FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e20 Episode Script

Greatest Hits

Don't get me wrong.
Jimmy is a great man.
And his leadership is what we needed back in the day.
- But times change.
- You're right about that.
There's new ways to make money these days.
And if we're gonna stay relevant, we gotta embrace change, not run from it.
Welcome to King Kone! What can I get started for you today? Yeah, can I get a [CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY.]
Thing is, you know, Jimmy's always been real good to me.
This ain't about that, kid.
It's just business.
We'll have that ready for you, lickety-split.
You can go ahead and pull up to the next window.
- Thanks, darling.
- So, how you planning on You don't need to know about that.
It's arranged.
It'll be fast.
He'll never see it coming.
- You order my regular? - Sugar cone, double dipped.
You get the extra sprinkles? Always do.
Ha! Extra sprinkles is what makes it.
Turn up the radio.
I like this song.
Here I go again on my own ♪ [GUNFIRE.]
Like a drifter, I was born to walk alone ♪ [TIRES SCREECHING.]
Goin' down the only road I've ever known ♪ ♪ [DISTANT CLATTERING.]
Remy? Hey, Georgie.
It's not the boxes from Vegas with all your stuff.
I should have told you when I called up.
It's just your dry cleaning.
I'm sorry about that.
The minute they get here, I'll send 'em up.
I'm sure you're getting tired of living out of a suitcase.
You got that right.
Morning, Kristin.
Yeah, you go ahead.
I'll, um, I'll meet you there.
Duty calls, huh? Three people killed at a fast-food drive-thru in Massapequa.
- That's on Long Island.
- Yep.
But Massapequa isn't even a village.
It's a hamlet.
Who gets murdered in a hamlet? Today it was a woman in an SUV - with two kids in the back seat.
- Aw, son of a bitch.
Go I'll lock up after you.
Thanks, Georgie.
What do we got? The victims are Brianna Morgan, 38, and her sons Danny and Sam eight and six.
When they pulled up to the window, a white male employee, Kevin Williams, pulled out an assault rifle and opened fire on the vehicle.
He got away in a green Toyota.
- Tell me we got a plate.
- We did.
Security cameras were disabled, but an eyewitness got it on his phone.
It's Jersey plates.
The car's stolen.
But we got a BOLO out and road blocks are up.
- Bodies still inside? - CSU were waiting for you.
♪ Looks like some kind of hit.
That's why Nassau County called us.
They thought it might be gang-related.
- MS-13? - Yeah.
How'd you know? They've been active in Suffolk County for years.
If they're down here in Massapequa, that's a bad sign.
What do we know about the victims? Kristin's talking to the husband right now.
Brianna my boys I-I don't understand how this could happen.
Morgan, this is Agent Scott.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
This doesn't seem real.
Is that normal? I know it's a lot to process.
It's gonna take time.
Are you up for answering a few questions? Yeah.
Anything to help find who did this.
Was this part of their routine? - The drive-thru, I mean? - Uh, no.
Uh, the boys had a dental appointment this morning.
That's why they were late for school, um Brianna brought them here for a snack.
Just a little treat before dropping them off.
She called me when she was on the way.
And then I'm sorry - [SOFTLY.]
It's okay.
- It's okay.
Can you think of anyone who would want to harm you or your wife? Anyone who would want to target your family? Target us? No.
We're just ordinary.
Just a regular family.
We moved out here from the city because it was supposed to be safe.
And for the schools.
It doesn't matter about the schools now, does it? Not for my boys.
Morgan, this is a lot, I know, okay? I want to give you my card.
You call us if you remember anything, and even if you just need to talk, okay? We're here for you.
Thank you.
Here's Kevin Williams' employment record.
This is Ayala West.
She was supervising today.
Is this the employee that killed those people? That's not him.
That's not Kevin.
What do you mean? It's a guy that kinda looks like him, but it's not Kevin.
I didn't hire him.
That was a different manager.
He must not have looked carefully at the license when he did the start-up paperwork.
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's not your fault.
Do you think you could describe him to a sketch artist? Yeah, I was training him all morning.
That'll be a huge help.
- Will you follow me? - Mm-hmm.
Our UnSub must've used Kevin Williams' ID to get the job.
Then he drives a stolen car to work on the first day.
He was never looking for a paycheck.
He only wanted to get behind that window.
Track the ID and stay on top of any forensics that come back.
Hana, do a deep dive on these victims.
We need to get a handle on what the hell went down here.
I'll deal with the media.
Yo, Louie.
Hey, you, uh, you got any other jobs? What, this one's not good enough? No, it's, I mean, I'm available [GRUNTS.]
if you got some other stuff.
You focus on this stuff.
Yeah, sure.
But, uh think of me.
Even if it's off the books.
What's that supposed to mean? Nothin'.
It's just, uh[SNIFFS.]
I'm not like these other guys.
I'm Sicilian.
I'm paisan.
- Hmm? - I don't know what the hell you think this is, but I ain't interested.
This site it's legit.
But you're right about one thing.
You ain't like the rest of these guys.
'Cause they're still working here and you're not.
Get out! [SCOFFS.]
Come on, Louie.
You you're firing me? You're damn right.
Get outta here.
Go! Don't bother showin' up for work anymore.
- Buh-bye.
- Ah, yeah.
- See ya later, Slick.
- Nice knowin' you.
♪ Ayala was very, very detailed.
She said it's a good likeness.
The actual Kevin Williams lost his wallet last week and he has an alibi for this morning.
This case is gonna kill me.
What about the victims? Any possible connection between them and our UnSub? Nothing that I could find.
They're squeaky clean.
There was nothing wrong with their financials, no evidence of infidelity or substance abuse.
They're well-liked by their neighbors and colleagues.
Are you telling me this was a completely random attack? Random as per the victims, but maybe not so random.
Okay, I'm listening.
You said it looked like a hit, and I couldn't shake that, so I started digging, and I found this.
A mafia hitman took out an underboss from the Lucretia family at a drive-thru window in Queens.
Three victims.
One in the front, two in the back.
Just like ours.
The hitman was notorious.
Yeah, I remember.
Jackie "The Fox" Bianchi.
Yeah, right.
- Wow, you remember the '80s.
- You don't? - I wasn't even born - Do not finish that sentence.
Jackie "The Fox" was suspected of multiple mob hits and even spent time on the Most Wanted List.
- How'd he get off it? - He died.
Think he blew up in a boat or something? Right, Mr.
Out of Long Island Sound.
He was presumed dead.
Presumed? They didn't confirm with DNA? DNA evidence wasn't routinely used by the Bureau until a few years later.
Okay, so what does a dead hitman have to do with our murders? This is crazy, but there's this guy who claims to be Jackie "The Fox" and he has a podcast called "My Greatest Hits.
" - You're kidding.
- I know, right? I've listened to some of it.
It's actually kind of fascinating.
This guy who's allegedly Jackie Bianchi, he said he records in an undisclosed location where there's no extradition treaty.
Yeah, but why would Jackie want to draw that much attention to himself? Oh, the guy on the podcast has an ego the size of Brazil.
I think he's just doing it for attention.
Yeah, but that kind of attention? I mean, that'll get him sent away for life.
That can't be him.
Who was the Organized Crime Agent on Jackie's case? [KEYBOARD CLACKING.]
Terry Daniels.
He's retired.
He lives in Dyker Heights.
This the podcast? Yeah.
You want me to help you download it? Please.
So what do I do next? Press this little button here? - I'm not a grandfather.
Okay, you guys start listening to the episodes, see what you can find.
Kristin, let's go see Terry Daniels.
Jimmy Russo wasn't born yesterday, ya know? He knew they was comin' for him.
That's when he called me in.
'Cause he knew I was loyal to him.
Every weekday, come rain or shine, Massucci was at that ice cream drive-thru.
Some of the fellas even called him Sprinkles, right? Behind his back.
So I put a couple of guys on the inside and they got me at that drive-thru window.
The look on that chauffeur's face Oh, marone, it was priceless.
Like fish in a barrel.
None of them saw it coming.
That's from a few weeks back.
What do you think? Is it Jackie? Older, for sure, but that's him.
You're certain? I listened to a thousand hours of that voice on wiretap.
- I know it when I hear it.
- We need your help.
Jackie's somehow wrapped up in our case.
Yeah, well much as I'd like to get back in the game, I'm retired.
And my wife would kill me.
We need what you know the details at your fingertips.
We can't get that from a file or a search engine.
We need you.
Excuse me.
Thanks, Ortiz.
We'll meet you there.
Triple slaying in a cemetery in East Flatbush.
The shooter used an assault rifle and fled in a green Toyota.
It's our UnSub.
Three people shot.
That's the widow.
Worked for the funeral home.
And the brother of the deceased.
- What about witnesses? - Nothing useful.
They all say it happened so fast.
What're you thinking? Jackie took out a capo here in 1985.
Freddie Bertolucci.
Guy was at his mother's funeral.
Jackie shot him, fell into an open grave.
He was making a statement with that.
The St.
Joseph's Hit.
Jackie talked about it on his podcast.
- He only shot one guy.
- Our guy shot three.
Maybe he was trying to get one of them to fall into the grave like the capo.
He's listening to the podcast.
And recreating Jackie's famous hits using civilians as targets.
We've got an UnSub who's recreating famous mob hits.
Why would someone want to do that? Fascination with the mafia.
Glorifies brutality, promises camaraderie.
Yeah, but mob violence is about business.
Civilians are never targeted.
Maybe these hits are as close as he can get to it.
Which would make him a copycat.
Copycats are motivated by one or two things: either they have a deep desire to belong to something bigger than themselves, or they're trying to pass off their kills as the work of someone else.
Well, we can rule out the second reason.
Copying a dead hitman's murders without cover's pretty reckless.
He must really want to be in the Mob.
It's kinda weird, though, isn't it? The mafia's not what it used to be.
Extortion, loan sharking, prostitution these things are perennial rackets.
These guys are still out there.
Still doing their thing, just with crappier cars.
Okay, what if our UnSub is using these recreations as some kind of calling card to get noticed? If this guy's that desperate to hook up with a crime family, somebody on the streets gonna know who he is.
You still got contacts? There might be a guy.
Lucca Patino, Jr.
His dad was a CI.
I hear he's taking over for him after he passed.
Let's pay him a visit.
We still gotta find this Jackie.
And his family.
- He had a wife, didn't he? - Yeah.
I hear she's still alive.
Hana, see if you can find her.
She might be able to lead us to him.
Kristin and Ortiz, the platform that hosts Jackie's podcast they must know where he broadcasts from.
See what they can give us.
Do you know where Jackie records his podcast? I can't answer that.
We don't know ourselves.
Well, it's supposedly in a country with no extradition treaty with the U.
- So Asia? The Caribbean? - I don't know.
Is it Jackie that does the podcast or is it someone else? - I can't answer that either.
- Counselor, you do understand that we're searching for a fugitive - who's killed six people.
- I do.
And that your company's podcast could possibly be motivating him.
You're telling us you have server logs, no IP address that shows Jackie's location? What I'm telling you is that the information you're seeking is both private and proprietary.
It's protected by federal law and the contract we have with our client which prohibits any voluntary disclosure to third parties.
Yeah, but we're not a third party, we're the FBI.
I understand.
And company policy is to comply with any requests from law enforcement as long as there is a court order.
You're asking for a search warrant.
A court order.
Signed by a federal magistrate after judicial review establishing probable cause.
You bring me that, and I'm happy to help.
- There he is.
- Terry, good to see you.
Didn't think you'd recognize me.
This is Agent Scott.
- Sorry to hear about your dad.
- Thanks.
- I thought you retired.
- Yeah, so did I.
So, solar panels, huh? That's the new racket? Just trying to be good stewards of the environment.
Renewable energy.
I'm a big fan.
So, uh, what's going on? We're looking for someone who's trying too hard to get made.
White male, early 20s.
He the one offing women and children out in Long Island? Possibly.
We think he might be replicating Jackie The Fox's hits.
Trying to get noticed.
Well, if that little punk thinks he's impressing anybody, he's nuts.
You know him? No, I've only heard about him.
- Got a name? - No.
But, uh, there's a guy [PHONE RINGS.]
out in Sheepshead Bay.
Me might be able to help you.
Named Louie.
Kristin, what's up? No, I don't think a warrant will be a problem at all.
I got probable cause standing right here.
Tell 'em I sent you.
No, I'll handle it Yeah, go talk to a Louie M.
in Sheepshead Bay who might know our UnSub.
I'll text you his number.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Jackie "The Fox" Bianchi? - Thought he was dead.
- We did too.
But apparently he's hosting a podcast somewhere and we need to find him.
To do that, we need access to the server logs of the company that distributes it.
Well, what probable cause do you have to believe that it's really Jackie? Oh, it's all there in the application.
Agent Daniels worked his cases when he was with Organized Crime.
He listened to the podcast and he says it's Jackie's voice.
He's right outside if you wanna talk to him.
What crimes is Mr.
Bianchi alleged to have committed? Well, um, he was wanted for 14 murders back in the day.
Wanted, yes, yes.
But never arrested or convicted.
I'm talking about crimes in association with this application.
It's not illegal to do a podcast, is it? Come on, Your Honor.
Help a guy out.
"Help a guy out.
" What do you say? [CHUCKLES.]
Do you really think that you can waltz in here flashing your baby blues and expect me to sign a warrant based on a retired field agent's 30-year-old recollection of a younger man's voice? A man, incidentally, that the FBI itself says has been dead since 1992? [CLEARS THROAT.]
That's not probable cause.
That's a joke.
- I know, but, Your Honor - We're done here, Agent - Scott.
- Scott.
Agent Scott, yeah.
You don't have sufficient probable cause, and your application's denied.
So you can let yourself out.
Is that a no? That's a no.
But good luck.
Lucca Patino said you were a friend of his and you might be able to help us out.
Yeah, okay.
Anything for Lucca.
You know him? Yeah, I know this guy.
- I fired him today.
- Why is that? He kept shooting his mouth off.
About how he's a paisan.
How he wants "in.
" No discipline.
No discretion.
He ain't right for us.
Hell, he ain't right for anybody, that little prick.
What's his name? Joey Messina.
Lives in Bensonhurst.
Appreciate it.
♪ Joey Messina, FBI! Open up! [SCREAMS.]
Put your hands in the air! - Step away from the door! - Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- Hands in the air! - Just leave him alone! Oh, God! Please don't hurt him.
Leave him alone.
No Joey.
We got a baby in there.
Yes, I told you.
What the hell is going on? We're looking for Joey.
You his wife? [HUFFS.]
Soon to be ex-girlfriend.
- Do you know where he is? - Hell no.
He came by a few hours ago, grabbed his laptop and then he left.
He wouldn't tell me where he's going.
Does he have a cell phone? - No.
- What about a car? No, he can't afford that either.
Wait why are you looking for him anyway? He's wanted for six murders.
Look, the guy is a loser.
And I hope that you do find him and that his ass rots in jail.
Better yet, just shoot him.
Do us all a favor.
Now can I please go get my baby? Yeah, go ahead.
♪ Nothing on the BOLO, and Joey hasn't come home.
Talked to the girlfriend again.
She said Joey told her that he still had the job at the construction site, even though he'd already been fired.
By a Made Guy he was trying to impress.
Must have stung.
Add that to the way his girlfriend mocks him, he's probably filled with rage right now.
Forget him let's talk about Jackie for a second.
Hana, where are we on finding Jackie's wife? - Dolce, right? - That's her name.
No luck whatsoever.
She's completely off the grid.
Okay, so we know Jackie was wanted for 14 murders.
Yeah, and this kid's already reenacted two of them.
That leaves 12 more.
Maybe we can figure out which one's next.
Maybe, but these two weren't done in the order they were featured on the podcast.
Or in chronological order.
Jackie jumps all over the timeline on the podcast.
Joey's randomizing the killings.
We still don't have proof that it's Jackie on the podcast.
No offense.
Even if we lock down every one of Jackie's sites, it still won't guarantee that we stop Joey.
Joey might be trying to get the help of some other low level guys.
We might need to go see Jesse Lamps.
Jesse "Lamps"? Seriously? Yeah, when he was a kid he tried to fence some lamps.
Didn't go well, but the name stuck.
What I understand he's some kind of liaison for the construction unions.
Okay, keep working on Jackie's wife.
We'll go see this Mr.
See if he has any bright ideas.
You need a reservation to eat in this restaurant.
Is that right? Here's mine.
Table for five, please.
I'm Agent Scott, this is Agent Ortiz, - and this is - Terry Daniels.
Him I know.
So as men of the law, you can respect the fact that I got the right to refuse service to anyone.
So goodbye.
We're here about Joey Messina.
Name supposed to mean something to me? He's wanted in connection with several murders.
You're gonna have to be more specific.
He was working on a job site run by Louie Moss.
Is he the guy that whacked that mom and the kids at the drive-thru? And three more at St.
Joseph's Cemetery.
He's a piece of crap.
He ain't one of ours.
Yeah, but he's bringing heat down on the families.
How? He's copying all of Jackie "The Fox's" old hits.
Son of a bitch.
I listen to that podcast.
It's great.
- What about omerta? - The hell with omerta.
These days, people wanna hear your truth.
Then help us.
We need to find him before he kills someone else.
I'm a good Samaritan.
If I knew anything about him, I'd tell you.
I don't.
Then tell me this.
You think it's really Jackie on those podcasts? Oh, hell yeah.
Gets all the details right.
Or so I hear.
I'll tell ya, the gnocchi's not so great.
Sauce needs work.
Thanks for your non-help.
♪ PD said one strangled, two shot dead.
Yeah, well, Jackie strangled a rival capo with his belt in that very seat.
Episode Twelve: "A Capo Gets Smoked.
" But Jackie didn't use barbed wire, and he didn't kill the witnesses.
Joey's escalating.
If this is his audition, he's showing that he's not afraid to be as bold as Jackie.
And that he's willing to get his hands dirty for a job.
This is more extreme than anything Jackie ever did.
He's desperate to get the Mob's attention.
What he doesn't seem to understand is the Mob doesn't like attention.
Three rules: don't hurt civilians, don't bring heat down on the family, and try to be a good earner.
Maybe he thinks the old rules don't apply these days.
Yeah, possibly, with guys like Jackie ignoring omerta.
Or he's filled with so much rage he doesn't care.
Okay, so what does he care about? Jackie.
He idolizes Jackie.
He's the key to stopping all this.
Hey, Hana.
What's up? I found Jackie's wife.
- Dolce? - It's Maria De Luca now.
She changed her name in 2008 and moved to Staten Island with a new husband.
Ortiz is on his way.
I'll text you the address.
Well done.
Keep working the scene.
We'll catch up later.
Jackie and the life caused me and our girl nothing but trouble.
And when he died, you know what he left us? Niente.
Not a damn penny.
I hate to break it to you, but he's alive.
Gimme a break.
He died on his boat, and you know it.
I had to move on.
You should too.
Dolce, where's he doing the podcast from? Are you serious? That's not him.
- So you heard it.
- My daughter played it for me.
She doesn't even remember Jackie.
She hoped it was him.
Hoped she could meet her father someday.
But I know my husband's voice.
The man on that podcast isn't Jackie.
It's someone cashing in on his disgusting legacy.
Hey, is that soy sauce you're putting in the gravy? Secret ingredient.
It kicks up the flavor.
Jackie used to say the Italians got pasta from the Far East, so it just made sense soy sauce would go with it.
Well, if you think of anything, give us a ring.
And if you find him alive, tell him where to send the back child support.
Oh, that's delicious.
That's really good.
But think about it.
Italians took pasta from I think I got something.
Okay, what are we looking at? It's a YouTube cooking tutorial.
It's all he ever watches.
Like that's a bad thing? Anyway, it's a homemade cooking video with this Italian lady and her boyfriend.
They never show their faces.
I always thought that was weird.
They say it's so you can focus on the food.
But check this out.
Between you and me, my secret ingredient to Sunday gravy is soy sauce.
Go low sodium if you want.
But think about it Italians took pasta from the Far East, so soy sauce makes sense! Hey.
Wait a minute rewind that back to where he picks up the bottle.
You see that? You see that scar right there on his right hand? Jackie had one on the same spot where he had a mole removed.
- How do you know? - Melanoma scare.
I mean, it turned out to be nothing, but it spooked the hell out of him.
He talked about it for two weeks on the wiretap.
Well, maybe that really is Jackie.
How do we nail his location from this? Keep playing.
What's that there in the background? - Zoom in.
- Where? Give it here.
Holy balls.
That's Vegas.
That's where Jackie is.
Did you guys ever do any PSAs when Jackie was on the Most Wanted list? Never in Vegas.
Call CID.
I want the most recent photo of Jackie and have age-enhancement done on it.
Top priority.
I want it ASAP.
I know someone in Vegas who can help us.
- Who's that? - My ex-wife.
- Hey, baby.
- Hey-ey-ey.
Is that the leather jacket I got you? - Aw, good memory.
- You look hot.
Agents Ortiz and Gibson.
This is my ex, Carmen.
Detective Schmidt.
Nice to meet you.
You as well.
Are we sure it's Jackie? We ran a spot on the 5:00 news with his aged-up photos and personal details.
A woman in this complex swears one of her neighbors is him.
He's got a dog, he cooks all the time, putters around with his younger girlfriend.
Doesn't that describe a lot of the residents here? She also said he's told her conflicting stories about his past.
Claims he's from Chicago, but "talks like an extra from 'Goodfellas.
'" Her words, not mine.
Nice work.
Mind if we take the lead? Wouldn't stop you.
All right.
It's go time.
Presume that he's armed and ready for a fight.
Let's roll.
Three, two, one - [GRUNTS.]
I swear to fricking God, I will gouge your eyes out! Something happens to her, I'll kill ya! Get your hands off me.
It's over, Jackie.
You need to tell us all about Joey Messina.
- Joey who? Who's Joey Messina? - Sit down.
The nutcase copying your hits, murdering random people across New York.
Copying me? Is it weird to be flattered? He contact you? I don't know what you're talking about.
- You sure about that? - What do you want? What do you what the hell? What, do you got a warrant? Actually we do.
What you got, Hana? Joey reached out to you a couple days ago.
You've been encouraging him.
"I like what you did in Massapequa.
Attaboy!" - See that? - Yeah, I don't know.
That ain't me.
It came directly from the podcast's account.
Let me guess it's not your podcast either.
- Who are you talking to? - I'm talking to you.
So maybe I got a fan out there.
What can I tell ya? I mean, it's hero worship, really.
What was I gonna do? Call the Feds? Can you track the messages? The early ones were sent from Joey's apartment, but the last couple days, he's been using a VPN.
Okay Jackie, here's the thing.
You're going back to New York.
No choice about that.
But you do get to decide where you land.
Either you clam up and we take you to the Metropolitan Detention Center and charge Giselle with harboring a known fugitive Hey, you do something to her listen to me you're a dead man.
All right? Good night.
And I'll kill the rest of yous too.
- One at a time.
- Good luck with that.
Or you cooperate, help bring Joey in, and we drop Giselle's charges.
I want it in writing.
Call the US Attorneys' office.
Have a cooperation agreement drawn up.
Signed by a judge.
I don't trust you or any of yous any federal prosecutors.
You can all go to hell.
Get this gavone outta here.
Hey! Easy.
Watch your head.
- That was fun.
- Heh-heh.
You really hit the ground running in New York.
Oh, that reminds me thanks for packing up my apartment after I left.
I keep hoping the boxes show up some time this century.
I do work full-time, you know.
- Mm.
- Bryan helped.
Would've taken longer without him.
Bryan, Bryan, Bryan.
What a nice guy he is, helping his girlfriend pack up her ex-husband's apartment.
I gotta tell you, this guy's a real sweetheart.
You know you like him.
You meet anyone? Too busy chasing bad guys.
Make space for someone.
You deserve to be happy too.
Thanks, kid.
Brace yourself.
She's tough.
Good morning, Your Honor.
This is Agent Gibson.
You better be here to arrest me if you're at my home at this hour.
It's black.
I didn't know if you - This couldn't wait? - It's an emergency.
I need you to sign off on the prosecutor's cooperation agreement for Jackie Bianchi.
He's alive? We found him hiding in Las Vegas.
How? I'm persistent.
- Is he gonna flip on somebody? - Maybe.
Plus, we need to use him as bait to arrest the man who's been terrorizing the city.
I'm not signing this without reading it first.
We can wait.
Suit yourself.
Told you.
- Is she coming back? - Oh, yeah.
She'll be back.
Hey, you lighten up, you.
Hey, Jackie.
Of all the Federal buildings in all the towns in all the world You always said you wouldn't be a rat, but here you are.
Cooperation agreement signed by the judge.
Set up the meeting where we discussed.
If you tip off Joey in any way, that deal is off.
All right.
What are we doing? Hello, my friend.
Uh so you wanna get made? So you wanna so you wanna be a part of this thing of ours.
I could open the door for you, but but but I need you to do something for me first.
Meet me for bisque.
3:00 p.
- Why did you say bisque? - Bisque.
You're supposed to say Sam's Lobster House.
It's bisque.
That's what that means.
- It's not what it means.
- Is that some kind of - code word or what? - No, it's bisque.
I mean, you know, no self-respecting wise guy's gonna be that obvious in a message.
Come over to me.
Just trust me.
Does he talk about it in the podcast? Because it's in the podcast.
That's right.
And they got terrific lobster bisque there.
He'll love it.
Jackie, let me tell you something.
If you screw us, I guarantee you will rot in prison eating cat food for the rest of your miserable existence.
Praise God.
This mutt gonna respond to me or what? Hmm? [CHIMES.]
♪ We'll grab Joey before he goes inside.
But jumping too quick might give him a window to run, so Hana, we're going to let him get pretty close to you.
Bring it on.
- I told you.
I told you.
- What are you doing? - Sit down.
Sit down! - He knows what's going on.
Ivan, what's going on in there? I need to talk to him right now.
He wants to talk.
This guy's a royal pain in the ass.
We got a problem.
This jerkoff changed the meeting place.
You tipped him off, didn't you? You know, you oughta work on your trust issues, my friend.
All right? - Maybe you tipped him off.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that's right, look at you, the three of yous, like you blend, standing around here like a bunch of chimps.
It's a message from Joey.
"Like you always say, change plans at the last minute, "and the only person in control of the situation is you.
"You want to meet.
You're coming to me.
"Empire Fulton Ferry.
Near the Carousel.
15 minutes.
" Well, he's not stupid.
Picking a park on the waterfront.
He'll be able to see everyone coming.
We can't get too close.
We'll have to send him into the park alone and then follow on foot.
We'll have eyes on you the whole time, so no funny business.
What a buncha mooks.
You guys really like playin' cowboy, don't ya? Yippee-ki-yay, partner.
♪ I don't know about this.
There's too many bystanders here.
East side, under the bridge.
Got a guy in a black jacket heading towards Jackie.
- I can't see his face.
- Let Jackie confirm.
All right, take off.
Take off right now.
Go! Go! Go! - He's running.
- He's using Joey to get away! - Ortiz on Joey! - On it! I got Jackie.
Kristin, I'm with you.
You tore my meniscus.
You gotta be a little more gentle with somebody my age.
Yeah, well, I'm sure it'll be covered under your prison health plan.
What do you think? Stop right there! Stop! Move, move! Ahh Nowhere to run, Joey.
Put your hands up.
Put your hands up.
Put your hands up! I'll jump! Jackie disappeared in the water.
I might do it too.
Right now, an FBI agent has her knee in your hero's back.
This life you're trying to be a part of ends one of two ways.
Either you die young, or you die in jail.
So you take me in, and I die in jail? That's your offer? At least you'll get to see your kid.
Jackie never got that.
You met her.
Do you think that ballbuster is going to let me see my son? Nah.
I'm going down even more famous than Jackie.
And how are you gonna do that? I'm taking a Fed down with me.
Deal's off, jackass.
Giselle will be in jail for a while, too.
But at least when she gets out, she'll know exactly where to find you, because you're going to be in the same cell for the rest of your dying days.
Finally [LAUGHS.]
Thank for bringing these up, Georgie.
I figured you'd be happy to see 'em.
And this one came overnighted.
- From Vegas? - Mm-hmm.
Carmen must've missed something.
- Oh, would you look at that.
You're the best, Georgie.
Thanks again.
No problem.
For God's sakes.
You are aware that I have an office? - I know.
I've been there.
- Exactly.
And that's where I conduct business, Agent Scott.
- Not here.
- It's Remy.
And this isn't business, it's a social call.
Wanna have a drink? - Are you serious? - 100%.
I know it's possibly inappropriate and maybe even a little rude to show up like this.
- Yes, it is.
- But I did it anyway.
- And why is that? - Because I like you, Judge.
And I'd love to get to know you better.
How do you know I'm not married? I work for the FBI.
I don't see a ring on it.
- Is that your car? - Yep.
A ragtop in the city.
Not very practical.
I don't do practical.
I do impulsive.
Life's more fun that way.
Is it? You should try it sometime.
- Hm.
- Like now.

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