Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s01e05 Episode Script


1 - (electronic buzzing) - (door clangs) Man: Fire, earthquake, flood.
- (man #2 shouting) - You bought it all, didn't you? That's not a question.
I'm not asking, I'm telling you.
I look at a person like you and I know.
You are a buyer.
How do I know? Because I am a closer.
I can sell anything, everything.
Ask anyone.
Except, uh, insurance.
(chuckles) Can't stomach it.
Preying on people so weak, so frightened of the future that they entrust the protection of their family to a piece of paper.
- (sobbing) - To some promise of a corporation.
What kind of man does that? Puts his wife and children in the hands of strangers.
People he's never even met.
Then one day the man is gone.
His family alone.
The wolf comes to the door.
And, well, no one is covered for that.
(sobs) Douglas, what's wrong? Buck up.
I think I found you a bright side.
I presume this is the wife.
Did Maria keep herself up? What? Her figure, Douglas.
Her shape.
Does the current Mrs.
Doug still resemble the woman in this picture? Yeah.
See there, now? I'd say your luck is changing.
(chuckles) Body like that (chuckles) it's just the ticket to help her latch on to the kind of man that's gonna help her through all this.
(sobbing) All right, open up.
I don't know what came over him.
(sobbing) What? - Let's go.
- Douglas: What are you doing? - (gate closes) - Man: Guard! - (Douglas sobbing) - (man shouting) - Soldier: Open the gate.
- Man: We got rights! - (chatter over P.
) - (gate opens) So, then Who the hell are you? Tell me, you fascist pricks.
Man on bullhorn: Cease your hostile action and return to your home.
Tell me where she is, you asshole! (clears throat) Come out here, you coward.
I'm gonna show you hostile.
Man: Take it easy.
What are you afraid of? You know they're not here to protect us.
You've seen what they do.
When are you gonna step up? Huh? When they come for you? When they come for your family? Why are you hiding? I want my mother.
- Step aside, Corporal.
- What are we doing here, man? What's it look like? Your girlfriend popped her top.
She's inciting the natives.
Lieutenant says I got to nip this thing.
You got exactly three seconds to get your hand off my stripes or I will plant you where you stand.
Screw Moyers, man.
You don't have to do this.
- Three - Listen, man, these are people here.
- two - These are our people, okay? - two - She just wants her mom.
Look at her, Sarge.
Think I like this shit? Acting like some power-tripping 5-0? Hmm? I got a family, too.
I know.
(radio chatter) Let me handle it.
You better.
(gate buzzes) Go ahead, I wouldn't blame you.
(bottle shatters) (sighs) Hey.
Look at me.
Let me take you home, okay? I can't I can't go back there.
I can't.
Adams: It'll be okay.
We'll get you home now.
- Ofelia: You would take me? - I'm not doing this anymore.
Sergeant, impress upon your man the importance of his duty or I will.
Yes, sir.
Corporal, halt.
I said stop! I got to go.
I just got to talk to Moyers, you know.
If we can just hey.
Get any sleep? So what's the plan? Oh, we were just talking about it.
Shouldn't I be a part of the discussion? I just think that someone should be looking out for Mom's best interests.
- We're looking out for everyone.
- Are we? We know you're upset, Chris.
We all are.
Madison, would you please not interrupt me while I'm talking to my father about family matters, okay? Dad, get off me.
Get off me.
Get off me! Bet if that was her, you'd be chewing through the chain-link right now.
What the hell is wrong with you? Chris, look at me.
Mom she just got on the truck, Dad.
- Look, Jesus, we don't know what happened.
- They didn't take her.
No one forced her.
She just went willingly.
Because she wants to help people.
She knows they need her.
Like Nick, Griselda.
That's who your mom is.
- What if she dies, Dad? - Hey, Chris.
Don't go there.
I need you to be strong now, okay? I can't hold us together on my own.
All right? Good man.
Go and apologize.
- To her? - Yeah.
- Are you kidding me? - You were out of line.
Go be with your family, Dad.
(door opens, slams) I'm sorry.
He didn't mean it.
When Chris comes back, tell him I've gone to get his mom.
And Nick.
(motors whirring) (man coughs) Good.
You're a quick study.
- Get any sleep? - A little.
Hope you enjoyed it.
I'm down to three nurses including Hodges here.
Started with seven, but command, in their infinite wisdom, sent my two best in the first evac, so What happened to the other two? New dressing on this leg.
My point is you came at a good time.
Nobody expects you to be a superstar.
Liza: I need to talk to my son.
He'll be worried.
Of course.
I'll see what I can do.
And the woman I came in with.
Griselda Salazar.
She's in recovery.
They had to take her foot.
I'd like to see her.
She doesn't speak much English.
I don't want her to be scared.
Right, we wouldn't want anyone to be scared.
Liza: What about Nick? Is he okay? He's fine.
We have work to do, Liza.
(chimes tinkling) Alicia? Alicia, are you in here? (loud thud) Come on.
(loud bang) (loud bang) Shit.
- Man on radio: Warlock? - What? Wait, wait, wait.
(radio chatter continues) What is this? What the hell is this? - She's got a knife.
- Stop, stop, stop.
- Answer me.
What is this? - Stop, stop.
This is how we bring them home.
- Drink.
- (military radio chatter) You're worried about your family, I get it.
But this isn't necessary.
They're gonna be fine.
They'll be evaluated and treated.
That's all this is.
You'll have them back.
When? I don't know.
It wasn't right how it was handled.
Handled? You came into my home at night.
You took my son, his wife.
- That wasn't me.
- Ofelia: It wasn't.
He didn't have anything to do with it.
We know it wasn't you.
Madison: Where are they now? Look I can help.
I want to help you.
Then answer the question.
I wish I could.
- He doesn't know.
- (radio chatter continues) (door opens, slams) - This is not the way to do - Somebody had to do something.
Someone is.
Travis went to talk to them.
He knows the lieutenant.
That's your plan? Go back to the people who took them and, what, ask nicely? No, we have a plan.
You have a United States soldier strapped to a chair in a goddamn basement.
Now we have something to trade.
- Trade? What do you expect - We wait.
Once they find out he's missing, we call.
We tell them where to go.
We tell them where we're gonna meet to trade.
And then when they come looking? I don't like this either, but my father's right.
It's the only thing they understand.
(Speaks Spanish) - Be careful.
- Ok dad.
This was your idea? - Yes.
- It's absurd.
They're not gonna trade.
I know that.
But that soldier has information.
He knows the whereabouts of my wife.
He knows where they have your boy.
Security, how many soldiers there are with him.
How much time we have left.
I've seen this before.
People that go out on trucks never come back.
That's not gonna happen here.
Go home.
Keep Ofelia there.
Do not let her come back to this house.
I don't want you to hurt him.
Do you want your boy back? So which is it? You don't want him hurt or you don't want to know? You took three of my people, sir.
I quarantine at-risk elements of the local populace.
At risk for what? How long are you planning on keeping them? Well, you got to take that up with lady doctor Exner.
It's her show.
- Fine.
How do I talk to her? - You don't.
Travis, I'm gonna shoot straight with you, okay? You've been very helpful to me.
I don't like doing knock-knock raids on civilians.
It's bad for morale.
But look at these guys.
These guys are not warriors.
These are kids.
These are little kids who want to go home to mama.
Okay? Or what's left of her.
Dark thoughts, Travis.
That's my enemy here.
Okay? So the best thing I can do is keep these kids out in the field kicking ass and shooting holes in skin bags.
Cheer up, son.
I've been places where they shoot back.
You said you were a teacher or something, right? - Yes, sir.
- That what you said? Still am, sir.
English Lit.
Okay, good, so you get it.
Young men, you got to keep them challenged.
Got to keep pushing them.
Okay, look what we do here.
83 of these.
83 of the rotten bastards, all confirmed.
That's a lot.
Yeah, that's a lot.
That's a company record.
Can you help me get my people back or not? I get that you got issues with protocol, but I can't concern myself with civilian problems.
If the ones you took don't come back soon, you're gonna have more than me to worry about.
You took 11 people.
It's a tight-knit community.
A lot of kids.
(helicopter blades whirring) Probably be bad for morale if they all came down here.
That a threat? No, sir.
I'm just being helpful.
Okay, Manawa.
Let's go see the doc.
What? I thought you said you couldn't do that.
No, I said you couldn't do that.
I can do anything I want.
I got guns.
I mean, Christ, man.
The dead may be walking among us, still United States of America.
I want your team Oscar Mike in six.
Mayor here would like to go downtown.
- Sir.
- Yeah? Maybe we could get somebody else this time.
First squad's pretty banged up.
My men have been awake for 50 hours, sir.
We lost Nevins last night.
50? Here you go.
Take that.
You got to share it.
'Cause I only have one.
Get your ass back in the truck.
- Open.
- (gate buzzes) (radio chatter) Please don't blame Ofelia for this situation.
She's frightened for her mother.
You understand? That's why she brought you to me.
My daughter, she cares for you.
And I care for her, sir.
Ofelia is very special.
She's kind, intelligent, beautiful.
Yes, sir, she is.
When she was born, I knew I was looking at the only pure thing I would ever have.
She was so innocent.
She still is innocent.
Before she brought you in, she made me promise that I would not harm you, that we would talk, and that I would exchange you for my wife's return.
That is not gonna happen.
Look we set up command at a college two miles east of here.
There's a field hospital.
That's where your wife is, okay? (stammering) You can ask me anything.
I won't hold nothing back.
I am hey, look, I'm an open book.
I'll tell you whatever you want.
I know.
I know.
(murmuring) Let me get this straight.
You're going downtown, through this mess of DZ flesh-eating whatnot to get some kid who ain't your son, some old woman who ain't your mom, and some lady who ain't your wife? Actually, she's my ex-wife.
(laughs) No.
What happened to your face? Nothing, sir.
Momentary lapse of patriotism.
- (knocking on roof) - Now? - You got to be kidding me.
- Hoo-ra! We got one.
Stop the truck.
Sir, I don't think this is the best time for For what, Castro? Doing our duty? I don't know what side you're on.
Corporal, summon the Mamba.
She's a ripe one.
Moyers: How many points? First floor, east corner.
900 yards.
Five-mile-an-hour crosswind.
- Come on, Castro.
- Castro: Three points, sir.
Three? You know I don't do anything for less than a touchdown.
All right, Mr.
Mayor guess you're up.
Me? No, no.
I I can't.
Yeah, you can.
It's easy.
No, I can't.
I'm not a good shot.
(chuckles) It's a tactical mil-dot scope on a bipod.
Helen Keller could drill this thing.
Soldier: He don't want to do it, sir.
You a conscientious objector, Travis? Okay, hold on.
Someone who likes to live under the protection - All due respect, sir - and eat our MREs You're not listening, sir.
and sleep in a cozy bed with his pretty wife, but when it comes to getting his hands dirty, he doesn't want - I'll do it, sir.
- Hell, no, you won't! Hell, no.
Travis, I want to know what it is.
'Cause you don't think that she's human, do you? 'Cause if you do, if that's what you think, then we're just a bunch of murderers.
Is that it? No.
- Okay.
- No, that's not it.
This is a .
50 cal, so cheek on the stock.
Tight to the shoulder.
Press the trigger, don't pull.
Open your mouth.
Pressure differential.
You'll pop your damn retina, man.
Castro: That ain't a person.
That's what I thought.
(radio chatter echoing) (screaming, gunfire on radio) (engine starts) (tires squeal) (radio chatter) He's in.
You can start packing.
Soldier, can you hear me? He's blue.
Chest contusion.
What are we looking at here? Collapsed lung.
Very good.
Tube him.
Another fracture.
Facial abrasions.
Possible concussion.
Oh, shit! Are those bite marks? I see bite marks.
- We got one.
- Man: We have a quarantine.
- On me, let's move.
- All right, we're clear.
(gas hissing) Anything that looks like a bite is.
You're trying to save six people, I'm trying to save 600,000.
And that means one slipup, one "what if" and we all start finding out how the neighbors taste.
- Man on radio: Where's that evac? - Stay sharp.
More on the way.
(men shouting on radio) We got a squad pinned down in a library.
We're gonna get them out.
So when we roll up on this bitch, you stay in the truck.
Man on radio: We gotta move! (men shouting on radio) Squatters probably.
Whole bunch must have turned.
I thought this area was evacuated.
It was.
These are the holdouts.
- Some people don't trust the government.
- Imagine that.
No matter what, stay in the truck.
Man: Light these guys up.
(cocks gun) Ready? Go.
(gunfire) (gunfire continues) Man on radio: Go, go! (men screaming) We're cornered.
Get out! There's too many! There's too many! (shouting, gunfire continue) (man screaming) - (gunfire, shouting continue) - Man on radio: Behind you! - Get 'em off! Get 'em off! - Behind you! (shouting echoes) There was a fence just like the one surrounding us now.
Inside the fence was a building.
In the building a room.
And in the room a chair, just like this one where you sit.
This is where they bring me.
I was young.
The man with the blade and the man in the chair, they're not different.
They both suffer.
Their lives are changed forever.
They bring me in and they give me a choice.
Which man will I be? Please.
Please stop.
(radio chatter) This word, it's used many times in your radio transmissions, so I know it's important.
What is Cobalt? (sobs, groans) The outer layers have less nerves.
The deeper, the more sensitive.
You need a steady hand.
- What is Cobalt? - I don't know.
- (carving) - (groans) (sobbing) - (bike bell rings) - Have you no respect for private property? - Is that your bike? - I'll ask the questions.
I'm kind of the law in these parts.
(sighs) Yeah, we already got people on that.
Yeah, they're federal.
This here is my jurisdiction.
Everything from the fire hydrant to the Posada mailbox.
(bike bell rings) You want to talk about it? - Hop on.
- You got to be kidding me.
I'm not.
Come on, I want to show you something.
- (music playing in background) - Chris: Whose place is this? - (motor whirring) - Alicia: I don't know, rich people.
Last to move in, first to get out.
Chris: What if they come back? "Classic Girl" playing in background Alicia: They're not coming back.
Chris: Can you believe all this stuff? These little bastards were having the childhood we deserved.
Such a classic girl Such a classic girl Gives her man a great idea And hears you tell your friends Hey, man (man coughing) Step to the fence.
What, no turn and cough? - (beeps) - 98.
That guy.
(beeps) 101.
- Pull him.
- The boy's not sick, Melvin.
Anyone with a fever goes downstairs.
All right, let's go.
Come on.
- (grunting) No, no, no.
No, no.
- Hey, relax, buddy.
You found our last transaction to your liking.
- Nick: I'm not sick.
- Soldier: Here we go.
Yeah, and I'm not giving it back.
Of course not.
A deal's a deal.
But I'm suggesting an additional transaction.
Something to round out the ensemble.
Nick: I'm not sick.
I swear, I swear.
Let me have the boy.
I'll keep an eye on him.
- Hey, hey! - Take this as collateral.
Where's the other one? Las Vegas, I think.
- Tragically - Yeah, I want 'em both.
Or no deal.
Man: What are you doing? What are you gonna do with us? Come on! - Man #2: Get him out of here! - Nick: Get off of me, man.
Get off of me.
No refunds.
Kid turns, it's your ass.
You think he'll stop there? "Love always, A.
" Oh, that's sweet.
Who's A? (radio chatter) (gate buzzes) Man: Hey, man, where y'all going to? Clear, clear! (snarling) Here we go, here we go.
(gunfire) - Wait, where's Moyers? - He got held up.
What happened? He ain't coming.
We'll get you within a few blocks.
Walk home from there.
But Moyers said he'd take me to the command post, the doctor.
We're not going near that place, man.
I got a new mission operation get my ass back to San Diego.
(pounding) Let's go.
(tires squealing) (Ofelia screaming) Ofelia.
What? Wait, what? What? Wait.
She was nine years old when she first asked me about the war and why we came to America.
And I told her in detail about the violence, what was done, how we suffered.
(water running) I told her everything except which man was me.
(voice breaks) Do you think she will understand that it was necessary then to survive? That it is necessary again? Did he tell us what we need to know? (people chattering, crying) (monitor beeping) (whispers) Griselda.
Exner: She's sedated.
Why don't you trust me? I told you she was in recovery.
I want to be here when she wakes up.
- Liza, she has septic shock.
- (doorknob rattles) Sometimes all we can do isn't enough.
- (murmuring) - Griselda.
Where did they go? Do you wonder what happened to them? No.
These are real people.
Built a whole life here.
(sighs) And now (glass shatters) Ofelia.
Ofelia? - (door opens, closes) - Maddy.
Thank God you're okay.
Did you know what he was gonna do? You didn't know? Tell me you didn't know.
Adams: That's when the screaming started.
It happened so fast.
I'd never seen them turn that fast before.
All those people, 2,000 of them, just trampling each other.
And they couldn't they couldn't get out and (sighs) we couldn't tell the infected from oh, God.
I can hear them.
I can still hear them.
- Yeah - What did you do? We locked them in the arena.
I chained the doors.
That's what I did.
I believe you.
(door opens) - Stop.
Travis, stop.
- Daniel: Hey.
Stop, stop.
- Please help.
- Madison: Tell him.
Tell him what you told us.
Tell him about Cobalt.
Daniel: It's all right.
Cobalt is the command code to initiate evac from the LA Basin.
Evac? When? When do we leave? Not you.
Just us.
- Travis: What? - Go on.
Our people.
Tell him.
Tell him what happens to them.
Cobalt includes procedures for the humane termination of (sighs) When? 09:00 tomorrow.
(gagging) I was wishing we had something to mask the smell of urine.
You saved the day.
Why'd you do that? What you did with the guard, you saved me.
No, I obligated you.
There's a difference.
The game has changed.
We return to the old rules.
And the people who won the last round with their grande lattes and their frequent flyer miles are about to become the buffet.
I look at you and I see someone who knows the meaning of necessity.
Well, I'm an addict.
No, you are a heroin addict.
That's the gold standard.
Don't sell yourself short.
The soldiers are leaving.
I'm gonna require a man with your talents when I make my move.
What move? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing? They're not patrolling.
Something's wrong.
(beeping) Griselda.
What is she saying? I don't know.
She's not making any sense.
- (speaking Spanish) - Es Liza.
Her brain is swelling.
- (gasping) - (beeping rapidly) (flatlining) What are you doing? The time varies from person to person, but we know that muscle impulse resumes after death.
Any death.
They all come back.
We all come back.
- (gas hissing) - This is a captive bolt pistol.
It's used for livestock.
Traumatic brain injury is the only thing that stops it.
It's the only way to stop them.
She'll turn, Liza.
- And we don't want her to turn.
- (gasps) (pistol fires) (truck approaching) (banging, growling) (snarling)
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