Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s02e02 Episode Script

We All Fall Down

1 (announcer) Previously on "Fear the Walking Dead" We're on this boat with no supplies, no concrete plan.
We're heading South.
San Diego.
(people shouting) (man) We have to stay away from the coast, stay away from the other boats.
Strand? Maybe he has motives he's not sharing with us.
Chris, I'm sorry.
You shot her! (men brawling) What you did for his mother was an act of mercy.
(panting, shouting) (snarling) We should be leaving now.
Whoever did that, they're coming back.
( bird screeching ) ( snarling ) Come on, Willa.
( shells clatter ) Okay.
( humming ) ( snarling ) ( humming continues ) - Oh! - Oh, yeah, that's pretty right there.
The flower should go, like, there.
Put them all on the flowers.
- ( fence rattles ) - ( snarling ) Willa: Hurry, we're gonna get in trouble.
- Come on.
- Coming.
( beeping ) ( knocks ) Do you hear me? Are you out of your mind, Nick? - Sorry.
- I swear if you do that again, I will leave you in the goddamn ocean, I shit you not.
- I thought I heard something.
- What? What could you hear? I don't know.
Something bumping the hull.
Yeah, well, you almost got yourself killed.
You almost got Travis killed.
We're still trying to help people, aren't we? Yes.
People that we can see.
Nick found a logbook to that boat.
We got a problem.
San Diego's dead.
- How bad? - It's gone.
- What? Wait, wait, wait.
- Daniel: What do you mean gone? It's burned.
The military burned it down.
According to this, the Leigh Anne just came from the south right there.
Ofelia: Wait a minute, I thought you said San Diego was safe.
I wouldn't take this as gospel.
Did they even try to dock? Did they go ashore? - How do they know? - The logs are clear.
The last entry was yesterday.
What is there to doubt? If we're going to San Diego, we need to know what's there.
Right now I'm trying to focus on what's about to be here.
And what kind of weapon would you suppose would be big enough to sink that boat? - .
50 caliber machine gun.
- Military grade.
The kind of weapon that could only be mounted on a larger vessel.
Larger vessel.
You sure it's following us? I have zigged and I have zagged, their course corrects every time.
- It could be them.
- It could be Alicia's radio crush for all we know.
Which is why we don't talk to strangers.
Whoever it is, we're not losing it.
- And it's faster.
- Fine, where do we go?? What do we do now? We hide.
We'll lose them on the radar if we stick to the coast.
Hmm, this one has a cove.
Sure, so does this one.
Just as deep.
And this is a wildlife refuge.
There'll be a ranger station there.
Which will probably be abandoned.
Sure, but a ranger station's gonna have shortwave radio, supplies.
- ( chuckles ) - We can gather information.
Then that's where we go.
- ( chuckles ) - We can gather information.
Catrina Island it is.
( sighs ) Chris? Hey.
We're gonna land soon.
Get away from what's out there.
Catch our breath.
Looks like a good place.
It'll be safer.
How do you know? You see that? Light came on in that house.
Are you coming? Strand: I'll stay.
Make sure our radar friend moves past us.
When he's gone, we're gone.
Ofelia and I will keep you company.
Solitude doesn't bother me.
Daniel: We insist.
Someone's home.
They're not throwing their doors open.
No, they're scared.
We'd be scared, too.
You see anything? Hello? Travis.
- Hello? - What are you doing? We know you're in there.
We know you're scared.
We are, too.
( wood clattering ) We just need information.
Travis: We're not a threat.
We're not sick.
We're just-- we need help.
( wood clatters ) Harry! Harry! Get back here.
Sorry, he's excited to see people.
It's been a while.
We just saw your light come on.
We were on the water.
That was an accident.
Travis Manawa.
George Geary.
What can I do for you, Travis Manawa? We had to drop anchor.
It's no safer on sea than on land.
What makes you think here is safe? We just need to get our bearings and we will be going.
You have nothing to fear from us.
( wood creaking ) You're welcome to take something.
Had a stack of books by my bed.
Tried to get through one a week.
Always fell behind, though.
Can't imagine having time for it now.
You got nothing but time, man.
Take it.
Nobody's writing any new ones for a while.
You folks are from Los Angeles.
You got that air about you.
We left when they started bombing.
It's what they're using up and down the coast.
I've been checking in with some of the other ranger stations.
Is it every city? As far as I can tell.
Portland, Seattle, Vancouver.
And south? San Diego was burned.
( sighs ) Further south? They shut down the border.
No way in or out.
Oh, God.
So what's left? Not a hell of a lot.
Interior is no better than the coast.
Last time I connected to Joshua Tree, ranger said Petrified Forest, gone.
JT shut down soon after.
That's Cali, that's Arizona.
Zion went dark before them.
Utah gone.
Rocky Mountain station is dead.
That's Colorado.
That's the Continental Divide.
That's a good goddamn half the country.
Woman: Did you work? Uh, yeah.
I was a high school guidance counselor.
Really? I have my MSW.
I worked with a lot of kids out of LA Unified.
- Did you? - Yeah.
Had a whole other life before George.
A whole other life.
Did you like it? Your work? Yeah.
I loved it.
Did you ever find it hard, though, looking after other people's kids when you had your own to worry about? Well, it can be hard, but kids are funny.
You know, I mean, each one needs something different.
Even if I felt I didn't have anything left to give, I'll find it.
So was it always a high school level? Did you ever work with younger kids? No, never had the chance.
It wasn't 'cause you didn't like little kids, though, huh? No.
I have two of my own.
- I liked them better when they were little.
- ( laughs ) Mom.
This is my eldest, Seth.
- Seth, this is Madison.
- Hi.
- You good, Mom? - Yeah.
We're just having a chat.
So nice to have a visitor.
How are you? I'm good.
Where's Dad? He's in the study with her husband.
All right.
I'll be back in a little while.
You have any more of that wine? Will we stay? This is only temporary.
We have no place to go.
Why don't we just stay here? We would have to be invited.
- Would we really? - Yes.
That's very polite of us.
Did you take your antibiotics? Yes.
I'm starting to understand this world better.
After all your mother and I did to try to protect you from a certain life, this is not the world that you were supposed to know.
That's okay.
It's good.
Understanding this world, it helps me understand you.
It's cruel.
Harry: Aim and shoot.
- Nick: All right.
- You're doing it wrong.
You have to go like this to jump and then that to roll-- All right, okay, okay, okay.
Pocket full of posies Ashes, ashes, and we all fall down.
( objects clatter ) What are posies? Posies are flowers.
Why do you put them in your pockets? Um, well, a long time ago across the ocean in Europe, there was a virus that made a lot of people really sick.
And they didn't have the medicine we do now, so they gave them flowers to make them healthy.
Did it work? No.
Nick, you want to come see our room? Yeah, let's do it.
Hey, man, you want to come check out Harry's room? I'm good.
Look, you don't have to talk or anything, but it is better to be with people.
It's okay.
Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Whoa, cool! This is your room? Yeah.
And who are these guys? These are campers.
The Colbys.
And Uncle Kyle.
What happened to them? What's this? It's what has to happen now when people get sick.
Hey, that won't happen to you.
I know, because I have power pills! Yeah! I don't know what that is.
It's like a vitamin.
If I take it, my family stays together.
So which one is your favorite? The general.
He has a gun, too.
You just have to put it on him.
( sighs ) What the hell is taking them so long? You got somewhere you got to go? I don't like sitting on my behind.
Target practice on a $10 million boat.
Your $10 million boat.
- What? - You said "a $10 million boat" like this boat is not yours.
It's mine.
Don't you worry.
I'm not worried.
I'm curious, though.
Who are you planning on leaving behind? ( chuckles ) I bring you to my house, take you on my boat-- where's my trust, viejo? Why would I leave behind those that I brought with me? Resources.
You only had so much.
You didn't plan on so many.
We'll do fine.
We have water.
And you're one hell of a fisherman.
They aren't infected, Travis.
We are.
We're the weeds Mother Nature is pulling.
What's happening is not natural.
Oh, it couldn't be more natural.
The world couldn't sustain itself, so it stood back and said, "Enough.
" This is its course correction.
Nature always wins.
Yeah, exactly.
And I'm not telling you anything new.
Your people get this better than anyone.
Excuse me? You're Maori.
Aren't you? Yeah.
I-- not many people guess.
I'm an amateur anthropologist.
I'm an amateur lot of shit.
But I've been a student of your culture since I was young.
I went to New Zealand on an exchange.
You been? Uh, we brought my grandma back there when she died.
I was just a kid.
See, that's incredible to me-- the commitment to keeping family on tribal ground so that every life cycle begins and ends on the same sacred earth.
That's beautiful, man.
And it's right.
Yeah, that's why I raised my family out here.
And that's why we'll stay.
So you good if we dock for the night? We should be gone by tomorrow.
Yeah, of course.
I feel lucky.
How so? We had no idea what kind of hell might come off that boat.
We found new friends.
- Madison: How bad? - Travis: What we thought.
San Diego, the whole West Coast, dead.
I can't believe it.
George thinks it's all part of nature's grand plan.
Yeah, he's intense.
You have no idea.
Melissa was grilling me about my job like it was an interview.
Maybe she's curious about the outside world.
They never go to the mainland.
Never? - Yeah.
- He told you that? He believes in man's connection with his land.
She turned the light on on purpose.
George said it was an accident.
She knew what she was doing.
Think she wants to get off the island? Yeah, and if he doesn't, maybe she's scared to say so.
Hey, you want to know what the most underrated perk of the apocalypse is? Yeah.
No planes.
No noise pollution.
No smog.
Just stars.
Yep, well, we definitely stopped the climate crisis.
Why are you up? Why are you up? I drank too much wine.
My mind's racing.
Come on, what's your excuse? It's these kids, man.
They've seen more than their share, you know? Like, what they're living in now and what they're gonna live in, like, it's-- I don't know.
Things are never just gonna be normal for them, you know? It's not fair.
I mean, at least they're prepared.
Yeah, they're prepared like it's the end times.
Isn't it? No, Alicia, it's not the Rapture.
Something is off here.
Everything's off.
( seagulls screeching ) ( door slams ) Hey, where you going? I got chores.
You can help, you want to.
( infected snarling ) What are we doing? Maintenance.
- Where are they coming from? - Mainland.
Ships gone down between us and the coast.
The current drops them off here.
My dad says it's a tidal anomaly.
( flies buzzing ) Gunfire brings more, so we have to work quietly.
How many are there? New ones every day.
It's a pain in the ass.
You want a turn? Hey, you seen Chris? No.
Can't have got far, though, right? He didn't go that way.
He's on the boat.
- Or on land.
- I looked over the boat.
Then he's onshore.
You want me to help you find him? No.
I'll go.
Hey, Travis.
I can help if you want, though.
I know at-risk youths.
I am at-risk youths.
( grunts ) That's good-- temple, socket, base of skull if their back's to you.
How'd you learn this? My dad.
How to kill.
How to survive under most conditions.
Been preparing for this kind of thing forever.
So he's like a survivalist? Nah, he's just self-reliant.
Deliberate living, you know? There it is.
Good job.
That's that.
Come back after lunch, again before dinner.
Hey, can they climb? Haven't seen that yet.
They're pretty clumsy.
Chris: Hey, there's one more.
- We'll get it later.
- No, I got it.
Bring the ax back when you're done.
Have fun.
Your son's a natural, sir.
- ( fence rattles ) - Chris.
Chris, what are you doing? Being of use.
Come to the boat, huh? Yeah, I will.
- Come on, please, Chris.
- In a minute.
Chris! There.
( door closes ) Morning, neighbor.
Hey, you got a problem down on the fence line.
Near the water.
Yeah, they wash up there sometime.
Seth manages it.
I saw him.
My son was with him.
Helping him.
We can't let them press the fence.
We go out once a week and clear out the bodies.
You okay? He had a pickax.
He was swinging it like-- I don't My son used to mow the lawn, take out the garbage, you know? Tidied his room.
Cleared the dishes.
That's-- this is This is how we manage now for as long as we can.
That's how it is.
Take a ride with me.
Come on.
There's infected over there? Yeah.
Weekenders who got caught on the island when the ferries went down.
I figure there's a couple of hundred.
The ones who wash up on the beach we can manage.
But if they get a whiff of us, that could be a problem.
Hold that.
Why would you stay here? This is it.
We all die.
It's a question of surrender or survival.
Acceptance or denial.
I choose survival.
Yeah, you think everything's gonna be okay? Look, you saw the map.
That's our truth.
It's not right or wrong, good or bad.
It just is.
How can you just give up? I'm not giving up.
I'm mending the fence.
("Ohia" playing over headphones) I wanted that heat so bad I can taste the fire on your breath And I wanted in your storm so bad I could taste the lightning on your breath I watched you hold the son in your arms While he bled to death Every love is your best love And every love is your last love And every kiss is a good-bye Every kiss is a good-bye I watched you hold the son in your arms While he bled to death He grew so pale next to you The world is so pale next to you Your hair is coxcomb red Your eyes are viper black.
- Hi, Nick.
- Hey! Willa.
Where is everybody? Come draw with me.
Oh, I-- I can't draw.
No, no, no.
- Draw.
- All right, come on.
Come on.
What should we draw? ( humming ) ( sighs ) You hover over me like the specter of death, Daniel.
Maybe I am.
Or your guardian angel.
( beeps ) Our friend is gone.
We sail with the tide.
That's not necessary.
It's the least I can do.
Did you sleep okay? No.
You? ( chuckles ) No.
Did you get everything you wanted? All the information you needed? We know where not to go now.
We should be leaving soon.
It's a short trip.
Melissa, the light.
The light you turned on last night.
Was that an accident? That was just a mistake.
It's a stupid habit.
Once is a mistake.
Twice? Were you signaling us? I saw you from the pier last night.
I watched you on the deck with the binoculars.
I just-- when I saw you, I just had this strange sense of hope, you know, like maybe Willa and Harry would have a chance.
The kind of chance they're not gonna have if they stay here.
When I saw you come to shore, I turned on the light.
I thought you said the island was safe.
No, we're just biding our time.
Biding our time till it's over.
Come with us.
I can't.
I'm not well.
I have MS.
It's-- I'm not gonna die tomorrow, but it's not a weight you need.
- It's not a weight my children need.
- What about George? If we could take all of you, wouldn't he agree to-- George is not gonna leave this place.
He thinks it's better to die with family than to die with strangers.
Seth is the same way.
You want us to take Harry and Willa? She's sick.
She can't leave.
She's convinced if they stay here, they all die.
They have supplies, water, food.
- They even have power.
- And they have infected.
All along their fence, others at the marina.
How long till they make their way up there? It's not secure.
Yeah, I know, I talked to George.
He's got strong opinions, but all the man cares about is keeping his family safe.
That's all I care about.
They're just biding time until it all goes bad.
Who's to say we're not biding time out there? Where we land next could be safer.
What we find could save us, all of us.
We don't know.
Well, I can't take the man's kids just 'cause she says so.
Then don't do it because she says so.
Do it because I'm asking you to.
You're not taking them, Travis.
You're saving them.
We can't keep leaving people behind.
Let me talk to George.
Okay? Let me talk to him.
( clicks ) Okay.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
( chuckles ) Mexico.
( chuckles ) Mm-hmm.
It's me.
Yes, it's all clear now.
What's the latest you can push it? Sundown.
I'll be there.
I will be there.
( beeps ) ( wind whistling ) What's wrong? I think this asshole's planning on Jonestowning his whole family.
What? I found pills in his office.
I think it's poison.
- Well, how do you know? - I know my pharmaceuticals.
And I know pillheads.
Those people are not that.
And those pills are not recreational.
- ( waves crashing ) - ( birds chirping ) ( footsteps approach ) They'll be right down.
Do they understand? Um, told them they were going on a boat ride.
They'd be back in a couple of days.
I think they're excited about it.
We'll take care of them, I promise you.
We'll keep them safe.
This-- this is Harry's.
He gets scared at night.
He pretends not to, but he ends up crawling into his sister's bed.
- It's okay.
- We've been trying to discourage him from that, but I think it's okay, you know? If he does that, it's okay.
And Willa, her hair is-- she has this hair-- she'll cry if you comb it, so just wait till you shampoo and put conditioner in it and then it'll be a lot easier.
What's going on? Hey, George.
What is this? Melissa? - George.
- Why? - Why? - Listen to me.
I love you.
I love our family.
But we have to give them a chance.
I can't look at them every day and see nothing for them, I just can't.
- Mama? - George.
What, sweetie? What's wrong? What? Tell me.
Tell Mommy.
It's okay.
Tell me what's wrong.
Something's wrong with Willa.
Stay here.
Don't move, Harry.
Stay right there.
Willa! What-- ( Melissa whimpering ) Baby! - What happened, buddy? - She took her pill.
- No, Willa.
- George: Melissa.
No, get out of here! Will-- ( rasps ) Melissa.
No, you can't hold her.
- It's not safe to hold her.
- George: She knows.
- ( crunches ) - ( Melissa screams ) No! Maddy.
Get Harry away from this.
- Take him out.
- Come with us.
- No.
- You can't save them.
I'm not going to.
( Melissa gurgling ) ( crunching ) - What happened? - Travis: They turned.
We're taking the boy with us.
I want my dad.
I want my mama.
I know, I know, but this is what they want.
They want us to take care of you.
What happened to Willa? Did-- She got sick, all right? Come on, let's go inside.
Madison, what have you done now? We're taking him with us.
We have room.
- Put him back where you found him.
- We have room.
We do not.
Children are the definition of deadweight.
You're not doing this again.
You don't decide who lives and who dies.
- That's exactly what I do.
- There's no debate.
We're doing this.
Now move the goddamn boat.
( gunshot ) Stop! Get back! Get back! Harry.
Harry, come here.
I'm taking you home.
No, no.
- There's no home anymore.
- Shut up.
- You don't know what's back there.
- Shut up! - Listen to me.
- I know what's there.
It's our home.
This is still our home.
Seth, your dad doesn't want this anymore.
He told us to take care of him.
My father told me what he wants.
- He taught me.
- But he changed his mind.
No, no, I don't believe you.
Come with us, Seth.
Daniel, don't.
I can get at least one of you guys.
Maybe more.
Is that what you want? Hmm? Just let us go home.
Just let us go.
Harry, come here.
Come on.
You caused this.
All right, come here.
Come here.
Oh, my God.
( snarling ) Papá, mira.
Mama? Can't you do something? The kid has a rifle.
Harry: Mama? I want you to wave good-bye to the nice people, okay? All right, just keep waving.
Oh, Chris, don't look.
( gunshot )
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