Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s03e02 Episode Script

The New Frontier

1 Nick? You'll see him soon.
How much longer? We're about 20 out.
Let's take her up a bit.
She'll get knocked around in higher air, but your call.
Eagle One to base.
We're 20 out.
Commencing radio silence, over.
Charlie, thread Lost Horse Canyon a bit closer to the south.
I know the way home, Jake.
- I want to take it - [glass shatters.]
- We're taking fire! - I know, I know.
Hold on.
- Eagle One to base, we've been hit.
- [glass shatters.]
Jake: Travis? - Travis.
- Help me.
Travis, are you hit? - [alarm beeping.]
- I'm losing hydraulics! Alicia: Travis! Travis, what are you doing? Help me, help me.
Travis, you're in shock! Just stay in your seat! Stop! Travis! Jake! Get in your seat! Travis, stay in your seat! [beeping continues.]
Ali: No! Alicia! - [exhales.]
- Travis! [Jake echoing.]
Hey, he's gone! He's gone, he's gone.
All right, we're going to land hard, okay? Hold on.
[seat belt clicks.]
[infected snarling.]
[people shouting.]
[speaking Spanish.]
Por favor, señora.
No, señor, no.
Por favor.
No, señor.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hector! [Spanish continues.]
- [grunting.]
- [crowd shouting.]
[Spanish continues.]
[Spanish continues.]
[breathing heavily.]
Señora [Spanish continues.]
And perhaps an upgrade in my own accommodations.
You and I will have our moment.
You should be thanking me for saving you.
Da nada, asshole.
We waited too long.
This weather won't lift for a few hours.
We need to double-time it.
Yeah, I don't see that happening with her.
Okay, all right.
All right, Luci, we're going to get you out of here.
Luciana is as stable as she's going to get.
Whoever shot us may still be out here.
Why would they do that? - Why would anyone do that? - Maybe no reason at all.
Someone playing with a toy, but we don't know, so we got to move.
For what it's worth, Alicia, you did the right thing.
Do you think that Travis is out there? - That - No.
- Maybe - No.
Nobody, nothing could survive a fall from that height.
I know, but He's gone.
And we got to move.
The wreck's a beacon.
I know these mountains.
I can get us home.
Travis would want that.
You don't know what Travis would want.
[heavy metal music blaring over car radio.]
[radio turns off.]
Man, who'd you piss off the draw guard again, huh? Your father wants to talk to you.
Troy: Jake already talk to him? Jake ain't here.
That's the thing, he ain't been here since he left.
He's overdue.
All right, all right, get out.
- Get out of the truck.
- What? Get out of the truck and wait outside.
Now, come on, get out.
- Joe, watch them.
- [engine starts.]
- Close it.
- [gate creaking.]
[distant dogs barking.]
They're not here.
Let's just backtrack and find them.
Backtrack to where? We don't know where they are.
You don't know where you're going.
Better than goddamn waiting.
No, it's not.
We leave, get lost.
They show up, then what? They have to go find us? Overreact now could get us killed.
And what if they don't show? Right? What if it is just you and me? What's the play then? Hug your mother.
Just do it now.
Do it.
Where'd you get that? Pit stop last night.
Glove box of the fuel truck.
Bring our family together, take what we need.
Stop anyone gets in our way.
Ah [groaning.]
Oh [chuckles.]
- [chuckles.]
- Gracias.
Muy bien.
Strand? Uh Maybe we let nature take its course.
And if the baby's breached, both it and the mother dies.
- How can you tell? - You must reach inside her.
Okay, that's not going to happen.
Hey, hey! [chatter in Spanish.]
Madison: Armed patrol at the gate here.
Perimeter watch on the ridge.
But most of these folks are civilians.
Well, we are not civilians, okay? We do not need this place.
We don't need these people.
Nick, we need someone to treat your girlfriend.
Listen, we are not breaking bread today with the people who tried to kill us yesterday.
They didn't try to kill us.
We don't know them.
- Jesus Christ.
- Nick, you don't have to like what it is you need to survive.
You exploit it.
You turn it to your advantage.
We use them to treat Luciana, fine.
We use them, we go.
Believe me, you don't want me here any longer than necessary.
- Nick - I don't know what I'll do.
Ma'am? Coffee? Yeah.
Thank you.
Little cream and sugar.
Hope that's how you take it.
Right now I'd take it black, cold, and too weak to defend itself.
I heard your husband was on the chopper.
My daughter, too.
Well sometimes the pilot sets down if there's weather.
The sky was clear last night.
Oh, yeah, it was.
Venus was like a flare across the sky all night long.
Were you up stargazing? Upside to insomnia.
Ma'am, I I got to ask you Madison Clark.
Miss Clark.
Any reason to think your husband may have diverted the Huey? You mean hijacked? No.
My daughter was with him.
He'd do anything to get her here safe.
That's all I needed to know.
Where would he go? I had to ask.
Why? Because I was up all night.
My son and my goddaughter are on that chopper.
And I put a spoon in your other son's eye.
Guess he's lucky it wasn't a fork.
That your boy over there? Yeah.
Welcome, Nick.
Joseph, the gate.
Welcome to Broke Jaw Ranch.
It's not safe.
Right now we're just two families with missing loved ones.
I don't trust these people.
Don't trust them.
Trust me.
Otto: People bought in here before the world ended.
They prepared for the fall of democracy.
Banked on that.
But this rise of the dead, that caught us by surprise.
- Madison: You seem to be managing.
- Otto: Yeah.
We're fairly self-sustaining.
Madison: Yeah, and heavily armed.
Yeah, no sense having all these resources if you can't protect them.
Self-defense is the cornerstone.
Is that what Troy was doing back at the border? Self-defense? Troy was out there harvesting fuel, protecting his men.
I heard his side of it.
Want to hear ours? We're, uh, building a new nation here.
It's not perfect.
It's very imperfect.
I'll sort out what happened at the border when Jake gets back.
Meanwhile, this is the safest place to live in a world gone mad.
Most people would be damn grateful for being here.
I had the idea you might be, too.
Was I wrong? It ain't much, but it's clean.
Latrines and showers are in the back.
I'd shake the mattresses and sweep the floor out for scorpions and such.
Thank you.
Don't start.
- You're thanking him? - Shh, lower your voice.
His son's a murderer! Nick! You want to go to war with them, huh? All of them? You want to start that fight? Then you'll see murder.
You know it's my fault? I led Lucy and her people to that place, and you came there looking for me.
- That's not on you, son.
- But I got to do something.
No, you don't.
I don't know what our play's going to be.
But right now, we're just going to eat shit, smile, and bide our time.
That's all we can do.
You want to save Luciana.
I want to save all of us, and I will.
But you have to help me.
I'm going to see how many of these assholes are sharpening their knives.
[whispers indistinctly.]
You take first watch.
That's the short watch.
You won't sleep.
I'll sleep fine.
Watch the draw west of the trail.
I know, Jakey.
I know.
Hey, give a whistle if [whistles.]
We go back.
What happens to Luciana when we get back to your ranch? You worried about my brother? Things he did to her people, things he almost did to mine.
It won't be like that when we get back.
We watch him when he's close.
I can control him.
How long has it been going on? Since he was little.
My dad, Troy's mom pulled him out of school.
Gave him the run of the ranch.
It's a lot of land.
Well, you make allowances for the ones you love.
I made allowances for my brother till I saw that was going to get him killed.
My mom made allowances like Nick's drama was giving her purpose.
At least when we get back, your brother will be happy to see you.
Mine? [distant whistling.]
What is that? You know how to use one of these? [gun cocks.]
- Here's the action.
- Yeah, no, I I know.
- I - It's ready to fire.
No matter what happens, you stay put till I get back.
If I don't, you follow the main trail.
By midday you'll see the ranch.
[twig snaps.]
[faint snarling.]
[rifle clicks.]
[snarling continues.]
[Jake panting.]
Hand me the gun.
Find your way back.
I have to take care of it before more come.
[distant gunshot.]
Hector: Felicitaciones doctor.
The mother would like to name the baby after you.
It's our custom.
You were right.
You calmed the people.
But your lie is now ours.
And if they discover you, they will turn on all of us.
You need to go.
I had hoped for a bit more time.
Very well.
A vehicle? None to spare.
You go on foot.
You have one more patient.
Let's not press our luck, Hector.
She is a poor woman who won't leave her room.
She's lost her senses.
She refuses food.
That's tragic.
- [lock beeps.]
- Convince her to eat.
If she dies, she turns.
Hello? [exhales.]
- I brought some food.
- [flies buzzing.]
[flies buzzing.]
What are you doing here? Mrs.
Stowe, I was sent to treat you.
- You're not a doctor.
- True, I'm not.
But I gained some experience treating myself.
I'm sorry.
I did that to you.
You were distraught.
I lost everything.
I was hopeless.
Victor: You should get some air in here.
That's a start.
Aw, man.
[bangs on glass.]
I was thinking the same thing.
No hope.
I can't stay here, but nowhere to go.
And nothing to get me there.
[pounds on glass, sighs.]
Thank you.
- [waves crashing.]
- [sighs.]
Thank you.
You're an angel.
No hope, no future.
But then last night, they brought in this girl in labor.
I delivered a baby.
It was truly terrifying.
Yeah, holding that baby, I felt if this child lives, it'd be a new generation.
A new generation that might give us a reason to hope.
Where would you go were you to leave? I have a place in mind.
This was supposed to be a wedding gift.
You take it.
It's the least I can do for what I did.
Thank you, Ilene.
Thank you.
You freed my little girl.
But there are no more generations.
I'm sorry.
Luciana's unconscious.
I can't get her to wake up.
I'll carry her.
[rifle clicks.]
We'll be at the ranch in a few hours.
It's a terrible world, isn't it? I'll help you carry her.
We'll make better time.
[radio static hisses.]
- Jake: Just a few more steps.
Stay with me.
[men chattering.]
- Stay awake, stay awake.
Open the gate.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- Give them a hand.
- Watch your head, watch your head.
- Okay.
Man: Here, let me in there, let me in there.
- Mom - Where is he? Where is Trav? - Where is he? - He He's not No.
- No.
- I'm sorry.
- [chatter.]
- Alicia: I'm sorry.
Hey, it's Nick.
Jake: We were shot down before we got to the ranch.
- Otto: By who? - Jake: Unknown.
Where's Charlene? Dead got her on the pass.
Nick: Hey, it's Nick.
- Luci, hey - Not sure she can hear you.
What what do you mean? She's not going to make it is what he means.
Help her.
We take her to the infirmary, she may turn.
It's against policy.
- It's your fault.
You shot her.
- I was defending my people.
I'll do it again.
I know what to do.
- No, no, no, no.
- This is how it has to be.
- Nick: No.
Come on.
- Out of the way.
Out of the way.
Move aside.
Move aside.
[breathing heavily.]
[cocks gun.]
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
I'm allowed this.
All right.
All right.
[shallow breathing.]
Otto: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Nick: Don't.
Let her in.
I said let her in.
Nick, this is not how we do things here.
Not this time.
Do what your mommy says.
Jake: Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Nick, Nick, easy there.
Come on.
Let Let me have the pistol, son.
[voice breaks.]
You can't let her die.
If she's got a pulse, we'll let her in.
But you got to give me the gun.
Do it, Nick.
Give him the gun.
[gun clicks.]
Get her to the infirmary.
Man 2: Yes, sir.
Otto: Secure her before you treat her.
Otto: All right, everybody, that's enough fun.
The show's over.
Go back to doing what you were doing.
Go in there, get yourself looked after.
- Mom, I want to be with you.
- No, I'll find you.
- Mom.
- Please go.
[sobbing softly.]
[sniffling, sobbing.]
Oh, God [sniffles, sighs.]
You watch where you step.
I'm not well.
I know.
After my first wife left, my two food groups were Jack Daniels and Coke.
Many a bad morning.
If I believed in God, which I don't I'd ask where's the cosmic joke? I get my children.
But Travis What, are you here to console me or? No, not quite.
Came to find you about something else.
But, yeah.
After someone has this kind of loss sometimes they take matters into their own hands.
They kill themselves.
Which, in this new age presents another set of problems.
Part of my job here is to make sure you're not a danger to yourself or anyone else.
Well, I'd say it's too soon to tell, wouldn't you? Why were you coming to see me? Looks like we're missing a Beretta 418 from the fuel truck.
I thought maybe if you borrowed it you might want to sign for it now.
It's camp policy.
I always thought of that model as more a A lady's pistol anyway.
I'm, uh I'm sorry for your loss, Madison.
I truly am.
Well, he's a good man.
He was a good man.
- [sighs.]
- I'm sure he was to be with a woman like you.
The handcuffs really necessary? They are just in case, yeah.
Thank you for bringing her back.
Alicia? Yeah? You okay? [Alicia crying.]
[keys jingle.]
[car alarm chirps.]
My style and my color.
[engine starts.]
[door opens.]
Mom? Close the door.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
You asked me if I had a plan, Nick.
Mom, that was before.
- We don't - It was the right question.
We're going to stay here.
What? We're going to make it our home, even if we have to take it over.
Mom that's insane.
No, it's our fate.
We suffered to get here.
Travis died getting here.
We have to accept it.
We have to be stronger.
Tell me how it happened.
Tell me everything.

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