Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s02e01 Episode Script


1 Previously on Fear The Walking Dead We just need to get away from the city, we need to get away from the people.
What do you suggest, Mr Strand? - Go west.
- What's west? I have a home on the water.
She was bitten.
I don't think I can do it.
Why did we come here if we are not staying? The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.
- (jet engines roaring) - (explosions) Nick, grab the boat line.
You're gonna tie off.
I can't see the boat anymore.
They're out past the break.
They'll come back for us.
What then? Travis: No one's that far ahead.
Come on.
(explosions) Go take care of him.
(engines start) Strand.
Boat's unloaded.
- That's unfortunate.
- Hey, we need to go back.
No, you need to go back because we are about to have a number of uninvited guests.
The Abigail can survive on the sea for a long time.
Others will covet that.
They will covet that.
Point the launch towards land like I showed you.
Go! (missile whistling) (infected snarling) - Travis.
- Oh, Jesus, Maddy.
Travis: Chris! Chris, move to the water.
- I can't.
- Chris! I'm not leaving her! - Travis.
- Chris Madison: Travis! (snarling) (grunting) Maddy, watch out! (bone cracks) (grunts) (squelches) (infected snarling) Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Go.
Come on! Come on! Dad! Come on! (snarling) (motor buzzing) Madison: Oh, no.
(snarling) - (explosion) - (alarms blaring) (explosions) Well done, Nick.
(engines humming) (explosions) Once the winch is set, there's a switch inside the trunk.
Shouldn't you be on the bridge? The boat will tell me if there's an obstacle.
How far can it take us? 3,000 miles, more if we don't stress the engines.
Daniel: That'll give us options.
Sure, we can make it all the way to El Salvador.
We can survive on the Abigail for quite some time.
(people screaming) (cocks rifle) Man: Mayday! - Oh, God.
- Mayday! What are we gonna do? Alicia: Mom? - Go get Travis.
- (people shouting) Strand, stop the boat.
That's funny.
There are people out there we can help.
They'll drown.
Then they should return to land.
We're too far out.
There's nothing to go back to.
Don't do this.
I filled my mercy quota.
Seven people saved to date.
Be thankful.
- (shouting continues) - Man: We need a doctor! - We got company.
- Travis: Oh, shit.
- Where's Madison? - She's talking to Strand.
We got to get these people.
(shouting continues) We're gonna help them, right? Right now help us.
Inside there's a radio.
Listen to the channels.
We got to get a track on where we can go that's safe, okay? What about these people? I'm gonna talk to Strand.
If you could do that for us Right now, go.
(static hissing) We have to stay away from the coast, stay away from other people, stay away from the other boats.
- What then? - South.
- We circle down to San Diego.
- Travis, there's a boat Marines at Pendleton.
Navy at Coronado.
Border Patrol.
If they held the line anywhere - The military are not gonna help us.
- You prefer the alternative? Stop the goddamn boat.
That's the alternative.
If I stop the boat, it'll be to drop folks off, not take them on.
We can't stop, Maddy.
It's not safe.
(engines speed up) (shouting continues) Mom, what happened? Ask your new friend.
Man on radio: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.
This is the Summer Wind.
We're taking on water Woman on radio: There's another boat.
They're boarding and I don't know what they're gonna do.
Man #2: people on the cliff.
People are jumping.
(overlapping voices) Woman #2: They got hurt and won't wake up.
- (scanning channels) - (overlapping voices) Woman #3: I saw his head go away.
It just went away.
(overlapping voices) (shouting continues) Man on radio: This is Coast Guard Station LALB.
We have no assistance to provide.
I repeat, there is no rescue by sea, land or by air.
There's nothing.
Forgive us.
I think you should have stopped.
We had this conversation in the pens.
Was I not clear? This was different.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
So, what if San Diego doesn't work? I don't know.
The whole world is I don't know right now.
You should be used to that.
Let's find you someplace to sleep.
It's not happening.
You've been up all night.
So have you.
So has everyone.
No one's slept.
What are you doing? Travis told me to do this.
We don't even know where we're going.
We're heading south.
San Diego.
Or so it seems.
Okay, and you know that's safe how? Right.
Let just let me.
Let me do this.
Please? Okay.
I'll sleep soon.
I promise.
He's just sitting in there staring at her body.
I don't know what to do.
There's nothing to do.
Maddy, look at me.
I know you wanted to help those people.
How many did we leave behind? You think that was easy for me? But look at us.
Look at where we are.
We're on this boat with no supplies, no concrete plan.
We got an old man, a hurt woman, scared kids, and a corpse.
You think bringing those people on board this ship is saving them? I think about Matt.
I think about our neighbors.
- I think about them, too.
- Yeah, I can't do that anymore.
- I can't live with that.
- So, what if those people were sick? What if they were infected? We don't know.
And we're no good to anyone if we can't take care of our own family.
That's who we have to hold on to, Maddy.
You, Alicia, Nick, Chris.
I have to protect my son.
That's what it has to be.
- I need you with me.
- I am.
- (static hissing) - Man on radio: Negative on that.
- Negative on that.
- (jumbled voices) - (scanning channels) - Woman: seen anybody for days.
We have no food, we have no water.
"Five Years" playing on radio So many mothers sighing News had just come over We had five years left to cry in News guy wept and told us Man #2: Hello? Hello? Is there anybody out there? Anyone alive? We're alive, man.
The end of the world's got me super nostalgic.
Give me a shout-out if you dig this tune.
I saw boys, toys, electric irons, and TVs (static crackling) Is someone there? Is someone there? You're not gonna get this song out of your head now.
And you're welcome.
You're shy.
That's cool.
Doesn't seem much point to that now, but, yeah, I get it.
I understand.
Come on, please talk to me.
Please say something.
Just say something.
I kiss you, you're beautiful I want you to walk - We've got five years - I'm here.
Stuck on my eyes Five years What a surprise We've got five years My brain hurts a lot Five years I'm sorry.
Cool? Your father taught you? In a lake.
Not like this.
Big Bear when I was a kid.
So what do we catch out here? Depends.
Calico bass.
Sorry about your mother.
Sorry about your wife.
Neither of us got to say good-bye.
It would have not made a difference.
Not pretty, but the meat is good.
Uh Hey, do you want help with your bandage? That doesn't look so good.
Liza said it would take some time to heal.
I'm actually pretty good with that stuff.
I can manage.
Hey, if you put ointment directly on the pad, then cover it, it hurts less.
- Thanks.
- And ice is good for the pain.
And vodka.
Lots of vodka.
Man on radio: The boat got knocked around.
When we left the marina, everyone kind of lost their minds.
Is it your brother's boat? Yeah, he's got this shitty little boat, but he fishes out of Pedro, him and our cousin.
Is it safe there where you are now? I think so.
We found a cove.
It's just, you know, we don't have food and the fish aren't biting.
Where is it? It's, um I don't know.
I don't know if I should say.
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine.
I understand.
So, where were you when it happened? Um You okay? It's just not fair.
Alicia? It was over before I knew it started.
It was all over.
I'm sorry.
Have you lost anyone? How's Chris? I saw you guys talking.
We were fishing.
You don't talk when you fish.
One day Chris will understand.
What you did for his mother was an act of mercy.
What I would not give to trade my failure for your mercy.
(opera playing faintly) (indistinct voice talking) - (controls beeping) - (conversation continues) - Strand: Hold hold on.
- Strand? (beeping continues) (Strand speaking Spanish) Strand? Strand? That's still my name.
Someone's playing music out there on the water.
That is unlikely.
No, I heard it.
Sound carries strange on the water.
Talking out loud to ghosts up here, keep myself awake.
Yeah, I heard that, too.
It's a characteristic of the gifted.
And the crazy.
(sighs) You know, you can sleep.
We won't throw you overboard.
(laughs) How deep is it here? 44 meters.
- Is that deep enough? - Yes, more than.
And we're all clear? Almost.
We should take care of her.
Where you gonna go? I don't know.
We thought maybe like Hawaii.
That's far.
And it's Hawaii, right? It's like coconuts in paradise.
- Paradise? - No one's gonna turn there.
- In paradise? - (laughs) But it's too far, too far for this boat.
Well, do you guys have water? Yeah, we have some.
We've got little pans out hoping it rains, catch something.
'Cause if not, we'll be drinking our own pee soon.
Mm, tasty.
Yeah, how about you? You have water? Uh, yeah, we have a desalinization system.
Now, that is pretty swank, man.
You must be rich.
No, no, we we're just passengers.
We don't have money.
But you said you were on a yacht, right? Yeah, it's a big boat.
So do you think you guys could make Hawaii? Madison: Perfect day.
I was thinking the same thing.
What comes next? What do you mean? You knew what was going to happen in El Sereno.
How that ended.
What now? How does this end? If this is the end of the world, it's already over.
Have you seen Strand sleep since we boarded? Ahab? He doesn't seem to need any sleep.
You don't trust him.
He saved my son.
He saved us.
His house was real.
This boat is real.
He hasn't lied.
He was packing his bags before the bombs fell.
He had no intention of staying on land in his big house with the tall gates.
- Why? - Thinks San Diego's safer.
Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.
Maybe he has motives he's not sharing with us.
So we watch him.
I have been.
Man on radio: It's just my brother and me now and his wife.
Just the three of us.
Everyone's gone.
Everyone else is dead, turned, taken.
I even saw it happen to my girlfriend.
I'm sorry.
Um you all knew Liza long enough to see what kind of person she was, how devoted she was to her family.
She loved to help people.
She would help anyone and she did.
She was selfless, you know? She just would give from her heart.
(sighs) And she could be fierce.
Oh, my God.
She was so strong and it was painful sometimes.
(chuckles) And the best thing that we ever did together was our son who she loved more than anything or anyone.
(grunts) Come on, we've got to talk.
No, she's gone.
She's buried now.
No more strangers staring at her.
- They're not strangers any - Strangers to me.
- Not to your mother.
- You don't get to say that.
You don't get to say that like you knew her.
Get off me, Dad! I could have said something different.
- I could have fixed it.
- How? What are you gonna say? What are you gonna do? - I could have fixed it.
- Chris, I'm sorry.
I don't care.
You shot her! Travis.
It went that well, huh? Oh, yeah, great.
Jack? (jumbled voices) Jack? - Jack: Hold on.
- Jack, what's wrong? The hull got dinged up when we were leaving the marina.
We thought we patched it up, but we're taking on water.
- Are you gonna sink? - The bilge pump is working, which is a miracle itself.
We're gonna try and make land.
No, you can't.
The dead are there.
You die on water, you die on land.
- Gotta happen somewhere.
- It doesn't have to be now.
We can come.
We can come and get you.
Tell me where you are.
I can see the fire in the Santa Monica Mountains.
That smoke plume, is that to your north or your south? - North.
- Okay, we're just south of that.
Maybe two miles offshore.
How close are you to Catalina? Travis.
Travis, someone needs help.
- They're sinking.
- Who? Look, it's just him, his brother, and his sister-in-law.
Just three.
We can manage that.
- What's this? - Jack.
His name's Jack.
Who the hell is Jack? You gonna make me ask twice? He's on a fishing boat near here and he's sinking.
You talked to him? Yes, I talked to him.
Did you tell him anything about us? I no, I didn't tell him anything important.
What didn't you say, Alicia? What didn't you tell him about us? - Calm down.
- This isn't a game.
It's mob rule on land.
You think it's any better out here? - Back off.
- What are you gonna do, Travis? You feel strong? Please, let me explain the rules of the boat.
Rule number one, it's my boat.
Rule number two, it is my boat.
And if there remains any confusion about rules one and two, I offer rule number three, it's my goddamn boat.
If it weren't for me, you would all be burned.
You're welcome.
I'm tired.
Alicia's just trying to help.
She's trying to help those who don't matter to us.
She made a mistake we can't afford.
Everyone here needs to contribute or at the very least not compromise.
And how do I contribute? Why am I here? (engines slow) You mean on this boat or here existentially? Either.
How many times should you have died? I don't know.
Every time I used.
Were you afraid? That's fearlessness.
That's focus.
That's just being an addict.
It's not something you put on your resume.
But what does that fearlessness look like in this world? That has value, Nicholas.
Don't call me that.
Your father named you that.
Yeah, that's what he called me.
(chuckles) Hurt your hand? It's okay to be angry.
I remember the first time I hit my father.
I was furious.
I was 13.
It didn't end well.
What do you want? I want you to come up.
Chris, you need to eat.
There's nothing I can say that makes this better.
Hurts like hell, I know that.
And it doesn't go away.
The hurt stays.
But what happened had to.
And if your father hadn't done it, I would have.
I will never let that happen to someone I love.
(no audible dialog) - If not - Yeah, here.
- they got fish.
- (splashes) (knife clatters) - What was that? - Daniel: There was a splash.
Chris! Chris.
What the hell, man? What the hell are you doing? I wanted to swim.
Oh, okay.
- Is he okay? - Chris.
Hey, come on in.
Water's fine.
- (jumbled voices on radio) - Jack: Alicia.
- Are you there? - Jack.
(sighs) We can't come get you.
I'm sorry.
It's too dangerous.
- Jack? - It's okay, Alicia.
- I got you.
- Jack? I'll see you soon.
(alarm beeping) - (alarm stops) - (button clicks) Mom! Travis.
(gurgling) (mutters) (infected snarling) Madison: Oh, my God.
Get out of the water! - Chris, get out of there! - Get out! - Oh, my God.
- Alicia: Where is he? (metallic banging) - Alicia: Nick! - I hear someone.
Nick! - Where is he? - (motor sputters) - Travis: It's flooded.
- Go! Madison: Chris! (grunting) (snarling) Madison: Nick! Madison: Nick! Travis: Nick, where are you? (thumping) - Oh, my God.
- Where is he? - (infected snarling) - Nick! (mouths words) Oh, my God.
Nick! Chris: Dad? (thumping) - (snarling) - (gasping) Travis: Nick! Nick! Alicia: He's right there.
(alarm beeping) Holy shit.
- (button clicks) - (beeping stops) We should be leaving now.
Someone's joining us.
- Travis! - It could be no one.
It could be the ones who did that.
(grunts) Travis has Nick.
They're coming back.
Good, but this boat's gonna be on us.
They're doing a good 25 knots.
They're flying.
- How fast can we go? - Full out, 20.
But that'll work the engines too hard.
We need a head start.
Madison: You think that's the boat that killed those people? You want to wait and ask them? High.
We have to go.
We have to go now.
- What? - Strand, we're clear.
Hey, what's happening? What's going on? Whoever did that they're coming back.

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