Fear Itself (2008) s01e06 Episode Script

New Year s Day

This is not a drill.
Repeat--this is not a drill.
Eddie? Eddie? The electricity is out again.
What's going on with all the sirens? Did I do something stupid last night? I can't remember anything.
Wake up! Open the door.
Pribble? Hello? Mrs.
Pribble? The power is out again.
Pribble, it's helen, eddie's roommate.
Cdc is urgingeveryone to remain calm.
Do not approach the infected.
Do not touch the infected.
Repeat--authorities have warned that anyone within the blast zone of the explosion is subject to-- Eddie! Please open the door.
Eddie! Do what you do after the beep.
James, it's helen.
I know it's the middle of the night.
Something is happening.
I don't knowwhat is going on.
There's blood everywhere.
I can't find eddie.
I love you.
Hello? Who's there? So, that wasyour brother? He was really sick, and the doctors just couldn't help him.
He looks pretty cool.
Yeah, he was pretty cool, kind of like you.
Kevin, your mom is looking for you.
Are you guys going to a party tonight? Uh, I don't know.
Are we? I'll see you next year.
I hear your mom calling, kevin.
You better get going.
I think your tarantula is dead.
That's perfect.
All right, buddy.
You have a good night, man.
So, why aren't you dressed? I am.
It's still, like,a half-hour to the barn.
We're gonna be late.
Come on.
It's my job to takeyour mind off things.
So, get up.
You make it sound like remembering him was a bad thing.
It's not a bad thing.
You just can't-- mourn my brother? No, um, stop living your own life.
It's time you started having some fun again.
But he was the only one I had left of them, and now everyone I love is dead.
I justcan't help but sometimes want to james will be there tonight.
So? Don't "so" me.
I know how you feel about him.
And I know how he feels about yoU.
He said something? Yeah.
Well, no.
But, I mean,you can see it in, um, the way that he looks at you.
Uh, listen.
We are goingto this party.
It's up to you if you're wearing that or this.
Chrissy helen? Chrissy, what the hell is going on? Helen? Helen, where are you? Are you ok? No, I'm not ok.
I'm at home.
I don't know-- I--it's breaking up.
Helen, have you looked at the news reports? Yeah, I heard something.
I don't know.
I-- helen, listen.
There's something really major going on.
You need to come to James' place.
It's safe here.
Helenlisten I'm really--I'm really sorry about earlier.
I mean that, ok? Experts from the cdc confirmed that the airborne chemicals from the plant do, in fact,alter human dna.
Pribble? Mrs.
Pribble, what's going on? There's blood everywhere.
Oh, Eddie.
Eddie Eddie.
Come on.
Eddiecome on, get up.
We gotta g out of here.
We gotta go.
We gotta go, ok? Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
There's blood all over you.
Eddie, come on.
Come on.
No! Somebody help me! No! No! Woman: Help me!Somebody! Please! Get away! No! No! Pleasehelp me.
Pleasehelp me.
Oh, god, ok.
It's ok.
You're gonna be ok, ok? You're gonna be ok.
Let's go.
I'm gonna take you o my boyfriend's house.
Ok, you're gonna be ok.
Come on.
Come on.
It's ok.
Stay with me.
Hello? Helen? Hey.
So, eddie and I are just about ready to go, and we'll swing by and pick you up? No, it's ok.
I'll just meet you there.
I thought that, uh, you didn't want to take your own car in case you met someone and got lucky.
Actually,I called a cab.
In fact,I think I hear him outside now.
So a cab? It's gonna be a great party, ok? I'll just meet you there.
God, please.
Oh, my god.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Hello? Bitch, I want your car.
No, please.
You understand what I'm saying? Give me your damn keys.
No, please.
I'll take you wherever you want to go.
I'll take you.
I just--I really gotta-- What the hell? Give me the damn keys.
My leg! Get off! Get off! Cheers.
Hey, guys, where have you been? Major jam up by the plant-- police a rerouting traffic.
Hey, what happened to the broken-down limoexcuse, huh? Ok, doesn't matter.
Let's go get you guys some champagne.
Hit me with 2 bubblies.
You got it.
This place is pretty cool, chrissy.
You do realize we're in a barn.
Hey, have you seen james? He's supposed to be here.
Uh, no idea.
All right.
Who wants to dance? Come on.
No? Right.
This is awkward.
I'll just go dance with myself.
You two talk.
So, how are you? Really? Oh, come on.
It's new year'S.
Don't worry about it.
Just be happy.
All right, come on.
Excuse us.
We have more news on that blaze at compton chemical which broke out just past 10 P.
There's no indication what started the fire, but we have learned that some 3 dozen workers are injured and at least 10 people have been killed.
A spokesman for the fire department tells me they hope to have the fire contained in the next few hours.
In the meantime, they are asking people to avoid the east side of town I'm sorry I haven't really been there for you.
It's ok.
I'm fine, really.
I'm ok.
Remember when you used to cry whenever my mother would pick me up from your place? Yeah.
I was 4 years old.
Yeah, well, that's what I'm saying.
We've been friends for a long time.
AndI know we've drifted apart.
But I love you.
You're like a sister to me.
And I promise I'm gonna try and-- chrissy you are the only real friend left in my life.
Don't say that.
No, it's true.
I mean, look around.
Do you really think I fit in with that crowd in there? Who cares if you don't fit in? I've never fit in anywhere.
Those girls in there are wearing masks.
They don't even know who they are.
You do.
You're unique.
You're special.
But guys are attracted to women like that-- I don't know, women who don't really have any real feelings that might complicate a relationship and that somehow can always smile, regardless of what is tearing them up inside.
What are you saying? I don't know.
I'm just saying that you're the only person that really likes me for me.
And I cannot even tell you how much I love you for that.
I'm sure I'm not the only person here that likes you.
I'm gonna go find james.
The exposure to the ash is hazardous and Testing.
James helen, it's-- what is going on? Helen, is that you? What? James, I can't hear you.
I can't make outwhat you're saying.
Chrissy told me to come.
I'm coming to visit.
Helen, if you can hear me, don't go any where near them.
James, what? You have to stay Inside your apartment.
James, I can't hear you.
Helen-- what? I can't understand what you're saying.
James, I said I'm coming over.
Listen--helen-- there's something wrongwith the phone.
God, I love you.
I tried calling you.
I thought you said you were gonna call before.
Uh, my phone died.
I'm sorry.
My, uh, I'm sorry!My cell phone sucks.
I suck, ok? I got busy, and then--and then I was late, and that's why I didn't call you.
But look, I promiseI'm not avoiding you.
Ok? Huh? You ok? What? Are you ok? Yeah, yeah.
I'm fine.
You don't look ok.
I'm fine.
All right.
Let's get that drink.
Come on.
can we, uh I wanna do, it, too so, I'm sorry.
I just really don't like dancing.
Oh, no.
It's fine.
Uh, eddie was telling me-- really? What didhe have to say? He was just talkingabout relationships.
What would he know about relationships? Has he ever been in one? Well, he wasn't talking about himself.
He was talking about, you know, me and you.
really? Yeah.
And I know that it hasn'treally been that long, but--but you're just--one of the few people that really understands me.
Well, you're not that complicated.
I love you.
I know.
I said it.
It's out there.
I love you.
Umyou do? Look, I know I've been outside of myself, but Look.
You say that I never take chances.
What was that? I'll be back.
We're gonna make it-- I promise you.
We'll make it.
Hey! Wait! We've got to hide.
Wait! Hello? You can't leave me.
I can't do this without you.
You have to be strong.
Oh, mary, my darlin' oh, my darlin' oh, my darlin' clementine lost and goneforever Oh, mydarlin' clementine how I missed her,how I missed her how I missed my clementine I'm so sorry.
Nothing to be sorry for.
We've had a good life.
It's not fair that it ends this way.
We can't choose the way we leave this earth.
But I can make sure that you don't becomeone of them.
Oh, god, my angel.
Do it quickly, richard.
Get away! Ohh.
What didyou do? Get away from us.
You did this! No.
It was you! You did this to my wife! You did this to her! It was you-- all the time, you! You did it! You did this! I know what you did.
Eddie? eddie? 4! 3! 2! 1! Happy new year! Happy new year.
Have you seen james? come with me.
I want to tell you something.
Action news has justlearned from police that despite earlier reports from the fireat compton chemical, there is no evidence of fatalities.
Repeat--no one,it seems, has died.
However, we just spoketo an eyewitness who told us he saw 3 horriblydisfigured plant employees what do you think is going on? Get up from the ashes and simply walk away.
Beats the hellout of me.
A spokesperson for compton chemical is callingthat report ludicrous so, uh, ok.
Anyway, back to james.
Have you seen him at all? Uh, he was somewhere over there.
Uh, he could be anywhere.
I don't know.
I'm gonna go find him.
Why don't you just forget about james? Because I told him I told him that I loved him.
You what? You said that he loved me, so no, I--I never said he loved you.
Yes, you did.
I said that I knewhow he felt about you.
But damn it.
James doesn't love you.
What? I just couldn't stand to see you hurting like that Like what? What are you talking about, eddie? You really don't get it? No.
Stopplaying games with me.
Before you say anything, just please hear me out.
James wants someone who's like everyone else.
But you--thank god--you're so different.
Just stop it.
Oh, my oh, my god.
Uh, dozens of reports of infected people savagely attacking victims with the intent to kill-- in some cases, to eat.
Avoid contact withthese people at all costs Do you read? Officer? Are you there, officer greenwood? Officer? Oh, my god,I need your help.
Ok, we gotta get out of the city.
Officer? Officer? Hey! And go where? I don't know.
Someplace away from these freaks.
Need your help.
Help! Help me! No! If you're just joining us now, again, dozens of reportsof infected people savagely aacking victims with the intent to kill-- in some cases, to eat.
Avoid direct contact withthese people at all costs Again But will you listen to me, please? No, I can'T.
I can'T.
Don't walk away.
James! Helen! Helen! Helen, wait! James James! Helenhelen, no.
Where is james? Helen where is james? Oh, james! What? Helen, please james! What? Oh, my god.
James! James! What are you shouting at? Oh, my god! James! Oh! James Helen! Helen! Helen, wait! Helen! Helen! Helen? Well, looks like the power is out--again.
Helen? UhH.
Don't be madat me.
Helen? Helen? Oh, man.
You are wasted.
Uh, listen.
Uh, hopefully,you don't remember, but I helen? You ok? No.
Oh, no, no, no.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Helen, breathe! Helen hold on.
Hold on.
Kevin, what are you doing here? What happened to you? Oh! James she's one of them.
She's one of them-- And has been all night.
I can't make outwhat you're saying.
No! Get away! You did this! Helen, no please.
James! James! Oh, my god!James! James! Oh, my god! No.
Helen, no.
I'm sorry.
Helen! No, please.