FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e19 Episode Script

Whack Job

1 Cell phone accessories, nail polish, $200 on a haircut! It wasn't just a cut.
It was a color too.
You don't need it! Spend the money on some decent food so I'm not eating the same crap every day.
I hate you! Oh, now you've done it.
Get away from me! Police.
Open up.
Open up.
Everything all right in here? Yeah.
Mind if we step in? What's going on? He had a knife.
He wanted to cut me.
She was the one throwing things at me.
- No, no.
He was the one who - All right.
All right.
First thing we do Take it down, all right? No more yelling.
You hurt? No.
- You? - No.
- But she ruined my shirt, that - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
You two keep it up, we can take you both in.
No, it's okay.
Things just got a little overheated, that's all.
I ran your priors on the way over here.
You didn't have any.
You sorry for what you did? Yeah.
Say it.
- I'm sorry.
- No, say it to your wife.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
All right.
That's my cell, and the number of St.
Andrew's is on the back.
They have a shelter if you ever need a time out.
Okay? Okay.
All right, let's go.
We'll call it a 10-90 unfounded.
You always make apologies part of your calls? I never go for the cuffs right away.
First thing on a domestic, I diffuse the situation, look for common ground.
Be three moves ahead.
And I like it when people play nice.
All units, Sector Alert.
10-53 Harry on the 2200 block of East Corlent Street.
Light it up.
Let's go.
That's not our sector, though.
That hit and run's on my street.
Oh, my God.
That looks like Bailey! Oh.
She's my daughter.
Bailey, can you hear me? What happened? Neighbor said a speeding car hit her from behind.
Jumped the curb and hit her.
Oh, my God.
I'll ride in the car with her.
Can you do me a favor and go check on Larry? He should be home.
It's weird he's not here with all this going on.
Don't worry.
It's gonna be okay.
All right? I promise you.
Got her? All right.
Larry? Larry? This is Janine's partner, Justin.
You here? Bailey's got an emergency Claire Bear.
How you doing, big brother? You look good, kiddo.
You do too.
How is it being back? Great.
I'm still settling in, but I'm getting there.
Last time I was here, there was a foot of snow.
Took me three hours to shovel the walk.
Last Christmas.
I remember.
We have an alarm now? In Fieldston? It's for Mom.
Lets me know if she opens the door.
She can be a bit of a roamer.
Come on.
She's in here.
She's excited to see you.
Look who's here, Mom.
Hi, Mom.
How are you? Michael? No.
Michael's dead.
It's me, Remy.
I got these for you Your favorite tulips.
Remember? Did you hit another home run today? I don't play baseball.
That was Mikey.
You were always so good.
It's me, Remy, your oldest son.
I just moved back to New York.
It I need to take a nap.
Mother, no.
You just woke up.
Well, I'm tired and I don't wanna miss my program later.
Let me help you.
I don't need any help.
I'm not a baby.
This is bad, Claire.
Why didn't you tell me? I didn't want you to worry.
She doesn't even know who I am.
You can't take it personally.
The memories are there.
She just can't always access them.
And anything unfamiliar upsets her.
This is work.
I have to go.
Don't be mad.
I'm not.
I'm not, Claire.
I just I gotta go.
Victim on the left is Larry Lewis.
He was shot dead in his home in Sheepshead Bay about an hour and a half ago.
On the right is his 16-year-old daughter Bailey.
Apparently, she was there when it happened.
She tried to run and whoever did this chased her down and ran her over with a blue Lexus sedan.
She's currently in critical condition at Brooklyn Hospital.
Why is this case ours? Because Larry Lewis is really Ralph Fazzini.
He's been in federal witness protection since 2013.
They relocated him here from Long Beach, California.
Something about a racketeering case on the docks.
Marshals HQ reached out for an assist.
Let's get some intel on the situation.
Anything on our fugitive? NYPD pulled this from the neighbor's doorbell cam.
The driver appears to be a white female, mid-30s.
She kills the dad, then goes out of her way to take out the kid? I ran the plates on the Lexus.
They were stolen two nights ago in Brooklyn.
Crazy question: any chance this woman's the wife? No.
That would be Officer Janine Viano.
She works out of the 64th precinct in Brooklyn.
She was on patrol with her partner when this all went down.
A cop married to a former criminal.
Don't see that every day.
Kristin and I will reach out to her.
You two take the crime scene.
Everything all right? Yeah, I was just texting with my sister.
I saw my mom this morning.
She's getting worse.
It was kind of a shock.
I'm sorry.
Let's just go.
Bailey's been in surgery for three hours.
No one's telling me anything.
I know this is a difficult time, but we need to talk now.
Yeah, of course.
So you and Larry met in Brooklyn not that long ago.
Bailey is your adopted daughter.
You guys are good.
Did Larry ever tell you anything about his life in California? Before we met, he lived in Jersey.
Larry's real name is Ralph Fazzini.
He's been in federal witness protection for nine years.
I think you must have him mixed up with someone else.
My Larry's from Cape May.
His first wife, Bailey's mom, died of breast cancer.
Did you ever meet any of his family in Cape May? No.
Look, we're sorry to lay all this on you, especially right now, but your husband was arrested for wire fraud and extortion in 2013.
What? Oh.
Why didn't he tell me? Probably because you're a cop.
Was your husband in any trouble recently? Stressed out about something? A girlfriend on the side, maybe? No.
That's not the Larry I knew.
Okay, well, the person who shot him and ran your daughter over was a woman.
Do you know who that is? No.
I don't.
I wish we had a better picture of that bitch.
Larry was a good husband and a good father.
I want to find whoever did this to my family and I know you want justice But don't make things worse.
Bailey needs you now more than ever.
- Yeah.
- Okay? Yeah.
Thank you.
We're sorry for your loss, officer.
You let us know if there's anything we can do.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
The door wasn't closed all the way.
I came in, Larry didn't answer when I called him.
I walked through, came here, found Larry dead on the floor.
Your partner ever mention any legal troubles with her husband? No.
Not that I know of.
Any problems with her daughter at all? Just the normal teenage stuff, you know? Grades, TikTok, that kind of thing.
Did CSU check this door? Not yet.
It was unlocked.
It could be how the shooter gained entry.
Make sure to dust it for prints.
Your people canvass the block for witnesses? The doorbell cam footage we sent you is all we got.
My task force will run point here, but let's keep each other in the loop.
Not a problem.
How's the girl? Last I heard, she was in surgery.
We'll post an officer outside her room.
This looks like a broken HID headlight.
Standard equipment on a Lexus.
We'll get CSU to bag it.
Let's update the BOLO too.
If that car has a broken headlight, it'll be easy to spot.
We'll alert local body shops.
Thank you.
So I got some more details on the Ralph Fazzini of it all.
He flipped on about a half dozen union officials down at Port of Long Beach.
Everyone he testified against served major time.
There were death threats against him and his daughter.
Well, if his cover was blown, it could be payback.
We'll get in touch with the organized crime squad, see who's dirty down on the Brooklyn docks.
Jersey too.
There's tons of shipping traffic across the harbor.
Look at you.
New York.
148 covers.
It thinned out a bit after 8:00.
Restaurant week starts Monday.
Let's take reservations at the bar.
We'll be swamped.
You think Stella can handle that? You're the one that hired her.
Damn video's out again.
I'll call them in the morning.
I hate this damn thing.
My Uber's here.
You want a ride? Yeah.
- See you tomorrow.
- Goodnight.
Come on.
What'd you forget this time? - Whoa.
- Sorry to bother you, sir.
We got a 911 call about two guys tampering with the service entrance in the alley.
I'll need to check that out from inside.
It's through the kitchen.
I didn't hear anything back here.
Yeah, well, better safe than sorry.
Everything seems copacetic.
She's a very lucky girl.
Is she aware of what happened to her father? Her mom was here last night when she came up from the ICU.
She went home to change out of her uniform while Bailey was still sedated.
Do you think Bailey could handle some questions? We'll go easy.
Hi, Bailey.
There's some people here to see you.
I'm Kristin.
This is Remy.
We're with the FBI.
We've got some questions for you if that's okay.
How you feeling, Bailey? Sleepy.
So sorry about your dad.
Do you think you can tell us what happened? I'll try.
Do you remember yesterday morning? Yeah.
I was in my room.
I heard something downstairs Two loud pops.
Did you hear any voices first? No.
I ran down.
I saw my dad On the floor.
Then what happened? The lady, she shot at me.
So I ran outside.
Do you know her? No.
I can remember her face though.
Why'd she kill him? He didn't do anything to her.
I think we should let her rest now.
Just one more thing.
If you could tell us why you weren't at school yesterday 'Cause the teachers had meetings.
You did great, Bailey.
We're gonna make sure you get extra Jell-O for as long as you're here.
- I hate Jell-O.
- You hear that, doc? No Jell-O.
Thanks, Bailey.
Lady came in a few hours before you called.
She had her boss's Lexus.
Said he hit a deer up in the Hamptons.
I popped in a new headlight for her.
- Did you get her name? - Nah.
She seemed real stressed about getting the car right back to him.
Whole repair took about ten minutes.
Let me guess.
She paid cash? Yup.
I did snap a pic of a VIN number.
- Can I get a photo of that? - Mm-hmm.
Thanks, man.
Appreciate it.
No problem, man.
Kyra McCall.
Her DMV photo is consistent with the doorbell cam grab.
We got a name and a possible photo off the VIN number on the Lexus.
- Address? - There's two.
One business, one residential.
All right.
You and Ortiz cover the one closest to you.
That's her apartment in Tribeca.
Text me the business address.
Kristin and I will head over.
Agents Scott and Gaines.
Fugitive Task Force.
- What's up? - What happened here? The owner, a gentleman named Tripp Anderson, was murdered last night.
Busboy found him in the kitchen when he opened up.
Gunshot? His throat was slashed sometime after the restaurant closed last night.
Any signs of forced entry? No, but their video security was down, so Malfunctioning or disabled? I look like some kinda tech geek? You and me both.
One of the employees here is the fugitive we're looking for, Kyra McCall.
Oh, yeah.
The busboy gave us her name.
What'd she do to get on your naughty list? Shot and killed a man yesterday, ran his daughter over with a car.
Both victims were relocated here by WITSEC.
Might be best to keep a low profile on this while we're tracking down McCall.
Got it.
I'll speak to my chief, let him know the cavalry's arrived.
Any other employees we should know about? The sous chef.
Yeah, by the name of Ramon Acosta.
Helped the owner close last night.
Lives in Harlem.
838 McCutcheon.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Do you think this murder was Kyra's handiwork? I don't believe in coincidences.
Call Ortiz.
Tell him what's going on.
The plates and the gun.
In case you ever need to get in touch.
- Are we good, Janine? - Yeah.
There's a crappy photo of you in your car - Oh, God.
- From the doorbell cam.
But it's nothing to worry about.
You didn't tell me the kid would be home.
She was supposed to be at school.
Well, she wasn't.
I had to improvise.
You did real good, okay? You never leave an eyewitness.
You having buyer's remorse now? After what that bastard did to you? You can kneel down and take it or you can do something about it.
All right? You were right about Tripp all along.
I worked my ass off for him for ten years and he played me.
You know what the FBI told me about Larry? He's a scumbag criminal with a record.
Him and his bratty daughter weren't even using their real names This on top of all that money they hid from me.
At least he didn't kick you to the curb for a 22-year-old bartender.
That place will be yours soon.
As long as we stick together and trust each other.
Okay? Feels good.
Kyra left about two hours ago on her way to the gym.
Do you know which gym? She had a bag from Gotham House.
There's, like, ten of those.
You know which one? Couldn't tell you.
You know what time she got home last night? I don't know.
I'm off the clock at 6:00.
There she is.
Excuse us.
Excuse me.
Where'd she go? I have no idea.
- What the hell? - Get down.
Jeez, man.
Shut up.
What's happening? You wanna tell me where Kyra is? - What? - Kyra.
Where is she? I don't know.
I haven't seen her since last night.
Hey, man.
Careful! Clear.
He doesn't know where she is.
I haven't seen her since last night.
Was that before or after she slit your boss' throat? - What? - You heard me.
Kyra and me left together.
Tripp was still there.
He was still running receipts - and definitely still alive.
- You went your separate ways? No, we took an Uber.
Show me.
It's, um, right here.
Well, he's telling the truth.
He dropped Kyra off first.
What was their relationship at work? It's complicated.
Complicated how? Before she became hostess, Anderson's was in trouble, okay? But she turned things around, okay? She she brought in new chefs, new décor, new clientele.
Tripp must have appreciated that.
Tripp appreciates anything in a short skirt.
- They were having an affair? - Yeah.
I tried to warn Kyra to stay away from him, but she insisted he was gonna make her an equity partner 20% for turning around Anderson's.
Let me guess.
Tripp found a new skirt to chase.
The bartender, Stella.
I've gone over the Lewis financials six ways to Sunday.
Kyra has zero ties to Larry or the Long Beach case.
Yet shoots him, then later that same day, her boss and former lover gets his.
While Kyra's ridesharing home in the back of an airtight alibi.
All right.
Check this out.
Anderson's is under new ownership.
Tripp sold Anderson's to Loeb Hospitality Group last month.
He stayed on as manager and pocketed a payday in the low seven figures.
Ask me, there's nothing low about seven figures.
Zero percent of which is still zero, and Tripp promised Kyra he'd make her an equity partner.
Then dumped her, sold the business Kyra saved, and left her with a goose egg.
Not sure if I'd kill someone over it, but I wouldn't mind going ten rounds in a boxing gym.
So Kyra goes to that bougie gym, Gotham House.
Guess who else has a membership there.
Janine Viano.
What if Janine helped Kyra solve her problem? What's in it for Janine? Maybe Janine and Kyra fell in love.
Or Janine found out that she was married to a criminal in WITSEC.
That would raise a few eyebrows.
Two gym buddies looking to work out their man problems.
And who better to plan two perfect murders than a cop? We need to find Officer Viano now.
You'll be safe here.
Which is good, because Bailey just made it through surgery.
She's alive? Yeah.
Now the feds have tagged you to both crime scenes, so it's only a matter of time before Bailey IDs you.
I followed the plan.
I did everything like you said.
And now I'm still stuck cleaning up the mess you made.
What what are we gonna do? You're gonna fix this by finishing off Bailey.
I can't.
You're wanna wind up in jail? Huh? No.
I don't want that for you.
What would I need to do? It's fentanyl.
It's easy.
She'll just go right to sleep.
This doesn't make any sense.
Viano is one of my best.
She's on the domestic violence squad.
I recommended her personally for that duty.
Did she work last night? No.
She's been on bereavement since her husband's murder.
Any disciplinary issues? Not one complaint.
I take issue with how she keeps this locker.
Thank you.
She told me they were having financial trouble.
Larry was in construction, but business dried up after COVID.
I've got three new apartment buildings just on my block.
Seems like business is back with a vengeance.
Janine told me he bled her dry.
Plus, he insisted on giving Bailey a credit card - when she turned 16.
- How'd that turn out? She maxed out at Sephora.
She bought every lip kit a Jenner ever pimped.
Sounds like motive to me.
Come on, man.
Janine didn't kill her husband because the kid was spoiled.
No, she convinced Kyra McCall to do it for her.
A partnership is like a family.
I get that.
But sometimes it's the people we're closest to that hurt us the most.
You sure you trust her? Look, man, Janine's a good cop.
All right? But I'm from Bed-Stuy.
I don't trust anybody.
Me either.
I just got off the phone with the Marshals Service.
There's no way that Larry was broke.
He was receiving a monthly stipend for cooperating with the feds.
- Sent to his home address? - A PO box in Flatbush.
So he could hide it from his wife.
All in, Larry socked away over $400,000.
He was leeching off Janine and secretly packing his own golden parachute while Bailey ran up credit card bills all over town.
Well, if Janine knew he was hiding money from her, it could be what triggered her.
Brooklyn Hospital just logged a new visitor for Bailey Lewis Arlene Atkins.
Only family can add new visitors.
Was a cop posted outside her door? Yeah, there's supposed to be.
All right.
Arlene Atkins, arrested a few months ago in Brooklyn by patrol officer Janine Viano.
She's still in jail awaiting trial.
They're coming after Bailey.
Call the hospital.
Let's go.
Urgent 10-13.
Shots fired.
Officer down in Brooklyn Hospital parking lot.
Copy that.
Officer responding.
Hey, what're you doing? Stop right there.
Get away from me! Help! Someone help! Someone help! Help! Someone help! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
Yeah? Okay.
This looks like some kind of hot shot.
I'm gonna find a doctor.
Come on.
Penn, can you hear me? Can you hear me? She's been poisoned.
Do you have naloxone on you? - Yeah.
- Let's go.
Come on.
I'm gonna get her onto her back, flat.
- Okay.
- That's it.
All right.
Lower the head.
Come on.
- Okay, I'll hold her head.
- All right.
- Ready? - Yeah.
One, two, three.
One, two, come on.
Come on.
Hey, Bailey.
Remember me? Sure.
You're the Jell-O man.
How you feeling? Okay.
Did you recognize that woman today? Yeah.
She's the one from yesterday.
- The lady who shot at you? - And my dad.
She's never coming back here again.
I promise.
Did your mom ever mention a friend name Kyra? My mom died.
Your stepmom, Janine.
- No.
- Maybe someone from her gym? Or I don't think so.
Where is she? Why isn't she here? Bailey this'll be hard to hear.
But you deserve the truth.
Your stepmom and that lady They had a plan to kill your dad.
No, that that can't be true.
I lost someone very close to me too.
So I know exactly how you're feeling.
But I know this is hard to believe As you get older people change.
- And you know what happens? - What? They even start eating Jell-O.
Not me.
Sorry to interrupt.
Can I borrow you for a sec? - It's so good.
- Mm-mm.
- Don't touch that.
- Oh, I won't.
Patient floors are all on lockdown.
Main exits are covered.
Hana and Ortiz are leading a grid search right now - for Arlene.
- The nurse? She's gonna make it.
Nice work.
Officer Viano.
Out of uniform.
It must be your day off.
No such thing, Sister Mary.
I'm just checking in on my new girl.
- She still here? - Upstairs.
Already lost her key.
I had to let her in.
Kyra, I need you to pick up the phone, okay? I'm worried about you.
I need you to talk to me.
We just gotta we just gotta get through this.
You can trust me.
That was tough.
- You were great with her.
- Thanks.
- You have kids? - No.
You? Two.
Ingrid and Jack.
I can't for the life of me wrap my head around someone sending a person to kill their own daughter.
- Stepdaughter.
- Still.
Even a mother's love has its limits.
We found Arlene.
Photo on the visitor's pass is clearly Kyra.
We must have lost them in the parking garage.
Unis are still canvassing.
And then there's this.
Hotel room key.
Room 14.
The graphic is Saint Andrew.
And this was in Janine's locker.
Andrew's Women's Shelter.
Where they don't ask too many questions.
You two go check it out.
It's funny, you just missed the officer who brought the girl in.
Janine? Yeah.
Stay here.
- What happened? - In there.
- Yo, you should not be here.
- I need you to let me inside.
The FBI's looking for you, okay? - No, they - They came by the precinct.
They said that you murdered someone.
I can explain.
I can explain.
But I need you to let me inside.
I can't be on the street, okay? Come on.
They're trying to pin Larry's murder on me.
He was a criminal.
The feds tell you that? Yeah, I heard something about WITPRO.
Wire fraud and extortion.
That was before he flipped.
I mean, there are dozens of people that wanted Larry dead.
He was a lying sack of crap, but he was my husband.
Hey, what about that guy in the restaurant? They're trying to frame me for that too.
I don't know why.
I need you to drive me somewhere, okay? Nah.
I need you to just drive me somewhere.
I can't get involved with this, man.
You just gotta get me out of the city for a few days, that's all.
- That's all.
- I don't know.
Justin, you remember that stalker on Coney Island? You forgot to check him for weapons.
You almost got stabbed.
I saved you.
Please save me.
You owe me that.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- Just a ride.
- Thank you.
- Just a ride.
That's it.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Why don't you clean yourself up, all right? Yeah.
- Bathroom's that way.
- Okay.
No activity on Janine's credit cards.
Cell phone's off too.
Thanks, lieutenant.
That was Justin Hill's CO.
Guess who called in sick today? Any vehicles registered to Officer Hill? Yeah.
A Jeep Cherokee.
- Track his GPS? - Yeah.
I got it.
He's heading north on Taconic Parkway.
So what about Bailey? She's in no condition to go anywhere right now.
- You're just gonna leave her? - No.
I'll come back and get her when this all blows over.
I think we got company.
It's the FBI, Janine.
You think they saw us? I'm not sure.
Looks like Justin's driving.
But is he a hostage or a accomplice? So what if they try to pull us over? Just get me to the border and I'll figure it out.
No, no.
I'm not taking you to Canada, Janine.
Do not stop driving.
Nah, man.
What are you doing? I'm getting myself out of the mess that you made.
Do not stop driving this car! Or what, Janine? Or I'll kill you.
Come on, man.
Where's your weapon? - I left it in my - Where is your weapon? I left it in my apartment in the lockbox, okay? You stay here.
Don't come any closer.
What's the exit strategy here, Janine? Keep your men back, or I'll kill him.
He's the only thing keeping you alive right now.
I don't have a clear shot.
Why is Justin tapping the brake lights? Is that morse code? Short, short, short.
Short, long.
He's signaling it's safe to approach.
Ortiz, you and me.
- I don't like this.
- I hear you.
You come any closer, I will blow his brains out! Bad idea, Janine.
You don't wanna make things worse than they already are, - do you? - I told you to stop.
I don't think you'd kill your own partner.
You take one more step and he's dead.
I'm okay.
I'm good, okay? You're good.
She won't shoot.
All right? - He's trying to surrender.
- Or it's a trap.
- Slowly.
- She's not gonna shoot.
Hands up.
Hands up.
I told you not to move.
Don't run! Stop running! Stop get down! Get on the ground! Get down! Get down! Hands behind your back.
When I saw the defensive wound on her hand, I knew you was right about her.
You know, she strangled her accomplice right before showing up at your door.
What made you think to use morse code? My pops was in the Air Force.
He taught me when I was five.
Finally came in handy.
And why'd you stay in the car? You're kidding, right? Expose myself to four feds who don't know if I'm friend or foe? No, the best play was to sit tight, let it all play out.
And you made sure she couldn't use this on any of us.
Before we left my house, I took the mag out, jammed a paper clip up top Cleared the gun.
Training officer always said, "Stay three steps ahead.
" At least she did something right.
You're serious about this? I just wanna start the conversation.
They have a dedicated unit for Alzheimer's patients.
Remy, she doesn't need it and we can't afford it.
Yes, she does need it, and finances are not the issue.
Between what Dad left her and what the house is worth - I live in that house.
- Yeah, I know.
And that's what I'm worried about.
Why? You're a grown-ass woman living in your childhood bedroom.
You deserve more of a life than taking care of Mom all the time.
Come on.
And who else is gonna do it? Feel free to step up at any time, 'cause I sure as hell could use the help.
I don't wanna fight with you.
You just told me I have no life.
You always had issues with Mom.
Yeah, I did.
So why are you taking it out on me? This fridge is always empty.
There's something you don't know.
I'm just gonna say it.
Three days after Mikey died, Mom and I were in his room going through his stuff.
And she looked at me and said "I wish it was you.
" He was the good one.
" Remy.
She was grieving.
She was upset.
I know she didn't mean it.
Been 25 years and she's never apologized, so maybe she did mean it.
You know what? Maybe she's right.
I am sorry she said that, 'cause I know that she loves you.
She's proud of you too.
She tells her friends all the time, "My son is an FBI agent.
" Look, I love her as much as you do.
I'm just trying to do the right thing here.
For her and you.
You know, if we sold that house, you could come live here with me.
There's a spectacularly bad idea.
Yeah, it's a terrible idea.
Anyway, we don't have to decide right now.
Come on.
Where are we going? I vote Tarantino's.
Spaghetti bolognese.
Caesar salad.
Veal piccata.
Should we take the bottle? It would be irresponsible not to.
Let's go.
You are messy, you know that, right?
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