Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s03e09 Episode Script

Minotaur / The Diviner

1 Previously on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" The ranch broke the parlay, not me.
It was me.
I broke your parlay 'cause you had my girl.
You turned me into a killer.
You saved lives by what you did at the ranch.
You saved the entire nation.
We have to defend this ranch with our lives.
MAN: Troy's alive because we lied for him.
He killed the Trimbols.
There is one way to secure the peace.
You here to kill me, Madison? ("DEATH IS NOT THE END" PLAYING) (WIND BLOWING) When you're sad and when you're lonely And you haven't got a friend Just remember that death is not the end And all that you held sacred Fallsown and does not mend Just remember that death is not the end Not the end Not the end Just remember that death is not the end (ALL GROWLING) For the tree of life is growing Where the spirit never dies And the bright light of salvation Up in dark and empty skies (DOG BARKING) When the cities are on fire With the burning flesh of men Just remember that death is not the end When you search in vain to find - Some law-abiding citizen - (MUTTERS) Just remember that death is not the end (GRUNTING) (DOG BARKING) Stop daydreaming, Clark.
- (CROW CAWS) - Burn them.
Can't let them ruin the soil.
(COUGHING) - You okay? - (WATER DRIPPING) Yeah, right as rain.
Just need coffee.
(SIGHS) (SNIFFLES) You're pale.
It's worse in the morning.
BLAKE: Another 24 hours, they would've made it to the interior.
No bueno.
TROY: Yeah, we start coming out every day.
NICK: Back this afternoon, mend these fences.
You do a lot of fence-mending back in the city of Los Angeles, poet? (MEN LAUGHING) I'm no poet.
All that angst and suffering you got the soul of a poet.
It's not a negative, Nick.
Poets kill the same as anyone.
Here we go.
This is wrong.
- JAKE: Troy, this isn't the time.
What are you talking about? It's the perfect time.
She's got no right to be here.
She has every right.
Ofelia's a hero to my people.
We're here because of what she did.
Man, do you really wanna rub my face in that shit, Taqa? Is that smart? If you can't accept her, how can you accept any of us? We accept her.
We accept the Nation here under negotiated terms No, no, we don't.
We don't accept.
We tolerate, all right? So, let's just - JAKE: That's enough, Troy.
- smoke a peace pipe or whatever sanctifies these proceedings - and let's just - JAKE: That's enough! - What's it gonna be, Troy? - God damn it, enough! (CHUCKLES) How many feel as Troy does? JAKE: Some.
Most are loyal to survival.
They don't care who provides it.
This is our militia's arsenal.
Inventory down to the last bullet.
WALKER: Is it secure? Two keys.
One for you, one for me.
The only way one of us can access is with the other present.
(KEYS CLINKING) We can make this work, Taqa.
We can survive together.
I'm hell and gone from okay.
I wanna dig him up.
I wanna dig him up and kill him again.
What he left us with.
He left us with what's best.
Yeah? You you think this is best? He saved people.
He was a hero.
He was a drunk.
I lost my dad, too, so I do know what it's like living with that.
Yeah? He go pre-apoc? He off himself? He wrecked his truck on the freeway coming home from a worksite.
Cops said he fell asleep at the wheel.
You don't believe that.
I think he chose it.
Was it a closed casket? Why? Otto's casket, it was closed.
I don't know, you you think these assholes, they'd consider what the consequences were, right? What people have to witness.
What remains.
No one carries tonight.
I won't go in there without it.
Then don't.
Go home.
MAN: Let's see your belt.
MAN 2: What's that in your pocket? Can you tell her that I don't bite? I don't know your appetites.
Your mama name you Crazy Dog? No, my platoon.
Is this how it's gonna be, man.
I don't like it either, but this is what Walker wants.
It's what Jake wants.
(CHATTERING) How's he doing? Better.
Lying's not useful, Alicia.
He got over the poisoning.
He recovered from that.
It's JAKE: I understand that.
Look, you can get sick treating people with anthrax.
He'll recover.
Well, take care of him.
You do the same.
What does that mean? It doesn't help Jake or the peace if you back channel with Walker.
I don't.
Lying's not useful, Mom.
We've all suffered loss.
But we can't dwell on that and move forward.
We can't hold grudges and forgive.
This place has always been about building a better future.
And if we share our supplies, and our skills, we can have that.
In a generation, we can be whole.
That's what this place should be.
You are afraid.
As afraid of us as we are of you.
Fear creates fury.
Fury lets blood.
No more of that.
Jake is right.
We must forgive.
My grudge died when Jeremiah made his sacrifice.
We can be one now.
We can fight against the hell outside.
Give that our fear, our fury.
- (INSECTS CHIRPING) - (OWLS HOOTING) (KNOCKS) (DOOR OPENS) You gonna hide up here all night? I killed people, Nick.
People with family down there.
Glad you survived it.
So, do you feel guilt? (SCOFFS) Not as much as I thought.
I guess I am my father's daughter, huh? How about you? For what? Do you feel guilt for the things you've done? We're not so different, you and I, Nick.
(CHATTER) You want a drink? It's not a date, Taqa.
It should be a wake.
People drink at wakes.
(CHATTER CONTINUES) WALKER: If he falls, who rises? I thought you were in charge.
The other brother is not an option.
I'm aware.
You're prepared to handle him? If it comes to that.
We're sleeping with the enemy, brother.
They killed Gretchen.
Well, Walker denies that.
TERRANCE: You think he'd tell you? They're here with us and we have to live with them.
We were at war, now we're not.
Just get right with that, brother.
First Phil, then the Trimbols.
Then they damn near wipe us all out.
Makes you wonder who they're coming after next.
Gretchen was good.
Yeah, she was.
- (SHOVEL SCRAPING) - (WIND BLOWING) (INSECTS CHIRPING) You can join me if you'd like.
Why aren't your people with you? Exhumations are unseemly.
I never told them what I did.
It's best they don't witness this.
Dead should stay buried.
Desecration would anger them.
I do want peace, Alicia.
You need to look to Jake for that.
Not my mother.
Your mother does what's necessary.
(OUTSIDE CHATTER) - (CHATTERING) - All right, get up.
Infected don't wait.
How's the coffee, Troy? (MEN LAUGHING) Terrance, no! - (GUNSHOT) - (GROANS) (WOMAN SCREAMS) - MAN: Whoa, hey.
- (CHOKING) - (GRUNTING) - (TERRANCE COUGHING) (CHOKING) - WALKER: That's enough! - MAN: Someone stop him.
He thought you killed his friend.
I don't care about circumstances, I care about protecting my people.
His throat is crushed and we can't fix that.
He's gonna asphyxiate.
What if others follow his example? His example? He's dying.
Nobody's gonna follow Terrance.
I promise you that.
Can you? Who spit poison in that boy's ear last night? - No one needed to.
- My people will arm.
Then this place becomes a shooting gallery! It already has.
I don't believe in guilt by association, but my people are more important.
Give me the second key, Jake.
I can't do that, Taqa.
We take the weapons when we need to protect the ranch from the outside.
You owe your lives to my mercy.
Don't test me.
You're here because my father took his life to preserve peace.
Do not test me.
- Give him the key, Jake.
- What are you doing? MADISON: They'll control the weapons, all of them.
We'll sweep the ranch for the rest.
That makes us prisoners on our own land, Madison.
Better than the alternative.
(KNOCKS) (DISTANT CHATTER) What is it, Coop? We need any weapons you have, Mrs.
How it has to be.
(CHATTER CONTINUES) NICK: Troy is not gonna go easily.
Reason for you to stay down here.
No, you're not taking this on, okay? I can watch him.
Is that what this is, Nick? Keeping a watchful eye? - You're not obligated.
- I am obligated to you and Alicia and to the people here.
There are good people on both sides.
I know what you're carrying.
I know you took that on for me, but if Troy finds out, he will hurt you.
(CHATTER) (KNOCKING) How the sheep treating you, Blake? You like the flock? I'm keeping the peace, Troy.
Well, that's one pussy-ass rationalization.
We need to search your house.
Well, you live here, Madison, so, you know, you don't have to beg entry.
We need your weapons, Troy.
You know where they'll be and you know they'll be safe.
(SCOFFS) Oh, what about my safety? I mean, asshole here is dying for a shot.
Hand him a little firewater, he'll start blasting.
Am I wrong, Kemosabe? Kemosabe is the Lone Ranger's Indian name.
- You mean Tonto.
- No offense.
None taken.
Come on, man, you don't wanna die on your doorstep.
This is where he died.
Right here.
- (CLATTERING) - You ever, uh you ever spill blood on unsealed wood, Nick? It's porous.
It just, uh, absorbs.
I had to burn what wouldn't come clean.
Search upstairs.
No, don't do that.
- Whoa, whoa.
- No, Nick.
- Troy.
- Get out of the way.
- CRAZY DOG: Take it easy.
- TROY: Come on.
WALKER: Hold your fire.
Stand down! Walker, have your men stand down.
Nick, get out of the way.
Troy, you're making this so easy for them.
- (GUNSHOT) - Get out! - Get out.
- NICK: All of you just go, okay? I got it.
- I got it.
- Nick.
- Okay.
- MADISON: Just back out the door.
- Go downstairs, get away from the door.
- Let's go.
We go in front and back, me and five brothers.
Quick work of it.
You attack, it's only gonna make it worse.
Give me a chance to talk him down.
You can't control your son.
He was defending me.
He sided with a sociopath who you also can't control.
I can fix this! Let me.
MAN: Where do you want us? Tell your men to hold off.
That's my son.
Troy, what are you doing? We're gonna be a beacon in the darkness and do what my father should've done.
Jeremiah made sure we survived.
No, he wanted more than that.
He wanted to build something.
That's what we're doing right now.
That's why he allowed this.
So we can all live in perfect harmony, except it doesn't work like that, Nick.
We regress into our own.
- That is human nature.
- He tried to break from that in the end.
Why are you in this, Nick, huh? Huh? We lead and others will follow.
No one's gonna follow.
Troy, the people out there, they just wanna live.
We head upstairs and we snipe them from up there.
This ends bad, man.
Well, this was always how it was gonna end, Nick.
What, you you think you were gonna die in your sleep with a wet-dream smile on your face? Co on, you love this, too.
Pick up your rifle.
This doesn't have to be our fate.
Hey, I am gonna die the way my father did.
That's that's apt.
Listen, Troy, my father, right, he died for nothing.
Don't do that to Jeremiah.
This is not what he wanted.
Why why do you care? Why do you care what Jeremiah wants? What do you care what happens to me? - (SIGHS) - Take your rifle.
- Come on.
- (RUSTLING, CLATTERS) Here we go.
It's me! It's me.
This isn't the way, Troy.
The ranch is looking to you right now.
I hope they are.
I hope they follow! They turned over their weapons.
No one's following.
See, you can still get out of this.
You're assuming that I want to.
Lay your weapons down.
Come out.
And then what, huh? There's no way back from that.
We we give up our guns, that is total surrender.
This is survival.
Oh, come on, you just wanna save your son, Madison.
I wanna save both of you! I want you with me.
(GUNFIRE) MADISON: What the hell was that?! Son of a bitch! - Hit 'em hard, hit 'em hard! - Come on, come on, come on! Move! - (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) - (GLASS SHATTERING) - Let's go, let's go.
- No.
- It's over.
- I can make a fist.
If I can make a fist, I can fire a gun.
And if I can fire a gun I can kill.
Oh, you're so beautiful.
What? You're the last person I thought would have my back.
And I don't mind dying.
Really, I don't.
It's good to have company.
Yeah? You may have backed the wrong horse.
- (GUNFIRE) - I don't want you to die! You definitely backed the wrong horse.
Troy, think about your brother, man, this place, your father.
I think we're at the point-of- no-return territory now.
Throw the gun out the window.
We can still walk out of here.
It's too late for that, man.
We tried truces already.
- Are you ready? - No.
Don't go weak-kneed on me.
Troy, nothing good comes from this.
I'm taking some back.
TROY: Come on, asshole! Jeremiah sacrificed himself for this place! Don't ruin that, Troy! Don't take that from him! It's in or out, Nick.
It's in or out.
Is that it, huh? Let it rain, assholes! - Let it rain! - (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) (BOTH GRUNTING) We surrender! We surrender! Don't ruin this, Nick! Don't ruin it! MAN: Cease fire! Cease fire! (SCREAMS) - (PANTING) - Now I'm pissed.
Now I'm beyond pissed.
MAN: We're coming in! - (GRUNTING) - (BANGING) Hey, Troy you're right.
Your father, he didn't wanna take his own life.
Don't make me shoot you, Nick.
He was gonna let everybody die - (BANGING CONTINUES) - out of spite.
He lost his mind with drink but he didn't kill himself.
I killed him.
Peace cannot exist without justice.
The boy who hurt your man His name is John Hogan.
The boy who hurt John Hogan is gonna be dead soon.
We have to deal with Troy, I know that.
He will never accept my people.
(SIGHS) Troy has to go.
But you can't martyr him.
That's fair.
- My son.
- Your son has to answer for what he did.
He joined Troy.
He made that choice.
And he convinced Troy to surrender.
How did he manage that? Who gives a shit? He saved lives.
He protected our peace.
Ends justify means.
There can be consequences, but he stays here.
Nick lives.
Indian blade.
(CHUCKLES) If I had a matching pair, I'd be Jesus.
So, uh, am I? Am I gonna be crucified? You'll be tested in the wasteland.
That supposed to be a punishment? You can't come back.
Yeah, I understand.
And I I don't blame you.
Never, Troy.
I won't fight it.
I won't, but, uh I need Madison to take me.
Why? Well, you really trust Walker with my life? No, I'll go with you.
No, no, no, no.
No, you're not up to it.
Madison will protect me, and, uh I trust her, so.
WALKER: Provisions to ensure this isn't a death sentence.
One knife, one gun, one bullet.
What am I gonna do with one bullet? We chose exile over execution.
If you find the latter less onerous MADISON: You swear he'll be okay? He will suffer, he will live, he might wake.
(CHUCKLES) She got a way, don't she? White Witch of the Apocalypse.
Let's go, Troy.
So, let me get this straight you don't kill me now? Don't tempt me.
I'd love to.
But you gotta do what the woman says.
You're being banished from your land.
And you don't think I can find my way back? You won't do that to your brother.
(CHUCKLES) You know what, you are what my father would call a real, goddamn Pandora.
Cut him loose.
(DOOR ALARM BEEPING) What's your name, chief? Klah Jackson.
What does that mean? - Left-handed.
- And are you? No.
- It's lucky that I'm a righty 'cause - (CAR DOOR CLOSES) Crazy Dog, he did a number on my left.
- No more killing.
(SNIFFS) You hit your quota? Just get your pack and go now.
I don't wanna kill you.
Is that guilt? What? I know what you did.
He had to die.
(SCOFFS) And you you let your son shoot him? It should've been me.
And why wasn't it? Huh? What stopped you? I mean, what's what's stopping you now? (BOTH GRUNTING) God Troy.
- I thought you were cold-blooded.
- (GRUNTS) You still got sentiment left.
Your father wanted to let all the people die.
He wanted to let you die.
You know we could've fought, we could've won.
He could've banished himself.
He could've done what you're doing.
(PANTING) I don't surrender, Madison.
I don't surrender.
(GRUNTS) Troy.
(SPITS) I thought you said you wanted me with you.
Don't make me.
You said you needed me.
Please! I'm tired.
I'm so tired.
(SIGHS) Okay.
It's the eyes.
They just kind of they don't look at anything.
They just stare at the space between atoms.
- Water.
- Are you you thirsty, killer? I'm not that.
You're you're not what? You're not thirsty? So, uh, was Otto your first? I killed him to save us.
Wow, you really think you saved us? I saved you.
I don't think so.
There's no air.
Who did you save? Please.
(WIND WHISTLING) Oh, I'm only playing.
I got the key.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's the password? Troy, I'm dying.
(SIGHS) I owe you.
That's it.
Come on.
Come on.
Otto knew this was happening? He was documenting it.
A fraud to the end.
MADISON: He had to have a plan B.
No one can know how bad this is.
The peace is too fragile.
Maybe there's another aquifer we can tap to.
No, this is it.
My scouts reported a trading post.
A couple days' drive from here, near Mexicali.
Hear you can get almost anything.
It's a lot to buy.
MADISON: We want to secure a backup supply of water in case it's a hot summer.
We'll only be gone a couple of days.
In the interim, we impose ranch-wide rationing.
We shut off all pumps, irrigation, RV lines, and taps.
WALKER: Even the one up at the adobe.
So, everyone gets their water from the main well? That's right.
Two gallons per person per day.
We're releasing guns to you and two deputies.
Maintain the peace.
(ENGINE STARTS) He seems better.
I'll watch Nick while you're gone.
Thank you.
I know I ask a lot of you, but There's more.
Tell me.
There's only about six weeks' worth of water left.
The austerity will help, right? That's with the austerity.
Alicia, no one can know.
If they do, this all goes to hell.
And if it does, you and your brother need to get out.
Things go sideways, you need to be ready.
(ZIPPER ZIPS) Come here.
You've always been the strong one.
Take it, baby.
Come on.
Take it.
(CANTEEN CLATTERING) You get out soon.
I gotta go away for a couple of days.
(WHEEZING) I'm not leaving until I know you're okay.
(SIGHS) Oh, I'm so sorry.
I love you.
(SIGHS) Don't guzzle it.
You'll puke it up.
(DISTANT CHATTER) (EXHALES) You messed up like Troy or just another follower? Who do you think talked him down? Get up.
Come on, sit up.
I'm gonna keep an eye on you.
- You think wrong and I'll know about it.
That's all you get.
Why? They're rationing ranch-wide.
Everything's shut off but the main well.
(JUG THUDS) - Didn't Mom tell you? - Mm, it was hot.
Well, she and Walker have gone to find water.
You okay? Salt your water.
- PAT: It's not enough, Jake.
- It's just for now.
It's temporary.
I'm twice the size of anybody here.
I piss two gallons in the morning.
We're gonna get the same amount of water? JAKE: Two gallons per person per day.
That's standard.
PAT: I don't need to shower, wash my damn clothes, but my horse needs five gallons, not to mention the cattle.
- Eight gallons, minimum.
- That's if they're dry.
If they're milking cows, they're gonna need twice as much.
Did you all come here to gang up on hm? PAT: We don't like being dictated to by outsiders.
Oh, that's how you feel? There are the stairs.
Walk out.
Walk to the gate and keep going, you don't like the circumstances, but I promise you they're goddamn worse out there.
(SIGHS) Everything is gonna be fine.
Jake has this.
He lost his brother, he lost his father to make sure you weren't kicked out or killed.
Trust that.
Trust him.
- We're good.
- Good.
All right.
- Right? - Yeah.
We'll make it work.
We'll make it work.
MADISON: Alicia, are you there? Over.
- ALICIA: Mom.
- Hey, is Nick out? Uh, yeah.
He's dehydrated but okay.
- How's the ranch taking it? - They're pissed.
People are suspicious and paranoid.
If we if we don't find anything tomorrow, we're turning around.
No, don't.
Everything will be fine.
Um I'll reach out if there's a crisis.
I'll call you this time tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- (STATIC CRACKLES) You stand between your children and the sun.
Excuse me? I bet you even apologized to your son for his punishment.
Do you have kids? I have three beautiful dogs.
Talk to me when you have children.
Bruce, one of my dogs dead now got into a fight with a big dog.
I stuck my hand in to save him.
And Bruce bit me.
Only time he ever did.
I see things in a whole new light now.
Thanks for that.
(PANTING) We're not here to hurt you.
What do you want? To say thank you.
BLAKE: We were ready to roll over, and then you and Troy sacked up.
They may not say it out there, but what you did in here meant a lot.
You're welcome.
Everyone thinks the militia's dead now that Troy left, but it's not.
We're ready to fight if you are.
Well, look, we need guns we don't have.
I think it's best we keep a low profile.
Thought you'd say something like that.
Brought you a gift.
This is the last free gun on the ranch.
If anyone deserves this, it's you.
We'll talk more mañana.
(CHATTER) Here, drink this.
(CUP THUDS) WOMAN: It's okay, honey.
- Shit.
- What? She came through once this morning.
- They're double-dipping.
- You positive? I know what I saw.
We gotta do something.
Should we offer them water? I think we might offend our hosts.
: Make your way to the vendor entrance to receive credentials.
- All weapons must be surrendered - Xiè xiè.
at the secure checkpoint.
- (GUARD SPEAKING SPANISH) - Uh, inglés, por favor.
Surrender your weapons, slow.
Welcome to the bazaar, safe market in unsafe times.
- How do we buy water? - Trade for it inside if you can cover the price of admission.
What do you have to exchange? That an LQ-101 long distance radio? - Uh, it's not for trade.
- Buy you two days inside.
Alicia, are you there? Over.
129 credits.
Less parking, entrance, and security fees.
No way! No! (SPEAKING SPANISH) (CONTINUES IN SPANISH) (PEOPLE SHOUTING IN SPANISH) (MAN 2 SPEAKING SPANISH) where the men and ladies don't bite unless you want us to.
You know what I mean? (NEEDLE BUZZING) (MUSIC CONTINUES) (INSECTS CHIRPING) You the bodyguard? Maybe.
Who's watching out for you? (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) You wanna come in? I wanna get ahead of something.
I heard some of your people went through the water line twice.
I heard we let you stay on our land, that you're lucky to be alive.
I'm just trying to keep the peace.
What Walker wanted.
(CHUCKLES) CRAZY DOG: She hiked up here in her little boots to remind us what Walker wants.
Do you have proof? Names? I think we should impose some kind of system to make sure people aren't going through twice.
We have one, Alicia.
I oversaw the exchange myself.
Nobody from the Nation went through twice.
Easy mistake to make.
- We all look the same to you.
- That's not what this is about.
I don't want things to boil over.
- I heard your militia's rebuilding.
- There is no militia.
You killed it.
If you really want peace, control your own people first.
BLAKE: It's just a matter of time before the Nation slaughters us in our sleep.
- We need to fight.
- We need to finish what Troy started.
- Take back what's ours.
- Coop, they have the guns.
- And they haven't hurt us.
- Yet.
You know, first the land, then the guns, now they're double-dipping.
You don't gotta be a damn genius to see how this is trending.
You, you're the one that stood up with Troy, right? All I'm saying is if we attack first, we're gonna end up just like Troy, okay? He moved too soon.
That's why he's out there and we're in here.
No one is saying give up, but we do need to wait.
COOP: How long? - What's the threshold? - We're at it.
If they take anything else, then we need to be ready to stop them.
(SNIFFS) You asshole.
I thought we were trying to prevent this from happening.
If I have it, it means they can't use it.
And what if Crazy Dog finds it?! It's not gonna be the hot box again, Nick.
Look, they're just backed into a corner, you know? Scared.
Enough to get themselves killed, and they think that I'm this hero who stood up against the Indians.
And you like that they think that? No.
But they're listening to me.
They're only listening to you because they don't know the truth.
What happens when they find out what you and Mom did? The second she called Otto's death a suicide I knew.
Was it Mom? (SNIFFS) I was upset I wasn't a part of it.
How shitty is that? But then I felt relieved because what a burden it is being Mom's favorite.
- I didn't do it for her.
- No? Then who did you do it for? If you didn't do it for her, then you did it for the ranch, for these people, and you're not that kind of person.
Look at what killing got us, Nick.
Look at what it's done to you.
We're alive.
We keep trying to make her love us.
She's broken.
(SIGHS) Mom, you there? Over.
(QUIETLY) I don't wanna be the strong one anymore.
- How thirsty are you? - 10,000 gallons thirsty.
(SCOFFS) No one has that.
I can scrape together half.
It'll be all I got.
What do you have to offer? Oh, hoo, hoo! But this, my friend, not enough.
There's a dozen more where that came from.
(SPEAKING CHINESE) - I think we can work something out.
- MAN: Hey! All right! - MARIA: How soon would you like me - I can fix this! - to get you the precious water? - Get off of me! You tell me (GRUNTS) - Holy shit, Victor.
- Ow! - What did he do? - Madison, stop.
Whatever he broke, I can fix it.
Madison, please, they'll hurt you.
If you two are in the wrong with Proctor John, no deal.
I like my skull where it is, thank you.
- Proctor who? - (SPEAKING CHINESE) (GRUNTING) (GASPING) Come on.
Come on, come! Got a safe place for us.
(SIGHING) - How much trouble are you in? - How much loot you have in that pack? - It's supplies.
- You were making a deal with Maria Lu, - so I know it's something shiny.
- Stop deflecting! Why are they trying to kill you? - It's not our concern.
- Answer me, Victor.
He's in debt to the ruler of this place.
Who is this handsome man you're traveling with? - Qaletaqa Walker.
- Victor Strand.
We should leave now.
All right, we just need to get back to the truck and we can get out of here.
Unfortunately, no one leaves until their debts are paid.
WALKER: We have no debt.
(SIGHS) You're trapped here.
I made one rash, stupid decision that compromised me, but I will overcome it, as I do.
Was this your big plan when you refused to leave the hotel? No.
I reconnected with an old friend.
controls a dam near Tijuana.
He wasn't as fond of me as I was of him.
- A dam? - You don't wanna go there.
Do they wanna kill you, too? People either love me or hate me, Mr.
Never indifference.
But there's a good damn reason why I'm still here.
That's a yes.
All right, we just need to rest.
Come on, we'll find our way through this tomorrow.
- Fine.
- (CHUCKLES) Fine.
But the bed is mine.
- ALICIA: It's not a lot, but - She was sick last week.
It's kind of impossible.
Put it back.
What are you gonna do, turn me over to the Nation? Now.
You know they're doing it, too.
Hey, stop! What are you doing? - You're taking twice your share.
- Stop! - She took my water! - Stop.
Let go! - It's stealing.
- Let go.
- You're taking twice you share.
- She's a damn cooperator! Okay, okay, okay.
You care more about them than you do about us.
- There is no them and us! - Then you're an idiot! - MAN: You're a thief! - You're a thief! - (VOICES OVERLAPPING) - Get back with your people! Just please stop.
- We don't have water! - Enough.
Listen to me! We only have six weeks of water left.
MAN: What do you mean, six weeks? What are you talking about? (PEOPLE MURMURING) If we don't work together, we will run out and we will die.
It is that simple.
So please stop.
- (ALL MURMURING) - MAN 2: How's that happening? You should've said something sooner.
- Hey! - (ALL SHOUTING) Back away from the well! We're taking it to make sure everyone gets what they need.
(ALMURMURING) Thank you very much.
- Move aside, Nick.
- You're not taking the well.
Stick to your half of the ranch, we stick to ours.
The water's here, Nick.
We're not walking away from it.
There's a pump on your side.
Not now.
I'll keep the peace.
Not at all costs.
You got that? BLAKE: The whole ranch is on the same water table.
We have to get as much out as we can before them.
(SIGHS) (CHATTER) (SPEAKING SPANISH) You better have something good to trade.
(WATER POURING) - (FAUCET HANDLE SQUEAKS) - (GRUNTS) Where's Taqa? Uh, yo no sé.
Taqa's not a talker.
(DISTANT CHATTER) (SIGHS) (GRUNTING) You trust him? We want and need the same thing.
Did you find Nick? We did, yes.
Alicia? North.
Safe on the ranch with her brother.
My children are alive.
Come here.
You found Nick, lost Travis.
God's a feckless thug.
God had no hand in it.
(SIGHS) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) (GATE OPENS) They said they'd kill every one of us.
- MAN: It's okay.
- What are you gonna do to my friend? He's gotta work off what he owes to Proctor.
- Let me talk to the proctor.
- (SCOFFS) No.
No one does that.
When you say "work off," you don't mean cleaning dishes, do you? Labor commensurate with the debt.
You saw it on the way in.
- The people chained to the fence? - Just till the debt's paid.
Go back to your children, Madison.
You're wasting time here.
I'm saving them, Victor.
This is everywhere.
It's not state, not country, not continent.
It does not see borders.
The whole world is lost.
- Okay? - I found you, though.
(SIGHS) My mother named me Victor because she knew I'd always win.
(KISSES) - I'll be fine.
- (DOOR OPENS) (GRUNTS) (RADIO CHATTER) Don't worry your pretty blonde head.
- (CHATTER) - (MUSIC PLAYING) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) I repaired the water deal.
She'll have it at first light.
Think about what the water will mean for our people your children.
BLAKE: If we reposition all the RVs into a circle, we can make a wall.
NICK: Don't don't move the RVs.
But it'll give us a better chance.
In a battle we'll still lose.
We're making spears, man.
COOP: David bested Goliath with a sling.
Goliath didn't have AKs.
They do.
We're outmatched.
They know it.
BLAKE: You don't wanna fortify? It's wasted energy.
So we attack first, then.
That where your head's at? Look, if we can get their guns, then this back-and-forth, eye-for-an-eye bullshit ends.
Disarm them, then there's no blood.
Or there's a lot of blood.
- Let's go.
(GRUNTS) Your debt is paid.
MADISON: Watch your step.
All the way.
You killed everyone at the ranch for this waste! No, Taqa, I saved us.
The tanker was a short-term solve for a long-term problem.
It wouldn't get us through the summer.
Victor here, he's got a permanent solution.
I do? You're gonna take us to this dam, get us all the water we need.
A permanent solution.
God damn it.
Get her out of there.
(GRUNTS) I could talk to them.
No more talking.
I won't draw first blood, but if they attack, Taqa will understand.
BLAKE: The water table's tapped.
It's useless.
- What is she doing? - She's trying to save us.
They're not gonna find anything.
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