Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s02e15 Episode Script


1 (muffled thudding) No (muffled pounding) Madison: Hurry, hurry! Open the door! Unlock the door! Unlock the door! Oscar! Travis.
Baby, talk to me, please.
- Travis.
- (speaking Spanish) Wait! Wait a second! Wait.
Elena, wait! Elena, Elena.
(speaking Spanish) Okay, Oscar, Oscar! - Elena, just let me talk to him.
- (speaking Spanish) - Please.
- He killed two people.
He hurt one of our own.
- Where are you taking him? - Somewhere safe.
We'll take care of Oscar, then we'll figure out what to do with your husband.
- He just lost his son - Madison, they don't care.
He didn't know what he was doing.
Madison, they don't care.
You're not helping.
Give me your knife.
(grunts) Victor: Madison.
(growling) (exhales) (speaking Spanish) (moans) (door opens, closes) Victor: It's ill-timed, Madison.
You cannot speak for Travis.
- He's family.
- He failed you.
- He compromised us.
- Bullshit.
We were compromised before Travis got here.
If I hadn't lit the goddamn beacon, none of this would have happened.
- It's on me.
- Argue for him, it hurts us.
Think about that.
Think about Alicia.
I fought for Elena before.
I can talk to her.
- I'll convince her.
- Convince her of what? He's lost too much to deserve this, Victor.
They can't just keep him locked up like that.
Locked up? Madison, they're going to exile him.
- Then we'll stop them.
- It was your decree.
What are you going to say to dissuade them? What are you gonna do? What are we gonna do? We've done as much bad as good here.
- We've lost our place.
- We earn it back by not fighting for Travis.
But he found us.
With all of this, he found us.
That has to matter.
We can't ignore it.
Madison, I'm sorry, but the man cannot stay.
You're right.
You're right.
He can't stay.
We can leave with him.
We can go together.
Oh, for Christ's sakes.
- No, Alicia - Mom, we can't kick him out.
We can't let that be who we are.
I won't do that to you.
You don't have a choice.
You're not gonna let Travis die out there alone because you're scared for me.
We're past that.
Look, we found this place.
We'll find another.
Mom, we've lost too many.
Are you really gonna leave for the man who abandoned you? Come with us, Victor.
I had the chance to kill myself.
I chose not to.
I wouldn't die for him, and I'm not dying for any of you.
(door opens) - What? - How's Oscar? - Unconscious.
- Andrés is working on him.
Alicia: We're sorry.
Hector: Yeah, now.
What do you want? - Travis did violence.
- (speaks Spanish) - So he has to leave.
- Your rule.
Yes, but you don't have to force him out.
We'll go.
All of us.
Give us till morning, you'll never see us again.
Está bien.
Give him to us now.
You don't have to hold him if we're leaving.
What's the point? He's not gonna hurt anyone.
The damage is already done.
He won't do anything.
I'll see to it.
- No.
- (speaks Spanish) - - Tia You leave at dawn.
Check on Oscar.
If anything goes sideways, we should know.
I told them you had to leave the hotel.
And I told them we'd go with you.
- No.
- No other choice.
- No, the hell there's not.
- You leave, we leave.
- It's done.
- Nothing's done, Maddy.
You can't do this.
I'm not sending you out there to die.
You wonder why you found us? How you found us? This is why.
But you're both safe here.
We're leaving in the morning.
Door's open.
Wanna wait the night out alone or with your family? (seagulls screeching) (people chattering in Spanish) (Luciana speaking Spanish) Luciana.
I thought you were gone.
Please don't do this.
Come with me.
And where shall we go? This is how it is now, okay? You find somewhere safe, and when it's compromised, you move on.
If we leave, you know what's gonna happen? We'll watch each other die and turn until there's no one left to watch.
But they're gonna slaughter you all anyway.
Somewhere you must know I'm right.
We're gonna meet our fate.
This is no place for boys.
Do what you do, Nick.
Andrés? You shouldn't be here.
I want to help.
There's nothing you can do.
Has he come to yet? No.
His pupils are dilated.
I think his brain's swelling.
I have to remove a piece of his skull.
Relieve the pressure.
I have no choice.
I can't lose my brother.
I wanna help.
You wanna speak for your family.
There's no excuse for what he did, I know that.
- I'm not pretending - If it were up to me, he'd be gone already.
- I'd put him out myself.
- Hector that's enough.
Alicia, go.
Now, go.
Hold him.
(people chattering in Spanish) (rooster crows) (chatter stops) (labored breathing) (infected growling) (snarling) (helicopter blades whirring) (helicopter blades continue whirring) Holy shit.
(saw whirs) You need to know who you're leaving with, Maddy.
Whoever you think I am whatever part of me you think is the same, it's not.
- You think I don't know that? - I know that.
- Travis - I'm not sorry.
I'm not sorry that they're dead.
You shouldn't be.
They deserved it.
I'm no better, Travis.
I'm worse.
You killed, yes.
So have I.
I locked her in with her dead.
To protect Nick.
I know the world changed you and made you this.
Me, I've been like this a long time.
I understand what you did, why you did it.
And I'll understand when you do it again, because you will.
You'll have to.
We will have to.
And I can face that if you're with me.
I'm here.
(sighs) No, Tia, no.
- (blade clicking) - (sniffles) (door opens) No, no, not in here.
Don't make them see this.
(grunting) Stop it! God damn it, stop it! We had a deal.
Oscar is dead.
Okay, so let us leave.
We'll go.
Let us go.
We'll go now.
- Come on.
- Stand him up.
- Stand him up! - Andrés, make them let him go.
(grunts) (gun cocks) Why does he get to walk away? Take me out of here, where they don't have to see this.
You killed him.
But I had to cut him open.
I had to end it.
Andrés, put down the gun.
Make him stop, Hector.
(speaks Spanish) - Not fair.
- You're right, it's not fair.
(Madison grunts) Maddy, get out of here.
Take Alicia with you.
No, don't, don't.
- (blade rings) - (gunshot) Alicia: Sorry.
Hector: No! - Travis: Hey! - (grunts) Everybody out! All of you.
(gasping) We need to run, now.
Come on.
Travis, get her.
Victor, come on.
(panting) We need to go.
(engine starts) - Victor - I'll be okay.
- Go.
- (voices approaching) Now.
Hold on.
You'll be okay.
(panting) (knocking on door) - (speaking Spanish) - (knocking continues) They told me you had left.
I saw something and came back.
(panting) Let me help you.
So, you afraid? Of? You're dying.
I can still fight.
I can still help.
Be brave, but careful.
Your words.
If they come here, and we're still here, it's over.
You want to stay and fight, but it's their lives you're being brave with.
Yours is already over.
I care about my people.
Your people? You wanted to be a great man.
You still want it.
Who doesn't? Then let them go.
Give them permission to run.
Where will they run to? North.
I saw a helicopter landing across the border.
It landed in a camp.
Your people never have to know.
They'll never find out.
If they follow you there's a weight that comes.
Luciana and I will do it together.
- Luciana wants to stay.
- Not for the place.
She wants to stay for the people and for you.
She doesn't wanna look at me.
She didn't believe in you because you were immune.
She believed in you because you were fearless.
You show her you're not afraid, you tell her it's okay to go, she will listen.
Your people will live, and you get to die a beautiful death.
Had to have been 100 people here.
(clanging) There's an office upstairs.
The leader was asking about the colonia and about Nick.
Maybe something will tell us where they went.
It's the people I saw.
The ones who knew Nick.
Travis: Maddy.
Maybe they stayed in their home when it started.
They might have survived where they lived.
Got an address.
Mom? Mom.
What are you doing? (chattering in Spanish) (infected growling) (gunshots) Vamos! (infected snarling) (speaking Spanish) (men shouting in Spanish) (groans) (chuckles) (all laugh) (shouts in spanish) Whoo! - (gunfire) - (cheering) (panting) (men shouting in distance) (engine sputters) (sputtering continues) - (engine sputters) - Shh, shh.
(engine roars) (infected snarling) (chattering in Spanish) - (speaks Spanish) - (guns cock) (gunfire) (all shouting) Marco, vámonos! (growling echoes) "Desperate Love" playing Oh, love You were a sickly child And how the wind Knocked you down Put on your spurs Swagger around From the desperate kingdom of love At the end of this burning You'll stand proud Face upheld And I'll follow you Into heaven or hell And I'll become As a girl In the desperate kingdom of love.
Go back and get in the van.
Lock the doors.
We won't be long.
(infected growl) Oh, Christ.
Everyone's dead.
(wheezing) He's alive for now.
He hasn't spoken yet.
Travis: We don't have much time.
- Ángel.
- I'm looking for my son, Nick.
¿Eres la madre de Nick? Sí, sí, yes.
You know where he is? Is he still alive? Border.
He saw something.
(exhales) - (snarling) - (thudding) (snarling continues) What? What is it? Nick: Just trying to get my bearings.
It's some kind of refugee camp.
Nick: A couple hours' walk, maybe.
- Nick! Ah! - (gunfire) - (men shouting) - (women scream) (people shouting, screaming) (gunfire continues) "Goodnight" playing Good night, I love you Darling, good night (muffled) Boys! We got a bleeder! Good night, good night May the stars shine bright Good night, good night Tomorrow, tomorrow Will be all right Together, forever Now and through time Da, da, da La, da, da, da, da, da Da, da, da La, da, da, da, da, da.

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