Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s03e11 Episode Script

La Serpiente

1 Previously on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" There's only about six weeks' worth of water left.
Alicia, no one can know.
- We're trapped here.
- I made one rash, stupid decision that compromised me.
[People clamoring.]
[Truck engine revs.]
Victor here, he's got a permanent solution.
Gonna take us to this dam, get us all the water we need.
A permanent solution.
" playing Well, it never was all that clear Why you left me standing in the mirror The horizon Dragged me down Though I never did completely know Why you sunk down on that gas pedal Always trying We're not going to Tijuana.
Then what are we looking for? All things come to those who wait.
Audio memento Music to my ears ( screams ) ( music continues ) ( infected snarling ) What have you gotten us into? "Jesus saves.
" ( beeping ) ( beeping continues ) ( engine revs ) ( beeping continues ) ( infected snarling ) Whatever you're looking for, find it now.
There she is.
( clattering ) Give me a hand.
We're not getting through them in this.
We aren't getting through them, we're going under.
I came to the trading post this way.
I can get us back to the dam as well.
What about the truck? The dead don't drive.
They'll go away once we get underground.
- ( grunts ) - Oh, there's gotta be a better way.
If there was, Strand would take it.
- Oh! - He's not the sewer tunnel type.
How right you are.
( grunts ) Whoo! The smell's a bitch-slap, but you'll get used to it.
But I do suggest you holding your breath on the descent.
( exhales ) Ooh.
I'm not following that man into the dark.
I'm going for the water.
That's the fastest way.
You trust the journey or you go back empty-handed.
Your choice.
( groans ) ( coughing ) - Victor: You good? - Madison: Oh, God.
( breathing heavily ) - ( Walker coughing ) - ( Madison groaning ) ( groans ) ( rats squeaking ) ( exhales ) So, was I? Wait, wait.
Uh, okay.
This way, this way, this way, this way.
Madison: Oh, God.
- Okay.
- Oh, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- ( footsteps ) - ( infected growling ) Okay, come on.
( growling continues ) Victor: Okay, okay, come, come, come.
( infected snarling ) Shit.
Wait, wait, no, no.
Not-- not this way.
- What? - It's, I think, this way.
That's what he said about the last five we passed.
You spent all my gold.
The son of a bitch is lost.
This son of a bitch saved my family.
I trust him.
That's why I traded your gold.
If you wanna give someone shit, give it to me.
( infected growling ) ( gasps ) - We can take them.
- No.
There may be more in the dark.
- Come on, come on.
- Oh, God.
( sighs ) - Walker: Which way? - Victor: Uh We need to know now.
Okay, uh ( sighs ) Wait.
That's it.
I'm done with you.
Hey, Walker, wait! ( mutters ) Oh - ( panting ) - Which way? We should find the surface, Madison.
- He's right.
- What are you looking for? The open eye.
It's a symbol that the Proctors use.
How do you know it's down here? Well, I bought my way in with the Proctor's scouts after I left the dam.
They are unseemly but efficient.
We just need to keep looking.
Madison, he's right, I'm lost.
- No, we're getting to the dam.
- No.
- We're all in.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Madison, there's something I didn't tell you about the dam.
- What? - Daniel's there.
Holy shit.
His near-death experience hasn't opened his heart.
He's saltier than ever.
What did you do, Victor? When my fortunes turned to the dam, I-- I used Ofelia as bait.
I told him that I knew where she was.
When he discovered my lie, he left me for the dead.
Well, I can make good on your promise.
Ofelia's at the ranch.
( sighs ) Hope springs from darkness.
- ( pants ) - Come on.
This way.
- ( infected snarling ) - Walker: Madison, Strand! - They're coming.
- Follow me.
Ah, this pipe gets us to the dam.
The other route spits us out to the streets of Tijuana.
I say we take it to the streets.
- There's no time, Walker.
- ( sighs ) After you.
( Victor groans ) Oh, my God.
Wait a sec.
( infected snarling ) ( snarling echoes ) Something's behind us.
Probably coming from outside.
That doesn't sound like outside.
( infected snarling ) Go.
Come on, go.
( groaning ) God.
Shit, shit.
Hurry up! Shit.
I got it.
I got it.
- ( snarling ) - ( shouts ) - Back up, back up.
- ( whimpering ) Victor: It's stuck, just like we are.
Walker, pass me the hatchet.
( grunts ) - Can you see around it? - Madison: No.
We have to remove it.
What do you mean, "remove"? - ( grunting ) - Oh.
( squelching ) ( hatchet clinks ) ( panting ) ( grunts, groans ) ( groans ) ( groans ) ( exhales ) ( growls ) Strand.
Strand, grab the arm and pull.
( both grunting ) - Madison: Pull.
- ( straining ) Wait, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Stop! ( people yelling ) - ( shouting continues ) - Man: Agua! ( all shouting in Spanish ) ( groaning ) ( gunshots ) ( gun cocks ) ( gunshots ) - No! - ( shouting continues ) ( Everardo groaning ) - ( gunshots ) - ( groans ) ( body thuds ) ( panting ) Hey! Madison: Daniel, don't.
It's me.
No, it's okay.
Daniel, thank God you're alive.
We thought you burned in the fire.
You remember what happened? I'm better now.
Ofelia? She's alive, Daniel.
( sighs ) How can I believe you with this culero by your side? Strand was telling the truth when he told you Ofelia left our group.
This man found her in the desert.
He saved her.
She lives with us on a ranch across the border.
But we're in trouble.
We need your help.
We need water.
( holsters gun ) ( knocks ) Let me speak to Lola first.
( people chattering in Spanish ) ( chattering continues ) Let me handle the negotiation.
You don't speak for me.
Daniel and I have a relationship.
There's an understanding between us.
You haven't seen him in some time.
He'll help us.
I know he'll help us.
Come in.
Sit, please.
Our camp is running out of water.
But we have resources that would benefit you.
We can offer you cattle, fuel, or guns in trade.
Lola: I'm sorry for your troubles, but we have no water to spare.
Madison: I don't understand.
You have more than enough.
You have a lake.
We have no water for you.
Consider this.
I know your men were set upon just today.
They want what you have and they will come for it.
You don't know the situation.
I know you're under attack.
There's nothing left to discuss.
There will be no trade.
You can stay the night, leave in the morning.
( knocks ) Adelante.
Lola I guess we're roomies tonight.
( chuckles ) Everything's funny to you.
It's not possible to have a sense of tragedy without having a sense of humor.
Will you laugh when Madison loses her home because of you? What do you mean? We had a deal for water before she sacrificed it to save you.
If she can't make a new deal, the ranchers will have to go.
There's not enough water for both sides, and my side comes first.
What about Madison and her kids? Let's hope she doesn't regret her decision when they're back in the desert.
( crickets chirping ) It's not about the water.
You're afraid to trade with us because of what the people will think.
I have difficulty enough getting water to other colonias.
They will revolt.
Some already have.
And then if you trade with the gringos There will be bloodshed.
There will be bloodshed either way, Lola.
I think you know that.
And I will fight against that.
Sometimes a leader has to show force to gain respect.
I can't lose their trust.
I have two kids and a ranch full of people who are relying on me to make this deal.
I'm begging you to help me.
You're trying to save your children.
I'm trying to save my city.
There's something I can offer you.
Bring your family and Ofelia here.
Them alone.
You can live and work here.
They'll be safe as long as I'm in charge.
( sighs ) It's rare a leader does right by everyone.
It's not rare.
It's impossible.
- ( groaning ) - Uh-huh.
Victor: Can I help? I was a doctor in a former life.
It's just a nick, a graze.
( laughs, groans ) - ( grunting ) - ( sighs ) - ( panting ) - Oh You'd think the people would be grateful that you bring them water.
( sighs ) We've got a saying back at home.
"Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
" They wouldn't bite if Daniel didn't shoot.
So, uh you're former military, too, like Daniel? No, I'm a man of the people.
- I help them, never harm.
- Of course.
Daniel keeps the sheep in line so you can minister to the flock.
When there are so many desperate souls, problems arise.
So, Daniel's shooting was justified.
The people were desperate.
Daniel had no right.
People are thirsty, scared.
He's paranoid.
Why should he be paranoid? He thinks the people are plotting a takeover.
He tries to convince Lola.
I keep her mind clear.
Dissatisfaction breeds dissent, and dissent leads to revolt.
You not wanting Daniel to be right does not make him wrong.
There are those who want chaos, but violence begets violence.
What would you have Lola do? Open the floodgates.
Let the river flow to the people.
The water would evaporate.
You'll be left with dust.
And then the rains will come again.
God will choose.
This this is too much power for any one person.
"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
" ( quiet chatter ) I appreciate what you did for my daughter.
You raised a brave woman.
What does she do in the ranch? She walks with me as a soldier.
I did not raise my daughter to be a soldier.
She's a hero to us.
What do you mean, "hero"? We were about to attack an enemy's camp.
They were heavily armed.
She gained their trust, then poisoned them.
She saved a lot of lives.
By taking others.
( door opens, closes ) - ( sighs ) - ( footsteps approaching ) ( sighs ) ( water sloshing ) I keep trying to force everything to stay together, everything keeps falling apart.
( sighs ) Maybe you're not meant to stay at the ranch.
Lola offered to let us stay here.
Well, you wouldn't have to worry about water anymore, and this place is as safe as any other.
This place isn't safe.
You know that.
It's defensible.
Yeah, if Lola would defend it.
She's not willing to sacrifice that part of herself.
I admire that.
I don't know what's gonna happen if I don't get this water.
You always find a way to protect your kids.
I've done some god-awful shit in the name of family.
Alicia and Nick have seen it, followed it.
Sacrificed too much.
You think you have a say on what they do or don't do? Come on, now.
Remove them from the picture.
Just this once, for me.
All right? Now, what do you want? ( exhales ) I don't know, it's been too long since I've thought about what I want.
Since before they were born.
Let's go back to then.
It was, what, the late '80s, right? - I bet you had a perm.
- ( both laugh ) What did permed Madison want? A Mustang, tickets to Cheap Trick in Birmingham.
I come from country, Victor.
That ranch has problems to spare, but it's the closest thing to what I know.
It's where I want to be.
Are you sure? What about you? What future do you see? One where I don't fail my friends.
I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm sure that serpent brain of yours is coiling around an idea.
I don't know what you're talking about, old man.
Whatever it is, if it benefits both of us I'll look the other way.
If not I'll have you in my sights.
Madison: Walker.
Where are you going? Why do you have such a hard time honoring your word? You lied to me, and there are consequences.
- The ranchers must leave.
- You can't do that.
There's too little to share.
You must have known this.
- There's another way.
They can leave peacefully or we can force them.
- Their choice.
- Walker, please, we're too close! I'm just as angry with myself as I am with you.
Please don't do this! We won't survive out there again.
( sighs ) ( door opens ) Tell me she changed her mind.
I tried to convince her, but I couldn't.
She thinks she's the only one who knows what the dam needs.
Yeah, what about what you need? Lola saved my life.
I can't abandon her.
She's in this position because of me.
You can't leave Lola or you're afraid to face your daughter? If I were to leave this place now, the dam would fall in a matter of days.
Lola is in danger.
- Ofelia is safe.
- Yeah, for now.
She needs her father, Daniel.
Ofelia will always be my daughter, no matter what that man had her do.
- ( infected growling ) - ( chain-link fence rattling ) ( growling ) Let's go.
We'll make it by nightfall.
Madison, wait.
( snarling ) - ( panting ) - ( man shouting in Spanish ) - ( gunfire ) - ( infected snarling ) ( distant man shouting ) ( infected snarling ) ( man shouting in Spanish ) ( infected snarling ) ( infected snarling ) ( gunshots ) ( men shouting in Spanish ) ( distant people chanting in Spanish ) ( chanting continues ) Strand, Madison.
( chanting continues ) Efraín: No ( notepad thuds ) Can your ranch provide this? Yes.
How much water do you need? 10,000 gallons a week until the rains come.
And a tanker to bring back today as a show of good faith.
Do we have a spare truck and fuel? Yes.
That will not be a problem.
The first trade will be in five days.
There's a trading post, stadium on the border.
Equidistant for both sides.
We can meet there.
I want Ofelia at the trade.
She will be there.
- ( truck engine idling ) - ( men speaking Spanish ) Thank you.
This is gonna be a good thing.
Be careful.
A friendly face will slip a knife in your back when it's turned.
I know this.
Adios, Daniel.
Not adios, Strand.
I expect you back in five days with my daughter.
( door opens, closes ) "Palaces of Montezuma" playing on radio How'd you do it? Must've been a spark.
You saw the safety regulations at that place.
An accident waiting to happen.
Oh, cut the shit.
You asked what I wanted, then it happened.
A trick I saw in an old movie.
( laughs ) I had my doubts.
Thank you, Victor.
You would've done the same for me.
Would I, now? I'm not so sure.
A custard-colored super-dream Of Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen, I give to Come on, baby, let's get out of the cold Thirsty? And give me, give me, give me your precious love For me to hold Come on, baby, come out of the cold Oh, yeah And give me, give me, give me your precious love For me to hold Yeah, hey, come on
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