Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s03e04 Episode Script


1 Previously on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" [Lighter clangs.]
[Flames whoosh.]
Daniel! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! You need me, Dante! [Panting.]
How could I ever trust a thief? Water is the currency now.
I told you I'd be your guardian angel.
("Amigo Bronco" playing) (man singing in Spanish, echoing) (wind whistling) (metal squeaking) - (breathing heavily) - (muffled music continues) (voice echoing) (Daniel speaking Spanish, echoing) (muffled music continues) (muffled music continues) (infected snarling) (snarling) (snarling) (roars) No! No! No! (screaming) (barking, growling) - (infected snarls) - (dog whines) (dog barking) (laughing) (infected snarling) (snarling continues) (loud thump) (infected snarls) No! (screaming) Calma, calma.
Bueno, bueno.
(muttering in Spanish) El agua.
- (motor whirs) - (water burbles) (gasps) (spits, coughs) Man's voice over stereo: Agua, agua.
Agua, agua.
(infected snarling) (speaks Spanish) Agua, agua.
(yelps) Agua, agua.
Agua, agua.
(both shouting in Spanish) Agua, agua.
- Shh! - (groans) (metal squeaking) (gasps) Daniel.
(distantly) Daniel.
(Lola singing in Spanish) (singing along in Spanish) (Daniel screaming) (screaming echoes) (wind whistling) (infected snarling) - (grunts) - (snarling stops) Efrain: You want this? (speaking Spanish) (crickets chirping) (door opens) (speaking Spanish) (Spanish continues) (music playing on stereo) Gracias.
(thunder rumbling) Shh, shh.
(whispering in Spanish) (Spanish continues) (thunder rolling) (snores softly) (thunder rolling) (snoring continues) - (rain pouring) - (thunder crashes) (thunder crashing) (infected snarling) (speaking Spanish) (thunder crashing) (infected growling) (thunder crashes) (speaking Spanish) (chuckles) (laughs) (flies buzzing) (straining) (muttering in Spanish) (grunting) Ay (both laugh) - (both screaming) - (shouting in Spanish) (speaking Spanish) Daniel? (Lola speaking Spanish) (water dripping) (Daniel speaking Spanish) (man speaking Spanish) (Lola speaking Spanish) (distant chatter) (Daniel speaking Spanish) (infected snarling) (Daniel speaking Spanish) (snarling) (squelches) (chatter) No, gracias.
(door opens, closes) (Everardo speaking Spanish) Jefe.
(grunting) (gun cocks) (Dante speaking Spanish) (gasps) (Dante speaking Spanish) Daniel Salazar.
Ah! (speaking Spanish) (gun cocks) (J.
speaking Spanish) Vamonos.
(water gurgling) Man's voice over stereo: Agua, agua.
(Daniel speaking Spanish) Agua, agua.
Agua, agua.
Agua, agua.
Agua, agua.
Agua, agua.
(objects breaking) Agua, agua.
(ыpeaking Spanish) (speaks Spanish) (door opens, closes) (Victor speaking Spanish) Victor: Hey, Dante's not going to be happy about - (yells) - (gun cocks) Hey, you're making a mistake! You're making a mistake! (clanging) (gasps) You see? I told you I would be your guardian angel.
Or my angel of death.
Daniel how'd you get out? Ofelia is she alive? Is Ofelia alive? We fled the compound.
Madison, Alicia, and Ofelia.
She thought you were dead.
We all did.
But Daniel she is alive.
She's holed up in a hotel down the coast.
It'll take us a day to get there.
Maybe less.
(panting) Hey, get me out of here and I'll take you to her.
We can get there by morning.
She's waiting for you.
(speaking Spanish) She's waiting for me? Um Daniel I don't believe you.
What's not to believe? She survived the fire.
We found the hotel.
What's the matter with you? You'd say anything to save your life.
- Daniel, wait - You're a snake.
(scoffs) - Víbora.
- Daniel, listen to me.
You're making a mistake, okay? Get me out of here.
Let's find her.
This place is perfect for you.
You will rot here, like the dead.
Ofelia needs her father.
Ofelia is dead.
Her father is dead.
And so are you.
(man speaking Spanish) Hey! Hey, I saved your life.
I saved her life! You owe me! Salazar! Salazar! (water dripping) - (punches landing) - (man grunting) (Dante speaking Spanish) (panting) (Dante speaking Spanish) Efrain (grunting) (coughing) (tooth clatters) - Confiesa! - (punches landing) (praying softly in Spanish) (sobbing, speaks Spanish) ¿Por qué? (Efrain sobs) ¿Por qué? (man panting) (Dante speaking Spanish) (distant infected snarling) (screams, gasps) - (wind whistling) - Lola: Oh, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
(whimpering) - (screams) - (screams) Lola: No! No.
- No.
- (infected snarling) - Sweet Jesus.
- Next.
(Lola sobbing) (breathing heavily) Sí, patrón.
(speaking Spanish) (gunfire) (shouts) No, no, no, no.

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