Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s02e11 Episode Script

Pablo & Jessica

1 (announcer) Previously, on "Fear the Walking Dead" (groaning) Where is he? ‭(gasps) I'm not here to hurt you.
I locked them in.
(screaming) This monster doesn't deserve to live.
I want her dead.
Those near death delivered themselves to the dead.
(snarling, groaning) If you ever put my people in danger again, I will feed you to the wall.
Are you okay? Yeah.
( snarling ) - Shit, Victor.
- We'll fight our way out.
Make it to the lobby.
- Alicia: Mom! - Oh, my God.
- Alicia.
- Mom! Alicia.
( snarling ) ( pounding on door ) Strand! Victor! - We're not-- - Yeah, we are.
( rattles ) Let's find Alicia and Ofelia and then we go.
Son of a bitch.
The girls took the truck.
No, I heard her calling.
The dead don't drive, Madison.
Come on.
( snarling ) ( breathing heavily ) ( sighs ) She's fine.
You don't know that.
Madison, we can do nothing right now.
Alicia wouldn't leave.
She never leaves.
It's not her.
She was trapped.
She had no option.
She had Ofelia to think of.
She wouldn't do it.
If she had to leave to survive, she went.
She's self-reliant.
I made her that.
- ( snarling ) - ( thumping ) Hydrate.
Ration it.
I'm okay.
You don't ration water.
You drink it and then you find more.
Come on.
Tequila hangover can't be helping matters.
Just drink it.
You happy? Ecstatic.
We should get some sleep.
Any one of the massage tables will serve, but there's a couples room upstairs.
Safer together.
( banging ) ( people shouting ) That's not infected.
( banging ) Alicia: Help, somebody! - ( banging ) - Someone--someone open the door! No, no! No.
Alicia! - Mom? Mom! - It's me! - Elena: Tell her to open the door! - Mom, quickly! ( infected snarling ) - Are you all right? - Are you okay? ( mouths word ) ( chatter ) ( child crying ) ( speaking Spanish ) ( woman coughing ) Buenos días.
What is it? I screwed up at the trade.
You compromised the colonia.
I'd like to make up for that.
You need water to prepare that milk.
I'm not preparing milk.
Did you ever do any compounding here? - I have.
- Where do you keep your tools? May I? Please.
I had this buddy and-- well, he wasn't the most sensible guy, but he was smart, creative, very creative.
And he used to do this thing when he couldn't afford the overhead for re-up.
You got a hammer? You cut the drug, you increase the inventory.
Yeah, that's the idea.
The high is more immediate when you crush the pills and shorter.
- They'll know we have tampered.
- Yeah, they won't care.
All they'll know is that they're getting higher faster.
And that's the magic.
- But if they suspect-- - They won't.
Look, you're a pharmacist, I'm a junkie, okay? Trust me.
Please, just let me make this right, okay? Thank you.
["2020" playing.]
Nice technique.
I have a limited, but refined skill set.
This will only buy us so much more time.
You know this.
Yeah, more time, more hope.
And hope's gonna get you a lot further than a Gansito.
Right? We should go after Ofelia.
Which way would you have us go? If she didn't take the truck, we'll find her here in some state.
If she did, she had a destination.
Or she ran scared and is alone.
I made a promise to Daniel.
You can forget that one.
Focus on what's in the here and now.
I am.
Ofelia chose to go.
She didn't think we were gonna make it.
We will.
We are.
Is this all we have? Yes.
And the guests control the rest of the hotel, the food stores.
- Is that a lot? - Dry goods, canned goods.
Yes, a lot.
Enough for months.
But these people want us gone.
They still want me dead.
Oscar! Oscar.
What do you want? - Are you Oscar? - I'm not.
Well, we need to talk to him.
He doesn't need to talk to you.
We're not leaving the hotel.
You're not leaving the hotel.
There's work to be done.
We need each other to do it.
Lose the weapons.
( clanks ) You can search us.
Let them in.
Are we sure about this? I'm tired of running, Victor.
( sighs ) Take a break if you have to.
No, I'm okay.
Hey, you want to work yourself into the ground, be my guest, but I don't hand out honor badges and I don't pay overtime.
So what happened? Did Luciana not tell you? She told me she had.
She just said that you were bitten and that you didn't turn and she has a lot of faith in you.
Yeah, not much patience for my doubt.
No patience for me at all, actually.
Luci lacks trust, so she tests us first.
She was testing you.
But you don't survive a bite.
Oh, you don't believe I was bitten? Um I don't believe in miracles.
- Miracle is your word.
- What would you call it? A leap of faith.
Yeah, I have trouble with those, too.
What's your plan? Ration what we have, scavenge for what we don't.
Do you have family somewhere else? My family was here when it started.
Some left.
Border was closed.
We were trapped.
Ilene: What do you want? We want your help.
We need it.
- Oscar: We have nothing to offer.
- You do.
There's opportunity here for all of us.
It's an empty hotel.
What we have, we'll run out of.
There's nothing.
You haven't been beyond these walls, we have.
You haven't seen.
This place has everything.
You can harvest water, grow food, fortify the gates.
But we have to clear the dead.
We can make this place a home.
If we help you, that woman cannot stay.
Elena did what she thought was right in the moment.
She regrets it.
She killed my daughter.
Madison: The sickness.
The sickness killed her.
Whatever that is, that took your daughter.
We've lost loved ones, too.
But we can stop that.
We can start over.
Both of our families.
( crying ) We have mutual interests.
The next group that finds this place-- and others will find this place-- they could be cruel.
We've seen that.
They're not gonna ask for your help.
They won't try to reason.
They're not gonna talk.
They're gonna take and they'll kill.
We've seen that, too.
So we're clearing out the infected, we're blocking the gates and we're gonna do it alone.
But it'd be a hell of a lot easier if you'd helped us.
Take the keys.
Are you okay? Fine.
You quiet is not fine.
You negotiated well.
You didn't need any assistance.
You may have even earned a few converts.
Not with the mother.
No, not with the mother.
Her grief is driving her.
We need them.
We lose any of these fights, we lose a home.
- ( sighs ) - Victor, what's wrong with you? I had a home.
I shot Thomas.
I buried him there.
I'll help you secure this place, but it's not home.
It's good.
It's really good.
They'll never know.
Let's pray that they won't.
Okay, we'll be back before dark.
Wish me luck.
There was a boy no older than you.
He lived in these streets.
An addict.
And he tried to steal from me many times.
When the world changed, this boy got his hands on something.
Something mean.
To this day I have no idea what drug he took, but he was mistaken for a sombra.
A mob attacked him, herded him with the other infected.
They were killing them.
So I rushed in, I tried to save him.
There were limbs, jaws, blood.
It was chaos.
And in this moment as I was beaten by the living, I was bitten by the dead.
A hand found me and I saw Luciana.
She brought me back here.
We waited for death to come.
- But it didn't? - No.
- You just healed? - Yes.
What happened to the boy? They killed him.
You believe you're safe amongst them.
You may be right.
But you're never safe with the Marcos of the world, the men with guns.
But you still like being out there.
You're desperate for it and that scares me for you.
Why? You sound like my mother.
I'm trying to be anything but.
I'm not asking you not to go.
I need you to go.
Everyone here needs you to go.
I'm asking you to be careful.
Brave but careful.
'Cause I want you to come back.
- Well, thank you.
- For what? For giving a shit.
( shouting in Spanish ) ( cheering ) You play? Yeah, when I was a kid.
Go ahead.
You need an adult? You need an adult? Yeah? Can I play? All right, all right, all right.
Let's do this.
Let's do this.
I'm in, I'm in, I'm in, I'm in.
- You're in? - Let's do this.
Right down the line.
( shouting in Spanish ) Goal! Whoo! You were an illegal substitution.
Take it up with the referee.
( shouting in Spanish ) Nick: Here.
Yeah, right here.
( speaking Spanish ) What's wrong? They found him.
Who? Pablo.
Children: Goal! Luciana.
You didn't have to come.
You have no Spanish, Nick.
Another scout, then.
Francisco, Reynaldo.
The others are on perimeter duty.
It's us.
Luciana, your boyfriend just died.
He was my brother.
Jesus, I'm so sorry.
One matters more than the other? Family knows where you come from.
Yes, Pablo was always there for me.
When we moved from Redondo to work in the maquiladora.
Then when everything changed.
Your parents outside of the city? My father, no.
He was gone before it began.
When everyone began to die, we sent for our mother, but we lost contact with Mama when she was south of the city.
- We should look for her.
- We have.
Pablo did.
And he helped me find peace when she joined the dead.
But now I don't know what to do.
I'm sorry.
- ( snarling ) - ( banging ) They can't open doors.
We could just leave them.
We leave one, it gets free, we start over again.
We've got to clean sweep this.
( lick clicks ) ( snarling ) ( body thuds ) Thank you.
They've come on their own some.
They followed your lead.
We're gonna need them.
We need more hands.
That's one floor out of 17 out of three buildings.
I mean, at this rate it's gonna take us weeks.
- We don't have weeks.
Cat do all this and have some asshole take it from us.
I'm sorry.
You didn't do anything wrong.
What you said was true.
You raised yourself.
Especially after Daddy died.
Exactly when you shouldn't have had to.
That's on me.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Come out of the water.
We don't have to go room by room or floor by floor.
We don't have to put em down at all.
Luciana tells me you did as we discussed.
You were cautious at the Pelicano.
Man, I was more than cautious.
I was respectful to those pricks.
I kissed ass.
Called them señor.
Cut my balls off.
Better your balls than your head.
You were surviving.
Surviving feels like eating shit.
You'll get used to it.
What is this? It's yours.
Moving you out of the infirmary.
I need your bed.
Don't need all this.
You deserve it.
You've given the colonia a gift.
You bought us time.
I just cut some pills.
It was more than that.
There are three sections to the hotel, but everything connects here.
We channel them through that room.
That corridor leads to the pier.
Okay, anyone gets in trouble, bail, find a safe place.
I mean it.
Otherwise channel them all toward me and I'll lead them to the sea.
Keep your eye on them.
Stay ahead.
Okay? You're gonna be fine.
- Baby? - Let me go down to the pier.
- Let me do that.
- Absolutely not.
Mom, you're gonna be trapped out there.
I need you in the water.
I need you in the boat.
I don't trust anyone else.
I was looking for you in the bar and I was trying to get to you and I was so scared that I wouldn't.
When I finally did, I saw this dead woman.
She had your hair.
I thought No, you're not losing me.
I'm not losing you.
Not ever.
I'll see you in the water.
- Okay? - Yeah.
( snarling ) ¡Oye! ¡Oye! ¡Oye! ¡Oye! ¡Oye! ( clapping ) ( music playing ) ( door beeps ) ( infected snarling ) ( door beeps ) ( door beeps ) - ( clanging ) - Come on.
They all followed? As far as we can tell.
- Alicia should be here by now.
- And Hector.
( music playing ) Okay.
You sure you don't need my help? It'll only take one.
Just be there to meet me.
All right.
( clanging ) ( lock clicks ) ( clanging ) All the way.
Vamos! ( clanging continues ) Get in! Come on, get in! Whoa! It's too shallow.
Push us farther out.
- ( motor starts ) - All right, we're good.
We're good.
Let it go.
We're good.
Let it go.
Let it go.
( clanging continues ) Madison: Come on.
All the way.
All the way to the end.
Man: Man.
( snarling ) Come on, Alicia.
Come on.
All the way.
Come on! All the way.
Come on! Come on.
Alicia: Mom! Mom! ( clangs ) Go, Hector.
Go, go, go! Mom! Mom, we're over here! ( speaks Spanish ) - Mom! - Give me your hand! - We're okay.
- ( Hector shouts in Spanish ) ( knocks on door ) Come in.
( knocks ) Adelante.
I was too tired to sleep.
Come in.
You're reading a dictionary? Yeah.
I got to learn to talk to someone that isn't you or Alejandro.
How is that going? ( speaks Spanish ) You're wearing clean socks? Yeah, did I get that right? Close.
( speaks Spanish ) ( repeats in Spanish ) - Very good.
- ( sighs ) If I had known this was gonna happen, I'd have take Spanish in high school.
What did you take? Uh, just myself very seriously.
My sister took Spanish, actually.
She was the golden child.
She had a future.
You have a sister? Yeah.
Why? I don't know.
It's hard to imagine you with family.
Is she alive? I think so, yeah.
I hope so.
What about your parents? Well, my mom was with my sister when I left.
Your father? He's gone, but before.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
We've all lost someone.
( quiet chatter ) Should we wait for them? My brother's not ready for this.
Food will be here when he is.
What room is the honeymoon suite? Tower 1711.
Hey, I'll be back for the toast.
She in there? We met at UCSD.
Took me a year to work up the courage to talk to her.
Just to speak.
I couldn't breathe.
I know that feeling.
No, you don't.
I never thought in a million years I'd put a ring on her finger.
( chuckles ) But you did.
I know that feeling, too.
I won't let you.
I won't let you touch her.
I'm sorry.
It's not fair.
It's not.
None of it.
You living with this isn't fair either.
For you.
For her.
That's not your wife.
Not anymore.
How do you know? Death parted you.
Your vows give you leave.
I don't know what I am without her.
You'll never be the same.
But then one morning you'll start thinking like someone new.
Someone you don't know yet.
The person that comes after.
I liked who I was.
So did I.
["The Walker" playing.]
Let me help you.
What's your wife's name? Jessica.
Let me help Jessica.
And everything will change Everything will change It's okay.
- No, I should go.
- No, sleep.
It's okay.
I'm fine down here.
People will talk shit.
Buenas noches.
Can I ask you something? I'm tied to you This morning Alejandro said to me that you test people.
He said you were testing me.
And there's nothing you could do But I'm tired of living a memory So I'm walking to you Oh I'm walking Baby, I'm on my way And everything will change Everything will change And there's nothing we could do But I'm tired of living a memory ( door beeps ) ( snarling ) So I'm walking to you
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