Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s03e12 Episode Script

Brother's Keeper

1 Previously on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" Lay your weapons down.
Come out.
See, you can still get out of this.
We give up our guns, that is total surrender.
Your father he didn't kill himself.
I killed him.
We chose exile or execution.
You can't come back.
I understand.
MADISON: You're being banished from your land.
Just get your pack and go now.
The dead are drawn by the cattle.
They'll all die soon for lack of water.
(COW THUDS) (MEN CHATTERING) Putting down the herd.
I know.
It's the right call.
It wasn't my call.
- It was the Nation.
- Nick backed it.
- (COW MOOS) - I back it.
But we'll keep some milking cows.
You know, it's we used to have 400 head once.
This, it's it's not even a ranch anymore.
Well, you never wanted to be a rancher.
I just didn't think it would bother me this much.
Look rain will fall and we'll start over.
And if we live long enough, I'll get you more cows.
- (CHUCKLES) - I promise.
You know, if Dad knew what was gonna happen to this place, he would have killed himself.
Look, we've survived.
That's something.
The ranch is livable.
We can't say that about any other place.
I can.
Vernon wasn't wrong.
There are there are other places like this.
Otto didn't have the monopoly.
The Pacific Northwest was Prepper central.
That's a long trip.
There are closer places.
We have a cabin in the low desert, near the border.
There's game enough to hunt.
It's it's not much, but for two.
Are you serious? Everything I was fighting for is gone.
It's just dead land, a bunker full of supplies.
We're lucky to have that.
It was supposed to be more.
(CHATTER) OFELIA: Hey, we're in a better place.
Take a breath.
(SIGHS) We dug a well to nowhere.
Doesn't improve our lot, and it doesn't make us friends.
Greater good, higher purpose.
Besides, you're in charge.
Take solace in that.
Yeah, I'm not the leader.
That's for Taqa.
Walker and Madison don't make it back, it's on us.
And Alicia and Otto's son.
Jake is weak.
I know they have to gain your trust, I get that.
But I have to gain theirs.
So we meet in the middle.
Nick's already in the middle.
OFELIA: You trust him? CRAZY DOG: Everyone does.
Got no want to lead.
That's why he should.
(CATTLE MOOING) - (DISTANT SHOUTING) - (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) You didn't like your steak? We're gonna have enough jerky to last a year.
I'll pass.
I'm corrupting you.
You look like shit.
(CHUCKLES) - You sleeping? - Yeah, fits and starts.
I killed a man, now I'm sleeping in his house.
- You could pitch a tent in the field.
- That a joke? You killed an evil, old man to save your family.
I did it so Mom didn't have to.
You're worried about her? Yeah, of course.
You're worried about Troy? I took his father from him.
That's what's keeping you up at night? Nick, how many fathers has Troy killed? How many sons, how many daughters? You don't owe Troy.
You like him.
You share the same self-destruction.
Maybe I'm as sick as he is.
Uh, you can't be here.
Here I am.
(DISTANT DOG BARKING) Wanna sit down? No.
I can't sit down, 'cause if I sit down, then I'm gonna pass out.
And I can't pass out 'cause I'm on a mission.
It's good you're alive.
I don't think you believe that.
But you saved me in your own way, so I'm here to return the favor.
There's a reckoning at hand.
Something new, something to something to delight in.
What reckoning, Troy? A beast, man.
From the desert, I think.
Where there's no obstacles, nothing to keep it from growing.
It's bigger than you can imagine.
It's biblical.
(WHISPERS) Okay, you got two options.
Either you sneak out the way you came in before Crazy Dog sees you or I can hide you a couple of days.
There is a third way.
(LOCK CLICKS) Now, you need to listen to me, okay, 'cause this this is important.
In a few hours, this this whole place is gonna be obliterated.
Open up.
Open the door, Troy.
- Open the door, Troy.
- I want you to get Jake 'cause I want him to see this.
It's beautiful.
- (DISTANT MEN SHOUTING) - (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) We should talk about another well.
No, everything runs off the same aquifer.
All right, so then we go outside the ranch.
We pump it in, truck it in.
That's what Madison and Walker are doing.
She didn't call in last night or the night before.
We have no idea if they'll find water or if they're even coming back.
They're coming back.
They'll survive the trip, but what they bring back, Alicia, it won't be enough to sustain.
We need a plan B.
How can you talk about leaving? I'm fighting for this place, Jake.
We need to do something here.
Why? We're staying here.
Get right with it.
I can't worry about you on top of Look, Alicia, I don't need your worry.
You sure as hell did when I looked after you.
Well, thank you, and you're released from your obligation.
I didn't do it out of obligation.
So, why did you do it? Who is it you're fighting for? Is it the ranch, your family? What are you actually fighting for? You know, when you came here that day, you seemed so lost.
I almost thought that I had taken advantage of you.
But was it the other way around? - Go to hell.
- I knew what you were going through and I knew it was impulsive, but but I did convince myself that you actually liked me.
I did! - I do.
- So then, what is this, Alicia? Is this a relationship or is it an alliance? Was that the plan all along? Madison works Otto, Nick bonds with Troy, while you while you seduce me? (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Troy was at the house.
- Jesus Christ.
- Yeah.
Looked like he hadn't slept in days.
- I think he's lost it.
- Where is he now? Ran off.
He said he wanted to warn us.
Something's coming.
Wanted you to see whatever it is.
All right.
All right, Madison drove him north.
He doesn't know that land.
So he probably followed the sun west to McCarthy's Outpost.
- Let's go.
- Troy is full of shit.
- He's baiting you, both of you.
- Well, it worked.
I warned him not to come back, and he has to face that.
I have to face him.
(FOOTSTEPS RECEDE) Nick, you can't go.
I'm responsible.
Plus, someone's gotta look after your boyfriend.
No, walkies, they're useless.
Just take it anyway.
Look I did it for you.
You're the last good man I know.
(CAR DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) (ENGINE STARTS) You know, Troy could've killed me last night.
Why would he kill you? Well, he wouldn't, but, you know, he could've hurt me.
That's my point he could've hurt any of us, and he didn't.
I think he came to warn, not harm.
When I was 12, coyotes were hassling the herds during breeding season, so I went out to hunt at twilight just over that hill.
And I find this rabbit staked to the ground, skinned alive.
What'd you do? I put it down because that's what you do when something's lame or sick.
He's not gonna stop.
He's not gonna get better.
I warned him.
(ENGINE TURNS OFF) (DISTANT RUMBLING) - Alicia, can you hear me? Over.
- (STATIC CRACKLES) Nick? Where are you? NICK: an infected - Infected what? - coming your Do you copy? Tell me where you are and I'll come get you.
It's a horde, and it's coming.
(DISTANT RUMBLING) If they go right, there's no turning them back.
Let's go.
We'll take the truck.
We'll lead them to the left, they'll follow us.
Nick and Jake are in trouble.
They went out this morning, and I think they came across a horde.
- You think? - Well, the radio's for shit, but, yeah.
We need to go out there and see what we're dealing with.
Wait, why'd they go alone? - Does it matter? - Yeah, it matters.
We scout in packs, safety in numbers.
It's protocol, you know that.
- Troy snuck into the camp last night - (SIGHS) and told Nick there was something wrong going on out there.
Troy, how wonderful.
Yeah, Crazy Dog is gonna be overjoyed.
He doesn't have to know how we know.
We just need to stop it.
How do I know Troy's not waiting to ambush? You don't.
But I trust Nick and Jake to stop it.
Have a little faith, Ofelia.
(INFECTED SNARLING) Hey, just give me a minute with him? Nick, Nick, look at everything he's done.
- He's not coming back from this.
- Can I try? If he fires It's a cleansing.
You're not in your right head, man.
A little punchy, I admit.
Leading these guys on foot for two days, two nights.
I stop, they stop.
They need constant stimuli sight, smell, sound.
They love loud noises.
(COCKS GUN) JAKE: Don't do this, Troy.
I love that sound.
I love that sound the way some love when a when a ball hits the fat of a bat, you know? Good wood.
You ever one for organized sports, Nick? No.
Jake was.
Jake was All-Everything.
I told you it was beautiful, didn't I? And this this is evolution.
This is this is Darwinian.
No, this is murder, Troy, nothing more.
Murder? You really wanna go there, Nick? You don't wanna kill everybody at the ranch.
TROY: They see this, they'll run.
They don't, it's eviction or extinction.
Drop the launcher, Troy.
Don't make me do this.
Don't make you do what? You were gonna shoot me, you'd have done that a long time ago.
I swear on Dad's grave, I'll shoot you.
I'll kill you, brother, I will.
(GUNSHOT) (DISTANT EXPLOSION) (DISTANT HORSE NEIGHS) Jake, stop, okay? We can still beat them back to the ranch.
Go! Just go, Nick! There's still time to evacuate.
It's not that easy.
One road in, one road out.
Shut up.
You face the monsters or you die in the wasteland.
Shut up! Jake, you'll never live it down.
You know they scream, Nick? Rabbits, they they scream like human beings.
Tell me about the rabbits.
But I still protected him.
- You left me, brother.
- I always protected you! Jake, you pull that trigger, you're gonna wake up with it every day.
You will never get it out of your head.
It's still ricocheting inside your skull, Nick? What what are you talking about? What is he talking about?! You tell it best, Nick.
I don't wanna steal your thunder.
(SIGHS) I am sorry.
Don't say sorry to me.
Say it to him.
TROY: You didn't know? I was sure as shit Alicia would've told.
Oh, you you know she knows.
She doesn't, okay? Jake, she didn't.
It doesn't matter.
(SNIFFLES) I don't care what you did.
(SIGHS) (JAKE CHUCKLES) It just doesn't matter.
I don't care.
You thinking of checking out? Hey, we can we can do it together.
No, little brother.
You have to take this trip on your own.
NICK: Jake.
Jake, no! - OFELIA: Jesus.
- ALICIA: How far do you think? CRAZY DOG: No more than half a mile away.
Fair estimate.
We gotta evac.
Taqa left us to protect this place.
We can't run.
Last stand it is.
- (SNARLING) - TROY: Jake! (GRUNTING) (JAKE SCREAMING) - How long, Troy? - What? - How long? - Nick.
How long before it spreads? How long before the infection takes him? - I I don't know.
- Just do it! Do it! Do it.
All right.
Stretch out his arm.
- Stretch it out.
- Just shut up and do it! Stretch out his goddamn arm! Come on! (SCREAMING) Why were Nick and Jake out there? Troy came up on Nick before dawn.
He was here? He said something was coming.
Something that might wipe us all out.
Something he saw or something he brought down on us? You don't know he did this.
Troy may have saved our lives.
Should have shot him when I had the chance.
That's not what Taqa wanted.
This isn't helping.
We could start with sticks and stones, brother, bows and blades, but if the dead come in droves, we're gonna need bullets, all of us.
Let's arm up.
Keep pressure on it.
We can treat him back at the ranch.
There's no ranch to go back to.
(INFECTED SNARLING) Nudge it forward a little.
Tight seal.
(ENGINE TURNS OFF) (CHATTER) Is this really gonna stop anything? It's not supposed to stop them.
Keep 'em moving east and west alongside us.
We hunker down behind while they go past.
You got a better idea? (STATIC CRACKLES) (WALKIE TURNS OFF) Time! All right, guys, let's go, let's go! - Behind the wall.
- (PEOPLE SHOUTING) Let's go! Drop it! - Let's go, follow me.
Come on! - Move! MAN: Grab your sister.
- (INFECTED SNARLING) - MAN: Brace up against it.
Here they come! - (SNARLING) - MAN #2: Underneath! Underneath! WOMAN: Watch your feet! (SQUELCHES) (SQUELCHING) - (THUDDING) - (INFECTED SNARLING) (SIGHS) (DISTANT INFECTED SNARLING) TROY: He wasn't supposed to die.
Not like this.
He was the one that wasn't supposed to die.
(SNIFFS) You need to put him down now.
(STATIC CRACKLES) I wanted him to see.
I wanted him to see what I'd what I'd done for us, you know? You wanted him to see what? Here, come, let me show you what you did.
Come on.
Look, this is what you did for us, Troy.
Look at it.
That's you.
Alicia, can you hear me, over? Just kill me, Nick.
Do what my brother should've done.
Kill yourself.
- (SNARLING) - (RUMBLING) They've stopped going under.
They're packed too tight to move.
It's not gonna hold.
Once this gives, everyone out here is gonna die.
That's the job.
Protect the others.
(CREAKING) Everyone to the pantry! Let's go! (INFECTED SNARLING) (WOMAN SCREAMING) (SNARLING) (GRUNTS) (GUNFIRE) OFELIA: Alicia! Get to the pantry.
Go! Go, I'll cover you, go! - No, I got it! - Alicia! They'll follow you.
Lead them, go! Coop! ALICIA: Into the pantry.
Go, that way.
Everyone, let's go, let's go, come on! - No! You go, go! Go! - (GUNSHOT) Everyone get into the pantry! Let's go, let's go! Come on! Go, go, go! (GRUNTS) Coop.
(CLICKS) (ECHOES) I got you.
(OFELIA SHOUTS) - Ofelia! - (OFELIA SHOUTS) (CRYING OUT) Let's go, let's go.
Hey, brother.
- (INFECTED SNARLING) - Here, come on.
No, we gotta find a way to save everyone you tried to kill.
You can sleep when you're dead.
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