Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s03e01 Episode Script

Eye of the Beholder

1 Previously on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" I saw a helicopter landing across the border.
- This is my home.
- But you don't have to die for it.
- Nick! - (Gunfire) (Grunts) We'll go.
All of us.
Maddie, get out of here.
Put down the gun.
(Gasps) (Dramatic music plays) (wind blowing) - (grunts) - (labored breathing) - Alicia: Mom! - Maddie! Maddie! - (flies buzzing) - Get your hands off her! Alicia: We're just looking for my brother! Stop fighting, Alicia.
(buzzing continues) (Travis grunting) I wanna talk to someone.
Let me talk to someone in charge, please! Wait, what are you - where are you taking him? - Travis: It's okay! - Travis! - It's okay, Maddie.
Where are you taking him? Travis! - Travis! - I'll find you, Maddie.
- (gunshot) - (man screams) - (screaming continues) - (gunshot) (man chuckles) One shot, man.
One shot.
- Man #2: Go to hell, Willy.
- (Willy laughs) Time of death 16:15.
(muffled) 16:15.
He's 6' 2".
- 190.
- Move.
(thermometer beeping) No.
No! Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
(door opens) (door closes) (door closes in distance) (woman coughing) (sighs) (man gasps, coughs) (man whispering) It's gonna be okay.
(cries) - (door opens) - (footsteps approaching) (man coughing) (whispering) (door closes) (whispering) Your mother and sister are here.
They took them somewhere else.
Chris? (groans) They do this to her? At the crossing.
We were ambushed.
Did you see anyone at the border? Just the dead.
I saw this place, I thought it was a refugee camp.
You couldn't have known.
We didn't.
Thought the patrol was military until they were on top of us.
(door opens) - (door opens) - You came looking for me? I had to.
I'm taking you to your mother and I'm getting us out of here.
All of us.
- Anything? - No.
What about the ceiling? - Alicia: Is there room? - There's nothing.
(sighs) We shouldn't have come here.
- We had to.
- No, we shouldn't be looking for him, chasing him.
- It always blows back on us.
- (door opens) Hi.
Sorry to keep you.
I'm Troy.
Please, please sit, ma'am.
(man shouting in distance) Tea? Coffee wasn't brewed, so, uh Oh, I I spoke to my men and, uh, you shouldn't have been handled so roughly.
- So why were we? - Well, you you came from the border.
Border's dangerous.
You know, folks, they want our fuel and we've had attacks.
Well, we weren't attacking, Troy.
Well, we still have to process you, ma'am.
- It's just security protocol.
- Where's Travis? He's being processed separately.
What does that mean? I need to know where you came from and who you came with.
And if someone else is joining, I need to know who and how many and what direction.
We came alone.
We're just looking for my son, Nick.
We need your help.
And, uh, you traveled north from from Mexico.
Why why Mexico? We had a friend who had a place there.
No, he's he's we're together.
It's gonna get cold.
- What? - The tea.
My mother only ever drank it piping hot, so.
There's there's no Americans here besides my people.
Then let us go.
My son, he's he's out there somewhere.
I'm sure if you were lost in the wasteland, your mother would do anything to find you.
My mother passed, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
And I I don't get lost much anyway.
So, what happens to us after we're processed? Oh, well, I mean, I don't wanna send you ladies out to slaughter, but, I mean, you get this squared away, you get supplied, and off you go.
That good? Good.
(whistling tune) All right, what do we got? Hey, boss.
He went down at 16:15.
Knucklehead here took two shots to do it.
Blake: He's got blubber on him, man.
Willy: How do you shoot a guy at point blank range and take two to put him down? Ah, he's a big man.
I get it.
Anyways, we were thinking he'd take a few hours with the obesity.
Venga, venga, venga, venga.
- Troy.
- Oh, I know, Blake.
I got eyes.
- Welcome back.
- (snarls) Yeah, there you go.
All right, that's resurrection at 17:17 hours.
Mark it down.
(all chuckling) You just cost me a bunch of money.
- (snarls) - Whoa! (door opens) Man: Okay, let's go.
Get him up.
- (man grunting) - (infected snarling) (men laughing in distance) (woman coughing) You're Travis.
Are you Mexican? No.
- Persian? - No.
That's some warrior stock.
Did you have contact back home before comms failed? No.
Oh, shame.
New Zealand's isolated.
I just thought, uh maybe your people maybe they dodged all this.
Maybe they turn different or not at all.
Eh, could've learned something.
- We may still.
- Where's my mom and my sister? - Being processed.
- Don't hurt them.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, ease your mind.
I'm not a savage.
That's that's good to hear.
This woman needs attention.
Yeah, she'll be taken care of.
No, she's dying.
Everyone here dies.
It's the only mercy I can offer for the sick and the maimed.
Now, you can take a seat.
(door opens, closes) He's gonna kill us.
He's treating us too well.
- Why do you think that is? - I don't know.
I don't know.
He seems to like us.
He didn't just bring us here to drink tea and then let us go.
- I'll convince him.
- And what if that doesn't work? Then I'll twist his arm.
Force him.
Make him do the right thing.
Son of a bitch! - Mom.
- There's gotta be something here.
I hid it before they took us.
I didn't think about it.
I just did it.
You saved Travis.
Yeah, to what end? We'll get out of here.
I'll get us out.
How? Killing if it comes to it.
And if it does, when it does, it's me.
(people whispering) - (man coughing) - (water dripping) (door opens) (door closes) Hey, your women are in danger, bro.
At least they're not in here.
Well, if they're killing here, what do you think they're doing there, hmm? It ain't good, I promise you.
I'm Steven.
You're drawing attention, Steven.
I can get us out.
I just need someone strong enough to back me.
You're the first fit person they left.
- Nick: How? - Steven: Stay close to me.
You get me out of this room - I'll get us out of this compound.
- Next up.
(woman whimpering) (woman whispering) All right, take it easy.
Take ah! Keep moving.
Man: No.
No, please, no! No! No, no! Please, no! No! No! No! No, no, no! No, no! Please, no! I have a family! Please! Please, they'll never know.
- They'll never know! - (gunshot) - (body thuds) - (cries) (whimpering) (snarling) That's not gonna be me, man.
I will not let that be me.
(snarling continues) I won't die like that.
I won't.
No way.
I won't die like that, I won't.
I'm not dying that way.
How are you gonna help us out of here in your condition? 'Cause I got a strong will to live.
And I'm less of a burden than she is.
But we give a shit about her.
She's family, and you're not.
How do you know how to get out of here? I knew some Pendleton jarheads.
We drank at the same bars.
Depot was undeexpansion when everything went to hell.
So, you got sublevel access.
Sewer tunnels run under us and out.
So, if we get past the fence, what then? The tunnels take us south towards the border, narco tunnels take us into Mexico, simple.
I held up there.
- Why'd you leave? - Someone shot me.
I went looking for help and I got grabbed.
Look, you got zero options here, man.
Okay? Zero time.
Your clock gets punched soon.
(snarling) - We have to move.
- Okay.
I'll get us out of this room, you make sure those two get across the border no matter what.
Man: He'd been down 11 hours, eight minutes.
Who cares? We don't know when he resurrected.
- I nodded off.
- Get out of here.
(sighs) (door closes) We have to be out of here in what, 24 hours? Yeah.
Let's do two.
- Two to start the day.
- Troy said that we can't Troy doesn't care how they get dead.
Come on, we'll make it a race, spice this shit up a bit.
Come here.
- Those two.
- Man: No.
No, please, no! Please, no, no! (both grunting) - Please! - No! (grunting continues) - Please! Stop! Stop! - (man screaming) - Let go! - No! - (gunshot) - No! Please, no! (grunting) (gunshot echoes) (engine revs in distance) Morning.
I didn't wanna wake you.
Coffee's warm.
What are you writing? Oh, it's just observations.
I've always been a bit of a nature boy.
I just I mark things down.
It will matter later.
Have a few crackers, too.
Did we pass the processing? Oh, yeah, yeah.
You passed.
- Flying colors.
- Did Travis? There's, uh a different criteria for him.
I'm not a bad person.
No one said you were.
Some have.
Are we being honest? - Yeah.
- (whispers) Is Travis dead? It would hurt you if he was.
I love him.
You love his life more than yours? Yeah.
Okay, Blakey, subject A's got 20 pounds on slim, here.
B's 10 years his junior.
Skinny turns first, you lose 30K.
Blake: There's anomalies, pal.
Willy: Those anomalies are exceptions that prove the rule.
Hey, what's up with the dead outside? Lowercase dead or capital "D" dead? The, um the corpses in the front yard.
- Force field.
- Willy: Troy discovered it.
- What? Really? - Yeah.
See, the infected have senses sight, smell, taste, we think.
They won't eat anything that's dead, so smell dead, taste dead, they avoid you Depot smells like death, ergo they stay away.
So, how many died for that little tidbit? It's for our betterment.
- You're sick.
- Quiet in the cheap seats.
What you're doing is criminal, but it doesn't matter.
It matters.
Someone dies, it matters how long it takes to resurrect.
Before you put a bullet in their dome? How long you can sit with your loved ones - You put steel in their brains? - before they come back.
Travis: That's what you did, right? Come on, what you're doing is pointless.
- You, you, you're pointless.
- Better to know than not.
- Oh, yeah? Do the rest know? - What rest? The ones who don't come down here.
Do they know what you're doing? They know, but it's on a volunteer basis.
So, why? Why don't they volunteer? 'Cause they're afraid of what they don't know.
Come on, it's the goddamn dark ages out there.
We're just trying to shine a little light.
- They just don't get off on it.
- Shut up! - Hey, why are you doing this, huh? - Science.
- Murder for science, huh? - Yes.
Not a new concept.
(chuckles) Willy: Come on, be honest.
Since this whole thing began, you haven't killed? You haven't murdered anybody? No one who didn't deserve it.
You know what, Blake? Yeah, this is taking too long.
- Let's do another one.
- No, take me.
Leave the boy.
There's a line for a reason.
Leave the boy.
Come on, just take me.
I volunteer, okay? I volunteer.
You won't have to listen to my bullshit anymore.
- I won't be in your ear.
- Travis.
Shut up, Nick.
Look, you haven't killed one of my kind, have you? My people, we're different.
- We don't turn.
- Everyone turns.
Prove it.
Kill me.
You wanna die? Please.
This is a first.
What kind of Mexican you say you were? - Maori.
- Willy: Whoa-ho-ho-ho! - Maori! - Travis: Maori, yeah.
- Willy: Huh! - (snarling) See, you get to kill yourself your first Maori.
This world is just exceptional, don't you think? - Yeah.
- (grunting) (screaming) - (screaming continues) - (snarling) Two ways it cuts, huh? You can't sleep 'cause of what's weighing on you or bad times just waiting for you when you wake.
- What do you want? - This area's burned.
You shouldn't go back out there.
- Troy.
- We're leaving.
I can take you home with us.
- You and Alicia.
- What about Travis? - Our resources are limited - Is he alive? I'll release him.
I will if you come.
(engine revs in distance) Is that truth? - (gunshot) - Troy.
Let us go, Troy.
Let us go.
- Please, just let Troy! - (lock clicks) (grunting) Get her safe.
I'll find your mother and sister.
- (gunshot) - Run, go.
(gunfire) (all shouting) Man: We got one! (grunts) - Hey, not you, asshole, her! - (Steven gasps) Come on, come on, let's go.
- (whimpering) - Hurry, you're okay.
Hurry, we're not gonna make it.
Hurry! Go, go, go! Steven: Come on, we're not gonna make it.
Hurry up.
(gunshots) (gasping) - Man: Over here! - (rats squeaking) Nick: Venga! Come on.
Come on! No.
No! Shoot me in the head, please.
Happy hunting.
(groans, thuds) Troy: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the hell happened? He got one of ours.
Two of his got away.
Well, that mucks things up.
You know, you just interrupted a tender moment that me and Madison were having.
It's all right.
They're fine.
I'm gonna take them home.
I'm gonna keep them safe.
All right.
Let's go.
No, no, no, no.
No, not the lab.
Travis here is special, so we'll treat him as such.
Take him out back.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- (Travis grunting) - Come on.
- (grunting continues) Come on.
Come on! (Luciana speaking Spanish) We can't stop, not yet.
I'm gonna get you safe.
(gasps) I'm slowing you down.
(speaking Spanish) Nunca.
- Okay? - Okay.
- We gotta move.
- (grunts) (door closes) (both grunting) (panting) (Alicia grunts, gasps) (Troy grunting, gasping) (Troy grunting) (screaming) - (groaning) - You move, you lose your eye! Alicia, go find a vehicle that works.
I'll find Travis.
I'll come to you.
- Stop moving! - (groans) Stop.
Just stop.
- (squeaking) - (Luciana panting) (helicopter blades whirring) (both panting) (grunting) (coughing) (banging) (snarling) Luciana: Que? (whimpering) They stop eating their victims after a while, did you know that? Something else we discovered.
Blood goes cold and they just kind of lose interest.
Of course, then you turn.
See how that works? Undead procreation.
- Nature's grand plan.
- (snarling) (grunting) - Keep moving! - Wide berth, assholes! Wide berth! - Which way, Troy? Which way? - I'm not sure.
I won't just take your eye, I'll ram this into your goddamn brain! Then you won't find your man and you'll be dead.
- (labored breathing) - Are you really gonna make me do it? Are you really gonna make me do it?! Left, left, past that building! Back off! (grunts) - Willy: You can do it! - (grunts) Come on, there you go.
Gladiator-style that shit, man.
- Get creative! - (snarling) (laughs) (grunts) I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! - Man: I don't think he can.
- I don't think he can either.
- Man: I'd put money on it.
- Willy: How much? 20K? Who takes it? - Man: Your call, your call.
- (squelches) Willy: All right.
We're on right here.
(chatter) (panting) - (grunting) - (snarling) (grunts) - (squelches, crunches) - (grunts) Very impressed Mr.
But you should save your strength.
You're gonna need it.
- (shouts) - Which way? Which way? You're looking for a dead man.
You said you didn't kill him.
You said Huh? You said you were gonna let him go.
- (grunts) - What did you do?! What did you do?! - You tell me what you did! - Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am! - Please let my brother go.
- Jake! Jake, get her off me! Get her goddamn off me! - Where's my family?! - Ma'am, please, I know my brother - Where's my family?! Where are they?! - I don't know! I don't know! I know my brother well enough to know he brought this on himself.
- Jake! - I know that.
Just - I just want my family back.
- All right, all right, okay, okay.
If you let him go, I'll get you what you need.
I will find your family, I promise you.
Ma'am, look around you.
You got nowhere to go.
I will find your family.
- I want my family back.
- Okay.
(grunts) Troy! Hey! Hey, stop! Hey! Stop! Hey! Troy, we do not hurt women! - We do not do that.
- I was saving her, Jake! - So, where's her family? - (Troy panting) Her man's in the pit.
- (rats squeaking) - (whimpers) I can't! No, we can't stop.
- We can't stop.
- (sobbing) I can't! - (snarling) - Shh.
- Shh, shh.
- (groans) (water dripping) (snarling) (Nick shouting in distance) Luciana: Nick! - Nick? Nick! - Help us! - I'm here! - Luciana: Help us! Help us! (grunts) Here! Help us! Help! - (squelches) - (grunting) (panting) Nick! - Alicia! - No.
No, no, no, no! (flies buzzing) Travis.
Hey, get him out.
Get him out! - Maddie.
- Travis.
(panting) Jesus.
Come here.
- (grunts) - Hey, whoa, hey! You wanna learn something?! I'll teach you something! You piece of shit! He tried to kill us.
- We're okay.
- He tried to kill us.
We're safe, we're okay.
We're okay, Travis.
We're okay.
Maddie, I found Nick.
He's here.
- Where is he? - Mom! - Oh, my God.
- Mom.
- Nick.
- Let him go.
You should reconsider.
There's no good destinations.
We'll head south, back to TJ.
- Border's swarming with them.
- North, then.
We head home.
There is no home unless you build it.
I can offer you passage east, let you catch your breath at least.
It's a sanctuary.
Yeah, we've heard that before.
Jake: My father prepared for the end.
The ranch is safe.
There's good people.
Good people? Troy is one man among many.
There's no one else there like him.
But he's allowed to exist.
Others here allowed that to happen.
He won't be allowed to do there what he's done here.
We need our guns back.
(chatter) Man: Make sure they're all secure! Hey.
Thank you.
I had to get him back.
(labored breathing) I never said I'm sorry, but I am.
I'm so sorry.
But I'm here.
Your family's here.
Look, we're gonna be back in it soon.
I'm okay now.
I am.
I'm with you.
(engine starts in distance) (chatter) Hey, guys, take it outside.
Blake, give us the room.
(man shouting in distance) Get in, get the fuel, get out.
I did research.
- I documented - No, you killed people.
- Innocent people.
- Only the sick and the wounded.
People who were gonna die anyway.
Who are you to say that?! Who are you to say they were gonna die? This is triage.
It's all it's all triage.
At least we're learning.
What? What have you learned? Well, that's for Dad.
- He gets it.
- No, he doesn't.
(sighs) Jesus, Troy, why do you think he sent you here? Cast one out to protect the many.
(whistling tune) (thudding) (electricity buzzing) (rattling) (thudding) (thudding) (rumbling) - (screams) - (squeaking) (groans) - (snarling) - (screaming) I understand why you're afraid.
I'm not.
I'm not afraid.
You don't know me.
What you've seen of my family, I'd run.
But we're building something back at home.
Something with a future.
Let me show you that.
Look, if you see it and you think it's bullshit, fine.
I'll outfit you and send you on your way.
Keys, please.
- Don't you owe your family more? - That's not your place.
Madison, take any other road, you die.
You love your brother? - (gunfire) - (snarling) Keys.
We gotta go.
Travis! We gotta go.
We gotta go now! Charlene! Go, go, go.
- Nick, behind you! - (snarling) - Man: Double-tap them! - (gunshot) (gunfire) Mom! - Hey, over here! Come on! - Get her to the chopper.
- Luci? - (groans) - Travis! - (grunts) Travis! (gunfire continues) Jake: Come on, come on! (grunting) - (snarling) - (gunshot) (shouts) (gunfire) (tires screech) Get in! Get in, come on! Get in the truck.
Come on.
Get in! Come on! Travis! All right, let's go, let's go, let's go! We'll meet them there! We're all going to the same place now.
Travis, are they clear? - Travis! - They're safe.
They made it.
They're clear.

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