Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s02e05 Episode Script


1 (announcer) Previously, on "Fear the Walking Dead.
" Strand sent me.
About time.
You're the person getting all of us across the border, right? We can tow them.
To San Diego.
In their raft.
We can give you food, water.
No! Help us! I didn't let them in.
They just boarded.
(gun clicks) Tom will civilize things when he gets here.
(man) Travis, you and Alicia come with us.
We only need the two of you.
(Madison) You have to protect my family.
"I Fall to Pieces" playing I fall to pieces - (sizzling) - Each time I see you again I fall to pieces How can I be just your friend? You want me to act Like we've never kissed You want me to forget Pretend we've never met Omaha Steak.
The deserters bled this place dry on their way out, but I had these hidden away in the freezer.
Working on this beast of burden in the sun, wind, salt air.
Crews used to tell me that my New York Strips were the only thing that got them through the day.
I make sure that everyone gets a hot meal every night.
Even now.
Especially now.
Where's Jack? I said I wanted to get to know you.
And Travis? Can I see him? Eat, please.
My family, they've been taken to land? We think you could be happy here.
We can't bring just anybody.
We have to be selective.
But, Jack, he just-- he had this sense about you.
- (generator dies) - (music stops) Generator goes out at bad times.
Stay put.
(door closes, locks) You shouldn't be here.
I need to know that you're not gonna do that again.
Connor doesn't let new folks run free.
- If he had seen you-- - Sorry, okay? I didn't know.
I didn't want to leave you alone like that.
It's just Connor prefers to get to know the new folks one-on-one.
Was he-- you know, he can be a little-- - He made me a steak.
- A steak? - Jesus.
- (generator powers up) That's a first.
You always have this effect on people? Where's Travis? I need to see him.
Connor's pretty serious about his procedures.
- If I got caught-- - We won't.
We won't get caught.
We won't.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Can you tell me if my family made it to land? Alicia, do you trust me? Yes.
Well, then give me some time.
I'll find out.
(door opens, closes) (lock clicks) Don't touch me.
(whimpers) I'll clean up when I get home.
Who says you're going home? (chuckles) You worried about what's gonna happen to your dad? - You don't need to talk to the boy.
- I'm fine.
Guess it all depends on if you like your dad.
Do you like your dad? He a good guy? - Daniel: Wait outside, Chris.
- I said I'm fine.
'Cause my dad, he was an asshole.
(laughs) You ever see what happens when you clip a man's Achilles? Whew.
The whole thing just sucks right back up into the knee.
Makes a sound like a firecracker when it lets go.
That's what happened to my old man last time he laid his hands on me.
- You must be proud.
- Me? No.
My brother did that one.
Elder looking out for the younger.
See, that's what you need to understand.
When I don't come back with this boat as planned, Connor will come looking for me.
And when he sees what you've done (laughs) Oh he might be a little bent.
He has a dozen men, five boats, three-- (screams) Oh - Sorry.
- (laughs) Oh, you will be.
That's the thing, señor.
My brother, he's the nice one.
But when he cuts me loose I'm gonna take that daughter of yours apart.
In my time, I've known men who inspire fear.
Do you know what they have in common? They never say how frightening they are.
(door closes) You just gonna let him talk to you like that? He's scared.
That's what they do.
That's what we all do.
- He doesn't seem scared.
- He is.
And I got what information we needed.
You saw that.
You're just gonna leave him there? Where is he gonna go? I can stay.
Stand outside the door and watch him, but do not engage.
- I understand.
- No wandering off.
- Okay.
- Perdón.
- He required attention.
- What does that mean? Medical attention.
I had to ask.
I need to dispose of this.
Excuse me.
Let me clean these.
They're gonna get infected.
I'll take care of it.
He should be upstairs.
He wants to be useful, stay busy.
So Qué pasó? So his mind doesn't go places it shouldn't.
How is he? Got a ways to go.
Connor is their leader.
Our prisoner is his brother.
This provides leverage.
So we're looking now for a cluster of five boats.
These five near the coast.
Could be they're fishing boats.
They tend to travel together.
Okay, so that's where we go.
Qué es esto? Why are we heading north? - Turn it back.
- I'm sorry, I can't do that.
Señora, I made arrangements.
Do you understand? We're gonna miss our window to crossing-- We're not crossing anywhere without my family.
Are you gonna make me be the one to tell her? There's no telling her anything.
Your people are gone.
There's no getting them back.
I need half a day.
I could have left you in the water.
Should I have? We can do both.
We can go get your family and then we can continue south.
Okay, do you have money for seven more? - Because I don't.
- Everything is a negotiation.
- I'll get us across.
- You'll get us killed.
Hey, lady.
You expect to sneak up on Connor and his people on a 40-meter yacht? We don't have to sneak.
They're expecting the boat.
And what do you think is gonna happen when we get there? We board, we use force if we have to, and we get our people back.
Are you listening to this? Anyone who's not up for it can stay behind with the kids.
No one is gonna stay on the boat.
If we're going to attack, we need everybody.
- Nick, Christopher-- - No.
You have to stop treating them like children.
- But they are.
- Not anymore.
They stay behind.
(groans) - Thank you.
- Don't thank me.
You bought yourself half a day.
Consider us even.
The smaller the boat, the smaller the signature.
We don't bother with those.
Why not? We want these midsized vessels.
Long range, lots of supplies.
Your job is to track them down.
Assign each one a number.
I'm sorry.
Log the time, speed, and position here.
Cool? And then? Wait until Connor gives us the green light and then we can make contact.
I'll do something else.
Connor's serious.
Everyone pulls their weight.
I wouldn't know what to say.
You reeled me in.
I wasn't trying to reel you in.
I just wanted someone to talk to.
I know.
I'm sorry.
How do you choose? I asked Connor the same thing.
He said this is the world now.
This one lives, that one dies.
Maybe it was always like that.
Maybe we just spent a lot of time trying to convince ourselves the laws of nature didn't apply.
Right, if you believe in the right things, ate the right things, wore our goddamn seat belts (chuckles) We'd be safe.
But nobody was.
You got to pick one.
(grunts) (footsteps) (door opens) Alex: We were floating.
He was on fire one second, cold the next.
And he was so thirsty, but I ran out of water to give him.
Surrounded by it, and all he could do was moan till he lost his voice.
His breath got shallow.
He looked up at me.
I heard the fluid in his chest.
I didn't have anything to stop him turning.
And he knew that, too.
He made me get real close.
I could barely hear him.
And he whispered, "Don't let me drown.
" So I put my hands around his throat and I squeezed.
And then I pushed him out of the raft.
You did what you had to do.
I did what you made me do.
When Connor found me just this side of death, the first thing he said to me was, "What do you have to offer?" I offered him your Abigail.
But I asked for you.
(Strand groans) (sighs) Don't fight it.
Shivering is your body's way of warming itself up.
Fantastic tidbit.
(chuckles) Please, keep 'em coming.
You'll recover faster and I need you to steer.
You're white-knuckling my wheel.
You sure you want to give it up? One more thing.
(sighs) Breath bated.
Don't send Nick on any more errands.
Pardon? You let him go get your man.
Your son offered his assistance.
Alone? In the dark? Without Luis, none of us gets into Baja.
And that's what you said you wanted, right? He could have died.
He knows how to move through this world.
Yeah, just because he does doesn't mean he should.
I saw your son's potential within five minutes of meeting him.
And he was in withdrawal.
You've hovered over him for 19 years and you still don't know what he's capable of.
You don't know what he's capable of when he's-- He has that look again.
Do not come between me and my son.
Good one.
Isolated, midsized.
Call that one MY44.
Note it as a possible acquisition.
What? Jack, what's wrong? Nothing.
What's MY44? Wait.
MY44 is the Abigail? How is that possible? - Calm down, all right? - How are they here already? If they dropped them down the coast, that's not enough time for them-- Look, I don't know what they were doing out there.
They're not supposed to be back for two hours.
Where is my family?! Did you know? Did you know?! - (groans) - Tell me! No, stop! - Stop.
- Get off me.
What happens on the other boats, Jack? The other people, does Connor-- It's not Connor.
It's Reed.
Are they gone? I don't know.
I have to find them.
- How? - We'll get a boat and we'll go south.
- Alicia, that's crazy.
- I have to find them, Jack.
Then-- then I'll come with you.
All right? We'll go together.
All right? - Don't pull that shit again.
- Strand said it couldn't wait.
Then Strand should have gone.
Nick, what were you thinking? I don't mind it out there.
- Honestly.
- We have enough problems.
- Please don't add to them.
- Okay.
- Don't worry me like that, Nick.
- I'm sorry.
Never again, promise.
You're getting comfortable with that.
I'm not.
This one's down to five knots.
You think they have mechanical problems? Maybe, yeah.
That's the sort of thing that might get Connor to drop everything.
That's a good ship.
Okay, well, when Connor does recon, that'll be our chance.
It'll be a small window, but it'll be enough.
There's five boats moored by the shoreline.
We take one, we go.
Are you sure about this? Make the call.
Connor, this is Jack, over.
What do you want with us? Alex: They're putting your girl to work.
- How? - However they want.
And me? You put us in the raft.
You did that.
We couldn't risk bringing the boy.
He was gonna turn.
I saw your face.
You knew.
You knew what would happen.
You knew the right thing to do and you chose.
You chose the other.
You surprise me.
You have no skin in this.
Neither do you.
Well, if it were my daughter, I'd But it's not.
Look! Look.
Time to knock on the front door.
I have a son.
He watches me.
Waiting to see how I'll face it-- the violence.
I tried so hard not to be part of it.
I knew it would change me.
And that he'd see it.
I can't tell you what you want to hear.
I'm no better than the man that cut the rope.
I cut the rope.
What you did to that boy, I did the same.
To my son's mother.
So I know what it costs.
It cost a part of me.
How do I get that part back? You don't.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry for all of this.
We can-- we can be more than what we've become, can't we? I don't know.
What happens to you? Connor said he could use me.
People don't use me.
(Reed coughing) How you doing out there, sunshine? Better than you.
- It hurt? - Nah.
It's just a scratch.
(coughing) You know you're screwed, right? (chuckles) Brother's got big plans for your pretty sister friend.
Do I need to gag you? You know, you don't look like your sister.
You don't look like your old man's lady either.
I'm beginning to think you and I have a lot in common.
We're outsiders.
(laughs) Tell me, where is your real mom? Yeah, it sucks.
Let me tell you something.
Orphan to orphan.
Be prepared.
'Cause when the time comes, these people you call your family, they will put you down like you're a stray.
(coughing) Blood's all that matters now.
That one's for free, cherry.
Hey, you okay? You all right? I'm fine.
Want to come upstairs? What is it? What? What is it? I froze.
I let them on the boat.
This is my fault.
Look, man-- - No, no, I pull the trigger, none of this would happen.
I pull the trigger, my dad and Alicia are on the boat, we're off to Mexico already.
What, you gonna shoot a pregnant woman? Come on, man.
I wouldn't shoot a pregnant woman.
This isn't on you.
What if I freeze again? I want to make up for it.
Okay, but just don't let all this get inside your head, all right? Yeah? Okay.
(door opens) (door closes) (sighs) (door opens) Keep it short.
- Travis.
- Alicia.
You're okay.
Are you? Yeah.
I don't know if they got to land.
What do you mean? The Abigail's back too soon.
They can't have dropped them and made it back this soon, Travis.
No, they got there.
How can you be sure? It's your mom.
They'll be fine.
We're gonna try and get out of here tonight.
With him? He doesn't want to be here any more than we do.
Go with him.
We're coming for you, too, while Connor's doing recon.
- That's-- - No, if you have a way out, take it.
- I'll be back for you.
- Alicia.
I put us in this mess and I'm gonna get us out of it.
No, no, it wasn't just you.
Alex, the woman from the raft.
- What? - She's here.
She told them everything about us.
We've got to go.
If you can't come back for me, don't.
- No.
- Get the hell out of here.
- No.
- Alicia.
Your mother would never forgive me.
She'd never forgive me if I left you.
- Now.
- Promise me, okay? If it comes down to it, you just go, okay? Just go.
Strand: See anyone? Not a soul.
Connor on radio: Hey, asshole, what are you waiting for, a written invitation? Get your ass back here.
Reed, you're pissing me off.
Drop anchor, shut it down.
You can have your brother when I get my family back.
Connor: Madison, is that you? Yes.
What'd you do with him? Nothing yet.
What about Ben and Red? You promised us safe passage, they didn't follow through on that.
Let me talk to Reed.
- No.
- Let me talk to him now! He's alive.
You want him, trade.
One hour.
Your brother for my family.
Okay, I'll play.
One man with Reed.
If he's unharmed, you get yours.
I'll go.
I'll go.
I'll bring him.
One hour.
I'll go, Mom.
- (gunshot) - (gasps) Chris? Chris? Hey.
What happened? He was gonna turn.
(gasps) Oh, my God.
Chris said he was gonna turn.
- Where's Chris? - He just left.
We're going south.
This is done.
Nothing is done.
(footsteps approach) Madison: Chris? He's dead.
He was sick.
How did you know? He was gonna turn.
- No, we didn't know that.
- I knew that.
(sniffles) That's what happens now.
That's what happens.
(sniffles) Whose gun? Reed's.
It was on the deck after we took him down and I-- (indistinct arguing) Luis: The kid just blew a hole through your trade.
- It's okay.
- Did I just screw everything up? Were they gonna trade him for my dad? We'll figure it out, okay? Trust me.
What are we gonna do? We're gonna get him back.
You know I had to, right? You get that? That I had to? It's okay, Chris.
It's okay.
Thank you.
It's over now.
(zip tie zipping) - Go get the girl.
- But you said that I could-- Jack, plans have changed.
- Where's my family? - You'll see them soon.
Your time here is done.
Chris can't see this.
Think I'm actually starting to get used to this.
Please don't.
It's what we do now-- spill blood, clean it up, spill it again.
Chris said he was gonna turn.
He wasn't, was he? (snarling) (gasping) Oh, God.
- Ofelia: Careful.
- Oh.
No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
(Ofelia gasps) (gasps) Not yet.
Not yet.
(snarling) It's time.
- You all right? - Yes, I'm fine.
Let's go.
Alicia? Alicia? (door opens) Alicia! Nick: Mom, let me go.
- No.
- No, let me go.
Listen to me.
If something happens, it's better if it's me.
- Nick.
- Everybody else needs you.
- No.
- And I'm better with the boat.
Why won't you just let me go? Because you want to.
(motor starts) (Reed snarling) Madison: Jesus.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
Let's get this over with.
I can only see Travis.
You're not supposed to be here.
I'm going now.
You upset Jack, heartbreaker.
No, you can stay in the cage for now.
(shouts) Where's my daughter? You'll get her when I see my brother's all right.
- Maddy? - Travis.
(snarling) No! Reed, no! (screaming) (grunts) (screaming) Okay, go.
(shouts) - (door opens) - Alicia! Why are you running? I said I could get you out of here.
We can go now.
- My family came back for me.
- So? What, you were just gonna leave? (distant grunting) (grunts) Alicia.
Come on, Travis.
She's there.
You're going back to those people? Alex told us what they did.
Is that who you really want to be with? The people who abandoned her will abandon you.
Madison: Alicia! Alicia, please.
I'm sorry.
Alicia! Alicia.
(music playing)
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