Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

Blood in the Streets

1 (announcer) Previously, on "Fear the Walking Dead.
" (Strand) Can you fix it? (Cliff) I can try.
We don't have all day.
Get it done.
I'm coming.
Our capitán has a destination.
He has from the start.
In Mexico.
You know what the real danger is on the ocean? It's people.
We're coming with you.
All of us.
And you expect me to trust you clearly more than you trust me.
Everyone here needs to contribute.
And how do I contribute? Why am I here? (Strand) Fearlessness, focus that has value, Nicholas.
( grunting ) ( coughing, panting ) ( helicopter approaching ) ( snarling ) ( banging ) ( snarling ) ( clatters ) ( snarling ) ( snarling ) ( gags ) ( gags ) Jesus, we didn't have to do that.
He didn't have to do that.
They weren't a threat to us.
What is wrong with him? I could go upstairs right now What? What are you gonna do? I could throw his ass in the goddamn ocean.
I think we need him.
We need his house.
We need Mexico.
We can survive without him.
I want to do more than survive.
I need to start over.
All the shit that's happened, all the shit we let happen I put those kids in that raft.
That was me.
You didn't cut the line.
( scoffs ) We can't trust Strand.
We don't even know if this place in Mexico even exists.
Okay, but he hasn't lied.
And we're gonna gamble our families' lives on that? ( pops ) Ofelia: Why don't you sleep? Yeah, there's too much noise in my head.
You ever been? Mexico.
No, my parents crossed through Tijuana when they first left El Salvador.
You been back? We didn't really leave the neighborhood once we got settled.
They put everything into that shop.
And I put everything into watching over them.
I gave up a lot and they didn't need as much watching over as I thought.
What'd you do, you know, for yourself? What do you mean? Like relationships.
I had some.
Yeah, I was seeing this girl back in Pomona.
- Yeah? - Maria Santos.
Long time? No.
A few months.
Then my mom moved us back to LA.
New school.
I went to Catholic K through 12.
Definitely had some fun my parents didn't know about.
Made some bad decisions.
You're gonna be able to make some.
There are still girls on this planet.
That's what I'm banking on? Yes.
Other girls left on this planet? Yeah.
Somewhere out there.
( water splashing ) What the hell? Shit.
We need help! Should I shoot them? Help! Please, help us! She's bleeding.
- Please, help us.
- ( woman whimpering ) - Should I shoot? - Oh, God.
Dad?! Something's wrong.
Something's wrong with the baby.
( groaning ) Dad! - Ofelia: Where are you guys? - Woman: Please help.
- Chris: Dad! - ( people shouting ) Ofelia: Just breathe.
- Madison! - Chris: Dad, they just got on the boat.
It wasn't my fault.
I didn't let them in.
They just boarded.
Easy, easy.
I got her.
Look, she's in bad shape, man.
She's in bad shape.
Just wait here.
Here, let's go over here.
- Where's your boat? - Man: We lost our engines.
We've been drifting for days.
( Travis speaking, indistinct ) ( conversation continues indistinctly ) Travis: Did you see anyone else on the water? Did you come from a larger group? Everything's been a blur.
Frankly, uh, we've had a very hard time.
Stupid, paranoid fool.
Please, we're-- we're good people.
( gasping ) Okay, oh-- Mom, what's going on? - The baby's in distress.
- Who's that? Just stay in your room, okay? We're almost there.
( indistinct conversation ) Travis: What happened before your engine cut out? Man: We were holding out on some other boat We were scared, but we were surviving.
Our hull got dinged when we were leaving the marina in Long Beach.
We-- we panicked.
We thought we patched it up good, but we rushed it.
Then we started taking on water and the engine flooded.
Jack? What did you do? Madison.
Jack? - Don't, please.
- He's doing his job.
- Kip, tie her.
- Why are you doing this? You can circumnavigate the world from this ship.
- She's a prize.
- You're making a mistake.
No, I think your son made the mistake.
"Should I shoot them?" Piece of advice-- if you have to ask the question, somebody should already be dead.
( winces ) Daniel's next.
Your girl can help you.
I'm not doing shit.
We can bind them, we can shoot them.
No skin off my nose.
Kip, check the rest of the boat.
Look for the captain and Nick.
How do they know our names? I don't know, Daniel.
I didn't-- I didn't tell them about that.
( splashing ) Man: Jack.
Get him.
Alicia: Jack, don't.
Alicia: Jack.
( grunts ) ( air hissing ) Did you get him? If I didn't, the hypothermia will.
Reporter: An estimated 60,000 residents have homes under water and that number is expected to rise.
Refugees have fled primarily to Baton Rouge My father never understood what I wanted to do.
Man: And what was that? Create.
What did your father do? He ended his life as a strip mall preacher.
He had a great voice.
Rich baritone.
Your mother? I'm sure she lived a fruitful and fulfilling life far from us.
My birth mother was absent as well.
Only child? West Coast.
( laughs ) No man as serious as you would wear a tie that color east of Tucson.
( both laugh ) This again.
Same for my friend.
I can't tell where you're from.
- Not from here.
- ( both laugh ) Whoa.
I've come here to buy.
Now? When there's blood in the streets, buy land.
- It's an old adage.
- Yeah.
After Napoleon lost at Waterloo.
That's correct.
I know.
I bought before the storm.
My leverage equity is on Saint Claude Avenue.
What remains.
I went by the building yesterday.
Everything I own is submerged and beyond salvage.
Lucky man.
I'm bankrupt.
I have to begin again.
I have to close half the Ninth Ward tomorrow.
I got to look those people in the eye.
So don't.
I'm obligated to the business.
And to my father.
Sounds like you don't care for either.
You don't have to care for that to which you're obligated.
( chuckles ) It helps.
I'm an opportunist.
Maybe you're an optimist.
I'm a parasite, but thank you.
- Easy.
- ( both laugh ) Your room.
( groans ) Maybe I won't remember.
That a gunshot wound? ( winces ) Who has the key to the boat? I don't know.
You gonna start lying now? You leave her alone.
Hey, that guy you shot, genius, was the one with the key.
You shot our captain.
That true? - Hey, keep your goddamn hands-- - Get back.
Don't-- don't-- don't hurt him.
I'm going to give you to the count of five to tell me where the key to the boat is.
- One.
- Travis: He doesn't have it.
Who does? Two.
Please, just stop, okay? Come on, man.
- ( hammer clicks ) - Three.
Like she said, Strand, our captain, he has the keys.
Hey! - Dad! Dad! - Four.
You just-- you don't need the keys, okay? I can start the boat without the keys.
I can wire the boat.
Just let my son go.
Everything under control? Mom.
- Travis: Maddy? - I'm okay, Travis.
( Madison groans ) Where's Nick? He wasn't there when I woke up.
- I heard gunshots.
- Strand abandoned the ship.
They shot at him.
Was he hit? - We don't know.
- Was he alone? Strand yanked out the wheelhouse radio.
No one else is here.
Well, Travis here just bet his son's life that he can start the boat without a key.
So watch them.
Find the spare radio.
Reach out to Connor.
Oh, and take your princess with you.
No, no, no.
She stays, she stays.
Mom, don't.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm okay.
I brought this on us.
I can make it better.
I trust him.
Jack: All right, come on, let's go.
What are you doing? Don't touch me.
I can loosen these.
I didn't come here to hurt anyone.
You baited me.
You lied to me.
- I had no choice.
- Why, someone put a gun to your head? Reed, that's his function.
We all have a function.
Right, and what about my mom? That bitch beat her.
What's her function? Connor will civilize things when he gets here.
He keeps us together.
But he's not a violent man.
- He allows violence.
- He likes me.
He listens to me.
I have to talk to Connor.
You'll have to show me where the portable is.
What happens after you call? Connor assesses.
And then I'm safe? I promise.
And what about my family? Connor listens to me.
( snarling ) - ( knocks ) - Later.
( TV playing ) ( knocking ) Victor Strand.
Hope we're not interrupting.
( chuckles ) I'm Thomas Abigail.
This is Luis Flores.
May we come in? Wow.
- ( TV turns off ) - So you knew what to buy, you just couldn't afford better.
I spent a percentage on wardrobe.
Mostly you took out cash advances on my cards.
- Totaling, Luis? - $36,000 across the four.
Where did that money go? I purchased 30 grand in credit card debt.
Debt collection seems beneath you.
It's where I started before.
Then what? Fringe real estate.
In five years, I'll be back to where I was.
But better dressed.
- Yes.
- You don't want to wait that long, do you? - Don't condescend.
- You shouldn't have to wait that long.
You look like a man who can create beauty from something coarse.
I'm a student of the fine.
I like that.
( sighs ) If you're not gonna call the police, then I thank you.
If you want a return on your investment, I'll oblige.
You'll pay me back.
I intended to with interest.
We can discuss the details.
Tom, the man stole from you.
Meet me downstairs.
I'll be the one at the bar.
Thank you for the pardon.
I didn't pardon you.
I obligated you.
( door closes ) Look, if you're full of shit, why don't you save us both some time? I got this.
I just Look, this whole thing is-- look, it's all computerized, okay? So I'm gonna have to override it from down in the engine room.
Did you see Nick when you were on watch? No.
He might have come up when we were on the bow.
And the only one who would know is in the sea.
There's only three of them.
Can you get loose? Keep her distracted.
Looking for your girl? Let's just fix the engine, huh? She's my sister.
You're doing your sister? Ooh, that's pretty twisted, man.
Travis: I should have the boat running in about an hour.
You don't have an hour.
30 minutes, tops.
Chris, ignore him.
Good luck with that.
When are you due? Don't know.
Lost track.
Well, if you were counting before all this, you're still counting.
Four weeks.
Madison: Oh, any day now.
Doctor says first one always runs to term.
That's true.
And then some.
They say the first is the hardest.
- Second pregnancy's worse in ways.
- Yeah? You know the pain at any moment is less than what's coming.
You know any potential complications.
Might have been through some.
And you know the moment that tiny thing comes into the world, you're weaker because you would die for him.
Right now I just want her the hell out of me.
It's a girl? Picked any names? What is this, my shower? Walk me through it.
Well, this boat is a complicated beast.
You're saying I'm simple? I'm saying I got to figure out how to make all these wires down here talk to all the wires up there.
When Connor shows up, for your sake, I'd suggest you have it running.
Now let's go.
Prove your value.
Jack: There's a guy on board, knows how to rig the engine.
Connor on radio: We're inbound.
Did you find the girl? - Alicia? Yes.
- I look forward to meeting her.
Copy that.
This where you sleep? Yeah.
On deck when it's warm.
This is where you talked to me? Was any of it true? Anything you told me? Versions of.
What about your girlfriend? There's only one story about her.
How long were you together? Three years.
- What was her name? - Alison.
When my brother died, Connor saved me.
He-- he put me to use.
When someone saves your life, you owe them.
You just do.
How many people came before me? How many are alive? I don't enjoy any of this, Alicia.
You have to believe me.
I'm sorry about the one that Reed shot.
Strand wasn't any better than Reed.
We've done worse on this boat.
Maybe we found each other for a reason.
Come back with me.
I could.
With my family.
Resources at our base are precious.
I can't abandon them.
I want to stick my neck out for you, but Connor doesn't invite just anyone.
Back at your base, I'll contribute.
Tell Connor I'll help.
I can be with you.
If I know they're safe.
You have to protect my family.
( bangs ) ( hammer clicks ) Whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
Strand sent me.
Look, look, look.
Okay? About time.
Well, we had some boat trouble.
Tss, tss, tss.
Off my porch.
- ( car alarm chirps ) - ( car beeping ) Hey, man, what the hell is this place? An Abigail home experience.
Phase one was at 90% capacity.
We were just about to break ground on phase two.
So why not just stay here? You could secure the gate.
Seems like a lonely place to start the new world.
Besides, I prefer Mexico.
Any other questions? You are the person getting all of us across the border, right? Eh, if you tidy up.
You're definitely not rubbing that stench on my leather interiors.
( chuckling ) Why not? You gonna bring your car on the boat? - Um, not the point.
- ( squeaks ) Do not touch the car.
Go ahead, just-- use the last of the water pressure.
- ( car alarm chirps ) - ( car beeping ) Tss.
What did you mean by "all of us"? - Are you close? - A little more time.
( glass thuds ) One drink won't hurt her once in a while.
I just like the smell.
Good for you.
Wish I could say the same.
When's the last time you felt her move? I'm on the go a lot.
I barely notice.
I lost one between Nick and Alicia.
One week her heart was beating-- bap, bap, bap, bap.
Too fast to count.
Next checkup, it just stopped.
I'm healthy.
My kid's healthy.
- Taking prenatal vitamins? - As if I'm gonna find any.
When exactly was the last time you felt her move? Shut up.
If she died, she may have turned.
She'd feel that, though, wouldn't she? If that thing was moving inside of her, she would have probably felt that.
- I said shut the hell up.
- Daniel: Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'll shoot you and I'll toss you overboard.
Don't tempt me.
Reed: Problem? She's just trying to get a rise out of me.
Trying to? Sit down.
What will you do if she's stillborn, Vida? - Bitch.
- What if she's born dead? - ( grunts ) - Hey! Connor might need her.
They still gone? Damn! - My man's got some stamina.
- Enough with the boy.
You want me to start this engine or what? - ( engine roaring ) - ( music playing on radio ) Okay, okay, so how difficult is just a few extra people? Well, it's not like adding guests to a dinner reservation.
Okay? This was finely calibrated.
It took time.
Okay, is there any other way into Mexico? We got to go through the flotilla.
I secured transit for two.
I got money for two.
Adding seven more, it's a problem.
Okay, well, Strand must have planned for us.
Victor is impulsive.
So you've known him a long time? - Victor? - Yeah.
( laughs ) Years.
Since he met Tom.
- Thomas Abigail? - Uh-huh.
My mom works for the Abigails.
For the father, now the son.
She raised Tom and I together.
She's staying at the Baja house now.
Okay, so it is safe there.
I mean, you wouldn't let your mother stay if it weren't.
( laughs ) You don't know my mother, man.
My mother would be safe anywhere, in any world.
Especially this one.
Death is a way to new life.
- Strand: Gracias, Celia.
- De nada.
Did Luis arrive at the LA offices? Yes, his trip was uneventful.
I'll join him tomorrow.
( speaks Spanish ) - ( chuckles ) - ( rooster crows ) She's not fond of me.
Like son, like mother.
( laughs ) Luis doesn't mind you.
Ah, he tolerates me.
I'll win him over when I get back to the city.
Thomas, before I present to the council-- Oh, don't discuss business when we're down here.
We need to review.
It's a gorgeous tract of land and-- Do not discuss business.
( inhales ) Breathe.
Look at it.
It's not terrible, right? Sometimes knowing this exists when I have to get back to reality is terrible.
Don't go.
Put back the council.
You say that now, but if we don't move on this parcel of land, someone else will and you'll regret it.
We'll never want for anything.
A home for Celia and Luis.
These vistas for us.
This place makes me feel like the rest of the world has fallen away and we don't need it.
Good timing, Travis.
Connor wants to meet you.
Who are the others? Friends.
Start her up.
I can wait until they board.
I mean, if I start the engine, it could give a bit of a jolt.
Don't be such a pussy.
A boat like this purrs.
( indistinct conversation ) ( engines start ) This is a gorgeous vessel.
- What happened? - She hit her head.
You couldn't clean her up? Jesus, guys, come on.
This is the one who started the boat.
Travis, you and Alicia come with us.
- And my family? - We only need the two of you.
- Wait, what are you talking about? - Travis: Whoa, whoa, hey.
- Whoa, whoa, what are you gonna do? - Wait, no, Travis.
You'll get them a boat, right? Yeah, they'll get them to shore.
Fair enough.
- Travis.
- It's okay, Maddy.
I'll bring her back.
- Dad, Dad, please.
- Stay with Maddy, Chris.
- ( Travis grunts ) - Chris: Dad.
Vida: Come on.
Come on, come on.
Keep moving.
( boat motor starts ) ( boat departs ) Reed: Connor hasn't quite adapted to this world.
He's got leadership skills, holds us all together.
Big heart, strong mind.
Weak stomach.
Put us on the launch.
( scoffs ) We'll go to shore.
You can take the Abigail.
The thing is, the launch goes with this yacht, doesn't it? Madison: We'll swim to shore.
Just let us.
What if you want your boat back? I don't like that ending.
- Shh.
- Excuse me? Incoming.
Hey, there's people on board, man.
They have guns.
There's people on the boat.
Here, take the tiller.
Let me check.
The redhead one of yours? No, the ones who are armed, they're not us.
- Did Connor come back? - Zodiac.
- Looks like two-- - ( gunshot ) ( gunshot ) What? Damn it.
- Ofelia: Get him! - ( screams ) - Chris, don't! - ( screams ) Chris! - Mom.
- Nick, where were you? - Hey, drop it! - Where's Victor? - Drop it.
- Nick: Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey.
He's okay.
He's okay.
He's a friend.
He helped.
Strand sent me to get Luis, okay? He's gonna help us get into Mexico.
I was getting Strand into Mexico.
He left when they boarded, when they tried to take the Abigail.
- Victor escaped? - They shot at his raft.
He went down.
I have to go after Travis.
I have to find Alicia.
We do not cross the border without him.
We don't need Strand.
Well, he didn't need you either, but here you are.
Without Strand, we don't get into Mexico.
You can't go up there.
There's rioting all over the country.
Los Angeles is no different.
When there's blood in the streets I won't have your blood on the streets.
I'll close quick, come right back.
I'll be fine.
There's been an outbreak.
People are dying.
Two days.
I'll be back in two days.

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