Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s03e08 Episode Script

Children of Wrath

1 (wind howling) (insects chirping) (panting) (gunshots) (whimpers) (gunshots) (panting) (gunshot) Jeremiah: Uh-uh, uh-uh.
No, no.
Come on.
Come on.
Buenos días, señorita.
Welcome to America.
(grunts) ¿A dónde vas? Heading to Santa Fe.
My fiancé was there.
You're American.
(sighs) Long way, Santa Fe.
You're free to go.
I suggest you head back from whence you came.
That's enough.
That's enough.
Find shade.
Stay out of the sun.
Travel by starlight.
Can I get a ride? Please? I'm needed back home.
I won't be any trouble.
I don't think you'd be, uh, comfortable there.
There's not many of your kind.
What do you mean "my kind"? Brown people.
There's no use for you on the ranch.
(spits) Enjoy your walk.
(engine starts) (panting) Oh, God.
(wind howling) (gasping) Daniel's voice echoing: Ofelia, mi ángel, mi alma.
(sobs) Clothes protect you from the sun.
They hurt my skin.
I'm boiling.
I have to hide.
The earth will protect me.
The earth is a cauldron.
I have to hide, Papa.
I have to hide.
Just gonna close my eyes No! No! You have to stay awake! Stay awake.
Ofelia, no, no, my love.
(echoes) Stay awake.
(faint) Stay awake.
Stay awake.
(muttering in Spanish) (horse whinnies) (whinnying) (horse snorting) (birds chirping) (chatter) (whimpers) This is for you.
I'm Qaletaqa.
Get some rest, Ofelia.
- (people screaming) - (gunfire) (keys jingle) - (breathing heavily) - (gunfire continues) What what did you do?! - What did you do? - Ah! Tell me! What did you do? - There you go.
- (men grunt) Troy: Eh, let's move.
Come on.
(all grunt) All right, three more.
Okay? Come on.
Woman: Can we get another cool compress on him? (people chattering) Man: I got you, big guy.
(chatter continues) I need an IV drip over here.
I got it.
Man: Keep it elevated.
(man coughing) - (man #2 snarling) - (handcuffs rattling) Aw, damn.
(snarling) (gun cocks) Ofelia put something in the coffee last night, a powder.
What? What kind of powder was it? She didn't know.
- You're sure about that? - Yeah.
Alicia: Her coming back here, the bruises It was just all bullshit.
It was a hit on the militia.
He's burning up.
We have antibiotics, but without knowing exactly what it is Give him the antibiotics.
Keep him alive.
Ofelia: I know what you think of me.
Yeah, I doubt it.
Just drive.
It wasn't supposed to kill.
It was just supposed to make the soldiers sick.
Well, you missed that mark.
So our people could come in unopposed without bloodshed.
Your people? We used to be your people.
Nick was your friend.
He shouldn't have joined the Ottos.
Listen to you.
Set a world record for Stockholm syndrome.
I'm not brainwashed.
Nick might die.
Do you get that? Do you care? He treated you like family.
The Nation's my family now.
Yeah, well, let's see how bad they want you back.
(distant man shouts) - (bell rings) - Man: It's her! I wanna talk to Walker! I'm okay.
I'm okay.
He's in the diner.
Let's go, walk.
Get the door.
- (rings) - (Madison mutters) Madison Clark.
You killed my husband.
Now your pet's poisoned my son.
The ranch broke the parley, not me.
It was me.
I broke your parley 'cause you had my girl.
I wasn't gonna lose her and I won't lose my son.
- What was the poison? - I told you when we met.
You bought into a lost cause.
- The Ottos are - I don't give a shit! I don't care what you think about Otto or his son.
I don't give a damn about the feud or what you think about me.
Do you care whether you live? Oh, I'm happy to die, take you with me.
Unless you tell me what's killing my son.
Cultivated from animal hides.
There's no cure.
This woman is more of a man than Jake Otto or any of his relatives.
She's free to leave.
How old is your son? He's 19.
If he's strong, he'll live.
My fight is not with you, Madison.
Leave the ranch.
Take your family and go.
We've fought too hard, lost too much.
We're not running anymore.
Then you'll die.
(snarling) Oh, my God.
Well, hello, angel.
(snarling) (grunts) (infected snarling) (snarling) (Victor shouts) (grunts) (gun cocks) (panting) (chatter) (coughing) Morning, sunshine.
It's kind of like old times.
It's anthrax.
Did Ofelia tell you? No, I returned her to the Black Hat.
Walker told me.
Those who don't die will be too weak to hold a gun.
They'll attack while we're down.
Well, at least we know what we're dealing with.
All right, well, gather what's left of the militia.
Jake, there's not much besides me.
Just do what the hell you can, Troy.
Do something.
- Recruit the able-bodied.
- Jake: Madison, I'm talking to my brother.
- You don't lead this ranch.
- Jake You don't lead this ranch! (clears throat) Always the life of the party, Mom.
How you feeling, son? Like I got hit by a truck.
Madison's right.
Arm up everyone who's not sick.
We can talk to Walker.
We can Talk? Talk is cheap without something to offer.
And we already gave them our water reserves.
War is the last resort.
But we're there.
We have no leverage.
I know a way we can get some.
It's good to be home! Jake: There, come here.
Put your head there we go.
- (woman exhales) - Head in.
Is that better? Yeah? (labored breathing) (sighs) Hey.
How you feeling? Better.
Fluids really helped, actually.
I think I'm ready to get out of this bed.
- Can you uncuff me? - No, can't risk it, Nick.
I'm not gonna turn.
I actually think other people might need this bed more, like maybe you.
No, no, I'm I'm fine.
It's nothing.
- Hey, you're sick.
- Shh.
- Trade places with me.
- No.
- Rest.
- People can't see me suffering right now.
They need me.
You're a good guy, Jake.
(people coughing) Look, I can't be strapped to a cot when we're attacked, all right? Take the bed, don't take the bed.
Can you please just let me outta here? Hey, don't get up too fast.
- (exhales) - (handcuffs rattling) Where's your father? Don't bother with him.
He won't help.
He's burying the dead.
(tape ripping) Nick, he's gonna disappoint you.
Guy's got his demons.
I'm not his judge.
All this, this hell we're in, it's all because of him.
- (flies buzzing) - (men grunt) - All right, ready? - Yeah.
(both grunting) (insects chirping) - (chatter) - (dog barking) (knock on door) The Clarks took me in.
I cared about them, cared about Nick.
You volunteered for what you did.
You didn't tell me it was anthrax.
You turned me into a killer.
You saved lives by what you did at the ranch.
You saved the entire Nation.
Here's what I know.
When I found you burned up in the desert, I almost passed you for dead.
- Why didn't you? - My horse stopped.
He sensed your spirit.
When I got close, I felt your breath.
I knew he was right.
Smart horse.
Smarter than me.
Here was a woman who had faced death and wasn't afraid.
That's why I brought you here.
You saved my life.
The debt is paid.
(distant dog barking) Woman: Fire! Fire! - (people shouting) - (dogs barking) - (shouting continues) - Man: Hurry! Hurry! We're gonna go through all the water reserves, this rate.
- (gunfire) - (grunts) (gunfire continues) - (engine revs) - Come on.
Alicia: Go! Go, go, go, go, go! (grunts) (clangs) Jesus, look at you, standing there looking like some kind of ghoul.
You shot up my floor.
You said it had blood in it.
Did I? I was in my cups.
I I've been known to wax metaphoric.
Who is this? That's a long story.
Tell it to me.
Well when Jake and Troy were young boys, the local Indian tribe decided that the ranch belonged to them.
Sacred land or some sort of bullshit.
Wasn't bullshit to them, huh? They sold the land to my family, got a square deal, but none of that stopped them young bucks from making trouble.
Young bucks.
Thugs, derelicts.
Nothing better to do than steal from me and kill my cattle.
I had two small children and a terrified wife.
- So you killed one of them.
- No.
We killed three of them Phil, Russell, Vernon, and me.
We camped out among the herd one night, and when the Indians come up on us Well, one of them turns out to be Walker's uncle.
Him? This is Walker's uncle? No.
That son of a bitch is Walker's father.
He come by to find out what happened to his brother.
Single shot did the trick.
When we were fixing up the adobe and I was listening to your bullshit, I just thought you were some wizened AA cowboy.
Did I hurt your feelings, son? - Oh - I'm truly sorry.
You were just making sure those bodies stayed buried, huh? They better stay buried.
You're a guest here, son.
Get right with the past or get off my land.
It's their land.
The land belongs to whoever can hold it.
The Indians couldn't, gave it up for beer money.
I held it, I hold it, so it's mine.
Well, the Indians are coming.
And Walker is coming for you.
So, I guess we'll see who can hold the land then.
- Dad.
- I know, I know.
(distant engines revving) What the hell is this? Troy: Bargaining power so Jake can make a deal.
Well, I'm not sure they're in a negotiating mood.
Walker values these relics.
It's a trailer full of rocks and beads and bullshit.
You scared, Jeremiah? Better be careful, son.
You may not like my hospitality, but I guarantee you you'll find it better than theirs.
- Does Jake know? - I think he suspects.
- It doesn't change anything.
- It changes everything.
- We're on the wrong side.
- Sides don't matter.
The only thing that matters is a future.
A future built on this.
Mom, I get what they did to Travis - No, it's not about that.
- I know you want to protect us from that.
And I'm with you, I am.
But there has be some things, some line we don't cross.
Otherwise, we're just like Otto.
Otto's alive.
Troy's alive.
Troy's alive because we lied for him.
What? He killed the Trimbols.
You knew? - Alicia - Gretchen was an innocent.
And you covered for her killer? All your talk about family? I know it's hard to understand.
It's impossible to understand! You're just like them.
You're worse! - You're heartless! - Don't say that.
- You don't have feelings! - Alicia No wonder Dad was so depressed! He was living with a goddamn corpse! Enough! If I wasn't busy keeping everyone else alive, I would have time for feelings.
I'd love that luxury.
I'd love to indulge myself.
But someone has to be strong.
Someone has to keep everyone else together.
You have no idea what I carry.
(radio static hissing) (electronic squealing) (man singing in Russian) Hello? Hello? (man speaking Russian) Hello, this is Cosmonaut Valery Stepanovich Vashchenko - of the spacecraft Soyuz.
- Holy sh holy shit.
Hello? Are you there? Do you read? Hello? This is Victor Strand in Baja, California.
I read you loud and clear.
Uh, do you know what's happened in North America, Mr.
Vashchenko? North America? You sound like an American, my friend, thinking everything happens only to him.
So, it's not just here? I saw the lights go out on the world three days before my scheduled reentry.
A dramatic show.
I speak to you from my grave.
I'm sorry.
At least you got to go to space.
I doubt that anyone else will have the opportunity.
I would give it all up for one last glass of vodka.
How about champagne? "I'm dying.
Haven't had champagne in a long time.
" Chekhov.
His final words.
"Either this wallpaper goes, or I do.
" - Wilde.
- Yes! (laughs) Uh "Born in a hotel room and God damn it died in a hotel room.
" Valery: O'Neill! Yes.
"Last words are for fools who have not said enough.
" Marx.
Karl Marx.
Tell me about your champagne, Victor Strand.
It's a a 1985 Dom Perignon vintage.
Hello? Mr.
Vashchenko? You are breaking up, my friend.
The world turns.
- (static hissing) - (indistinct dialogue) The world is dead.
Nah, the world will not die until you die.
Do not wait for your deathbed to enjoy your champagne, Victor.
Have a glass for me.
- (electronic squealing) - (static crackling) Mr.
Vashchenko? (sobs softly) (static hissing) Dosvedanya.
Your artifacts are unharmed.
Why have you thrown in with this trash? Explain that to me.
You can't always choo your people.
Madison: We can end this, you and me.
We return your artifacts to you, share what we have.
In return, peace.
We keep the ranch.
This is Indian land.
It's soaked in Indian blood.
Jeremiah Otto had his time.
That time is over.
I learned about your fight with the Ottos today from my son.
He gave me something for your collection.
I understand this is your father.
Where did your son find this? Buried under the old adobe.
I've been thinking on my ancestors since you stole the reliquary.
It's not enough.
This isn't my father.
This is an old white man's shame.
He doesn't care about the relics.
He wants the ranch.
We have until sundown tomorrow to clear out.
Or die.
(waves crashing) (exhales) (explosion) (crickets chirping) You two have never been to Montgomery.
No, you never took us.
Not even when your mom died.
There was a man there.
A local councilman.
And he had a beautiful wife and they had a lonesome little girl.
The girl knew everybody loved her daddy.
Just they loved him 'cause he knew everyone's name, all their kids' names, who went off to what college, who was recovering from what illness.
And he knew when to burn the ballot boxes.
And which ones to burn.
But what he didn't know, what he never could learn was when to turn down a drink.
So, life was hard for the little girl.
It was harder for her mother.
As she grew, she got tired.
Tired of the crying.
Goddamn exhausted icing her mother's face.
Pulling out stitches 'cause her mama didn't wanna go back to the emergency room.
She just got tired.
One morning, she ate her cereal.
She brushed her teeth for school.
She took the gun out of her daddy's dresser.
She shot him.
Shot him while he slept off the night before.
My mama looked at me then like you're looking at me now.
I knew that was something I'd have to carry.
I'd do it again.
I'd live with the look.
I'd do it a thousand times to protect her.
To protect you.
Mom I'm gonna go talk to an old man, convince him to set aside his pride, make peace with the enemy.
(insects chirping) Madison: You're gonna hole up in here.
Still not much for knocking, huh? (hammer banging) I'm going Alamo, Madison.
Last line of defense.
I built this house as a A hold-out in case we ever were overrun or under siege.
Could be both.
I got supplies and weapons in the basement.
Your family's welcome to hole up here - if it ever comes to it.
- When it comes to it.
Want a drink? Come on, drink with me.
Come on.
(chuckles, grunts) I wanna thank you for standing by my boys and by Troy, and for trying to stop what's coming.
Ah! That's good.
Told Jake I couldn't come to an agreement with Walker.
That was a lie.
There is one way to secure the peace.
He probably wants my scalp, huh? (laughs) What? You you here to kill me, Madison? I took you in, you and your kids when you were in need.
You ate off of my table.
I counseled your son stopped him from chasing tail down to Mexico.
I'm not gonna kill you, Jeremiah, for all the reasons you said.
Plus I think it'd disappoint my kids.
I'm tired of disappointing them.
So you're gonna do it.
Well I didn't outlive Phil and Russell and two good women to die like some rabbit with no resistance.
Walker has us surrounded with firepower.
If you don't do this, you lose the ranch.
(chuckles) Well the ranch wasn't meant to shelter cowards scared of a few Indians.
No, it was meant to be your legacy.
If you don't do this, you lose that.
Everyone dies.
Including your sons.
(scoffs) It's your chance, Jeremiah, to make things up to them Every neglect, every drunken rage.
- You can save their lives.
- To hell with them.
One's a feckless crybaby, and the other one's a A chip off the old block.
To hell with both of them.
Now go on, get outta here.
Leave me alone.
No, my kids aren't gonna die 'cause some old prick has too much hate and pride to do the right thing.
Then kill me! But your kids are here because this old prick had the balls to do what needed doing.
(door opens) Man, don't anybody knock? Here he is.
Still clinging to his mama's teat.
You know what your mama came here to do tonight, hmm? (laughs) The reason why I like her so much, the reason she's tougher than you'll ever be is because she is exactly like - (gunshot) - (shell clinks) - (gun thuds) - (grunts) I want you to do exactly as I say.
(both panting) (crying) No Hey.
("Stand By Me" playing) When the night Has come And the land is dark And the moon Is the only Light we see No, I won't Be afraid Oh I won't be afraid Just as long As you stand Stand by me If the sky That we look upon Should tumble and fall Or the mountains Should crumble To the sea I won't cry I won't cry No I won't shed a tear Just as long As you stand Stand by me Stand by me If the sky That we look upon Should tumble and fall Or the mountains Should crumble To the sea Stand by me I won't cry I won't cry No I won't shed a tear Just as long As you stand
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