Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s03e03 Episode Script


1 Our country is ablaze.
If only our ancestors could see the chaos of modern America.
Cities are overrun with foreign nationals and the causalities of corporate dictatorship.
While our greedy politicians do nothing, the feckless fiddle while America burns.
Time's up, patriots.
The great American experiment has failed.
But out of the ashes we start anew.
Hello, there.
My name is Jeremiah Otto.
And this is the end of the world as we know it.
The only way to protect your family is to be prepared.
There you go.
The best way to ready yourself is with my four-part video series, How to Survive TEOTWAWKI: The End of the World as We Know It.
After decades of running my own cattle ranch and living off the land, I've developed this proprietary system for surviving T.
My series will teach you how to stockpile food, ammo, tools, medical supplies, and barter goods.
How to recycle water, dig a well, grow crops, and raise livestock.
And most importantly, I'll teach you how to defend your sovereignty against the urban hoards who will want what's yours when those Four Horsemen ride.
So if you call now to get my tapes, I will toss in this survival starter bucket, which includes iodine pills, a hatchet, a compass, and a pocket constitution.
All of this at no extra cost.
So don't be a Pollyanna.
If you're gonna plan for a future Plan for a better one.
I was in the dining room dry-canning some beans when an angel fell from the damn sky and crashed in my backyard.
I screamed and ran out there.
And there she was, all of 12, a lump on the ground, holding on to a giant lawn umbrella.
She had jumped off the roof.
Thought the thing would hold her.
She broke her arm in two places, but she never cried.
Charlene embodied the spirit of this place An always-ready, never-quit, get-it-right-this-time spirit.
And she would have if she wasn't risking her life for the unprepared.
Pat, thank you.
I just want to introduce my family.
I'm Madison Clark, and these are my children, Nick and Alicia.
We wanted to offer our condolences for Charlene and for the others you lost.
We've lost loved ones, too.
Travis, he was our compass, and he We just wanted to say thank you for sheltering us and thank you for your generosity.
We will repay it.
Thank you.
We've all lost.
We share that.
And grieving's hard, but it's important that we process it More important to prepare, Jake.
- Good point! - I'm sorry.
There is a time and place for mourning, and Patty is owed that.
But who brought down the helicopter? - We aim to find out, Vernon.
- When? We're gonna get to the bottom of this.
What's your timeline? - Jeremiah, please.
- Nothing's changed, Vernon.
Make no mistake, we're in a wartime posture here.
We tasked Alpha Station to scout the crash site.
When we know what we're dealing with, we'll act.
If it's some wing nut, we'll act.
If it's a larger challenge, we will act.
Payback, Vernon.
Yeah! That's what my father means.
Whatever this threat is, large or small, we will make this right.
Hey, we'll mete out justice when we know what it is we're dealing with.
We can't afford to lose ourselves.
We're more than a mob.
We have to be something hopeful in this world.
Like my father says, if you plan for the future Plan for a better one.
Excuse me? You know the fable "The Ant and the Grasshopper"? Hey, what's your problem? Let it go.
Let it go.
They should be harassing Troy, not us.
I think they would be if they knew what he had done.
Madison and Alicia, I'm Gretchen Trimbol, Vernon's daughter.
Saw you at the meeting.
I'd shake, but it wouldn't be sanitary.
Damn hangnail can take you down these days, you're not careful, you know? I'm so sorry for your loss.
I wish I'd have had the pleasure of knowing Travis.
Thank you, Gretchen.
Hey, Alicia, the rest of Christ Rizen and I were wondering if you wanted to join us for Bible study.
- Oh, we're not really - When is it? Tonight.
One hour, two, tops.
Music, punch, and the Lord, of course.
- What, uh, is Christ Rizen? - Oh, sorry.
Christ Rizen is our band.
That's Terry and Gabe.
- You'll meet Geoff if you come.
- We're Jewish.
We'll do Old Testament.
Corral at 5:00.
We need supplies, Nick.
Water, weapons.
We must be ready to leave.
They're going to take the cuffs off soon.
You can walk around and see the place.
Eat, Luciana.
I can't forget what they did.
I know.
As soon as they free me, we go.
I just want us all to feel safe in one place.
I had a chance to make that happen.
I had a chance to kill him.
But That would not have made us safe.
And you know this.
This is not you, Nick.
You're not a killer.
How's Luciana? Oh, still alive.
I liked your speech.
I liked how you said his name.
It makes him matter.
Makes him real.
He was real.
That's not why you said it, though.
It wasn't out of grief.
It was pointed.
You wanted to remind us that you're a victim, too.
You feel like a victim? Are you analyzing me now? No.
What did you do in the old world? Guidance counselor.
At a high school? Oh.
I never attended.
"Certain social aspects of academia proved challenging for Troy.
" You must have been lonely.
No, no.
No, I, uh I had this place.
Everything that I do is in service to this place.
Does your father believe that? Yeah, he understands.
You know, complicated problems call for complicated solutions.
Killing people's not complicated.
It's simple.
Do you see? You understand this world.
You understand me.
That's why I picked you.
But I didn't I didn't pick Nick.
He comes with me.
Package deal.
Why were you separated? Why was he with strangers and not his family? He doesn't deserve his place here.
I think you know it.
He'll earn it.
That was made this morning, Troy.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, Dante's not gonna be happy Hey! Hey, you're making a mistake.
Huh?! You're making a mistake! This is a mistake! Victor Don't.
- They don't want us here.
- Most of them don't mind.
The ones who do, we win them over.
- You want to win over Troy? - Work in progress.
In the meantime, both of you stay away from him.
Not sure I can do that.
The hell you can't, Nick.
You don't know what sets him off.
He doesn't know what sets him off.
Okay, but if we stay, we need to do something.
What does that mean? I'm doing something.
No, what do you mean, Nick? What are you gonna do? Do you want my knife? - You gonna do something? - All I'm saying is that we should start over somewhere else, okay? Like find a house, grow crops.
We don't have to stay here, that's all.
- Farming's more your style.
- We have options.
- We're not leaving.
- Why? - We're not leaving! - Why are you so convinced that this is the place, Mom? Because it's all we have.
Because there's no place better.
Because we hauled you out of that hell hole and Travis died because of it.
Luciana won't be safe here.
They let her in.
What if they make her go? You'll have a choice to make.
Something's wrong.
That's not many klicks for McCarthy to cover.
We should have heard back by now.
How many times did you and Charlie fly that route? Six times in four weeks, maybe.
People tend to knock before they enter.
Or is this different back in Angel City? Front door was open.
What do you need, Madison? Reassurance.
You took us in and I thank you for that, but And you are welcome.
But some people here resent us.
Well, that's natural.
You are strangers.
We're not strangers to Troy.
What did he do? Broke into our place, threatened Nick.
I'd like you to keep a leash on your son.
And I'd like you to help us with the other people.
The ranch ain't my autocratic plaything.
Its residents don't bend to my whims and wills and fancies.
It's a place for free people who only ask for help when they need it.
I'm asking.
I need it.
You a hard woman to like, Madison? I'm extremely goddamn hard to like when someone threatens my family, and that's what Troy did.
That's fact.
If Jake hadn't shown up at the depot, we'd be dead.
That's fact.
And it's something no one here seems to give a shit about.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No need to curse.
He murdered people, and he called it science.
Maybe the ranch should know that.
Yeah, I'm starting to grasp why folks' fondness fails when it comes to you, Madison.
- Dad, she's justified - Uh If my people take umbrage at your presence, that's on you.
I won't let anyone drown without teaching them how to swim.
Jake, show her the lectures.
Did Troy hurt you? Has he always been this way? I'll take care of him.
Yeah, you and your dad keep saying that.
Thank you for saving Alicia.
Well, she saved me, too.
She All right, I'm going to put on some coffee.
You're going to need it.
You worried about the helicopter? Nah.
It'll turn out to be some crackpot scavenger.
Whoever it is, I want to meet him.
Our country is ablaze.
If only our ancestors can see the chaos of modern America.
You gonna ride? Dad used to take me to the equestrian center.
No, I'm not riding.
I'm waiting for Gretchen.
Going to her first Bible study.
We stay, we should get to know them.
You're invited.
So is that what you want? You want to stay? No.
But I've seen what it's like out there, and it's all just different circles of hell.
Why not this one? Sorry what Mom said.
It wasn't fair.
It's not wrong.
Bad time to form a conscience.
What happened to you out there? The boar's back.
Keeps digging up the fence posts to get to the cabbage.
Could use an extra pair of hands tracking it tonight.
Stay away from Madison and her family.
They're my friends.
They came here under my invite.
They trust me.
They came here not to get eaten.
I wouldn't flatter yourself.
Yeah, but they're staying 'cause I said I'd protect them from you.
And how are you going to do that? Please don't do this.
Troy, please.
I'm the one that still believes in you.
Well, I don't need you to anymore.
Yeah, you do.
You do.
If the ranch knew what you really are And what am I, Jake? Do you really think that you were helping those people out at the depot? I think I was helping all of us.
Troy when Dad's gone, this is all on us.
We have to take care of this place.
We have to lead - Together.
- Yeah.
But I need you to do something for me.
I need you to stay away from the Clarks.
Do you hear me? Yep.
I hear you.
Do you mean it? I always mean it, Jake.
How much further? We're here.
You first.
All right, everybody.
Get your study materials.
Greens to the new girl.
She is one of God's chosen people.
This is not what I expected.
Go your way.
Eat your bread with joy and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has already accepted your works.
You have turned my mourning into dancing.
You've removed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness.
You said "sackcloth.
" So, where is Geoff? Say hi, Geoff.
If you're gonna plan for the future Plan for a better one.
Cut it.
I look like an asshole out there.
I didn't know what the hell I was saying.
I told you to use the cue cards.
I don't need goddamn cue cards.
- I know my lines, okay? - Okay.
Now, what I want you to do is pick up that sniveling idiot.
Why don't you pick him up? I'm going back to the house.
- No, you're staying right here.
- Hey! You're staying right here.
We're gonna do another.
- You hear me? - Enough! It isn't enough.
It's enough when I say it's enough.
- I'm tired! - You're not tired.
You're thirsty, that's what you are.
- You're goddamn thirsty.
- You're hurting me! Jake, tend to your brother.
Let's do this again, okay? - One more take.
We'll do it again.
- Sorry, no.
- See what you started? - Jeremiah, let her go.
Why don't you just shut up, okay? Just shut your damn mouth.
Not my finest moment.
How far did you get? I didn't get through the first tape.
It's funny, where we start and where we end up.
What happened to their mom? Troy's mom.
Jake's was my first wife.
I was married twice before I gave up the sacred institution.
Did she die? Yeah.
My father was a drunk, like her.
The booze kill him? In a way, yeah.
Drink took Tracy.
Got real ugly at the end.
Troy tended to her, and fed her and cleaned her.
She hated him for it.
Where were you? Selling buckets.
I suffered the same affliction.
No, no, no, no.
It was the night before we signed the paperwork for the Fortuna Resort.
I'm positive.
It was that night, because we were never sure we were gonna close the deal.
Thomas's counter was aggressive.
Either way, the sun had come up, and you and Thomas were making crepes chocolates on a bonfire of God knows what.
It was the wood case of the Vino Hormaechea '89.
And all the while I was singing Juan Gabriel to a cactus.
Yeah, that's right.
Oh, man.
I'm I'm assuming Thomas did not? Huh.
So, you escaped this hotel in this crazy woman's car, and all you have with you are your wits and charms and this crunchy suede coat? Don't forget my good looks, Dante.
Well, it's nice to be back with a like mind.
- Salud.
- Salud.
He wants to know where you're from.
El Sereno, Los Angeles, California, America, North America, Earth.
Geoff wants to know what it's like out there.
And it changes you.
Not like Geoff.
Something worse.
Can I ask Geoff something? Sure.
Who are the Ottos? Our founding family.
They made this place before most of us were even born.
Jeremiah saw what was coming.
And how long you guys been here? It varies.
Most came when the Event began.
Geoff showed up a week after T.
He was the first one we saw like that Dead alive.
Geoff claims he's from Flagstaff, but I doubt it.
He's indifferent on the Ottos, except Troy.
Geoff is not a fan.
Troy took Geoff's body.
Troy's done a lot worse than that.
Troy and the militia do what we can't.
They protect us.
You can't rely on the Troys of the world.
Not anymore.
We've been behind the fence since this started, Alicia.
We can't do what he does.
Sometimes you have to handle your own shit.
Geoff wants to know what bad stuff have you done out there? I killed a man.
How did it feel? Easy.
ÿQué? ÿQué? ÿQué? This man was cartel before the fall.
His function was to take from honest people and to kill those who refused.
Which he did.
See, in my world now, there is no room for such people.
No, no, no, no.
Hey! Hey Dime did you truly think that we were friends in the old world? We made each other money.
That's very American of you, Victor.
I know why you're here.
It's why you were always here.
You want what is not yours.
You wanted my people's land, and now you want my water.
Everyone wants your water.
Not everyone is quite as thirsty as you.
I'm not here to take from you.
Some food, shelter, a cocktail, perhaps.
- That would suffice.
- No, no, no.
Nothing suffices.
Nothing satiates.
You cannot help your need to take.
It is in your nature.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! You need me, Dante! You need me! Hold it.
ÿCómo? You're begging for an attack.
You can't sell so close to your source.
It's only a matter of time before they try to take it, not me.
- Oh, you wish to serve me? - Yes, I wish to serve.
- You wish to advise me? - Yes, please.
Listen to me.
You must sell off-site.
And for that, you need transport.
Guns and more men and ammunition to guard that transport.
I can organize that.
Water is the currency now.
How could I ever trust a thief? I never stole from you.
You stole from Thomas.
We can work this out.
Did did Thomas die believing that you loved him? I did love him.
You will say anything.
Aah! No, please! Please! No! Why are you doing this? So you suffer.
You exploit everything that you touch.
And for that, you owe a debt.
You will work it off.
You will feel just like the people that you've taken from.
You will feel powerless.
"Once in a While" playing in background will you dream of the moments I shared with you Moments before we, too Drifted apart Drifted, drifted apart In love's A bunch of us are going hunting.
You can join if you're not too busy watching old folks bone.
Middle of the night? Boars are nocturnal.
Catch them sneaking around in the dark.
Nah, I don't hunt.
This is more it's more maintenance than hunting.
More cultivating than killing.
Earn your keep.
be contented with yesterday's memory Knowing you think of me Once in a while.
Jake tells me your son went out on that boar hunt.
Nick doesn't hunt.
He's a city kid.
You don't have guns in the city? Not in my house, no.
Now? Now's now.
How long does this hunt normally last? Well, it varies.
A couple hours, all night.
Boys are fierce creatures.
They'll come back safe.
Alicia must have read the entire Book of Moses by now.
Some mothers might be happy.
My daughter's finding God? Finding place.
They never had that.
Nick's an addict.
Spent the last five years waiting on a call from the morgue.
Today I told him if he left, I'd let him go.
But here you are.
Here I am.
Things we do to our children.
And the things we do for them to make up for it.
You want to know why I tolerate my son? Come on, take a walk.
Such! Such.
- Fass, fass, fass, fass! - Go, go! - Hey! - Go, go, go, go! Move! Where are we going? Underneath my house.
My tapes didn't make me the lightning rod I hoped to be, but enough people woke, invested in the vision.
We call this the pantry.
Some say this mess we're in is Revelations, God's vengeance.
I'll tell you what it is.
It's an opportunity.
A new life.
A chance to make amends.
I broke Troy in that old world.
In this one, he has a purpose.
We all do.
And nothing heals a family more than that.
We will build something better than before.
It won't be easy, Madison.
You think your family's up for it? Absolutely.
The ground's soft.
You could dig a grave real easy.
I mean, people would suspect you, but well, they really wouldn't know for sure.
I wonder how long it'll take you to turn.
Eighty-seven minutes.
Eighty-seven minutes given my weight, BMI, age.
You know, if you do do it, you should time it.
Journal's in my pocket.
You are not a scientist.
Time it.
Nick please.
What is wrong with you? Newton stabbed his own eye to understand the nature of light.
I just I need to know.
I need to know why we spoil.
Hey! Hey! Hey! I think we can be friends now.
You should be sleeping.
How's your wound? Better.
Thank you.
For what? Waiting for me to heal before we leave.
I'm sorry for Travis.
He saved my life.
He was a good man.
A much better person than I am.
He saved us.
We're not going to throw that away, are we? We survive now at all costs.
Turning water into wine? Praise Jesus.
Everybody, listen up, please.
I just got updated on Outpost Alpha.
McCarthy and his unit went out 36 hours ago, and we ain't heard nothing back.
Could mean a hundred things, 99 of them benign.
But we always got to prepare for the one-off.
Troy here is gonna take a party out, but we're gonna need volunteers.
And Madison Clark.
All right, everybody, enjoy your meal.
Your kids are over there.
I know.
I knew you would drink it all.
I told you I'd be your guardian angel.

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