FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s03e22 Episode Script

A Man Without a Country

1 Aleksander, first one's ready to go.
You know, we're gonna be here all day.
Do you ever smile? No.
All right, guys, this one's ready.
- Coffee mugs? - Yeah.
They're in the drawer under the stove right there.
You keep your coffee mugs in a drawer? Yeah.
It's a Martha Stewart thing.
I think she got the idea in prison.
So how long's this conference you're going to? Just a few days.
Shouldn't be too bad.
It's in Montreal, and my Uber will be here in about an hour.
Better start packing.
I already did last night.
It's all set.
Did you lay out your clothes you're gonna wear on the plane too? I was gonna do that last night, actually, but then I got a little preoccupied.
Last night was so mm.
Next sleepover at my place.
Is that what you think we're doing? Sorry romantic evening for two where I bare my soul and make myself emotionally available.
Oh, please, no.
I was just starting to like you.
That's work.
I gotta go.
Where'd I leave my gun? - On the bedside table.
- Oh, right.
I almost used it when you were snoring.
- Hey - [LAUGHS.]
♪ Here you go.
You know what this means, right, Judge? That I don't like to waste coffee.
Now I have to return it.
It's only $10 at Target, so I think I'll be okay.
Well, I'm still bringing it back.
It's so exciting.
♪ Ciao! Hey.
Did Ivan get ahold of you? - He did.
How's his father? - Okay.
He's still in the ICU, so he's gonna stay in California until he gets out.
I'll reach out to him later.
So what do we got? Armed robbery.
DOJ's KleptoCapture unit was upstairs confiscating art from a sanctioned oligarch named Trofim Sarkov.
Didn't even know this went down at first.
This is the driver, and that's the marshal that was supposed to be riding with him.
The armed vehicle's still here, so they used their own getaway.
Any witnesses? PD's still canvassing, but so far, no.
Nobody heard any shots.
The next three victims are inside.
- Another marshal? - Who was escorting these two.
They probably got hit as soon as they came off the elevator.
This was a professional job.
The security cameras were disabled.
We got six dead and exactly six shell casings.
Six? My count was five.
In here.
They probably killed her first.
I'm gonna try getting into the system and see what I can find.
- What was stolen? - A painting.
A guy from Art Crimes is already here.
He's talking to Kristin upstairs.
All right.
This is Dave Kim with the DOJ and Brad May, FBI Art Crimes.
Remy Scott.
How you doing? So we got six dead including two U.
Tell me about this painting.
It's an original Cézanne worth $160 million.
Sarkov bought it at auction five years ago.
Sarkov's the guy that lives here? He's Russian.
His primary residence is in Moscow, but he owns places all over the world.
We know where he is? No.
He's a friend of President Kimov.
Disappeared two weeks before the war started, hasn't resurfaced since, even after we seized his yacht and both his planes.
He does have a daughter, though, Polina.
She lives in NoHo.
She runs a non-profit in Brooklyn that's pro-Ukraine.
That's got to piss the Russians off.
Maybe they're the ones who did this.
Why would they steal from one of their own citizens? Because they can.
I saw the crime scene down there.
These people knew what they were doing.
Talk to me, Art Crimes.
How do you fence a stolen Cézanne? It's not impossible, but it's close.
There are maybe six prospects.
A Chinese billionaire, cartel head, some crazy Saudi prince.
My guess is, whoever did this already has a buyer lined up.
Who knew this was happening here today? Us, the State Department, and Aleksander Pavlishchev, director of the Russian Consulate.
We agreed to let him monitor the seizure process.
Where is he? I want to talk to him.
He left right after PD showed up.
Well, that seems really suspicious.
He say why? Not to me.
He doesn't talk much.
Grab Hana and go see Sarkov's daughter.
I'm gonna head to the Russian Consulate and see if we can get this Aleksander guy to open up.
Oh, should I come with? Sure.
We're a man down right now and I could use a lesson in art history.
I have no idea who did this.
I'm as surprised as you are.
Why did you leave when the police showed up? I was told the seizure process was being suspended.
Was I lied to? Allowing you to monitor was a courtesy.
As was letting you in this door.
The only people who knew about today was us and you.
And since we're not in the habit of murdering our own agents, I'd like to know what the hell is going on.
Illegal sanctions for a just war protecting our country's interest.
From what I hear, the only interest Trofim Sarkov has is himself.
Such hypocrites.
Your gluttony took his money when he helped build Billionaires' Row and sat on the board of Woodberry Museum.
Good for him.
It's bad enough you sanctioned him, but you can't even do that right.
Total incompetence this morning.
I want the names of every person who knew about that transfer today.
Friend, as long as you're in this consulate, you are on Russian soil.
Your demands are meaningless here.
Show them out.
♪ I don't know where my father is.
I cut all ties with him years ago.
Why was that? He's part of the problem.
I was born in Moscow but raised in Kyiv.
So I identify as Ukrainian.
He doesn't like that.
When he threatened to cut me off, I beat him to it first.
May I ask how your father feels about the war? It's not a war.
It's an invasion.
And he's been too smart to declare his loyalty, but the fact he's sanctioned, I think, gives you your answer.
You're talking about the money that your father has.
Dirty money.
What made you walk away from all of it? Wealth and power have no connection to honor.
The last thing he paid for was my education in the West.
Do you know anyone who might be willing to kill six people to steal your father's painting? Oh, his precious Cézanne? I don't know.
Maybe the FSB.
You think that the Russian government could've done this.
Look I think President Kimov is a man who If he wants something, he takes it.
Whether it's a painting or a country.
So this is Radomir's place.
They come here late summer.
His American wife must've decorated.
Very tacky.
Ballistics just came back.
Gun's a PSS Vul.
It's a Russian sidearm from the '90s used by police and KGB.
They can tell that from shell casings? Well, the ammo's Russian too.
They're noiseless cartridges.
They silence the shot by capturing the gases internally.
Not exactly something you can find at a Walmart.
What are we looking at? Oh, we're reviewing security footage from Sarkov's building.
All it tells us is that there were two of them three.
17 seconds later, system goes dark.
SSA Scott, I think I got something.
Call me Remy.
I spoke to Customs five minutes ago.
A turbo prop made contact with air control and asked for a pattern into Massapequa Airport.
The tail number traces to Dangheshi Limited in Mumbai.
It's a huge multi-national, and it's 80% owned and controlled by Durga Patel.
The world's third richest woman.
Yes, and a huge art lover.
She has a private museum in the Bahamas with the world's best collection of French masters.
- This could be our fence.
- How far out is that plane? - 30 minutes from final.
- Then let's go to Massapequa.
The guys who killed those Marshals could be there for the meet up.
Nice work, Art Crimes.
You can call me Brad.
♪ Plane's just sitting there.
I don't see any movement.
East gate.
Car coming.
This is it.
Go, go, go.
♪ FBI, drop your weapon! FBI, hands where I can see them.
Clear the plane.
He bit down on something.
Like some kind of suicide pill.
- [GASPS.]
- You all right? Yeah.
It's just been a while since I fired my weapon.
Especially at another person.
Bro, I'm not gonna hold your hair.
Plane's clear.
It's just the pilot.
Hold on.
If that's what I think it is, it's 132 years old.
♪ Car's a bust.
Plates are stolen and the VIN number's missing.
What about our pilot from the plane? It's a dead-end too.
His orders were to fly the plane here, pick up a package, and return to the Bahamas.
He insists he doesn't know what was in the package or who hired him.
- Mm.
- Okay, guys, I got him.
- CIA? Yeah, Kevin, he's in-country in Europe right now.
I gave him all the headlines; all he asks is that we don't use our names.
All right.
Hey, my team's all here.
So I hear you guys are looking for Sarkov.
We are now.
We thought it was the Russian government until the prints came back from Interpol this morning on our two DOAs.
Former military linked to the special ops unit Sarkov used to run.
Probably KGB, too, if there was a suicide pill.
- They're siloviki.
- And who are they? Retired soldiers, sometimes cops.
Stay loyal to their old bosses after they get out.
Sarkov needs them for protection - from President Kimov.
- Why? Sarkov got rich when Kimov gave him the state defense contracts back in the day.
The word is, before the invasion, the government ordered 5,000 tanks, and Sarkov only delivered half.
Took off with the rest of the money.
So the Russians want to find him probably more than you do.
Know where he is? This is a man without a country.
He obviously can't go back to Russian.
My guess is the U.
Yeah, he's got an EB-5 investor visa there, which allows him residency and travel.
- You think Sarkov is here.
- Probably.
What he needs is money to get his ass out of this jam.
Like, real money.
That could be why he decided to steal his own painting.
I gotta go.
Call me if you need more.
♪ In a shootout that left two dead on the tarmac at Massapequa Airport.
Authorities have not identified the victims, but the FBI is looking for this man, Trofim Sarkov, a Russian citizen whom they believe may also be linked to an armed robbery in Manhattan yesterday Turn it off.
In which two United States Marshals were killed.
Anyone with information on Sarkov I said turn it off.
Or his whereabouts is encouraged to call I want to know who did this.
The FBI.
They have a fugitive team.
Who killed Viktor and Lev and stole my painting? I want names and I want numbers.
And I want them now.
I have something else for you.
I want to send a message.
Oh, my God! - What happened? - Two shooters on a motorcycle.
Took out the security man first then shot the woman.
Her aides say it took maybe ten seconds.
- Who is she? - Jane Moore, Commissioner of the Office of Foreign Assets Control for the Treasury.
What the hell is that? They're in charge of international sanctions.
I checked she's the one who personally signed the order freezing Sarkov's assets.
- So this was a hit? - That's what it looks like.
The people upstairs say it was some sort of secret meeting about a trade embargo.
Jane Moore flew in this morning from D.
, but it wasn't on her schedule for some reason.
How did Sarkov know she was here? No idea guards didn't hear any shots - or see any motorcycle.
Hello? Now you know what I'm capable of.
Who is this? I want my painting back.
Not gonna happen, Trofim.
You stole from me.
First my penthouse, my planes, my yacht, and then my Cézanne, which I take very personally.
Get used to it.
Where are you? Inside your head right now, I would imagine.
I want $350 million.
Fair compensation for what your government has taken from me.
Jeez, let me think about that for a second.
How about hell no? That work for you? You can joke all you want, Agent Scott.
All I will tell you is, Commissioner Moore was just a warm-up.
Listen to me, Trofim, you're messing with How'd he know your name? I want to know how he got your cell number.
- We've got a mole in 26 Fed.
- You're sure about that? He had my work cell, Heather.
No one has that number except our team and my family.
I want a plumber.
I want every single person in this building checked out right now starting with the Russian CI Squad.
- Just calm down.
- I am calm.
I can't see you when you're pacing.
Also, I want a team from OTD and Quantico to do a sweep and secure of our muster room downstairs.
- Of course.
- I can't keep coming up to the SCIF every time I want to have a conversation.
Remy, I understand.
I'll talk to the director, and I'll make it happen.
Where are we on Sarkov? Nowhere.
We can't find him.
Is he using a burner? No, he's more sophisticated than that.
It's a closed-source app with VPN protection.
It doesn't use cell towers or an IP address.
Do we know what he wants? Yeah, money.
Specifically $350 million.
He actually said that? Yes, he did.
I think you know what the answer is.
We don't negotiate with terrorists.
This guy has resources, Heather.
Former military, KGB.
The hit on Commissioner Moore was a very specific message, and he said this was just a warm-up.
Keep going.
I'll get authorization for a reward and bring NSA into the loop.
And OTD will be scrubbing your muster room before you get back down there.
Go get this guy, okay? ♪ - Thank you.
- Sure.
My mom and my sister.
If Sarkov knows about our families, he knows about Hana's too.
♪ What are we doing at an army base? I don't understand.
Mom, it's okay.
They're gonna keep us safe here.
You guys good? - Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, hi.
I'm George.
I'm Hana's brother.
New phones from OTD.
You take my old one just in case Sarkov calls again.
No problem.
Security sweep's all done? That's what they tell me.
Everybody's here.
I'm Agent Purcell with the New York field office.
I know this is probably very unsettling, so thanks for your cooperation.
How long are we gonna be here? Till the threat is eliminated.
You're here because your family members love you.
They want to keep you safe.
So does the bureau.
Okay, first thing's first.
Everyone turned off their cell phones, right? - Yes.
- Sure.
Let's put them all in here, and we will keep them in a safe place.
- I don't have one.
- That's okay.
- That's okay, Mom.
- Thanks.
Isobel says we're ready to go.
Memo's on the internal server on Remy's laptop.
Okay, I got it.
This looks good.
Whoever reads this will think our family is in the dummy motel on Long Island.
Yeah, one team's already in place.
Management knows what we're doing.
- Good to go.
- Do it.
Let's see if our rat takes the cheese.
Come out, come out wherever you are.
I'll take the graveyard shift.
- I never sleep anyway.
- Okay.
Call me if you guys get anything.
New phones only.
Don't forget.
You mind holding down the fort? I want to go see Sarkov's daughter.
I feel like she needs to know what's going on.
Good idea.
I appreciate your concern, but I'm fine.
Listen, your father's a very dangerous man and he's not in his right mind.
He's never been in his right mind.
There are places you can go.
Polina, the bureau can protect you.
Who's that? That's my best friend, Katerina.
We grew up together in Kyiv, and she's in Donbas right now.
Last week, the Russian soldiers came to her building.
She jumped out a third story window to get away and broke both her legs.
I'm so sorry.
If she can be that brave in Ukraine, I can do it here.
I'm not hiding, and I'm not stopping my work.
That's exactly what Kimov wants, what my father wants.
To intimidate people into silence.
I'm not doing it.
And besides, we have our own security.
Lot of good he's doing you there.
You just walked six blocks by yourself to get your dinner.
Polina, please, can you be more careful? I will.
Thank you.
Nice car, man.
The bureau really went all out.
Tell me that's very strong coffee.
Well, I figured it's been a while since you were on surveillance, so I went a little crazy.
I got you a latte with an extra shot of espresso.
Bless you.
How'd it go? Anything? No, I just sat here all night.
Listen, I spoke to the agent in charge at Fort Lee.
Families are doing fine.
They're safe and sound.
I was worried about my mom.
She doesn't do well when her routine is interrupted.
Hey, Sarkov call? No, but I got something.
12 minutes ago, somebody accessed our fake safety protection request on the bureau's internal server.
- Who? - Mark Muldoon.
He works in language services on the seventh floor.
We're on our way.
♪ You know you get the death penalty for this, right? Look at me, you little prick! Please, I have a family.
- So do I.
- In Russia.
My wife's American, but her parents are in Bryansk.
She took our baby to see them.
I don't know how they found her.
They took her passport.
They wouldn't let her leave.
I don't care how you were compromised.
Money, piece of ass, tickets to Disneyland, - makes no difference to me.
- He said he would kill them.
- Sarkov did? - Yes.
So you are working for him.
You're looking for the good cop.
You're not the only one with family.
I've got kids, and they're in hiding because of Sarkov.
Do you understand that? Well, then you know how it feels.
Here's what's coming.
Next interview will be more FBI, maybe even the director himself.
Then after that, the U.
Marshals get their chance.
Then, I imagine, Homeland Security and the NSA would like to have a little chat because of the hit on Commissioner Moore.
I didn't know about that.
They'll take your life and put it under a microscope.
What you had for breakfast, where you get your hair cut, every mistake you ever made, every person you ever met, and if you try to lawyer up, it'll only make things worse.
They'll dig up every single detail of your sad, pathetic life and put it in front of the Grand Jury to indict you on high crimes and treason.
So the one way you might ever be able to see your baby grow up and avoid death row is to talk to us right now.
Understand? Where's Sarkov? I don't know.
He never says.
You're talking to him.
Did he ask you to find out where our family was? We know you accessed the protection request, so why didn't he hit the hotel? He said it was a trap.
Then what's his next move? What else did he say? I can't do this.
You have to tell us everything or we can't help you.
What the hell did he say? He wanted blueprints for the subway stations - at South and Carlisle Street.
- For what? Spit it out.
All he said was, "What's a New Yorker's worst nightmare?" ♪ FBI, get out of the way.
Out of the way, out of the way.
Coming through.
Keep coming.
Let's go.
- Come on.
- Get these people out of here.
We got a backpack.
Bomb Squad's on the way.
This way.
This way.
Straight up.
Go, up the stairs.
Come on, come on.
- This way.
- This way, straight up.
There it is.
Get him out.
Out, out, out, out.
Sir, sir, come on, come on.
Sir, we got to go.
Sir, sir.
It's gas.
Close the doors! Hana! We gotta go.
We gotta go! Close the doors.
We gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go.
We gotta go.
Come on.
♪ This is bad, Heather.
- Really bad.
- I understand.
OPCW has its ID team on the way.
They think it's chlorine gas.
The Russians used it in Syria in 2018.
We're doubling the reward on Sarkov.
That's not enough.
We need to shut the subway down.
Maybe the buses and the ferries too.
Remy, we can't let him hold an entire city hostage.
This man has access to military grade chemical weapons.
Do you know how lucky we are that more people weren't killed? Because you did your job, which I need you to keep doing.
I'm getting a lot of direct reports here.
- NSA, Homeland Security.
- Call me if you hear anything.
I was just at Carlisle Street station.
PD found a transit cop dead in the bathroom in his underwear, uniform and gun missing.
There's a witness.
She said she saw a cop get on the train with a backpack.
- Any video? - Yeah.
I already sent the screen grab to Hana.
Yeah, I'm running facial rec now.
Okay, there you go.
Nikolai Volsi.
Former KSO Special Ops, currently on an Interpol watchlist for suspected arms smuggling.
One of Sarkov's silovikis.
I already sent it to CID so they can blast it wide.
Also, we're pulling footage downstairs so we can look for him at the station too.
Guys, that's Polina.
Hana, can you get that feed on here? Sure can.
A growing pattern of Why is she talking to the press? I don't know.
Let's listen.
Has already labeled as war crimes.
So I say to you, it's not a question of if there will be another Bucha, it's a question of when.
Unless we all speak with one united voice in opposition.
What about your father? He's Russian.
Does he support the war? My father does not believe in country.
He believes in money.
But the things he is accused of, in my experience, they don't happen in a vacuum.
Are you saying the Russian government is behind this and not him? All I'm saying is, in America, political assassinations are uncommon and chemical attacks are unheard of.
Not so much in Russia.
Thank you very much.
If she knows it's her father, why is she blaming the government? 'Cause the way she sees it, her father is the government.
It sounds like she's defending him.
She's trying to separate herself from him.
By fanning the flames? We don't need that right now.
It's your old phone.
Hello? The price has gone up now.
Listen, jackass Agent Scott, this is business.
First rule of negotiation, we do not lose our temper.
We're not negotiating anything.
Well, that is a mistake.
I have more weapons and more men, - and I am prepared to use them.
- When and where? Just tell me and I'll meet you there.
I want $500 million.
You're in fantasy land, pal.
Never gonna happen.
You do not have the power.
I do.
What's the plan then? Just keep killing people and never get the money? In war, lives are expendable.
This isn't war.
It's a manhunt, and you're my fugitive.
And I promise you, with every bone in my body I will find you and bring you in.
That is very cute.
This is how I see it.
That painting was your escape plan, right? Sell it, take the money, go try to hide somewhere.
- Stop talking.
- But we found your mole.
He told us you were here in the Northeast and exactly where that backpack was going to be.
He's in debrief now, and I can't wait to hear what else he knows.
He will be dead soon enough.
You got a $2 million reward on your head.
Between that and the five federal agencies currently working around the clock, you better hope and pray we find you first.
Because if we don't, your own government will, and we know what they're going to do to you.
Who's in whose head now? [SPEAKS RUSSIAN.]
Call me when you're ready to turn yourself in.
♪ Call the consulate.
Make the offer.
A gardener from Long Island just called the tip line.
Says he saw a man in a transit cop uniform pull up to the house next door where he was working and go inside.
He knows the owner.
Says they're only there in the summer.
- Any description? - White male, medium build.
Says he saw another one in the window.
- You got an address? - Yeah.
863 Marsh Court, Freeport.
Okay, the house belongs to Radomir and Elaine Ozols.
She's American, he's Latvian with dual citizenship.
- Latvia still in Russia? - No, but it's right next door.
Close enough.
Grab SWAT and go check it out.
Hana and I will stay here just in case Sarkov calls back.
♪ Talk to me.
- Legit tip or not? - Yeah, legit.
Three dead guys, including the subway guy in the cop uniform.
Also, the motorcycle they probably used in the hit on Commissioner Moore.
- Sarkov? - No, not here, and the homeowner's car is missing.
So he kills his own men then takes off in a stolen car? I think so.
Where the hell is he going? [PHONE CHIMES.]
No! No! ♪ [TENSE MUSIC.]
♪ You would kill your own daughter? I lost my daughter a long time ago when she abandoned her family and her country.
Give me your phone.
I'm not letting you do this.
Such a brave little girl.
I think you get that from me.
I'm nothing like you.
I never will be.
I have made sacrifices for you my whole life.
Now, you make one for me.
I'm not saying this.
It's all lies.
You're good at lying.
No one will believe it.
No one here, maybe, but at home, on state TV, you will make me a hero.
It's the only way Kimov will forgive me.
You have to.
♪ My name is Polina Sarkov.
Like you mean it.
- You sure it was Polina? - 100%.
That's the security guard that worked at her office.
Witness said it was two men in a silver Mercedes.
He caught video of the plate.
It's registered to a Radomir Ozols.
- Any idea where they are now? - One hit on a traffic cam five minutes ago, but nothing since.
Remy, that guy just killed three of his own men at that house.
Polina could be next.
You really think he'd kill his own daughter? I think everyone's got a breaking point.
Guys, Polina's cell phone's still on.
They're heading westbound on Flatbush over the Manhattan Bridge into the city.
Everybody on comms.
Alert PD.
Tell them not to engage.
We don't know what else is in that car.
They're heading north on Madison.
Right behind you.
♪ Got him.
Going through the light on 86th Street.
- Remy, it's the consulate.
- What? It's right up here.
The Russian Consulate on 91st.
He's using Polina as a bargaining chip.
They just saw us.
He's speeding up.
Do not let them in that consulate.
I'll cut them off.
Kristin, talk to me.
I'm in the park headed right for the consulate.
I see him.
♪ Drop your weapon.
Sarkov! Take her.
I got him.
Close the gate! - Where is your daughter? - FBI took her.
That wasn't the arrangement.
It's not my fault, but it's okay.
Listen, I have something better.
She made statement recanting everything.
It's all on video.
Not here.
♪ Oh! What is that? Third miss in a row? Probably more.
- Hey.
- Mom.
Oh, hi.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah.
- I'm so sorry.
- It was actually kind of fun.
It was fun? Yeah, Remy's mom taught me how to play Mahjong.
And this idiot was playing beer pong all night.
Oh, really? Hana's brother can drink.
I'll tell you that.
It's his fault.
I see.
- Hi, I'm George.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
Great accent.
Yeah, the ladies usually love it.
- Dude, that's my mom.
- Settle down, George.
I'm so sorry you had to go through this.
It's okay.
We made it through.
- Are you all right? - I'll live.
Hey, Mom.
How are you? Good.
Did you get your bad guy? Yeah, we did.
Oh, good boy.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
Hey, everybody, can I say something? Hey, man, you're the boss.
Say whatever you want.
Yeah, I know this is kind of a strange way for us all to meet, but I'm gonna take advantage of it because I want you to know your mom and your sister are the best people I know.
And I am so proud to work with them every single day.
I know this was a total pain in the ass.
It was better than the alternative.
Very true.
So thank you for your patience.
You can go home now and get back to your lives.
- Cheers.
- Thank you.
- I'll see you soon.
- Okay.
- My old cell? - Mm-hmm.
No, just toss it.
You might want to keep it.
You should check you messages.
- She's very needy.
- Oh.
Oh, yeah.
♪ Told you I'd bring it back.
Uh, yeah, you did.
Thank you.
I am gonna take you to one of my favorite places that has the best crab cakes and fried oysters that ever touched your lips.
- Okay.
- How was Montreal? It was kind of a nightmare, to be honest.
Conferences every night until 10:00.
The only things I saw were the conference center and my hotel room.
I didn't even turn the TV on.
- So you were bored.
- Totally.
Explains all the frantic text messages.
Oh, shut up.
You loved it.
Even though you didn't answer any of them.
And that playing hard to get thing, it's very middle school, you know? Where I was a total dweeb, by the way.
And you still are.
How were your last couple days? Uh, busy.

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