldn't find me, so he hired a PI to track me down.
Did you know she was in New Zealand? No, not really.
I mean, I knew I was part Maori, so I guess it makes sense.
So when you sent that email What email? A few months ago, I reached out to my birth mom.
Decided I finally wanted to meet her.
Now I guess I know why she never replied.
The lawyer was tracking her email and I'm in the will, so here we are.
She left her 50 grand.
Ugh, I don't care about the money.
- No, of course not.
- Hello? That's a lot to process.
You think you'll call the lawyer? I don't know.
I haven't made any decisions yet.
- I think I need some time.
- Yup.
- Thanks.
- That was C.
High profile homicide in Washington.
Senator Lundell of Virginia personally asked that we take over the manhunt from Metro police.
Who's the victim? Didn't say, jet's ready to go, but apparently this is a sensitive case.
Gonna take another hour for them to get the clearances to send us the file.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Why don't we do this? - You stay here, wait for the file, take a minute to process that letter, we'll head down to DC, and you can catch up with us.
Sound like a plan? That works.
Thank you.
I hope they have snacks on the plane.
- I'm starving.
- They don't.
I like the little cheese crackers and, you know, bags of pretzels.
- What'd Hana say? - She's on her way.
Hitching a ride with some DOJ bigwigs.
- File come through yet? - Still downloading.
She said they added extra encryption.
Not what I expected when I heard high profile case in DC.
Maybe the senator requested us because he's related to the victim? I don't think that's it.
Oh, joy, the internal asshat squad is here.
You gonna be looking over our shoulders all day? - Sorry to disappoint.
- We're not IA.
We got this, Sergeant.
Enjoy your crime scene.
All right, victim's name is Art Weller.
He was a journalist for the "Washington Star Tribune.
" Army veteran.
Married, no kids.
Senator Lundell was working with him on a story about DC Metro police corruption.
That explains the warm welcome.
Do we have a crime scene report? - Yeah.
- No prints other than Weller's.
Blunt trauma to the neck.
Some kind of sharp object, probably a knife, shredded both deltoids, his biceps, - and cut his cephalic vein.
- Fugitive hit him in the throat so he couldn't yell for help.
Then cut his muscles so he couldn't fight.
That's why there's no signs of struggle.
He could've known his attacker or maybe opened the door for someone he thought looked official like an employee.
- Or a cop.
- Yeah.
- Was his carotid sliced? - No.
And none of his wounds were fatal.
In fact, cause of death was blood loss.
His death was slow.
They wanted him to suffer.
- He.
- He wanted him to suffer.
Preliminary reports says he was also raped.
We've got DNA, but no matches yet.
- Could've been consensual.
- Internet hookup gone wrong.
Married man in a seedy motel room.
You know, I didn't see any security cameras.
We have any witnesses? Well, apparently the cops canvassed the motel, but of course, nobody saw a thing.
If we're dealing with corrupt cops, we have to double-check those statements.
Have Hana pull Weller's cell records.
We need to find out why this guy was here.
Do we have a list of what the police took into evidence? Yeah, says here they only took his body.
So where's his computer? Let's talk to Weller's wife.
Ortiz, grab Hana and see what you can dig up at his office.
Roger that.
Motel room.
It must've been for work.
Sometimes his sources didn't want to meet in public.
We're looking into his work, but Mrs.
Weller, sometimes people feel the need to hide their sexuality, especially in the army.
I told you Art wasn't gay, and if he was, it wouldn't be a secret.
His brother's gay and his family is very supportive.
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna have to tell his family.
It would be helpful if we understood Art's personal life.
Is it possible he was seeing someone else? Male or female? An affair? No.
For ten years, he's been home every night.
It's one of the reasons why he left the army because we love spending time together.
- Yeah, deployments are hard.
- I understand.
Had you noticed over the past few weeks that he'd been behaving differently at all? Not really.
I mean, he's always worried about his stories.
And there was one in particular recently - On police corruption.
- Yes.
- Had he been threatened? - I don't think so, but he was worried that powerful people could get upset.
He didn't say too much to me, but I know he did talk about it with Chris.
- And who's Chris? - Ashtels.
His best friend from his army days.
That's him.
They went to dinner last week and got into some argument.
Then Art came home and was really upset.
- What'd they argue about? - Art wouldn't say.
- Chris a journalist too? - No, he runs a nonprofit.
He's a very Christian man.
His foundation helps at-risk youth.
Just when you think you've seen it all.
- You guys sure it was Art? - Yeah, we are.
- Oh, man.
- He was a hell of a reporter.
The kind every editor dreams about, but even better, he was a good person.
Cared about the truth.
Not the truth where you cherry-pick facts, but the actual, strip it all back and let the chips fall truth, truth.
Yeah, we're gonna need access to his computer.
Do you know what stories he was working on? Here it was Covid relief fraud and cop corruption.
- You said here.
- Did he work somewhere else? Journalism's a dog with three of its legs shot out.
Art also wrote for the blogs, "Weatherly Post" and "DC Renaissance.
" You think one of his stories got him killed? Got it.
People aren't always happy to be confronted with the truth, are they? Look, don't delete anything.
I know I sound like a vulture, but someone's gonna write about this and I'd rather it be me.
- So keep me in the loop, huh? - Sure.
His phone was a bust.
Maybe he keeps his appointments on here.
Weekly poker night, couple of lunches Doesn't seem like he kept his schedule here.
What about his story files? Kristin and Remy are gonna interview Art's best friend.
- Mm-hmm.
- Check this out.
These are the dates and times the files were last accessed.
He hasn't touched his Covid or police corruption stories in weeks.
So if he's not working on this, what is he working on? That must be his wife.
He's looking pretty serene for a guy who might've just committed murder.
Secret affair with his best friend doesn't exactly fit his family values brand.
He'd have a lot to lose if Art wanted to come out.
Hey, hey! Everybody down! - Everybody down! - Down, now! Run! Everybody down.
- Stay down.
Stay low.
- Run, run.
- Run, move! - Get down! No! No, please! Please, please.
- He's dead.
- Come here.
Come here, come here.
You, you, you.
Put some pressure on it.
Call 911.
Second floor.
I thought I saw something.
- Drive.
- Drive! No prints on the sniper rifle.
He must've been wearing gloves.
But not a mask.
ERT says he must've rested his cheek on the rifle sight.
They ran a rapid DNA test.
It came back a match for the rape.
All right, that's our guy, but who the hell is he? Well, the only thing that Weller and Ashtels have in common is their army unit.
I'm gonna start a deep dive on the other members.
I've got units who just set up here.
If our guy made it to University Boulevard, he could've gone either way on the 495.
Anything from the airship? Not yet.
Appreciate your help.
- Too many roads.
- Too many black Hondas.
Our fugitive's probably way past the checkpoints.
- This guy's had training.
- I mean, he scoped the location.
It was a perfect kill shot Clean and accurate.
Maybe he's someone from their army unit.
Could be their unit's designated marksman, but sometimes snipers get assigned to units for just one or two missions, so - You're military, right? - Naval intelligence? - Yeah.
- I know you read my file.
The parts that weren't redacted.
- Right.
- What'd you do? - You get clearance for that? - Well, I'll never tell you.
Battle planning.
You know who else has sniper training? Cops.
I was thinking the same thing.
So if this is about Weller's police corruption article, why kill Ashtels? Maybe Weller told him something he shouldn't have and our guy is tying up loose end.
I don't know.
Or maybe this isn't about the article.
You know, our unsub may not be our unsub for much longer.
Well, it looks like it's covering the parking lot.
Best case, we get a picture of the top of his head.
Looks like it's covering the cars and the windows.
If we're lucky, maybe it caught a reflection.
- Nice catch.
- Look at you.
Let's go see.
Please let me go.
You can have my car.
I won't call the cops.
You would trade your car for your life.
Yeah, of course.
What else would you trade? Whatever you want.
I have about 60 bucks.
I can go to an ATM.
People think it's the most important thing in the world.
You can have all of it.
What if I took your money and your life? Americans don't play by the rules.
Why should I? I don't know what you're talking about Of course you don't! You people, all high and mighty You say one thing and then you do another.
And then And you lie about it.
I am sick of the lies.
How's it going? Sifting through school internet traffic from the sniper's nest.
You feel like he used their Wi-Fi? Well, it's not password protected.
My guess is he showed up before they started work, so he had some time to kill.
Remy and Kristin have our fugitive's face.
Now we just need a name.
Lab says the serial number on our guy's rifle was sanded off, but they're working on restoring it.
Hey, check this out.
Someone was searching Kellerman Keycards.
That could've been for the school, right? I don't know.
Whoever it was was using internet on their phone, but the numbers don't belong to any of the teachers.
The cell is off so we can't track it.
Okay, Kellerman Keycard systems are used in universities, hospitals, utility plants.
Is there any way we can narrow down - what system he was looking at? - Not that I can see.
We have a fugitive.
Farzad Mullah.
Recently arrived from Afghanistan.
All right, I'll text Remy and Kristin.
So this isn't about Weller's cop corruption story.
I doubt it.
Farzad was an Afghani interpreter for Weller and Ashtels' army unit ten years ago.
He was promised refuge in the U.
, but never got it.
So how is he here now? He came with the evacuation of Kabul in August 2021, but his family was left behind.
He's going after people he feels like used him.
Wait, the keycard system he was researching is also used by government facilities.
- Like army bases? - Where they store weapons? Yeah.
- Great.
- He's just getting started.
So what are we thinking? Farzad's going after the army guys - he worked with in Afghanistan.
- He probably feels betrayed.
Like our whole country turned its back on him.
- I agree.
- We promised those interpreters we'd take care of them when they signed up, and even though Farzad made it out, he had to leave his family behind.
So I can see how that would be upsetting.
Forensics recovered three digits from the serial number on the rifle that he sanded off.
Okay, we've got no record of this guy buying the gun.
So where'd he get it? All right, I just got off the phone with immigration.
They say Farzad was assigned to live in a house with other refugees in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.
Perth Amboy.
Can you put together a list of gun dealers near there that sell any Brownings with that number sequence in the last, I don't know, nine months? - On it.
- Since Farzad came by himself, ICE put him with a roommate, Sharif Dawari.
- He was a butcher in Kandahar.
- Butcher, huh? Maybe that's how he taught Farzad to slice up his first victim so efficiently.
Hey, got something.
A gun retailer in Edison sells Brownings with similar serial numbers.
It could be where he got the sniper rifle from.
All right, wheels up for Jersey.
Kind of sounds like a Springsteen song, huh? All right, you guys cover Sharif.
Hana and I will take the gun store.
Baby, we were born to run.
Some nights, Farzad did not come home.
I thought he might have a secret job.
Why would a job be secret? We take any job we can find.
Restaurant is good, liquor store if we must, but there is also work at the clubs The kind where women dance.
But I don't think he would take that job.
Farzad have family he love very much.
He sounds traditional.
Things are very different here.
Boys and girls going to school My daughter loves school too until the Taliban, but she would not believe me when I tell her I met female FBI agent.
Well, would you mind showing us Farzad's bedroom? We share the room.
I thought the Taliban was modernizing.
Now they want to be recognized as Afghanistan's leadership.
Well, they claim they'll allow girls to continue going to school and women to continue working, but clearly that's a lie.
My daughter dreams of becoming scientist like the Afghan girls science design team.
They created very special freezer Light, easy to build, easy to move, so that vaccines can be distributed in countries like ours.
She dreams of being like these girls.
You came here to make a path for your daughter.
For my whole family.
It is a pain I shared with Farzad, but what he is doing, he is not who I believed him to be.
Did Farzad have friends, other people who do think violence is the answer? Everyone I know is peaceful.
In our community, we help each other to embrace our new lives.
We show each other how to get toilet paper, to buy phone, to know how much bus ticket cost.
That's a big adjustment coming here from Afghanistan.
Americans have been kind.
We have a friend, GI Joe.
When we need something we cannot get for ourselves, GI Joe helps us.
How about guns? I have no need for those things, but some of us work in bad places like the clubs and have to walk home late at night.
- How you doing? - We'll need the names of anyone who purchased a Browning sniper rifle in the last six months.
- You got a warrant? - Shouldn't be hard to get especially since you just sold ammunition to that woman without checking her FID.
Kristin says a guy named GI Joe might've helped Farzad get the rifle.
Upgrade your computer system so you can properly record all your buyer's FIDs, yeah? Joe Gomez? DMV says he relocated to Arizona five months ago.
Jonah Simpson.
- Dead.
- Heart attack three months ago.
Joseph Haas.
"The Honda Farzad jacked was just found abandoned at Amtrak's long-term parking in Newark.
" - This Joseph Haas? - He lives in Union.
It's about 20 minutes from there.
I think this is our guy.
- Why? - Because he's close? Because he's former army.
- Okay.
- We'll take GI Joe.
Kristin and Ortiz can handle the abandoned car.
- You see who dropped it off? - No.
The interior light was on.
That's how you drain your battery.
So the station attendant made an announcement in case the owner was still here.
Kristin, something's sticking out of the trunk.
We need you to cordon off this area.
- Get M.
and C.
down here.
- Copy.
A- Check this out.
Any idea what that is? No, but that's where Farzad was sitting.
Might be something from his clothes.
- I'll get ERT.
- See what they find.
Hopefully a clue as to where this guy's headed.
Major transportation hub like this, he could be on a train going anywhere.
I'll check ticket purchases, but I assume he bought them in cash.
- Check security footage.
- Let's hope we got lucky.
- I'm sorry.
- I don't know where Joe is.
Did you check Greensboro, North Carolina? - Why would he be there? - Or maybe this week it's Philly, Dayton, or wherever they need AC coils.
I keep calling him, but his phone's off.
Are you moving out? I can't take it anymore.
Things have been rough since August.
- What happened then? - He came home after they pulled the troops out of Afghanistan.
He seems proud of his service.
How long was he there? Five years training Afghan police.
Being there wasn't just a job to him.
He and his best friend, Pete, got up an hour early every morning to play soccer with the local kids before school.
It seems like he really cared about the community.
He felt like he was the only one.
20,000 wounded, almost 2,500 troops killed, including Pete.
20 years and everything they'd built gone in 11 days.
It's a lot of sacrifice.
Joe must've felt like it meant nothing.
It had meaning at the time, but after the pull out, every cop he trained is now a target for the Taliban.
Who'd he blame for the pull out? The government.
He's so mad and I keep trying to help him move forward, but he dropped out of college because he felt judged for his service.
I'm sorry, but I got to take my mom to physical therapy.
Hey, do you mind if we look around a little bit? - We'll lock up.
- Have at it.
Got his laptop.
This is an industrial printer used to print ID cards.
And keycards.
Farzad was researching keycard systems.
So Joe got Farzad a rifle and a keycard.
Why? Anything about keycards? So far it's just directions to AC Wholesales, more work stuff.
Hang on.
Raahul Azizi.
An Afghan author who hates the Taliban.
His most recent book praises the pull out of U.
troops, saying they shouldn't have been there in the first place.
Joe lost his best friend over there.
And reading Azizi must've been a slap in his face.
Remy, he teaches at Harvard.
College campuses issues keycard systems for dorms and classroom buildings.
Right, so no army bases.
I think he and Joe are going after Azizi in Boston.
Okay, class syllabus lists his cell there.
Let me try it.
Why are we doing this? Where are we? What do you want? You think by killing me it would make a difference? I think this will stop the next infidel from poisoning people's minds with lies.
- Lies? - I've only written the truth.
The truth is the army was doing good work and the pull out destroyed that.
You pretend you know what's best for our homeland.
But you're a traitor.
Azizi has social media.
I mean, he has millions of followers, but we could DM him.
Wait, did he just post a video? - No, but he's going live.
- Can you track it? I'm trying, but there's layers of proxies.
He's protecting himself.
He's a high profile dissident.
- A lot of people want him dead.
- That's what I'm afraid of.
Look, he's not the one filming.
He looks like he's been beaten up.
My name is Raahul Azizi.
I am from Afghanistan.
All my life, I've been blind to the truth.
Thank you.
Azizi's TA said he finished his lecture a half hour ago.
Farzad must've grabbed him right after class.
They could've only traveled 25, 30 miles tops.
I'm through one proxy, but this is gonna take a minute.
- Listen.
- What is that? - A street sweeper? - No, that's not it.
There's a rhythm to it.
Do you hear it? Was a betrayal to the people and my family It's a train.
Okay, 25 to 30 mile radius with train tracks.
Look for houses with active construction permits.
That room looks unfinished.
Okay, there's Hyde Park and Readville.
None listed in Hyde Park.
There's six listings in Readville.
Our righteous leaders.
They took the phone they used to broadcast.
Couldn't find the sword either.
There were three sets of fingerprints.
One belonging to Joe, one to Azizi, third one unknown.
I think it's safe to say that it's Farzad.
Do we know who owns this place? - Ganol Builders.
- They bought it to flip it, but they had some permit issues.
They hadn't done work in a month, so they left it standing here vacant.
Makes it easy to break in unnoticed.
Okay, so Farzad went after Weller and Ashtels because he feels abandoned by them.
But Azizi wanted the same thing as Farzad.
He wanted freedom from the Taliban.
So why? Why kill him? Doesn't make any sense with Farzad, but Azizi supporting the pull out means that Joe hated him.
- Local PD is canvasing? - Yeah, but no BOLO.
And they at least have a 20 minute head start.
We're still in it.
The lab ID'd the substance from the carjacked Honda.
It was tree sap from a black maple, which is very rare in the northeast.
So I crosschecked that with where they grow and everything we had on Joe and Farzad.
Now, Joe's grandparents own land next to a black maple grove in Tewksbury.
Could be where Farzad was going when he wasn't at the apartment.
He and Joe could still be there now.
Work with PD on the canvass.
Widen the radius.
The rest of you with me.
There's a container over there.
Let's go check it out.
There it is.
Art Weller's laptop.
Farzad took it after he killed him.
Why? We'll give it to Hana at the MCC.
Looks like he's been crashing here for a while.
Farzad must've connected with Joe pretty soon after he got here.
Computer chip.
You know those can be used to make a backdoor to a bomb? Whatever they were working on, they used a soldering iron.
What the hell's that smell? What is it? Gasoline.
Which can be used to make a homemade IED.
Looks like their planning some kind of bombing.
I think you might be right.
We know Joe got Farzad the sniper rifle, maybe even the sword he used to kill Azizi with.
These two guys are severely pissed off at America.
Farzad feels abandoned.
Joe feels betrayed.
- And now they're escalating.
- Yes.
Or they planned it all along.
Either way, I'm telling you right now.
This is about revenge.
And a bombing on U.
soil is a damn big statement.
How's Weller's laptop coming? Apparently journalists are as hard to crack as the CIA.
I just got a list of his most recent articles.
The most recently accessed is called "Reaper.
" It's an early confessional article about a Reaper drone strike.
Army mistakenly killed 18 civilians and covered it up.
It looks like Weller started writing it when he got an email from his source, JohnDoe12, claiming to have intel.
JohnDoe12 could be who Weller was meeting - the night he was killed.
- Hold on a second.
It says the man in this photo is Farzad Mullah.
Well, that's not him.
If our fugitive isn't Farzad Mullah, - then who the hell is he? - That's a good question.
Whoever he is, he beheads Azizi and is an outspoken activist against the Taliban.
But he snipes Ashtels at the groundbreaking ceremony.
That's a different M.
Ashtels was a sniper in the arm He's tailoring the punishment to the crime.
All right, let's run a comparison search of our fugitive's image in terrorist propaganda videos.
- Something is bothering you.
- Has been since the professor.
I've killed a lot of soldiers.
I've just never murdered a man.
In a war like this, there are no civilians.
We silenced the voice that poisoned people against us.
Now we finish the job and silence the future.
You're right.
These kids, they don't understand the sacrifices we've made.
They've never been committed to a cause.
We were committed.
Doesn't matter if you were a translator, a soldier, or a sniper.
You were just a translator, right? Who trained you to snipe? The sword, beheading Azizi You didn't hesitate.
It's almost like you've done it before.
You hate America for what it did.
I feel the same way.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Will this be a problem? No.
You get your target.
I get mine.
Okay, our fugitive's name is Badi Wazeer.
He's Taliban.
That's why he went after Azizi.
Okay, it says here Wazeer's entire village was destroyed in the 2012 drone strike, the one Weller was writing about.
They took out six Taliban fighters but also 18 civilians, totally violating the rules of engagement.
- And then covering it up.
- So JohnDoe12 is Wazeer.
He must've known that Weller was the one who ordered that drone strike.
Looks like Weller was gonna post the Reaper article on Monday, but there's another article in his outbox that was written after he died.
Wazeer must've written this.
"By now your precious Sons of Liberty are dead at the hands of the Taliban.
" He's planning a large-scale attack just like we thought.
You said it was in his outbox.
Why wouldn't it have been sent? It's scheduled to send for today at noon.
So we got less than an hour to stop a potential terrorist attack.
A few lines down he writes, "Bush and Obama bear witness to the horror you brought upon yourselves.
" Past presidents involved in Afghan war.
Who both went to Harvard, which is in Cambridge.
Let's focus our search there.
A Taliban soldier and an army vet working together.
Yeah, they're unified in their hatred of America.
Now that we know he's Taliban, we need to reevaluate his targets.
I'm not seeing any events at Harvard, but there is a Women in STEM conference at MIT.
The Afghan girls science design team will be there.
A public celebration of Afghan women and their achievements.
I mean, it's symbolic, right? As a son, Wazeer hates us for killing his family.
And as a Taliban, he hates these young women and the progress they stand for.
- How far is MIT? - Ten minutes tops.
- Thank you, ladies.
- What an amazing presentation.
Everyone's wearing jackets.
Half the crowd could be hiding a bomb.
Guys, that drone looks modified.
Part of the competition? I got eyes on Joe.
There's got to be at least two operators! Remy, that's Joe's company vehicle.
Joe's down.
The controller's not responding.
We can't figure out how to stop the drone.
They programmed a system override.
- Hana.
- I'm trying.
Try harder.
Hana, it's coming this way.
All victims have been transported to the hospital.
- Thanks, guys.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, you did great.
- Thanks.
- Hana.
I mean it.
- I know.
- I'm sorry.
I'm a little distracted.
I've been thinking about my birth mom and how we'll never meet.
It's just sad.
Are your parents around? My dad's dead but my mom's here in New York.
- She has Alzheimer's.
- I'm sorry.
I feel guilty I haven't seen her yet.
I think I'd rather remember her for who she was than see what she's become.
You're just saying that to make me feel better.
No, I'm just saying memories can be very powerful.
I know you never met your birth mom, but I'm sure you have this image of her in your mind.
And I'm sure it's pretty great.
Maybe that's enough.
You're right.
What if I had met her and she turned out to be some horrible person? That would suck.
You should go see your mom.
And you should take the 50 grand.
It'd be rude not to.
I will if you will.
Hana, can you get that? Save some hot water for me.
Yeah, can we help you? Hey, yeah, um, I'm sorry to bother you, but I Yeah, we're not buying anything.
- No, no, no, hold on.
- Um I'm your brother.
Well, your half brother.
- But still, I'm - Yeah, okay, buddy.
- Move along.
- No, no, no, hang on.
Hana Hana Gibson, right? Mom's lawyer, she gave me your address.
It means, hello.
I finally found you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers.
Hey, scroll through.
That's Auckland.
- Oh.
- I love it.
But I came here for my OE a few years back - and I haven't been back since.
- What's OE? - Overseas experience.
- It's a Kiwi thing.
Yeah, you guys call it a gap year.
You know, when mom's lawyer told me that you're an FBI agent, I thought he was yanking my chain.
So what's it like? - It's really hard - Yeah.
- But really awesome.
- Mm.
That's probably why you thought I was so sus.
Don't worry.
I'ma break you guys in.
- You dating my sister? - No.
- Just roommates.
- Too bad.
- Do you play rugby? - No.
Oh, too bad again.
You know, I play every Sunday at Brooklyn Bridge Park.
You should come out.
Look like you could bust some heads.
Oh, my God.
What? Is that mom? Yeah.
She would've loved to have met you.
She's beautiful.
And smart.
Smart like you wouldn't believe.
You know, when I was in high school, we went to the glowworm caves.
Here, I have an album.
Hey, man, can I get another? Yeah.
Oh, check it out.
So this boat was so wobbly, I thought we were gonna fall over at any minute.
So mom decides it's a smart idea to freak everyone out and start taking pictures while stepping on the boat.
- Look at her face.
- Oh, my God.

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