Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s02e09 Episode Script

Los Muertos

1 (announcer) Previously, on "Fear the Walking Dead" We have to get back to the boat.
She was right about us.
We destroy everything.
(dog barking) (screaming) No, no in-infectado.
It's a dog.
Why come all this way? I want to be where the dead aren't monsters.
(woman coughing) (flies buzzing) (coughing continues) (coughing) (coughing continues) (rooster crowing) (metal groaning) (birds chirping) (girl crying) Hola.
Hey, what's wrong? Mi papá.
(walkers snarling) (chanting in Spanish) (crying) (chanting continues) (chanting continues) You don't need to see this.
Don't look.
Don't look.
(chanting continues) (snarling) - (screaming) - (chanting stops) (screaming) (taps) Mom, it's been two days.
We've been south of the compound, we've been north.
They could have gone east.
Mom, we have to go back to the Abigail.
- We're never gonna find him like this.
- He's out here, I know he is.
Travis might have gone back.
Madison, there's water on the boat.
We can't keep scavenging.
The truck's running on fumes.
(walkers snarling) Okay.
(people speaking Spanish) Me? (speaking Spanish) (woman speaking Spanish) No.
- No.
- Alicia: Where the hell did it go? Strand: The military waited for us to land.
They waited and (sighs) Alicia: What now? We walk into the sea.
Okay, we need shelter.
That hotel up the beach.
- Come on, let's go.
- If we go, he'll never find us.
- He's not looking.
- He always comes home.
Mom, it's me and you now whether you like it or not.
(snarling) Nothing's moved.
The place will be picked clean.
It could be crawling.
Better indoors than out.
(people speaking Spanish) Sorry? (door rattling) Someone locked this place down.
Where are they now? (bell dings) Are you out of your mind? (dinging) The service is subpar.
Um, dónde-- Where the hell are we going? (snarling) Hello.
We've got some walking to do, so we better get things clear.
One, around los muertos, you stay absolutely quiet.
Two, around me, you stay absolutely quiet.
Three, when we get where we're going, we're gonna see some real hijos de puta.
Unless I tell you, you stay-- Absolutely quiet.
Yeah, okay.
Put on your makeup.
I can smell you from here.
So one thing before I can't talk anymore.
Why me? Because, gringuito, nobody's gonna miss you.
Who's gonna miss you? The only one who will miss me is already missing.
(footsteps) Happiest day of somebody's life.
Strand: Until it wasn't.
Ofelia: You know, I was almost married once.
Who was the lucky guy? His name was William.
He was a good man.
Couldn't have been that good.
You said almost.
He was moving to New Mexico.
Santa Fe.
And I had to take care of my parents.
The past, it'll make you sick.
Madison, let's find the kitchen.
Mom, let's go.
So this morning, what was that? Those near death deliver themselves to the dead and join the wall.
Our brothers, our sisters protect them.
They protect us.
What if you're wrong? What if your friend just became lunch for no reason? This, the world, the dead, what do you think is happening? You who are weak and have no faith, tell me, what do you believe? I don't know.
Every so often the ocean washes red.
The coast fill with foam and trash.
The sun becomes like poison and it burns the water and the land, washing it clean.
This is no different.
The dead, they're returning.
And when they go, this world will be as new.
- This the pharmacist's idea? - It's the truth.
Without him, we'd be lost.
You don't look too found.
You really don't get it, do you? He was bitten.
You're bit, you turn.
Not him.
You really believe that? I have no need to believe.
I saw.
Keep walking, gringuito.
We should check the rooms.
All of them.
You know, the guests had luggage, the minibars might be stocked.
The kitchen was empty.
Go floor by floor, room by room, - we'll find something.
- Let's look down here.
- You look down here.
- I want you with me.
Ofelia and I will check the tower and we'll meet back here before sunset.
No, I said no.
We checked every hall, every door.
If there are infected, we would have seen them.
Survivors would have come out.
The place is dead.
- Alicia.
- She can take care of herself.
Doing it half my life.
I'm sure I'll be fine.
Have a seat.
Drinks on me.
- Not now, Victor.
- Especially now.
- I'm good.
- Well, you look like shit.
Oh, thank you.
De nada.
You need some color in your cheeks.
You need a drink.
I need a drink.
Come now, it's medicinal.
(cards shuffling) (music playing) Who are these guys? They're a gang.
One of many.
They control East Tijuana.
All goods, all supplies come here.
Nick: They're drug dealers.
They deal with everything now.
And they will hang you for looking at them wrong.
Welcome to Marco's.
(bangs) Vamos.
Come on, let's shop.
- Mmm.
- I'll tell you right here, right now, the way to make a perfect martini.
Gin over rocks in a shaker.
Come up real close to it and whisper vermouth.
- (laughs) - Is that so? - Wait, what? - What? - Say that again.
- Is that so? Aha, how did I not realize that our very own Madison Clark is a Southern belle.
Tended bar to put myself through school.
And I'll tell you right here, right now, your story is bullshit.
Your martini's bullshit.
And that vermouth shtick is as old as the hills.
All right.
Educate me, Ms.
Bring me tequila.
Ofelia: God, I hate hotels.
Oh, they creep me out.
The dead walk the earth and it's hotels that creep you out? I think it's the carpets.
- (door rattles) - (growling) Shit, we better go back.
Come on.
- Wait.
- Alicia.
Wait, not yet.
- (thuds) - (growling) Somebody's marked the infected rooms.
Hey, come on.
(door opens, closes) Well, minibar's down to peanuts.
Guess they were allergic.
- (gasps) - (thudding) (snarling) Come on, let's go.
(snarling) (music playing) So what are we looking for? Water, gauze, vitamins, anything we can use in the infirmary.
(woman coughs) Only what we need.
(people coughing) Luciana: Nick.
Just fill it up, okay? Should use the bottom here.
Hey, there's still hot water.
Why do you think he gave up? What? That man.
I'd have tried, like, 50 different things before I would have.
Maybe he was tired.
Tired of what? Surviving.
You don't get tired of surviving.
You just push on.
You-- you got to.
What? We're not gonna make it.
Don't say that.
You know, my father, he was always one step behind hope.
I see that now.
Then Daniel was wrong.
That's all we have.
We lose that and we're dead.
I'm sorry.
You have me.
For what it's worth, you know? We're your family now.
Family is family.
What did you do? What did you just do? Hey, I'm sorry.
- They're gonna chop off your hand.
- No, no, no, wait.
Translate for me.
Ask him if that's his sister in there.
- That your sister in there? Ask him.
- (speaks Spanish) Ask him is that his sister? No, no, no, wait, wait.
If he doesn't let me go, we'll take our business elsewhere.
(speaking Spanish) (laughs) Sí, sí, no more Oxy.
Yeah, you're gonna run out of Oxy.
No more Oxy, man.
Tell him.
Tell him that there is nothing left.
Nothing left.
You have your stash, but at the rate you're going through it, man, that's gonna last, what, a few weeks? Maximum.
And, yeah, you can find a substitute, sure, but that crave's gonna get worse and worse and worse and your sister needs her family.
Yeah, they need it.
You let your sister go for one week without it, you're gonna pray she turns just so you can kill her.
(Luciana speaking Spanish) You need Oxy.
We have Oxy.
But now, if you want it, we want another cart of water.
(speaking Spanish) Uno mas.
What? They don't know where our colonia is and we can't let them know.
They ever followed you before? No, but I never had a stupid gringo call them out.
They could have killed us both right there.
Well, we're safe, we got the water.
No, now we're not safe.
Now they're interested.
It was not your place.
If you want to die, go ahead.
I'm sorry.
Lo siento.
What? It means I'm sorry.
If we were sitting here before it all went to hell, maybe both of us would have skipped down to Rosarito.
No, it wouldn't have happened.
Steven and I always took the kids to Joshua Tree.
Ah, you never know.
I could have come down to see Tom, you would have been on some god-awful family getaway.
You would have snuck away from your motherly duties, snuck down to the bar and found me.
I would have sat next to you.
We would have talked.
Sure, I'd talk to you.
I would have talked about coming up in the world, some nonsense to impress you.
Anything but Tom.
You would have hit on me? I'm a seducer of people, Madison.
(laughs) It would have been fun.
But now there's no coming, no up, and no world to talk about.
No Tom.
No Steven.
There's not even a goddamn bar.
(sighs) She's right.
Alicia's right.
I'm never gonna see Nick again.
He's alive.
The boy is bulletproof.
Yeah, you don't get it.
That boy was born lost.
Like his daddy.
He's been slipping through my fingers ever since the day I gave birth to him.
Maybe you've been holding on too tight.
- Obviously not.
- Okay.
All right.
It's his father's darkness.
You leave them alone, they head straight towards death.
How did Steven pass? (sighs) Came home from the work site.
It was late.
Crossed the divider into oncoming traffic.
He fell asleep? That's what I told the kids.
You were trying to protect them.
I keep trying to save them.
They keep dying.
Over and over.
Travis stopped that for a while, you know? These things we can only live with them.
We can't choose.
We can choose.
Yeah, absolutely choose.
I didn't have to have Nick.
You know, I could have not had Alicia, but I wanted to be a mother.
I chose despite the past and I chose wrong.
Hey, that's the drink talking.
No, no, no.
I'm good.
I'm good.
I'm good.
Whoo! I'm good, I have a hollow leg.
Come on.
- Cheers.
To motherhood.
- Okay, to motherhood.
All right.
- To false hope.
- (clinks) To false hope.
(grunts) All right.
(playing discordant notes) (glass shatters) (glass shatters) (glass shatters) (snarling) (glass shatters) Ofelia? Your turn.
Ofelia? (distant piano playing) (gasps) (thuds) (snarling) Mom! Mom! Ofelia? Ofelia! Where the hell are you? (growling) (screams) (people speaking Spanish) Alejandro will find you.
Nick: Hola.
I got you something.
It's a little bit smushed, but it should be all right.
Take it.
It's yours.
Well, it's here if you want it.
Lo siento.
(knocks) I hear you almost started a war over a Gansito.
That girl's father died today.
I just thought she might need something.
And what did you think she needed? Something.
If it's comfort you want to offer, you're going to need more cake.
Not everything can be about death.
You're exactly wrong.
This morning, you saw me inject that man.
Saline solution.
It will do nothing to protect him from the infection.
- He will soon die.
- So why inject him? Like you, I would prefer that he not fear.
And yet we are running out of medicine.
Nicholas, when we run out of cake and drugs, where will we turn? Comfort is no supplement for faith.
You do that girl no favors.
So you're just gonna wait? What good is faith when the water runs out? This is a test.
The dead are walking toward their final resting place.
And when they leave, when the world is washed clean of death, we the faithful will remain.
We have been chosen.
We will outlast death.
How do you know? Why are you so sure? Drink.
You're welcome to stay with us.
But if you ever put my people in danger again, I will feed you to the wall.
(playing discordant notes) To family.
To family.
- (shatters) - Whoo! (playing) To Nick.
All right.
(snarls) Madison.
We need to go now.

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