Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s03e07 Episode Script

The Unveiling

1 Previously on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" Tell your people it's time for justice.
The land you've lived on needs to be returned.
We're not attacking.
Man: The walker's not going away.
- He's weak.
- If he's weak, he'll negotiate.
I think we can be friends now.
There's a fight coming, and you have to save us.
Can you? Yes, ma'am.
Black Cat reservation You're the only one that can do this.
I've dealt with him.
I've settled with him.
I've beaten him.
(birds cawing, chirping) (insects chirping) (twigs snapping, leaves rustling) (rifle cocks) (panting) (running footsteps) (snapping twigs) (gasps) What the hell are you doing here? (panting) The Trimbols are dead.
What? Wh Alicia: After they left, they were killed.
It was Walker's people.
You tell anyone you were coming? You didn't want anyone to know.
You didn't want anyone to stop you, but this changes things.
I was worried.
Vernon and Kathy? Mike? - And Gretchen.
- Son of a bitch.
Talking to Walker right now, it's not a good idea.
This this makes it more urgent, more reason to go, not less.
When I said for you to own it, I didn't mean this.
I'm not doing this because of what you said, Alicia.
I'm coming with you.
No, you're not.
It's it's a gas station.
Tribal headquarters.
Their land runs 10 miles in either direction.
What happens next? We walk in.
(quiet chatter) (dog barking) Man: Hands.
(quiet chatter) (dogs barking) (man screaming) (people shouting) - (man screaming) - (people cheering) Qaletaqa! Hello, Taqa.
You're 200 years too late for peace, Jake.
But just in time for lunch.
(gasps) - (quiet chatter) - (distant sheep bleating) Alicia didn't come he last night.
She's a big girl now.
I don't think she's in the camp.
She's probably with Golden Boy.
Strange not to see either of them, all the shit that went down.
- Will you go to Jake's? - No.
Leave her be, Mom.
You, uh, seen your daughter? No.
Jake's AWOL with some gear and he's not in his quarters.
I know your daughter and him are, uh courting.
Could they just sneak past the guards? There's a lot of acreage out there, and Jake does know every inch of it, so it could be.
Well, where should we start looking? - We don't.
- What? I can't spare another search party, and I'm not sending these good folks out there after all that's happened Indians on the warpath.
Point me in the right direction.
You won't make it a mile out there.
So what, I just sit around, thumb up my ass, like you? You feel strong, son? Hmm? Wanna arm up, man up? Troy's taking on new recruits.
He'll fix it up so it's not like we're sending a sheep out to slaughter.
- I'm in.
- Nick, come on.
Jake: My father will never abandon the ranch.
You know that.
Then we'll feed him to the crows like Phil McCarthy.
Then Russell Brown and Vernon Trimbol.
Russell's dead.
The adobe burned.
That karma's overdue but welcomed.
Vernon Trimbol's dead, too.
I hope it was a long and painful illness.
He died with his family.
His wife, his daughter.
You killed them.
Is this girl speaking for you? We need the violence to stop.
Soon will, Jake.
Three down, one to go.
My father never did anything to you or your people.
Tell me, Junior, do the lies turn your stomach? Do you taste the bile in the back of your throat? State police investigated this.
They found no correlation between (bangs table) Stop talking.
You're boring me, like you did in court.
Those days are dead.
I thought we had an understanding, even outside of court.
I understood.
When you came here with your drunk friends, I was to serve them their food with a smile on my face, tolerate their slurs, clean up their vomit in the toilet, and thank them for their pocket-change tips.
The days of the white man's courts are over.
Land grabs, desecrations, over.
Now you have our verdict, the first humans' verdict.
You must vacate our lands.
I was hoping for a parley.
A chance to negotiate and to avoid more loss.
- Maybe you're right.
- (door opens) If a parley can spare blood we can talk about it.
- (kitchenware clattering) - After we eat.
(sighs) (gunfire) - Give them a half-hour, okay? - Okay.
- (distant man shouting) - (gunfire continues) Here to sign up.
Got a note from home? That's funny.
No, I'm serious.
Madison okay with this? You want to go ask her? You need her permission? Why, though? Why why join the militia? I don't know, maybe, uh I feel bad about what I've done.
You ever feel that way about anything? You know, you do something, then people die.
And then things get worse.
Maybe you should leave before worse things happen.
I got Travis killed, and now my mom has to bear that loss.
And my sister's missing.
I need an occupation.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
Also, I want to protect us from the ones who killed the Trimbols.
What I saw was savage.
Let's, uh Let's not spook the young recruits, huh? Here.
(truck approaches) How the hell'd you get here? It's a long story.
Tell it.
Tell me, then I'll tell you how I tried to find you and almost got goddamn eaten, how we all almost died because you took the truck and the hotel was overrun.
Alicia, I thought it was safe.
- We checked every room.
- Nowhere is safe.
If it makes you feel any better, I almost died after that.
It doesn't.
Qaletaqa found me.
He took me in.
- These are good people.
- Well, these good people, they killed a family two nights ago.
- His daughter was my friend.
- No, there was no There was no mission two nights ago.
How do you know that? Taqa goes out with the war parties.
- He didn't.
He was with me.
- (gate opens) Jake: We have a parley.
I need you to go back and tell my father the terms.
Taqa will send a scout with you.
You're staying here? We swap hostages and offer tribute.
Jake, your father's not gonna listen to me.
- He barely knows me.
- Alicia this is the only way to put off their attack.
Taqa guarantees my safety.
His word is good.
Then I'll stay.
Jake, your father needs to hear this from you.
You have to sell it.
Do we have a parley or not? It appears we do.
(Madison sighs) Do I have to worry? I'd rather back the militia when we're attacked than hold the rear with the old-timers.
If there's an attack.
You gonna go back-to-back with Troy? Keep your enemies close, right? Is that what this is? How do I look? Man: Jake! Jake! (gate opens) What? Ofelia? - Madison.
- What the hell's going on? Alicia followed me to Black Hat.
- What happened to her? - She's safe, she's safe.
- I made a deal with Walker.
- You left her? - It's part of the custom.
- Alicia's their hostage.
I'm the hostage on this side.
What kind of barbaric bullshit is that? What custom? Alicia offered to stay to avoid more bloodshed.
The sooner I talk to my father, the sooner we get her back.
And if not? How much time is sooner? Just travel back and forth, plus a day to talk.
And we will get her back.
Walker gave me his word.
Walker is a killer.
I promise you I would not have left her there if I didn't think she was gonna be safe.
I care about her.
How long were you at that place? Long enough to know that Walker's word is good.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
He told me he wanted us off the ranch.
Said he'd kill us if we stayed.
Has that changed? Only Jake would know that.
Walker: Water is precious.
You'll have to learn to conserve, especially in the kitchen.
I'm not gonna be here for that long.
You'll contribute while you are.
Is a hostage the same thing as a prisoner? We call ourselves pony warriors even though we drive Jeeps, trucks.
Soon we'll have our own air force.
Jose and Marta, two of the best mechanics out of the Iraq war.
It was good shooting.
Crazy Dog was an Army sniper.
Your America's offered us some useful tools.
Took everything, but gave us some things in trade.
The sun had set.
We had waited there all day.
We were about to head back when we heard it.
I know.
I was Ont when you shot us down.
You were lucky to have made it.
We were hoping it was one of the Ottos.
Jake wasn't the only one.
It was one of my family members.
You killed him.
You hate me.
Maybe you can understand the anger I have towards the Ottos.
Magnify that hate a thousand times, and maybe you can understand.
I do hate you.
I hate you for killing Travis, for thinking you know how I feel.
You don't.
You're just a hypocrite playing the noble Native American.
They need water.
There's nothing left in their catch basins.
The drought's five years old now, - and they're desperate.
- Damn right.
Grasshopper and the ant.
And they're ready to take it from us.
Let them come.
Can't we try and find a way? He seemed appeased by my offer to give him our bottled reserves.
No! We might need them.
We can replenish from our wells.
- And when they go dry? - Have they ever? Without rain? Yeah, one day.
Especially if gotta we share with those assholes.
We share or we risk war.
You think that'll satisfy Walker, huh? You think they'll take one drop and not want a gallon? He'll want everything.
We could lose everything, Dad, if we don't meet him halfway.
I'd rather be dead than meet with that son of a bitch.
And what about Alicia? Did you know he left my daughter behind with those those Savages? Yeah, actually, I did know.
And we got a lady in return.
But I hear Alicia volunteered.
Guess the apple don't fall far when it comes to pain-in-the-ass predicaments.
She's only 18! You know, in the old days, what, a couple of months ago, 18 was considered an adult.
Even adults make decisions put themselves in danger.
She's not in danger as long as we honor the parley.
What planet are you on? I saw what happened at the outpost, what Walker did at the outpost.
There are things at play here you can't fathom.
You're an outsider.
You need to learn a little faith.
What are you gonna do about this? See if my son can placate.
But you won't negotiate.
(laughs) Madison, I would not piss in that man's mouth if he was dying of thirst.
Jake can make his play, but I can tell you right now, this parley? Snakebit.
(quiet chatter) Fake.
Tourists used to pay a couple of bucks to see it.
But this is not for tourists' eyes.
This is real.
My great-grandfather.
Shouldn't he be buried? He was.
In a cave.
I desecrated his grave to save it from the Ottos and their fortune hunters.
Generations trapped in this sideshow trailer travesty.
I hope one day my great-grandfather forgives me.
When I can put all of this back.
I was thinking the other day the idea of an afterlife doesn't make sense.
It's so hard to get out of this life.
It's all part of a grand plan one that's been taking place before the dead walked.
Do you know what "apocalypse" means? The end of the world.
It means the Great Unveiling.
When I started collecting relics to save them, I kept seeing a theme, in petroglyphs, cave paintings, tanned hides.
Prophecies of what we're going through right now Dawn of a new age when the land will be shed of the impure.
Impure, like the Ottos.
Like me.
It's been a long struggle, but it was foretold that we would not lose.
After the apocalypse, all of this will be returned to us, the first humans.
Your friend Ofelia's either lying or very stupid.
She's her father's daughter.
She's not stupid.
If Walker's gonna take this place - Try to.
- Try to She needs to be on what she thinks is the winning side.
Shouldn't that be our side, with you? I mean, you have a connection.
In her time with us, the world ended, her mother died, her father went mad, burned to death.
I'd say Ofelia's for herself.
Well, she's standing by Walker right now.
'Cause she has reason.
He's violent, he's brutal.
She thinks he's gonna beat us.
I can't let my daughter's life be forfeit.
I have to get Alicia out of there now.
Oh, no, Jake says they're heavily armed.
- You know? And we can't go demanding.
- This is not a conversation.
We'll just give the parley a couple days.
Yeah? Is that what you'd do if you were running things? No, I don't think so.
You, me, Nick, a few of your guys, we slip in, we bring her back.
Bring the whole tribe down on our head.
And? I mean, don't you want that? Jake's calling the plays.
You owe me.
I could have brought the whole ranch down on your head.
Help me do this.
(pigs snorting, squealing) (door closes) I thought, uh you and I should have a chat.
I got nothing to say to you.
Walker found you.
That's good.
- It's good you're not dead.
- Is it? If this negotiation works, it's good.
Didn't have to be me here.
Could be anybody.
What do you want? I've been thinking strange thoughts.
Thinking on ghosts lately.
It's not your own sins that hold you, haunting the earth and wandering in limbo.
It's the crimes others done to you.
Somehow, they're worse than the dead.
The ghosts, they They carry your sins.
What do you want? Nobody wants war.
Well, most.
Let's not complicate matters with old business.
Fair? Say it's fair.
It's fair.
I'll have someone bring you in some food.
I'm not hungry.
They'll bring it anyway.
(door closes) (pigs snorting) - (muffled cry) - (pail clatters) - (muffled cries) - (whispering) Stop, stop.
I'm trying to rescue you, okay? Don't scream.
You're gonna get us all killed.
(muffled groaning) What are you gonna do to him? If you kill him, I'm not leaving.
Nobody said anything about killing, okay? Come on.
All right.
Let's go, let's go.
No, you wouldn't think twice about slitting his throat and letting him turn.
I'm about two minutes past caring what you think and about ready to leave you for the pigs.
- (muffled cries) - (grunts) - (dogs barking) - (pigs squealing) Shit, go, go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
What's going on? Nick: Someone's ming.
They're not gonna make it.
Bring the truck down and meet them.
(dogs barking) (whispers) Go, go, go, go, go.
(groans) (grunting) (gunshot) Man: Behind the trucks! They're out behind the trailers! - Come on, I got you.
- Take them out! (gunfire) Man #2: Enemy fire! - Move it! This way! - (man shouts) Move away, move away! - Move it, go, go! - Go, quick, quick, quick! Move away! All the way over! (men shouting indistinctly) We've gotta move.
Let's go! (man shouting indistinctly) Come on, come on! Congratulations, you just declared war on Walker's nation.
Joe, call the patrols! Watch for perimeter breaches! They could be right behind you.
They weren't, and the mission was successful.
- We got the girl.
- I can't believe this was your idea.
You were in danger.
Not till Troy showed up and started killing people! - How many? - Eh, four, five.
It wasn't just Troy.
I convinced him.
- I made the call.
- You don't make calls, Madison.
It's not your place to make the call.
- I made a deal with that guy! - Against your father's wishes! - To save all of us! - He played you! Walker wasn't gonna negotiate with you! You never had anything! There was nothing at stake except Alicia's life! - I told you this was Jake's show.
- It was the right call.
- Troy backed it.
He believed.
- And bodies dropped, yeah? Yes.
A mystery why Troy backed that call.
Them that don't listen have to be brought to heel someday.
(distant chatter) Does Dad know? Dad's drunk.
Thought you'd be happy I brought your girlfriend back.
Tell me, how did Madison convince you? It was for her daughter.
Even you're not stupid enough to try and pull off what you did.
You set off by yourself to Walker's camp.
You're doing it again now.
What does your death wish look like? See, I think you'd be happy if Walker took your scalp.
I'm gonna return Ofelia.
I'm gonna reason with him.
I'm gonna placate him with the water.
While I'm gone, try not to kill anyone else, all right? Brother.
You leave, I don't think you're coming back.
Ask yourself if that would make you happier.
Alicia: You don't have to leave.
You could stay.
Ofelia: Or you could come with me.
I wouldn't stay here if I were you.
Why? What do you know, Ofelia? I did you wrong at the hotel.
I put your life in danger.
Come with me.
That's all I can offer.
I can't leave.
- You see that.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry about Travis.
Man: Watch your fire! There, they've come back! (grunting) Man #2: Kill him anyway! Okay, let him breathe.
You broke the parley, Junior, stole the hostage, killed my men, all because I trusted you.
- It was Troy and the girl's mother.
- It's all the same.
I brought you water and I returned your hostage.
Not good enough.
I promise you - Walker: No.
- (blade rings) No more promises.
(grunting) I know I can still make peace.
I know it.
There will be peace, but not as you envisioned.
The violence is almost over.
(grunts) (gasps) Tell your father I'll finish the scalping of his eldest son when I see him next.
I will cut apart his youngest son and feed him to the hogs.
Tell your father he will remain alive to watch this.
Before we burn him alive.
(groans) Safe travels.
Action at the gate.
Action at the gate.
- White flag, hold up.
- Bullshit! Hold your fire, Coop! (grunts) (coughing) Walker thought I gave you information that got you onto the reservation when you took Alicia.
As if.
- What? - I think he means you really didn't seem to know much about their camp when we asked.
All I know is I've lost my home, lost the people that took me in when I was left to die in the desert.
Madison: You shouldn't have left us.
Take her out of here, okay? Man: Yes, sir.
Tell Joe to take her down to the infirmary.
- (Ofelia groaning) - All right, let's go.
Now we can talk.
So, what do you think? No, Walker won't sit back now that we've drawn fresh blood.
His people will press for an attack.
I can get more info out of her.
No, she's only in this situation because of me.
It's my fault.
Back in LA, I told her father I'd look after her.
I shouldn't have let her go back.
Well, she's here now.
So put her to work, watch her.
She's your charge.
You can stay with Alicia and me.
We'll have to find something for you to do.
Worked the kitchen at Black Hat.
Good, that'll help.
So, am I a prisoner here? We're all prisoners somewhere.
You know, there's no walls at Walker's place.
He says it's 'cause you can't sneak up on an Indian.
Oh, well, they've been lucky.
Madison, Alicia was never in trouble.
She got a taste of freedom, and now it's gone.
For the both of us.
Because of me.
- (insects chirping) - (chatter) - (Nick sighs) - (chuckles) You saw that, right? Okay, great, nobody sleeps for the next 48.
We should take the fight to them, man, not sit and wait for it.
No fire on the ridgeline.
Indians are holed up.
I'd say offense is the best defense.
Yeah, well, that's not what Otto wants right now or Jake.
So, what happens if Walker attacks while we're on the perimeter? Because it's a long haul back to the ranch.
Well, there's only two roads he can use, and we'll be on both of them with fast trucks.
We stop him, we leave a suicide note, we fall back, and we defend the camp.
Suicide note? What? One of our guys stays behind to fight to the end? Well, yeah.
We're all willing.
- Amen.
No doubt.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, if it does come to that, I'll do it.
You feeling blue, Nicky? No, I'm just suicide-proof.
(laughter) Well, that's, uh That's well and good, but I think you're gonna stay within the fence.
You can go kamikaze another day.
(door closes) Is what Walker did at the outpost worse than what we've done? Yes.
Trust me.
Tore that man's skull off while he was alive.
Jake wasn't shedding any tears for McCarthy.
Jake didn't see this.
And I guess the Trimbols (knife sharpening) that was bad, too.
Worse in some ways.
Mom, how can you be so sure it was Walker who killed the Trimbols? (gun clicks) (insects chirping) (neighs, snorts) Don't like this.
Do not like it one damn bit.
You see shit? If I see shit, you'll be the first to know.
Stay frosty.
(groans) Blake: Joe, what's up? Something ain't right, man.
I j I don't feel r (shouting) Joe, what's going on, brother? Joe, Joe, talk to me, man.
What is this? Joe, what's going on, man? Jesus, Jesus.
Medic, medic.
Fucking now, medic! Jesus, Jesus, Blake, what do I do, man?! - (Joe screaming) - Blake: Coop! Coop! - (Blake screaming) - Turn on your side.
Turn on your side.
(distant screaming) (screaming continues) Mom.
(screaming continues) Coop on radio: Jimmy, where you at? Jimmy, it's Coop, man.
We need you back at the camp.
(raspy breath) (gurgling growl) - (men shouting over radio) - Man on radio: We need help over here! We're over at the south side bend, south side bend! (indistinct shouting) (distant screams and gunfire) Woman: We need a medic! - (people shouting) - Stay inside! Stay inside! Go back home! Get to your homes! Stay inside! Go back inside! Get to your homes.
Get back inside! - Get back inside! - (infected snarling) (snarling) (snarling) (gunshot) - Jesus, what the hell? - (snarling) Help! Help! (squelches) - (gunfire and screaming continue) - Move.
- Let's go, come on.
- (infected snarling) (grunts) Nick: Mom! Mom! - You okay? - Yeah.
Where's Alicia? Alicia, you okay? Yeah.
Ofelia! Ofelia! (shouting and gunfire continue) - Shit, stop her.
- Madison: What? Ofelia, it was her.
- (gasps) - Nick? Nick! - (Alicia mutters) - (gasping) Stay with him.
It's okay, all right? (gasping)
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