Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s02e10 Episode Script

Do Not Disturb

1 (announcer) Previously, on "Fear the Walking Dead" He needs his father.
Travis? Chris can't come back, not now.
(frustrated grunt) It's me and you now, whether you like it or not.
You need a drink.
I need a drink.
Mom! Mom! (snarling) (snarling) (glass shattering) (snarling) "Les Feuilles Mortes" playing in background Qui nous ressemble Thank you.
Toi tu m'aimais Et je t'aimais Et nous vivions tous Can I get my big brother Oscar and his beautiful bride Jessica up here for their first dance as husband and wife? - Give them some love.
- (applause) Man: Yay, get up there! Woman: Dale, Oscar! (classical music playing) Crowd: Aw! (laughs) I told you this was embarrassing, right? We're waltzing.
Suck it up, babe.
It's classy, okay? Just be classy.
- Angel.
- Just be classy.
Jessica: It'll all be over really soon.
Oscar: I don't want it to be over.
And I'll always love you for it.
I'll always love you.
(applause) Gael: Aw.
Now if we can have the father of the bride join his daughter.
Stowe, come on up.
(applause) Is everything all right, Mrs.
Stowe? I'm sorry, no.
We have to leave.
I don't understand.
This thing, this sickness they're reporting, they say it's spreading.
You're safe here, Mrs.
The hotel is very secure.
I'm not disparaging the hotel.
They're talking about closing the border.
We want our family north of it before then.
And our guests.
These are mostly rumors, Mrs.
- It's just Internet gossip.
- We have friends who know.
We'll make an announcement in a few moments.
Ilene, may I have this dance? Yes, the last.
- (laughs) - Woman: That was perfect.
- (gasping) - Dad? Daddy? Mom! - Ilene: Charles? Honey? Charles.
- Oscar: Come on, come on.
(speaks Spanish) - Gael: Let's give him air.
- Oscar: Whoa, whoa.
Ilene: Charles? Please, please, please?? (gasping) Jessica, when I tell you to breathe, you breathe and listen.
- You understand? - Okay.
(beeping) (exhales) (guests murmuring) (beeping) Breathe.
- Ilene: Charles, come on.
- Woman: Keep trying to call somebody.
Man: It's awful.
It's just awful.
- (Charles growling) - (Jessica screaming) - Oscar: Honey! Honey! - (people gasping) (screaming) Help us! (snarling) Help us! Ilene: Please! - (screaming continues) - (pounding on door) (birds chirping) You want to stop, Dad? Can't keep resting each half hour.
- No.
- You should take a break.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
You have it.
Let's find some shade.
Let's just keep moving.
Try and find some shelter for the night.
I got it.
Let's see about a ride.
- It's right there.
- Pass the rebar.
- Come on, Chris, wake up.
- I'm gonna go.
No, you're not.
We need supplies.
We don't know what's over there.
Let me find out.
You should learn this.
We can go together once I'm done.
Look, I can go look over there while you do this, Dad.
Two birds, one stone.
I'll come back if I see anything.
- Chris.
- I can protect myself, you know that.
I'm good at this.
That's what worries me.
See anything, double-time your ass back here.
Got it.
- Promise? - Cross my heart.
(men talking indistinctly) Man: Or we can head into town.
Look, we head into town, we check out all the shops, the houses in the hills, we stock up.
Man #2: We got supplies already, Brandon.
Brandon: We don't know what it's like back home.
(snarling) (whimpering) (snarling) - (engine starts) - Chris: Let's go! - Let's go.
- You all right? - I got water.
I got supplies.
- Are you hurt? - No, I'm good.
- What the hell happened? I saw the infected.
I ran like I said I would, but we got to go now.
Let's go.
(tires squeal) (winces) You okay? Yeah, fine.
Don't worry.
You'll heal faster if we drive.
It's already getting better.
(static hissing) Dead air everywhere, man.
(turns off radio) Check the glove compartment.
So where we going? Away from what's behind us for now.
How long can we do that for? What? Dad, what's wrong? (brakes squeal) - You're up.
- Really? Good time to learn.
No traffic.
Come on.
Let's do it.
Foot on the brake.
Put it in drive.
Give it a little gas.
A little more.
(engine revving) It's okay.
- Try again.
Try again.
- (chuckles) Okay, don't stomp it.
Just push the pedal.
There you go.
Now, look down the road, not right in front of the bumper.
- Right up there.
- Okay.
Yeah, like that.
See? You got it.
(snarling) (snarling) (snarling) (snarling) (pounding on door) (sighs) - Oof.
- I'm sorry.
Don't be.
You came after me.
Just don't run again, okay? (Travis wincing) (engine revving) (sighs) Hey, this is pretty easy.
You haven't parallel parked yet.
Three-point turn.
Won't be any need for that.
- Well, someday.
- Dad.
It'll come back to the way it was.
- They're working on it.
- They? Someone somewhere.
Has to be.
I don't believe this is the end.
I can't.
I won't.
Neither should you.
We can get back what we lost.
Not everything.
(engine stalls) Aw, I thought we'd get a little farther.
We've been running on fumes for a while.
Off the road.
(crickets chirping) Stay close.
Stay warm.
(groans) - (slurping) - Remember camping in Big Bear? Or were you too young? Sure.
I wasn't too young.
Yeah, fishing on the lake.
Mom hated it.
She suffered it.
She knew how important it was to us.
(sighs) - But she-- - Was a city girl.
Wonder how it is in the mountains now.
Fewer people.
Less dead.
You could hunt, fish.
Yeah, could be safe, place like that.
What are we doing, Dad? We'll manage.
We're doing okay.
Where should we go? I don't know.
Someplace with elevation where we can see what's coming.
Vantage point.
A house, maybe.
With a well, water.
We could go to the border, the river.
Yeah, but people pressing in from both sides is dangerous.
- But water.
- That's why it's dangerous.
Everyone needs it.
Everyone goes there to feed.
Predators find prey.
We'll find something better.
Might not be perfect, but it'll be ours.
And then what? We start over.
- (urinating) - (car approaching) Dad.
Dad, Dad, they can see-- kill the fire.
Someone's coming.
Someone's coming.
Come on.
Who are they? I stole from them back in the town.
I took their food.
Chris, no.
We're not gonna hurt you over some refried beans, buddy.
(chuckles) We're gonna set up camp here, so why don't you just come on out so we don't piss on you in the dark? (man chuckles) We're here, my son and I.
I believe we already met your son, sir.
He demonstrated some major badassery earlier today.
Welcome to camp here.
Brandon: We're thankful.
- Do you have any other food? - No.
- Water? - Down to dregs.
- Do you? - Do I what? Have some food? Sure, some.
We're doing okay.
Saved your life.
You owe me.
You say you saved my life, I say you stole my shit.
Do you want to debate or do you want to eat? I'm Brandon.
This is Derek, Baby James.
(snarling) (snarling) (snarling) (door slams) - (door slams) - Ofelia? (snarling) (bodies thud) (snarling) Climb, child, climb.
Take my hand.
Take it.
(panting) Where is he? Where is he?! (insects chirping) (cans rattling) It's an early warning system.
You guys are surviving.
Yeah, we're outdoorsy.
Thank you.
You guys are the first Americans we've met since hell started raining down.
It's our patriotic duty.
No, eat 'em up.
Just glad I don't have to sleep in the tent with you.
(chuckles) How'd you guys get down here? Brandon: Camping on the Sea of Cortez, partying when shit hit the fan.
Been trying to get home ever since.
Where's home? San Diego.
Tell me.
Well, we came from the north.
LA's gone.
San Diego's gone.
You saw it? Saw it burning on the way down here.
Military bombed those cities trying to contain it.
Everything's destroyed all the way to the Continental Divide.
That's what we know.
Yeah, well, we'll come back.
We always do.
Back at that taco stand, you showed some skill taking out the wasted.
- Wasted? - Yeah, the first one we saw, we thought it was a guy who had too many.
You know, he was stumbling.
Till he took out one of our bros.
Never making that mistake again.
Where'd you learn to kill? Your pops? It just came to him like it comes to all of us.
How many you done? I don't count.
Killer Chris? Damn, son.
That's a healthy number.
Gets easier with practice.
We try to avoid them as much as we can.
Look, we appreciate the food, but we'll be out of your hair by the morning.
I mean, we're so close to home, you guys want to hitch a ride with us? We could use a couple more guys like you.
Thank you, but-- it's kind, it is.
We're gonna carve something out for ourselves here.
What are you gonna carve into, buddy? We could use some gas if you can spare it.
See, that we-- we cannot do.
Too short supply.
But we can give you a ride if you want.
We can get you to the next town.
You put the signs on the doors.
You moved the infected onto the floor.
Yes, I contained the problem.
What was the problem? You.
You were.
I moved the dead to protect myself from all of you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
(speaks Spanish) Where are they hiding? - Where is who hiding? - Where are they keeping Hector? I don't know who Hector is.
I don't know who they are.
I came with three people-- my mom, two friends.
Have you seen them? I saw you, just you.
I need to get downstairs.
My mother was surrounded by infected.
The dead are in the stairwells.
You cannot go down.
Okay, but you can move them, right? With Hector.
I unlock one hall, I draw them inside, lock them in.
It is our defense.
Well, you can do that.
- It's not that simple.
- It is that simple.
My mother needs me.
Look, I have to go.
Did you hear me? I'm not here to hurt you.
Who's Hector? He's my nephew.
He went to find food and never came back.
The guests took him to draw me out.
I-- I don't understand.
I have keys to every hall, every building.
This place is a maze and I know how to run it.
Whoever has the keys can control the hotel.
Give them the keys.
No, they'd kill us or exile us.
Either way, it's the way.
Go home.
The hotel is home.
It has been for a long time.
How many guests are left? A dozen maybe.
Perhaps less now.
Help me find my family.
That'll make five of us.
Six when we find your nephew.
With the shit my family's been through, six of us is equal to a dozen.
We can defend each other.
Trust me.
We do that or we die up here.
Dad, we should go with them.
No, we shouldn't.
Don't know them, don't trust them.
You trust their medical supplies.
I trust the supplies, not the source.
- They helped us, Dad.
- Chris.
- They like us.
- We have a plan.
We didn't know home was an option.
There is no home.
You saw what happened to San Diego.
You said it would turn back.
You said that.
- I know.
- You believe it.
It hasn't happened yet.
We have wide-open spaces here.
We have enough.
And they have more supplies, Dad, and they're willing to share with us.
How do you think that happened, huh? How do you think they have so much? Even after I've stolen from them, they want to share.
And they're willing to.
I'm not gonna put ourselves in their debt.
They're good people.
They're strong people.
They're not our people.
It's Madison.
You don't want to stray too far so that way, you can go back.
I want to take care of you.
What does that even mean? You want to just walk around till you think they've gotten over it, then crawl back? We survive together.
That's how-- They're surviving.
They know how to survive.
They're doing it.
I think they're dangerous.
Maybe that's what it takes.
Look, Chris, we're gonna go with them until morning to the next town and then we're on our own.
We'll find another car.
We'll find a place.
And that's the end of it.
Get some sleep.
(snarling) (snarling) Elena! Elena, run.
(door closes) Right here, come on.
(tapping) (tapping) Hey, this way.
(tapping) (grunts) (pounding) Elena! (glass cracking) Elena! Take it.
Come on.
Come on, Alicia.
(gasps) (breathing heavily) What the hell took you so long? I had to make sure they were all clear so you can get downstairs.
You're coming with me.
You're my guide.
I haven't left the tower since it began.
Look, Hector needs you.
My mother needs me.
Would she have you risk your life for hers? No, but she would do it for me.
My mother would die for me.
Let's go.
Did they do this? The guests? The father of the bride.
He had a heart attack on this spot.
The poor man became one of them while we were waiting for rescue.
He attacked his own daughter, the bride while her mother watched.
What did you do? They looked up to me for help.
I contained the situation.
I have the hotel to think about.
We were at capacity.
All my guests, it was a sickness.
I couldn't let it spread.
I locked them in Hector and I till help could come.
It never did.
There was no one there to save us.
People die.
Now they hate me.
I've seen worse.
We've done worse.
I won't let them touch you.
I promise.
Come on.
- Chris: No, no, I don't believe it.
- Derek: Yes.
No, James is blackout drunk, right.
He comes staggering out of the room.
He's grinning, but he's got lipstick smeared all over his face.
That's not the only place I had lipstick, first of all.
Oh, okay, then you're a contortionist, bro, because you were in there alone.
- He was alone in there? - He was alone.
She climbed out the window, man.
- Big Betsy D'Angelo? - Yeah.
She's not climbing out of any tiny window, bro.
You're suspect.
She's a fat-bottomed girl.
- No.
- It's more cushion for the pushin', okay? You're not having fun.
No, not exactly.
Oh, but this, this is awesome.
Not the word I'd use.
We got no speed limits, no cops, no money, no work, no bills, no bullshit.
- We're just living.
- This isn't living.
Brandon: Are you kidding? This is more than living, man.
This is supernatural.
We were nothing before this, man.
We were less than.
But now the end times made us gods.
Hey, slow down, man.
There's something up there.
Might be some crops up on the hill, maybe a farm.
Oh, good catch, brother.
Dad, there's a farm up there.
- Did you find anything? - Cupboards are bare.
Bunch of dead stuffed animals.
Yeah, trailers are empty.
Baby James, tell me they got weed growing in those fields.
There is a hand pump out back.
It's well water, though.
Montezuma's revenge, bro.
No, thank you.
All right, let's check the barn.
What? Here.
We could stay here.
- Look at the place.
- Dad.
Come on, we got crops, water.
It's away from the road.
The place is isolated.
I don't want to stay here.
Once they leave, we stay.
Make this home.
Chris, listen to me.
We need a group, Dad.
We need people.
Okay? We need a place with people.
We had that.
They look at me different.
Let's just check out the barn.
Come on.
Hey, wait up.
(laughs) Brandon: Killer Chris.
(metal rattling) There's something in there.
- What, are you scared, bro? - Shut up.
(laughs) Protein, bro.
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come here.
- (clucking) That one, Brandon.
Get the fat one.
- Come on, come on.
- (laughs) (clucking continues) - (men chattering, laughing) - Brandon: Whoa! You suck.
Derek: Yo, get the fat one, not the small one.
(distant snarling) (pounding) (snarling, pounding) - Mom? - Alicia, you must be quiet.
She was inside here.
Elena, she was inside here.
- If she was trapped in there, she's dead.
- She's not dead! Someone locked the doors.
Someone did this.
Either it was your mother-- you cannot let out what is in there.
- You cannot.
You cannot.
- Mom! - Mom! - Oscar: Stop that.
Where is she? Where are they? Where's my mother? Don't know what you're talking about.
I came here with three people.
- Have you seen anyone else? - The keys.
Don't give him the keys until we know.
Elena: We know.
She's not with them.
She's gone.
(snarling) No, my mother's not dead.
She's not.
She's alive.
Look for her outside.
I don't care.
Give me the keys, I give you your nephew.
And then you leave this place.
The keys.
You can't send us out there.
We'll die out there.
This monster doesn't deserve to live.
I want her dead like my daughter, my husband.
Give him the keys, Elena.
Alicia: Elena! (snarling) There are three graves out the back.
Whoever buried them is still here.
Look, you're worried about your boy.
I get that.
- Come on, Chris.
- We'll keep him safe.
No harm will come to him.
- Nice try, Rocky.
- Come on, Chris.
Let's go.
- I got one! I got one! - Nice! Nice.
- (cocks shotgun) - (shouting in Spanish) We don't speak Spanish.
- This is his place.
We have to leave.
- I don't think so.
He lost his family.
They're buried here.
- This is his home.
- Dad.
We have no right, Chris.
We have no right.
(snarling) Mom? - Brandon: Drop the gun.
- Por favor, put the gun away.
You're outnumbered.
Drop the gun.
- Vámonos.
We'll go.
- (both speaking Spanish) - We'll go.
Por favor.
- Don't make this hard.
(snarling continues) (gasps) - No hablo.
- Travis: Lo siento.
Put the gun away.
- (snaps) - (gunshot) - Ah! - Hey! (snarling) This shouldn't be locked.
- No! - (gunshot) (snarling) Help! Please! Open the door! Come on.
- Here.
- Mom, are you okay? Yeah.
(no audible dialogue)
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