Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s02e06 Episode Script

Sicut Cervus

1 (announcer) Previously, on "Fear The Walking Dead.
" (gunshot firing) (Chris) He was gonna turn you know I had to, right? (Madison) It's okay, Chris.
It's okay.
We're goin' to Mexico.
Strand has a place there.
There's food, power He's invited us to stay.
This place makes me feel like the rest of the world is falling away, and we don't need it.
(Luis) My mom works for the Abigails.
She's staying at the Baja house now.
So it is safe there? My mother will be safe in any world.
Especially this one.
Death is a way to new life.
(Singing in Latin) Hermanos (speaking Spanish) Amen.
(No audible dialogue) (no audible dialogue) (chattering in Spanish) (car horn honkingng) Stop! Padre, stop.
We are left no choice.
You're fighting death with death.
That's madness.
You are a good person, Tom Abigail.
Do not protect her.
I'm protecting you from those who work for me.
Hey know you are coming and they are armed far, far greater than you.
You'll be dead by the time you get to the gate.
(Breathing rapidly) (screaming) - (thuds) - (People murmuring) (man gurgling) (groaning) - Woman: Ay Dios mío! - (Man screaming) See the evil you protect? Celia, this was her.
Man: No! No! (Gasping) Chris: Nobody will look at me.
(Sighs) Tell me what happened.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Why are they so mad at me? They're saying that guy you shot wasn't sick.
Who said that? Who said he wasn't sick? - Madison? - She's worried about you.
She said she believed me, Dad.
Come here.
- How's this gonna go? - Luis will take the Zodiac over to the boat up ahead of us where his contact Miguel.
Miguel will accept payment and then we'll be on our way to beautiful Baja.
Okay, stop.
Stop here.
That's close enough.
Good luck.
How do you say "asshole" in Spanish? You don't.
You grin and bear it.
Strand: No, no.
Luis, get back up here.
- Madison: What's going on? - Why are they coming towards us? What do you mean, they? There are two of them.
Tell me one of them is Miguel.
Yeah, the one at the wheel is.
The other guy I don't know.
Madison, get everyone down below deck.
You need to hide.
Luis, give me your gun.
We have a problem.
Engine room, now.
- What's going on? - Where's Nick? - He went down below.
- Come inside.
- Can it wait? - No, it can't.
Company's on the way.
- Nick! - Are we there yet? - Not even close.
Come on.
- What's wrong? We have to hide.
(Men speaking Spanish) One of them is saying they like the boat.
He's impressed by Strand's wealth and wants to know how much it cost.
And Strand says he'd prefer not to discuss money.
Careful, Victor.
Let's talk about gold, then, shall we? (Conversation continues) Daniel: Two bars, one per head.
Luis is making the payment.
Just take it and go.
Take it and go.
(Conversation continues) Now he's saying it's a big vessel for two people.
Oh, come on.
He wants to make sure there are no infected on board.
(Conversation continues) Strand: What's going on, Luis? - They have the gold.
- (Luis speaks Spanish) - (cocks gun) - Wait.
(Men shouting) - (gunshots) - (Footsteps) - (man groans) - (Shouting continues) (gunfire continues) (footsteps) (engines power up) What the hell happened? Someone said "asshole" in Spanish.
- Luis? - (Man speaking Spanish on bullhorn) (Spanish continues) (gunshots) Everyone stay inside.
(Gunshots) (gunshots) Por favor, no! Esperame, esperame! - Wait, wait.
- Get back inside! It's okay.
Let me help you.
Let me help you.
(Groaning) (Luis speaking Spanish) What is it? - It is nothing.
- Whoa, whoa! No, don't! Let him be.
(Splashes) (uttering Spanish) mi madre, mi madre.
They stopped shooting.
They think whatever is on land will kill us.
(Birds screeching) (exhales) I'm fine.
- Strand, how much farther? - We're close now.
- (Flies buzzing) - (Snarling) (snarling continues) Thomas! - Thomas! - Madison: Victor.
(Dogs barking, howling) (snarling) Hey! (Snarling) Oh, no.
(Snarling) (snarling) (snarling) (shouting) Chris! (Grunts) (no audio) Strand: We have to go, now! Nick.
Nick! Oh, my God.
Shut up.
Celia, tell me he's here.
- Luis? - Woman: Welcome.
My name is Sofia.
Nice to meet you all.
We had to fight to get through.
He's one of them now.
Then he'll find his way back.
- Hi, I'm Madison.
- Hola.
Juan, ven.
(Speaking Spanish) - Hola.
- Hola.
Now if you'll follow me, I can give you a tour of the house.
But first I have to ask you for your weapons.
Thank you.
¿Por qué? Muchas gracias.
We're guests here.
Gracias, Jorge.
(Thomas coughing) Better late than never.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I waited for you.
You mind giving us a minute, please? Of course, mijo.
(Coughs) If I'd only been here in time.
I could've done something.
You're here now.
(Coughs) Shall I help you into bed? Mm.
(Groans) I got you.
Come on.
Woman on TV: a devil.
Man on TV: Look, you're not being diplomatic at all.
I think I've run into a contact here.
Certainly run into something, that's for sure.
(Dog barking on TV) Chris: What are you watching? I don't know.
It's old.
It's recorded.
Are you mad at me? I saw what you did What are you talking about? Come on, Chris.
Whatever you think you saw I know what I saw.
Chris, you were watching.
They were gonna kill her and you were watching.
No, I swear.
You were gonna stand there and let it happen.
I would never do that, Alicia.
I would never do that.
Why why why would I ever do that? I don't know, but I'm not gonna pretend like it didn't happen.
You can't tell anyone, Alicia.
Please, don't.
You can't tell anyone.
- She's my mom.
- And she's like my mom, too.
If you tell everybody this lie, what'll happen to us? What'll happen to our family? You'll blow everything up - based off something you think you saw.
- Let me by, Chris.
Whatever you think you saw, it's wrong, Alicia.
I froze.
That's it.
That's all that happened, okay? - Chris, let me go.
- You have to believe me.
You can't say anything.
What if I do? I don't want to hurt anyone.
- Hola.
- Buenas joven.
Celia? Yo soy Nick.
- Ah Nicholas.
- Sí.
Scusi, I don't speak Spanish.
- Are you hungry, Nicholas? - I'm very hungry, yeah.
What are we going to do? Dinner's not till 8:00.
If I give you some pozole, you promise not to tell the others? I would do just about anything for some pozole.
- Sit.
- Thank you very much.
Thank you.
- How is it? - It's amazing.
(laughs) Luis he was asking for you when he you were on his mind.
He wanted me to tell you that.
Thank you.
You have a heavy smile.
Why? I'm just a bit sick of it.
Of what? Of all the killing.
What? None of this is new, Nicholas.
We are just visitors.
Our dead, and they are our dead, they have always walked amongst us.
The only difference is now we can see them.
It's a pretty big difference.
- Mom.
- Shower's all yours, son.
Okay, in a minute.
I don't know how much hot water is left and I smell you from here.
Okay, I'm coming.
Gracias for the pozole.
You were not supposed to tell.
He's special, your son.
He's impressionable.
The enlightened always are.
He's fragile.
Thank you for your hospitality.
Of course.
(Speaking Spanish) No.
- (Knocks) - It's Madison.
Do we like her? She's fierce.
- (laughs) - Come on in.
I didn't know if either of you were feeling up to it.
It was a lovely thought.
I'm Madison.
It's nice to meet you, Tom.
Sorry I haven't been out of bed.
Under normal circumstances, I'm a much better host.
Under normal circumstances, I'm a much less intrusive guest.
Come on now, Madison.
You and I both know that is not true.
(laughs, coughs) Tom.
- I'm okay.
- You sure? - I should go.
- Thomas: Wait.
Will you promise me something? Tell me what it is.
Will you look after him when I'm gone? Must we be so maudlin? He won't make it easy.
Why do you think I'm asking you? (Door closes) Papa.
I've been calling you.
Papa? Everybody started eating already.
(Speaking Spanish) Celia's an amazing cook.
(Chuckles) Your mother she was an amazing cook.
Papa, is everything okay? Sí.
- So you're hungry? - Yeah.
That's very good.
It means the infection is gone.
What do you want me to tell them? Tell them I'm tired.
Twist, I like to twist all night long All night long, I like to twist, twist All night long, I like to twist, twist All night long, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Alicia.
- Hey, Mom.
- Aren't you gonna go to sleep? Yeah, I'm just it's kind of pathetic how much I miss TV.
When you were a little girl and your dad and I would leave you with a sitter, when we'd come home, that's exactly how we'd find you in front of the television fighting to stay awake.
Barely keep your eyes open.
I was always afraid you wouldn't come back.
What are you afraid of now? - Travis, we need to talk.
- What's wrong? Back on the boat today, what was the nature of your conversation with Chris? The nature of our conversation? What? - Please, come on.
- Chris thought he was a threat.
- That he was gonna turn.
- And that's it? Yeah, that's it.
Come on, what's wrong? Chris threatened Alicia today.
- What do you mean threatened? - She thought he was gonna hurt her.
- Oh, for Christ's sake.
- No, Travis, listen to No, that makes zero goddamn sense.
Why? Why would he do that? I almost died back at the church.
- What? - Chris didn't help.
He could have and he didn't and Alicia saw him.
She saw him just watching.
So you're saying he wants you both dead? I think he's sick.
No, you're saying my son wants you both dead.
- Are you hearing yourself? - He needs help.
So let's help him.
Let's help him like we helped Nick.
- That's not the same.
- It's exactly the same.
When Nick was at his worst, I was there for you.
Have you forgotten? Every time he disappeared.
Every time, every search, every rehab.
Who was there for him? Come on, who went out there and found him? Yeah, that's right.
I believed he could get better.
I believed in him because I believed in you.
It's not about Nick.
Okay, sure.
So all right.
What if you're right? What if there's something wrong with Chris? Help me.
Help me to help him.
What do you think I'm trying to do? But he threatened my daughter.
Our daughter.
Maddy, come on.
The whole way here, all I've heard from you is I need you with me, we need to be a united front.
Well, I need you now, Maddy.
Where are you? Alicia needs me with her tonight.
Be with her.
I'll go to Chris.
Can we maybe lose the sheet? Of course.
Is that better? Go to sleep now.
I can't.
I'm begging you.
This world was never good enough for you.
Let it go.
I don't want to leave you.
What if you don't have to? I could go with you.
Are you? How very Shakespearean of you.
(laughs) Shut up, Thomas, before I change my mind.
I can't let you.
Why not? There's nothing left for me here once you've gone.
How would it work? Celia will watch over us.
You know she will.
But how will you You let me worry about that.
(Dog yelping) (speaking Spanish) (dog whimpering) Where are you taking me? What, you don't trust me? Ah.
Should have known.
Should have known.
When a woman says, "Come with me" and she doesn't tell you where you're going, she's taking you to Jesus.
It's always Jesus.
Nick, I need to talk to my mother.
When was the last time you were inside a church? Can't remember.
Go on, do your thing.
Mama, it's me.
I'm worried about Papa.
He's lost his way without you.
I don't know if you could see him.
Maybe you could see him.
He's just so frail.
Can't even stay angry at him anymore.
If you were here, I know you'd know exactly what to do.
(Voice fades) I don't know what to do.
He's such a hard man to take care of.
How did you do it for so long? I miss you.
I miss you every day.
Nick's voice: Gloria? No.
Ofelia: I'll come back tomorrow.
I promise.
I love you.
Thank you for doing this with me.
(Juan speaking Spanish) Sí.
(Snarling) (sniffs) No.
(singing in Spanish) That was lovely.
When Thomas was a little boy, he was so afraid of the dark.
The only way he could sleep was if I sang.
It had to be that song.
Nothing else worked.
(Chuckles) A creature of habit from the start.
I never thought you were good enough for him.
I'm aware.
It is a brave and beautiful thing you have decided to do.
I want you to know how proud I am.
I was wrong about you.
How long will it take? Not long.
(Speaks Spanish) (door opens, closes) Celia.
- You have returned to me.
- Yeah.
Does your mother know? She's sleeping.
She worries about you.
I've given her reason to.
What is it you want to know? They're not really dead, are they? No, they are not, Nicholas.
So what are they? They are what comes next.
(Raspy breathing) (breathing stops) Alicia.
(Gunshot) (dogs barking) What the hell are you doing? Chris, get out! Get out!
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