Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s02e14 Episode Script


1 (announcer) Previously on "Fear the Walking Dead" We need that.
‭No, we don't.
There is no more good.
There is no more bad.
This is how it works now.
Get out of the truck! Goddamn you, Chris! (Madison) Open the gate! You didn't do anything wrong.
I left him.
If anyone raises a hand to another, they're out.
Oh, you don't believe I was bitten? I don't believe in miracles.
If we don't make this trade now, those men'll come for us.
Ofelia chose to go.
(engine revving) ( engine sputters, hisses ) Come on, come on! Damn it.
( murmurs ) - ( snarling ) - ( shouts ) ( grunts ) ( snarls ) ( cries out ) - ( panting ) - ( infected snarling ) ( panting ) ( snarling continues ) ( snarling continues ) ( snarling ) ( goat bleating ) ( door creaks ) ( snoring softly ) - ( rooster crows ) - ( infected growling ) Now at least I understand.
What? You understand? Let's hope so.
( snarling ) ( seagulls screeching ) ( moans, gasps ) ( sighs ) What are you doing? Just thinking.
( groans ) Been here all night? Pretty much.
That's a lot of thinking.
I'm just trying to find the words to say what I want, in a way that you'll hear.
There's nothing to say, Mad.
Travis you kept your promise to Liza.
You did.
She asked you to protect him, and in this world-- this new world, where the rules are different and always changing, that's exactly what you did.
He's safer where people understand him.
I want to believe you.
I know.
That's not going to happen right away.
I'm gonna make you a promise.
I'm gonna hold on to it for you.
Remind you every chance I get until you do believe it.
You belong here.
So, when you're ready, come downstairs.
( sighs ) ( chattering in Spanish ) Oxy.
( knocking on door ) - Yeah? - ( door opens ) Hey.
- Hey.
- ( door closes ) You hungry? Yeah.
They cook everything in here in lard.
It's pretty delicious.
Should I? Yeah, sure.
( sighs ) Travis, I'm sorry.
I feel like I pushed Chris further away by being so-- No.
You were scared.
You had every right to be.
Look Chris he's sick.
I couldn't see it.
He's my son.
( sighs ) Look, I'm sorry that I didn't believe you.
I'm sorry that I-- I didn't protect you better.
I should have.
It's okay.
It's okay.
( men chattering in Spanish ) I'm offering you this.
( interpreting in Spanish ) We deliver every week on time.
( Spanish continues ) Your word, you leave us alone.
I like you.
( speaking Spanish ) You've got nothing to hide, not like any Gringo I ever met.
( Spanish continues ) But the game's over.
( Spanish continues ) We don't need your shit anymore.
Reynaldo: You see that guy? He controls all the drugs left in Tijuana.
His people and my people, we didn't used to get along.
Now I got something he wants.
And we are like best friends now.
You know what I got? A fortress.
I know how you get in, out, using the sombras as your army.
Very chill nights up on that hill.
So, if you don't want to die, leave today.
( scoffs ) I don't give a shit what happens to your people.
( Marco speaking Spanish ) So, you run back and say this you leave now or die.
( chatter ) Hey, how'd it go last night? Better than expected.
A night of sleep without fear is good for the soul.
Andrés hasn't slept.
Most people haven't seen a doctor since it began.
- They seem appreciative.
- That's good.
Brandon: Oh.
What's that smell? - Derek: Dude, don't say it.
- Wait, don't say what? - ( laughing ) Don't say it.
- What, that it smells like "Mexcrement"? ( laughing ) Your countrymen.
Can we kick them out? Seriously, they're actually awful.
Where did they come from? They showed up late last night.
They were in a wreck.
Andrés says that one's got a dislocated shoulder.
He didn't have the heart to send them away.
My man needs some medical attention.
- Hello? Por favor! - All right, I'm gonna see what I can do.
Keep your voices down.
Oh, don't worry, ma'am.
These people are docile.
Oh, yeah? Well, I'm not.
So, you guys were in an accident? Yeah, sorry.
My buddy's in a lot of pain.
I think it's dislocated.
What about you? You got banged up, too? No, not even a scratch.
I swear, Derek made some kind of a deal with the devil.
I mean, the truck must've rolled, what, a dozen times? I get this.
The driver Our buddy who was driving he didn't make it.
I'm sorry.
What happened? Brandon: He let an idiot drive is what happened.
Now our truck is totaled, and we're stuck here in a sea of border bandits.
Derek: It's not my fault, Brandon.
Dude, I'm just stating the facts.
No, you're the one who said he wasn't pulling his own weight.
I didn't know the guy didn't have his license, you did.
Seriously, who the hell grows up in L.
without a license? Derek: I don't know, man.
He was only 16.
Yeah, when I was 16 I'd been driving for over a year.
Derek, you said your name was? Derek: Yeah, that's right.
- ( door opens ) - Madison: Strand? What now? Two American guys showed up last night.
They were in an accident.
The guy that was driving their truck was killed.
That's tragic.
And? They're the guys that Travis left Chris with.
You sure? Derek and Brandon.
And just the way Travis described them, what are the chances of that? Travis can't know they're here.
If I get rid of them, then we don't get the truth about Chris.
Or I know, I suspect, and I don't tell Travis? Isn't it his right to know? The old rules of conduct no longer apply.
( groans ) Okay, Travis abandoned his only child.
- No, he didn't.
- He left him with these men.
- He didn't abandoned him.
- He left him with these men.
And I told him it was the right thing to do for Chris.
I told him it was the best thing to do.
Let me ask you something, what keeps you going? In this world, what gets you up in the morning? My kids-- Nick, Alicia.
That's right.
With her, you've got this amazing young woman, this amazing young woman who you wake up to every single day.
And with Nick, it's the hope that he's out there, alive.
- He is.
- And the hope that you'll see him again.
I have that hope with Thomas.
But now the It's a dark place, Madison.
Do you think Travis can survive losing that hope? He's already broken.
That'll kill him.
- ( speaking Spanish ) - It's not-- we can't take 300 people - Es verdad, but we need to tell-- - Nick.
Okay, give me a second, all right? ( speaking Spanish ) You went there, didn't you? - Don't lie to me.
- I'm not, I'm not, yes.
I went to see Marco, okay? We made the drop.
I know Alejandro told me not to, but I had to.
They found us.
Lucy, they're coming for the colonia.
How? When? Soon.
We have to tell Alejandro now.
Hey, hey.
I am sorry I snuck away, all right, and I'll never lie to you.
- I told you not to go there, Nick.
- I had to, okay? I was worried if they were coming for us, it was going to be soon.
- It is.
- We are outnumbered, outgunned.
They know how to get in and out.
All we have going on for us is gone.
How can you say that? We need a plan, Alejandro.
Okay, I'll get Reynaldo and the other scouts.
We'll gather supplies while you tell the others.
But, look, we need to leave now.
Today, okay? We pack what we can, we get everyone together and we start walking.
( infected snarling ) ( Alejandro groans ) ( groans ) Nick! ( yelling in Spanish ) No.
No, no.
( screaming ) ( screaming continues ) ( screaming ) ( gasps ) ( crying ) ( speaking Spanish ) ( laughs ) ( people chanting in Spanish ) ( chanting continues ) - ( crying ) - ( woman speaking Spanish ) What is it? Just worried about time.
We don't have a lot.
It is faith what matters most.
It is this what will protect us.
This will be a crowd-pleaser.
Andrés is gonna fix your shoulder.
Well, it's about time.
( groans ) Hey, you sure you know how? Yeah, I'm sure.
But it's gonna hurt like hell.
Let's get you somewhere with a little more privacy.
You have a room.
Oh, we're getting out of this shit-hole? That's the best news I've heard in days.
Got it? Let's go.
Go, go! ( people shouting in Spanish ) ( distant clamoring ) ( clamoring continues ) ( clamoring continues ) Open the gate.
These assholes are leaving.
( clamoring in Spanish ) Chris! Chris! Strand: Travis? Travis! Dear God.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Paco.
What the hell you doing? Derek: No, no, hey.
You can't do this.
- No! - Madison: You have to go.
You gotta go.
They're gonna kill you.
- Then protect us.
- We'll die out there.
No way we're going out.
- No goddamn way.
- Travis: Wait, stop! Stop! - Maddie! Wait! - Get off me! Stop! Where's Chris? Where's my son? Come on, Brandon, tell me where he is.
Where is my son? Come on, tell me.
I need to know.
Luciana: What is it? I'm leaving.
We're leaving.
Faith is not going to protect us when the shooting starts.
We're not leaving.
Alejandro needs us.
That's not a reason to stay.
Our people need us.
- Alejandro's gonna find an answer.
- No.
- He won't find any answers, okay? - ( knocking on door ) He can't.
Clean it good? Antiseptic? What is it you think you saw, Nick? I saw you afraid.
Yesterday, you were afraid of people leaving.
Today, you're afraid of that bite.
I was shaken.
- There's a difference.
- You're lying.
You're petrified.
What are you talking about? Tell her.
You want to do this? No, I don't.
But they are coming to kill us.
Look, the only way I am going to get her to leave is if you tell her what you really are.
- Cállate.
- Tell her! Enough! ( sighs ) What are you talking about? I am not immune.
You're warm.
( speaking Spanish ) He's infected.
But I saw it.
I saw him bit.
- I saw it.
- You saw what you wanted to see.
I was bitten by the boy.
The addict I tried to save.
People told a story they wanted to believe.
I didn't disabuse them of it.
I told the story, not people.
Me, my brother.
You let us believe you.
Why? When they started to rally around me, I knew that we could build this place to protect ourselves.
You mean they could build it to protect you.
I have fear.
I didn't want to die.
And I knew I would out there.
But more people survived because of this place.
More people survived than died because of my lie.
No one survives what's coming, okay? Look, I'm sure as shit not committing suicide for a fraud.
Lucy, please.
Just come away with me.
- Lucy.
- Please.
And you - you're my-- - - Lucy, por favor.
- No.
( crying ) We have to go.
( crying continues ) I'm not leaving.
We have to.
We have to go now, okay? ( papers rustling ) No.
- ( sighs ) - This place, this is what matters.
This is my home, like I've never known one.
But you don't have to die for it.
I'm not planning on dying.
- The faith we have, it has protected us.
- It's a lie.
It doesn't mean it hasn't worked.
We have fared better here than out in the world.
Better than we fared even before this all started.
For most of us this is the first time we have a place, a family.
( sighs ) ( sighs ) I'm not leaving.
( gunshot echoes ) - ( gunshot echoes ) - ( gasps ) ( grunting ) ( grunts ) Our Father, Who art in heaven.
Hallowed be Thy Name.
( praying continues ) ( mouthing prayer ) Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Come on.
Come on.
Buenas días, señorita.
Welcome to America.
( panting ) I'll tell you everything, all right? I will, man, but I can't think straight with my arm like this.
Yeah, can you fix my man's shoulder, Travis? Please? Can you do that? Trav? It's okay, Maddie.
I-- I just need to know.
Okay? Here.
( Brandon groans ) ( groaning continues ) - ( bones crack ) - ( grunts ) - That's it? - Yeah, you'll be sore a few days, but that's it.
Now, tell me.
What happened to my son? Look, we'll tell you what happened.
All right? But Look, we're scared here, Travis.
Now, you gotta promise something.
- Please.
( groans ) - Derek: We'll tell you.
- We'll tell you.
Come on, we'll tell you! - ( groaning continues ) Derek: But we need to know we're being put out.
We can't go with no vehicle.
We need a car to get back.
- Done.
- Andrés: Madison.
No, I said it's done.
We didn't get far.
After we left.
Banditos on the highway-- it was all one step forward, two steps back.
We were on no sleep.
Me and Derek doing the driving.
We could barely keep our eyes open.
Chris he volunteered, man.
Okay, look, we didn't ask.
He offered.
Derek: Yeah, he wanted to contribute.
What happened next? It went sideways, man.
He must've dozed off.
I'm sorry.
The next thing you know we started rolling.
The truck must've rolled a half a dozen times.
Chris went through the windshield.
He was dead when we found him.
Was he? - What? - Was he dead when you found him? Yeah.
Yeah, man, he was.
- I'm sorry, Travis.
- ( sobs ) His neck was sort of jacked, you know? Like he broke it going through the glass.
- ( sobbing continues ) - ( Madison whispers ) Trav? Yeah.
Where is he? Where's Chris? Where did you leave my son? We took care of him after, Travis.
We pulled him out and we we buried him by the tree.
He would've liked it.
So, was he thrown or did you pull him out? What? - Which was it? - Brandon: No, he was thrown.
He was thrown and we pulled him the rest of the way to the tree.
( glass shattering ) ( gasping ) - Brandon: Travis.
- Let them go.
Just let them go.
Let them go.
Travis, what the hell, man? Travis? - ( groans ) - Madison: Travis! - Travis! Travis! - Hey! - No, Travis! - Stop! - What did you do? - ( groans ) Tell me what happened.
- ( groaning continues ) - What did you do? Tell me.
Tell me the truth.
- Tell me what happened! - Travis, stop! Travis! - ( pounding on glass ) - Tell me the truth.
- Travis.
- Please! Get the keys.
Get the goddamn keys! Tell me! Where's my son? All right, Travis, we'll tell you, man.
- Please let him go.
- Where's my son? We'll tell you, man.
Please! We'll tell you if you promise to stop.
- Please.
- ( groans ) Travis.
- ( knocking on door ) - Brandon: Please.
All right, we did it.
We killed him.
All right, we put him down.
We had to.
We had to, man.
We had to.
( groaning ) ( gunshot echoes ) ( growls ) - Madison: Travis, no.
Please stop.
- ( groans ) Please.
Travis, you have to stop.
Hey, stop! That's enough! ( groans ) - Travis, no.
- ( lock clicks ) - Rah! - Madison: Travis! Travis, stop it! Trav! That's enough, Travis.
( panting ) Travis! ( Travis groans ) Travis.
Madison: Travis, let him go.
( choking ) ( shouting ) - Brandon: No, please stop.
- Madison: Travis, no.
- Please.
- Travis! Please, stop it! - ( grunts ) - ( flesh squelching ) ( panting )
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