Fear Itself (2008) s01e07 Episode Script


Tracy? Hey, sorry i'm late.
It took me 40 minutes to park, And then the store was a madhouse.
Tracy? Hey.
Why aren't you cooking? Scott and meryl will be here in an hour.
I was late.
Late? There's only one stripe.
That means you're not pregnant.
Don't look so happy.
I'm not.
I-- Look, you were the one who said that You didn't want to have a baby until we were able to move.
So, let's go.
let's get out of here.
Let's go somewhere where we can have some space And, you know, see some trees.
You know, that'd be great, but how are we going to do that? All i know is that i want to have a baby, And i don't want to raise it here.
The suburbs.
are you sure? - No.
- uh, no.
We're just going to check it out.
What about the commons? Oh, don't.
Don't put them through that.
Why? What is it? A couple of years ago, we started looking, Found this place-- fell in love with it.
A bunch of uptight snobs.
Incredible schools, the best sports programs, And the homes are amazing.
So what happened? They loved us.
and scott thinks i'm crazy, But i swear they lost interest Whene started blabbing that we didn't want to have a second child.
Excuse me for being honest, you know? Go ahead and check it out.
I wouldn't live there now if you paid me.
The commons, huh? I have a really good feeling?? Even after what scott and meryl said? It wasn't right for them.
That does not mean it won't be right for us.
I just can't get used to living in the suburbs.
Keep an open mind.
You may end up loving it.
This must be it.
Now what? Is there a doorbell or something? Ok.
that's weird.
I guess that means we go in.
fear itself S01 ep07 The commons was created on the basis of a growing need For family values.
Now, i'm sure you grew up in a neighborhood like we did Where neighbors look out for one other And crime is something that happens in another part of town.
These ideals are the cornerstone Of what we're all about.
That sounds amazing.
So why'd the previous owners leave? business.
he was transferred.
Here we are.
come on.
Don't get your heart set on this, ok? Come on.
Did i mention, the previous owners Couldn't take their furnishings, So if you like it, comes with the house.
Take your time.
- explore.
- Thanks.
look at this kitchen.
Look at this kitchen! Bet you the closet space is just amazing! There's fireplace! Look! Come on.
We do not belong here.
That's right.
I'm going to call you later.
They're coming back.
Well, what did you think? I'm sorry, but i think we've wasted your time.
we were just wondering if maybe there was something a little bit smaller.
I'm afraid this is the only home available.
You guys are, what, 25? 26? No kids, but you want to start a family someday? Yeah, that's why we're here.
But it's-- this is just too much.
We've helped a lot of couples buy new homes here, Couples just like you.
Do me a favor? fill out an application.
What have yotsu elgoft to lose? Tracy, i'm home.
We did it! we got the house! - ?? - Yes! Yes! It's going to be so amazing.
It's going to be amazing.
Wait a sec.
These great loans, Way more house than we could afford anywhere else.
What's the catch? Ok, bobby, what are you doing? Oh, no, no.
It's ok.
i understand.
Buying your first home is a little scary, Buyers jumping through hoops And eryone making a quick profit.
We'll make our profit, too.
But buying a house is not about money.
It's about security And comfort and family.
You want a catch, bobby? here it is: We can't survive without people like you investing in our carom imutsnieltyf.
And that investment is the life you create here.
Now, here's a socioeconomic breakdown of our residents.
When i said this was a planned community, it was an understatement.
We are a finely tuned microcosm Based on hundreds of years of research In communal living, From african tribes to medieval villages To the american suburb.
The commons has thrived for the last 20 years Because we know precisely what it takes to make a community work.
And right now, that's you.
Based on 73 separate criteria, You as a couple meet our needs 97%.
So if we don't do this right now, What are the chances of us meeting your needs again? You're more likely to be struck by lightning While holding a winning lottery ticket.
Are you sure this is what you want? I want this for us.
Welcome to your new home! We're happy to call you neighbor.
thank you! - Ready? - yeah! Hi! Think they'll do this every day? Well, here we go.
Listen! do you hear that? No.
What is it? Nothing.
- Isn't it great? - yes.
We did it.
it's our house.
??I'm going to go put my thing in.
Ok? i'll be right back.
what? What are you doing? Trying to make a baby with my wife.
Are you sure? - Yes? - yeah.
Hello? - Hey! - hi! Oh, see? They did keep the furniture.
Now i'm second-guessing my gift.
Well, they'll prably return it anyway.
Who cares? - Hi.
- hi! We're the fabers, your next-door neighbors.
Try to say that after a few martinis.
- Stop it.
- a mew fartinis.
Stop it! Hi, i'm debra, and this smart aleck is phil.
I'm bobby.
this is my wife, tracy.
You think we looked that young and cute when we moved in? Well, i did.
How long have you guys lived here? 12 years august.
Worst 12 years of my life.
Philip, stop it! They don't know you well enough yet.
Oh, come on, honey, they know i'm just kidding.
I'm not kidding.
Well, bobby, you got a beer? no, i don't, sorry.
It's still a little early for us.
Have one of mine.
- Come on in.
- come on in.
Thank you! Hey.
You pay whatever you want-- One of the little perks of the commons.
I'm leaving.
Sit here.
my goodness.
- This place is amazing.
- I'm spoiled rotten.
I'm tracy.
we just moved in yesterday.
I know.
You getting settled? yeah.
I mean, i already feel like i belong.
Any kids? You want mine? she's house-broken.
I'm joking.
Well, i got to go.
I'm in charge of our subdivision's residents committee, So i'm going to hit you up to volunteer soon.
please, do that.
- Great.
Bye! - ok.
Bye! see you tomorrow! Wave at the nice lady.
??She's beautiful.
Bye! I think you've had enough.
My love, there's never enough.
You play golf, bobby? it's been years.
When it gets warmer, we'll get you out there.
How's it going? You having a good time at the party? - I'm all right.
- yeah? But i think i got to make a liquor run.
- These people drink a lot.
- You can dress it up, but it's rotten and stinking to the core.
- Will you please be quiet? - no, i won't be quiet! What, do you want to cut my balls off? - Will someone stop him? - They're all just afraid to say anything.
They had no right! Don't worry, kids.
Uncle phil's is okey-doke.
Let me help you up.
It's ok, bobby.
We know how to take care of him.
Hi, debra.
oh, sorry.
I just haven't seen you and phil since the party.
How's he doing? i thought you knew.
his brother died.
He had tgo take care of it.
Oh, no.
Well, give him our best.
You're so beautiful, sandra.
Hey, isn't that sandra from across the street? What is this? sandra! Oh, god! - How could you be so stupid? - ?? - Do you realize what you've done? - I'm sorry! No! No! Hey, you see that? What's going on here? ??In a while.
We're wondering how you're doing over there in yuppie heaven.
Give us a call.
Hi, tracy.
it's arlene.
I got you an appointment with my ob.
She's amazing.
I told her all about your problems conceiving, so Call me back! Tracy, arlene just left you a message.
Why are you sharing our sex life with your friends? Because they're my friends? I don't know.
they're moms.
They've been through this.
why are you asking me this? Because, i don't need their judgment.
We've only been trying for 3 months.
Un let's just keep it between us, ok I think you're being a little sensitive.
I'm going for a run.
Oh, wait.
I forgot to tell you that candace called.
You've got a meeting with the resident's group tonight.
Ron and sandra, What we do is arbitrate.
We offer solutions to everyday problems.
It's how villages and tribes have functioned for thousands of years.
And it's what community is all about.
Trust her.
it won't happen again.
Everyone in town saw her.
We can't just ignore it, ron.
That wouldn't be fair to everyone.
Infidelity rips at the very fabric The commons is created from.
What divides a single couple divides us all.
Now, in cases like this, The offending spouse is sentenced by the partner From a prescribed list.
Ron, do you understand that? I choose her punishment.
Hold on.
what are we doing here? This is between sandra and ron.
We're not talking about someone who left their garbage cans out.
Why is this any of our business? Because we're their neighbors.
And we care.
Make me want to puke! Harlot! - Whore! - Disgusting! - just a whore! - Why does she have to stand there? She broke a rule, sweetie.
She's in a grown-up time out.
was it worth it? Hey, how can you let this happen? This is sick.
this is medieval.
It's only for a few hours.
What would you do if you caught your wife screwing around? Divorce her? Kill her? pretend it didn't happen? We'd deal with it privately.
They will, too.
But first, she's has to deal With what she's done to the rest of us.
Her neighbors will help her through it.
And it'll strengthen the community.
And i guaran-damn-tee she won't screw around again.
This is how you chose to punish your wife? No.
She chose it.
I'm so sorry, sandra.
No! Don't interfere.
please! Bobby, stay out of this! Bobby.
- Sandra? - i just wanted to say If the community hadn't stepped in when they did, Our marriage would be over.
Bless you.
And you two keep trying.
Don't give up on that baby.
Tracy? I just ran into ron and sandra-- Heather and candace came by.
We like to check in?? After they've been here a while to see how they're adjusting.
Oh, and we're doing great, aren't we? Yeah, great.
It's obvious.
your house is wonderful.
- ??Pride of ownership.
- absolutely.
I don't mean to be rude, But if you want something from me-- You want me to volunteer for another committee-- They're concerned about us.
Because? Because we haven't gotten pregnant yet.
There's no need to panic.
It happens to lots of couples.
We just want you to know that we can help.
Oh, we don't want your help.
Our private life is none of your business.
We really are fine.
I know.
i just want you To explore every possibility.
We have fertility specialists.
We have donors.
You need to leave.
We truly want to help.
Now, i suggest you take a look at the resident's agreement That you both signed.
We have every right to be concerned.
Your house is lovely.
"child shall be conceived within a period of up to and including, but not to exceed, "6 months from the first day of residency.
"failure to do so will result In the foreclosure of your property-- " Can they do that I don't want to leave.
I don't either.
But They're trying to control us.
Tell us when to have a baby? C'mon! I-- i know, but that's why we're here, To raise a family in a safe environment.
They made that possible.
Look at their success rate.
It obviously works.
It does! i want this for us.
What are we going to do? We want to do everything we can to uphold the contract.
But what if we're unable to conceive? Oh, well, that's highly unlikely given your combined genetics, But you would be in default.
You'd lose the house, any equity, Your credit would be damaged for years.
It would be unpleasant.
What if we had a miscarriage, Or we just wanted to move? Sorry, no.
That's all covered in your agreement.
So, basically, we're trapped here, Expected mate on demand.
You make it sound like it's a zoo.
You're saying that every couple for the last 20 years Has spit out babies on your schedule And lived happily ever after? It's a delicate biosocial balance.
We have singles.
We have couples without children.
We've never asked anyone to conceive Who wasn't already planning on doing so.
Now, in the application that you signed, You stated that you wanted to become pregnant Within 6 months.
I can show you, if don't rember.
That's ok.
We've been doing this a long time.
We're very good at choosing our neighbors.
We have faith in you.
Yeah, i'm looking at this contract.
Why would you sign this? Why didn't you call me first? Is it legal.
It's a legal document.
It's a ridiculous breach of civil liberties, But you sign it.
I just want some control.
I mean, there'd be consequences.
No, we can't.
tracy doesn't want to go.
She doesn't know i'm doing this.
But if we have a baby, we're stuck in this place.
Tell me what you want me to do.
Help me find the previous owners.
Run a credit check.
get a number.
They got out.
i want to know how.
I can't believe we may lose this.
All i want to do is raise a family here.
Don't give up.
it's all worth it.
Once you feel your baby growing inside of you, You know you're not just living for yourself anymore.
Your priorities change completely.
I love my house, but what's important, Why we're really here, is for our kids.
And unless your kid's a complete freak, They'll be offered the best schools, the highest-paying jobs.
It's an unwritten rule of the commons.
We're not just neighbors in here.
We're neighbors anywhere we go.
20 years of ex-residents Highly placed in virtually every sector of government and industry.
Connections from this little neighborhood run scary deep.
Realize how lucky you are to be here.
And girl, do whatever you can to hold onto it.
He's not feeling well.
I just need to ask him a few questions.
I'm sorry about your brother, phil, but i need to know-- What happened to the couple who owned our house? Leave him alone, bobby.
This agreement we signed, we didn't realize-- It's insane, and i need to know how that family got out.
what happened to you? Go home.
we can't help you.
He disappeared.
What do you mean he disappeared? All his credit accounts, his bank accounts, closed.
It's like your previous owner fell off the planet.
What do you think that means? Eithere's dead, or he's pretending to be.
Why would he do that? What the hell's going on over there, bobby? We're worried about you two.
We're ok.
Don't let meryl say anything to tracy.
Thanks, scott.
What's that? I got you something.
- Can i open it? - Yes.
?? I got 2 stripes.
Bobby, i love you so much.
We did it.
I mean, i want to, you know, get officially checked out by the ob, But arlene, she said that these ings are pretty much foolproof.
- So, i think that we're ok.
- You told her before you told me? I know.
I just didn't want to tell you over the phone, And i had to-- no.
Hey, listen.
Don't get mad, ok? This is our dream, and it's happening, So let's just enjoy it, ok? you know what? I think it's my parents calling.
Hello? I know! It's so exciting, isn't it? Yeah.
he just can't wait.
He's-- he's thrilled.
Oh-- check it out.
But yeah.
this is, um That's a photo of our baby.
You're so beautiful.
I think i'm going to like this pregnancy thing.
- ??You know so? - yeah.
Sandra! What-- She jumped in front of the car! I saw it.
She was definitely drunk.
No, no, no! she was terrified.
She wanted help.
Someone was chasing her.
- Did you see? She was-- - No.
She jumped in front of the car.
It was suicide.
we all saw it.
- These people are insane.
- Oh, my god.
What do you mean that thedisappeared? 'Cause candace, she said-- she said that they-- Candace lied, ok? Something is very wrong here.
Will you just please, stop? please, stop? Because you're scaring me.
You should be scared because-- 'Cause why Come on.
?? Phil, debra! open up! - Hello? - Tell us what's happening.
We're scared.
??out of this? We have a daughter.
leave us alone! Is that what they do? they go after your family? Phil-- phil, what happened to your brother? What did they do to you? I'm sorry, honey.
Everyone needs to find out on their own.
Actually, it's kind of liberating.
We're all in this together.
did i tell you about gracie's report card? She did great.
I'm so proud of her.
The teachers want to put her into the advanced learning classes.
She's already reading at the fourth grade level.
And she's the best speller in the class.
Bobby, get the hell out of there.
I have to get tracy and the baby safe first-- Hide them, get them new identities.
They'll come after us.
they won't stop.
They own us.
How can we help? I have an idea.
We're going to need meryl.
We should call your doctor.
Oh, no, no.
It's probably just heartburn.
I just need to rest.
I promised arlene i'd help her organize tomorrow.
I'm so excited about this fundraiser.
The school library's going to throw a dinner for all the volunteers.
We need as many people to contribute as possible.
I think we need about 10 volunteers to work the phones.
Tracy, you look pale.
Do you want something? yeah.
Maybe i should just get some water.
Well, i'll take care of the emailing, And make sureteod.
??the baby! - Someone call 911! - No, no, no.
just, please-- Just call bobby.
Just call bobby.
One of us will go with you.
No, that's ok.
I'll call you just as soon as i can.
Ok, meryl.
How you doing, meryl? nervous.
??Here we go.
If the tv cuts to you, just cover up, ok? We can't let them recognize you.
Hello? Hi, arlene.
Yeah, no, tracy and the baby are fine.
She's just confined to the bed for a little while.
No, no, no.
no visitors.
Just stay covered.
Thank you.
I'll give tracy your kind words.
Just let us know.
They're suspicious.
We've been on tv for 2 days straight.
Why hasn't scott called? Tracy and her parents should be reaching the cabin at any time.
They'll let scott know, and as soon as he calls us, We're out of here.
Maybe that's him.
Hey, scott.
she's better.
No, no, no.
no visitors tonight.
we'll give you a call.
Let's go.
Who the hell are you? where's your wife? Run! get out of here! It'll be ok, meryl.
- No meryl, it won't.
- bobby! And you can thank your friend bobby for that.
Where's tracy? Where is she? You can kill me, but tracy and the baby are safe.
And everyone will know what happens here.
Kill you? Why would we kill you? You're our neighbor.
We just want you to be happy.
But your family and friends, They may have a little accident, like meryl.
What is that? Something to help you talk.
Don't worry, bobby.
We're your friends.
Welcome back.
You've had quite the nap.
You must feel horrible.
i'm sorry.
- Are you up for a ride? - Where? To see tracy.
she came back.
You're lying.
she wouldn't.
Where's bobby? I'm going to knock some sense - into that son of a bitch.
- Will somebody get him out of here? Come on, phil.
bobby's ok now.
What, he's ok? Bobby's staying? Bobby's staying! Oh, bobby, you're staying.
That's so great.
That's great that you're staying.
That's so great.
This is for you.
Ron, will you do something about this? What are you doing? Oh, my god! Candace! run! - Hey! - run! Bobby? Bobby! Come on back! Bobby! Bobby! Bobby? Bobby! Bobby? Bobby? Bobby! It's me! Hey, bobby! - Bobby? - bobby, it's scott! Tracy! - bobby! - What are you doing?? you were safe.
I had to come back for you.
They've got meryl.
we have to get out of here.
i love you so much.
I am doing this for us.
- ?? - It's an amazing house, bobby.
The schools are incredible.
We're going to be neighbors.
It's going to be great.
No! No! No, no! No! No! No! ??Stop! It really is a lovely community.
Everybody watches out for each other.
and if you're planning on having kids, There's no better place to raise a family.
That's why we're here.
he's adorable.
He's a handful.
So, i'm looking forward to meeting your husband.
he's working right now.
there he is.
So why'd the previous owners leave? Business.
he was transferred.
We feel so fortunate to be here.
It really is a wonderful community.