Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

The Good Man

1 NARRATOR: Previously on Fear the Walking Dead Daniel: That soldier has information.
He knows the whereabouts of my wife.
He knows where they have your boy.
Chris: Mom, she just got on the truck, Dad.
Travis: Because, she she wants to help people.
Strand: I'm gonna require a man with your talents when I make my move.
Nick: What move? SOLDIER: I've never seen them turn that fast before.
All those people, 2000 of them.
Daniel: What did you do? SOLDIER: We locked them in the arena.
I chained the doors.
"It Comes Back to Haunt Us" playing Each time That we Give a little bit It comes back To haunt us (vocalizing) (thudding) (theme music playing) - Mom? - Madison: Go get your stuff.
- What happened? - We've got to go.
- But what happened? - Now, Chris.
- The Guard is pulling out.
- Yeah, we saw them on the street.
- They were looting.
- They're leaving, we're leaving.
I thought this was getting better.
I thought we were winning.
They're retreating.
It's not safe for us to stay.
Each for our own now.
Going back to our original plan.
We're driving east.
- Come on.
- We've got enough food and water to last us.
What about Mom? We're gonna get her and Nick.
Let's go.
- How, Dad? - What? How do we get them? (radio chatter) I found the place he spoke of with the dead inside.
It's close to their base.
We can use it.
I think he has given us all he can.
- No, we still need him.
- He can escape.
- He can warn the others.
- The soldiers are leaving.
The soldiers are still there.
They have guards.
- Hey, I said no.
- (muffled) The compound.
You know where the compound-- You don't know-- you know where the compound is, but you don't know where to go once you're there.
Which building, what floor, what hall.
You don't know where your family is inside.
Okay? The place is like a goddamn maze and I can draw you a map, all right? You won't get in without me.
We're bringing him.
He can ride in the truck with you.
Why? Ashamed of something? You afraid the kids will see? If Chris was in danger, you'd do anything you could to protect him, wouldn't you? Daniel: Ofelia.
We're going to go find your mother, take her with us.
- I need your help.
- (zips bag) What about Andy? We'll bring him.
You lied to me my whole life.
I protected you your whole life.
(zips bag) Does Mama know? I thought you were the victim.
Would you rather that be true? Ofelia.
Alicia, get in the car.
(dog barks) (dog barks) - What? - My neighbors don't know.
(scoffs) They did nothing when they came for us.
Exner: 20 patients left-- 12 critical, the rest stable, all infection-free.
One Chinook could lift the entire ward and personnel plus two dozen more soldiers, over.
Man on radio: Transport inbound, over.
What's the ETA, over? Man on radio: 0215, over.
Copy that.
Over and out.
Everybody, Edwards Air Force Base has room.
Let's lock it down.
Crit cases are gonna be flying.
We're going mobile.
- (chattering) - (woman coughing) What about my son? I submitted the request.
I'll follow up.
And the rest of my family? Who are we counting as family? We talking blood or bond? A son needs his father.
True, but the father will want his girlfriend.
The girlfriend will want her children.
What is family now? Be brutal.
I was brutal and you promised me Christopher.
Just him? And his father Travis.
You might as well kill me now.
The old man is gonna do it later.
No, he won't.
You think that's what he did in El Salvador? Torture and release? Get in the truck.
You can't stop him.
Your own wife let him do it.
- She let it happen.
- You took her son.
No, I didn't.
I didn't do shit.
I was kind.
I was kind to his daughter.
He cuts me.
He mutilates me.
Just get us where we need to go.
I'll tell you where you need to go.
I will help you find your family.
Just cut me loose, please.
- I can't do that.
Just get in-- - Why? Why? - Get in the goddamn truck.
- You're not like them.
I can see that you're not like them.
Get in the truck or I'm gonna put you in the truck.
The only reason to keep me now is to kill me and you know it.
Please there's no story here that doesn't end with me dead.
Jesus, they just left.
They abandoned us.
(buzzer blares) Soldier: So they're saying Edwards.
- Who's saying Edwards? - Superiors.
There's no superiors left, man.
There's no one.
(radio chatter) The hell is this? Is he turned? Soldier: The dead don't use tools, man.
Soldier #2: Could be infected.
Nice night.
Sir, you're entering a restricted area.
Stay where you are.
I don't want to have to shoot you, old man.
You should save your ammunition.
(snarling) Soldier: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Holy shit! Multiple infected northwest corner.
(alarm blaring) (alarm blaring) I led them to the north gate, so all the soldiers are distracted.
We can go now.
We should move.
- (car door closes) - (distant shouting, gunfire) What did you do? He told me where to find them.
- He told you? - Yeah.
I believed him, okay? - Like you believed him.
- It was the right thing to do.
You'll see what doing the right thing gets you.
If things go sideways, if you see anything, you drive.
Take the SUV and you drive to the campground.
If we're more than 30 minutes, drive.
Dad, don't leave me here.
I can help.
- I want to.
Let me.
- We'll find you, I promise.
I don't drive yet.
Alicia can drive if it comes to that.
Chris, you're gonna be okay.
Take care of her, okay? - (trunk slams) - Ofelia: Let's go.
(softly) You take care of him.
- (people chatting) - (woman crying) Don't draw unnecessary attention.
I am losing my mind.
I thought the house was bad.
Picture you're somewhere else with a needle in your arm.
Where's your house? Close.
El Sereno.
Oldest community in Los Angeles.
Predates the city.
Vibrant, blue-collar, diverse.
I'd gentrify the shit out of El Sereno.
Another time, another world.
(distant shouting, gunfire) - (people shouting) - Nick: What's that? What's going on? Full auto, close.
(alarm blaring) - It's time to go.
- So where are we going? What's wrong? (helicopter blades whirring) (gunfire, shouting continue) Son of a bitch.
What? The compound's compromised.
And now evac knows it.
Over here! Call backup! Hurry up! (alarm, shouting continue) Oh, my God.
Soldier: Hold the perimeter! Soldier #2: We need more men! Daniel: The hard part is done.
If the infected get in, how do we get out? Daniel: That would be the harder part.
What is the delay, over? Man on radio: Stand by, Doctor.
Stand by, over.
The compound is secure.
We're ready to go.
Doctor, we have reports of infected around your perimeter, over.
They're outside.
The compound is secure.
If you come now, there's time to extract us, over.
We are assessing, over.
Everyone go.
The transports are downstairs.
- Aren't they coming? - No.
Nurse: What about our patients? I'll take care of them.
Just go.
What about Chris? If they haven't gone for him by now, they never will.
I'm sorry.
Go, Liza.
Man on radio: Stand by, Doctor, over.
This is crazy.
They'll come back.
If they can't get in, they'll come back.
And leave the others? Would you rather they all died? I don't want anyone to die.
I don't want that.
You sound like your dad.
Yeah, well, he tries.
- (loud thumping) - (snarling) You can't save everyone.
- Why the hell would you say that? - Because you can't.
Sorry, it's just-- it's the truth.
- Shut up.
- What? Get in the car.
Get in the car.
(people shouting) Come along.
Come along.
Woman: Let us out of here! The key is not one size fits all.
We'll die in here! My friend, you're more likely to die out there.
Hey, you're not gonna help them? - We're not gonna help them.
- Why? Because helping them could hurt us.
- Don't leave us here.
- Strand: There's no value add.
Seriously? Save yourself, Nick.
Let others drop behind.
- So where are we going? - We need a ride.
- And then? - Abigail.
Who the hell's Abigail? (people shouting) If they're dead, they'll just keep walking, right? - They'll walk away? - I don't know.
- (door handles click) - (gasps) (Alicia shrieks) - Chris: Hey! Hey! - Come on.
- Shut your-- come on.
- Hey! - Get off me! - Get out.
Come on.
Alicia: Get off me.
Why didn't you guys just open the damn door, huh? What do you guys want? Transport.
Son, just give us the keys.
- No.
- (soldier chuckles) Come on, man, we'll take you with us.
We're not going anywhere.
Suit yourself.
- What about you, girl? - Hey, you leave her alone.
Leave her-- Stop it! Stop it! I have the keys.
- You sure you don't want to come-- - Hey, don't touch her, man! Get off me! - (radio chatter) - (alarm blaring) (distant gunfire) This must be the checkpoint.
Adams said there'd be a sign marked administration.
It's here.
(shouting) (beeps) - (soldiers shouting) - (alarm blaring) - We gotta load it.
- Just get it on, boy.
(shouting continues) (infected snarling) (snarling) Soldier: We can't hold 'em! The gate isn't gonna hold! There's too many of them.
I'm out of here.
They're breaking through.
Let's go.
I got you.
Give me your hand, ma'am.
- Come on, it's now or never.
- No.
(soldier screaming) Pilot: Come on, we're going! - Oh, God.
- Nah, he's infected.
Just leave him.
Let's go, let's go! Ah! - (gasps) - (sounds fade, slow) (soldiers shouting) Colonel! Ah, no! (soldiers shouting) - Run! - Soldier: No, no! No! (screaming) - Soldier #2: Come back! - Soldier #3: No! Run! (alarm continues) (radio chatter) (soldier shouting) Which way? (beeps) - (infected snarling) - (soldier grunting) Shit.
Wait here.
Are you crazy, man? What are you doing? It's all right.
They're slow.
(soldier groans) All right, Melvin.
(snarling) (groaning) Soldier: Help me.
Stran-- Strand.
Str-- Keep the watch.
Please, kill me.
You're well on your way.
- Nick: Strand.
- (infected growling) Nick: How do we get out of here now? Fantastic question.
Melvin was my ride.
(people shouting) Jesus.
- Nick! - Daniel: Griselda! - Mama! - Man: Help us! - Mama! - Nick Clark.
- Mama! - Nick! - Help us, please.
- Griselda! - Mama! - Who are you looking for? I'm looking for my son.
He's 19.
- There was a boy with the suit.
- Who? Rich guy stuck in here with us.
- Where'd they go? - We'll tell you.
Let us out.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
Where, where? - Strand took him out the back.
- Keep moving! - Maddy.
- There's no time.
- Woman: Get everybody! - Woman #2: Thank you.
Thank you.
There is no time! Ofelia.
Go, go.
- (people shouting) - Woman #3: Thank you.
(panting) (grunting) That's unfortunate.
Let's get out of here! Oh, go, go, go! - (woman screaming) - (people shouting) Woman #2: Thank you.
(snarling) - Nick: Mom! Mom! - (gun clicking) - Mom! - Nick? - Mom! Mom! - Nick! - Nick.
Open it.
- Mom! - Open it, Travis.
- I'm trying.
We'll get you out.
Nick, no.
Look out, they're coming.
No! - No! No! - Mom.
Madison, look out! Move! - (lock beeps) - Hurry! - (lock beeps) - Save us! - Madison: Hurry, they're coming! - Liza: It's not working! - Madison: Come on! - Come on, please.
Come on! Move! - Madison: Hurry! - Now, open it! Look out.
Hush up.
(grill hissing) - (growling) - (shouting) Papa? (gunshots) (shouting) Hey! (screams) No! No.
Help! Oh, my God.
Come on, you guys.
Let's go.
- Liza: Where's Chris? - Travis: He's safe.
- Where? - Outside the compound with Alicia.
We got to find another way out of here now.
Get back to the medical ward.
We get back there, Exner will know.
- Who the hell are you? - This is Strand.
He saved my life.
Liza, where is my wife? I'm sorry, Daniel.
Where is she? Tell me.
The infection took her.
Everything that could be done was.
It was just too late.
Where? I want to see her.
- Ofelia.
- No, Papa, no.
Papa, no, no-- - We must go.
- I want to see my mother.
There's nothing left to see.
I'm sorry.
(gun hissing) (pills rattling) Oh.
Doctor we need a way out.
You should have gone when I said.
Travis: Help us.
I'll take you with my family, but we need your help.
Where do you think your family's gonna go? There has to be somewhere.
There is a way out.
Past the ICU, the set of stairs down.
Takes you through the sublevel.
You can get out.
But there's nowhere to go.
I'm sorry.
Come with us.
There are people you can still help.
We have to go.
She's lost.
Come on.
Strand: So, what's the master plan? - I assume one exists? - What do you mean? Have you settled on a destination, an end point? We're heading east.
The desert.
- Should be safe there.
- It's not.
Then what do you suggest, Mr.
Strand? Go west.
What's west? I have a home on the water.
I have supplies.
I'm prepared.
(embers crackling) (crying) Travis: Chris? Alicia? Where's the car? Did they leave? - Oh, no.
Chris! - Alicia! - Shh, lower your voice.
- We got to find them.
- The dead will hear you and they will come.
- Chris! Liza: Chris! - Alicia: We're here.
Mom! - Chris: Dad.
- Are you okay? - What happened? The soldiers, they took the SUV.
- I'm sorry.
- Christopher.
Oh, my God.
- Chris: I tried, Dad.
- Liza: What happened to you? - Oh, my God.
- I'm fine.
- Madison: Alicia.
- I'm okay.
Mom, Mom, I'm fine.
We must go now.
- Salazar.
- (gun cocks) Ofelia: Andy? Andy? - Hey.
- Daniel: Ofelia.
Put the gun down.
You don't have to do this, okay? What are you doing? Just put the gun down.
Andrew, don't do this.
Please, please, please.
- Andy.
- No! - (gunshot) - (grunts) Dad! You're okay.
It's okay.
Let me see.
(grunting) (Travis shouts) Trav.
Leave him, Trav.
Leave him.
(coughing) Leave him.
- (panting) - It's okay.
"World Undone" playing Friend, things end Waiting for the tears to come (infected growling) We can't travel through downtown.
There'll be too many.
The 110? Nah, the freeway's a crapshoot on the best of days.
I wouldn't risk it.
Do you want to go back? (chuckles) You're funny.
We're gonna get along fine, Nick's mom.
Take a left here.
We can follow the river down to the sea.
Can't trust in this anymore Still waiting on the fence So many times before What keeps you here anymore? (vocalizes) Now your world's coming undone World's coming undone Now your world's co(snarling) Come.
(beeps) Grid's dead.
Generators kick on when the power dies.
Anyone hungry? Help yourself.
I'm sorry.
For what? I let them take you.
(sighs) Mom.
What? I don't know.
I don't know.
I feel strange.
Yeah, we're spinning off the planet.
We don't know where we're going.
That's the thing.
I never knew where I was going.
It's like I've been living this for a long time.
And now everyone is catching up with me.
It's through and through, Daniel.
It's clotting.
Change the dressing, keep it clean.
- Mm-hmm.
- She can survive this.
How is she? She's gonna be okay.
We made it.
I love you, Christopher.
(door opens) (seagulls screeching) Where are you going? I must stay in constant motion.
What do we do? Can we stay here? No.
No, you cannot.
No one stays.
(bag zips) Where's Abigail? Not here.
So why are we here? Why'd we come here if we're not staying? (door slides open) Are you insane? Strand.
The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.
Is that a yes? Strand: Abigail.
What's wrong? Oh, God.
Didn't notice till we were clear.
What do we-- what do we do? There's nothing.
I don't think I can do it.
I have to, but I don't think I can.
No, don't ask me, Liza.
You can't.
You asked me.
Come on.
You never liked me that much.
Don't make Travis do it.
It'll break him.
- We don't know-- - I know.
What's going on? Maddy.
Maddy? She was bitten.
What? She's infected.
That's-- that's okay.
That's okay.
We have meds now.
- No.
- Yeah, you got the antibiotics from the base, right? - They don't work.
- We can treat you.
- We could treat it.
- You can't.
Please, Travis.
- Tell Chris I did it.
- No, God damn it.
I'm not gonna-- you're not doing it.
You're not doing anything.
I'm not gonna let you do it, Liza.
I've seen it.
I've seen what it does.
The bites don't turn you, but the infection's not treatable.
The infection kills you like anything else.
Then it happens.
It doesn't matter how you die, you come back.
We all come back.
Don't let that happen to me.
Don't let our son see that, okay? You've got to protect him from this.
Okay? Promise me.
Okay? I'll protect him.
I'll protect him.
(Liza crying) (gunshot echoes) "Kettering" playing I wish that I had known In that first minute we met The unpayable debt That I owed you You said you hated my tone It made you feel so alone And so you told me I ought to be leaving But something kept me standing By that hospital bed I should have quit, but instead I took care of you You made me sleep and uneven And I didn't believe them When they told me that there was no saving you.
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